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    1. Interstellar: The Moon Cult

      by , 03-20-2017 at 10:56 PM
      16 March 2017

      The overseers had made a mistake. Leaving a bunch of inexperienced and overzealous 20 somethings alone in a room full of expensive space equipment was quite possibly the most dangerous thing that they could have done. Even more so since one of them had left one of the starships up and running. I don't remember what we were doing there nor do I have a clear idea as to whom exactly I was with I just remember that we were all young, we were all foolish, and that starship was calling out to us; daring us to try and resist temptation. Of course, we didn't resist. How could we? We entered into the ship, took our seats and, in no time at all, we were airborne. What happens next is rather fuzzy. I remember us being in space and flying past planets but I do not remember which ones nor do I remember who was flying. We eventually made it to a planet that was orbiting a star other than our own. I remember the planet was gray and covered in ridges. In spite of its appearance, we found that not only was it capable of sustaining life but it was inhabited but sapient beings. This was according to our readings. Obviously, we were curious and so, like the eager fools we were, we set a course to land on the planet without calling down to ask permission to land, without letting the locals know we were there, and without considering the consequences.

      We crash landed on the surface and realized something strange about the planet. The entire surface appeared to be made of metal. All of those ridges that we saw from above were deeper and more numerous than we realized. Also, they weren't just ridges, they were valleys and crevasses that were lined with houses, pipes, and wires. As a matter of fact, no one seemed to reside outside of these valleys. While there was air on the planet, there was no blue sky. There was no sky at all! As we explored, we began to realize that this was not a real planet. It was an artificial planet that had been built to sustain life. We eventually came to a radial valley in the center of which was a huge cylindrical tower that seemed to be home to several apartment residents. One of them met us and warned us to hide lest they find us. We didn't know what he was talking about but we went ahead and heeded his warning. I do not remember exactly what happened thereafter but I do have vague recollections of hiding from the guards, whom I noticed were dressed like skull kids from The Legend of Zelda**. I remember seeing our ship hidden within the cylindrical tower. Apparently, the residents had somehow managed to hide it in there. I remember it looking really beaten up from the crash and wondering how we were going to got off this planet.

      In time we learned about the planet's origin. The residents were human and were the descendants of pilgrims who had left earth to build this planet. We also learned that this planet was essentially home to one huge cult that worshiped the moon (I'm not sure which moon). At first, everyone there believed in the teachings of the cult but now the current leader was corrupted and the whole place was under the control of an oppressive regime. If they were to find us, we would be forced to join their cult and live here until the day we died. Obviously, we did not want this. The residents agreed to help us escape and go home.

      Over time we came to make friends with a young resident named 'Morty.' I don't remember much about him, I just remember that I really liked him, everyone did. One day, Morty mouthed off to one of the guards and he was killed. I remember how angry and sad everyone felt. Morty's death was a tragedy that stuck with us throughout the duration of our time on that planet. It was also enough to strike fear back into the hearts of the citizens as it reminded everyone what the regime was capable of.

      Finally, the time came for us to make our escape, the ship was fixed and we were ready to go back home. We were only hundreds of feet off the surface when we began to think about the people down below. We began to think about the friends we had made and about how they were trapped. But, most importantly, we began to think about Morty and what he had died for. He died doing what everyone wished they could do. He died standing up to the regime. We realized that it would be wrong to leave these people behind. We knew that the leader of the planetary cult would be at the tower that day. We turned around went back down and started shooting! We exited the ship, guns blazing, shouting, "Revenge for Morty! Revenge for Morty!" Everyone was emboldened by our display of rebellion and pretty soon, all of the residents began chanting along with us "Revenge for Morty! Revenge for Morty!" It was an all-out battle between us and the cult guards. Unfortunately, it was a battle that we lost. We were all captured and brought before the cult leader. He promised to allow us to live and "let" us join his "glorious movement." They were about to begin a ceremony that would welcome us into their cult and assure that we stay there forever. I couldn't take it anymore. I was absolutely fuming. Morty was dead, these people would remain under the thumb of the regime and now we were trapped there with them. Without thinking, I went and attacked the cult leader only to be inevitably stopped by the guards. The leader seemed amused by my feeble attempt and went on to boast about how glorious his planet was and about how it would prosper under the movement.

