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    1. Sorry

      by , 09-17-2018 at 01:54 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      Happy dreams

      Dreamed short dreams about Jamie. In one we are at the hall from the other dream where she was possessed and we are dancing. There are other dreams like these that I can't recall but they happened over a few days.

      Messed up

      Dreamed Jamie was trapped inside a giant dybbuk box. She was floating in liquid, arms outstretched in front of her.


      I'm trapped in the box with her, we are floating in the liquid, her hair is outstretched everywhere, I am stroking her hair and consoling her. She says, "I love you." and I wake up.

      Next night.

      Jamie is mad

      Dreamed I was watching a class room. Jamie is in there and looks mad. She has a small chalkboard in front of her and is writing a message with multi colored chalk. I gather she wants to be left alone in the dreams.


      Dreamed I'm in my room with Jamie and my aunt is yelling at me. Jamie gangs up on me with my aunt and yells at me too.


      Dreamed I was meeting a dark haired girl at a motel. Switched to cinematic of outside and all I could hear is the one up sound from mario.... LOL.

      Last few nights.


      I'm in my room talking with asuka and we are trying to figure out why Jamie is suddenly mad at me.


      See the classroom again and Jamie has written ,"I hate you," over and over again on the board in white.


      I wake up by a tree with giant tendrils, one is stuck in me and one is stuck in Jamie. I look around and see other people in the field with tendrils stuck in them.


      Strange dream about me infiltrating the Illuminati. To do so I had to drive towards BC by a forest. After driving for sometime it was night. There was a storm suddenly and there was strange clouds of energy. I got sucked into one.

      Next I am in a building. I walk from a lobby and get greeted by Sam Golbach from youtube. Umm okay. He's illuminati? Makes sense.

      He leads me into a classroom. For the test to join we have to go up against a creature to test our dream skills. Wish I remembered the details. I fought it by becoming it or something. After Sam seemed really impressed and said he had never seen anything like that. Guess I was in.

      I left the building and found myself on some street. Got picked up from Raven Knight and I told her what just happened. She decided to infiltrate the place too so I showed her the directions to get to the dark forest.

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    2. Lucid for a bit

      by , 02-20-2018 at 04:42 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      I had several dreams of being trapped in an abandoned sanatorium. There was a demon there who was making it hard for me to breathe. I remember Asuka and Jamie trying to get me out.


      I was at my brother's house playing guitar and trying to get the right guitar tone. He had a blue effects processor.


      I was in a truck driving through a city that looked like Las Vegas. In the Truck was youtuber omargoshtv.

      I was in somebody's house or a restaurant. Downstairs an asian family were eating something. The food they ate slowly turned them into Zombies. I went upstairs to a balconey and find a window. I hear the zombies getting more rowdy, they have vine like black veins that are coming from their skin. I fly out the window. I Become lucid because of the gravity being light. I fly towards a green valley. I go fast quite a few miles.

      I find a house on the edge of the valley and enter it. I find a black couple I seem to know and warn them about the zombies. I tell them to leave immediately before they get here. The guy says it's okay he can handle it and offers me a pepsi. I see a 2 liter bottle and ask if he has cans? He says no, So I take the bottle.

      The truck I was in pulls up. I get in and someone from lethbridge is in there. I mention it's a dream and I can't believe my lucidity is lasting so long. He nods in agreement.

      We drive for a while and I lose lucidity. I have to pee so I ask if there's a stop. Turns out my dad is driving the truck and we stop by a grove of trees. I go out to pee but my dad starts arguing with me for some reason I can't remember what. An asian family tells him to stop picking on me but he persists. I wind up throwing him to the ground and say some final words in the argument. I take off somewhere but can't remember.


      I am in a desert valley with some people from the dark tower series. I am shooting a gun and kill lots of bad guys. A black wolf keeps teleporting around and I can't get a clear shot of him. I pull out a device and call Raven Knight. I tell her to get there quickly because we are pinned down. She arrives on an elevator that appears out of nowhere and begins tracking down the wolf.

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    3. What?

      by , 06-13-2017 at 04:39 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Kicked out

      I'm standing in the doorway to my dream home with someone. Asuka is mad at me and telling me to get out because I'm drunk. I explain I'm not drunk and try to prove it in very long and coherent sentences.

      Raven's explanation.

      I'm on Facebook chatting with Raven Knight. She sends me a message that reads: Read the signs. and has a link with it. I click it and I'm standing inside of her post. I see four dream journals scrolling down. I seen mine with the purple title's Raven's, Noad's and someone else's maybe viatorem's... There's text above the four journals... but then I notice another dimension to the text. The words hich I can't read are arranged to form other words. Read the signs she said I remember.

      I'm inside the supposed dream she wants to show me. In it I am Bjork and Raven has me by the hand and we are flying through the forest. "This is how you died." she is saying. Then I see myself as a woman standing in front of a train. "No" I say... "It can't be." I'm frightened by it. I see myself get run over by the train. Then I see myself as an angry spirit chasing after the train. Then I realize that I never was Bjork... but a spirit who thought she was bjork when asleep.

      Fun with vehicles

      I'm flying over a world map. I go past Israel and over by Saudi Arabia and wind up in some muddy place. I find a humvee jeep and steal it. People are chasing after me.

