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    1. 24 Nov: Frisky with Jon Stewart and with a school colleague in a past existence, favela gang

      by , 11-24-2021 at 10:26 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      On the backstage of - I think - Jimmy Kimmel's show. There is a giant water tank on stage for some reason and Jimmy is inside fully dressed doing some stunt. At some point I feel like he is in distress, so I knock on the glass just to check. All is fine and when it is over, I see the staff putting away all the wet accessories and then I meet Jon Stewart, who is also around for some reason. He joins me and comes to my mom's house to stay for a day, sort of a prize I got at the show, not sure. Strangely, he straight away sits topless on the sofa. I always found him hot, despite just being an ordinary looking dude, so I find myself massaging and caressing him. At first, I feel like it is consensual - after all, he got naked - but then he looks awkward and tells me not to touch his nipples or hair and just keep it professional. I am confused but I say ok and offer him just a shoulder massage. Then I stop, because I still feel him uncomfortable and I also feel uncomfortable and I say we can just talk. I start asking if he ever visited Portugal before. He says no and asks if there are beaches nearby. I say not really, but for some reason I can see Setbal from my mom's window and tell him actually on that town, there is a really nice beach and we can go there if he wants. He likes the idea and we hop on a train to get there. My mom and some other girl also join. During the travel, Jon disappears and now I am only with the two ladies. The ticket controller comes by and the girl has no ticket and I realize none of us do. She makes up some bad excuse that will make us look even worse. The controller says immediately he will have to fine her. I think we need to get out right now discreetly and we need a distraction maneuver. So I spot this cranky old lady wailing insults at a poor black woman sitting nearby. I get up and spread some jam (that I just happen to have) all over her face, telling her she is a racist pig and to shut up. She is in shock and intensifies her slurs. She says blacks are all criminals and disgusting and she is not sorry. I slap her around, I am really pissed off and try to reason with her, but she shows no desire to be reasonable and just intensifies the hate. Meanwhile I think the controller disappeared but probably because he went to call the police or security, se we need to leave asap.

      Back at my mom's house, in my old bedroom. I find some ugly scary bug inside my wardrobe. Then I spot a few centipedes on the bottom of it, then lots of ants and finally notice that all hanged clothes are covered in flying ants. I go open the window, to try to release all the flying bugs, but first I check for any cats laying around and take them outside the bedroom for safety reasons. But then outside, I notice there is some construction work in my mom's bathroom and the workers also keep the window open. I freak out (it's a 4th floor), so I come up with some kind of barrier that allows air circulation but stops cats from going there and falling. Then the house is now like and old gigantic palace with abandoned furniture. Some dude from the workers finds a dog nursing puppies under a dresser and believes one of the puppies is dead. So he picks him up and throws him away to a pile of trash. But the puppy is alive and hurt. I take him to vet. The vet also throws him against the floor a bunch of times. I am horrified and I yell at him, but each time the puppy gets thrown, he actually seems to become better, more awake and transforming into something else. The last time the man does it, he turns into a kookaburra.

      Again at the old palace, back when it was alive. I am a servant and I live in the servant's area. Everyone else is away, masters and servants alike and I am the only one around. I am at the kitchen doing some chores when two guys break in. One of them is my old colleague from school in RL, Z Francisco, accompanied by a shorter chunkier guy who looks like his own servant, but he is no lord or gentleman, they are bandits looking for an opportunity to rob some stuff. When Z sees me, he recognizes me and I see in his eyes that he wants me and he will rape me. At first I panic, but then I think I was always strangely attracted to him, so it becomes a consensual thing. I lead him to a room and we are getting on, but it takes ages to undress. The skirt and petticoat and corset, so many things to remove. Meanwhile he transforms into someone else and he complains that I am fat and I smell, so the mood is ruined.

      Now I am a single mother living in a favela. Some gang members are looking for me, so I hide at some friend's place with my kid. They find me, but fortunately when they arrive, I am in a back room and hide before they see me. My kid is with me and I tell him we are playing a very serious game in which he can't talk no matter what. He is a toddler and doesn't really understand there is danger, so at some point he escapes from me and dwells into the front room where the bad guys are, but they don't know whose child he is and my friends make up some excuse. The kid keeps going to whatever destination he has in mind and never ever says a word, even when they ask him something, so they assume he is mute and let him go.

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    2. 19 Mar: Reality show, whistleblowing, beating the crap of a racist homophobe

      by , 03-19-2019 at 04:46 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Watching a reality show to find the best tenant for houses. The best judge is an arab guy, super honest and the only non-racist. He expels an Irish girl that others think is the best option, just because of her ethnicity. But she makes the landlord go crazy, feels entitled to everything, thinks she is an artist although been struggling for years to finish one work with dolls made of corn cobs, accuses fellow competitor of not being an artist, although he clearly is better artist than she is.

