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    1. Just Fighting Some Skeletons

      by , 02-26-2018 at 04:29 AM (The Fourth Factor)
      This dream is like a video game, but the scene I’m watching play out seems more like a model than something taking place on a screen. I’m in an ancient building, your standard video game temple-like structure. I have been playing for a while and there’s only one way I can go to explore further—up a staircase. I steer my character there. This triggers a couple events, including a bunch of animate skeletons coming in and filling up the room—quite a lot of enemies to face alone. I figure I should configure my spells so I can take care of them more easily—but pressing the button doesn’t do anything. Oh, right. I’m also an animated skeleton right now, and until I get this little problem taken care of, I’m not going to be able to access spells.

      Plan B: a couple of these guys are carrying weapons. I can go for one of them first—the one with the spear, I think— arm myself and take on the rest. I leap into action.

      Actually, the fight is a lot easier than I expected—it seems the skeletons have got soaking wet somehow, and they fall apart after only a couple hits each. I can continue to the next area now. But my first priority is to find an antidote for my companions. They’re lying around the area—currently represented by cats—having been drugged or poisoned at some point. I was hoping there’d be something to help them in here, but since there hasn’t been so far, I may as well go look around town before continuing - see if anything's changed there.

      Just then, my attention is drawn away from the game to the music on the radio. It sounds like that Mathews guy they’ve been playing so much lately. He’s been growing on me, even though I usually don’t care much for contemporary classical music. I look at the display on the XM radio: it reads MSO Mathews. Looks like I was right.

      Shortly afterwards, my alarm wakes me.

      (Later that day, I try googling MSO Mathews out of curiosity—and find it points me to a cellist in the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra. I figured it was the guy’s initials in the dream, and I have no idea whether this person writes music as well—but that's still surprisingly relevant.)
    2. night 12 - wolves

      by , 01-26-2017 at 08:51 PM
      D1 - A large grey wolf was in the back room of my parents house.
      I let it out of the window for it to relieve itself. It turned into a tall dark man. It all turned very sexual Oo lol he found some lady.

      D2 - Trying to copy a dvd using an old style stacking mini stereo unit. Interrupted by return of parents. I removed a load of cables so they wouldn't notice or hear it.

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    3. The Sea of Mist

      by , 10-07-2016 at 09:18 PM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      I recall something about being controlled by a disembodied voice that tells me what to do. I discover the source of the voice to be a radio on a table in the middle of a desert.

      Then my dream transitioned to me being in a... bathroom? with people from my elementary school, except we're all our current age now. We talk about sex and fellatio and he talked about attractive people and I was mad that I wasn't mentioned. There were stickers on the floor, with a name and serial number. One of them had "Femboy" written on it as the name. They thought I was underage but I told them I'm over 18.

      My dream transitioned to me controlling a space ship with my keyboard, with the SHIFT key moving the ship up and the CLTR key lowering the ship. The sky was dusty, the pale yellow-brown color of a misty sunrise. There was a sea of fog, and we landed on a crumbly, black patch of land that was the mouth of an active volcano. A family lived on it and they approached us.
    4. Conversation and a Trip

      by , 01-21-2016 at 04:36 AM
      In the first dream I remember a new guy moved in who was a newly enrolled student of the nearby university. The apartment building had only one story instead of two. As he walked out he door I offered to help him carry stuff to the dumpster. I thought I would give him good advice about college but instead I just talked a lot about dumpsters and gave him stupid advice about dumpsters like "If you get to the dumpster and it is full, just empty out the stuff, put it on the ground, and put your stuff in." Then after I went back into my apartment I felt stupid for talking so much about dumpsters.

      Then there was a fragment of me with my dad waiting in line at a store.

