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    1. 3 Dec: Incan descendants living inside a mountain

      by , 12-03-2019 at 07:29 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      At a magic convention, meeting point is the base of some mountains. As we gather at what looks like a door carved in the rock, with images and writing on the tab around it, the rock starts glowing and bursting into flames and becomes a portal to an underground world. Those that do not deserve entering are crushed at the entrance by falling slabs. I and my friends, we enter without issues, by crossing the flaming rock and inside we follow a corridor leading to an underground city of Incan descendants. It basically consist of gigantic chambers, carved in the stone, connected to one another. Some look like temple rooms, with beautiful carved walls and ceilings and a giant empty space in the center, where people just gather. Others have buildings inside. Their rulers are considered demi-gods and they are white as snow, but the people are dark skinned, like the original incans. I actually understand the light skin on someone living for ages underground, I have more trouble understanding the people who retained their dark skin tone living there.
      When they see us the first time, they look at us as invaders and become defensive, but then they notice we are white and I am particularly pale, so they think we must also be gods, so we are taken to their rulers, who welcome us in their chambers.
      A baby comes out of nowhere crawling in my direction. He is quite big and heavy despite being an infant - has the size of a 3-4 year old. I pick him up and he wants mothers milk. I point it out to someone and they say he is the queen's son and they will call the queen. But she takes ages to come and the poor baby is desperate. I almost offer my breasts but I have no milk so makes no sense. Meanwhile he starts to poop on me. He makes a helluva pile of poop, about half his body size. But his poop is basically a large string of kefir like white substance, nothing dirty, just weird.
      The queen finally arrives and picks him up. They organize us in different groups, according to age and gender and some guides/ chaperones are appointed to tour with us. They assign a group of three 20 year old girls to keep me company. We are close to a majestic building (looks very modern though, not ancient Inca) and they point out some handsome blond dude coming out of some kind of vehicle, being escorted to the building. I say he looks exactly like the actor Ryan Phillipe. They have no clue whom I am talking about. They tell me he is the crown prince and they sigh at just how dreamy they think he is.

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    2. 5 dreams, 5 adventures

      by , 08-08-2018 at 03:28 PM

      A fox followed me around on a playground. It kind of scared me since it seemed to be magical. Kitsune.

      Had an animation project that I needed to do. I was really proud of my work and had even made a doll. Suddenly after been working so hard I found another doll on a table. It looked sad. I picked it up and looked around. The owner soon came out from the toilet and spoke to everyone in norweigen. I was the only one who did understand since I was the only one who could speak both english and swedish. So I translated it and she was sent home.

      There was a classreunion with my very old class. It was interesting to meet all the old students and to see what they have been up to.

      There was a king that wanted to have a child but all his wives died within a year so he was constantly getting married. Soon there wasnít many options left and his latest wife asked me if I wanted to marry him. I told her that I would think about it. But first I needed to find out who tried to poison all the poor queens and why!

      I was being chased by a large hunter. He also had some weird creature as a hunting pet. They called me bunny and was desperatly trying to shoot me! They didnít succeed! I hit the hunter in the head so many times he just fell to the floor and didnít wake up. The weird hunting pet turned into a baby.

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      non-lucid , nightmare , memorable
    3. A Queen

      by , 03-11-2017 at 07:23 PM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      I'm someone else, a wandering adventurer, and I'm in a medieval world. A Queen that I was close with a long time ago is on a war path. Her army is massive and arrives to the small town where I'm staying. I walk out of a tavern to see the thousands of soldiers waiting. Their orders are to bring me to the Queen and they are ready to fight. Scared villagers are behind me, also surrounded by soldiers. A fight here would end in a lot of collateral damage. "I'll come with you, if you promise these villagers won't be hurt." A knight steps forward and swears they won't be harmed.