      I awoke in my bed, the cult leader's voice still echoing in the background. I could still hear him as though he were right there with me in my bedroom. Boasting about the glory of his broken cause.

      **The previous weekend I had been at an anime convention where I came across several skull kid cosplayers.
    2. Rebellion and vampires playing pool

      by , 12-18-2013 at 11:05 PM
      A minor tyrant with some nefarious plan has just provided his elite guard with some new, lethal weapon related to mind control and is staging a private demonstration for two prisoners, people who'd been opposing him. But the guard who's supposed to provide the demonstration, after hearing the tyrant's plans, uses the weapon to kill himself rather than go through with it. The tyrant's reaction to this is mostly just contempt, and he orders one of the other guards to take the dead man's place - but instead, they all kill themselves rather than be involved in this plan. Meanwhile, the two prisoners are set free by the tyrant's heir, a younger brother or nephew, someone who never seemed to take anything very seriously; it turns out that attitude was just an act, allowing him to arrange a rebellion without being suspected. Some seemingly-nonsensical comments he'd made earlier make more sense in light of this.

      There's a woman bending over a pool table, two guys - her servants - behind her. A man lounging on a couch opposite her is holding a camera and taking a photo of her, and he's asking her if she's sure she wants to play this way, 2 against 1. The man currently taking his shot tells him to knock it off, the lady knows her own mind. I'm a 3rd person observer, and from where I'm 'standing', I can't see this woman's face clearly, but her hair and her bearing remind me of Janette. I have the feeling I've been looking for Janette for a long time, and I go in for a closer look. There's a resemblance, but it's not her. While I was distracted, the conversation's turned more serious and they've stopped paying attention to the pool game; I get the impression that this is some kind of informal interrogation of this woman, or she's being put on the spot in some way. She's saying, "perhaps we have to suffer, to (justify or maintain or deserve, some word like that) our position." The others don't much care for this theory.
    3. In Captivity

      by , 10-09-2013 at 01:02 PM (Casting Shadows)
      I don't remember much from my dream last night. I know that my father was holding my mother and I captive in the trailer. I once asked him why, but I don't remember his answer (it might have been something like, "Because I love you"). At some point he texted me and explained to me that he would be drinking the following weekend and I asked him why, but he said because he always drinks on the weekends and the holidays. That wasn't what I meant. . . .

      At some point I'm trying to escape from him.
    4. Four Dream Fragments

      by , 07-29-2013 at 07:31 PM (Casting Shadows)
      [I actually thought that last night would mark the start of a memory without fragments, but I was wrong. Oh well. Normally these sorts of things only last from two to four or five days.]

      1) In this room there is a lot of brown. There are adults with us kids. What we (the kids, I don't know about the adults) were doing is rebellious, but not necessarily "bad" or "evil."
      [Those were the words that I chose when I woke up this morning: "bad" and "evil." I really want to know what we were fucking up ]

      2) Krystal and I were playing a card game, or maybe even a board game (though I don't think so). I had never played it before and so Christine was trying to teach me the basic rules. She was explaining to me that whatever you were to say, you were to say it clearly because all of what you said would be actions carried out by your side. She proved this to me when she said that ice would be a way to escape. I then seen the scenario that she was talking about. A slightly boyish-looking girl was behind a layer of ice, and behind her was a blue monster that had been chasing her. The girl placed her finger onto the ice and drew a circle, which then made that portion of the ice fall to the ground. Both the girl and the monster jumped through the ice and continued their chase. When it was my turn a scene came into my head of a reddish-orange car carrying the game's cards in the back of it and hitting an electrical fence. All of the cards exploded and the scene disappeared and I was looking at Krystal again. She was disappointed about losing her cards, but she understood. "Especially since this is, what, your third time playing?"

      "Fourth," I corrected.

      I was grateful that she wasn't mad at me

      3) Stan was up to something.
      [Can you believe that that was supposed to be a long dream?]

      4) Hogwarts looks like your typical haunted mansion. It's on top of a cliff that is so high you cannot see the bottom, and there are four rickety bridges that lead to each of the four Houses. The rain is falling terribly here. There is a "House Switching" where some of the students are transferred to different Houses.

