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    1. A Magic Matchbox Car and an Intoxicating Clamshell

      by , 10-07-2017 at 04:07 PM
      Morning of October 7, 2017. Saturday.

      Dream #: 18,555-02. Reading time: 2 min 20 sec.

      Before my dream, in waking life, I repeated an affirmation, “I invite the infinite healing power of Universal Mind into all areas of our bodies” (alternating with “my body”). Consider how a car is an extension of the imaginary physicality of the dream state and how “power” becomes “powder” (which has occurred with previous dreams). Another alteration is how my dreaming experience transformed my headphones (used for affirmations) into an intoxicating clamshell.

      After entering the dream state, I allow my conscious awareness to fade for the affirmation to predominate. The affirmation seems to become a string attached to the front bumper of a Matchbox car. (I sometimes use an imaginary rope to pull myself into or out of the dream state.) The Matchbox car is a 1930s convertible. At times, I mentally cause it to become a full-sized automobile. I rapidly drive in an unknown big city while there is a focus on possibly being stopped for speeding. However, the police are always going in the opposite direction. Later, I shrink the car to its Matchbox size and carry it to a wharf.

      The wharf is at the side of a road where a ladder leads down to a small platform adjacent to a commercial building. An unknown black man is here as well as Zsuzsanna. An unfamiliar woman asks if she can borrow my Matchbox car to sail across the ocean. I cause it to become large enough for her to fit in it, but I place it on a raft. I realize it may not be stable enough, so I tell her I do not think it is a reliable way to travel. Curiously, my hand seems to be as big as the raft as I test its buoyancy and how much weight it can hold.

      I stand on the side of the road, and the man wants to borrow my car. I whistle for it, and it arrives as a Matchbox car from the other side of town but grows to full size. He gives me a roll of one-dollar notes. When he returns, I feel I should give him something. I hand him the handwritten affirmation (without realizing what it is) that had been in my wallet. I give him some other documents that feature unusual writing and symbols.

      I enter a cave with the essence of a room in a house. A tunnel, like a long hallway, leads to its entrance. I whistle for my Matchbox car and notice the end of the string near the mouth of my cave. I pull my Matchbox car into the cave using the string. I see an opening in the cave wall to the left of the entrance.

      I find several ancient artifacts and fossils. One is a ritual clamshell that generates an intoxicating “healing powder” that cavemen used. I slap the clamshell against my ears to become intoxicated, feeling bliss, and comfort.

      As I am sitting on the cave’s floor, a shadowy caveman figure approaches, though he is more like an ancient ape with a manlike essence. He briefly touches me on the shoulder and knee and has a positive presence. He is like a benevolent spirit or an ancient ghost who goes to another part of the cave.

      Steve Johnson (a classmate from years ago), and at least three other people, walk through the hallway into my cave. I tell them about the artifacts and “healing powder” and ask if they would like to improve their minds and bodies with it.

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    2. Flipping Rafts

      by , 04-26-2016 at 10:26 AM
      Morning of April 26, 2016. Tuesday.

      I am on a raft made of logs of which is floating on a body of water, but I am unsure if it is implied to be the ocean, a lake, or a wide river (though ocean seems the most likely). Over time, I notice a few empty rafts in the distance on each side of me, though more to my right.

      My dream becomes somewhat abstract. I try to use the raft as a trapdoor to flip it over to enter another realm.

      Flipping my raft (part manual effort, part mental effort) makes the other rafts in the distance automatically flip in unison with mine, though I somehow remain atop my raft when it flips. The implied “doorway” under each raft is black and seemingly without the presence or essence of water. I know that I am trying to wake up or at least enter a clearer level of awareness within the dream state even without viable lucidity. Going down into the water as well as the supposed dark “doorway” would imply dream induction. Still, I try for several minutes and eventually notice Zsuzsanna on a different raft. I get the impression that flipping my raft will send me through the implied portal up and onto her raft as a mostly subliminal act of “retuning” to our bed. This works and I am with her, by her side, and quickly wake.

      This is the first time (at least in recent memory) that a dream rendered a raft as a “door” (or as potential doorway waking symbolism). It makes sense though, as the water body implies going deeper into unconsciousness and a raft additionally implies autosymbolism of our bed, and again, was even perceived as such by my dream self.