      Then I had a dream about talking with an old friend. I don't know exactly who he was but in the dream he had been my former friend. We were listening to Pandora radio, which was playing mostly rock songs. My friend said the title at the beginning of several consecutive songs and would be like "Yea I like this one." He was would write stuff down every once in a while, maybe song lyrics, and I said something like "Are you taking down notes about life?" While I was talking to this guy, there seemed to be a former girl friend of mine telepathically communicating with me, telling me about the love between her and her boyfriend. I said out loud to the guy, "Yea. I know him." And the guy responded normally like he was the girl talking about her boyfriend but it was my guy friend.

      Then I was on a trip with my boyfriend, his brother, and a girl. My boyfriend's brother was driving, in some kind of large truck. We had been driving for over a hour when we realized a piece of the truck was missing, a black plastic vent like thing that fit into a hole below the right rear view mirror. Although it didn't seem like a necessary part of the truck, my boyfriend's brother seemed disgruntled as he turned back to go get the missing part for the truck.
    5. dark shopper

      by , 11-02-2015 at 06:32 PM
      I'm in a supermarket, there is almost total darkness except for some emergency lighting shining from one corner of the ceiling. Giving a green tinge to everything. I am shopping but i am not along. There is a couple shopping also. A woman and man with lank hair, glasses and moustach.
      They go to leave. A worker uses a flashlight to see what they have bought and workout their bill. In the light he sees the man has an ice cream wrapper at the bottom of his other basket. He has been scoffing stuff secretly. The worker in a floursent jacket and cap, glasses, radios security to tell them the man has not been eating a balanced diet.
    6. Demons and zombies

      by , 09-04-2015 at 03:43 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      The apocalypse has come. I was one of survivors, armed with AK47 I was tracking after a survivor group that could help me. I entered a police station. It was dark, with only a few red spotlights. The building was in fatal state, and there was huge mess inside of it. I readied my weapon and went inside. Suddenly I heard a high pitched shriek. Furniture was thrown by unknown forces, and then I was surrounded by demons. I shot at one taking cover behind a desk in front of me, while a group of demons were flanking on me from the left, and another demon was just behind me. I shot them all and escaped to some village. I used radio to contact with survivor group, and they told me that they were inside a shack in a bog. I ran there, reaching underpass and then mines that ked to another side of mountain. The only way to reach them was through those mines, but they were swarming with zombies. I entered the mines, but I had to run away as soon as I did it. Escaping I killed huge swarm of zombies, only to get a "Sucker!" message on my radio. I received it from the survivors.
    7. Unusual Dashboard

      by , 07-06-2015 at 01:06 PM
      Morning of July 6, 2015. Monday.

      Dream #: 17,731-04. Reading time: 1 min 40 sec.

      This dream was mostly abstract but had a vivid corporeal scene in the last offset segment. The narrative begins with anger regarding an unknown person cleaning an area where I had my belongings stored, though it is unclear if I was staying in the room. It is the Loomis Street house (irrelevant since 1994), but the perspective is distorted and seen mostly only from the ceiling. At one point, I am aware that three equidistant posts are jutting from the floor, oriented east to west.

      I notice my (fictitious) belongings consist of numerous small items of metal and plastic. After they discarded some of my small possessions, they randomly placed the rest of them around the posts in nearly a perfect circle, each pile a few inches high. I see this from a vague incorporeal viewpoint, with several abstract transitions. I am unaware of any other room in the house at the time.

      As my dream becomes less abstract, I am corporeal and getting ready to get out of a car (having been driven by my brother-in-law, though I do not see him) that has arrived on Loomis Street. As I am leaving the car, I notice the radio is on, though not very loud. I remember I have to turn the radio off when being the last one to leave the car (no waking-life correlation). I reach over to the far right near where I had been sitting and flick down a switch that is like a light switch. However, that does not turn the radio off but changes it from FM to a louder AM station but with more static. Without touching that switch again, I find a similar switch closer to the steering wheel (though still to my right). I flick this switch down as well, and the radio goes off, and I slowly wake.