      They escort me to the castle, where I meet the young commander of this army, the Queen. She couldn't have been older than 30. False memories told me I was very close with her once. We had differences now, due to the wars she started, but she still respected me. I stood in front of her desk, where she was doing some paperwork. The room was majestic looking. Red was clearly the theme. Warm red wooden tables and pillars with red fabrics etc. I can't recall the end of our discussion, but we talked about my imprisonment. I guess I tried to talk her out of it.
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    4. TOTM advanced ii - lucid 2017 DJ #8 LD #3

      by , 01-10-2017 at 10:26 PM (Journeys through Spacetime)
      Apparently, the queen is moving next door. And her estate.
      I check next door, and a huge beautiful estate is there dreamily. I stare in absolute awe. I some how 'zoom in' and I am in the queen's bedroom. The queen mother and father lie there. The king is about to die. He hands the queen a red battered book, and dies. The queen mother looks like the 50 year old queen, but the queen herself looks 90. The queen mother gets out and proclaims, 'I shall never despair! I am the Queen Mother!'


      I am moving to New Zealand, and my home is being emptied.
      I reach the airport, and there is a grey alien spaceship. I ask myself, 'What am I doing?" I become lucid after approx 5 reality checks. I remember the other tasks, but the dream is too fragile. I touch the ground to attempt to increase vividness, but to not much effect. I see the spaceship, and remember advanced ii and hop on. The interior is like a passenger planes, but the ceiling is glass and see-through. The seats are a vanilla colour, and the controls look relatively easy. I fly it, encountering a few obstacles, which I MAY type up. I land easily, and I am in New Zealand. Out of sheer exhaustion, I vizualize losing lucidity.

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    5. Lucid #8: Warring nations and climbing stairs

      by , 01-02-2016 at 06:39 PM (Pasta time with patches!)
      Another DILD. Will say when I get lucid as always.

      So, as I remember, I dreamt of this one man who was being told that he was under threat by some nation or another. Then it skipped to a kind of map thing where this young Queen who had inherited the queenship from her mother was being told about three potential nations above hers on the map being a threat, and the one nation beside her being one (that nation was run by the one man).

      She dismissed the claims that the man was a threat. I think she said that they were strong friends/allies. Anyways, she decided to get out the aqueducts--a new invention! That amazed the people around her. They were a bunch of tubes (unlike real aqueducts) that could be used for transportation of people somehow? Anyways, soon the Queen and her assistance went off into the aqueducts to do...stuff. I don't know.

      Soon afterwards, some blackish stuff went through the green glass of the aqueducts and it started to rain inside the building. The rain was kind of acidic, so it burned, but not badly. People were running around panicking, and it was then when I was aware that I was running along a platform on a large bunch of stairs.

      I paused and then realized that I was in a dream, and so becoming lucid, I went down the stairs to investigate things. I ended up approaching a hole/stairwell to the underground--a thing which I often go down in non-lucids. So I went down a bit, and I looked to the left. There was a kind of hole and at the end, a boy was peaking out. I think he waved. Anyways, I went further down the other hole/stairs and ended up meeting him. I stayed there for a bit, but I soon got worried that I couldn't get out again--the tunnel was vertically quite steep at the part I was in. So I tried grasping onto the dirt but it was hard to get a handhold. Knowing it was a dream, I figured maybe I could just will myself up or phase myself up onto the less steep part.

      I forget what one of those I did, but I think I did get out of that part of the hole (or I gave up and woke up), and I soon opened my eyes. I think the lucid part lasted around 5 minutes or more? Anyways, that's all.
    6. [09-04-2015]

      by , 04-09-2015 at 03:36 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Non-lucid + DILD - ToTM attempt

      I was wandering with three sisters. From conversation with them, I received an information that they are princesses, an evil queen took the throne, and they are in a serious danger. I wanted to help them, but didn't knew how.

      We were moving away from the main road, close to the forest. When getting closer to a village, we spotted some mercenaries of the evil queen. I lied down on the ground. It was cold, I felt grass touching my skin. Two of the princesses hidden behind the trees, but one of them spotted a carriage, and ran to it.

