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    1. Dream - Owner Of The Mall

      by , 07-27-2017 at 12:09 PM
      Date of Dream: WED 19 JUL - 2017

      Dream No. 156 - Owner Of The Mall

      At the start of the dream, I remember telling Mr. Hickey and a whole group of Killester girls that I owned this shopping centre. I then went off by myself to look in this store that looked like Dangerfield but wasn't exactly. As I progressed through the shop, the layout of things started becoming more unusual and almost distorted. In the main part of the mall, I eventually found my family who were doing their own shopping and I also told them I own the centre. I ended up taking them on a tour around some of the shops. I ended up in the food court and noticed that an ice-cream place wasn't doing so well in business performance, so I asked the worker man there what was going on.

      I was then in David Jones and was looking at shoes, sighting a pair that cost around $600. There was a label at the bottom of the shoes though which said that the price was now $139.87. Still, those shoes were too expensive and so I didn't buy them... But then I also wanted them. I went into Kmart and found the exact same shoes for $3.33, the shoe sizes were 107, 109, 110, 112 and 114. I first tried 114 but they didn't fit my feet and then I found out the right shoe for me had a size 112.45 printed on the label. That's all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - None
    2. Dream - Teacher Festivities

      by , 07-07-2017 at 01:49 PM
      Date of Dream: FRI 30 JUN - 2017

      Dream No. 143 - Teacher Festivities

      I don't remember the exact order of events in this dream. From where I can remember, there were all these Killester girls over at my old house. They were playing with all these stuffed toys and throwing them around the place like little kids would typically do. Then Mr H came in and he had this shop bought packet of 36 cakes. He was claiming to give 1 to each girl.

      The dream scene then skipped to mum giving me money so I could afford to buy a drink because I was going somewhere. When I got into the service station, I realised I didn't have enough money for anything. She have me $2.00 and the cost of a strawberry milk was $6.48 and so I left the place with nothing. I returned to my dad's car where he and this TAFE teacher were waiting for me to get in. That's all I can remember in regards to this dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:

      - None