      Working at a lab that is taken over by bad guys who hide some nasty truth about some product. I sneak in at night to try to prove it. Almost get caught because the big bad boss is visiting. I have to go deeper into lab rooms and end up finding what I want, a room with corpses and samples harvested proving serious damage. I try to examine them, but the visitors are coming and I have to keep moving. They detect someone has been there, I rush to a back exit. There is a guard and a dog, but I have been making friends with the dog who dislikes its owner. So I escape easily and I go to van with my friends waiting for me. The dog actually follows us and wants to come, so we say "jump in" and he does. Then the guard realizes and comes to attack us, mostly wants the dog back.

      Back to my dojo for training and it doesn't go so well, I am out of shape, but doing my best. Then at the end there is some kind of funds collection for something, everybody donates some coins. And then some weirdos are coming for a lecture. They say it's time that we get political and I think that's going to end up bad, because some of us are left wing, others right wing and bringing politics into the dojo will divide us. But their agenda is to brainwash people to be homophobic and racist and so they show some slides and pretend they are backed by science, talking complete nonsense about supposed physical differences that make some ethnicities weaker than others and insulting gays with horrible prejudices. I get really angry, I get up and tell them that's a load of crap and I ain't staying another second listening to it and if this sanctioned by sensei he just lost a student. And then the majority of my colleagues also get up and leave. Only a few stay. Then their leader comes after me, angry that I disturbed their little campaign and he keeps popping up on the corridors that I go through. I try to go around him and ignore him, but he wants to hurt me, so I decide to face him and I kick him in the face. One more kick and he is on the ground. Then I beat him until he is literally squashed and unrecognizable as a human being.

      Outside there is a large running table and I spot some of my cousins and other family members gathered there. My two uncles look angry and unpleasant as usual, but everybody else seems to be having fun. Then they complain nobody takes their orders but all the pretty girls and younger kids and nice people are constantly making requests that are attended. I think that's karma, because they are so nasty and I don't feel sorry for them.
    3. A slightly racist fish dream!

      by , 10-05-2016 at 01:25 AM (Journals From The Void)
      Pretty cool little vivid dream I enjoyed last night. If you are easily offended though, this dream is a bit racist at parts. Not too racist though.
      The whole world is submerged in water, and humans don't have any trouble living there.

      I enter a building shaped like a museum of some kind. It's a movie theater. When I enter the water-free building, the national anthem plays, and a holographic bald eagle flies by me. I sit down and the holographic movie plays. I have no further memory of the movie

      When I leave, I walk past a few people who are band mates IRL. They are sitting in line for the movie. I go to the parking lot (yes, there are cars), and see a large black man. Out of racism fear, I hide behind a pillar for safety. When he walks by me, I see that he's just fat.

      "Why you hiding?" He asked.
      "Sorry, you looked a lot more dangerous from far away," I respond.
      He walks off to enter the line, offended.

      I swim off the edge of the platform that the building was nested on. As I do, I am approached by one of my band mates.

      "Hey, check this out!" They said.

      A screen appears in front of my face. It has a picture of a large, hollow, yellow, cucumber-shaped plant with violet petals around the top portion that contained a hole. In the hole was bubbling, green syrup. Below the image, it said 'gives consumer a 17.21x speed boost.'

      "So cool!" I remarked.

      Suddenly, a brown and purple striped, rocky-skinned fish swam by, which I scanned somehow. Later, while looking at my scanned fish, I saw two evolutions of it; one with one large plate behind its head, and one with the same plate, only divided into thirds by large gaps.

      Regarding the one with gaps, I said "It looks very Japanese."
    4. The Long Walk While We Were Being Pricks.

      by , 04-15-2012 at 08:04 PM (The Realm of the Child)
      Dream Type: Non-Lucid.
      Dream Mood: Bland and Stupid.
      Dream Setting: My Hometown.
      Dream Characters: My Friends.

