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    1. Getting to the Competition

      by , 09-13-2018 at 10:02 PM
      I'm walking along the street in my college town with my roommate moving towards the university. We are planning to go to a Smash Bros competition and it's late at night. We head into the Agriculture building in the basement and start looking for the room. We come across others who are also in the competition. They have TV's and controllers in their hands and I hold a door open for them as they walk through. I start to see more and more people enter the building, and not all of them are in the tournament. It's especially strange as it's also late at night, however, I don't end up thinking more about it. A girl I know shows up and starts talking to me. I'm moving up a ramp to start walking and she follows, but gets stuck on the rail for the ramp that heads down. The only thing that stops her from sliding all the way down is her shoe that gets caught on the side.
    2. March 15, 2018 Frags

      by , 03-15-2018 at 02:31 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I only got a few hours of sleep so this will be pretty brief.

      The dream scene was a baseball field. I was in the stands and there were a bunch of kids in the outfield. Come to think of it it might've been a soccer field. I was shifting around in the stands between the adults catching the baseballs thrown. I would then throw baseballs to individual kids trying to get them involved. Ecstein was there on the field.

      The stands turned into this weird ramp pattern. We had a bunch of balls that weighed a lot. We were pushing them down the ramp and into a corner. There was apparently supposed to be a fight.
    3. Dream - The Hairdressing Scam

      by , 05-25-2017 at 06:47 AM
      Date of Dream: THU 25 MAY - 2017

      Dream No. 119 - The Hairdressing Scam

      My mum and grandma took me to the hairdressers to get a haircut. It was when I sat down on one of the chairs next to a wall that the lady put some glasses on me and started doing all these optical tests on me. Then all a sudden, this lady who is doing my eye tests is yelling across the room at another customer. She yells something like “Stop disrespecting the need of the business!”. Only then did I realise that this wasn't a hairdresser. I felt scared that the lady would yell at me too but anyway, I said to my mum, “This isn't a hairdresser, it's an optometrist!”. My mum started crying from shock and I got out of the chair and walked out of the store with her. As we were walking away, my mum was making all these remarks at the lady. One I could remember was that we weren't giving any of our money away.

      So we joined my grandmother back in the mall and decided that they would go back to the car early and have their chips. I followed them down a strange looking street with all these op shops but I was distracted all these racks of jewellery and I soon completely lost them. I eventually came to an area that looked like normal housing suburbia and there I noticed a complex where the lift to the car park was. At first, I was thinking of going down by myself but when I stood and looked up at the big metal doors, I started freaking out and said to myself that I couldn't do it.

      I went outside and once had the idea that I would call for Dreamy WB to help me down the lift. I walked around all the streets, calling her name but nothing happened. A few times I'd call “Dreamy WB” with the loudest voice in dream history. In this dream, I found that my voice was very loud and clear and was not restricted in any way. Also, every time I called out, I found myself trying to imagine that she was behind a corner of an object and that she would eventually come out if I called her enough times. Still, there was no change and so I decided to call out for her by her alternate guardian name, Miss T. There still wasn't any response and so now I was panicking. I went back to calling out “Dreamy WB!” until I was back at the lift complex.

      I now noticed a ramp leading downwards as well but I still wanted to call her just to what would happen. Then this room, looking like a public bathroom, appeared next to the lift. All these young girls were coming out of it, including a handful of Killester girls amongst the unknown ones. Still, I couldn't see Dreamy WB anywhere. I went outside again to wait for her. Then when EL comes out, I ask her, “Where's WB?”, she tells me she's coming. It takes a while but WB is one of the last girls to come out of that bathroom and when she's outside, no one else is around anymore. I tell her I need her help. She said she would go with me but she had something else to do first. WB pulled out her phone and used one hand to text someone. She invited me to stand next to her and so that's what I did. I full on hugged her while she put her unused arm around me, while she continued texting. Once she was finished, we walked up to the lift complex but I woke up before anything else could happen.

