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    1. [21-11-2016: Punched by ghost and orgy]

      by , 11-21-2016 at 07:34 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      It was night, pitch black all around. With younger sister we were up a hill behind our house where we were building a shop. We already had one storey done, which we usd to sell stuf. We turned lights off and went back to our house in compete darkness. My sister fainted and I carried her back to house. When we were reaching the entrance, I felt a horrifying presence approaching. Suddenly I got punched in my face. It pained quite bad, despite that it wasn't a strong punch. I knew that it was a ghost that attacked me. I ran with my sister back to my house. I left her in living room and entered my room. Then I saw an enormous orgy.
      non-lucid , nightmare
    2. In Love.... AGAIN

      by , 11-15-2016 at 08:55 PM
      So once again another night last night were i dreamt of being in love. It's late on in the day now so its become quite sketchy what i can remember.

      I Remember being in love with this girl (I think her name was hannah..??) she had short bobbed blonde hair, around 5,10 in hieght and beautifull. She was wearing a white dress. Id seen her the night before and was frantically trying to find her number on my phone but for some reason i either couldn't find it in my contacts, and her txt messages had vanished from my phone, i was starting to panic as another guy (who happens to be someone i knew years ago called "Mark") was trying to lure her away for sex. I ended up finding her at a gathering somewhere, (not sure on location), everyone was drinking, and i think "Mark" spiked my drink and i began to fade out, whilst watching him trying to seduce her away!
      I woke up in the back of my car, it was still dark, and had this intense sense of panic......I rushed to find her and somehow appeared in her house possibly in her bedroom......she was asleep...she looked like an angel, then i noticed down one side of the sheet that she was in bed naked, i instantly new in my heart what had happened and upon waking her up found out that he'd been very nice to her and they'd slept together.

      It was then the next day and we were together at the same gathering as the night previous night, this time my brother, ex girlfriend and couple of my mates were there as well, "Hannah" was sitting on my lap and i turned to her and said "I think i love you", she looked at me smiled and said in a friendly,playfull way "nobody THINKS at me", then kissed me, just then a couple of "marks" mates walked in creating an akward atmosphere. I remember a feeling of panic seeing them come in staring at her, and before i could move, in walks "Mark"....
      I remember the feeling of complete overwhelming sense of rage and as quickly as i could i lifted "Hannah" from my lap and flew at "Mark", as i threw the first punch i awoke punching and lashing out in my bed, tears running down my face!!

      These dreams of love i have most evenings...sometimes they can continue for days but each time i always remember such a strong sense of love like iv never experienced in real life before!! I don't think it's possible to really feel that strongly in real life...which i find very sad and sometimes i'm depressed for days afterwards!
      Tags: love, punch, rage, sex
      non-lucid , memorable
    3. Attack of the 50ft Man

      by , 08-27-2016 at 11:24 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      Not a whole lot recalled this morning, but certainly a bizarre one either way. But first...a not so bizarre one!
      I was being made fun of by yet another guy I knew from high school. Accurately to real life, this was a guy who used to make fun of me back in the day. However, it appears my dream self is feeling awful pissed off and courageous lately! In the middle of making fun of me, I turn from my locker, walk up to him, and punch him square in the jaw. He fell on the floor, unconscious. All around me were hushed gasps. I turned to the head adult in the room and began ranting like crazy. "You have to understand, this has been going on for ages now, and none of you do ANYTHING about it. What am I supposed to do? Just sit here?? No! I won't! I refuse! I'm not going to stand for this crap anymore! ... I'm starting to notice a recurring trend in my latest dreams: A lot of random people I knew in my high school keep showing up, and often times it ends up being people who I really disliked back in the day, often due to them making fun of me. What's the significance? Not sure. But it definitely keeps happening! And as you can see...my dream self is SICK of it.
      Now for the strange one! Guess what? It involves another high schooler I knew, only this one thankfully wasn't one I hated. AND YET. He was the cause of conflict in this dream.
      I was in a pretty big town, standing outside. The sun was setting, but it was very cloudy, giving the sky a dull look. The guy I mentioned, call him N, comes up to me and says he has to stop me. "Stop me? What did I do?"
      His response? Well, just what you'd expect. He shouted and grew 50ft in size. Must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed that morning. Despite the oddness of the situation, I was quite reasonably freaked out! I screamed and ran as fast as my legs could carry me, N stomping his way behind me, each footstep an earthquake.
      That's all I can recall on that one. It's like all my high school memories are coming back to get me...
    4. [Dream #8 - 1/25/2016] The Loving Cyborg [One Punch Man]

      by , 01-25-2016 at 04:15 PM (The Book of the Multiverse)


