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    1. Wednesday, March 18

      by , 03-24-2020 at 05:52 AM
      I am talking with Melissa when she somewhat casually mentions ‘my son’. I ask her what she means, and she tells me that I have a son that’s been living in some small town with another family. She tells me that she got pregnant her junior year of high school. She then revises it to her freshman year and then to ‘two years before high school’. I incredulously ask “you got pregnant in middle school?” She grins meekly but somewhat mischievously and says yes. This is news to me. She then lets on that she used to be pretty promiscuous, to put it lightly.
    2. Wednesday, March 11

      by , 03-15-2020 at 05:53 AM
      I am in the kitchen at Dad’s house with him, Scottie, and I think one other. The atmosphere seems jovial. Dad and Scottie are making jokes about pregnancy, until I realize that they’re actually easing into the fact that she is pregnant. I’m slightly taken aback, but I guess also happy for them. Their happy expressions look like they won’t be changed by any reaction. I glance at her belly and think she can’t be that far along but maybe it does look larger. I figure that Dad’ll be 70 when the kid is 10 and 80 when it’s 20.
    3. Monday, January 13

      by , 01-14-2020 at 06:34 AM
      I think I’m at either Matt and Sara’s or Opa’s house. It seems to be a family gathering. There also seems to be some tension between Matt and Sara. I find Sara alone and ask what’s going on. She tells me that she’s pregnant but Matt won’t stop drinking. Sure enough, I look over and see him holding what looks like a glass of whisky.

      I am on a promenade along the river. I think some of the family is here too. I also can’t shake the feeling that this place is very familiar somehow.
    4. Grand prize winner!

      by , 09-05-2018 at 05:13 PM (Exterminate)
      I was getting dressed to go on a roadtrip with my family. I had Niagara Falls in my mind as I was putting on my clothes. As I walked out the door I saw my family leave without me. Guess I took too long to get dressed. I turned around and got worried I may have been locked out of the house. I realized my key was still in my bedroom. The front door had double doors. One was locked, one was left open a bit but was locked. I was able to get in because someone failed to close the door all the way. I was about to close the door and go back to my room, but then I saw a bunch of vehicles park in our driveway and yard and even overflow down the road a bit. I went back outside to see what was going on. I saw Donald Trump in a semi-truck. I walked up to the truck and he climbed out. I shook his hand and said it was a pleasure to meet Mr. Trump. He told me I won first prize in a giveaway and that I could choose one of two prizes. $30,000 cash or all of the vehicles in sight. He then proceeded to give me a tour. There were at least 10 semis, some snowmobiles, an ATV, some small motorized bikes, some cars, etc. I was very impressed, but I could not decide which prize I wanted. I mean sure the vehicles have a much much higher value and can be sold to make a huge profit, but I'd still have to store them and sell them in the meantime.

      I decided on the lump sum of cash. Donald Trump was not impressed. I said I really wanted an ATV, but perhaps I can get one another day, or even purchase it with the cash on hand. He took me back to his truck where he looked for two pieces of paper to hand to me. They were red and real long. I did find them. I opened them up and they had a bunch numbers like bank account, SSN, etc. They looked more like contracts than deposit slips or checks. I shook Donald Trump's hand and referred to him again as Mr. Trump. I noticed his son Don Jr. was also present and shook his hand awkwardly referring to him also as Mr. Trump. I went back inside the house as all the trucks departed. As I closed the door I heard someone else entering from a side door. I quickly worried that I was being robbed and that they somehow knew I was a prize winner. I went upstairs, hid the papers in a cabinet that held an ironing board (Who would look there?), and faced the stranger downstairs. As I descended the stairs I wondered why I didn't grab my bat from my bedroom to use for self defense when suddenly I found myself confronting the stranger. She seemed to be a mix between black and Hispanic and appeared to be a few months pregnant, just enough for the baby bump to show. She had a friend of hers with her. She seemed surprised to see me, but quickly maintained her composure.

      I asked her what she was doing in the house and told her she didn't belong here. She told me she was a tenant and got frustrated that she would be accused of anything but that. I then desired to call my parents who own the house
      , but the dream ended before I could.

