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    1. Radios in a New Place

      by , 06-10-2015 at 12:10 PM
      Morning of June 10, 2015. Wednesday.

      I am in a non-lucid state, though the setting is extremely well-rendered and most of it clearer even though it is mostly unfamiliar. My wife and family and I are living in a different type of building and had apparently moved here recently. The (fictional) residence has the typical “impossible” apartment-related situation that I have dreamt of all my life - where strangers are present in what would be almost the same living space. At one point, I am aware of an unknown older male on the other side of the main large room. Our living area is only divided from his by a curtain that hangs down to about four inches from the floor. I am fixing this curtain arrangement (for more privacy) while sitting on the floor, by pulling it fully down, as part of the bottom edge was draped over a cardboard box higher up (about a foot or so).

      At one point, I am using a screwdriver to scrape up old soap residue from a floor tile and as I do, the tile actually comes off, though I manage to align it back where it should be. The appearance and movement (and manual effort) is very realistic.

      I also find some toys that the last tenants left behind, some smaller toy cars in a bag, which I think I will put on my youngest son’s large (fictional) table for a pleasant surprise.

      In the last stage of my dream, which is very clear, there are several large radios (or boomboxes) set up along the wall for some reason, all side by side on a large table. After a short time, they all start playing at the same time, fairly loudly, and mostly different songs (at least four). I think one song is Fats Waller and another a country song, possibly George Strait. I am annoyed because the radios seem to have been connected to some sort of timing system by the previous tenants and I cannot work out what to do with the setup. I am also somewhat embarrassed (as I do not want to be seen as making so much noise on purpose, as we had just moved in recently relative to my dream’s back story), as the other tenant is home, though I do not go through the curtain to his side at any point.

      I try pushing the buttons and after a time, when I turn one radio off, another comes back on and this goes on for several minutes (so that it seems impossible to have all turned off at the same time) - and I am thinking that some sort of cable system (linked with a timer) is connected to all of them and they will play at certain times no matter what you do. It is somewhat amusing in conscious afterthought. The clarity of the power indicator lights is quite precise. This is similar to situations where I cannot turn all the lights off, which I have read in other people’s journals where they are experiencing the exact same details in the same way and with the same associations.

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    2. Three Devices

      by , 01-15-2015 at 08:49 AM
      Morning of January 15, 2015. Thursday.

      This is part of a sparsely recurring dream series over a lifetime where I have electronic devices (often radios; sometimes music keyboards or synthesizers) but of which often do not look or work as expected. In this case, there are three items I seem to have recently bought for whatever reason. The location I am in seems to be public and unknown. However, I also seem to be living there at one point. An unknown male is behind some sort of counter, but again, it seems like a residence for the most part.

      The three devices I apparently bought are on the floor near an entrance. They are not new but supposedly in good condition at first. This changes, though. Each item, I put on the counter to show the other male. The first device is possibly some sort of scanner and printer. I notice what seems to be a small loose thin circuit board on the top near an open area that resembles part of a typewriter, more to the right. I touch it, thinking it may be an extraneous or loose piece from a different device, and it comes off, seeming to break as if it had been attached by very thin wires and circuits. I see that the electronics look a bit too small to be “real” but do not say anything. I push it back on, now seeing what resembles Velcro, and it stays on, but I assume it will no longer work due to the detached circuits (possibly related to a printer head), thus I am annoyed.

      Another device I put on the counter is somewhat like a large radio, possibly a shortwave radio. There are two rows of larger square buttons on the right of about four buttons each. Each button has some sort of embossed symbol on it. At one point, some look like English letters such as “P” and “K”. One looks like a vertical line with a short horizontal line coming from the right of the middle (a symbol I have seen in dreams before). The symbols seem to change later on. At one point, one button (the third over, on the top row) seems to have all the symbols and letters in an abstract three-tiered cluster. Apparently, I have to enter some sort of password to get the radio to work or to initialize it. I try to enter the right code, but I am not sure how to go about it. I am somewhat confused about whether I should press just the one abstract combined symbol button or press the separate buttons embossed with each singular part of that symbol (or more like some sort of combination of both, trying to determine where the combined one fits in the sequence).