      A picture of Genos from One Punch Man

      I remember being in an environment quite like my old highschool. There were people walking around the halls, all unidentifiable and I can remember myself looking for Genos, from the anime and manga series, One Punch Man. I ended up finding a couple guys in a room and I asked them where Genos was. The one looked at me with confusion but then once I mentioned "Cyborg Man" he instantly knew who I was talking about.

      The guy then began telling me that, "He's not looking for love" or at least...something of that sort, and that Genos was busy doing work right now. I didn't care anyways and proceeded to go look for him myself. That is when I found myself in a sort of library. Everything had this goldenrod glow emitting in the area. I can remember finding Genos sitting on a step in a corner with some shelving on either side of him. I could then remember getting myself down as if I was some sort of cat or dog waiting to be petted and Genos smiled at me as he took his hand and stroked my face. Passionately he did and I was happy and it felt great. I then sprawled out onto the floor and he began nudging me with his left foot as I brushed up against it. This is when I woke up, due to my damn mother.

      Notes: (More to come soon)

      • Date — 1/25/2016

      • Went to bed — Around 3 - something AM.

      • Woke up — 9:30ishAM

      *Time logged — 10:10AM

      • Total sleep — +6 Hours

      • Stress level throughout the day — Annoyed because of my mother. But much more happier when she had gone to bed for the night and I was being loved and cuddled by my fiancι.

      • Techniques/Practices

      *Daytime — Did RCs

      *Recall — N/A

      *Inducing Method — N/A

      • Dream Signs — N/A

      • Perceived Length — 30 Minutes

      • Emotions — Love, Happiness

      • Awareness — None

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    5. one of my earliest dreams from my childhood. Non lucid

      by , 08-27-2015 at 10:24 AM
      I remember being in a fantasy land type setting. Like a city in the clouds. The buildings were like greek coliseums and pillars. There were some pillars that were similar to ruins, because just the pillars or columns were left standing.

      In my dream I was being chased by a witch. She chased me all over this fantasy setting, and then chased me up a column or pillar, which is odd now that I think about the fact that I monkey climbed my way to the top of a magnificent pillar. The witch chased me all the way to the top and almost had me within her grasp. Then suddenly my father appeared in the dream and simply punched the fiend in the nose, and she instantly fell and crashed into the ground, and then my fears were lifted away.

      I then woke up
    6. Squatters

      by , 03-14-2015 at 12:53 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #421 - DILD - 5:20AM

      I wake at some point to use the toilet then fall back to sleep with mantra.

      Something about being at a church. Someone gets shitty with my and pisses me off so I leave.

      I am traveling with my kids and wife and we end up staying in an empty trailer house. I assume we have permission, but I worry about getting caught. I'm not really sure if we have permission afterall. I see headlights and watch a car drive up a hill to a huge mansion. I get a snapchat of my son with my younger sister and her family. I 'remember' she is babysitting him for a while. I decide to play Gameboy a little before bed. Someone yells at my older daughter. I think it was my mom. I look at my phone and see it's 11:45pm. She's crying so, I tell daughter that she has 15 minutes and then we have to get some sleep. I notice the sun coming up through a window and I say to daughter, "You know it gets light at midnight now?"
      She looks surprised, but says nothing
      "Yeah, that's right." I feel this is true statement, but I am not totally convinced so, just to be sure, I do a quick nose plug. I blow through, but I think I must have not plugged my nose enough. I squeeze harder, but still blow clean. I'm totally shocked so I do it a third and fourth time until I totally believe.