      For the record the house in the dream was a combo of the current house and my childhood home. The driveway was a large horseshoe, and the front doors being double doors mirrors the current house more than the previous. The iron closet is of the current house, but the house layout was of the prior house.
    5. Grease

      by , 07-27-2016 at 09:18 PM
      I remember being in the Grease universe (you know, that movie with John Travolta?) which is weird because I haven't seen that movie in years. Anyways, I knew I was in the universe because Sandy and Danny were there, kissing it up for some reason. Then I remember being at a party with random people i've never seen before (including Sandy and Danny) and next thing I know i'm flirting it up with this girl, and then you know how it goes, it snowballs and next thing you know we figure out she's pregnant. People are freaking out, i'm freaking out, then I remember Sandy and Danny calling us over and I guess we transfered the baby to them. That's uh, all I remember.
      Tags: grease, pregnant
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    6. Teaching With my Friend, and Being Terrorized and Shot by College Boys

      by , 06-16-2016 at 12:48 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I dreamed a little more than this last night, but I really felt the need to record these, as they were quite vivid, the second one also being very intense.

      I was teaching at a summer school/camp with my friend Rachel, who is also pregnant. Her baby had a rare birth defect where its heart was developing outside the body (this is a real thing btw for those who aren't aware). She and I were sitting together and she started crying. I closed my eyes and felt so sad for her. I put my hand on her leg. I believe I may have even shed a tear. I asked her about the operations they would have to do on the baby. The sadness I felt for her was very intense.

      We were all assigned one child for the program. They would actually live with us (and apparently I lived at my parents' old house with them). Mine was a little blonde girl in the 5th grade.

      The program's classes were divided into grade levels. Both Rachel and I's kids were in the 5th grade level. The classes were held outside in these station/kiosk type things. I saw my child playing there. I then had to pee so I went to the bathroom. The stall was like a port-o-john but only had a small, narrow place to sit and a narrow hole to go in. It was built for kids, and I "remembered" this from when I was at this same school as a child. I started to go but was peeing on the floor. I adjusted and peed on my underwear. They were soaked by the time I was done so I took them off and threw them in the garbage. I then heard people outside. A young female teacher saw the pee on the floor coming out from underneath the stall. She assumed the toilet had been backed up and overflowed and I let her think that, as I didn't want to tell her that I peed everywhere. She got a plunger-type thing and started to plunge it. Dirty, poopy water came out and splashed me in the face; I guess it was backed up.

      I then was walking back to the play areas outside with the teacher; it looked to be evening outside. I was telling her that I had never planned on becoming a teacher, but I was excited to start my real teaching job in the fall.


      I was in what was my mom's car in a parking lot at night with my brother. We were parked but I'm not sure why. Both of our parents were dead; they had died not long ago in the dream, maybe days or weeks prior. We now were using their car.

      These two college-aged white guys came up to the car and started trying to harass us into letting them in. They wanted to rob us. We locked the doors and wouldn't let them in. They started to laugh and got an ax and baseball bat and took them to our tires. Whatever, we were still safe. I saw and heard glass breaking as they did this, but I wasn't sure what it was coming from. We watched these douche canoes fuck up our car. I kept thinking about our parents, and how empty it felt without them.

      I then decided to call 911. My brother was just going to call the police, but I felt we needed urgent help. I misdialed it at first, dialing 912 or something instead, and then redialed and was given hold music. I didn't care, I'd wait if I had to.

      My brother then had to get out of the car for some reason; I think the cops were there. The guys saw the opportunity and tried to get in the unlocked door, but I locked it and the back door (which was also unlocked for some reason) quickly, before they could get in. They were mad, and I gave them two birdies, one with each hand. This infuriated them, and one pulled a gun on me and started to shoot. He hit me in the neck multiple times. I saw the hole in the barrel light up with each shot, and felt the shock of being hit. I was in shock, surprised that he had actually opened fire. He seemed surprised as well that he had actually shot me. I was holding my neck and saw a cop in the back window. I held my hand out to him and he reached back to me.