      The carriage stopped in front of her. She thought that it was her mother inside, but then the evil queen went out of it. The other princesses ran to help her, and all of them were kidnapped by queen. I decided to try and help them. I grabbed the carriage in the last moment, and it started flying to the sky.

      When getting close to the clouds, I lost my strenght and fallen. When close to the ground, I suddenly teleported to another place. It was dark dungeon. I found a torch and lit it. It was empty, I felt alone... left behind. I entered a huge chamber. There was an old man in dark robe in the middle of the room. He had completely white eyes.

      He turned around and looked at me. Telepathically he sended my information about who he is. It was a powerful necromancer, surrounded by creatures summoned by his enemies. I grabbed a stick lying on the ground, and wen to the lower level of dungeon.

      I opened the door, and faced a melon monster. A huge melon with razor-sharp teeth, walking on two frog-like legs. I bashed it with stick, until it collapsed into a few melon slices. I found another such creature, and killed it too. The stick broke when I dealt the last blow.

      The I felt strange. Everything was blurred. The necromancer teleported me to the exit of the dungeon. It was a gratitude for my help. I opened a hatch, and found myself in the basement of my home. I went to the kitchen, and met my siblings.

      The eldest sister when looking at the broken stick told me:

      - Hey! This was my stick before!

      - Yeah... it was.

      I went outside, and found a huge swing in the middle of my backyard. I used it for a while, and then entered my home.

      Suddenly I realised that it's a dream. I took another stick lying for some reason in my home, and went outside. I tried to point to the ground with it, and got teleported to place I pointed. I tried it a few more times, but it didn't worked. I felt that I slowly lose lucidity, and I thought to myself "This is my dream. I am lucid dreaming."

      It was enough to make the dream more stable. I tried to teleport with a stick again, but this haven't worked. I though again "This is my dream. This would work now." And repeated my last activity, to no avail.

      Then I recalled the basic task for this month. I looked at my neighbors house. I decided to go jogging. I ran for the street. I wasn't running with unbelievable speed, but I was running quite quickly. Surrounding area changed from countryside wih forests at summer, into autumn tones.

      Everything get blurred on the sides, only the area in front of me stayed sharp. I decied to turn left, and ran through and old village. I made a few turns around old buildings, and ran back. The road in front of me was empty. I saw my house in the distance. I ran much more quicker.
      When getting closer to the gate of my house, I lost lucidity and woke up.
    7. Alien Queen of the Amethyst Planet

      by , 03-18-2015 at 05:55 PM
      I think I am going to have trouble remembering my dream last night. I will record what I remember later today.

      But, for now, another Lucid dream I had put down previously. This particular dream, I was thinking it was an OOB experience. So some of my wording is odd. I didnt know about lucid dreaming at the time. Also, another experience from college. I used to do some crazy dream stuff back then!


      I took a nap for whatever reason an art student takes a nap, so when I began dreaming, my conscious mind was still awake. I was back in CT (I was attending college in NYC at the time of the dream) and in my Parent's house. I was in my sister's room, walking, or floating out from her closet and towards the the outside hallway that connects her and my room with the rest of the house. I had the feeling of being led somewhere without my permission, but I figure it was my spirit floating through the house and my logical, conscious mind confused that it wasn't in control. I looked up and into the dining room (as before I was concentrating more on the floor. And no, I don't recollect my feet.) and commented on how the sunlight was shining so nicely into the room. I then took a left, through the open doors and into the living room, where I looked down onto one of my mom's throw blankets that was on the floor along with one of the many furniture catalogs my mom keeps and reads from time to time. I remember seeing some red cloth or reddish cloth blanket or bedspread. I also commented on how the blanket and magazine were even ON the floor, since in real life my mum is such a clean freak and only usually puts things on the floor for a minute.

      I figured, or knew she was somewhere in the kitchen. Next, in a flash, I had speedily made my way to the front door and was looking out the storm window. I then flew outside, spun around to look at a moving van that was parked infront of the house next door and on the sidewalk. I studied it for a while, then...

