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    1. Friday, April 17

      by , 04-22-2020 at 09:13 PM
      I am sitting around a table with Kreg, opposite me, and about eight or so other students. One guy goes first and hardly says anything about his project (I see a fairly simple but not bad looking rectangular model). The group reaction seems very neutral, as there wasn’t much to comment on. I am then volunteered to go next. I tell then I’m doing a beach or riverside area. I say I guess it’s not actually much of a beach, but just a riverside area. I’m imagining a decent sized river slowly flowing through a fairly forested area. I show the group an early model for a chair that is completely geometric, with a large back and a triangular seat. I then show a revised version that is simpler and closer to a traditional chair form. Johnny humorously asks if I actually like the first chair. I say yes and that I like cubism. He chuckles and it looks like he’s going to pull something up on his phone to show me. I now notice a pint sized stein half full of light colored beer on a coaster amidst my stuff. I think others notice it too, and I become embarrassed yet still start drinking out of it after I’m done presenting.
    2. The mystery of my magically appearing cousins.

      by , 08-23-2017 at 05:46 AM (Awake to take in the view...)
      Two nights ago:

      - I'm at a theme park. I try out the roller coaster, and it isn't particularly safe. (IRL, I absolutely love roller coasters.)
      - I was trying to break into a place with some other people (no idea why). We ended up having to flee and were almost caught. Felt very frustrated for whatever reason.
      - Me, a girl, a friend, and the Pokemon Shaymin have to work around an evil person. My dream journal also reads "Shaymin isn't real get w/blue goo." I guess my mind at like 2 AM isn't particularly coherent.
      - A very cool, highly attractive magical lady was walking nearby me. She had the ability to teleport, and was walking barefoot in the snow. Her skin was pale, I think she had red hair, and her nails and toenails were painted pink. I think that she smiled at me, but I can't remember too well. I was very infatuated with her, though, thinking that I wanted to give her a massage or something to that effect!

      Last night:
      - I went to a large gym or auditorium of some sort. It almost looked like a large church. There was a presentation and show of some sort, possibly a concert, and a crappily done romantic overlay to the whole thing -- as in, I think they had very obviously fake candles. After it was over, Mom, my sister, my cousin, and I were in a car. We were missing my brother, and we were getting frustrated because the rest of our family had already left in their carpools and we wanted to head...somewhere (?) too. But then my grandma showed up, and my brother came to the car a few minutes later. We only had one spare seat, so turns out, somebody in our family had left with an empty seat and messed up our carpool system.

      We tried to squeeze them in. The car somehow changed from having 5 seats to having 8 (3 rows of seats), but there still weren't seats for my brother or grandma. Instead, more of my cousins (and some people I didn't know) had sorta magically materialized into the extra seats.

      Weird, huh? :O
    3. Space Shuttle 'Landing', School Presentation

      by , 12-30-2014 at 03:24 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was in my old high school. There was some dream-logicy explanation for this, we were taking our 'Final Final' Exams. I was trying to remember what order my classes were in from high school. (Don't feel bad, even IWL I can't figure out the order.)

      I remember walking around. I saw blurry, incorrect and sometimes downright hilarious interpretations of all of my old teachers from high school.

      I remember going to this one class in G wing where we were having a pizza party and people were giving presentations for their final exams. The class room had card tables rather than desks. I had a couple slices of pizza and some lemonade, and it was time for the presentation to start. The odd part was that a younger version of yourself had to give a presentation that the older version of yourself had written.

      So there was a younger version of me in the classroom. Based upon height/hairstyle I would guess this was myself from late elementary school.

      I think I recall some detail that this actually wasn't me from the past. It was an elementary school student who had looked me up as part of his project where he had to imitate a high school student as closely as possible. It was part of their end of the project.

      I recall him having a shark tooth necklace like the one I used to wear in late elementary school.

      I freaked out for a minute because I didn't have my presentation but after I looked in my backpack I found a couple sheets of typed paper. I handed that to my past self and he started presenting. I can't recall any of what he said, but the teacher seemed to like it and was smiling.


      I somehow wound up outside the school, but the school was floating in space and the exterior was covered in gray metal paneling. Running down the side of the building were hundreds of these little experiment canisters that I had to open. When I opened them, a prompt would come up saying. 'You feel like you had better not let anyone else see this data...'

      Also, I wasn't wearing a space suit and questioned how I was not dead/dying in the vacuum of space. There wasn't really an explanation for it.