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    4. Zombies vs. Christians

      by , 01-06-2012 at 02:36 AM (Jakro Goes Hardcore Into LDs)
      Last night was underwhelming once again in terms of dream recall - or I should say last day, and I only slept 6 hours. I have been struggling to sleep at night and it's interfering with my recall. Compared to my usual recall this has not been at all worse though. I am still struggling in cultivating a habit of actually making notes of my dreams right after I wake up. I should just do it. On a brighter note I have remembered at least fragments on five days in a row. Probably doesn't sound much especially coming from a guy that has been into LDs for three years, but my record stands at mere 27 days in a row. I hope that I beat it come the end of the January.

      So anyway that means that you're in for another "classic" dream. As always I'm only rewriting the lengthy or otherwise memorable dreams here.

      Zombies vs. Christians
      Date: March 5th, 2009
      Lucid: No
      I was playing some kind of a hack 'n' slash multiplayer game - except that in my dreams, games are never games but rather I'm really in their worlds. There were two sides - Zombies and Christians. Your standard match-up... not. I was fighting with a battle-axe and our team was fighting along some ramp, slaying our opponents. I was obviously on the zombie side as I'm so vehemently anti-christian.

      The main group of opponents started coming up the ramp. There was some kind of fence on the ramp, but that would have been easily surpassed should they have wanted it - but I guess they didn't see us, as they went into some mansion through the door behind the ramp.

      I followed them. Inside the mansion there were coffins. I presumed that there would be zombies inside the coffins, but no. The zombies were lying on the tables in the next room, where I noticed one of the Christians crouching and "defusing" the zombie with his cross. Similarly how the bomb is defused in Counter-Strike. WTF? Zombie Counter-Strike? I'd play that. It's a bit odd though, usually in games and movies zombies are just shot to pieces, not "defused" with a cross... Well, whatever. Anyway I was in control of these lying zombies. At some point they got up and started walking whenever I was looking.

      I took something that look like a pancake, inserted it into my mouth. I needed to speak into it to command the zombies. I hadn't done that earlier because it would have given off my location. Now the room only had some woman with my zombie. I put it into my mouth and commanded... "Kill me." Oops. I don't know what brainfuck happened there, but even the zombie looked surprised. Then it started to walk towards me. "No no no, kill the woman", I corrected myself then.

      The zombie took it's time on killing the woman and she didn't look at all happy about my command. She started walking towards me ominously.

      I retreated outside, constantly repeating the command "kill the woman!" through the pancake, or whatever. The zombie and the woman kept following me. Once I was outside, some of my teammates, who for some reason were just idling outside, came to my assist.

      All the sudden some guy comes up to the zombie and says that he is sick of it doing things so slowly. The guy kept talking and I don't remember what he said in between, but somehow he managed to shift the subject to some new law, that said that you couldn't play more than 250 hands of poker a day anymore. He told that it was frustrating, especially for a pro like him, given that he had to meet the betting requirements of bonuses etc.

      I just looked at him flabbergasted. I had forgotten about zombies and all. The I collected myself and just answered: "I'm not obeying that law."

      That's it, now to wait when the Zombie Counter-Strike gets published.
    5. insulted; debbie harry exorcism

      by , 04-24-2011 at 01:58 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in some kind of big building like a museum. The building seemed to have a couple of floors, the upper floor and lower floor visible to each other. The lower floor was far down from the upper floor and was connected to it by a bunch of ramps. The walls were fronted by brown wood panels, which were set aslant from the real walls. Mild lights beamed down from the high ceiling.

      I was on the upper floor, but I was talking to an old lady who stood in front of some painting down on the lower floor. The old lady had grey hair in a big perm. She may have also been wearing a blue, polyester suit, like from the 1970s.

      I was apparently either a Nazi or Jewish. Somebody, not in the museum, had said something degrading about me because of what I was. The person who insulted me may have been something like a Nazi.

      I was complaining to the lady. The old lady told me something like I should go right now to confront the person who had insulted me before. She told me something very specific to tell him. It may have involved dropping her name.

      I may then have imagined a view of me walking outside, into the black night, in some kind of suburban area. I then imagined, without sound, being in some kind of public setting and standing before a black man, as if I were in the process of telling him to stop degrading my Nazi or Jewish character.