    3. [24-03-2016]

      by , 03-24-2016 at 12:17 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was in an abandoned airport close to New York. I've seen the city on the other side of water. I had my base set up in a ruined plane. The world was overtaken by plants, animals. In the morning I took my raft and swam to look for food and other resources. After whole day of exploring empty streets and ruined buildings I found nothing, except a group of other survivors.

      It was dark night. They took me to their base, where I met other members of my family and some pals. They set up their base in building similar to my house, though it was better furnished and prepared to hold more people inside. We gathered for a dinner and sat near a huge table. When they were giving the dishes, my aunt went out of the kitchen with a pot of soup. She said "Watch your grandma! She put her denture inside the pot with soup!" Sister replied to her "But our grandma has no denture!". Grandma smiled widely, exposing her only one tooth left. Then I was eating and listening to them talking about politics. I knew what they wanted to say just before they told it.

      Second dream - tower escape DILD

      Spring day, the sky was cloudless. With group of random DCs we took a raft and swam to other side of river, to huge warehouses. There were many machines, cranes and stockpiles set up in orderly manner. We decided to make the tallest and probably most valuable stockpile fall down. We just moved one can of paint and it started to fall. We ran away back to raft and swam to other side of river. Next I've seen from someones perspective that warehouse workers were talking about a revenge.

      Cloudy afternoon. I was back in frontyard of my house. I decided to look back at river and warehouses - the river was enormous, I couldn't even see the buildings. I could see a gigantic tower made of random stockpiled objects. I went closer to shore, which was just in front of my house. Warehousemen started to throw golf balls at me, and they had impressive strenght and accuarcy. I dodged most of the balls or blocked them, but some still managed to hit me. It was quite painful. I heard warehousemen shouting "This tower shall fall!".

      I decided to run away before it would crash me. When I was in my backyard, I took a look at the tower again. From an enormous stockpile it turned into a huge tower made of red brick, reaching for the clouds. I realized that it's a dream and flewn up to the roof of father's carpentry workshop. I looked at the tower and thought "You are not real. I can unmake you!" I looked behind me and at the tower again. There was a huge gap in the middle of it, but sides of the tower were left.

      I tried to do it again, but this time the tower was ruined and burning. Another try and it turned into a tower with chinese ornaments. I thought that if I can't remove it, I may just escape from it's fall. I turned towards neighbor's side and saw a huge mountain on the horizon. I thought that this must be a place safer than these roofs. I looked back at the tower, it hasn't changed. I looked at the mountain, and it was gone. There huge haystacks in it's place. Looking at my backyard I saw a big rock, I tried to alter it's height by previously used look method, but it was still too small.

      I decided to run climb up the neighbor's garage roof. While climbing i thought "Now I'll need a dramatic escape music... violin!" And the violin started to play. It wasn't a best performance, but wasn't terrible either. I climbed up garage's roof and jumped down to roofs of chicken coops. They were made of really weak materials. At first I thought that they'd crush under my feet, but then I thought "These are harder than steel, I can jump on them and they won't crush as well!"

      I ran to the end of chicken coops and jumped forward, landing on a roof of chinese temple. I climbed it up, and saw a spacious lake. I flewn to the other side of it and landed in a lakeside building. I turned back and watched as the tower was falling. It have fallen really fast. It have fallen into the lake... and nothing. I thought "What? Shouldn't there be a huge water wave after the tower have fallen down there?"

      The water started to bulge, raise and whirl, gathering in a huge wave. I gestured with my hands and the water started to lower and calm. Looking at the lake I noticed that it was covered with ice, and there was only a small hole made by the top of the tower. I pointed my index finger and the hole covered itself with ice.
      I walked the shore for a while and woke up.
    4. Dolphin killers, Short MILD, Bully

      by , 07-14-2015 at 08:59 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Dolphin killers

      The whole world was flooded with sea water, and people had to built platforms in order to survive. I was swimming on my little raft, when I reached ruins of harbor city. There were only some small parts of platforms still standing, with some useful stuff on them, like food, fresh water and other resources.

