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    1. Reaper invasion

      by , 07-25-2012 at 11:47 AM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I'm at a base on earth that vaguely reminds me of a futuristic version of my grandma's house, and I get word from an Asari that the reapers have just arrived....actually that's the only race that happens to be in here. I happen to be one myself, but I don't get that many details like rank or anything, but I know it's up there a little bit because people a reporting to me. Canibals attack the base quickly and start taking hostages and claiming lives. I head out the side exit and I can see a few muraders and a brute escorting people into a transport. Damnit, why didn't these people prepare more. I don't have any weapons so I can't save them. I got to thinking as I headed through a wooded area. I didn't completely know I was dreaming, but I knew I wasn't myself. I decided to try and wake up.

      I'm in bed and I can make out a figure in the darkness. It's saying "hulk don't want to smash". WTF...pretty sure it's nothing. I open my eyes again and this time things are more clear. Hulk has one arm raised and is about to kill me. I spring out of bed moments before he obliterates my bed into pieces. Someone asks me "are you alright Peter" I tell them yeah. (thinking back to this, I wonder why I never dream of being Deadpool....oh well). I head into another area and Dr P. is there. Ge tells me that Hulk has been indoctrinated by the reapers. We figure it's because his mind isn't all there during the transformation. I'm in the middle of the desert and the reapers are already here? WTF, I thought they would be working on major cities first or something. We head to this cafe that gives me the impression were near area 51. Inside it has all these "UFO" pictures, but they were taken days ago. I recognize them. The reapers are here.

      I had another dream about going to church and I want to say something involving my car and a random girl, but I don't remember. Oddly it was my last dream of the night.
    2. #51. Ghost Ship

      by , 06-14-2010 at 06:54 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      I'm alone on a ship - all of the crew have succumbed to... something. Another ship is attacking mine, full of spirits. I swing over onto the enemy ship and rescue a girl, who turns out to be another ghost. She's my ally in the dream.

      I've had visions throughout the dream of the final battle against my enemy. I've lost every time. Now, the time is really here. My enemy taunts me, tells me that there's no way I can win, but I've seen how he won before and I know I can beat him. I meet his attack with a wave of blue energy that knocks him away and destabilizes the dream.


      Human survivors terrorize each other post-apocalypse, forcing their views on the weaker individuals.

      A group of survivors in some post-apocalyptic world is trying to establish a prohibition on alcohol. The main character (male, short blond hair) is arguing during a town meeting. This is followed by someone accusing, "It's almost like you don't want it gone!" Well, duh.

      The main character is female, now. Long, black hair, looks like a character from one of my stories. She's with the blonde (no longer ghost) girl from the previous dream. They're standing in a run-down shack. Then I show up. My dream avatar is some kind of male mythological figure, with long white hair. A conversation takes place. She's accusing me of something.

      I laugh and say, "You're more of a Reaper than I am!"

      (Unconsciously stepping back and choosing the weapons: a short, hand held scythe for the MC, a sword for the ex-ghost, and I'm somehow fighting with chains.)

      I quickly knock the blonde out of the fight, sending her flying toward the wall. I block their blades with heavy metal chains on the defensive, strike barehanded on the offensive. With ghost-girl out of the fight, I renew my attack on the MC, enjoying what - to me - is a friendly sparring session.

      Ghost Ship. Scare Factor: 3. [/QUOTE]

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