      What I know as of July 2020: A parked vehicle is tied in with the imaginary physicality of the dream state, though defining the cessation of vestibular activity (and its ambiguity as in REM sleep). If the car is moving, imaginary kinaesthesia is a factor (vestibular cortex arousal). Ultimately the physical body is an illusion in the dream state, and this illusion will transition to the concept of traveling in a vehicle (such as a car). This situation initiates both somatosensory cortex and auditory cortex arousal. In this instance, I manage the auditory cortex while in my dream by way of a somatosensory-auditory-cerebral handshake. Such modulation seems intriguing, I think.

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    8. Spider pets at the big Mansion.

      by , 03-18-2015 at 05:53 AM
      Another nice long dream.

      I dreamed me and my friends were attending a party at one of my favorite radio personality's mansion. This person hadn't been seen in a while in the public light, and irl this person basically fell off the face of the earth unless you were a super fan.

      My friends, by the way, were just random dream people. "B" from my last dream was certainly there. Later portions of the dream deal heavily with her.

      Anyways, me and my random dream friends were sitting inside a tiki themed cabana by this mansion's pool. (Thatch roof, glowing Hawaii/island colored lanterns, coconuts. Things of that nature.) Suddenly our host revealed themselves at the party and sat down next to our group, and it was quite a sight. This person looked thin, sickly, pale, like they had been stuck inside of their house for a long time, not interacting socially with anyone. They also were stinking drunk. Literally. They smelled like alcohol. You would think I meant drinking alcohol, and if we were talking about real life that would make sense. But what I actually smelled was antiseptic/medical rubbing alcohol. This person smelled very sterilized, like they came out of a hospital. Or like bandaides. But I know it was supposed to represent actual "I have been drinking" alcohol smell.

      I tried to be nice to the stinking drunk host, talking to them, trying to joke with them, but it was embarrassing to me to try. They were just too drunk. I think they tried to kiss us, and I think we all played along, but from that moment on I decided to just stick to my group of friends and try to avoid them. All of us were sitting on a diner styled booth that ran the length of the Cabana, and I decided to scootch more to the left to talk to my group of friends. The owner of the home, in their drunken stupor, I guess didn't notice, or was too drunk to care. They just ended up sitting there alone staring off while me and my friends talked about how they smelled. I felt kind of bad, and went back over to the right where they sat to try and talk again, but I think I did this to get a better whiff of the alcohol smell so I could continue to gossip to my friends.

      It was night time at this pool tiki party. Next I remember it being daytime and me and "B" were on the road leading up to the mansion. I remember stepping back from this road, which in this scene was paved, and surveyed the entire area where the large home stood. I started thinking about how alone the home owner must be in this big house, and wondering if someone could move in next to them to keep watch on them and keep them company. There was a traditional styled home to the right of the property, basically ON the property, that may or may not have been occupied by random neighbors. I thought to myself that the mansion owner should buy up this extra house on their land and get someone to live in there to hang out with them.

      Next I recall being on this same road with "B" again, hopping up and down, playing "leap frog" or some other such game to pass the time. The road was dirt this time around, and looked alot like a road that leads to a large mansion over by a spot me and my BF frequent in the summer. Suddenly, a large tractor trailer or tour bus pulled up into the driveway. It looked like one of those "Pimp my Ride" style tractor trailers, or may have even been a "pimped out" tour bus. It was royal purple in color, with decals on either side of it. It also had flashing yellow lights on each side, for extra fanciness.

      I guess "B" knew what this tour bus vehicle was. It was a vet bus, and the people driving it were delivering some pets they had taken care of for a couple of days. I think at first these pets were supposed to be the mansion owner's pets, but it morphed into being pets of "B". There were 2 tiger striped domestic cats, orange, a dog and a Siamese cat. They had names, but I only remember one of them. The orangest of the striped cats was, of course, named "Tiger". I think the Siamese was supposed to be B's Siamese she has IRL. (IRL B has many cats.) All of the animals were in their own metal cages, stacked one on top of the other and placed on a rolling serving cart to be delivered like a parcel delivery. All the animals were sleeping, I think they were drugged to prevent them from getting nervous over where they had been. Me and B stopped our goofing around, signed off for the animals and took the whole cart into the house to take care of them.