      This was a short dream, though I didn't quite like it either. It made me feel like a jerk to other people. I was walking home from school, apparently later than most times due to the amount of other people walking home at the same time. Still, I came across a few friends and whatnot, and joined them. We talked about random stuff, and for some reason, we went to walk on the freeway of all places. How we walked home was by simply walking across the freeway, though strangely, the freeway began to look more and more like a bunch of skin with hair. As soon as we noticed that, we all suddenly began to make fun of Armenians with racist remarks and whatnot. I rarely ever make racist remarks, so this was strange. One of my friends from a further off town came up next to us and introduced himself with my other friends. They said that they liked him, though he had to move forward, and we just walked down a spiral path in the freeway to a 7-11 convenient store. We went inside and I don't remember what we did there, but surely enough we were outside again before long. I realized that I had lost my shoes somewhere, and I was very worried. We had a new friend all of a sudden; an artistic girl who dressed in a black coat and black baggy shorts with boots and had dyed blonde hair. Looking at her now, I find myself thinking that she was quite attractive. We snuck onto someone's back porch, where I thought I had found my shoes, but did not. The girl then said "Come on... wake up!" and instead of waking up, I was at the 7-11 again, where there was a pile of shoes there, and I had to find mine in that pile.I did find them after some searching, and asked the man if I could just take them and be on my merry way, but he said no and that I needed proof that those were mine. I got mad, very mad, and I threw a fit. My dad eventually came in to prove the purchase, and because he saw me in my angered state, I started crying for some reason, and he hugged me. He'd soon release me and I'd look over to the counter, where they were happily arranging revolvers for some reason, and then I woke up.
    5. More dreams...

      by , 09-30-2011 at 12:13 PM
      1) Me and my friend Dan. S were waiting at the bus-stop that I always wait at to go to college. I think we were with our other friends Tom and Matt.B, but i'm not sure. It was very sunny, and Dan was showing us his revolutionary, new idea of eating Peanut butter and Jelly. All he did was spread a bit of Peanut Butter onto a regular knife that I was holding, and then proceeded by putting some jam on it. I then ate it off of the knife, and it tasted pretty good - no better than eating it in a sandwich though. Me and the others just let him have his fun and agreed that it was a good idea, although we weren't convinced We then started walking up the hill to another bus stop.

      2) Me, Tom, Will, Matt.C and some others were at an open evening at our college. We were in a fairly big hall that I had never seen before. It was very dark inside, with no lights on and only the some faint street lamps outside making it able to see people. Everyone's parents were there two, but we wanted to stay together, so they were all separate. I looked to the far back left, and saw my Dad stood on his own, trying to look over the large crowd of people building up in the hall. Everyone was stood up, talking and waiting for something to happen. There was music in the background playing popular radio songs. It was a similar atmosphere to waiting for a band to come on at a gig...except it was a parents evening Eventually, some teenage girls started doing some sort of dance on stage. There was about 15 of them, and they were split into blocks, moving together to create shapes. There were exclusively black girls in the middle of the rectangular shape, which I thought was a bit racist.

      3) IRL, there's a boy who walks around my College dressed as a pirate and in this dream stem, my friend Chelsea called him a "fucking hipster".

      4) A kid who I used to play football with when I was younger who left my secondary school in year 8 called Harry.W's family bought the Tower of London as a family home. I think it was for his Dad's business, but Harry was just living there for the fun. His bedroom was on the top floor of the tower. I'm fairly sure the building was the Tower of London, however it was much more modern - more like the Empire State Building, but definitely in London. In this room, he had access to the cameras that take souvenir photos that you can buy. Because of this, he regularly had friends round - some of which were my friends, like Latham.C, Luke.Y, Matt.S etc. When they were round, he'd take a lot of these pictures and put them all on facebook. His profile picture was him with the bedroom window view of London in the background. It was cloudy and fairly dark outside, and the dream was shown through a series of snapshots of novelty pictures.
    6. Dreams of 4/19/11

      by , 04-19-2011 at 10:41 PM (Pusing Boundaries)
      This is my first entry and i just want to say that ive had many crazy lucid dreams and i never really wrote them down but this will bring an end to all that.

      I started out by trying to do a WILD but got frustrated and knocked out. I ended up having vivid normal dreams and at a point i became lucid for a short amount of time.

      Over Drafting in my dreams too!!

      I remeber being in a house with my sister during some party she was
      having.. there was food n junk food all over the house. We had gone
      shopping earlier and we got a lot of junk food and the total was like
      300 . Her husband suggested that I help pay for the food, I said sure
      and. Was planing to pay 60 because I only had 150 in my pocket. Next
      thing I know we r in the car going home and then we are at her house
      and the party is almost over. I go up to her with the 60 and she says
      its cool I payed half of it with your debt card. I was stunned because
      I didn't have money in the bank because I took it out and she said she
      would write me a check so. I wouldn't over draft

      I own at Call of Duty

      The next thing I remember was running around shooting people. Well it
      was like I was in a free for all in call of duty. I had a sniper and I
      was killing people left and right. Sometimes id shoot them but id
      miss. I was tied for first place with 48 kills and I needed a few more
      to seal the deal. But I couldn't get that last kill and ended up third
      place. Next thing I know

      Arms Deal gone wrong

      I was in a truck with some people driving towards another truck. Well
      I think I was just a point of consciousness witnessing the events.
      Anyways was in the truck that was full of armed people. It seems as
      though the people around me were selling weapons to the other guys
      which where muslim characters. Then we where at the stage for the big
      presentation the main seller was in the crowd with the arabs. And
      there was 2 girls and one buff guy on stage. The buff guy was showing
      off and throwing the guns to the girls and fliping them the main sales
      man said for an extra fee he could show them how to do the tricks.