      I take the viewpoint of Harry and I am talking to sixth-year Tom Riddle. He keeps talking about how he didn't do everything he ever did "evilly." I don't disbelieve him; in fact I think I am contemplating his words, wondering if Voldemort is truly one-hundred percent evil or if he is something else. I think that Tom was talking about the House Switching in "his day" and how he remained in Slytherin.

      Anyway, Harry started crawling on one of the bridges, the one to Hufflepuff. Depending on how you stood it could have either been the one on the left or the one on the right, and I'm pretty sure from the point where I was talking to Tom it was on the left side.

      Here's a point where I can't remember what happens and suddenly I (again, as Harry, who looks very Hufflepuffy) am sitting on a balcony. I only remember there being three balconies for Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw, but there may have been one for Slytherin as well. Ron was still a Gryffindor but I think that Hermione had been Switched over to Ravenclaw. The three of us were talking about all of the House points we were going to collect.
    5. Crazy robot/apocalypse/rebellion dream

      by , 07-28-2013 at 06:32 PM
      Hello DV! It's been a while. Over the summer I haven't been keeping very good track of my dreams for some reason. So ... oops, my bad. But this morning I had a super crazy dream so I felt inspired to post again.

      I'd say this was semi-lucid, maybe lucid? I don't think I quite realized I was dreaming, but it was really vivid and at the same time I realized it wasn't real and that I had control over it ... I don't know, it's kind of hard to explain. It was pretty intense/disturbing, but I felt pretty chill throughout the whole thing because I felt more like I was acting as a different person (that is, I wasn't really myself) and I felt like I was in a movie or something so I knew it wasn't real life. But anyway, the dream:

      I'm walking through a forest that's completely destroyed and there are crashed spaceships everywhere. I'm walking with some other girl and for some reason I know we're going to meet some robot who was sent to help us by the girl's brother. Suddenly we're walking past these two rows of robots on either side of us and they're all identical––they're person-shaped/sized but all white and shiny with glowing blue eyes. I'm wondering which one is supposed to help us, and then one of them just like sneaks up behind us and surprises us and I know he's the one we've been looking for.

      We end up at a grocery store where we're shopping for supplies with a bunch of other people, and we're all part of some kind of secret resistance movement (against what, I don't really know). Some of the people are secretly robots but they're disguised as people––and then they're all buying supplies to help them look more like people or something. We have to buy some kind of magic fabric that other robots can wear so they look like people ... ? Yeah, I don't know.

      Then the police show up outside and we're all like "Oh shit!" and we know that the police will know that some of us are secretly robots because of the specific materials we're buying.

      We all try to hide the materials we were buying, and by now the police are in the store. I shove some of the fabric onto a random shelf and then I pretend to be looking at plastic utensils. (And then Miss J––who's a judge from America's Next Top Model––is briefly there and she's like "I love those forks!" ... Errm yeah. I've watched like three seasons of ANTM in the past few weeks, so yeah. Shut up.)

      Then I realize everyone else has left and the police are after just me. And this weird thing happens where I kind of skip forward in time but I know what happened ... I tried to sneak out a back door but I was surrounded, and then I fell and broke my ankle so I got caught. And now I've been sentenced to some kind of public execution which is tomorrow, but I have to spend the night at the executioner's house...?

      So I'm in the executioner's house and I keep arguing with him about how evil and wrong he is etc. but he just keeps brushing it off. He has a little daughter and he's saying goodnight to her and I'm like, "How can you have a little child and still be an executioner?!"

      Then I distract him with some random question when he's standing at the top of the stairs, and then while he's answering I push him down the stairs as hard as I can. I'm hoping this will kill him but it only knocks him out. So then while he's lying at the bottom of the stairs, I run down into the living room and grab a pillow and then I walk over to the executioner and start trying to smother him with the pillow. He starts struggling and crying and the whole thing starts to feel like super real and disturbing, and I feel guilty, so I stop. But I'm like "Now you know that I have the power to kill you if I want to" and apparently that's enough to convince him not to execute me. .... I think that was it.
    6. Fri Dec 28 (1:47-10:38)

      by , 12-28-2012 at 09:45 PM (Glieuaeiel's DJ)
      Correctional Facility

      [There's a bit of sort-of-lucidity right at the end of this dream, but not enough that I'm willing to call it lucid.]