      Inside, the cage situation became much different. Now instead of cats and a dog, we had a tiny double cell cage the size of an egg carton, with different kinds of animals inside. Chicks.

      For some reason, as if we were hatching them ourselves, we couldn't free the chicks from their cages right away. Either they were hatching from their eggs, or they needed to stay inside their cages until they woke up, since it was an incubator type of thing that kept them warm. We waited a little for the machine in each cage to do their job. I began to worry, thinking they were staying in there too long, but my friend insisted on waiting a few more minutes. Finally I convinced her to open up one half of the two cage egg carton to see how the chicks were doing, since it had seemed they were moving around for a short time. It was too late for this half of the animal cage, however. I poked one of the heads of the now browned chick, and it made a sound like I was poking a freshly cooked crispy chicken tender. We quickly opened the other half of the cage, that wasn't heating as long, before it was too late for all of the animals.

      What popped out of this side was not your typically shaped or typically sized chick. They were about half the size of a traditional baby chicken, maybe about the size of your thumbnail. (Perhaps they hadn't fully "cooked" yet, then.) Incredibly tiny, but also incredibly cute! They also didn't look like animals, but rubber toy versions of them instead. I also feel that they weren't all chicks. Some of them were small frogs, some may have been rubber duckies. They all acted as if they were living breathing creatures. I held my hand out to a small duck-thing, and it quickly crawled up my arm excitedly. As it got closer to my eyes it also got bigger in size, until it was a normal sized animal I could pet.

      These were also not the only pets inside the box.

      IRL my friend B has all sorts of plans to own all different sorts of animals as pets. Briefly she mentioned an interest in owning a Tarantula. YUCK!
      So, in the dream, B had pet SPIDERS!

      Suddenly, small little baby spiders, perhaps 5 or 6, crawled out of the box. As stated in a previous dream, I respect all life, even that of a spider's. Although they weren't as cuddley or cute as the little chick-things that came out of the incubator cages, I still understood they were B's pets, and I had to be nice to them. Also, a couple of them looked like Daddy Long legs, one of my favorite types of spiders. I knew they were hungry, so without a care in the world I allowed the little guys to crawl all over me and start sucking my blood. Where the cute duck-thing was by my face, now a spider was making its way there instead. All the cute animals ran away as the spiders did what they wanted. I saw them take nibbles on my skin, and pondered about why a daddy long legs, that doesn't bite, would now be feeding off of me like a vampire. One Spider made a circular pattern of red bite marks on my arm, the center of which was the color of ash. They took blood from this ashy spot, and it stung! On my leg, the larger daddy long legs was making a bite trail up my arm like a bedbug.

      When I saw the awful bites and lumps all this feeding was causing, I immediately stopped the spiders from sucking my blood! On my leg, by my left knee, a large lump the size of my hand raised itself, the last bite the daddy long legs gave me there. I called B over and tried to show her what her awful pets were doing to me, but she seemed to be ignoring me. Also I was distracted as I swatted these insects away!

      Next I remember one small scene where we were running from a stalker person throughout the mansion. The one scene I recall had us in a bedroom with large windows that looked out over the mansion's yard. There was a pine tree forest that bordered the yard on this side of the house, and there was a door in the room that lead out to a little patio area with steps that went down two floors to the yard below. It was all painted in white. Me and my fellow dream friends decided here was the best place to hide from a stalker. Of course it wasn't a good spot, and we soon saw the creepy man sneaking up the patio steps to the bedroom.

      Our plan to fend him off?