      I pick up the third and last device from the floor. It is somewhat like a toy tyrannosaurus made of Plaster of Paris, on an electronic platform of some kind, though also has something to do with a computer game, I think. After a short time, I notice several loose sections (one of which looks like a tulip with one petal broken off as well as the separate petal itself) which I gather together in a small pile. I remain unsure as to whether all the pieces are present. Whatever it is supposed to do, I am not sure if it will work again. My dream begins to lose cohesion at this point.
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    3. 3/25/2014

      by , 03-25-2014 at 09:40 PM
      False Awakening

      I was having a firefight with some terrorists and I was killing them with a desert eagle that had a laser on it. I remember doing parkour and fighting some hobo calling me a fag before that. I was then with C. Alexander and some black girls watching something on world war 2. I remember saying Germany was not as bad as Japan. Alexander and I then laid together and her grandma got mad so I grabbed my stuff and left for the airport to catch my flight. I missed the exit so I took the next one. I was on a hill and there were a lot of buildings and roads that curved a lot. I got mad because the layout of the parking lot was stupid so I woke up. I had a false awakening. I couldn't move my head and when I tried, I could only move it a little bit. I told myself to wake up again and I did, but it was another false awakening. I did a reality check of my hand and part of it was transparent and would appear and reappear and I went lucid. I got excited and noticed my dream ending. I tried to dream spin but couldn't. I woke up again. This time I was pretty sure it was a real awakening and was started to get scared but upon counting my fingers, I realized I wasn't and I became lucid again.
      With my right arm, I grabbed my head and pulled it up, making it possible for me to move it again. As I was getting up, I felt as if my mind was rising, maybe I was having an OBE. I looked at the bed to see if my body was still there but it wasn't. Everything felt so real. My objective for my next lucid dream was to explore the dream scene. I was in my room and went to the kitchen, where a purple desk with a fluffly white and beige cat was sitting on. In the living room was a blue sofa and a white cat sitting on top of it. I was going to ask what they represented but then remembered my other objective: Ask my dream to show my dream guide. I faced the door and said "I want to see my dream guide." I turned around and noticed a radio. That couldn't be it. I turned around again and said "When I turn around, I went her, my dream guide, or him to be right behind me!" As I was saying it, I heard a female voice behind me. I turned around and there was a speaker and a vacuum. I was confused why I would have objects instead of a person. I also had a headphone hanging on my left shoulder. Static was coming through it. I knelt down and asked: "So which one of you is my dream guide?" I heard static and murmurs coming from my headphone. I asked again. "Which one of you is my dream guide?" Suddenly, I hear 2 or more girls say "You are!" at the same time. I know they're saying that I am my dream guide. I rose and repeated "I am..." to not forget what happened, I decided to wake up. I told myself "I need to wake up", and I woke up to the waking world.
    4. Logan's Dream Journal~ Day I

      by , 12-28-2013 at 09:08 PM
      Hello! I am interested in lucid dreaming, so I will take notes on the dream that I just had on here... now!

      So, the dream was a disturbing one. It involved murder, a murder-causing radio (or 2?), possible time-traveling to find the roots of what happened, vomiting, and survival. The funny thing was, I knew that I was dreaming, but I wanted to solve the dream's problems. That may be why I decided to go back to find the source; terrible things already happened then.

      Oh, and I almost forgot another thing; there was a sociopathic truck. There was no driver in it, and it seemed to seek out people to run over when they are crossing... Sort of like the Doctor Who episode "Father's Day", where a truck (albeit with a driver) constantly goes through a time warp to hit the paradoxical person who was meant to die then so that the time stream becomes normal again. It was like that, except that I didn't die permanently. I had a dream within a dream, I think...

      And now I really wanted to find a way to destroy the radio, in bed, which I took manners to do.I took the radio, teleported into bed, and I tried to wake up by forcing myself to. I screamed as hard as I could, I made up ridiculous twists that would wake me up, and I even vomited in bed. I also tried to destroy the radio, but it didn't seem to break...

      Thankfully, that was only in the dream, and I eventually woke up. I immediately did a reality check on my surroundings; it was not bright, like in the dream. I was quite astounded, and I decided to make this journal to record such dreams. Needless to say, it was a memorable nightmare. I have a feeling the radio is going to come back into my dreams, though I hope not... I will make these posts as much as I can, and I look forward to the results. ^^

      -Day 1 completed-

      - Logan

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