      Then I was backstage with the buff guy and one of my friends. I was
      there as in my body. We started talking about guns and I was talking
      about the sniper rifle I was using earlier and the buff guy knew what
      I was talking about and he took one out. We comparied it to the m16
      because of the fire rate and my friend was amazed

      Then there was something about the main seller trying to have sex with
      on of the girls on stage and she was like evil or something. One guy
      boned her and ended up being decapitated. Its a blur

      Barbecue at Turks

      The next thing I remember was that I was in a unfamilar house they
      were having a barbecue but I was inside with the owner. He looked like
      turk from the show scrubs but he was kinda mixed with one of my
      cousins that was kinda weird. He was funny and kept making me laugh.
      He then started talking about how the new chappelle show season 5 was
      out and how he wanted to get it to complete his collection. I like
      chappelle so I stayed with him untill we got it and I wanted to look
      through his collection and instead of it beeing dvds they were like
      dvd player controlers he had them in bags and told me not to mess them
      um or else! Next thing I knew I was out side and wanted to wash my
      hands so I walked to the back yard. There was a sponge bob soap
      dispenser on top of a car on the trunk and there was these two little
      white kids that didn't belong there. There was a van on the street
      nearby and their father was standing doing something while his kids
      where in the yard.. I grabbed some soap and then the 2 kids (one.
      Small girl and a slightly older boy) said that we didn't know how to
      take care of spongebob and after I got the soap they wanted some too
      so I gave them some and they followed me further into the back untill
      we got to the faucet outside for the water hose I turned it on and
      started washing my hands. the water was hitting the ground and making
      mud and then one of the kids told me look at the kitties! So I look
      and there were 2 kitties going through the mud as if looking for
      something. The boy said they are hungry and I suggested that they
      might be looking for worms to eat. And I told the kids if they knew
      cats and dogs eat bugs for the protein. They said ewww.. then they
      started washing their hands and the little boy got wet because the
      girl couldn't turn off the faucet I scream righty tighty and she
      finally closed it. Then right on cue their father comes to us and
      starts screaming about how they are gonna be sick because they got wet
      and so forth. Then he told me in a sarcastic voice nice barbecue but
      where are all the americans. That was a reference to me and the people
      there because we r hispanics. And I said we are americans and started
      saying stuff about how he was racist but just as I was gonna say other
      things I had alot of gum in my mouth and couldn't get it out I
      started becoming lucid and woke up instantly
    7. TV, Racist Politics and Muppets

      by , 02-23-2011 at 02:22 PM
      Quite the strange combination, I know...

      23rd of February 2011. Non-lucid, Lucid, Extra Comment

      1) Dreamt of a TV show in which some dude I know was being told by his parents that they wanted him to leave school. The guy was in the actual studio, which for some reason was very reminiscent of the studios of RTL. His parents were at home, and communicating via some a giant screen in the studio (Much like news readers talk to correspondents in the field). His parents were cussing him out, calling him incompetent and weak. I felt really strange at that sight, a mix of feeling sorry for him whilst also deeply enjoying his pain (I used to hate that guy IWL).

      2) Dreamt of some gigantic political ruckus caused by someone who did not want to eat a Milkbreak Biscuit with chocolate filling because he said it reminded him of black people, whom he claimed were lesser beings (Where have we heard that before? He has a moustache, black hair, and could be pretty much always be found with his hand raised...). Stuff gets even weirder as Christian Parties get involved and accused of racism. I begin to realize that the man that made the claims about black people was an actual politician IWL, one that anything but racist.

      3) Short dream filled with muppets making music. But there's something wrong with the muppets. They either have the wrong head attached or they are simply lacking one. One comes up to me and says I'm dreaming, I ignore it. (HOW THE HELL DID I DO THAT?!) Shortly after my alarm goes off and I wake up... Damn...

      Something is screaming in my face that I'm dreaming, and I fail to notice it... That aint cool

      As an extra note, I only write down what I remember of my dreams. The 'racist politician' is a politician too IWL, BUT HE IS NOT A RACIST. Just to make that clear.