      As I was opening them a green bar was filling up. When it got to the top (after opening about a dozen of the canisters) a space shuttle appeared and I found myself in the pilot's seat.

      I somehow knew that I was descending and I strapped myself in to the chair. I started to hit the atmosphere and the space shuttle heated up. I wish I recalled this part better. I was coming down over a cloudy patch and I wouldn't know what I was going to see until after I got through the clouds.

      I then saw that it was a road not too far outside of my hometown. I somehow managed to get the landing gear down, and when I touched down on the road actually rather smoothly. But I couldn't figure out how to stop. Plus there were a bunch of cars on the road and I was running them over.

      I started to get lucid at this point, because even though I was probably killing dozens of people, I didn't really feel like that mattered. Eventually the landing gear broke off, and the shuttle started sliding down the road on its belly. It eventually came to a stop, but I had no idea where I was. Some subdivision with large trees and small houses, but I didn't recognize it from anywhere in my hometown.

      I opened the hatch and hopped down onto the street. I was lucid now, but I got the dream ending feeling. I tried to hang on with a little dream stabilization, but I didn't get much time before waking up.

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    4. Big Presentation

      by , 10-25-2014 at 01:18 AM
      Non-Dream Dream

      Dream 1:

      I gave my big presentation to the department on my project I. There were lots of questions about the role of STATs in my project.

      Dream 2:

      There is a huge outdoor party with a lot of people from my work. I jokingly offer to serve my boss RL some food. He thinks I am serious and I spend the rest of the night serving him and AC food and drinks like a waiter. I serve kung pao chicken and several mixed drinks. This was a long and very important dream. Unfortunately I only wrote down a couple of words thinking that I would remember it all in detail. I didn't...
    5. Zed

      by , 10-18-2014 at 07:31 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #248: Zed

      I’m at the office at night, talking to my friend “Z” about the game we’re working on. Z says something about how he’s getting a special financial arrangement worked out with his “partner”. Then I realize that he’s talking about his wife, and it seems strange that he said it this way. Then I notice that Z has hair when he normally keeps his head shaved all the time, and now I become lucid.

      “Hey Z, I’m dreaming right now,” I say, standing up. I make some comment to him about how now he has hair and he chuckles. I continue: “Was there anything else that you wanted to tell me before I go?”

      “Yeah!” he says, and fires up a projector that’s sitting on his desk, pointing it at the wall, and beginning a presentation about video game art design.

      Even though she hasn't physically appeared yet, I say to Dreamer, “Hey, this is cool! You’re finally getting to meet [Z]!” I make the motion of draping an arm over Dreamer’s shoulder, thinking this might result in a summon. It feels sort of correct for a second, but then there’s nothing. Instead I imagine that she’s standing behind me. I hear a small shuffle of feet behind me. I decide not to push my luck just yet and instead watch a little more of Z’s presentation.

      Z splashes up some cool screenshot with all of these effects that use additive blending. Then the next slide is some text, but it’s too unclear to read. Z starts hitting the side of the projector, trying to fix it. “Here, let me try,” I say. I make a square shape with the thumb and forefinger or each hand and “zoom” it in and out to focus the image. Now it’s sharp but the text is something odd that keeps changing.

      I look out the window and notice that dawn is starting to break. My point-of-view moves out through the window, briefly flying over another part of the city before
      the dream ends.

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    6. A Week at School Camp

      by , 11-17-2013 at 02:54 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      The dream I remembered this morning felt like a shortened version of a week.
      I was living with my girlfriend at this school, but it wasn't a normal school. They had the students partner up and stay there for a week, answering questions every now and then to see if they could succeed. My memories of the events there are scattered and random, but here's a few:
      -My girlfriend and I checking out the food selection.
      -Opening the door in our classroom/sleeping room to see an ocean.
      -Trying to find my friend Aaron but never managing to find him, even though he said he was there.
      -Having a quiz in class to write about your strangest memory and say it to the class. I couldn't figure it out.
      -Having to do a group presentation with your partner.
      -Telling off a bunch of jerks in masks who were trying to harass me.
      Things really took a turn for the worse when the week was almost over. My girlfriend and I were exploring the kitchen area of the place. She split up and went downstairs to look at something while I was looking at something else. When I finally went downstairs, and looked around, she wasn't there, but the jerks from earlier were. They tried to attack me, but I ran back into the building and kept the doors from closing by sticking my leg in between them and making them open again.
      When we got up the stairs, I fought them and they ran away, but then some other dude came who was half fox half man, and was using a rapier. I ran away from him, shouting my girlfriend's name, but all of a sudden the lights went out. They were closing up the kitchen for the night.
      No, no, no, no, I thought. I ran back to the entrance, the fox guy now gone. The door was locked tight, but I saw some light on the other side. I banged on the door, yelling for help, but no one came. Eventually I managed to bust through the door myself, and of course they appeared when I did that.
      As I made my way back to my classroom, I felt scared. I looked and looked for my girlfriend, but she wasn't there. I asked everyone, and they said they haven't seen her.

