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    1. Dream Journal Entry #3: A Feeling of Dreaming and the Colour Green...

      by , 06-03-2018 at 04:29 PM
      I woke up several times this morning with the recollection of a dream and was given the chance to write it down but I opted instead to fall back asleep, each time waking up and remembering less and less until I had forgotten everything except the colour green and the feeling of having a dream. Oh well, lesson learned!

      Total LD's/Dream = 0/3 = 0%

      Updated 06-03-2018 at 09:58 PM by 95100

      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. Botched WBTB, no dream recall whatsoever

      by , 11-08-2014 at 06:29 PM
      I was planning to test WBTB + FILD this morning but I stayed up to watch overthegun's livestream.
      Ended up going to sleep around 5am (!) and didn't remember any dreams.

      I've been practicing all day awareness (it's hard when you can't be 100% aware of absolutely everything) as well.

      The only things I can remember is a bunch of gray.

      Updated 11-08-2014 at 07:57 PM by 24562

      side notes
    3. Day 15: No show today folks!

      by , 02-13-2011 at 10:56 PM (A Penrose Mind)
      Yeah, I am just drawing a blank. I can't remember a single thing from last night, though I did try my best visualizing checkpoint simpson. I guess better luck next time?

      Edit: OMG remembered something! I was watching a video by the Rats clan that doesn't exist, that's about it.

      Updated 02-13-2011 at 11:25 PM by 41835

      Tags: recall fail