      We started dumping fake lemons into a decorative bowl that sat on the ledge of one window. I guess this would scare the stalker away. I couldn't tell you if it worked or not. My dream friend did it, not me. She has dark red hair, and was quite tall and thin.


      I was going up old wooden steps to the second floor of a Victorian house. Me, Michael Jordan, and my red headed dream friend all went upstairs, along with my sister I think.
      Upstairs we took a quick left into a messy old fashioned bedroom, and began packing luggage and such to leave the area.

      Anyways, thats about it!

      Radio personality: I listen to this radio show ALOT when working, and recently I was thinking about one of the members of this show who is no longer on there. I wonder how they are doing and if theyre okay. So, I had a worry-dream about them. They live in a big mansion IRL, so I was dreaming about it!

      Someone just finished reading "Penpal", the book based upon the popular Reddit creepypasta. I highly recommend it. The creepy vibes of the book have been effecting my dreams, giving me bad nightmarish situations. This dream is one of a few that was effected by this book, and I am sure it may not be the last!

      Spiders, cats, pets: B has pets, wants new pets, was thinking of getting a Tarantula. I also spend a good chunk of time with B, so she is featured prominently in my dreams lately.

      The dirt road: Me and my BF were discussion our old spot last weekend. "St. Mary's by the Sea."

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    9. 11-7-14 Duplicating Portuguese magnate!!

      by , 12-04-2014 at 07:35 PM
      My deceased father and my aunt and sister and my grandfather made their own radio station at the base of a silo. They worked for a long time on it. Then they finished it and they came back to our house. I had a long conversation with my dad and we hugged.

      Afterwards I got to go out and look at the radio station. It actually looked like the inside of a library I go to. I was scheduled to perform a puppet show over the radio.

      My sister and I were walking down an old country road. We were close to the ocean, and parts of the road were flooded, forming tide-pools of various sizes. There was coral in them and all sorts of exotic fish and creatures swimming in the water. My sister didn't want to get her feet wet by walking through the pools so I carried her. But finally the walking got difficult enough that we turned around and started heading home.

      We arrived back at someone else's house other than the one we meant to arrive at. A Portuguese man came up to the door and started jabbering to the owner excitedly. He couldn't understand a word he said so he sent the Portuguese man away.

      A young man started having nightmares about a man named Dan Tacket who claimed to be the president of the Portuguese railway system. He would come into the young man's room, say something unintelligible, look the young man strangely in the eye and then rapidly multiply himself hundreds of times till he filled the whole room. Then all of him would swarm out the door, leaving the young man traumatized, screaming and yelling.
    10. Bookselling, thrones

      by , 11-24-2014 at 09:18 PM
      There's a monk who needs to buy a certain rare, extremely expensive book, and he intends to raise the money by selling off a different rare book. He can't do this himself, so he sends a fox demon to take care of it. She can't read the script it's written in, but she compares the characters he wrote down for her with the characters written on the covers of his books, and she eventually finds the right one and takes it to a fair that's going on. There are many specialists here who'd give her a good price for the book, but she goes to a bookseller she recognizes, a place she's been to many times. This man doesn't know the values of things, so he gives her very little for it - it's the equivalent of buying a book for a dollar when it should be worth millions.

      The monk's disappointed - not in her, but because the book's gone and he'll have to start over in terms of raising the money. The fox demon gets annoyed at him for what she perceives as insulting the bookseller - she thinks the bookseller is a very good man, since he's sold her many novels for very little money. The monk is thinking about how much he looks forward to the end of his life, except that he's concerned about how she'll survive.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I'm speaking German with a man who'd promised to (acquire or translate or something similar) a certain book, but now he's fleeing and has to go back on his part of our deal. I don't really mind.

      Two paired images of people on thrones. The first is a blonde woman dressed in gold robes, surrounded by abstract shapes woven out of gold wires, on a balcony overlooking beautiful green fields, rivers, wide blue sky. She's saying, amused, that although she was meant to be associated with style and worldliness, instead "I'm merely back in the desert, healing women at an oasis."