      I then was out of the car, I think with my brother, walking to an ambulance. I was getting dizzy and woozy from loss of blood. We walked by the guys who tormented us; they were sitting on a curb smoking (at least one was smoking) while police searched their car. I hoped they were going to get arrested. I was then laid on a gurney on the back to the ambulance, which was actually on an open trailer being pulled behind it. I heard them say they could see my bone and my heart, which is how bad the wound was. I was then being driven with my neck wrapped up tight in a scarf. No one was back there with me.

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    7. I Remembered! Kind of.

      by , 05-12-2016 at 12:47 AM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I finally remembered parts of a dream. Just a frag but here you go.

      I was at Disney World. I rode one of the rides, though it wasn't a roller coaster or anything super high thrill. It was I believe one of those simulator rides, like Star Tours. While on the ride, I remembered that I was pregnant, and I shouldn't be on the ride. That also meant no roller coasters either, which was very disappointing, but it was better that I don't risk hurting the baby. I looked down at my pregnant belly at some point, I think when the ride was over.
    8. N6: Oh. My. Freaking. Gawd.

      by , 08-14-2015 at 08:38 PM
      Omg! I had my 5th lucid dream, and I had a lot of control over it! In my dream, I did a reality check (because I do it so much IWL) Anyways, I saw my finger pass through my hand. I couldn't believe my eyes, because everything looked just like real life! Just to be sure, I did the nose plug reality check. I could breathe. It was AMAZING! I asked a DC where my Dream Guide is. They say, "Oh, Makenna's back at the high school!" So I floated into the sky (I had a bit of a hard time flying, I try to take a slow, calm flight and I end up zooming a bit too far past the high school!) Once I saw the high school, I landed, but didn't seem to find anyone. So I went back home somehow (I don't even know how), and noticed my parents were watching movies. And the setting changed to night. First, I grabbed the broken tv remote and changed the channel, trying to change the scenery. Nothing good was on, so at random, I just stuck my arm into the tv. Just for fun, I decided to look at the clocks on the screens and look away. One of them had a word, a colon and a couple of numbers. I told myself to remember the word and the numbers, because it was funny (but I couldn't). Anyways, I went to my room. everything was... different, I didn't really like it. Anyway, everything was super clear. I decided to make it clearer by shouting "Clarity Now!". Cool, now I can read the book titles! I finally ask for my dream guide. A girl cosplayed as Joy from Inside Out appeared in my room. We talked a little, became friends, and didn't really learn anything... "What was your name again?" I ask. She replies, "C'mon! You know me!" I look closely at her face to see that it looked like- My old friend Miranda! Then I remembered one of my dream goals- A date with my crush. The scenery changes to a small wooden boat with my crush on it We're sitting in the middle of the lake. Then I realized the goal was to go on a date with my crush-at the fair! I see a carnival nearby, and take my crush there (Again, I don't know how). When we get there, we go on the... Ferris wheel, I think? Gawd, I have a terrible memory when it comes to dreams. Anyways, we went on the ferris wheel and I either lost lucidity and drifted into this next dream, or woke up and fell back asleep. (oh, and at one point in the dream something was trying to hurt me, so I put my hand out, yelled "Laser beam!" and a whitish colored laser shot out of my hand. )

      In this next dream, I dreamt that I was in 5th grade again. We had assemblies and stuff, and at one point we had a project where we pick a rock or gem, and tell if mining it was good or bad. For some reason in that dream, one of my old friends was pregnant.
      That's what I get for reading about the world's youngest mothers.
      anyways, I picked gold (although in the end I realized it was just silver painted gold.
      Teacher (to me): So, is mining this silver rock good or bad?
      Me: Uhh... Mining i-is good except for when you're mining for oil or something...
      Blah blah, stuff happenes, well let's get to the good part.
      My friend who was pregnant in the dream gets up and does a speech.
      "When your pregnant, y-you get fat, and you're sick."
      Okay... So, not really a speech, but still. That was funny, considering she was super skinny.

      So, I think last night was amazing- but does this really mean that my friend Miranda is my dream guide?

      And it isn't until just now that I realize that being on the boat would've been the perfect time to complete Basic Task II.
    9. Manipulative Pregnancy, and Art and Music

      by , 08-13-2014 at 01:06 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was living in some strange society that very much so valued pregnancy. Everyone was still human, but there were these weird dolls that looked like small, humanoid potatoes whose bellies would pop out if you were pregnant. It's like you'd set it, it would tick like an egg timer for a few seconds, and then, either the belly would pop out or it wouldn't. The dolls were sitting on a small side cabinet type thing. The people in charge kept them. They were checked daily.