      And that's when I woke up. A bit of a scary dream in some ways.
    7. competition #15 night #5

      by , 10-23-2013 at 02:17 PM
      00:00 Tues 2013-10-22
      ~ 01:30 (?) bedtime
      1) Getting out of bed turning on the air conditioning. The A/C is a big grand piano with multiple covers not a single cover. I have to open one of the multiple flaps to get the A/C working. Wife can’t get cool she’s not comfortable. I feel the coolness of the A/C air and say “see, it’s cold, the A/C is working.” I or she says “it must be a cultural thing.”

      F1) Standing outside in a large area, a truck is approaching along a long road. Truck arrives and zips around in a wide open area, I try to catch it.

      F2) Receiving a medal.

      2) Staying in a cheap motel. Motel is typical rectangular upside-down-U-shaped structure built around a central parking lot on some street in some city, along a busy street full of strip-malls. I’m staying on the first floor in a room at the upper right “corner” of the upside-down U, right next to the manager’s office. There is a gate between the area outside my door and the parking lot. My room is shallow but extremely wide, easily 3-4 typical motel rooms wide. The room is full of my things, stacked all over the place, it’s like I’ve moved my entire home into this room. There’s a big bed. I’m running the A/C really high. The room is cold in the morning. I have a Playboy magazine on the table, I turn it facedown. I come outside and two guys come out of the manager’s office and approach me. Sort of Hispanic looking. We go into my room. They say “your A/C is on high it’s unbalancing the whole system, you can’t do that.” The owner of the motel is there, too. I’m shocked/outraged. I say “I’ve never in my entire life had anyone in a hotel tell me that I’m using too much A/C!” I then ask, “OK, then just what is the maximum allowed setting I’m allowed to use?” They don’t answer. We leave the room, go outside. I and one of the guys, a technician, head back into the room. He’s walking in front of me. We start jumping along the tops of progressively higher series of cement domes (mushroom shaped). We’re jumping on them like a side-scrolling video game. I’m making a sound effect of “hwip Hwip HWIP!” and “blblblblblbl-BEEP-BOOP!”, “huah Huah HUAH!” the guy copies me making these sounds, too. We reenter my room. The guy start digging through my magazines, turning them over face up and looking at the covers. I say “If you keep doing that you’re going to find an ‘interesting modern magazine.’”

      F3) with high school friends.

      06:19 17C in room, feels pretty cold. WILD attempt, alarm goes off in 1.5 hours from now.
      07:28 took a long time to relax my mind for sleep while anticipating the WILD. Eventually did and started seeing dreamlets. Wife was snoring. Time to get up now, make breakfast for family, WBTB.
      ~ 09:00 BTB. On the couch. Another WILD attempt.
      Dreamlets: people walking down a hill, a woman’s face, cars on a road. Felt close to making it in but didn’t. WILD attempt on back, ND came on left side. Eventually feel asleep into ND:

      3) Lying on some grass (parents’ house backyard? DS) with older son (as a 9-year-old boy) next to a big air mattress with a towel on top of it. Someone has stuck a twig through the towel into the air mattress (to keep the towel in place?). As soon as I approach I see the twig. I knew what the result would be. I pulled out the twig and all the air came out of the mattress. (WL, last night, the plug popped out of my air mattress while I was lying on it positioning for BTB). Next to son are two little girls on my right. On my left are an unknown older woman and man (couple). I ask son, “did you do it?” He said “no.” I turned to girls, asked “did you do it?” They didn’t answer they just looked at me with big eyes. The woman on my left commented how I was improperly interrogating the kids, called me something like “nazi.” I turn to talk to the woman, I say “I have every right to learn who ruined this very expensive air mattress!”. Her husband next to her stands up in a confrontational manner. I also stand up and step up to him, I’m not going to let him intimidate me. I step back a bit deciding a fight is not worth it, and I repeat, “I have every right to know, it is very reasonable.” The man and woman walk away. .