      I was suddenly somewhere completely different. I flew out of an emerald colored volcano that was hollowed out and without lava. (like a volcano shaped chute or something.) I began ZOOMING towards a sparkling city or palace that was very far away, but I reached it in only a few seconds. Between the green volcanoes and the sparkling citadel was what looked like shining purple chunks of rock, with deep cracks in between them. I couldn't exactly see what they were or if there was anything else under me as I flew, since I was going so incredibly fast. It was also very dark under me.

      The next thing I saw was the interior of the castle. I was standing in the huge threshold of what seemed at first like a sewer, only very clean and without poo-rivers. Or maybe it was closer to a dungeon-like water treatment plant. I stood in a square, grey bricked corridor, looking ahead and down at a river of purple sparkling water. It flowed below the corridor I was in and an adjacent, identical corridor, from the left to the right. It ran through a grate in the left and went off somewhere I couldn't see on the right. I think it also branched off to another river that flowed away from me, further down.

      Next I was at the threshold of the whole manor/castle, only a little in. I now saw before me a humongous, glowing purple orb, inside which was what looked like a star system, or a universe. The orb was on a black pedestal. I think things and mist swirled around the orb. At first this was all very fuzzy, like I didn't have my glasses on and therefore couldn't see well. But, my logic mind still active, I was able to make myself focus. I wanted to remember all of this. I focused too much and things became too detailed. Like if you put on a stronger prescription of glasses that you shouldn't be wearing and it strains your eyes.

      It was then that I noticed a guard to my right and a little infront of me. He hadn't seen me yet and was looking away, like a guard would. He wore a knights mail, a helmet...held a spear? Had faded red on. When I saw him I started to excitedly talk at him, so happy that I was able to meet another person while I was able to still use my logic mind. Of course I scared him, because I was behind him and he had no clue who I was or why I was there. I then realized this, and was afraid he would attack me, so I jumped really high 3 or 4 times to get out of his way. I landed in a room connected to the one I was just in, to the direct left of where I previously stood. There was what looked like gym mats ( both rolled up and unrolled and on the floor ) in this room, and I think it somewhat resembled a P.E gymnastics area.

      Next I remember looking in a mirror and looking at my reflection as I danced excitedly. I looked like me. The guard who I previously scared was still there. He told me, as I looked in this full length mirror, that I was "the reincarnation of our Queen". or Princess. Then I woke up.

      After this, I was convinced I was some mysterious Alien Queen in hiding. I didn't know what had happened. Whether I had a dream or I really experienced this adventure as a spirit. I was...confused. :[

      Looking back, I'm amazed I was able to focus and do other lucid-y things without even knowing that I was in a lucid dream. Ha.
    8. 7/5/14 - A concert and A Queen