      I was pregnant, but only a week into it. I was still married to Dallas, but for some reason, I wanted to bring Cherie' into our relationship. I did something to where it "set" her to being my wife too. I saw a diagram of her laying in the middle of my bed. I then somehow "set" her to be pregnant too. She did not know about any of this.

      I then changed my mind, however, and changed her "settings" back to how they were before, not with Dallas and I and not pregnant. I then went to check my doll, and its belly did pop out. Cherie' was right behind me, and went to do the same when I was finished. I watched her from behind. She said, before anything happened with the doll,
      "There's no way I'm pregnant."
      The doll's timer clicked a few times, and then its belly then popped out. She was quite surprised. I knew that she would soon have a miscarriage, however, since I "set" her back to not being pregnant. I did not say anything to her as this all was happening.

      Then, I was thinking about being pregnant. I then thought about how some people just gave birth to photographs, not babies. I wondered if I was going to be one of those people.

      Dream skip. I was inside some building. Others were there as well. I was watching a blue octopus "walk" on the land. He was quite close to me, and I was quite taken by the creature. A man then crushed the octopus against a wall to kill it. It then looked like it had deflated. I was so pissed that someone would do something like that! The poor creature! The man carried off the deflated body of the octopus.

      I was then with someone, and we were looking for the guy. We were walking around in some hotel/apartment type building. We found him in a room, and it was a man I work with, Barry. I then couldn't be too mad at him, because Barry is a nice guy.

      Then, this other person and I were outside watching this guy delivering a pizza to a couple of people on the other side of a barbed-wire fence. The pizza was in its box and the box was inside of a white plastic bag. There may have been other food in there as well. He tossed it into the fence, and it got stuck towards the top. The people on the other side couldn't get it, but the pizza guy started to walk away like he didn't care. The person I was with and I went to go dislodge the bag for the people on the other side of the fence. We started to do so, trying not to get pricked by the barbed wire, and then,
      I woke up to the sound of my cat playing with a plastic bag.


      I was at a school/job, taking some art course. I, IWL, do not draw or paint. I was learning in the dream, and had to take over for someone for awhile whose normal job was to keep up with all the artwork by doing the art and then keeping up with and maintaining it. There was a lady who then came in to make sure I was doing everything correctly. She commented on these shelves that had lots of paintings on them, and how they needed to be straightened up. I looked at the shelves, and they were indeed covered in paintings. I told her I was getting to it and that I had just gotten there. She then handed me a paper that showed how I had scored. I did great in everything; it showed 100s next to many explanations, but there was one that had a 7. It meant a 7/10. I was pretty sure it had to do with maintaining the shelves.

      I then was in the art room drawing and looking at the classic-looking analog clock on the wall. I noticed it was almost time for me to take my lunch; I was going from noon-1. I was drawing the silhouette of a woman with long, flowing hair holding a rose.

      I then told someone I was going to lunch. I then went into a band room. The chairs were set up in an arch, as you usually see in a band room. I saw my old friend from high school band, Alex S., sitting on the far right side in the front with his trombone. Other people were in there as well. He asked something about bass trombones, and who played. I raised my hand, and he said
      "You play?" He seemed excited. I then said
      "No, but you play both, don't you?"
      He said yes, he did. He then got up to let me have his seat. I walked up to the seat, and took the trombone. I hit it against something on accident, and it made a "dong" noise a couple of times. I was a little embarrassed. I then was not holding a trombone, but a violin, I believe. I then noticed my old cat, Ziggy, sitting close by. He was watching me. I looked into his eyes, and asked him with my mind
      "How am I doing? Am I doing alright?"
      I was referring to the art now. It was like he had been there for the review that the lady gave, or he was somehow also the lady who gave it.
      He started at me, looking into my eyes as if to acknowledge that I was communicating with him. I noticed how big his eyes were. I "remembered" how he always sat in that spot by the low brass section. I then saw his tail flick the ground. His tail looked fluffy and brown, in contrast to his orange and white fur, though, in the dream, I cannot remember what color his fur was. I knew it was Ziggy, but his fur looked different, though I could't tell you exactly how.