      Looking for a place

      I wind up at Cousin K's looking for a place to stay. She has three houses all over town. I find one where she is currently and it's night time. The house is filled with friends of hers. I am smoking a cigarette. I am in the living room and I ask if I can rent a room in one of her houses, I tell her I am working overnights so money isn't a problem. She kind of nods. I get up and walk around, one of her friends follows me and asks me for a smoke. I notice sets of stairs everywhere I go exploring until I wake up.
    4. Mosh and Raven Knight 2017 06 04

      by , 06-07-2017 at 02:40 AM
      My dream:


      I'm in a huge battle around Bjork's inner world. Me and Raven knight are destroying Remote viewers with song spells. Raven is switching songs rapidly.. lots of metallica. My song was more guitar riffs, I was playing something similar to the four horsemen by metallica. The remote viewers died way too easily. I guess their bark is worse than their bite.

      Raven's entry:
      2017, 06-04

      The Dark Mirror

      I am in a place I don’t recognize. It is a cave of some kind. I hear the sound of the ocean from one direction so I follow that sound. There is light getting into the cave from various places where cracks have penetrated through to the outside. I follow the sound of the ocean and emerge on a ledge that is high up over the ocean below. And I’m not alone there. MoSh is there with me. He says we have to find the mirror. At first that doesn’t make any sense, but then I remember something about a mirror in someone’s inner world that was allowing Templars to attack. I pinch my nose and I find I can still breathe, I’m dreaming. I tell MoSh that he’s dreaming and he says he already knows that. We search around on the ledge and connecting caves until we find a place where there is an outcropping of rock reaching over the sea. On the outcropping is what appears to be a mirror, but the mirror is totally black with no reflection. MoSh says that’s it, and he wants to go kick some Templar ass. I go to the mirror and plant a couple timed explosives on it. We both go through, then the explosives detonate behind us and shatter the mirror, destroying the portal behind us.

      On the other side of the mirror we are in another strange place. There are Templars all around, and it seems to be a wide-open area outside, I really don’t get a very good look at the surroundings because it’s dark and MoSh and I get attacked right away. MoSh tells them to leave Bjork alone, though at that point I couldn’t think who Bjork was. No matter, they shouldn’t be harassing anyone, so now they would all pay. As we are attacked I focus on using Battery by Metallica to call down bolts of lightning on the enemies. In spite of there being so many of them, the Templars seem to die pathetically easily. When they die they disappear from the dream. I focus on the song Damage, Inc. by Metallica and throw fireballs at many of the Templars. I then transform my right arm into an Alex Mercer blade and start cutting Templars down in large numbers as they attack. The Templars are attacking using an assortment of blasters and also melee weapons such as swords and battle axes, though none of the weapons seem particularly effective. I focus on the song Phantom Lord by Metallica and create an expanding wall of fire that incinerates many Templars. Soon it looks like any Templars left are retreating, and MoSh tells them they’d better not come back!

      After the fight is over MoSh is saying we need to make sure the mirror is gone from Bjork’s inner world so they can’t use her any more. My mind still isn’t remembering who Bjork is, but I say that’s fine, I’ll try to get back to where we saw the mirror. I focus on Through the Never by Metallica and both MoSh and I go through the resultant portal. On the other side we are once again on the rocky outcropping that reaches out from tall cliffs over a deep blue ocean. It is a quite beautiful sight. There is a pile of rubble on the rocky outcropping where I know there used to be a mirror. I point to the rubble and tell MoSh that the mirror is history. Just to make sure I drop a fireball on the rubble and turn it all to ash. MoSh says he hopes that takes care of things. Everything fades to black as I wake up.
    5. Shared: man of shred and raven knight. 2017/5/26

      by , 06-06-2017 at 04:33 AM
      My dream:

      Me and Raven remove a Dark energy Symbiont from Bjork. We heal her with music. She apologizes to me and promises to keep the dreams with me a little less. There is forgiveness on both sides. Yay!

      Her dream:

      2017, 05-26

      Dark Parasites

      I am in a garden area that is very beautiful, more beautiful than any I have ever seen in waking life. I walk around, thinking how beautiful it is, but not giving any though to the idea I might be dreaming. I wonder how this place could have existed right near where I live for so long and yet I haven’t found it. I can tell it’s not new, all of the plants are too well developed to have been recently planted. I wander through the garden for a bit before I see three people not far off. I head in their direction. There seems to be a dark cloud around two of them, it looks pretty unpleasant. The two people surrounded by a dark cloud are MoSh and a woman I don’t know. The third person is Asuka, and Asuka comes over to me.

      Asuka is upset and saying that Bjork is doing something to MoSh, and I have to stop her. I head over to the two people standing in a thickening cloud of darkness. It looks to me like both of them could use some help. I focus on the song Touch My Heart from the Devil Hunter Yohko soundtrack to remove the darkness. A pillar of light energy forms around both of them, sucking the dark cloud away and burning it off in the blinding light. After the song is over I see something strange on the ground between MoSh and Bjork. It is a black thing with many tentacles that is squirming around on the ground, first reaching for MoSh, then reaching for Bjork, as if it can’t choose which one it wants to try to attach itself to. I look at the thing and all I can sense in it is dark energy, not a sign of a spark, either dark or light. So it is a thing wholly of darkness. I focus on the song Battery by Metallica to call down a bolt of lightning that strikes the black thing between MoSh and Bjork and turns it to a pile of ashes that blows away in the wind and is gone. MoSh is looking at Bjork, who just looks disoriented. I focus on the song Voices from the Macross Plus soundtrack to bring some more healing energy into the area. The area fills with light energy. Bjork says she will try to stay out of MoSh’s dreams. Asuka looks quite pissed off at her and says she had better or there will be trouble! I wonder why Asuka is so angry, since it looked like the parasite had been attacking both MoSh and Bjork
    6. Lucid but no Cigar.

      by , 05-19-2017 at 02:21 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Lame work dream.