      Dream #2

      Some man had died. Something about this had caused a ghost or demon to occupy the man's place. So now there was some kind of exorcism being performed.

      It was black night. A black man was chasing the ghost, who looked like Debbie Harry. The black man was dressed in some kind of outfit with a straw-woven chest plate made out of long, white beads and a tall headress that looked something like a fountain made out of straw and grass. The man kept hitting Debbie Harry on the head with what looked like drumsticks with padded tops.

      The man was chasing the ghost along a weird structure that was like a maze of ramps made out of wooden planks, like a bunch of wooden bridge-like ramps. There were flat areas as well, also made out of the wooden bridge-like structures. The ramps and flat areas were all lit up by light bulbs like the light bulbs on amusement park rides.

      The wooden structure was as big as a mansion or an apartment building. It seemed to be on the shore of a beach, at the edge of some kind of dense jungle.

      The ghost may finally have run into some high up, central area of the structure. The central area was really lit up with a bunch of lights. It was either something like an altar or a throne.

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    6. Cows in Bed

      by , 03-25-2011 at 01:08 AM
      I entered this room and I was looking up at this very big bed with two cows standing on top. There were also several smaller animals up there, but they were hard to see from where I stood. I had come there to remove the animals. I would have no problem getting the smaller animals off the bed, but the cows were going to be more of a challenge. I couldn't carry them Like I could the smaller animals and if they jumped, they would surely get injured. (the top of the bed was about 5-6 feet high) I was going to have to set up a ramp for the cows to walk down. I was angry at how people could be so neglectful with their animals. Didn't they realize that cows need a much bigger area to graze. (It never occurred to me just how odd this situation was.) I first surveyed the room. If I set up a ramp straight out it would end at the bed on the opposite wall. That bed was a normal sized bed with a pretty blue flowered bed spread on top. I didn't want the cows to have to walk over this bed, because they could do damage to it. Therefore, I would have to put the ramp at a diagonal. I walked out of the room to look for something I could use for a ramp. I asked someone next door if they had some boards I could use and a man handed me four 2x4s that were about five feet long. I handed them back to him telling him I needed boards that were much longer and wider. I then headed across the street to find something. As I was crossing, I noticed that some people that I had come with were by the road ready to put up barricades so the cows could safely cross the street to get to a pasture. I told them to hold off blocking the road because it would take me some time to make a ramp for the cows. There was a lot going on in the yard across the street. There were big plastic things all over the yard and people were busy assembling them. I asked what was going on and they told me that tomorrow was the birthday of the little boy who lived there and they had to have all these giant plastic animals assembled before then. All I could think was what a big waste of money to buy all these animals for just one day. They surely didn't plan to keep them there permanently. There were too many of them. I asked the people assembling the animals if they knew of any boards around that I could use and they said that they didn't and they were to busy to help me look. I then remembered that there was a large board in the garage and maybe if I looked around I might find others. ( The board I remembered was from real life, but this was not my house or garage.) I headed to the garage to look. That is all I remember.
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    7. 23 Nov: Confrontation with a dark lord (incomplete)

      by , 11-25-2010 at 11:32 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      23:00 GMT

      I’m walking on a very tall inclined ramp, which is supposed to be some kind of viaduct, but the cars on it just start to slide down, due to inclination. I was going up, but then I’m really curious with this, because the cars then become people, pigs and kittens and they are all sliding down this ramp.
      At the end of the ramp, there’s only a concrete floor, so I watch animals and people falling painfully on the ground and I feel sorry for them. I also slip but I can fly, so I land very graciously. Down around the ramp are people sitting on chairs just watching these other people falling. I wonder what is this horrible show about. A girl then explains to the people present that this used to be a popular anti-gay sport. (What??) She explained only the very manly men would have the guts to slide down this enormous ramp to land on this hard floor to prove they were really though. But now people use it as an equality celebration, so boys, old ladies, little girls with their kittens, everybody takes the slide and slams down on the ground. How ridiculous!