      I leave the bedroom at the end of the house and move back to the living room we were just in. It's dark outside again so I decide to play with punching at walls. When I connect, it feels like thick, soft rubber and makes no damage. I think it's kind of funny so I take several punches at the wall until I feel like my hand break through. However, when I remove my hand there is still no damage to the wall. I try the front door all to the same effect. I notice now that day light has return through the large bay window. I can see leaves on the brown grass outside and decide to use that as a visual focal point as I phase through the glass.

      I keep thinking that I had some goals I wanted to try, but I just can't recall. I decide to run up the hill to the huge mansion and it takes some time getting there. I feel strange in my eyes like I have them open too wide and I'm trying too hard to focus. I try to ignore this and purposefully don't think about waking up. As I am walking up the hill, I feel my eyes rolling up too far to see so I tilt my head back to adjust. At the top, The large mansion is now several super small houses. I wonder if anyone is around so I shout, "HEY!... HEEEEEYYYY!" No one shows. I start to enter one of the houses, but it's at this point that I suddenly wake up.
    7. Sparring Match

      by , 10-13-2014 at 11:48 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I recall some dream where I was playing (I think LittleBigPlanet) or a very similar game. I was trying to make a level but I needed these unlockables from the core game to do so. I kept on having to begrudgingly go back to playing the game so that I could unlock enough points to continue making my level.
      I recall this once scene toward the end where I had made the whole level one layer deep with this material that had a red and orange wavy pattern on it.

      I was at my Taekwondo Studio. Though it feels bigger. I recall there are many familiar faces from the studio but also many people I have never seen before.
      There was this heavily built kid of, I think middle eastern descent. I couldn't put my finger on where he was from but it was obviously not the united states, and he didn't speak English very well. Anyways, he invites me to have a friendly sparring match and I agree to do so. For some reason I agree to do so.
      We get into position. For some reason there are these railings on either side of us so that we can't move to the side. We start fighting and because this was a dream about my Taekwondo studio, I obviously apply techniques I have learned in class.
      This kid may be strong but he is soooo sloooww! All of his moves are blatantly telegraphed, and he doesn't seem to know much outside of throwing punches.
      At one point or another he comments that my techniques are 'unconventional'.
      I attempt to fight back by throwing kicks. For some reason, I can't seem to throw a decent kick.
      At the end of our fight, I manage to get behind the guy, and grab his arms. I recall one of the holds we learned in class and and slowly manage to bend him into it. He doesn't try to kick me or break out, he just tries to resist me as I slowly get him into a hold. After I pin him, the dream ends.

      I recall two instances of Dream Music this morning. The first one was a very errie woman singing. I can't quite put my finger on the style, but it was sort of Gothic but still Modern sounding, like atuo-tune had been used. The second one came about as I became more awake. I recognized it as Crystal Mountian by Synsun.

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    8. Giant Iron Man From 2002

      by , 09-06-2014 at 10:54 PM (My Dream Goals)
      I was floating in a red void in the 3rd person with a giant iron man in front of me. This dream was recurring, and for some reason I thought it was a nightmare, so I'd become lucid at this time, although I'd usually wake up as I did not know what you could do with lucid dreams. If I remained asleep, the giant iron man would punch me and I would begin to tumble and float to the right. I'd pass a few random objects and some sort of moaning cartoon characters before landing on a gray floor. I would see a black ghost/spectre thing, and I'd wake up a few seconds later.

      If you would like to see the dream, watch this video:

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    9. You're only hurting yourself

      by , 07-21-2013 at 06:07 PM
      Date: 20th July

      Pre bed: 200mg valerian, 100mg B6

      Dream quality and recall: Dreams were quite vivid today. Generally, I wasn't feeling very comfortable in bed and had lots of these drink then pee moments. Took short key notes with regards to non-lds. Daringly reviewed the ld in my head then went back for more but fell into normal sleep and woke up shortly after.


      Dr1: In a place I used to live, a crow flies in. I use a pc/tablet to chat with other people about it.

