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    1. Punching Machine, Unsteady Plasma, Oats For Breakfast (10.8.14)

      by , 08-10-2014 at 01:12 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1

      I'm at some kind of venue which has a dark feel to it. A night club feel. I'm with Daryl.

      I see a TV in front of me and someone is about to get interviewed. I hear my name and think it's me that is going to be getting interviewed. I freak out cause I don't know what to say in the interview. I soon realise they're talking about a the Dean off X Factor. I see his face come up on the TV and they mention about him practicing the art of BJJ. I start to day dream about what I would do in the interview if I was him, which was to start pretending to choke people out with my BJJ skills. The interviewers also mention about another BJJ practitioner who is high level.

      I see people using the punching machines which give you a score once you hit it. I look towards Daryl and happily tell him about it as I know he has a strong punch and hoping he would show them how it's really done.

      Daryl is sitting on something and Ali comes up and jumps on him. Daryl isn't too happy about it and calls Ali fat. Daryl is playing a game with a man who is using a medicine ball, where he's throwing it over the back of his head.

      I see a man using another punching machine where you had to throw the punching gloves at the punching gloves that were connected to the machine, which was weird.

      Dave Clork is here but I don't see him, I think his on the dance floor and must have hurt himself a little. I see a sign on the wall which says something about going hard and won't be in for work tomorrow.

      Dream 2

      My brother and I are at the kitchen table and we're trying to set up a plasma TV. It's suppose to slot into the holder, but it keeps swaying either forwards or backward as we adjust it. We try to improvise and use props to hold it. I see a TV antenna and something else to use and try that out. It works but only for a small amount of time. I see Bruce and he comes over to us and he tries to help us out with the TV. Bruce starts talking about Kindles and I mention about a the format I use and can't seem to think of if for a bit. Eventually I remember and tell him it's Java format. He tells me he uses just the normal PDF. I tell him I don't use that format due to having to zoom and etc which is annoying. He tells me he knows a trick where you press a button which is called something along the lines of "over the mountain". I run to my room and grab my kindle so he could show me. I walk back out and meet him at the cream coloured couch. He opens it up and starts watching old auditions of Australian Idol or X Factor.

      The scene changes and I'm on the battlefield. I have an assault rifle and start carving up the enemies that approach. I seem to be on my game today.

      Dream 3

      I think I get out of bed which may have been a false awakening that I missed out on. I'm at my old house in the kitchen making my breakfast. I see a couple whole oat clusters which looked like weetbix, which was left on the bench. I thought they may have been Dads or he just tried them and left the rest for me. I decide to eat them and not worry. I hear Dad talking to the TV, while watching a game show. He's yelling out the answer to the questions. I hear him say trumpet, which is correct answer.

      Dream Fragments:

      1. I'm sitting in a lounge room with a family member and Bruce and Rita. We're talking about something.

      2. I'm on the computer and log into Dream Views IRC. Someone says hi to me but calls me hillen

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