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    1. Wait, I WASN'T dreaming?!?

      by , 02-08-2012 at 12:58 AM
      Okay, so I had been helping tear down a Superchic[k] concert in a church in a nearby town that I've never been to before. (Because I had helped set up.)
      As the last things were being loaded into their trailed, I walked back into the the backstage area, which was designed to also function as a small gymnasium.
      I paused and thought for a moment...
      I am in a what?
      Big, empty room. [dreamsign]
      With what?
      A small number of people in the far corner. [dreamsign]
      And there is what outside?
      A trailer full of stuff.
      Which is?
      A sort of collection of things. [DREAMSIGN]
      And what just got over?
      A concert by a band that is probably a step up in popularity than this venue would be hosting.
      And you're helping them pack away their gear?
      Yes. (Hmm... that's weird)

      ...hey, what's that fifteen feet up the wall?
      It's a door- wait, A DOOR?!?!?
      Yes, it's a door.
      What the heck is a DOOR doing a foot from the ceiling? Wait-

      I promptly spent [roughly] the next 200 seconds performing up to two DOZEN reality checks, many of them multiple times.
      No dice.

      Whaaaaat??? All the criteria in the book have been fulfilled, I have GOT to be dreaming... right?

      Well. I guess not.
    2. Accidental Lucid

      by , 01-24-2012 at 11:32 PM (Jakro Goes Hardcore Into LDs)
      My recall has been getting better lately, but we are still far away from the best I've been and still the dry spell for lucids continues. Let's go back to the past again.

      Accidental Lucid
      Date: October 5th, 2009
      Lucid: Yes
      Method: DILD

      I was having a conversation with my brother in the living room. I was lying down on the sofa and he was using my computer, but with his head turned towards me. We were coincidentally talking about reality checks. My brother doesn't know much about LDing and in fact, he to this day thinks it's some kind of satan's worshipping. Anyway, I started demonstrating to him the different methods that you can use to RC. I didn't have any clue about being in a dream at that point.

      First off I did the plugging the nose -test. I managed to push some air out of my nose, but there was some friction, which made me think that I just didn't plug my nose properly. Still, the seed of suspicion was laid. Next I tried to push my fingers through my hand. My dreams are too realistic, I guess, for that to work. Nonetheless lastly I demonstrated the clock-test.

      The time on the clock only shifted around a bit, so I did the test multiple times, until on the sixth time the clock turned from 12 am. to 7 pm. That was big enough change for me to believe that I was dreaming. I didn't remember what was the monthly challenge. I even asked my brother, but he didn't have any clue. He was surprised too for this being a dream and started writing on my hand with a pen.

      Next I shouted "Clarity now!" to increase the clarity of the dream, despite it being okay to begin with. Shouting that didn't work for me though. Next I asked my brother to make the dream clearer. "Alright", he answered and started writing again on my hand. I guess the stimulation that the point of the pen caused on my skin was enough to indeed make the dream more clearer.

      I headed towards my brother's room, but he was still pestering me with that pen. I told him to do 100 push-ups just to make him leave me alone. Instead he just piled some junk on his hands and started doing bench press with them.

      I proceeded through a corridor towards his room. There was a lot of his stuff on the corridor just piled up, like he was moving or something. I accidentally caused one pile of cd records to fall. I froze and was afraid, that he would attack me angrily now. Instead he started crying over some record. I just told him that it didn't necessarily break.

      Then I just woke up, before I really managed to do anything special. That was my 19th lucid since I started closely keeping a record at the start of 2009.
    3. My Reality Checks

      by , 12-01-2011 at 11:30 AM (Lucid Lucy's Dream Explorations)
      Colour Code: What? When? How?

      1) Breathe through pinched nose. Every time I open my eyes after even dozing off for juuuust a moment.

      2) My 4-sided die. At Random moments throughout the day. I'll study it, look at it, feel it, test it by dropping it from one hand to the other. If it's logical and it does not float up or fall through my hand, I know I'm not dreaming.