      One of my housemates lends me one of those red-light scanners through the bars separating our cells. I try to use it to give her ID card administrator access through the prison. From the instructions on the scanner's status display, I'm supposed to scan her card first, then scan the device that will grant her access privileges. Suddenly I notice that a guard is coming down the hall with some new prisoners. I have all sorts of illicit papers and devices spread on the floor of my cell, so I just try to lie casually on top of them as the group passes. Thankfully, the administrator doesn't notice. I scan a few more cards, but then I notice I've lost track of my friend in the confusion. I get up and walk down the center aisle of the bus, looking around at the people in the seats. Eventually, I find her [though she's a different housemate now], but the seats near her are taken, so I just grab a random empty seat a few rows farther back.

      I'm nervous. This bus is taking us to a correctional facility, where we will atone for our crimes. I know it is the morally correct thing to do, but I'm worried that my time here will interfere with my studies at college.

      The bus pulls to a stop in front of my old elementary school. It's almost dark out, and it's drizzling. Everyone seems to be heading around the side of the school, so I follow them. Then I realize there was a fork in the sidewalk a few steps back, and not everyone went the same way I did. But then someone shouts at those other people that they're going the wrong way. We're led into a nearby building with modern architecture (i.e. lots of windows) and up to the second floor. In the hallway up there, I see a number of doors with slots for access cards, and I'm very tempted to test my card on it to see if my earlier experiment worked. But there might be guards nearby, and I'm not sure I'd even be able to recognize one if I saw one. Maybe I'll get a chance to test my card sometime in the next few days, when I have a moment alone. But what if they chaperone bathroom trips? I might never get a chance!

      I realize that I'm not carrying my backpack of stuff. What happened to it? Looking around, I notice one of the plainclothes guards is carrying a lot of luggage for the new inmates, including my backpack. I wonder if it would be polite for me to volunteer to take it back, or if he's carrying it because I'm actually not allowed to have any of my stuff right now. I decide not to ask.

      After a bit more walking, I reach a big auditorium, where everyone is taking a seat. I sit towards the back. Once almost everyone is seated, the facility workers start explaining things to us. They start going through a list of attendance. One heavyset man with glasses and salt-and-pepper stubble names a person who is supposed to be here, because he was summoned no less than 351 days ago. The auditorium takes a collective gasp at that. There's no set time by which you have to answer a summons, but waiting that long is shockingly rude. Perhaps that person doesn't intend to answer for his crimes at all.

      They start going down a list of attendance, but they are interrupted only five names in by one of the new inmates. "None of those people are here; we're all from Bus 84." Apparently Bus 85 got delayed somewhere. Clearly most people here know much more about this process than I do; they must have been committed here before.

      Suddenly, people start pointing at the ceiling, which is made of glass. Looking up, I see some indistinct dark shapes flying overhead. Is it an air strike? Are we about to be dragged into a war? It's hard to see clearly enough to say if the shapes are dropping bombs, or indeed if they are airplanes at all. Then one of them flies almost right overhead, then dips downward and out of view under the floor. It was shaped a bit like the Millennium Falcon in miniature. No one in the auditorium is moving, but I think we're all wondering whether we should be running for cover.

      The ship shoots upward again past the windows on the opposite side of the room, as if it has looped underneath us. It arches over the ceiling, then drops below view on the other side again, closer to the building than it was before. Has the pilot lost control? What's happening here? The ship shoots into view again, loops over the ceiling--and crashes straight down through the room about fifty feet from where I'm sitting.

      One of the wardens shouts, "Good lord!" but they still don't seem to be moving. I guess they're just shocked. Well, damned if I'll be waiting for them. I run for the doors as the building begins to shake underneath me. Some other inmates are ahead of me, but when I reach the exit, there's no hallway: it's just a straight drop three or four stories to the ground. And the entire room is tilting, sliding, falling towards the concrete below. If this were real life, there's no way I would survive this.