      My husband's alarm then woke me up.


      IWL, Ziggy was my best buddy growing up. He was, to me, a guardian. He watched over me and was always there when I was sad or sick. He made sure I was alright at all times. We had to put him down when I was 14 years old because he was very old (18) and very sick. I miss him still, even now that 12 years have passed since then.
    10. a dream about a lot of things involved

      by , 08-04-2014 at 11:53 AM
      I had a dream last night..
      It was about me and this boy who I used to go to school with (Harry) and we was at college or something and we were going out (never was close to him at school) and my ex best friend and this girl was taking the mick and flirting with Harry... Harry was like what are you doing, and I seemed to get very upset by this... So Harry said to me "don't worry about them. I love you" and then he kissed me... So me and Harry walked off... And then the dream got more further and me and Harry were living together and I was pregnant with his baby (but wasn't far gone), I was going to the hair dressers with my mum this afternoon, so I went and then the police turned up and took me to the police station while I was half way through getting my hair cut. I was sat there waiting for about 20 minutes now, and I think I got questioned but I can't remember them but anyway, I remember walking out of the police station whilst being on the phone to Harry and me saying "I've just been arrested and I don't know what for?" and Harry said "where are you I'm coming to get you!" so I told him where I was and then I could hear sirens and Harry was across the road and calling me..

      And then the dream ended... So I wanna know what's this all because I'm very confused about all what it can mean...

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    11. Pilots' Handbook Not Included

      by , 06-04-2014 at 12:24 PM
      I was only able to sleep for about 4.5 hours tonight, but managed to have a lot of dreams. To begin with, I was out in a field, with several other people. One women, older, with red hair, was laying on a towel commenting on how her faith was strong, and she believes will carry her. Everyone else was ridiculing her to some degree, except for Steve Carrell (who was using his persona of Michael Scott from "The Office") who said he had an answer. Upon hearing this, she said something along the lines of, "Ha! I told you my faith would pan out," but it turned out Steve was merely interested in the same question, to her dismay.

      Steve also used his influential wealth to landscape the field into these tunnels, where we would find God ("faith," though I'm assuming he was referring to God). At this point I was the only one, carrying a flashlight, and exploring the tunnels. I would turn the flashlight into dark corners and see large beasts instead. The first time, I stumbled across a tiger, and immediately ran further into the tunnel, where I came across a spider that could spit fire. Unfortunately I hit a dead end, but the tunnel was extremely high, and I began climbing to get away. When reaching the top I see rungs of a ladder bolted into the wall, which is more metallic than the dirt wall 10 feet below.

      While hanging on the rungs another spider is watching me, and shoots out corrosive pustules. The previous spider also finished climbing up near the corrosive one, and began shooting fire. I'm not entirely sure how I was doing it, but I was returning the fire and pustules in a way similar to Link and Ganondork in Ocarina of Time until both spiders fell down below. After stamping out some of the fires on my shorts (in particular the shoelace piece of some gym shorts), I'm aware that I'm dreaming- I'm not entirely sure what the trigger was but things became a bit more clear. I started looking around and was aware that the rungs of this ladder only started really high up. As someone who doesn't like heights too much, I became a bit nervous but decided I would just take the leap. I hyped myself up, reassuring myself this was a dream, and jumped.

      As I fell, the entire place started taking on a texture similar to the ladder and transformed into a airplane hanger. I began flying around (the first time lucidly), noticing the pleasant feeling in my stomach as if I just dropped, very similar to the initial jump when skydiving. During this time I used the means of flying as a sort of dream stabilizer, constantly telling myself I'm dreaming and moving around through the air very quickly, using a swimming motion. I could also float without making any large movements, and would reassure myself I was dreaming in this manner as well.

      At some point I land on the ground and I stand before a fighter jet. The man in the jet already got out of the plane for me, and began strapping me in. I did not request to be velcro-ed in, and double-checked that the man also had to do the same thing. I again became a little nervous about flying, as this time it would be much higher, but lost lucidity shortly beforehand. While in the jet (no longer lucid), a group of plane stewardesses were standing by the jet. I reached out and started touching them, talking to one women in particular who seemed to know me.