      Another work related dream. I had to work at a different store for the day. I remember the inside being really big.

      more HH of Bjork

      I'm half asleep an see a woman's face in hypnagogic imagery. It's like she's trying to conceal who she is but not doing a very good job. she has her hand over the bridge of her nose. But I see the eyes and hair that is kind of dyed red. It's obviously Bjork.

      Lucid Party

      Asuka is leading me out of a bedroom while I'm lucid. she leads me into the dining room where data, and some of our children are in party hats and there's big cake on the table. I want to dilate time and think of a song. I start singing a parody of the ending lambchops song, "song that doesn't end" and try to make the lyrics about dreams, "This is the dream that doesn't end!" But everyone starts singing the lambchops version off time with mine. It throws me off. and for some reason it wakes me up.


      Can't remember much but a bunch of dimensional portals open in my house. They are energetic circles with red edges and people run through them. Pretty sure it's remote viewers. I am hiding behind a couch when Dr. Strange emerges from a portal and claims he's there to help. He's not really fighting, but he pulls out something like a bingo dabber then pulls out a vial with purplish liquid and pours it on the dabber. he hands me one and says that all we have to do is mark the invaders with these things and the invaders will be immediately transported outside.

      We go around the house marking everyone until they are gone. I go through the house and notice that Asuka, Data and the kids are missing. I have no idea what to do about it when my recall fades.

      Different house.

      I'm in a different house. I go into a party room where some people and my cousin are. I tell my cousin about the dream but he get's annoyed. I find a red chapstick cylinder and tell him we were using something like these to get rid of the bad guys. Him and the other people get annoyed at me. I also spot a guy that seems familiar. I think he's Nomad's friend. I leave the room and briefly become lucid. A part of the house has a bar with stools on it. people are sitting in them.

      Fa, get out of bed and RC, Still in the strange house. I walk through the hallway and enter the bar area. I spot L from work sporting a cowgirl outfit. I tell her it's a dream. She looks at her hand briefly and says, "So it is. Thanks for telling me." I keep walking. I walk through some more hallways not knowing what to do.

      I Try Walm's time dilation method. I jump at the count of 40 to keep the dream bubble from collapsing. The dream snapped back and stabilized. I walked into the other room with the people. I began to feel tired right away. I found a couch and fell asleep on it.

      Perceptual Barriers

      I'm walking outside my supposed house at night time. Don't remember leaving the house and become lucid. I'm on a residential street at night time. I flap my arms and fly up. I see the house I was supposed to have come from. It doesn't look like grove street. I see a big grassy field by it and some trees. I yell, "To my inner world house!" and then the house vanishes before my eyes. I just see a highway road between grassy fields. I start flying down the road. Everything seems normal. I don't know where to go next So I decide to troll and old flame Jamie. I think of her and where her dream might be. As I do this I notice a large overpass on the road. Okay maybe she dreams at a farm type home like she grew up in. So, I fly where the overpass road goes but instead encounter another overpass. I decide to fly under it, but when I do thousands of overpasses materialize everywhere. I fly under another one and find a concrete wall with lots of road lights. I turn around and find myself blocked by another wall. Now I am trapped. The dream ends.


      I am flying over a desert road during the daytime. I see Raven in a crowd of people and she doesn't have her hood on. "There he is!" She declares and points a bunch of people gasp. I look to where she's pointing and all I see is a sandy and rocky cliff with a cave in the middle. I look to the top of the cliff and see Jesus standing on it in a "see me in all my glory" pose. I go to fly up to him but I wake up.

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    7. Shared: MoSh and Raven Knight May 8

      by , 05-11-2017 at 02:25 AM
      Similarities in bold

      My Dreams:

      Finding Asuka

      Remember trying to convince Asuka to come with me. Raven was there. I grabbed Asuka's hand and she grumbled, "do you really have to hold my hand?" I said "yes, because I don't want to lose you again. I want to make sure we make it home together."


      I am in my inner world house with Raven and Asuka. I go to a window and an undead version of Professor Snape is looking in through the window. I run to the back of the house and tell Raven I spotted him.

      Raven's dream:

      2017, 05-08

      Dark Mirror

      I am in a place I don’t recognize. I look around to see if I can figure out where I am. After walking for a while I realize it looks somewhat familiar, but at the same time not familiar. It looks like a creepy dark version of a place I have been before. There are run down houses positioned around a cul-de-sac, and the people walking on the sidewalks look distinctly like orcs. I find that strange because the neighborhood looks completely normal for this world aside from the fact it looks like it has been abandoned and now is falling to ruin. I start walking along the road, not sure where to go or what to do in this strange place. The orcs wandering around don’t seem to be paying any attention to me so I pay no attention to them. Then I see a man approaching me, definitely not an orc. Maybe he knows what is going on here. I go over to him and ask him where we are. He says it’s supposed to be his inner world, but it looks like someone has made a mess here again. At first that statement makes no more sense than this place does, but finally I put it together and I realize I’m talking to MoSh, but this sure doesn’t look like his inner world…