      Dr2: I am in an SUV and have to deal with some bad guys outside. After I do, extra stars are added to my profile. Martin Freeman (the Hobbit) is sitting to my right and thinks I don't deserve all the stars.

      Dr3: Back to school. As I enter the classroom everybody is preparing for a 7 page History + Grammar test. I am very pissed off at my friend for not telling me about the test. She replies that I still have time to prepare by learning all the answers in the break just before the test. I cannot possibly do that.

      DILD: As I made the mistake of not taking notes and then going back to bed after the ld, the beginning of this dream is gone from memory. All I remember is that there was something going on in the building and I am talking to someone I know, possibly another classmate by the feel of it. After the conversation in this very large building with open spaces, like a mall, I suddenly become lucid for no apparent reason. I can't contain my excitement, so start running around like crazy. It feels really good until I sense slight destabilization staring to take hold. That sobers me up and I think it is time to do tasks. My mind feels a bit foggy but I nevertheless recall one that I can execute here - punch a President.

      There are lots of DCs passing by and my first idea is to get Mr. Sarkozy to emerge from the crowd, so I quickly scan the DCs in front of me and expect him to appear. He doesn't, so I grab a random male DC and decide that I will turn him into Sarkozy. As soon as I concentrate on his face, his features begin to shift right in front of my eyes, which is extremely cool! His nose changes shape several times, until it is a close match to Sarkozy's nose. I also succeed with the ears. The DC reminds me of Sarkozy, but the eyes are not quite the same. I would say he is a 70 percent match. I punch him in the face and the moment I do, his features change again. Slightly annoyed that I cannot properly punch and maintain the view of the right person I punch him again and again, while trying to change his features back to those of Sarkozy. As I don't project too much feeling, this DC simply stays there, staring at me, some distress in his eyes. Interestingly, after punching him, I begin to feel strong pain in the area of my nose, as if I am the one that got punched. Not fully satisfied, I want to turn him into another politician, but before I can transform him the dream slips away.
      I quickly pass through the void and into my sleeping body. Bad moment to go back as I was feeling uncomfortable in the position in which I was sleepy.

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    10. 2nd May 2013 Cassette player, Dreamviews chat, Short lucid

      by , 05-02-2013 at 10:31 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from today's naps.

      Dream 1(fragments):

      I was in some kind of old bunker, i was with team and we were chasing some dude. He was activating traps on our way, but we were still following him. There was some talk about bunker's self destruction sequence.
      Later on i was at home, and i was trying to play something on a... cassette player. I got it working and there was some music, but then i accidentally switched it to self destruction sequence track( ). I was trying to stop it, almost broke it, and managed to stop it in the end.

      Dream 2(fragment):

      I was at home and there was stuff happening, then i was watching some movie or series about a dog. Later i was chatting on the dreamviews chat and after that i decided to do a WILD nap, but was not sleepy enough so ended up lying for a while. I got up and for some reason i so wanted to get back into chat that i forgot to take off headphones. I got into chat, but i could not type anything properly, like if i was really drunk or something, and then my messages started appearing from two usernames at same time, one being just "R", other can't recall fully but it started with W. Also chat was using bright red font on black background. I am like 'Wait a second' and i take off headphones, i can still hear binaural beats so i am dreaming. I start walking towards the balcony but dream suddenly destabilizes, i rub hands but it does not works well. I can move but view zooms around instead of myself moving most of time, and when zoomed in it looks like jpeg file zoomed in. I manage to get to the wall and i decide to punch through it. My fist goes in slow motion, but once it hits, wall cracks in half. Then i feel like somebody tries to wake me up and hear dad's voice.
      I woke up and dad apparently indeed woke me up for some reason, i shouted that didn't i said before to not distract me at those times. There's a second of silence and then bam, instantly, without much fading, i wake up properly.
    11. #61

      by , 05-01-2013 at 03:05 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Flying and Sexy Time

      My dream in progress shifted to me flying and I was lucid.

      I was standing on a piece of wood or something, flying over the trees. I was happy to be lucid. I looked at the scene; it was incredibly clear. It was night, but I could see different kinds of trees below. I took in the scene and its clarity.