      An unknown amount of time passes, and a documentary of some sorts starts playing, recounting the tales of some guy with a funny name in a fighter jet. It appeared the man (who was me in the past) successfully flew the plane and afterward founded a school, dying later at a ripe age of 80 something. I remember "new" me walking around the place, not particularly impressed, and stopping before three men. One man, bigger than the other two, with glasses, was standing around and trying to talk to one of the guys, who was on the phone. The third man, a much older gentleman, was trying to convince the guy on the phone they should talk together. I had a feeling that the man on the phone and the man with glasses were about to achieve something, and I was given a window on which to observe the start of the achievement. I do remember the man with glasses was a bit uncomfortable, telling the guy with the phone he should be more willing to make friends.

      As I continue walking around, I end up on a cliff of some sorts and there was a friend I had, playing next to a computer, transformed into a 6-year-old. I approach him and we began talking, me in a way I'd talk to a kid learning about computers, and him as an intelligent six year old. Next to the computer was a joystick of some sorts that I tried plugging in so he could play a game of planes, but the power wasn't working. We end up talking about lucid dreaming, and he tells me that he recently had one. I recounted the one I was flying in earlier, though it doesn't occur to me I'm still dreaming.

      I walk past him into a house, and enter my living room at home where my mom is currently measuring the status of her pregnancy (she isn't actually pregnant). I was surprised by the notion of being the oldest of three after the birth, especially considering my mom wanted to rush it as much as possible. By the end of her tests, she concluded the baby's heart was 7 times larger than my mother's stomach, which meant things were progressing at the expected rate. Later on I help my mom package these sushi rolls, though we used packaged meat instead of seafood. My mother wanted the rows to be placed tightly in a container, so that each row touched the meat of the other rows without folding over. I had no idea how to do this, and she remarked it as me being scared (i.e. "Don't be scared of the food" which she often says about things when she wants me to be more forceful with something).

      I don't remember how I got here, but I ended up running around in my high school (circa 10th grade), and running by some people I knew. When going down the stairs, an old friend knocked down a pencil, and followed me telling me I dropped it. I thanked her and went to use the bathroom where I decided I wanted to pull a prank. In the stall I was only wearing a shirt, holding a pair of boxers and pants in my hands. Through the stall cracks I see someone that I pranked using this method, and he sees me. I'm self-conscious about being naked on the lower half, but conclude it's not a big deal and start talking to him. During this process I put on the pants. I have no idea what the prank was.

      Lastly, I have an overview of Fenway Park where the Yankees (7 runs) are playing the Red Sox (6 runs). The game was close, and everyone was idolizing "Big Papi" (David Ortiz) who, though it seemed doubtful at one point, managed to get a grand slam and somehow scored all 6 runs. Everyone was cheering, and a riot of people with signs commending him was forming outside the stadium. During the 7th inning stretch (presumably), my view followed the Red Sox, and, more specifically Big Papi. Somehow he ended up standing before a podium, decked out in a confederacy uniform. This did not surprise me, nor warrant my attention- I simply made a note of it.

      Considering I haven't been lucid for a good amount of time, and the night where I first post here I end up being lucid, I think this site has a lot of potential, at the very least in making me more aware of my dreams. Looking forward to more!

      - Josh
    12. Trinity de Liberas

      by , 08-10-2013 at 02:13 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      WARNING: Sexual content

      NOTE: Numbers do not signify any particular order. They're just for ease of reference for interpretation.

      A phrase: ''Trinity de Liberas'' . No idea what it meant.

      1. Justice. I was in a room. Reminded me of a room I rented in college near a river. He was in the room beside mine. Although there were 'holes' in the plywood separating our rooms, I did not peek into his room, though I was sorely tempted. I heard him talking to someone, but I sensed or knew he was alone, so it must be a phone. I lied down on my bed, looking up at the ceiling, and noticed that the plywood wall does not go to the ceiling, so there's an open space between our rooms near the ceiling. I was looking at the opening when I saw him start to peek through it, all while he was talking on his phone. I quickly closed my eyes and pretended to sleep, but I can still see him somehow. He crossed over to my room, still talking on his phone, and he looked me over.