      MoSh says we have to find Asuka, so I agree to help him look for her. We go through a rundown looking house that I think is most likely haunted and we come to what looks like it used to be a beautiful garden, but now everything in it is dead. I look at the dead and brown plants and wonder what could have happened here to make them all die. I then realize there is a woman in the garden, but she is down on her knees next to something. I wonder what it is that she is looking at so I go over to see her. It is Asuka, and she is kneeling beside what appears to be the only plant in this whole garden that is still alive. There is a small and somewhat sickly looking plant growing there with a single beautiful flower blooming brightly. I ask what is going on here, and she says she has to save this flower. Everything else is dead, so she has to save this flower. MoSh comes over and seems glad to see Asuka appears to be ok, and he says it’s time to go home. I ask Asuka what has happened to MoSh’s inner world. She looks around and says this isn’t MoSh’s inner world, it’s a mere shadow of MoSh’s inner world. She also repeats that she has to save the flower. MoSh takes her by the hand and tries to lead her away. She keeps saying she has to save the flower and reaching back for it. I tell her I’ll get the flower. I form an energy sphere around the flower, the plant, and a chunk of soil it is growing in and bring that along as I follow MoSh and Asuka.

      As we are making our way out of the strange garden I see someone who wasn’t there when we went in. There is a man standing on and blocking the path to leave the garden. He looks like a walking corpse, and I get a whiff of a foul odor coming from him. He is rotting and decaying. Asuka says he is the bringer of death, every plant he touches dies and decays. She seems worried that he will get too close to the flower and kill it somehow. The zombie approaches us and MoSh ask him who he is and what he wants. He laughs and says MoSh already knows, but he sees a new friend… he might just have to drop in and visit me sometime. I can’t help but laugh when I think of him trying to drop into my inner world and running into my shield like a solid titanium wall, or meeting Vegeta to blast him back where he came from, or the psycho twins Mary and Marty with more weapons aimed at him than he could register sight of before he got vaporized. I tell him if he wants to be erased from existence he is free to try. MoSh says this guy should be erased right now so he can’t bother Asuka or Björk any longer. That makes me think of the song by Björk that comes to mind first, so I add that if he tries to get in he might just end up meeting an army of me. As I say that I form my right arm into an Alex Mercer blade. He doesn’t seem particularly bothered but laughs and disappears.

      MoSh, Asuka, and I go into the house that appears to be a run-down version of MoSh’s house in his inner world. I wonder if I should do something to fix the place up since Asuka said it’s not really MoSh’s inner world. I am looking around the house when MoSh says the zombie man is out front now. I wonder what this guy wants and I head to the front of the house to find him. I look out front and I see the zombie man out there. I think I should go out there and teach him a lesson he won’t soon forget even if his brain is rotting. I go out the front door but now he is gone, as is the whole neighborhood. I look around and now I am in a green meadow with no sign of the rundown house and neighborhood, no sign of MoSh or Asuka, no sign of the zombie. I look and see I still have Asuka’s flower in an energy orb, so that’s good… I am thinking of trying to get back to Asuka and MoSh but I wake up.
    8. A Persistent Delusion

      by , 05-10-2017 at 02:51 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Walking Downhill.

      I'm walking downhill on a forest trail at night time. Apparently I think I'm coming from Bjork's house. I walk down a ways and see a figure in my path. I recognize him as the man I saw at Bjork's house from my first visit there - The guy who was opening windows to make Bjork cold and who also claimed he was "helping her."

      Music begins to play from him. It's four piano notes descending slowly. It sounds exactly like the music from the first IT trailer. I think he's using it as a mind control song. "Come with me." he says. I follow.

      Home invasion

      I'm driving with the guy... who I'll just call night stalker. I'm in the passenger seat and kind of foggy. We are driving in what looks to be a cross between Calgary and Los Santos, from the GTA game. He turns off a main highway like Deerfoot, but the inner city is all different. He keeps talking to me but I don't really hear what he is saying nor am I paying any attention. We come to a residential area and he says, "If you wanna break into someone's home, you gotta start small.. Like this nobody here."

      It is still night time. We get out of the car and go to the house he indicated. He kicks the door in. Nothing happens as we stare into a house in the dark with nobody in it. We walk in. He goes into the living room and starts searching around.

      I hang by the doorway when a light flickers on. A middle aged woman is now in front of me and all three of us gasp. He says "Kill her." And in my shock I stab her in the chest with an umbrella? And in my other hand is a sharp corcscrew which I intend to use if she gives a fight. She screams, and asks what we are doing here? I say I'm not sure it was this guys idea.. I'm just here.

      She seems to forget she was just stabbed. and then kind of invites us in. The man is still searching for things and is so lost in what he is doing, he is not paying attention to the fact that me and the woman are getting along. I sit in a nice chair in the living room while me and the woman talk. Then I notice a small boy with no shirt on is bringing a bowl of breakfast cereal into the living room and he sits down on a chair.

      The man turns around and says. "We have to kill her right now!" and then he looks dizzy. He leans against the wall for a minute trying to get his bearings and vanishes. I realize he must have woke up. But I don't see how it's possible, since I'm not sure if this is a dream. My vision gets that watery look again and I wake up.

      Talking about a previous dream

      I'm talking to someone in a dream and telling them, "I told Bjork that I wanted to cut out the dreams about her for a while. The whole idea of THIS and it's implications is just... insane."

      Raven Knight says, "I know... I was there when you told her!". and rolled her eyes.She sounded annoyed.

      Bjork finds me

      I'm walking in something like a dance class hall with students dancing around me. Bjork emerges through the main door and walks up to me with definite purpose. She looks MAD, but she calms herself as if to deal with me delicately. She tells me to follow her and suddenly we are back at her house. She is folding wet laundry and hanging it up on a metal thing you dry clothes with. her hair is hanging down every time she looks down to fold something. Don't know what the term is for it. Anyway, she says, "You know Robert.." It feels so strange hearing her call me by name. "I was hurt by what you did."