      I then saw a '50's style truck in blue, and then other cars, but the dream became less clear.

      I saw some people...women of course. I decided I would have some fun. I then thought about the task to lick the first dream character I saw, but I realized that I'd already passed that person up. IWL, I'm not sure that was actually the ToTM.

      I then found an attractive girl and asked if she would show me her boobs. She said, "OK, but only one." She showed me one, and it had a tiny nipple. I was going to ask her if I could feel them. I said, "Can I--." I thought she was going to say "No," so I punched her in the face. I then went to feel her boobs and she didn't care at all. I found myself looking at her vag, and I proceeded to insert myself.

      I soon woke up to use the bathroom.

      I had cycled a few times. I didn't do too much, but I was cycled with intention. I ended the first fiscal quarter of year 3 with a record best of 17 which is = to my first year on DV. Awesome!
    12. Getting Punched By a Teacher, Listening to barz and Football

      by , 08-19-2011 at 08:21 AM
      I was in a hallway in school with one of my teachers. I made her angry and she quipped she was going to hit me. I said "I like a girl who can beat me up" so I pulled up my shirt and she thrusted two fists into my stomach I could feel it and told her to do it again and again. After that I left with my mate and we went out, as usual I had my chewing gum and we walked past some people who were spittin barz (rapping) then we went around to look for our friends.

      We couldn't find them, then I thought that we should try the back playground to see if they're playing football. As we walked to the back playground one of my classmates was spitting barz I can't remember what he said be he said something about "doing it". I turned around and said "It's true, he's not faking". He was going into music club or something.

      We entered the back playground and there they were playing football my friend had just booted the ball down the pitch and another friend was in chase, the goalkeeper was about to pick up the ball when the chasing person slide tackled the keeper. I said out loud as I laughed "He just tackled his own player" when he kicked the ball it bounced and then came backwards, everyone was like "OOOOOOHHHHHH" I was thinking "He didn't do it on purpose."
    13. A succesful DEILD