      3) Clock. Whenever I happen to be checking the time, I'll question its reality, look away and check it again to see if it's changed or become illogical.
      side notes
    4. fuck fuck fuck i'm so fucking close

      by , 08-25-2011 at 11:59 PM
      the dream really isn't the important part of this post.
      i am slightly aware that i am dreaming during the dream but i don't do a reality check until the dream is ever and everything is dark. i do the nose plug reality check, i am dreaming. i want to make sure so i move my arms and do the finger-through-palm reality check. it works too. everything is still dark. i slowly start to feel myself under the blanket end then i am awake
      this has happened more than once.
    5. aalllmmmmoooossssttttttt there.

      by , 06-20-2011 at 05:45 AM
      i'm standing in my laundry room with Dakotah and out of nowhere i say "i'm dreaming" so i do a reality check and i am dreaming. but i'm not asleep enough and i can't make anything happen.
      i wake up soon thereafter.
    6. RC questions I ask of a DC.

      by , 02-10-2011 at 02:22 AM
      Previous to this where various other unimportant dreams.

      I was seated at a table, a man was on the other side and I the other. I was being asked by him selling some kind of insurance what kinds I wanted. This scenario reminded me of something just like it [I did have this same "kind of" dream the other night but the guy was hiring me for something]. Then he said, "well with this you could have double indemnity and life insurance too." I thought that life insurance isn't health insurance and who is this guy anyways. This realization caused me to pull out of the dream and woke me up. I didn't move at all and pictured the same thing happening but this time I was going to find out what was behind the veil that covers us from the knowledge of dreaming.
      Soon I was back at the table and he was still rattling off insurance terms and questions. When he took a breath I asked him "where were you before you came here?" He looked like he was thinking but couldn't remember and he was a bit disturb by this. "How did you get here?" He turned his head thinking on this new puzzle yet still not knowing. "Where did you park your car?" He sat back in the chair a little worried and dumbfounded that he couldn't remember such simple questions.
      These are the sorts of RC questions that I should have been asking myself to see if I was in a dream.
      non-lucid , memorable
    7. School Summoning

      by , 01-24-2011 at 04:36 PM (The Mailman's Lounge: A Rest Stop for Dreams)
      Normal Dream Lucid Dream Side-Notes
      Sorry for not posting, dream recall has been terrible lately.

      My friend Tony is pulling me to class down the hallway, but I tell him that we don't have school. (There really is no school today, that's why I told him that.) He keeps trying to pull me and says that we do have school, but I won't budge. I start wondering about why I'm at school and realize I'm dreaming. I plug my nose and breathe in verifying what I thought. I realize school must be a dream sign for me. (A lot of my dreams in the past have been at school.) I thought about flying, but wanted the dream to last a while so I went to class. When I walked in, I had this feeling I had to get my friend to class. I walk back into the hallway and decide to summon him. I close my eyes and imagine him down the hall, when I open my eyes he's walking towards me. I smile to myself, happy it worked. I went back to my classroom and and sat down. My social studies teacher came in and talked about a field trip. (I vaguely remember her scamming us out of $100.)


      -I was reality checking throughout the dream which is probably why it lasted a bit longer.
      -I'm glad I didn't start flying because I want to wait until I have good dream stabilization before I try to do things like fly which may make the dream shorter. I am however going to continue to work on dream control and simple tasks like summoning objects/people and I might try transporting myself out of a building in the same way I summoned Carlos.

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      lucid , side notes
    8. July 29th, 2010: Three Short Lucid Dreams?

      by , 07-30-2010 at 10:35 PM (LDHare's Dream Journal)
      I have trouble arranging dreams in the exact order they occurred. Also, sometimes I find it difficult to keep them from merging within my mind before I wake up to write them down. This sometimes results in a bit of confusion when I finally get to writing down my dreams in my journal. Last night, I had what now seem to be three separate lucid dreams within my first six hours of sleep. I have tried to arrange them in the manner that seems most right.

      The first dream I can remember involved a recent road trip I went on. I was traveling by myself through small towns in the west, and I was being followed by a hobo who wanted to take my money or something. This was a bit scary but not, like, a full on nightmare or anything.

      Somehow, this dream morphed and I was walking in a retail store. I think it was a Wal Mart or something. Anyway, the main aisle became a sort of highway and there were people lined up along the sides watching me. I felt strange and the whole scenario seemed off. At first I thought that they knew something about me and the cop was going to find out this secret. I didn't even know the secret! Eventually I figured it out: I was lucid and they were dream characters. This made me feel great but I didn't really know what to do so I just strolled around the store talking to my DCs and enjoying myself.