      I said, "I'm sorry... I didn't mean to.."

      She says, "Look i know you're young. And take it from someone who has fallen in and out of love a few more times than you. It IS crazy. It IS a bit insane EVERY TIME! But the only way you can deal with it. Is abandon yourself to it, and let it go it's natural course, whatever the end of it may be. Don't fight it. That's what I do, and then I create amazing music out of it!"

      I wake up before I can respond.
    9. Lots of recall.

      by , 05-08-2017 at 11:52 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Hide and seek.

      Started. I was in another Dingy version of my inner world house. I was playing hide and seek with some teens or something. I counted to 30 with my eyes closed. When I was done I left the kitchen/dining area out the back porch down some steps. Saw one guy running away and said, "found you."

      Went into the backdoor to the basement and saw some people walking down the back hall. Went to my left at the end of the hall where a set of steps lead up but to the right was another bedroom just before the steps. Went in there and there were a bunch of teens smoking. I asked a guy for one. He said no but another blond guy threw one at me I tried to catch it but it vanished. My brother was there suddenly and was like, "What happened to it?" We both search on the ground for a while but find nothing.


      Fragment of me sitting on a couch. I turn on a movie. My aunt walks in and I tell her she probably won't like this violent movie.

      Death by phone

      I'm in some spa treatment place with my mom and long dead grandpa. Me and my mom go to leave. A girl who works there approaches us and says they have an hour until they close. She says, "Let me call someone first... AHH" and then she's on the floor with a burn mark on her face. The reception phone is off the hook. Apparently it burned her to death?

      I tell my mom we should call 911. But i don't want to use the death phone. I go through the woman's purse and find a pink cell phone wallet? I open it and dial 911. I hold the phone to my ear, but suddenly my head is dizzy and hot. I pull it away and throw it on the floor. Now it's a laptop that slides inside a briefcase. I hear some mumbling then a dead phone line. I keep fiddling with it to work but it won't.

      Meeting Raven

      I was walking in an unfamiliar city in a downtown street. I came across a bus bench and noticed Raven sitting on it. I asked her what was she doing here? While we were discussing the impossibilities of such a chance meeting. I was noticing how young she looked. Her hair was longer than usual and had blue or green eyes. I was perplexed by this but my memory fades here.

      Finding Asuka

      Remember trying to convince Asuka to come with me. Raven was there. I grabbed Asuka's hand and she grumbled, "do you really have to hold my hand?" I said "yes, because I don't want to lose you again. I want to make sure we make it home together."


      I am in my inner world house with Raven and Asuka. I go to a window and an undead version of Professor Snape is looking in through the window. I run to the back of the house and tell Raven I spotted him.

      Movie again.

      I'm with Asuka in our living room. She puts on some cartoon anime movie. It starts playing and I see two cartoon guys on bikes going down a japanese tokyo street. I say, "This is one of my favorites!"

      In the movie

      I'm walking along a street with the kids from the movie. One kid is with his mother and he pulls one of the guys off his bike. The guy who fell off the bike pulls out a circular blade in the shape of a table saw and he slices the bully in an upwards motion. The guy starts bleeding out and in my strange dream logic i saw, "He got what he deserves." The mother looks at me shocked. I continue, "Well, if you would have raised your son better he wouldn't have been a bully. and now he might die."

      I go into a school and sit in a class. I'm at a desk way in the back. I pull a book out of my bag and try to place it on the desk but the desk top is missing. I turn to my left and see a student placing the desktop from my desk onto his. I start yelling at him and ask for my desktop back. I take it and place it on the desk. I then back to look down and now I'm sitting in only a chair. With two desks to the side facing one another.

      The teacher asks me if I've cleaned the fridge yet. I hesitate and then answer, "No because I was never told to." . Asuka walks up to me and says my glasses are bent sideways and are falling off my face. The dream gets a watery feel like it's about to end. I pick up my glasses and noticed they are not only bent but really scratched. Asuka takes them from me to straighten them out but I wake up.
    10. WTF

      by , 05-02-2017 at 03:35 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      New definition of tooth dream.

      I was sitting somewhere in a house. I was over a bucket and my teeth were falling into it. But something else was wrong... Too many teeth were falling out. When I looked closer it wasn't teeth falling out of my mouth. but crystals!. I wasn't exactly puking them for they seemed to form from my mouth. And when they landed in the bucket, they fell apart like crystal sand. I filled the bucket. When it stopped, Raven Knight emerged from a different room with a very large bucket of crystal sand. She also had a disturbed look on her face. "Well I'm glad that's over with." She said. I wondered if this was a by product of something we had been doing in earlier dreams.
    11. No lucids. lots of mini dreams.

      by , 04-03-2017 at 05:37 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      I remember being on the moon with someone who may have been Raven Knight, we were practicing some special moves on a horde of zombies. Not many details i can recall.

      Dog FA

      I was lying awake for real and nodded off with my dog at the end of the bed who was also asleep. I had a FA in a dream version of the bed and the dream dog lifted his head and smiled at me and I remember he had a funny face.


      I am at a greyhound bus terminal. I think I am going to Edmonton. I board it and sit down. It pulls onto a large highway. I just fall asleep on the bus feeling the motion of a bus. I feel it enter a large turnpike and can feel the force of the bus turning. For some reason it's very relaxing so I sleep.