      2. A guy got pregnant. At first it was me, and then it wasn't me. When they took the 'baby' out of his (or my) stomach, it turned out to be a frog. Turned out that there's a particular species of frogs (it was clear when I saw or heard it but then forgot it when I woke up) that insert their eggs through the skin, and then it goes in the stomach/uterus to grow. I became careful not to go out with my body parts exposed.

      3. I had sex with a guy, with me on top. I wanted it to be the guy on [1] but it seems it's not. This one is darker. After sex, we discussed the amount, or maybe it was a flashback. The room costs 3000, and he wants 600. He/I complained about the cost of the room.

      4. I was outside our house in our hometown. I was naked, but didn't really mind. I love the cold. I was near the well-pump area. I saw my dad come out of the 'front' door, and he saw me. I waved. He quickly grabbed a towel to cover me and brought me inside the house. My brother was also there. (NOTE: I have no male sibling).

      5. I was inside a house. A guy (L? He looked thinner.) caught a huge roach, about the size of an adult person's forearm and thick. The guy held on to its huge body with his left hand, and used his right hand to cover or play around with the head of the roach. I warned him that it might bite him.

      [Woke up. Went back to bed.]

      6. I was inside a traveling train. It slanted a bit, and I played along by slanting my own body. There were a lot of people there. Caucasian. Then suddenly, the train went out through the 'door', almost hitting a girl on her way out and almost ripping my arm off by the door. It continued running off track through some wilderness. We passed near a gorge, running up along the cliffs and looking down the river. The wilderness was blue and green; it was beautiful. We continued trailing away from it, and through some tall grasses. We even crossed an old, rusty railroad. We finally stopped near a small river. There were people on the other side, and we had to cross the river and get our feet wet to get there. My sister was already walking in the river. I looked around for a dry path. The rusty railings. Some dry cemented area. Finally, on the other side, I looked around and saw a small grassy field and some 'trees' beyond it. Somebody mentioned 'glen'. I looked around, this time with more awareness that we may be in a magical glen.

      7. I was in a hall, with a huge book displayed on the wall. The red and orange or yellow cover was ripped/vandalized, as well as some of the pages. I can see some of the writings inside, and they looked old, like a grimoire. I mentioned this to Rob. He took it out and put it on the table like he didn't mind the fact that it was ripped apart.

      8. Justice. I was in a room. It reminds me of our room in first-year high school.

      More notes:

      * I ate nothing but bread and butter the whole day prior.
      * I avoided sexual activity for the whole day.
      * An old neighbor visited while I was topless. I felt 'exposed.'
      * Before I fell asleep, I happened to think of a dorm mate back in college who I had some sexual activity. He's dark skinned.
      * I went down this morning to use L's toaster grill, and I found a roach inside. I'm thinking whether it was precognition or I simply thought of the Madagascar hissing roach before I slept. Did I? I'm no longer sure.
      * I was supposed to read a small red-white-black book last night, but I decided not to.
      Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Sex LD's-gorge1.jpg  
    13. Brain Worms that Make you Pregnant and Control You

      by , 06-02-2013 at 01:05 AM
      I had a long non lucid about these horrible worms that I started finding in my bathroom on the wall. They looked a bit like see-through leeches and were really hard to see against the tiles because they were almost completely clear. I realized they crawled into my brain on a night and affected my thoughts. They also could make you pregnant. The baby wasn't genetically half worm but they could affect your body somehow and create a pregnancy... it was weird.

      My mum appaered from nowhere and said they were a parasitic worm from Africa that would eat your organs from the inside. I knew she was wrong because all they did was crawl into your brain (which is apparently not such an issue for my dream self ). I started catching them and taking them up the road to a little stream and letting them go. I thought it would be cruel to kill them. I then learned that they had originally come from the stream and the couple living in the house next to it had been moving them to the drain by my house so they would stop attacking them. The woman had just had a baby and they weren't sure if it was the mans child or if the worms made it. The woman was also really sick because the worms had been upsetting and controlling her for so long.