      The second, a sad and tired-looking long-haired old man, first in a dark wooden room full of cabinets and herbs, then overlooking a mountain. A pair of ravens leave him and fly up the mountain over a trail, croaking - grey stone, grey skies.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      Two fragments:

      I'm trying to convince the radio to put out an important broadcast to keep people out of the (either Dallas or Houston) area, it's an emergency, but they refuse to disrupt the normal services.

      A man saying to me, "You're afraid that this is the real world. It is. I trust you."
    11. Practicing telekinesis in a dream while non-lucid leads to lucidity

      by , 11-13-2014 at 08:47 PM
      non-dream dream lucid

      Once again I had food and drink before bed. I wasn't expecting anything considering that I was supposed to stay up here.

      Practicing Telekinesis
      Lucid: yes!
      Recall level: 9
      TGMG: ...no

      So I'm in a forest, and everything's all dank. Some DC (my dad?) and I are walking down a dirt path. Lighting is very green, but it seems that it's autumn and there's lots of leaves, but oddly enough not too much. I look over to a table near the path, and there's a radio right out of half life 2!

      I run over to the table and start tuning it, and I get loads of things. On shortwave I start in the high band, and I hear a religious station.

      Father DC: "No, that's a religious station!"
      I eventually tune it to Global24 radio, where there's a very odd music program.

      I turn it off and continue walking down the path.
      All of a sudden I'm in my basement. I look around (very similar to my basement except it was bigger, or maybe I was smaller? ) and there's a TV (same one that I've had for 12 years) next to the middle wall. My mom tells me to watch Channel 4. Was there a Hrok there? I seem to remember something of the sort.

      All of a sudden, I see an EAS start up.
      And get this, it's for a "Thunder warning". I see a red bar come up in the bottom of the screen, and the text starts to scroll. It said something about a "Thunder warning". I'm thinking "what the hell is that? I've never heard of that!". I grab my camera next to my computer and open it up. It's taking a long time to boot up though! And when the screen comes up it looks all glitchy! I eventually manage to press record though, but just as it starts the EAS ends! Damn!

      I set down my camera but keep it close by. I keep watching the TV and eventually it comes back on! But this time it doesn't stay on channel 4, and switched by itself to some high up channel.
      This time I'm able to start up the camera much faster and keep it running through the duration. But this time the battery is low and the SD card is low! But I'm still able to record it all!

      Eventually I put it down and...
      Jump to me being with a bunch of other DCs in yet another variant of my basement. This time there was a bunch of laundry machines on the east wall, and there was entire rooms that aren't supposed to be here. They're mostly filled with junk and old clothes. So I walk into one of those and a DC comes in and asks me what to do. I tell them I'm gonna practice my telekinesis for when I'm in a dream!

      So I look at an old food box and I point my hand at it like in the movies, and I pull it towards me. It starts flying, slowly, and eventually starts hovering. I'm very capable of controlling its movement, and I'm in a good mood so I make it do dances in the air. The DC is quite mesmerized.
      I then put it down and go up stairs.

      The living room is quite ornate, with the china cabinet next to the big window, and it's a lot cleaner. It's day time, and there's a few people here. I go into the kitchen and it's huge as well. There's a desk in the corner with audio equipment and an imac g3 there as well! My mom is in there and I ask her where this came from. She says it was Ross's computer, but she gave it to us. I think, "weird, but okay".

      I look around and the kitchen looks more or less the same as it does IWL, except for the fact its bigger and there's a huge desk where the food cabinets are IWL.

      I then have a false awakening? Either way, I'm back in my basement and this is the third variant. This time it's looking a bit more run down than I'm used to. I'm in my chair, but almost immediately I stand up. There's a few washing machines where the stairs are IWL, along with a few racks of storage above. There's a peculiar tiny opened can of paint on one of the racks, and I pull it down.