      Wrong Convention

      I'm in some sort of large conference area. I take my seat beside a bunch of young people. In the middle of the room I see a display that says, "Dr. Who". I get excited. But instead of Capaldi, Matt smith, or any others that play The doctor. Some black guy in a suit comes out and starts talking in a microphone. He says this is not a Harry Potter convention so everyone has to give up their fake wands. People groan and pull out fake multi colored plastic wands while a security guard collects them in a bucket.

      Balcony problems

      Brief memory of stepping onto a balcony for a smoke. The gravity seemed heavy and I kept almost falling off the balcony.

      School and Starcraft

      I'm in a school playing a weird starcraft game with A and E. They don't seem to interested however and leave the game. I am surrounded by terran armies and siege tanks. I get up from the game and the mini armies follow me so I stomp on them with my foot.

      We go in for another game and this time E seems to be helping me. I remember looking at her blue eyes at some point and becoming transfixed.

      some time later I pick up a sketchbook that belongs to A and then E says I should really look at it because I will find it interesting. I flip through pages of lame stickfigures. Then on one drawing is a nicely realistic drawing of me. and below is a caption saying, "I love this guy." I flip through more and find more journal entries of her saying she has a big crush on me. E giggles at these entries and I say this is impossible. A says she hates me all the time and frankly I don't like her much, what kind of fake news is this?

      Killed by Hit Girl

      I'm wandering in some apartment building going up a flight of stairs. My vision zooms out and I'm watching a movie or something with Tommy lee Jones in it. He breaks into the apartment he's looking for and corners some guy. The guy speaks and I realize it's that DG from my lucid who I fired. Tommy pulls out a gun and moves towards him, "I wouldn't do that If I were you." Joe cool DG says. Tommy moves toward him again and I see a sharp sword come out of his chest. He slowly turns around and I see Hit Girl from Kick Ass is the one with the sword. He stares at her for a moment in dis belief when something like water starts pouring from his wound. He falls on the floor and begins shuddering and sobbing while the water turns blood colored and goes all over the floor. I wake up here.

      Dream Cookies

      Dream frag of standing in a kitchen while Asuka pulls out a pan of fresh cookies. I go to eat one but my vision goes all grey and pixelated and then I wake up.

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    12. 1st Shared Dream in years!

      by , 03-27-2017 at 10:06 PM
      Raven's Dream:

      A Lesson in Dreaming
      by Raven Knight
      , 2017-03-25 at 12:12 (57 Views)

      2017, 03/24

      A Lesson in Dreaming

      I am in what looked like a school. I wondered why I might be there. I look around to see if I can figure out where I am and why I might be here. I am sitting at the instructor’s desk of a classroom like I am there to teach the class rather than take a class. I look at the papers on my desk and see that they are all about dreaming, specifically about lucid dreaming. Apparently, I’m supposed to be teaching a class in lucid dreaming. Well that could be cool. I wait there for a few minutes and soon people start entering the room and sitting down at the desks. I look around to see if I recognize anyone, but no one is looking familiar. As the last people file into the room I pick up some papers on my desk and look at them. I find it is hard to focus on reading the papers, but I figure it is just nerves because I am not used to teaching a class. When everyone is seated and ready I figure there’s no better time than the present to get started.

      I introduce myself as Raven Knight and tell everyone that this is a class on lucid dreaming. Someone in the back laughs and says I wouldn’t know a lucid dream if it fell out of the sky, landed on my face, and started to wiggle. I respond that if anything falls from the sky, lands on my face, and starts to wiggle, I’ll do a reality check. With that, I start to talk about different methods of checking reality to determine if you are awake or dreaming. After I go through several methods including pinching the nose and trying to breathe, electronics not functioning like they should, making print on a page change, and trying to float off the ground and fly, I ask if there are any questions.

      A woman in the front row stands up. She is a Japanese woman wearing a very pretty kimono, I think it is probably too nice for this class. She asks what if this is a dream right now. I laugh a bit and tell her that dreams are what happens when we are asleep, unless she has been daydreaming that is. She looks a bit annoyed and then says maybe I should do a reality check. I tell her I already know I’m awake, so there’s no point in… but then I think better of it. I add that it actually is a good idea to do random reality checks even when you know you’re awake, because getting into the habit while awake can lead to getting into the habit when dreaming. So I go ahead and do a reality check by pinching my nose and trying to breathe. To my surprise I find I can breathe just fine with my nose pinched… so this is a dream!

      The woman seems pleased that I have come to the conclusion that I’m dreaming. She says that just in case I haven’t remembered yet, she is Asuka. She points at a man sitting in the classroom at one of the desks. He is doodling and doesn’t seem to be paying much attention. Asuka walks over to his desk and I go with her. Asuka addresses the man by his name and I realize it is MoSh. Asuka tells him to do a reality check, this is a dream. He doesn’t seem to be listening to her. I tell him I just did a reality check, and this is definitely a dream. Asuka starts suggesting different methods of reality checks to MoSh, and he seems to be doing them but not coming to the conclusion that this is a dream. I wonder how that can be, are all of the reality checks failing to show this is a dream? I think I might be losing lucidity when Asuka takes an egg from somewhere and now seems to be set on showing MoSh the egg rather than on making him lucid. I wonder what an egg has to do with anything. I am telling MoSh he should just pinch his nose, and if he can still breathe through it, it must be a dream. He pinches his nose briefly and then shakes his head before going back to looking at Asuka’s egg. The egg has gotten me thinking of breakfast, and now I am thinking that I can eat all the bacon I could ever want and not gain a single ounce because dream food has no calories or fat! I am now wishing for a plate full of bacon. MoSh disappears into thin air. I wonder what happened to him. Asuka looks frustrated. She says he woke up. I then start thinking that means there will be more bacon for me. I comment that we need plenty of bacon for everyone left in the class. She gives me a strange look as if I have gone quite insane. Everything around me fades to black and I wake up.