      Suddenly my raft started to squeak and crack. Just before it fallen apart, I jumped on the farthest platform to the east. Thinking that I'm safe, I sat down and watched surroundings. There was nothing on the horizon, only endless ocean. I felt that something hit the platform from inside the water.

      I looked around, and managed to turn back just as a dolphin jumped out of the water, with intent to eat me. I slapped it in a head a few times, and then another dolphin jumped out of water to help his buddy. I slapped it too, and both of them squeaked in irritation. They stopped moving, and looked at the water expectantly.

      I leaned over the edge of platform, and then a huge orca jumped out of it, with open jaws. I quickly jumped back and slapped the orca while shouting with fear. After a few slaps or so, I just decided to run away. Both orca and dolphins jumped back to the ocean.

      I inspected other platforms, but found nothing of use besides food. Without my raft, I was stuck there.

      MILD - In a castle walls; wonderland

      I was inside of guest room in a castle. I inspected the room - the floor and furniture were made with exotic wood. There were expensive tapestries, a comfortable bed and some wardrobes.

      Suddenly I become lucid. For a while I thought what can I do this time, and looked around again. I saw a maid - a beautiful blonde lady in a green dress. With nothing better to do, I came closer and talked with her for a while. Then I persuaded her that we should have some fun, being alone in the room, and probably in the whole guest wing of the castle. I managed to keep the lucidity for quite some time, focusing on my intent and on the lady. Suddenly I just lost lucidity, without waking up. I was still in the guest room, maid nowhere to be found. When I wanted to leave the room, everything faded.

      I found myself on a cliff. There were some roadsigns and a grave without any plaque. I was standing in front doors to a tavern. There was a tunnel leading to deserts, and down the cliff there was a weird, eerie jungle. The tavern was surrounded with dense forests.

      I entered the building, and found myself in some kind of a museum. I wandered for a while, watching exhibitions, and suddenly founding myself back at the cliff, staring at the grave. For some reason, I took my phone out of my pocket, and took a photo of it.


      I was in my old school, wandering the corridors. I decided to go back to classroom, and sat down. Teacher told us that it was free day, so we could do anything we want inside the classroom. I looked around and saw my friends playing some games.

      Suddenly a bully walked closer to me, and showed me a pack of chips. I said that I don't want to eat, but he insisted on, and spilled some on my desk. With nothing to do, I decided to just eat them. Later that day, bully told me to appear at fuel station with 1000000 dollars, or he'll beat me black and blue. Back in home, I thought about that, and about the fine hunting knife I received as a birthday gift.

      Next day with my family we were driving to a city, stopping by at fuel station. I told them that we had a free day at school, but I haven't mentioned the bully part. I saw that guy waiting for me there, but I wasn't going to meet him, and waited in car until we drove away.
    5. Steamboat Sinks

      by , 02-16-2015 at 01:43 PM (Lucid Time!)
      My recall is back and running. Thank goodness.

      I entered the dream already fully lucid. Manei said she was going to help me to align my chackras. There was another dream character present as well, but I didn't take a good look at them. I remember visuals of some white/light colors. She put her hand in the middle of my back.

      I had two autosuggestion notebooks, a red one and the black one I have IWL. I was trying to figure out which one had my list of dream goals. (Good, my autosuggestion notebooks are being recognized by my subc as important.)

      I had been hired to work for LEGO. They wanted me to make a bunch of themed sets called Alpha Centuari that were supposed to center around realistic/scientifically plausible means of traveling into outer space and other stars in the future.

      I designed a bunch of sets such as a toroidal space station, spaceplane, and SETI telescope. All of the people at LEGO really liked them and they looked really cool, but when we released them into toy stores they were a flop.

      I was on a small yellow inflatable boat in the middle of a lake. It was somewhat foggy. Off in the distance, at about my 5'oclock was a large river steamboat. The structure of it looked very modern though, like a cruise ship, but it had a large paddle wheel on the back.

      I wasn't quite sure what I was doing away from the boat, but I knew that my family along with S were onboard.