      Confrontation with a dark lord (incomplete)
      I enter a town. I’m walking down a deserted street which reminds me of Lisbon downtown but more medieval. Then I see my reflection on some window and realise I also look medieval, with long straight hair and tiny braids. I make a U-turn at the end of the street and I see two bad looking guys coming in my direction. I feel threatened so I decide to fly away, but instead of just flying away, a machine materializes under my feet as I think about flying, like two metallic steps that hover and fly me away extremely fast. I reach the centre of the town and hover among loads of people who walk peacefully under some arcades. They look surprised with my gadget. Too surprised actually, so I decide to step down from it. But then some guy bumps into me violently and drags me accidentally to inside a tavern and we fall on the floor and my machine gets all broken into pieces. He his very sorry and offers to help me. Pays me some drink and we sit on the back table trying to put the pieces together. As we try to fix it I realise the pieces don’t match and are increasing in numbers. Then I have a huge déjà vu and tell him ”We’ve been here before, doing exactly this!”. He asks me “Like time travel?” and I say “I remember being on this situation with you before and at that time we got stuck on it endlessly. This is a distraction maneuver, the machine will never be fixed. I must go.” So I left.
      I end up in the middle of a group who’s throwing a banquet. They hand me over some plate and I decide to join in. It’s kind of outside gathering on a garden but prolonging indoors. I check some table inside with some food and I choose to take an omelette, some pasta, green cubes, some weird pinkish translucent steak-like thing and lots of sauce.
      Back outside I sense a strong darkness, I look up and I see him. He sits on a high throne overlooking the guests. He is all dressed in black and has long black hair. He reminds me of Severus Snape, but in a younger, scarier yet much more attractive figure... I sense his mind control over people, so I do a kind of voodoo thing to escape his control, by visualizing the food I’m eating as himself: as I eat it (him), I gain control over him or at least he loses control over me. But I am not sure if it works. Then I’m called to his presence and when close to his throne he says there’s a cup of dessert which was specially kept aside for me. Others are looking jealous and seem about to eat my dessert if I don’t pick it up fast, but I wonder if it really is a privilege or if it’s poisoned.
      Then I am chasing him around the town, but he can also fly and teleport so I lose track of him. I reach an internal square patio and I see an open door to a building. I sense that he went inside, so I enter and I see this long corridor. It’s crowded with young people, like a university and I have trouble getting across.

      Then frustration, because I can't recall the end....

      6:00 GMT
    8. "I found it" (mysterious anchors on boat ramp)

      by , 11-05-1970 at 05:05 PM
      Morning of November 5, 1970. Thursday.

      My dream’s setting is an isolated river bordered by woodlands, though with a large boat ramp on one bank. I remain on the side with the boat ramp. It seems to be early morning.

      Wayne, a chubby male schoolmate, though not a friend, is present at times, though I had been in the area for several minutes before his arrival.

      According to my dream’s backstory (which I experience only as faux memory), there had been a severe storm from the north that somehow caused a lot of supposedly valuable and mysterious anchors to be washed up over the boat ramp and riverbank. I remain uncertain as to where the anchors came from. Some are very old, yet some are modern. They are of various designs and materials, though mostly made of types of metal.

      I want to have all of these anchors for myself as a sort of treasure, but Wayne claims that they are all his, inferring the “finders keepers losers weepers” cliché, even though I had been present in the area before him and had discovered them. “I found it,” he says, upon approaching one of the anchors of which I had seen before he appeared.

      Variations of the situation occur over time, and sometimes there are less anchors than at other times. Eventually, however, I become semi-lucid and realize that the anchors are mine as they are of the dream state. I also notice more anchors present as the water lowers.

      By way of RAS mediation, Wayne serves as my personified preconscious. His dominant claim of ownership of the anchors is autosymbolism for RAS initialization and stabilization of the waking transition. The river is a typical dream state induction factor, as water symbolizes entry into REM sleep. This dream additionally includes the common water lowering autosymbolism for the waking transition. My dream self finding the anchors symbolizes subliminal awareness of stable threads of conscious self identity, many of which are often missing in the dream state. Ordinarily, it is the purpose of RAS to initiate the emergent consciousness. However, since earliest memory, I have always held the natural inclination to be aware of the dream state and the meaning of its autosymbolism, the knowledge of which eventually leads to apex lucidity and greater clarity of mind.

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