      I jump out of the door and land on the highway with traffic coming toward me. It's daytime now. I jump on top of the first car, then jump to the second, and continue jumping my way down the line. This is ridiculous, though, so I obtain a motorcycle from somewhere, mount it, then activate the jet engines. This is fun, but I still have to dodge traffic coming straight toward me. I bounce the motorbike into the air and activate the transformation into a sort of metal hang glider. [Interestingly, I don't think the transformation sequence had any visuals, I just sort of imagined that it was happening in an abstract sort of way.] Then the glider's jet engines kick in, and I shoot above the treetops and continue on my way.

      Now that I'm out of danger, I pull out my cell phone and dial 911 to report the incident at the correctional facility. As I wait for the dispatcher to answer, I'm gliding over a grass field between two roads. There's a cute girl walking across the field. Tall, with wavy blond hair and freckles. We smile at each other. I'm about to fly onward when I remember that making out with someone is one of my dream goals! Letting go of the glider, I stumble a bit as I land on the grass behind her. This is a bit of a risk because there might not be enough action to sustain the dream--but if dream goals weren't risky, they wouldn't need to be goals.

      "Hey, wait! Come back here!" I call.

      She stops and watches me, looking a little defensive. I'm a bit thrown off by the fact that she's a little chubbier than she was before. It's like she's a different person, cute now in a different way. "Um, hi," she says carefully.

      "I just want to make out a little." She just stares at me. "Please?"

      She's still just staring at me as the dream fades to black and I begrudgingly wake up.

      [IRL: Last night, I finally took out my dreaming goals sheet again to pick a few lucid dreaming goals. "Make out with a girl" was NOT one of them, though. Also, I would give a lot to know what crime I committed to be sent to that correctional facility . . . but alas, I cannot remember.]
    7. Thurs Dec 20 (1:53-9:41)

      by , 12-22-2012 at 09:45 AM (Glieuaeiel's DJ)

      I'm browsing a mid-sized room in a supermarket. A gunman comes out of the hallway and starts shooting everyone. In the confusion, I fall over. I'm about to get up and run away when I realize that it's probably smarter to play dead. The gunman is just here to kill people; he's not going to waste bullets on dead bodies.

      Later, I go into an office with cubicles. The gunman isn't shooting anyone any more, but he rules tyrannically over everyone in the office. We live in fear that at any time he'll come around the corner, start an apparently pleasant conversation with us, then kill someone for no reason other than a momentary desire to commit homicide. I talk to a woman who gives me some documents that I must carry somewhere. The mission is part of a resistance effort, and it is very risky. I admit to the woman that I'm scared.

      On the way, the gunman (now a certain YouTube personality) falls in beside me, greeting me jovially. I am terrified of this man's whims, and he knows it--he exaggerates his unpredictability. I'm not sure how to make him go away; he seems determined to accompany me wherever I'm going. At one point, we engage in a rock-throwing battle (like the one in Braveheart).
    8. Thurs Dec 13 (11:00-8:20)

      by , 12-15-2012 at 05:19 AM (Glieuaeiel's DJ)
      I Quit (8:00)

      I'm at a sports club, where we're doing our warm-up workout outside. The current exercise involves teams of three. We lock arms in a specific way, then take turns trying to lift the people on our left and right using our core muscles. I'm the last person in our group to do it, so I wasn't expecting it to be as hard as it is. I try it once--try it twice--and then give up. With hardly a goodbye, I walk back towards the locker room to change and go home.

      On the way is a swimming pool, and I accidentally trip and fall into it. At the last moment I remember that my shoes are muddy, and I hook my legs over the side of the pool so I'm hanging upside down from the edge. That way, the water stays clean.

      After I pull myself back out, the club's head instructor is standing on the other side of the pool, looking at me. He commends me for my civic responsibility in keeping the mud out of the water, and as a reward, he says he's willing to overlook my embarrassing decision to quit the club. "We're back together," he says, and it's clear he's enjoying the double entendre. This guy seems kind of like a sleaze-bag, and I don't think I want back into the club. I throw an apple core at him and go into the locker room.

      Inside, there are some students practicing Apparition. It makes me sorry to realize I'll never get a chance to learn it, now. The trick has something to do with having complete faith that when you turn around, you'll be looking at the new location; I never quite got the hang of it. Oh well.

      I look over towards the secret door, which I also never figured out how to open. Then I see there's some kind of locking mechanism in the upper right corner. It's moving around, which must mean someone is trying to come through the door. Probably the head instructor trying to talk to me again.