      I remember hearing the captain of the ship say that they were going to hit a wave and that people on the lower deck might get splashed. A nice sized wave (about 10 feet) hit the boat and thoroughly drenched everyone on the lower deck.

      I somehow knew the captain, or remembered his face. He was a nice man of about 30 with a long, pointed face, greenish eyes and short ginger-brown hair.

      The yellow boat handled the wave just fine.

      The captain said that there would be another wave, this one could rock the ship pretty bad. It hit, and it was a pretty large wave, about 30 feet this time and thoroughly drenched all but the uppermost deck. If I remember correctly, the boat was actually a floating hotel, and every deck above the bottom and the roof were hotel rooms. I remember thinking about how the water was probably leaking through the glass and getting everything wet in all of the rooms.

      The captain said that there would be yet another wave, and that everybody should brace, because this one will be really bad. I looked out in front of me and the boat and nearly wet the bed. There was a huge wall of water heading for us. (For those of you who have seen the movie 'Interstellar'... yeah, that's a good idea of what the wave looked like.)

      The yellow inflatable boat handled the wave fine, it just floated up to the top, but I saw that the wave was starting to crest and came crashing down ontop of the steamboat, and it sunk it pretty much instantly. I saw a few (10ish people) come to the surface.

      The fog lifted and I saw that we were in fact on a medium sized lake. My dingy drifted into the shore on some smaller waves. I managed to hop up onto a dock and then ran a safe distance away from the water. While I waited for other people I looked at the lake we had been on. It was no more than a mile or two across, and there were mountains on the other side. I asked how a lake so small could produce big waves, even if it was windy.

      The other people came to shore. One of them was the captain. I asked if we should mount a rescue and see if there are more people. The captain said that would be suicide for us because another giant wave could spawn at any time and the water was really cold and we could get hypothermia and the boat was already hundreds of feet down. He told me that the upper levels of the boat were actually watertight and that anyone in them was probably fine, we just had to send a proper dive team to lift them out before the oxygen ran out.

      Somebody got a cell phone and called a proper dive team. They showed up almost instantly and started bringing up survivors from the air pocket that the boat had created.

      My aunt appeared and asked me to find my cousins. Everyone from the boat was taking refuge in side of this museum/hall area. There seemed to be a lot more survivors than there were people on the boat. Most of the people there were actually worried families of the people from the wreck.

      I can't really recall what happened after this. I think I went into the museum/hall where the rescued people were drying off and warming up. I chased a kid wearing a cloak who I thought was my cousin, but turned out not to be my cousin. When I exposed his identity he bit me. I slapped him and he started crying. He told me that it was his secret identity and nobody should know it. I tried to explain to him that this was a rescue situation and that this was no time for being a brat. Then my real cousins showed up and asked me what was going on. I explained and they started yelling at the kid as well.

      He kept crying louder and louder about his secret identity, saying that I was the worst person ever for chasing him and trying to remove his cloak. Eventually he aged in reverse and became a small pink baby about the size of my hand. I set him in the windowsill.

      His mom showed up and yelled at him for biting me and then for using his special power to age in reverse. Apparently now his mom had to go through all the work of raising him from the beginning now.

      I asked my cousins if they knew where everyone else had gone. The said that they didn't know and didn't care. They both pulled out laptops and started playing DOTA 2.

      I started to get absorbed into the game. It was this tundra map that I had never seen before (For the record, I haven't even played DOTA 2, I've only watched my cousin play.) And this character who could rapid fire multiple streams of arrows. The character seemed really overpowered and was killing everyone else.

      Spoiler for Interpretations (I'm gonna start doing these daily.):

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    6. Wiley Ice Raft

      by , 10-16-2014 at 03:05 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      Riding my bicycle on a narrow path through the snow. I stop to let another bicyclist enter the path. As he does, someone else approaches and they block the entire path as they talk. I wait a bit to see if they start moving. They don't. I go to sneak past them, but they shift their stances and block my way. I'm just happy they are having a good conversation. The second guy notices me and lets me through.

      As soon as I pass by, I notice a side path that goes to a floating wooden island in an ice river. I ride out to it. The two guys follow me to it because it is a really cool raft that is connected to the path. The two of them ask me where the forest is. They have heard there is an impressive forest around here. There was. I look around at all the tree stumps from where it was all around us, and inform them that it is gone now. Also, it wasn't that impressive in terms of size compared to other forests.