      She showed me voice recordings the worms made for her during the night in order to taunt her. They were talking and sounded like the worm/bug things from men in black lol. I though I could prove that invertebrates had incredible intelligence with the tape recordings and got pretty excited for a bit. But then I forgot all about my scientific discovery She also showed me recordings they'd left for me and I got scared when I realized I was their new target.

      Then suddenly couple were getting married and I was watching the wedding. The man stopped the wedding and said he couldn't go through with it. He was angry the baby girl might not be his. I could see so much hate in him I realized the worms were controlling him. He threw his daughter to the ground. She looked like a rubber pig shaped dog toy for some reason but blood came out of her ear and I realized he'd really hurt her. I was so angry but had to remember he wasn't doing it - the worms were.

      I still didn't want to kill them though and still was trying to think of ways to get them out of the house without killing then. The only way to kill them was to burn them and I thought that was too violent. I then noticed my tummy looked a bit bigger than normal and thought I might be worm-pregnant, but woke up before I found out.
    14. 3/21/13 - Dreams fragments - Hairy Uncle/Preggers

      by , 03-21-2013 at 09:18 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      Dream fragment 1:I'm sitting on the floor next to my uncle, we are both wearing shorts, he shows me his thigh and armpit hair trying to make me jealous, it's all thick and in dreadlocks 12 inches out and dark brown. I look down at my legs and armpit and laugh and tell him "whatever dude", because I didn't want dreads coming off my legs and out my armpit.

      Dream fragment 2:I'm just hanging out with my friends in front of my house, and suddenly I know I'm pregnant, I just know it some how, but I freak out because that's impossible, I didn't have sex with a man so wtf. I call my mom on my cellphone and tell, I tell her I would never get an abortion, but I also don't want it so I tell her either my sister has to take it or my mom take it and my mom says no problem, she'll take it. So I am now in the house staring out the window, I'm not aloud out for some reason I guess because I'm pregnant and I'm bummed. Then my grandma comes over and my mom just changes everything we agreed on, she tells my grandma that I have to keep the baby and raise it and I get angry because I don't want it. And I just felt left out from everything and I didn't ask for it
    15. I win!

      by , 03-01-2013 at 01:22 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      This dream is kind of mixed up. This first one was fairly long but my memory of it is misplaced. I hope to remember it later.

      I am at some family gathering. I talk to my dad about Christians being judgmental and am surprised that he agrees with me. I think this is were I got lucid. I remember not doing much just messing around with the dream. Was I trying to make fire in my hand? I remember being on fire.

      *memory gap*

      I am out in my car looking for something. As I am walking back inside some house my nephew S jumps out in front of me and wants me to play a game with him. I tell him maybe later.

      *memory gap*

      At some point I lay down to sleep. I am at a table with my sis and bro and their spouses. We are playing some sort of D&D game. We all have large white chips in front of us that signify something unknown. The game master is my younger sister and she is giving my brother a scenario. Responds with "I do declare that ...." I stop listening because I am sitting there somewhat introspective and realize I am dreaming. Next is my sister-in-law B's turn. But I skip her and stand up. I say, "I do declare that I am dreaming!" I jump up on the table and do pelvic thrusts. I shout "Oh yea bitches! Who's the winner now? I am, because I am dreaming and you're all not real." I briefly wonder if I am making a fool of myself but then I notice their reactions. They have none. They have become lifeless and motionless. The scene fades.

      I have a FA. Apparently I was sleeping next to my nephew M who was next to my brother and then his wife on the other end. My brother gets up. I am thinking about the lucid I just had. I remember there was another one before that one and I try to focus on that too. But then my Sis-in-law B says that she is pregnant. My mom comes in from the other room and says, "WHAT!?" B simply says again, "I am pregnant."

      I have many thoughts about this but mostly, "They are too old for that." My brother looks stressed and is just standing in the hallway looking at pictures on the wall. I realize the awkwardness or lying in a bed next to my pregnant sis-in-law. Then a ceiling fan above us falls apart and pieces hit the bed. We both get up. I walk behind B and she is waddling with a large stomach. She turns into a bathroom and I pause. I really need my Galaxy Player to enter my dream. I go back to the bed and look. I see M there still a sleep. I wake up.
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