      There is a gap and I believe that last dream ended, sending me into a false awakening. I remember waking up in my bed. I instantly felt that something was off, so I did a reality check. I pressed my right pointer finger into my hand and it went right through. I had that EUREKA feeling again and got very excited. I jumped out of bed and looked for a way out of my house. I saw the window and burst through it, flying very hard in what would be a eastern direction. I ended up at a nearby elementary school, the one I attended as a child. I stood in the field and wondered what to do from there. So I guess I created a tower and started climbing it. Then I decided that it should be winter and it started snowing. This was awesome! I pretty much just jumped around on this tower, slid down it, made snow angels, etc. etc. I was having fun.

      Eventually, I think this dreamscape morphed into a more alien landscape. I remember sitting under the tower and enjoying the knowledge that I was lucid. Looking about, I was in a new place, a place not familiar to me. I entered a nearby bunker and saw my ex there. This was strange but I accepted her as real. I think that was part of the reason that I started losing dream clarity and lucidity. All of a sudden, the bunker (which reminded me of an old church) started being shot at by nails. Strange. So I promised her I would get the nail-shooter to stop. I went out into the cold and started running in the direction of the assailant. But I fell down a hill and my father was down at the bottom. He had a fire going too and my two boxer dogs Chester and Georgie were down there too. He made me watch after them, even though I told him that I was having a lucid dream and I needed to go. I ended up falling asleep there by the fire and lost lucidity.

      This was an exciting night of sleep but I think I have to watch out for dream characters because I tend to believe they are real and they tell me to do stupid things. Also, I never really know what to do when I become lucid, so usually I just fly around and get really excited. Haha. What should I do? If I focus on plans before I go to bed, will this influence my dreams?
    9. 7/24/10 Saturday dream recall

      by , 07-24-2010 at 07:44 PM
      I had many dreams last night, many dreams which I realize kind of all faded and looped into each other. So it was more like one long and changing dream, fading in and out of states of awareness. (which made it seem like separate dreams.) The past two nights though I distinctly remember telling myself I knew I was dreaming and became aware of my intention for several years now to lucid dream but then I became more lucid in my body and I assume I lost dream control or awareness.

      Fragment: Lorenz was here with me and we were traveling downtown. I think I actually met her downtown. She was very nervous about something, and part of the time spent at this large school type environment although it was built and looked much different than mine or any real one in my dream. It was more castle like and large, like a private school or collage, with terraces and fancy architecture, etc. The coast of Lake Michigan was right next to the left or right side depending, how you looked at it, of the school. Again, Lorenz acted much more nervous than she did in reality or that I could ever remember her acting. There was some performance and many people watching and I remember I had to perform too. There was much more imagery but it all isn’t coming back to me. Anyways, there was a lot of anticipation, not all bad, in it.
      I also feel like a cafeteria was also a part of this dream. Sometimes, I dream of cafeteria’s and having to order food or serve food or sit and eat in one. etc, etc

      I’ve had similar dreams with swimming, and swim meets, although I was never a swimmer in my life. I have had dreams of swimming in large pools or having to swim and race in dark, and dangerous, scary oceans. I feel like this performing or anticipation greatly relates to the above little scene in my dream.

      And then later on I ran into Sherry. Sherry was wearing a dress that was much different but kind of like what I was wearing and she criticized me for this, asking how I could wear it and why, assuming that I knew what she would plan to wear. She was kind of cold and distant, but for some reason I gave her a ride home anyways. She was mean actually, and had kind of become mean to me in real life. As has everyone actually.
      This was actually supposed to be my high school however it was on the North Side, probably because of the times I have went up to visit and hang with Fela or go to a party. I was talking to Sherry and a boy I somehow knew.

      Fragment: I was a kid and I was playing with a group of other kids. We were roller blading in this hilly environment. There were many pathways and as we were roller blading the sidewalk curved and made sharp turns or was blocked by buildings or other things you can imagine would block a child’s path while rollerblading, like grass. Then, we we skating and trying to hide from somebody. I think there were cops or parents or people looking for us with lights so we were trying to escape them. I think there were vague characters I could remember and sense as people from my life but couldn’t pin point anyone by face or name. All just vague representations I knew were representations of people but what people, I cannot say. We were having fun.