      Suddenly, the platform jerks loose from the path, and begins moving through the water. We all hang on, nearly knocked into the river. Stabilizing ourselves, the two of them jump off as we near the shore. As they do so, the raft jerks again as it accelerates rapidly, nearly knocking me off. I hold onto the front edge of it, letting my bike fall into the river as I lay down to stay on it.

      It speeds up again, too much for me to hang on, and I fall into the water. Before being left behind completely, I grab onto a small metal ring with one finger and hold onto it with all my might. It is really cold, and I am completely soaked.

      Holding on against all odds, I stay with the raft, and manage to pull myself back onto it. It is just coasting now. I lay down on the raft and catch my breath for a bit.
    7. 11th of june -> 12th of june.

      by , 06-12-2014 at 01:11 PM
      Date:12th of june.
      Total sleep:10 hours.
      Supplements: B6 and melatonin.
      Daytime Techniques:RC's, mantras, sensory awareness training.
      Lucid Techniques:was not lucid.
      Recall Techniques: Mantras, dream journal.
      Fell Asleep:12.00
      Dream Title: sex scandal at the supermarket.
      Dream: I only remember bits of the dream, some of it being: Having sex with someone named Suzie? (wtf) Outside of a supermarket. And finging she posted pictures of my penis on the internet to get back at me, for what, i cant remember. Also being by a trailer at the highway, before eventually swimming out to raft in the ocean with my little sister. After we arrive at small raft, we spot a bigger one, and swim out (my little sister clinging to me). When we reach the raft i see a familiar face, Hannah. My memory stops there.
      Recall: 2
      Emotions/feelings: happines, shame, aroused.
      Dream Signs: common DC's (Trym, familiy)
      Objects/places/DC's: Supermarket, highway, ocean, trailer, raft, people, alcohol, Trym, George Clooney, Suzie, Hannah, Mia, Video.

      Dream fragments: Have a faint memory of a ''beauty and the best'' kinda scene.
    8. An Island

      by , 12-17-2013 at 10:59 PM
      Date: 12-17-13
      Time: 8:54 P.M. - 2:16 A.M.
      Technique(s) Used: Binatural Beats
      I was on a raft, gently floating towards a large island.

      The raft hit the dock, and I jumped off. I was not human - my arms were much too long. Nonetheless, I began to explore the island.

      I climbed up what looked like oddly-colored bamboo shoots with speed and ease. I climbed and climbed, not caring to stop.

      Eventually, as the dream willed it, I did stop, and was near a dark cave. The ocean was to the left, for waves were splashing up near the entrance. I was human now - my arms were as they looked in the waking world. There were more shoots around, which were prompting me to climb and see what else there was. However, something else had caught my eye, and apparently a DCs as well.

      Just below the entrance, inside a small crevice, was a tiny, golden egg. I lift it up, only to feel a powerful hand shove me away. There were two other DCs there - both tall, strong men. They wanted the egg.

      The egg flew out of my hands towards the ocean when I was shoved. My arm suddenly flew out and hit one of the men smack in the head. He staggered backwards, and I guess I hit him pretty hard - he didn't know what he was doing here. I told him that he was checking out something else on the other side of the island. He seemed to have a revelation then - he made his way there, the other following suit.

      I grab the egg before it can be washed out to see, and in that moment, it hatched. Inside was a small, dark blue bird (Now that I think about it, it looked like a very small version of the flut-flut from Jak and Daxter). I held it close, gently stroking it - I didn't want it to fall back into the ocean.

      As I held the creature, loud bangs echoed from the other side of the island. Handing the bird to a DC that was close by, I went to investigate. While I walked, I noticed a few other caves, some holdin old remains, one even holding an archaic-looking chest.

      I made it to where the other two DCs had gone, and sure enough, they were digging a pathway through the island. They were just about finished - I could see the other side.

      On the other side lay a cul-de-sac.