      Indeed, it is him. As soon as the door opens, we start fighting. It's a mix of Tae Kwon Do sparring and a knife fight. We end up back outside, advancing and retreating and circling around one another. I'm rather proud of myself for being able to deflect all of his attacks.

      I am joined by a team of fighters on roller blades. They are part of a resistance group that has an ongoing feud with the sports club. Sensing my opportunity to cut ties with this place, I go with them when they leave.
    9. Tues Nov 13 (2:11-8:16)

      by , 11-15-2012 at 05:47 AM (Glieuaeiel's DJ)
      Zoo Creatures

      I'm in an urban dystopia. A narrator gives some backstory about what happened here. I find some zoo animals (including a gorilla) and use my powers to make them do tasks for me. Somehow the story ties into the story of the Wheel of Time series.
    10. Sun. Sep. 2

      by , 09-02-2012 at 06:37 PM (Glieuaeiel's DJ)

      The world's being invaded by evil worms. They move orthogonally through 3D space, and they're composed of luminescent, transparent red air. (These worms are the same thing as those white threads of light that Rand al'Thor sees in the sky in Book 2 of WoT, in the place where he first meets Selene, so it's a good thing they didn't notice him then.)

      There are only a few homes that haven't yet been invaded, each defended by one lonely human who knows the cause is lost. The worms obey a strict turn-based warfare and the territory of each side is well-defined (so it's like a game). But the worms just keep coming, so even with the best strategy, all of the defenders will eventually be overwhelmed. In the house we're watching from right now, a worm has just tried to enter through the window.

      Alternate Universe

      I'm living in an alternate WoT universe where Rand hasn't yet met Mat or Perrin. Everybody also has different names, and I have trouble keeping all the names straight. For instance, Perrin's name is something like "Satch."

      There are two buildings in the woods, fairly far apart from each other. One of them is sort of our base of operations. While investigating the other one, I learn that it's about to be attacked by a dragon. I hurry back to the first building to warn the others, but when they run off to defend it, I hang back. I know I'm probably supposed to help, but I think they can manage on their own.

      Some time later, I walk over to see what happened. My team lost, but most of them are still alive, sort of hanging around the building with the people they were fighting. Mat and Perrin aren't there, though; they must have fled underground when they realized the battle was lost. A woman walks up to me and tells me to find one of them (Mat, maybe), because she's his girlfriend. So I head into the basement, where there's a long, dark hallway. It's kind of scary, but there's enough light to avoid crashing into things, so I decide that for fun I'll go down the hallway without turning on the light. I run most of the way.

      At last I see light in the hallway, spilling in from a doorway on the side. I go inside, intending to tell Mat and Perrin how much fun it is to go down that hallway in the dark. My words die on my lips, because I seem to have interrupted something. Both Mat and Perrin are fully clothed, but they seem to be trying to have sex on the couch, doggy style. After a moment, I tell Mat of the woman's request. With a rueful grin, he gets off of the couch and follows me out the door.

      Once in the hallway, he becomes one of my high school friends. We walk back down the hallway, trying to remember which of the side doors will lead to a staircase that will take us where we want to go. Eventually we try one at random, probably not far enough down the hallway. We end up outside, on a city block. The sidewalks are crowded with people, so I have trouble keeping up with him. Then my Mom appears and starts asking me about something. Whatever it is, it makes me feel really stressed about all the things I'm supposed to be doing right now, and I almost start shouting at Mom about one of them. Then I recognize this stressful feeling: it usually happens when I'm dreaming. Half of me believes that I can escape from these imaginary obligations by waking up, and the other half still thinks that I can't wake up yet because I have work to do! Then my alarm goes off.
    11. Lotta Randomness...8/23/11(Early Morning)

      by , 08-24-2011 at 10:30 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      NOTE: Do you ever find it funny how most of my recalled dreams almost always happen in the early morning(12am-5am)?