      Fragment: It began that we were on a ship and it was speeding so fast I was so scared. I was so scared because I thought something bad would happen and to be in open water like that scared the shit out of me. Mom was with me for this part and she was comforting and assuring and made me feel safe. There might have been someone who reminded me a lot of a teacher I once had named (?) and he taught Math and Guitar. There was some sort of talent show while we were still on the ship and I thought it was really stupid and felt uncomfortable especially watching this fashion show that several girls put on. 6 of them fell or something. I remember that there was 6 of them that fell down. Some were black. After that, I guess we must have landed and everyone started walking towards wherever we were going in a large group, lots and lots of people were here together. Some of us knew each other. I stayed by my dad and I felt very protective of him here. I worried about him and wanted to save him as suddenly there were intense rain clouds but it seemed like it was going to be really bad weather. Like very dangerous weather. This dream was like the earlier one in that there was still a lot of rushing and I was running again as fast as I could but it wasn’t fast enough like always. Dad was running with me too. (This image and awareness of me running has occurred a lot in the past few nights in my dreams.) I have sometimes been jogging outside in my waking life and have had similar attitudes toward my performance. I am pumping my arms to and pushing my legs to try to go as fast as I can and I worry why I can’t go as fast as others my age or older or even younger. Again, there were some males I could vaguely understand and remember as representations but their identities did not come into awareness in the dream. Although, I could see one boy who looked and reminded me a lot of Mike Tr. at one point. We knew where we were going but I can’t remember or didn’t know so much that I could name or describe it for you, only that I could see it wasn’t that far away. It was walkable distance, which is why the ship docked at a pier not far away or something. There was water we had to cross, and there was quite a bit of walking imagery. I remember wanting to go back because although we were trying to get to shelter, I worried that if something bad happened we would need to get back to the ship and flee. I didn’t want anything bad to happen to my dad but everyone else seemed to chilled out and relaxed in spite of the weather. I think that the place we were going to might have become the animal welfare from the next dream. Next dream...

      (I felt like this part of my dream had lots of parts that were really like a second school I attended in LaGrange with many problem kids.)

      Last Dream Fragment: Then, all of a sudden, I dreamt I was at the local Animal Welfare where I volunteer. And my friend Ashley was there. That was where we were walking to. There were many rooms and confusing pathways, just like our welfare league.
      I think I saw Lorenz there again, but I know for certain I saw Ashley there.
      A woman who reminded me of the young, blonde character on Grey’s Anatomy which I think I dreamt of only because it was a hospital type setting. Towards the very end, these two grown women who held some sort of authority at the hospital and were in charge of some higher up type stuff sat in a room and talked to Ashley and I. They appeared very nice in the room and pleasant and polite, however afterwards I overheard them making rude comments about Ashley and I. Especially something about Ashley’s resume and this welfare had a very strong resemblance to representing a hospital I once spent some time at. One of the women said something like but not quite exactly, “ How can we (or), Who will hire her? Look at her resume, she spent a lot of time at our own school here in the corner.” And I didn’t hear them say here in the corner but in the imagery I saw a corner which was the school just like the building in Lemont which served as a school. I was angry at them for feeling like she and I were being made fun of and really felt the urge to stick up for her. Ashley gave me a book which said something about best friends. I felt stuck in this place. It was busy and hectic as always. The same nurse who looked like (First Name-Kathryn?) Hiegel ? maybe her name, from Grey’s Anatomy, diagnosed me with something out of nowhere. Something she said came from a friend she said she saw visit me with a beard. I think it made me feel bad and worry. It had a name.

      To end; in regular day to day life, I've been having much luck at least in reality checks due to the fact that I have been sometime convinced I am actually in a lucid dream in reality but I don't want to be actually convinced of that of course. I have thought sometimes that my dreams and my waking up from my night have actually been a string of false awakenings. I'm not sure if this will help me achieve a lucid dream or not, for I am trying to just keep it as a possibility and question it, but not believe it.
    10. Unreality Check, and Implausibly Plausible Explanation / Bark at the Moon (6-7 June 2010)

      by , 06-08-2010 at 10:39 PM (exdreamer's Dream Journal)
      Colour Key: Non-Lucid, Lucid, Commentary/Notes

      Dream 1 - Unreality Check

      I only recall doing a nose pinch reality check to find that it worked and that it didn't prevent my breathing. Then I did a finger count reality check and had trouble counting all 10 fingers. I kept losing count and found that by the end of the second hand I was up to 6, but was sure I'd counted even more than 10 -- it was odd. I woke straight up and didn't realise I was dreaming and become lucid. I am unable to recall anything about the scene I was in, if there was even a scene at all.

      This is how I do my reality checks when awake. I usually do a nose pinch followed by double checking with a finger count. It's bloody annoying that I seem to have done this in a dream and didn't become lucid. I do wonder if it woke me up though... hm...