      I woke up soon after entering.
      From 2:20 - 5:51 A.M., there were only a few fragments, of which I cannot remember.
    9. Raft

      by , 03-08-2013 at 02:09 AM
      On my lunch today at work I decided to take a nap in my car. I honestly only remembered this because of the angle I tilted the seat back at, I had a moment of vertigo and deja vu. It's a dream fragment from last night.
      I'm laying on a hard surface, my body feels so heavy. There are people nearby but I cannot move to show them I'm still alive. I struggle to open my eyes, but I cannot keep them open. My vision pans out to third person and I see the raft. The wood underneath me, the waves lapping at all sides. It's raining softly. I can see someone curled on his side, Liam approaches through the water. He grips the timber by my head and says something to me, pulling himself up so his shoulders are clear of the ocean.

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    10. To the New World! Or not...

      by , 10-09-2012 at 02:26 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      I had one dream last night about having to find enough space for a jigsaw puzzle that wanted to solve itself.

      I had another dream that may have been subtly influenced by the fact that yesterday was Columbus Day. I had set sail with Green, Red, Blue, and Vio (Four Swords Links) to discover a new land. Instead of having a ship, though, each of us was on a small raft. We were heading "roughly west". We passed a lighthouse, and, after a couple minutes, we stopped at the shore of a small town (no, we hadn't discovered anywhere yet; we were just stopping for the evening because it was getting late).

      We went inside a building somewhere and found out that the mayor of the town was Mr. Pilgrim, who we were going to meet. I'm pretty certain he was Scott Pilgrim, but I woke up before I could meet him.
    11. The Raft

      by , 04-27-2012 at 09:01 AM (Dream Trek)
      I was with my friend VC, and he and I had built a raft. There were various items on the raft. Three of which were a part of the raft itself. The bench, the food chest, and the stove. The stove, I recall, was a bit loose. I spoke with my friend about departing. He asked me which of the two streams ahead we should take. I replied that I wasn't sure, as they both had fast-water that would possobly overturn the raft. I must have made some sort of mistake, because the raft became unanchored and we began to depart before we had a plan. I grabbed hold of the raft and hoped for the best, when suddenly we collided with a wooden post, capsizing our raft. I was thrown off of the boat, as was my friend. I waltched him float away underwater when he was simply YANKED into a high-flow water current. Shortly after he entered the current, I was sucked into it too. I slammed into a wall, and managed to come up and take a breath just before being sucked off in the other direction (The current drug us through a tunnel made of bricks, that took us about 50 yards in one direction, and then took a 90 degree left turn and sent us another 50 yards). We finally washed up on a loading ramp. My friend was waiting in a line for something, and so was a female character. I was laying on the ground, recuperating from this very strange event. While I was laying there, I sparked conversation with the girl who was waiting in line. After conversation had ended, she talked to another female figure, whispering "Do you think he likes me?".

      Some time passed. I approached the girl, and I thought "I need to ask her for her number". But I didn't have my phone or paper and pencil. So I simply recited my own phone number to her.

      Scen changes slightly this is now a weak dream and very unstable... I'm swimming toward the building with the ramp. Having a conversation with my stepmother in my head, as she's not there... And I'm asking her what the building is. She says it's some sort of veterinary facility... I notice the building doesn't have a ramp anymore, but a door.

      I awaken.
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    12. Lucid Last two nights :D

      by , 09-10-2011 at 05:25 PM (Typho's DJ)

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    13. Fragments: driving, boating, and bjs.

      by , 01-23-2011 at 06:39 PM
      These are all dream fragments-

      I am in my house. Everything that Is happening is scary.

      I am in a car, I am racing my cousin through this mountain range. There are really steep hills. We stop at a forest with a lake. We then hike somewhere.

      I am by this fire place and someone gives me a bj.

      Me and five others are in this maze of canals and platforms, it is all underground. We get separated from two, they get killed by another group of six. Us four killed two of them. Then we got in an inflatable raft and had a boat chase. The other four were very close and shot two more of us. Now it is just me and my cousin. We then got our boat sunken. We are trying to inflate one out of little dots. We climb out of the water and I throw a dot at the water. It hisses and becomes a raft. We then ram the other fours raft.
      The ends?
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