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    1. 15th Sep 2013 - Video game dreams and MiniLD FA

      by , 09-15-2013 at 03:29 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from today's nap, had some problem of not being able to fall asleep at first but in the end still got lucid for a bit.

      Dream 1:

      I was playing some shmup and it was final stage. It was happening over some kind of futuristic base and there were lots of very hard enemies which i've had to stream along the screen almost op to the upper right corner. It was pretty hard and i was on last life in the end, the base segment of the level ended with a descent into darkness, there was an final boss warning, then it faded out.
      I wake up and i feel that i am dreaming, i look at my hand and it's a bit weird, then i get up but dream fades, and this time i wake up properly.

      Dream 2(fragments):

      I was playing some kind of FPS that was a mix of different games, namely Quake 4, Doom 3 and Prey(Funnily fitting since they all use same base engine), i was going through a bunch of 'testing' maps which were mostly bland rooms with weapons and enemies, i was fighting Doom 3 enemies using quake 4 weapons, then quake 4 enemies using prey weapons, and so on. Then there was another similar map, i've had rocket launcher thing from prey(forgot how is it called) and some ammo, but enemies were quite unique. There were a few enemies that looked a bit like 'harvester' enemies from prey, except they didn't had robotic parts and were fully organic, then there were also jumping mutant pigs, some kind of three headed mutant and some another humanoid enemy. At one point i was out of ammo for rocket launcher thing, but i've had some huge bomb that finished the rest.
    2. 22nd July 2013 Video game fragments

      by , 07-22-2013 at 11:39 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1(fragments):

      I was playing video game, some variation of quake 4 or mod of it, i was exploring some dark complex building teaming up with other marines at some points and fighting with stroggs, at some point there was room with medic and tech and weapon upgrade, at that point AI became somewhat glitchy, also there was some BFG-style weapon.

      Dream 2(fragments):

      I was going through some level in another video game and then midway it turned into team fortress 2-like game, there was an ally AI controlled heavy that i had to defend through level which had really weak version of minigun, but on the other end i had a sniper rifle with high explosive ammo so all went fine. For enemies there were numerous scouts that were making bizarre faces(Almost GMod-level bizarre) and some snipers.

      Dream 3(fragments):

      I was helping some developer with video game, it was some kind of 3D shooter. We were going through level that looked like forest and were discussing ideas. Then we removed areas and objects, and added some different ones.

      Dream 4(fragments):

      I was in some video game with player class system, there was something going on on rooftops and some mod that added 'fireworks weapon', then i was talking with characters and there was something about dark place which everyone except me was scared about. I couldn't understand why they were scared so i went to that place. There were some abandoned corridors with set of invisible portals and potential of getting lost forever, i was almost stuck going back and forth through same two portals in one place by just moving forwards at one point. But in the end i navigated through somehow, found some entity, which looked like weird black and white colored semi-humanoid thing, and fought it. The fight was rather weird since i basically had to avoid the thing and it's world bending portal shenanigans for a while, then i ended winning and completing the level.
    3. 7th June 2013 Video game, FPS, Heavy armor suit, Almost lucid

      by , 06-07-2013 at 11:00 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from today's naps.

      I was watching some video game videos and there was some kind of let's play, it was some sort of adventure game with various locations, there was one location called dreamland ( ) and it changed through the game, being some kind of brown wasteland with some rusty metallic constructions at the start and then becoming city later, there were also some armory type location. The game involved some time travel between different versions of dreamland.
      Then later i was actually in game, it was like FPS and i was wearing heavy futuristic armor suit with an jetpack. I was at the last level of the game and there was large building with huge empty shaft. I used jetpack to get to the top and there were some stroggs from Quake 4 at the walkways, Gunners in particular, i was easily tanking hits with suit and then i activated heavy weaponry that was integrated into suit, including heavy minigun and destroyed them all, everything fades.
      I wake up and decide to try DEILDing back, but something starts poking me really hard in the butt, i get distracted and then
      wake up properly.
    4. 8th Mar 2013 Quake 4, Darkness, WILD in a dream, wings and flight,Transformation into dragon attempt

      by , 03-08-2013 at 05:31 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Recall from today's naps, some success, also not much of non-lucid recall due to me trying to DEILD after waking up from non-lucid. Also wow, i did successful WILD in a dream(which counts as DILD i guess?).

      Nap #1:

      I was in game that looked similar to quake 4 and was shooting some stroggs with my hyberblaster, cleaning room after the room. Then there was very dark passage where i got ambushed. Then everything went black and i spontaneously go lucid, i try to imagine different location and teleport to it, but there's no success, i try a few times but i am still stuck in darkness. Shortly i feel something touching me and 'hugging' me, no clue what it is. I try to teleport again but no dice. After a bit i see some white/cyan wall for an split second and then i wake up the room is different and the lamps are broken so i realized that i am still dreaming, but i can't move for some reason. Shortly dream fades out.

      Nap #2:

      Can't recall much about this one, i recall finding out that one of the forums that i was previously on, which expired, has been restored and functioning also there were some troll users getting banned on it. Later i was browsing some other forum that was apparently about Trigonometry Wars shmup, in one of the threads the author was having some problem with a different game he was making. Later i noticed that my PC was overheating.

      Nap #3:

      I was home and there was major revamp of furniture positioning, people were annoying me and PC was loading extremely slow due to some problem. I got tired of trying to fix everything and ended up just lying in my bed, trying to WILD...
      I awakened in my bed and i know i am in a dream, i take off headphones and i can still hear binaurals, that confirms it. I get up from the bed and while getting up i am concentrating on touching it with hands for stabilization, sound of binaurals shortly fades out as well. I am looking at the room and it is pretty accurate to my room in waking life, also it is daytime. I go to the balcony door and on the way i am repeating 'I am dreaming' a few times for additional lucidity and stability. I started ramming the door, had to do it twice like i did in the other lucid dream, though this time it just opened instead of breaking, i am fine with it since i want to do something more major for TOTM anyways.
      As soon as i get to balcony i take off, i immediately feel the wings, and this time i am better prepared for it. It's still not easy though, i start flying in circles for a bit and then far to the right(if facing balcony from outside), being unable to get higher. I note that the building is very long and as much as i was in flight, it didn't ended. I finally figure out the movements and start getting higher, my target is the roof, since i need a good big open place. I reach it in a bit but it is very small somehow, i take off again searching for different roof.
      Shortly i reach some red brick building, i note that my flight is pretty stable now. The roof is sloped, again not fitting for my goal, but i find decently open plaza-like area down below near this building. I also try taking a look at wings, but for some reason the angle at which i can rotate head is rather small. I land and look around, there are people walking around this plaza but i don't care. I start thinking up the way to reach my goal: transformation into a dragon, and i decide to try just concentrating, imagining transformation and shouting 'Dragon form!'. I try it for the first time, no success. Then second time, still not working. Then i try for the third time! I feel my right hand becoming different, i look at it and it's mostly normal but slightly bigger and clawed looking, it becomes normal shortly. I become more confident and attempted for the fourth time. I concentrated much more as well and i got it, my hands became clawed and black scales appeared all over them, but a second later, dream abruptly ends.

      I woke up in my room and dad was annoying me about something, so i forget to do reality check, then shortly i wake up again, this time properly.

      Worth noting it was my longest lucid up to date as well.