      by , 08-08-2011 at 06:58 AM (DarkSider's Dream Journal)
      I'm literally shaking while writing this, because I'm very exited. I don't remember experiencing something like this before. Right. So, I awake from a dream I just had, I can't remember it, but one of the DC's actually told me to wake up and I did it in an instant. Everything around me shook and vibrated. I was in the waking world. I was fully concious, with my eyes closed and without moving an inch, so I decided to DEILD.
      I was very sleepy, but also awake at the same time, I could hear this ringing noise in my head, which I read about, and knew that this is a good time to DEILD. I noticed my left wrist was extended, so I slowly put it in a relaxed state. That didn't wake me up. I then began to slowly count to ten. After I said five, I felt an amazing experience. I was actually being pulled down my bed, I was shaking, vibrating, and I had this sensation. I knew that this was it. After that experience I didn't even bother continueing to count 10.
      Then it happened, was almost 100% sure I was in a dream. I said to my self: "finally". I smiled, I was happy, and attempted to pinch my nose.
      Thats when I knew that being in a lucid dream or controling it wont be an easy task. My arms wouldn't move. That somehow didn't bother me. I just used more force into moving the hands than I ussualt do. I pinched my nose, and started breathing. Yup, 100% lucid. I could breathe crealry as if nothing was blocking it. I was still with my eyes closed. So I tried to imagine a grassy field around my bed when I open them. I then felt light coming in trough my closed eyes. Exitedly, I tried opening them. But I couldn't, my eyelids wouldn't move. Nervously, I stood up and tried opening them with the help of my hands. It worked, whew. The next thing that I noticed being weird was the movement of my arms. They were moving very smoothly.
      I'll try to explain: When I do something with my arm, and then suddenly stop, it doesn't stop right away. It then "slides" down to the direction I was using it in and then completely stops. This later seems to dissapear as the dream progresses (I hope you understand). So It wasn't a grassy field, that didn't discourage me. It was my room. Completely identical to the one in the waking world. It was fun, but a bit frightening at first. my room wasn't completely dark, it had dim lighting. I then suddenly noticed movement in the room. It was my brother in his bed. This is where I lost lucidity for a moment, panicked and jumped to his bed, when I saw his face starting to transform. I covered him with a pillow, beat him up, stand away from the bed. I then regained concious control. The next thing I remembered was dreams stabilization. I stood still, closed my eyes, and touched the first thing I could reach. My desk. It felt exactly the same. I was surprised. I then touched my bookshelf above it. It felt the same too. I then took a deep breath. I completely forgot about testing my hearing and eyesight. With that done, I proceeded to check out the rest of my home. But first, I wanted to use my mirror, I stood infront of the mirror and but my hand on it expecting for it to go trough. it didn't, well atleast tried, though I couldn't see my reflection, not any other reflection for that matter. I went to my parents room, and heard voices, a little frightened I continued walking. Another strange that cought my attention is that I didn't feel my legs. I knew I was walking, but I couldn't feel the ground I'm standing on, nor the legs I'm moving with.
      My parents room looked the same, my mom was sitting in her bed doing something, with my brother next to her. I didn't do anything stupid this time. I just ignored it. I then proceeded to exit my apartment. I remembered having another mirror, near the door, so I checked that too. I could see my reflection. I was shorter, I looked the same, but the reflection was off. Everythime I focused on one spot, it looked blury, while everything else looks normal, but still a bit weird. It was funny. I then unlocked my door, and slowly opened it. Birght white light. My corridor was almost the same, exept it was longer, and wider, and more white. This is where the action begins. I see some people walking door to door. A woman and 2-3 men, I can't remember. Those men looked big, strong mean, and had strange faces. They then saw me, and started walking to my door. I panicked a little, but managed to keep my cool and opened the door for them. I I couldn't understand what they were saying. Suddenly i felt very angry. Super angry. And punched the woman in the face in a raging furry. She fell to the ground. I was then alone, standing next to 3 big men who didn't look friendly. I started running towarss one and wanted to use dream control. I imagined that i would hit him so hard, he would go trough the wall. I punched him, he hit the wall and the wall just cracked. Still, it was a start. I felt powerful. I took care of them with ease. I then found my self in an office room, it didn't feel weird, so I went along with it (I could still feel being fully concious) I looked out trough the window and saw something which resembled tiggers? I was curious to see what they were. I the see my friend and dad, sitting on some chairs next to the window of the room (I wont try to explain how the room looked, because I can't remember) I ask my friend to help me remove the courtains, which were blocking the window. the curtains looked like the ones in my apartment, because my mom put on new ones a few days ago. With nothing blocking the window, I punched it. My punches felt so powerful. The glass didn't brake. I started rapidly punching the glass, with the room shaking. Nothing.
      Suddenly, out of nowhere, felt the sudden urge to wake up. I closed my eyes and immediatly found myself in my bed.
      I could remember everything clear as day, but after a few minutes the memory started fading, so I couldn't wright it down in greater detail. It turns out the thing which trigered me to awake was my dad going to work. I was smilling, and was happy. This was one heck of an experience for me.

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    14. Why am I always so fiesty in my dreams?

      by , 05-29-2011 at 03:03 PM
      I was fighting, as usual, with T and my oldest sister for some reason. I can hardly remember anything except me telling my sis, D, to punch me in the arm as hard as she could and she did and I made some joke afterwards, trying to mend the tension. It didn't seem to work.

      I do remember saying something to T, like I was tired of it, and if I leave and he doesn't stop me, then I will be gone for good.
    15. pawn stars, deviantart, beards...

      by , 05-12-2011 at 09:02 AM

      I was ding some sort of auction in a treehouse, and my mom kept yelling at my dad for really stupid reasons. Then later on Chum-wee came in asking if he could buy them item and my mom knocked him out of the treehouse.

      I was on deviant art reading some story and i closed my laptop when my mom came in, and i tole her about the story and she replied saying "No one knows what you spank off to" (lmfao I have no idea what the fuck that was about but I laughed so hard when I woke up)

      Cory and Brandon (my friends) were attacking me while they were slowly growing huge beards. It was pretty wack.
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