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    1. Dream - The Celebration & Choir Competition & I Got A Reply

      by , 05-19-2017 at 08:46 AM
      Date of Dream: FRI 19 MAY - 2017

      Dream No. 115 - Separated Sections

      Dream 115 A - The Celebration
      My mum and I were driving when I saw a really bright rainbow in the sky. When I told her to look at it, these really dark clouds started to cover it up but then a second rainbow had appeared. As we drove closer to our local area, more and more rainbows started to appear until there were heaps of them. The sky also started to have other signs of strange, colourful light in it as well.

      When we were within our streets, I noticed that a lot of houses had their Christmas lights on although it wasn't Christmas season. My dad suggested that it was this annual celebration that was taking place. We went up one backstreet and got out of the car. My parents had presented someone with this massive bag of Easter eggs. That's all I can remember for this dream.

      Dream 115 B - Choir Competition
      I was in an unknown building that looked like the reception area of somewhere like a clinic or a hospital. Just outside the doors, there were all these primary school students lined up wearing blue and yellow uniform. Apparently they were one of the schools involved in a choir competition. When they came back in, they sat on the chairs close by with their teacher sitting right next to me. I kept trying to get the teacher's attention to say congratulations but everyone kept ignoring me.

      The next school to go outside for singing was Killester College. The dream must have skipped their repetoire as straight after, the choir was leaving the place. As they were all walking along with Mr. H, WB saw me and we frantically waved at each other. She had then pulled out some sort of polaroid camera and was trying to take a picture of me. I thought didn't know what she wanted and so I tried to avoid being snapped. She desperately tried to get my attention and said she just wanted to say bye to me, so I then deliberately smiled for the camera.

      Dream 115 C - I Got A Reply
      There were two instances in this dream where I got a reply. The first one was fan mail that I had sent to SML in waking life but in the dream, I actually saw that there was a reply! (no reply in waking life). My dream mind had pieced that Logan had composed the reply and there was this gibberish in which the only part that made sense was something about my music.

      The dream then moved to me messaging TH on Facebook (I have not done this in waking life). Shortly after, I get a message from someone else, I have forgotten the name of this account. I eventually suss out that this is Taylor's aunty and that's all I remember about this dream.
    2. Rainbows 'n' unicorns

      by , 01-31-2013 at 12:11 AM
      The title describes everythin' ^^

      Hello! Name's Bladey, and welcome to my new, fresh and completely empty dream journal!(at the moment...)

      Years ago(At 2009), I had an old account(still exists, it's name is "the-dragon-whisperer" if you're interrested in reading 'bout it) where I posted stuff I dreamt about when I was at the age of 12, plus or minus a year. I carried on and did my biggest mistake of all time=Give up. As of... Let's see... 2 days ago, I drew the decision that I didn't give up, I merely took some time of it(Which seemed to be 4 years). I didn't think of the value of how it is to be in a world where anything can happen! Even I believe that the happiest place mankind can ever be in is their own imagination, which includes dreams in my opinion.

      My point is, dreaming is an incredible experience, and your hearts decire can be fullfilled in a temporary timespan. That's why I chose to get back to the Lucid Dreaming community, cus I want to experience events that is either unlikely or impossible to witness in physical life. Hell, even holding your nose but still breathing through it is an experience to die for!

      My goals in dreaming life is this=Experience my dreams as they come along. Sure, if I have an incredible event in mind I want to do in my dream world(A.K.A, goals), then of course I'll write it down, and those events will either end up on my signature or as an editable post in this DJ.

      As a second note, I haven't had much time to get back into Lucid Dreamin', but my task will be to try and post every day if I dreamed or not, and if so, write down what I did dream about, of course.

      Thank you alot for reading and may the journey's through your wicked/naughty/awesome/creative dreams stay with you.
    3. Second Lucidity Attempt Led to Crazy Dreams

      by , 11-03-2012 at 06:08 AM (One Crazy Ride to Lucidity)
      So during my second attempt to become lucid I kept waking up and it would fail, so then I gave up since I have an early work day during the week, and went to sleep.
      I remember small segments of my dream, and I'm not sure if they were all separate dreams or just continuations of the same dream. I woke up in between each segment, but at one point I THOUGHT I was in a dream and tried blasting rainbows from my hands....then I found out I was actually awake >_____> Anyways here's what I recorded in my actual Dream Journal:

      First Segment: I was with a group of friends on a cable car ride to the top of a very steep and grassy hill. There were many Evergreen trees scattered throughout the hill, but I remember one of my friends saying "this snowboarding trip is gonna be great!" I remember thinking to myself 'snowboarding? here? Madness!!' Once we reached the top of the hill I was already geared up in winter attire, and on my board. The moment my board touched the green grass SNOW APPEARED, and it covered the entire hillside as I was making my way down. It's as if I was actually creating the snow to ride on, but then I woke up!

      Second Segment: I remember being outside of my ex-girlfriend's home (though it was totally different, and the location was WAAAAYYYY off) talking to her mother and father. Her mother was acting kind of goofy, and laughing a lot, and her father was going on about buying everyone expensive bicycles...including me! I went over to a bike and started examining it when I woke up!

      Third Segment (this I think was either two dreams connected to each other, or just continuing the same one: I was still outside at my ex's house while her parents were goofing off and riding tricycles when I felt a weird sensation in my left hand. I looked at my hand only to find the palm completely covered in pins (the kind you would stick in a pin-cushion) and the bulbs at the very tips were powder blue. I remember saying to myself "this is so weird. why is this happening?" and trying to pull them out. I think I got two or three pulled out, but each one I touched afterwards would sting the crap out of my right hand! What?? So I decided I'd go inside their house and play with their cat (they actually don't own a cat in real life). The cat I found was dark gray, and your standard fat house cat. It would hiss and growl high pitch noises and claw me if I tried to pet it. But for some reason I decided to keep trying to pet him. The cat ran away underneath an end table, and the routine repeated itself...until the cat yelled "**** YOU!!!!" and bit my hand. The bite hurt so much that I got mad, grabbed the hind legs, and punched him in the stomach, and then woke up! At the end of this segment I opened my actual eyes, still feeling like I was in a dream, held out my left hand and said in my head "I WILL blast rainbows from my hand!!!" I think I did this twice before I realized...."crap....I failed the WILD again!"