      by , 07-05-2014 at 07:26 PM
      I'm standing inside a giant open-air concert dome, kind of like the Hollywood Bowl. There are no seats. Everyone is standing and it's very crowded. I'm near the front of the crowd, close to the stage. It's a high stage, about eight or nine feet. I look up and there is a small group of people on the stage. I see Demi Lovato and Adam Lambert together. Behind them I see Thirty Seconds to Mars. Together they all start chanting, "Fight, fight!" They throw their fists in the air while chanting and it keeps getting louder and louder. The crowd starts moving towards the stage and attempting to climb the wall. People start lifting each other up, building human latters to help everyone reach the top. When people reached the top and made it onstage, guards appeared and they stood in a line and blocked anyone attempting to pass them. I take a few steps back because I don't want to be part of the riot that I know is coming. My eyes scan the stage and I see Demi being held back by two guards and she's very upset. She's trying to get close to the crowd but the guards won't budge. Adam is by her side and trying to help her. I see Jared Leto take off his shirt and run full speed towards the end of the stage. He jumps into the air, spreading his arms and smiling like a mad man. He lands on his back into a mass of hands that begin to carry him. After him, everyone who can shake off the guards starts to stage dive. I start walking backwards. I try to separate myself from everyone and end up near the back. I watch as people are carried across the crowds. I start to walk around a bit. I walk and see Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe). He's scared for some reason. I watch him disappear into the crowd and then suddenly appear again with Hermione (Emma Watson). They seem to hold each other up and run back into the crowd. I turn around and start walking back the way I came, but something seems different. I notice that people are being separated into groups and made to stand in large circles. I try to make myself smaller and slowly make my way further back behind everyone. I hit a wall and realize I can't go any further. I watch as the whole crowd is put into huge circles and made to walk and keep pace. Each circle is guarded by one hooded person. They are scary. While keeping an eye on the hooded figures, I try to pick my way along the back wall, avoiding being caught as best as I can. There are a few close calls, but other than that, I make it to a corner and two doors. I lean against the doors and wonder where I should go. I look up and a circled group is walking right in front of me. I try to stay unnoticed but the hooded person guarding them sees me and quickly comes up to me. The figure grabs my arm and starts to drag me towards the circle, but before I get too far, a girl appears out of one of the doors and grabs my other arm. The hooded figure immediately lets me go and goes back to what he was doing. I look at the girl and she just grabs my hand and pulls me through a door. Behind the door is a million different halls and passages. I'd get lost if I were alone. We don't speak and she drags me along quickly. I try to take in my surroundings but it's as if I am not allowed to. After a few minutes we walk through a really big door and inside it's like a fairytale mixed with Willy Wonka. It's a beautiful, sparkly forest filled to the brim with flowers and glitter. I stumble a few times while still being dragged because I'm trying so hard to look at everything. We come to a stop in front of a small table with two chairs. In one of the chairs is sitting a woman. She looks like a queen. She's in all white, with long brown hair and a big smile. She is very beautiful. She tells me that she has to talk to me and tells me to please sit down. I take a seat in the empty chair. She tells me things that I can't remember, but I feel at home and comfortable around her. Behind her is another hallway. I watch as groups of people are marched through there. Patrick Star is in one of the groups. I look back up at the queen and she is talking to the girl who dragged me there. They are bickering about a sliver chain that has two diamond owls surrounded by sapphires. The girl is saying to not use it. I look at it for a few seconds and say that it's very pretty. The queen looks at me and smiles. She agrees with me and takes it out. The girl huffs and walks away.
    9. 1/31/14 - reincarnated because riot

      by , 02-01-2014 at 08:04 AM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm on this rock mountain island. It's a medieval times castle and kingdom. I'm in the royalty part of the castle, I walk up to the child's table. The kings son and daughter are sitting. The boy tells me he is stevie nicks new incarnation. I try to ask him why he was, but he looks as though we are being listened to and this we can't speak of. I look forward to the adults feasting at the other table, there are see through pink cloths hanging down this room, I see stevie nicks dining with the king and queen, stevie nicks turns to me and gives me a fearful look, then suddenly I'm out side the castle, on the dark rocks, all the people of the kingdom are out here they begin to riot because they've realized something, then the king storms out with his men and orders them to get the hose and shoot us with the "water". They do and I dodge it, the water coming out is foggy white, I instantly know it is water that is very very highly concentrated with fluoride. When the people are drenched with it they severely slow down and calm down and have no motivation. They aim it at me, but then I climb the rock wall and go around it which is cliff over black sea. They try to aim it but I keep climbing around to avoid it. I climb around the whole rock wall to the other side of the kingdom, I almost fall into the black sea a few times and I almost keep losing my footing and grip. Then I hop over this brick wall, and see all the towns people all zombie like.
    10. A racing car and the queen

      by , 08-11-2013 at 09:34 AM
      I was driving down a dirt road in a forest. It was a very old forest, with very thick vegetation.

      I was not just driving any car: I was driving a old three wheeled racing car. It was red and shiny, I had taken real good care of it.