      My Dreams:

      Lucid Class

      I'm in a classroom in school. The teacher looks like she just stepped out of an anime/video game cosplay convention - she's wearing some sort of Assassins Creed costume. She's older than me and kind of grumpy. She's arguing with an Asian female student but she agrees with the student eventually. Can't remember all of the conversation but they both turn and look at me. They are now trying to convince me that I'm dreaming right now. I'm uncomfortable with two people almost cornering me and I get stubborn. They ask me to do some tests to see if it is a dream. I humor them so that they will leave me alone. I half hardheartedly do a test not paying attention to the result. The Asian girl goes up to me and has something like a cracked egg. She tells me to count the sharp points of the egg crack and it will make the dream stable. She spins it around as I start pretending to count them not really paying attention to the egg thing. I count upwards and the dream begins to roll up like a scroll until all I see is black.
      (edited this dream per Mosh's request ~ gab)


      A brief dream of being in a kitchen with a guy I work with who likes to be called xereniak online. We are talking about dreaming. I made some sort of joke like "In soviet Russia, Asuka's gardens destroys YOU!" He laughs as he grabs something from the fridge and places it on the island in the middle of the kitchen. We continue talking but the memory fades.

      Note: this is a shared dream. Xereniak told me about looking in a fridge and having a conversation with me about dreaming.

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    13. It Get's Real

      by , 03-25-2017 at 01:58 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Winning at Poker

      I have a brief memory of winning a pot. I won something like $50 or $100. Everyone gets up from the table and leaves. I get seated at a table with a total of 6 players. Me being the sixth, I pull out my cash and I have 250. I consider buying in for only 200 which will give me 100 big blinds at a game of 1/2. Two more people show up and we all decide to sit at a bigger table that seats 10 players. A dealer comes in and leads us to an outside table. It is nice out and we seem to be in a big city.
      Note: I wake up for reals at 130 AM. Take my dog for a short walk, then have a sip of coffee. I then remembered reading a thread on DV about using peanut butter as a lucid or vividness aid. I try it out with a big spoonful. Back to sleep.

      Lucid Class

      I'm in a classroom in school. The teacher looks like she just stepped out of an anime/video game cosplay convention - she's wearing some sort of Assassins Creed costume. She's older than me and kind of grumpy. She's arguing with an Asian female student but she agrees with the student eventually. Can't remember all of the conversation but they both turn and look at me. They are now trying to convince me that I'm dreaming right now. I'm uncomfortable with two people almost cornering me and I get stubborn. They ask me to do some tests to see if it is a dream. I humor them so that they will leave me alone. I half hardheartedly do a test not paying attention to the result. The Asian girl goes up to me and has something like a cracked egg. She tells me to count the sharp points of the egg crack and it will make the dream stable. She spins it around as I start pretending to count them not really paying attention to the egg thing. I count upwards and the dream begins to roll up like a scroll until all I see is black.

      note: I'm pretty sure it was Raven Knight and Asuka trying to make me lucid!

      Super Mario Maker

      I was 3rd person viewing myself on some mountain. I was on a train track thingy for a while going down a slope. I ate a mushroom thingy that turned me into a wolf. I noticed a mario level flag like in the super mario game hiding beneath a peak on one of the mountain. I see my character reach it.

      FA, I'm really dizzy. I stumble into the bathroom because I have to pee. I won't mention what happened because it was disturbing.

      FA, and it's daytime out and I run to the bathroom to pee again. Something even more disturbing happens which I won't mention, a knock on the door interrupts me and some old lady wants to use the washroom. "Just a minute ." I say and I am frantically trying to figure out how to hide my dilemma and walk out normally.

      Kill Everyone Class

      I'm in another classroom. Some weird spanish guy walk in and says. "I'm going to play a game with you all. you all have guns and bullets under your desks. You have 5 minutes to figure out how to load your guns and then you must kill each other until there is only one student left. If you don't comply I will be forced to kill all of you." He leaves through a door on the right. Everyone quietly pulls their guns out and starts fiddling with them. I open the chamber and see it's empty. I find a box in the desk with bullets inside. One of the bullets grows large and breaks in two as I try to put it in the revolver's chamber I try to fit the two pieces back together. I manage to load all 6 chambers in the gun with real looking bullets. I try look for a a device which will load more bullets into the revolver part as I shoot, I find an attachment for the gun designed to do just that. But I can't figure out how to load it. I reach in the box and some of the bullets are actually nails. The whole ordeal seems unfair.

      The Five minutes seem to be up. Can't remember if I take the gun with me or not but I run through a hallway left of the classroom. I hear other people start to get up. I pass another hallway adjacent to my hallway and see an exit with a window and a door. The door opens and a cartoon Asian girl runs through the door wearing a pink shirt and blue overcoat, and there's someone else behind her and I don't know who it is. I am too startled so I run into the other hallway which is just in front of the class room. as i run I hear someone calling my name. I hear, "Radma or Ranma." I think that's my old username who calls me that? I remember Walms or Hukif use to call me that, this gets me even more scared and run to another door which leads outside. When I go outside I get woken up by my alarm.