      Dream 2 - PART 1 - Implausibly Plausible Explanation

      I was back at secondary school sitting a History GCSE exam. It was a two part exam, and I was sitting the first part. I was at a total loss trying to answer an essay question that I knew barely anything about. I hadn't done any revision or really paid any attention to anything over the course of the school year.

      Much like my real life self back at school, except I wasn't able to wing it in the dream and do alright despite my lack of preparation.

      Anyway, it was now some days later on a Friday morning. I had a History lesson that morning and the History second exam was coming up soon. I was determined to do a ton of revision and no balls up the rest of the exam.

      I went downstairs to the kitchen and my mum was there. We spoke about how I had just been off school all week and had to go back -- what a drag. I asked why I had been off from school for 4 days of the week since it seemed odd. She said that the Monday had been a bank holiday. I asked about the rest of the week and she told me that I had just stayed off for a little holiday and that the school had still been open.

      Suddenly I realised I'd missed a Maths exam and an English exam during the week. Shit! My mind flashed to scenes of friends at school wondering where I had been. Then I paused for thought and realised I'd already been through school years ago. Why was I still there? My mind seemed to explain this by somehow convincing me that I had just gone back there voluntarily, as had several other people. I was relieved that missing these exams didn't matter because I'd already done them years ago and decided to quit going back to school voluntarily.

      Curse my dreaming mind for creating an implausible plausible explanation. I wonder if my mind questioned that looking for dream signs (of which I identify anything relating to secondary school as) and my mind managed to explain it away? Anyway, another lucid opportunity lost.

      The scene changed at this point in to something totally different, but it was still part of a single dream period...

      Dream 2 - PART 2 - Bark at the Moon

      I was living in a village with my family (mum, dad, and elder brother.) Somehow it was revealed that myself and my brother, G, were adopted. We were still biological siblings and had been adopted at the same time when I was a baby and he was a young kid.

      In reality my brother is 10 years older than me. In the dream I got the sense he was more like 3 or 4 years older.

      We also discovered that we had another biological brother called Jason. He had just moved to the village with his adoptive family.

      It was all over the news and in the papers about how my grandfather (mother's father) had been running some kind of dodgy adoption racket before. There was this woman who my grandfather was in cahoots with being interviewed about it and she explained that just before the whole thing went tits up my grandfather still had 4 children, all siblings, in his care. They were each a set of twins, one older set and one younger. One of each of the sets of twins were given to different families and the remaining two, myself and my brother, were given to my parents.

      There was also another story getting a lot of attention. A local legend about "The Wolf Mama". The Wolf Mama was said to be a half-woman half-wolf creature that bore 4 human children. She was described as having the body of a wolf with the torso of a human woman (like a centaur, but a wolf.) Her head was also that of a wolf. Her torso was split open from top to bottom, gaping wide open. Protruding from inside of her were 4 straight "horns". Two went through each of her nipples, pointing upwards, and the other two protruded from the sides of her abdominal area pointing downwards. Horrific, but also a legend... a creature of myth... right?

      I went to see Jason. He wasn't interested in talking. I found him in a field putting up a fence. I stayed to help him, trying to get him to talk about it. He said he had a younger brother and sister and was happy with the family he had -- he didn't want his life to change.

      It grew dark. The mud was thick on the ground. The moon began to shine... a full moon. Jason turned and stared at the moon. Suddenly he bolted off. I turned to see him running up a small hill. He stopped. I chased after him, and when I caught up I saw him staring up at the moon intently. I looked up and in the moon I could make out the image of The Wolf Mama! I was shocked. Turning to Jason I sensed he was about to transform -- probably in to a werewolf!!!


      I was pretty pissed off. My heart was racing and felt like it was going to rip through my chest. Why oh why did I have to get woken just at the big reveal! Now I have unanswered questions like why wasn't the moon affecting me? What would Jason have transformed in to? Where is the 4th brother? Gah![/QUOTE]

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    11. Two false awakenings, brief lucid.

      by , 12-31-2007 at 06:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      In this dream I had with two false awakenings. I can't for the life of me remember any details about the dream itself, but I do know that I had a false awakening, after which I did and RC by biting my tongue - but it hurt, so I though I had really woken up. Then I had another false awakening, after which I performed the same RC and became lucid for a brief moment and realized I was in a dream, though I woke up for real immediately afterwards.
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