      As I was driving I saw a woman walking along the road. I thought "who the hell walks here in the middle of nowhere..." But then I realised it was no ordinary woman, it was the queen herself! I was really confused at that point of why she was in the forest, but I stopped and talked to her.

      I don't remember the exact conversation, but she was very interested in my car. She was apparently a car collector herself and owned a car just like mine. I think we agreed to race each other later.

      After that I went to a house that I apparently had bought from the queen (I suppose during that conversation?) and made myself comfortable. It was already furnished so I could move in right away. It was really big, felt like a small mansion. I only got to see the living room and kitchen before I woke up, but at least they were really big. After a while some of my friends came visiting.

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    11. The Queen Visits Austin and I Have a Lucid Roll

      by , 04-04-2013 at 10:01 PM
      Something about airports has always fascinated me.

      The beginning details of this dream are still lost in the haze but my first memory places me outside a long building that stretches into the distance on my left side and in front of me to my right. It's perhaps 3 stories tall with lots of windows and corrugated metal walls painted white. I think this is what made me think it was an airport.


      In front of me on the ground is a long run, similar to the ball return at a bowling alley, but thinner and closer to the ground. The opening of this tube/run is small, about the width of a soda can, and can expand slightly like the elastic sleeve-cuff of a jacket. For some reason this seems like a good place to stick my sandwich, though I know it may get sucked through to the other side of the building.

      And it does.

      I walk into the building which I know must be an airport. The ceiling is low, like a cheap office, and the ground floor isn't spacious at all. Old tiles, old walls, and some cheap potted plants reminds me of an office-scene that was already old by 1983. Still, something tells me I belong here or fit in and therefore no one will mind if I go to the other side of the building and out onto the airport tarmac.

      It's noisy out here, windy, and I can see the jetways that stretch out to planes when they arrive at the gate. To my sudden surprise a large plane lands in front of me after passing quickly overhead. It's white with red engines, about the size of a 737, but it's sleek like the Concorde that used to fly over the Atlantic. I can tell it's a very powerful plane and the sleek design suggests someone wealthy owns it.

      (like this but with round engines on the wings)


      Like a slap to the face I realize the plane belongs to the Queen (of England) and she has decided to make a surprise visit to Austin. I can't believe my luck that I should arrive at the perfect moment and decided to get past all airport security to be where I am when she arrived. The first thing I think to do is make sure my hair is in place, though the wind prevents from being anything close to tidy.

      I turned around to look back towards the doors she will use to enter the airport and I feel sudden anger that my sandwich is still missing. Even worse, the end of the run I placed my sandwich in on this side of the building is buried by junk and bags of garbage. In a near panic I run over and begin moving the bags so they will be less of an eyesore. It takes several minutes but I manage to stack all the garbage in a rather neat manner off to the side, giving the impression that the refuse was placed there on purpose in a semi-neat fashion and should just be ignored. I hope the Queen will pardon the mess.

      Where the garbage had been I now find the hole in the ground. The opening stretches easily allowing me to reach in though I don't remember feeling anything. I merely recall being happy to have my sandwich back. I'm so happy I decide to show the people standing nearby (who just appeared to watch me) how easily I can do a forwards flip, a maneuver I've never done before. [B]Being inside a dream (suddenly lucid) I suspect the move will be really easy.

      I move forward slightly and drop my head, allowing my body to come over my head and upper torso. Next thing I know I've done a forward roll and I'm marveling at how easy it was to achieve. I think about other things that are easy to do in dreams and I recall some past moments but I attempt no further moves. I think I'm just glad I could do it at all and I suspect I learned it from watching my son.[/B]


      And that's all I remember.
    12. oh, bad one

      by , 12-11-2012 at 12:13 PM
      Started off,in a grocery store, I was looking for a job... I had to dress up like Dolly Parton and work inside of a small box with a peep hole.Across from me was a young teen/20 girl with brown hair who was supposed to pretend to be Loretta Lynn, she gave me a business card out of the bust of her dress and said i should call this person (for what i don't know).