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    14. More Dreams

      by , 03-20-2017 at 05:19 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Time Dilation Failed Attempt

      I became Lucid flying somewhere. I wanted to try time Dilation right away since most of my lucids last only a minute or so. I flew down until i felt my hand on the ground. I looked at my hand and a space in between my fingers. I didn't count the spaces but I closed one eye. I stared at one spot where my hand was and started counting. Right away I noticed a difference. Water poured from my sleeve all over my hand as I counted. At around 16 water was covering my eyes and everything was going black. When that happened I grabbed again for the ground with my hand and felt it briefly before i drifted off to somewhere else.

      Note: I should be incorporating DEILD here. As for time Dilation I will try closing one eye and resume counting up the spaces between my fingers. If that doesn't work I'll put my hand on a clock and try

      Dog Walking

      I leave my house with my dog on a leash. I am almost lucid but two native guys distract me. They are on my street asking Passerbys for smokes. I don't want to give any away so i keep walking. Two other guys say they can't give any away but they can sell a pack right now. The other guy is like, "screw that I don't wanna pay for smokes just give me one." but the other guys keep walking. I turn the corner and tell my dog buddy to run. We run quick and turn into an alleyway which leads to a park.

      Halfway through the park i can hear the bums talking loudly, It sounds like they are still looking and I am trying to avoid them. It sounds like they are entering the park from the main street so i Quickly walk to the end of the park where a paved walkway is that leads to another park. The other entrance is obscured by boards. On the other side a tall woman with brown hair is playing with her baby. she looks at me and kind of smiles. Me and Buddy can't get past the boards and I can hear the bums coming up from behind. It's here the dream ends.


      I'm with a group of people. We are supposed to board a transit train or something, many people are dressed up in some jerseys, maybe for a race or something. We are in a bathroom I am doing my thing and some lady comes in and yells that the train is leaving NOW. I leave right away and seemed to have kind of pissed on myself, but not much.

      Then I am on a train with my brother. Some guy is also there and a brown haired girl. Some other woman was there who seemed familiar maybe raven. We are talking about the city and she was saying that we should get off at a certain stop, There's a mall there but it's not much populated, so it's asy to get around and do things. I say good idea.

      I forgot where I got off but the girl with short brown hair and her boyfriend run off. My brother says i have to get them to come back before we leave, because he has to drive us somewhere. Somehow I am in a wierd vehicle of my own a small sled? dunno but it goes pretty fast. I wind up in an apartment area near night time still following the people. I hear the girl call my name, and she says She is not coming with us. She starts to talk more but I have no time for that so I take off in my eird vehicle which is a string i am holding which somehow slides across snow. It doesn't seem to work after a while and I ewake up.
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    15. Ancient Ties

      by , 12-24-2013 at 04:08 PM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      I am sitting on my throne in the Temple of Nothing, I, Juargawn (War-gawn) God of Nothing, in the City of Nowhere, in the Land of Nod on the Green Moon. I am the great werecat, now, a black were lion pondering the purple grapes I am eating. I stare at a grape. Condensation forms on it as I watch. I pop it in my mouth. It feels so tiny in my big lion head. I pop the whole bunch of grapes in my mouth. I feel them burst and I bite into them, and grape juice runs down my throat. I sip a gallon stein of mead, and then roll up a big fat joint as the gangja falls into my hand from a special tiny ganja cloud above my head. I lick the organic hemp paper. This joint has about three ounces in it, because I am a big ass werelion, after all. lol, this fucking joint is epic. Win.
      I blow a small puff of fire on the end, and light it up. I feel the smoke fill my huge lungs, and I puff out a flying dragon shape which flies through a sunbeam lighting up the scrying pool here at the top of the ziggurat. My High Priest, the Great Undead Something-Rather, Sarnox The Great, stares into the pool.
      "Well, brother, something's amiss. Eris, goddess of Khaos, has been kidnapped by Cthulu."
      "That makes no fucking sense."
      "God, I was joking!"
      "High Priest, your jokes suck. Hark, I hear a Dreamer calling!"
      I walk to the Mirror, and wave my wand over it, and it ripples like mercury. I see Raven on the other side of the Moon in the Biodome sitting on the bench by the koi pond watching the fish. She looks sad. Big tears jump out of my eyes. I step through the mirror.
      She hears me come through the portal. We make eye contact, and telepathically communicate, saying a lot through images and emotions in one second.
      She runs to me, and we hug, and she buries her face in my chest. "I feel like a little girl right now, because you're so big."
      I morph into a purple jaguar cub with little wings and she picks me up and sits down on the bench. "Aw, you're so cute." She pets me and I purr.
      "It's the Dream Depression... I think in a way, it never leaves," I tell her with my mind. "Let's admit it, the Dreamworld, or Dream Plane is so much better than the Wakeworld. Here we have the power of gods!"
      I jump off her lap, and morph into Loki, like a dark jester mage in yellow and black. I jump up and hover 20 feet in the air above the pond. I juggle fireballs, and then eat them. I burp and a fireball comes out. Raven laughs and claps.
      I fly in a horizontal position about six feet above the pond and shoot lightning out of my fingertips into the water. Raven claps, and I bow, and rabbits and pigeons fall out of my hat on to the water, then the animals walk across the water and jump up into her lap.
      I walk on the water to her. "Oh wow, who are you now, Jesus?"
      "Oh, we're all Jesus, the Devil, Mary, Buddha, Eris, whatever. We're all part of this one Thing, but I think it kinda sucks, the God-mind or whatever Beings made Earth. Why is it so shitty? Seriously."
      "I don't know Nomad."

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