      I start moving it around, and eventually I start wondering. I imagine it hovering and it starts hovering. I move it around with my mind for a bit before I start wondering how I'm able to do this. Am I still dreaming?
      *nose pinch* *hands slip* *nose pinch again*
      And I can still breath during the nose pinch. It was actually quite weird because I could feel the air rushing down my nose like I wasn't plugging my nose at all or even touching it, even though I'd clamped hard on it.

      I'm dreaming! Everything gets a lot more vivid now, even though it still had the characteristic blurriness in a few spots, especially when I was in the basement. I started walking towards the stairs, and I started walking up them. To be honest I don't know what I was thinking at this bit. My feet felt very light and almost as if they weren't there at all. I look up and it's like the back door is open and there was a bright light outside. I walk up the stairs and I look back down towards the basement, and then I wake up.

      I'm laying in my couch on my right side, face inwards. I'm very excited, and I do a RC. I then try and recall everything in the long process.

      Eventually I start writing this.

      Dream recall history:

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    12. 10-18-14 Life (and death) on the farm

      by , 10-25-2014 at 09:46 PM
      I dreamed I was working on a farm with a good friend of mine and his father. His father was pulling something with a tractor. Suddenly, he made a sharp right turn and the tractor tipped over on its side. The father wasn't hurt, but my friend was. I started crying and ran to him and picked him up in my arms. He was pinned under the tractor and unconscious. He had been very close to being crushed by a tire. It seemed, though, that he would probably heal in time.

      I was showing director Wes Anderson around our house, and he was entranced by a moving picture of a train that we had hanging on our wall. He commented that he "liked the framing". I'm not sure if it was in reference to the composition of the picture or the picture frame it was hung in.

      Another of my friends and his sister and I and another guy were sitting at a table in a cold room with a radio. It was raining outside. The guy turned on the radio, and a classical station came on, playing Bach's Air for G String. The song made me soooo sad, and I started to cry. The sister moved closer to me and comforted me.
    13. Washingmachine

      by , 07-21-2014 at 07:02 PM
      Lucid #5


      I am in a washing room with my friend. We talk with his dad and brother using a radio. We try to dream. I fall asleep in my dream and get lucid. Were still inside the room but I am scared and wake myself up by jumping through the ground.
      lucid , non-lucid
    14. 3/12/2014

      by , 03-15-2014 at 05:57 PM
      I was with a big group during SHTF. I went to scout a warehouse and suddenly a person appeared. Then, another one, and another one. They were questioning me and I thought they were gonna kill me. I had my yellow radio and while they weren't looking I pushed the pin. I yelled for help and my group burst in. Both groups got along and we made an even bigger group. We entered an Air Force installation and we explored it. I was going to get into one of the computers with my Air Force ID.

      In my other dream, I was the hulk and was beating up a monster. Suddenly a monster mutation starts attacking me. I run because I can't kill it or even hit him but then I find out I can so I start fighting him. We jump from rooftops to rooftops and scale buildings while fighting. He is able to regenerate health. When he's low, he starts running and I chase him down. I transform into a car to catch up to him and then kill him when I do.

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    15. 24 Sep: Nuclear explosion

      by , 09-24-2013 at 10:36 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      (...) With my mom, we see a mushroom explosion on the distance. We can't tell how far away it is, but everybody freaks out with the possiblity of being caught in the blast. After not so long we are hit by a wall of air and debris. I stupidly hold my breath, hoping not to inhale the radiation. But then I think "how stupid is that?" and just accept the inevitability. Then someone starts gathering people on a bus, so we can get the hell out of there. Someone else turns on the radio for news. I then realize something is not right "how did we get hit by air dislocation so quickly, but were not harmed and the EMP didn't destroy the electronics?". I conclude I'm dreaming, so I tell my mother to relax, we're just dreaming and let's use the opportunity to test how we would react in an emergency situation. Then it went from a dream to a simulation drill. LOL
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