      4) How the story was written. A famous author is sitting triumphantly in a rocking chair on the top of a hill shouting out to the people below , “For the very first time in literature, the villain has made his appearance!” He is throwing rocks down the hill. I’m DO standing down the hill a little looking up at him. There is an emotional and triumphant finale presentation where the original actresses who acted a long time ago in the story appeared and was introduced. Each one had a special name. The first one was “Kea 2 Sea” and was wearing like a lunchbox-sized-and-shaped medallion on a chain around her neck, her name was inscribed on the front of the lunchbox inside a big heart. They all approached me to be recognized, I held up my foot straight out and they touched their lunchbox amulets to the bottom of my foot, and then they bowed to me. I was incredibly touched by this special moment. There were 4 or 5 of the actresses. There was an extra actor who was also there didn’t have a special name. He was there in case they needed another actor.

      F4) passing something through a small window to people in a room.
    8. Bear Attack

      by , 09-22-2012 at 05:30 AM
      Non-dream Dream

      Dream 1:

      It is my turn to present at our departments large meeting. I am going to present a mixture of old data and new data that my boss threw together.
      (Once again) I didn't even look at the slides before presenting. I am doing a horrible job presenting the material. People start leaving, talking and roaming around then the meeting ends. I am off the hook for good - apparently this is the last meeting.

      Dream 2:

      J - the bartender at the bowling alley - is a gasoline salesperson. I am explaining some difficult math to her about evaporation rates of the gasoline.

      Dream 3:

      I am on a guided kayaking tour on a river with my wife. I am being an idiot - going too fast and being reckless. I start fucking with a bear and then it realizes that I have food in my backpack. It fake charges me about five times. It is very smart and I think it is talking to me. I run and hide in a bathroom and then a gift shop. The bear finds me. I realize that it is not food in my pack that the bear wants, but perhaps something I have done to the locals pissed him off. There are now two bears chasing me. I trick them somehow and get a head start back to my car. I would have made it easily but someone was with me and slowed me down. The bear catches me.

      Dream 4:

      I am in my house but there is no furniture. It looks just as it did when we first bought it and put the fresh carpet in. My cats are there. The black one is HUGE and V is whiter than usual. They are both purring like crazy.
    9. Hunger Games Part 2

      by , 09-09-2012 at 04:13 AM
      Non-dream Dream

      Dream 1:

      I am at work and I step into my bosses office. He asks me to present on something that I'm not too familiar with and he only gives me 6 hours to prepare. It was basically like "Oh by the way I want you to present this later today." He made the slides for me but I was so busy all day I didn't get a chance to review them. I am basically going up there blind. I recall following my boss on my motorcycle to get to the presentation. There are not too many people at the presentation but it is a huge auditorium - it almost looks like a church. All I remember is watching myself give the talk from the seats and I was TANKING the presentation. Nobody cared though.

      Dream 2:

      I am in the hunger games
      (again) with my wife - this time it is in a city. There are 24 contestants like usual but we are among the general population. My wife and I form a pact with some other contestants so we would have a chance against the careers. But when the strongest career approaches us our "friends" back out and run. The career chases my wife and I. I get her to safety and the career chases me to the beach. I manage to cut his arms off (SOMEHOW) and I drown him in the ocean. I really want to make sure he is dead and will not come back to get me so I start carrying his body. I carry his body back to the restaurant where some other contestants (including our "friends") are eating. I drop him on their table. Then I grab my wife and set out to live alone with her. We set up camp on a hillside. It turned out to be a poor location - in hindsight I believe we were on a golf course. We wanted to be secluded. I begin to teach her how to hunt, fight, etc... until the army spots us. They inform us that the hunger games are over. Some Asian army guy is laughing at me for some reason. I tell him and everyone else to shut the fuck up - they all listened to me because at this point I was kind of a legend. He said something about being tough and I replied "have you ever been the last one standing in a battle to the death against 24 people?" That shut him up.

      For some reason during the hunger games I was forced to try and kill my cat V. I tried twisting his neck to break it but I wasn't able to kill him (physically). Also, my wife wouldn't listen to me and almost got us killed numerous times. I think she was just really scared.
    10. Thesis Presentation

      by , 09-01-2012 at 03:56 AM
      Non-dream Dream

      Dream 1:

      It is before my wedding and I am at my old job at the university. My boss and other faculty members force me to prove my worth by presenting my thesis in a couple of days. I say that I have too much going on in my life. One professor tells me that I am really good but I never see anything through to completion. I agree and begin crying. I did not prep for the presentation and I winged it
      (I don't recall how it went). The night before I partied and trashed the lab.