      I find myself on a bus heading to school for my first day(Weird, the High School doesn't have buses.). I'm sitting by my good friend Zaine. We generally sit and do nothing for the whole damn bus ride(So exciting, right?). We finally reach school after a stupid bus ride. We get out and immediately go to our first period class. My first period class was a military class(let the record show I'm taking no such class, and those classes aren't even available). My class does a bunch of training exercises until lunch time. For lunch, we get a big sack(haha...sack) of these white-colored food rocks. What the hell? We also got to extremely large carrots(Yeah, I have some fucked up dreams). I'm the one who takes the food over and sets it down. I believe my class consisted of me(duh), two other dudes, and one chick. This dream was a little vivid, so I'm afraid I can't recall how hot she was, if she was at all anyway. I have a blue Gatorade, which one guy throws into a pool nearby. When the hell'd that pool get there? I go over, and someone in the pool hands it to me. I go back, and the asshole steals it again! This time, he throws it over the fence behind our table. Dammit! That was blue Gatorade too! The best kind dammit! I see he has a water bottle, I take it and throw it over the fence(Just an FYI, we can't cross the fence obviously). So now, he takes one of the carrots, and throws it over the fence. The fuck dude?! "These carrots are for all of us dumbass!" I snap. His expression changes. As now, we don't have enough carrot to go around, the food blocks just don't even look the slightest bit appetizing. Now it's been fifty minutes. Time for a class change. I start heading to my next class, and then all Hell brakes loose...literally. Satan and his army are now invading the Earth. The fucker's gonna kill everyone! The sky's color now changes to a blood-red color with black clouds and the sun is dim. We all get lined up to go meet our doom now. Red is standing in the line next to my line. We have a short dialogue, but I can't remember it. Then, we see Eternity up ahead in line. He's crying now. I can't blame him. We're all about to meet our doom. This sucks major balls. I can't stand it! But then, undeniable truth! I become lucid! Oh hell yeah bitch!
      "Rebellion!" I shout. I get out of line, and take a knife from a demon. The demons all seem to be shape-shifted to look like humans. That's retarded. I stab the demon and now the lines become disorderly, and a rebellion begins now. Wow, I'm good at inspiring rebellions. We now proceed into a building to clear out the demons. I throw my knife at one demon, and kill it! Yeah bitch! Now, another demon and Satan himself come in from another door. Satan has a bigass katana thingy and the demon has an identical knife to the last demon's. He throws the knife, which I catch. He runs out, and I throw the knife at him, which pierces his heart. Now Satan throws his katana which hits the wall...less than an inch from me. Holy shit man. Too, too close there. Now the demon's are filling the room, but the rebellion seems to be winning! I go into a room in front of me. I see flying parasites coming at me now. So, I do a Super Explosive Wave, which vaporizes them. Now, another wave is coming. I do another Super Explosive Wave and vaporize them too. I go upstairs into the bathrooms of this building. It's all clear. I go back downstairs, and the building is empty. Damn, we rock! I now go outside, where the sky is normal again. Ugly over to a base, and I see Demons in their normal forms to fight. I see the rebellion has brought hundreds of tanks. I see a few demon's flying in the air now. I go to Kaio-Ken x6 and fly up to them. I kill them all with my fists. Now, the tanks roll in, and the demons look like they're ready to wet themselves at this point. But, I then
    12. highlighted text and human sacrifice

      by , 08-12-2011 at 11:50 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      There was some kind of temple, which almost looked like an indoor sports arena. There seemed to be a huge crowd of people all around, with pale, cold, white spotlights on the center of the arena.

      There was an altar, which was like a stone cube jutting up from the floor. The altar was burning hot and blackened with heat and smoke. A person was chained on the altar. The person's legs were chained from above, so that the legs were lifted a couple of inches above the rest of the body. The arms were possibly chained to the side of the person's body. The person may also have had some kind of blackened blanket over the torso and upper legs.

      The person being burnt on the altar wasn't just being burnt as part of some religious ritual. The person knew or did something against some powerful people. So the person was being ritually murdered. I may also have thought that something I had done had angered the powerful people. So when they sacrificed the person, it was to punish me. And the person who got sacrificed would know this as well as I did.

      I saw a few white pieces or paper or white screens with black writing on them. The black writing was broken up by occasional words printed in orange lettering. The highlighted words were probably one recurrent word. The recurrent word seemed really important to me. (So of course I've forgotten it now.)