      Dream changed and I'm outside with this giant (about turkey sized) looking green bird. Green bird had a flat face like an owl, but it was not round, was elongated, beak was yellow, tongue was black, feathers were sleek. Along comes this big black woman with a knife, and she pokes the birds eyes out first, bird doesn't respond. so she cuts out its tongue, still doesn't respond. so she cuts off its beak. this was where i had to turn my head, and when i turned back the entire face of the bird was gone. it was flapping around scared to death, still alive with basically no head.

      made in heaven,queen - woke up with that in my head.

      so to help me figure this dream out, the lyrics:

      I'm taking my ride with destiny
      Willing to play my part
      Living with painful memories
      Loving with all my heart

      Made in heaven, made in heaven
      It was all ment to be, yeah
      Made in heaven, made in heaven
      That's what they say
      Can't you see
      Oh I know, I know, I know that it's true
      Yes it's really ment to be
      Deep in my heart

      I'm having to learn to pay the price
      They're turning me upside down
      Waiting for possibilities
      Don't see too many around

      Made in heaven, made in heaven
      It's for all to see
      Made in heaven, made in heaven
      That's what everybody says
      Everybody says to me
      It was really ment to be
      Yeah, yeah

      When stormy weather comes around
      It was made in heaven
      When sunny skies break through behin the clouds
      I wish it could last forever, yeah
      Wish it could last forever, forever

      I'm playing my role in history
      Looking to find my goal
      Taking in all this misery
      But giving in all my soul

      Made in heaven, made in heaven
      It was all ment to be, yeah
      Made in heaven, made in heaven
      That's what everybody says
      Wait and see, it was really ment to be
      So plain to see
      Yeah, everybody, everybody, everybody tells me so
      Yes it was plain to see, yes it was ment to be
      Written in the stars...
      Written in the stars...

      My mind has to completely unfuck this one. Scuse my french but....day-um,this was bad to be in this dream and watch that. IRL, today I go to be fingerprinted for a job. The whole thing with the bird, slowly just about decapitated (yuck), thats got to be about self expression, mine and my partners fears - of the throat chakra opening up (in my case)/not being strong enough the way he remembers it being years ago (in his case). We did some more recording last night before bed. Sounded shitty. I need to sit closer to the mic, because for some reason this thing picks up great peripheral sound but not so great when your in front of it more than a foot away. You know what though, you only live once. And we're getting older. We're in our forties. If we miss this chance, I doubt it will come again. I just want to get these two albums out there, and perform at some blue grass festivals and maybe a few open mic nights at the shack down the road. Get my womanly, curvy self up there and show those young skinny kids who havent had time to have a past yet, how to do it... I think a good recipe for singing is,take a lifetime of pain, a heart full of love - that was missed for half a lifetime and reunited two years ago, the best memories of motherhood - and wrap it up with a fever.
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    13. My first Star-Wars dream.

      by , 08-30-2012 at 05:59 PM (Zechariah's Dream Journal)
      It was a pretty fast pase dream. I believe my role in it began as the head of the royal gaurd, in charge of personally escorting Queen Amidala to her safe room on the second floor of the castle. It started out fairly fast pace, there was an eminent assasination attempt in the process, and we hurrying threw the palace.
      Running up a flight of stairs, we encountered one of her hand-maids that began to distract us- i kept running and informed the women of what was going on. She ran right behind me, both of us on the protective side of the Queen (Between her and the open pillars we ran past). At every turn I informed them both to keep their heads down.
      We got to the end of the long outside isle and ran into the palace. Inside the palace there was a safe room, probably about twenty feet long and wide. The two of them waited as I walked out and signalled success to the gaurd. When I walked back in, Queen Amidala's character was being played by my wife. She got a lot more farmiliar and friendly, still being the Queen of course. She told me to come sit next to her. We sat down in safety,

      I put my arm around the Queen.
    14. Disconnected Fragments

      by , 08-19-2012 at 02:44 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was reading an email from The Sandman about cannibalism? I don't remember exactly what it said, but it was a long email.