      Dream 2:

      I am helping administer chemotherapy to a friend in a dirty bathroom. I would wash my hands, mix the drugs, spin them down, then administer them.

      It was as if I new the drug would work but it was not yet approved - I was giving it on the down low.
    11. presentation, kidnapping, running away, church

      by , 03-09-2012 at 07:29 PM
      This is short of dream fragments. It started in the my dad's history and civil classroom at the local high school. Well someone I knew (who is a year younger than me) was doing a presentation but I wasn't paying attention since i was worried about something else. I remember running away with supplies and I somehow ended up in the libarary room at my church. Somewhere in the dream (but after the presentation scene) I was kidnapped. How do I know? I looked down and my hands were tied with rope.
    12. Of Community Centers and Churches [Night of June 9-10]

      by , 07-02-2011 at 04:31 AM (The Lab Notebook)
      [This is a catch-up post. These dreams are from the night of June 9-10, 2011.]

      Awake, Non-lucid, Lucid, [Commentary made while awake]

      I'm walking around the downtown area of a city. Every block is covered with tall buildings. Most of one block is covered with a three-or-four-story building with signs that identify it as “Jews' World.” It's their community center and place of worship; it is built around a narrow, rectangular courtyard/entryway with doors to various rooms leading off of it. I look at it and think, Wow, that's pretty cool, having a community center like that.

      Directly across the street from this center is a similar, five-or-six-story community center and place of worship for the LDS church. A woman walks out of that complex and walks down the street. We pass each other in the street between the two centers, walking in opposite directions. The woman recognizes me and calls me “Pie
      [$RealFirstName].” I know that “Pie” is a nickname for [$OfficeBoss] [yes, he is LDS in real life], and that the use of that nickname as a title before my name indicates that I am a member of the in-group associated with [$OfficeBoss]. I'm rather disturbed that the woman both knew who I was and associated me with [$OfficeBoss] in such an intimate and familiar way.

      Having realized I was dreaming at some point during this sequence of events [again, I'm not sure when], I decide to start flying. I take off and get pulled in a random direction, backward and sort of sideways. I try to control my flying and start flying forward by concentrating on details of the scenery I can see in front of me and trying to examine them more closely, as I did in my previous lucid [on the night of June 5], but it doesn't work. I attempt this method of control several times. When it stubbornly refuses to work, I just give up. I think, Fine. I'm just going to let myself get pulled along to wherever.

      Then that dream faded to black, yet I remained consciously self-aware. I'm not sure if I was actually awake [more likely] or still asleep and self-aware during the gap between two dreams. At any rate, I remember that I knew that I was still asleep [however that works; I really don't even know what was going on here] and that if I just waited patiently, another dream would begin. I did, and it did.

      I'm in the central courtyard of a big, old church made of yellow-tan stone. On one side of the courtyard, there is a large, windowlike opening in the wall with no glass, and on the other side of it are rolling vineyards. I briefly think of going flying over the vineyards, but I decide not to. Instead, I explore the building I'm in, and find a large kitchen knife. I pick it up and look at it, reflecting upon it: What's this doing here? We don't do sacrifices of living creatures in my church. We don't have to.

      I go into the building, find the kitchen, and put the knife away. To get to the kitchen, I have to go through the parish hall. There are other people in there. I continue to explore more of the building, concentrating on just what a wonderful gift it is to be here in a dream and be lucid.
      [That's the last I remember.]

      [Later, I had another nonlucid.] A whole bunch of the important businesspeople I know in real life, including [$OfficeBoss], have come over to House #2 for an early-morning presentation that I'm supposed to be giving, and they've all crowded into my bedroom. I wake up late for the presentation. In order to get into my closet, I have to ask [$OfficeBoss] and another man to move aside. I'm embarrassed to be seen by all these people while wearing only my black nightgown. [It was the same one I was wearing in real life that night.] I take too long to get ready, and all my guests wander off.

      I go out into the rest of the house and see that my mom has put up all the Christmas decorations, even though it's June. I run the vacuum cleaner in the study; P. is there. I get a second shot at doing the presentation, and this time, it works out. I'm grateful that the first attempt, where I got up late for it and everyone left, was just a dream. [LOL!]

      [Fragment] I'm in a house or hotel somewhere with MLT [a real-life friend]. I demonstrate to her the fold-out bed that's built into the wall, and she declares it to be too opulent. The building is cylindrical.