      I saw the altar again. This time I got a good glimpse of the person chained on the altar. He looked like a black-Hispanic man with lightish brown skin. He was kind of muscular. He had "tribal"-style tattoos on his shoulders and arms and, maybe, his chest. He seemed to be writhing in pain. Parts of his body were already blackened by being on the altar -- from either the heat or the smoke.

      I followed the priest from the altar to some other spot on the stage. The priest may have been a man very much like the man being sacrificed. He may also have been a wizard-like figure, with a long beard and dressed in a long, black or brown robe with a huge hood.

      I looked to the altar again. There was now an Asian woman on the altar. She was naked, except for the blanket over her. Her uncharred skin was pale. But she was mostly charred or smoke-blackened. She seemed to be in a great deal of pain. She was sweating a lot and writhing around a lot, trying to get out of the heavy chains.
    13. Deleted

      by , 01-29-2011 at 06:46 AM (Torra)

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      non-lucid , memorable
    14. Vivid Movie Dream: Conspiracy, Rebellion, and a Haunting Shadow

      by , 01-22-2011 at 11:52 PM (Torra)

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      non-lucid , memorable
    15. Whole school in rebellion... an angel?

      by , 01-09-2011 at 06:37 PM
      Sometimes in my dreams my mind will create things that i havent seen or heard of before. Sometimes its a very vivid place, or people, and the creepiest thing are the WORDS. People tell me their NAMES, and I don't know who they are. REAL, probable, concrete names. I can't remember any specific dreams where this has happened but a few, but i know its happened plenty of times. Here's one dream that had a name in it, and was very deep and meaningful.

      I was at my school, (It wasnt really my school, I just knew inexplicably that it was my school) and it what nighttime. (All of my school- related dreams happen at night) I knew immediately when I entered the dream that something was very wrong. I was in some sort of class, and everyone was agitated, including the teacher. She was tripping over her words and her eyes were wide. All the students were whispering urgently, and people kept getting up and leaving. I looked out the door and I heard loud voices, and people were hurrying back and forth.
      This part was hazy, apparently I wasnt feeling good and had called my mom. I somehow was in the lobby of the school. I heard the panicked voices from the hallways and an unending trickle of kids were running out the glass doors one by one. I looked out the doors at the sky and saw ominous stormclouds in the dark sky. I was very confused and went to the office to ask someone if my mom was there yet, and more importantly, what was going on. I walked in and not a single soul was there. it was very quiet. I left the room and went outside.
      The walls were splattered with trash and food and paint. Certain areas of the wall were more splattered than others. Kids all over were leaning against the walls on their backs, evenly spaced, all in the same fashion. Silent. Determined. They glanced at me and then glanced away, fixing their eyes on some point in the distance. Some of them had cellphones or gameboys with them, some were bouncing back and forth on the wall, using their upper back. I turned to see I was inches away from a ve-ery strange boy. He had near-shoulder-length, messy white blond hair. his eyes were either black or dark brown, and he had fair skin. His pink lips were in a tight line, and he had earbuds in. his eyes pierced my soul for a split second and then I turned away, I had heard the familiar sound of my moms door slamming. I turned to see her car was pulled up, and that she was looking around bewildered at the kids who were running down the street like maniacs.
      I motioned to her to wait, because i had to use the bathroom real quick. (I actually didnt feel the sensation I had to pee, I just knew I needed to.) I went into a stall, and the rest of the bathroom was empty. (I dont remember actually peeing) I came out and started washing up when I turned to see a lady standing behind me. She was tall and thin, flatchested, and wearing very plain clothes. Her hair didnt look too soft, and it was light blondish yellow. Her face reminded me of my aunts, but her eyes were of a young girl. She seemed to be emitting a silvery light.
      "Hello. I am ____"
      I know she said a name there. (In my dreams, by the way, I never use my ears to hear. I just know that people say things) It was something similar to Lissia Sedan, one name began with an L and the other an S, and the first definitely had an S in it somewhere.
      She told me something, ( I am simply FURIOUS for not remembering it), and I remember that it was VERY, VERY important to me at the time. Something along the lines of, "This looks bad, but stay strong."
      Then she was gone. She didnt just dissapear, it was less sudden, like she was there and then she wasnt anywhere. i dried my hands and ran outside, and hopped into my moms car. We sped away and she asked me what happened.
      Then I woke up.
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