      Then, I remember seeing a very dark court room, and seeing some guys burst in. I heard a woman's voice, she was "the queen". She said she didn't care how, but the guys were to stop whatever was going on in the courtroom. I didn't see what all happened in the courtroom, but I knew that the guys had destroyed it and everyone in it. I'm not sure what the goal of the queen's orders was supposed to be.

      Then, I was in the kitchen at my house. I was doing something at the sink and talking to my mom, who was standing across from me by our porch. She said
      "I'm going to the gym. I haven't been this week."
      "Neither have I," I replied.
    15. The Other Me, and the Elemental Queen

      by , 08-17-2012 at 12:18 AM (Oneironautic Escapades)
      It all began while I was in the living room of my parents home. Things looked fairly familiar and normal, only their behaviour was off. They told me that I needed to sit down because they had something important to tell me. I was more wrapped up in figuring out why things seemed odd in the upstairs, there was a blanket hanging on the wall that was never there before, and our kitchen appliances were mixed around, though they were the same models. My parents kept telling me they had to tell me something important, but I went outside on the back porch. I noticed our small pond (that is usually there) had been expanded to the whole width of the backyard, it looked fresh and I noticed one of our neighbors who does our landscaping exiting the backyard through the fence carrying a shovel. I realized that though my backyard was the same, the differences were outstanding. Coupled with the living room observations and the kitchen, it occurred to me I must have slipped into a parallel dimension. Logically it made sense, everything being similar but slightly skewed fits right into my personal beliefs of parallel dimensions. I was back in my living room, my parents told me to sit down, I sat and told them I already figured it out, they told me I wasn't supposed to be there. I asked them if this was a different dimension and they both nodded. It occurred to me that if they were here, then 'I' must be here as well.
      I suddenly started hearing loud metal music coming from the basement, I ventured down the stairs with wonder if I would see myself. As I turned the corner I saw 3 guys, one with his back to me who was built curling a barbell, one spotting him, and another sitting on a weight bench just talking to the other two. The spotter saw me first, throwing him off his spot as the lifter slipped one hand and the barbell clanked down by my feet. He turned around and I saw him. Me. I saw me, looking him straight in the eyes, he looked exactly like me, with 30 more pounds of muscle. I was stunned. His friends were somewhat speechless as well. We spoke, but I lost the words, I must have told him I was from somewhere else far away yet very close to here. I began to speak of dimensions and I could tell it was over his head, he didn't have thought for metaphysics or theology, 'Great' I thought 'My other self is a meathead'
      As I went back outside I was greeted by a woman with short spiky hair with several facial piercings. She was familiar and I knew immediately she knew who I was and where I was from, she told me to come with her. I sat in the backseat of some vehicle while I watched my other self walking to another vehicle 50 feet in front of us or so. I commented to the person I was sitting next that this was too real, looking at my hands and all the details of the inner car I thought to myself it was too real to be a dream. I told the one next to me that I lucid dream all the time, and that if this was a lucid dream I would be able to control things. So I looked away from my other self who was wearing a blue shirt and I spoke, he is wearing a PURPLE shirt. When I looked back his shirt was purple. Oh, well that settles it I guess I am dreaming, yet I continued down the dreamplot to see where my venture would take me. It was explained to me that this realm was governed differently than my own. What we consider to be mythic lore and magic are their science and sentient species.
      Several jumps and skips, I am shown a catacomb-like city with odd transports which float on air. And many different beings. The evil queen discovers that I am in their realm and must be hunted down. She sends elementals after me/us. My spiky-haired guide has been with me all along though most details escape me. I do remember a being made of brick, only able to travel through the brick walls which are rooted all through the city. His form only manifests where he chooses to step out of the brick, but his travel is still heard through the walls. One of the elementals is on our side as he tells me of their powers and limitations. My last memory from the dream is of the queen who looks surprisingly like Maleficent mixed with an elf. I am awaken by my phone ringing.
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