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    1. 8/4/13 - A Dangerous Path

      by , 08-05-2013 at 05:27 AM
      Julie and I are walking through a field. I hear a noise and look down. A couple of feet ahead of me is a rattlesnake. We dodge and step over the snake, but more appear. We spend a good half hour, or so, dodging the snakes. The snakes vanish then, when we reach the end of the field. The ground suddenly becomes wet, uneven rock. We start carefully picking our way across the rock and as we do that, a giant weeping willow appears. We stop walking. Julie studies the tree for a minute and then tells me to put my hood on because the branches and leaves are poison if they touch our heads. We both put our hoods on and walk under and away from the tree. Once we're away from the tree a cave appears in front of us. We walk inside and it becomes a parking garage. "This is what it'll be", Julies says. "They're going to put and hold us here." I get scared. We start making our way through the garage and we are at the exit when a red, old car shows up. There's a man driving. He tries to run us over. Julie and I are able to avoid him and we escape the garage. We are instantly at home, both wondering what just happened.
    2. hands to die for

      by , 12-11-2012 at 10:48 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      So I'm with Bone (guess what....she's blonde) and I realize I can see with my eyes closed. We're talking, and I'm just doing things with ease. I can visualize everything around me like Neo did when he was blind in the real world. (in the third one....I know, it sucked but whatever) So I'm doing all of this stuff, and she touches my hands. I notice her hands are super soft, and I practically melt. I told her how soft mine are and she started rubbing them. We, walked off, and eventually I cam across (forgot her name, knew her in Jr. High she's blonde as well)

      She grabbed my hand, and it was just as soft as Bone's. I told her that it was rare meeting girls with hands this soft back to back. I told her I could hold hands with someone like her for hours, and she let me. We strolled off outside, and she was heading to a her car. She let go and ran off to a red convertible, that was missing part of it's back. I tried running and jumping on, but when I landed on the back, I fell off when she stomped on the gas. I landed on my back, and she put the car in reverse. She moved all the way to about where my chest was at, and I started yelling "hey stop!". I started moving back, and she started spinning out. Dirt was flying up on both sides, and I couldn't move. I looked up at some guy who was near by and told him to yell at her so I don't get ran over, and I kept yelling and trying to move. I was going no where, and just waiting on her to put it back in reverse, and kill me, but I woke up.

      I had a nightmare similar to this when I was little (like 4 or 5) I was out in the drive way, and some red car was about to run me over. I laid down flat, to get in between the wheels, but the floor of the car had a multitude of buzz saws spring from it. It was moving slowly towards me, and I couldn't move.
      Tags: blondes, red car
    3. my uncle the snake!

      by , 07-17-2012 at 03:42 AM (Sean's Dream Journal)
      Several times, I have had this scary and disturbing dream where my great uncle M would be sitting in his house and as I walk in and look at him, he would begin laughing and his bottom lip would drop really far down and curl up into a freaky/creepy smile.

      On one of these occasions however, he done this and I grabbed him and then realised I was dreaming. I went outside to the street and rubbed my hands together to attain lucidity and once outside, I began jumpy from car to car in the street, floating slowly.

      It then cut to a house where my father was beside me and we were looking out to a street where a few people were playing and I remember a red car parked oddly there. I looked up at my dad and said "Your not real y'know?" and then proceeded to make a pile of leaves float around using telekinesis with ease despite being a new Lucid dreamer.

    4. Barber shop, Don't Jump to Conclusions, Blue Snake, Stupid Kids

      by , 05-02-2012 at 06:30 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      I think I'm on my second day of attempting the CANWILD technique that I tried a long time ago that got me to do a WILD pretty quickly before. Going to rely on that technique from now on, seeing as I'm getting used to the alarm I have set up to waking me up.

      I still keep my eyes closed, so that's a perfect way for me to hopefully seize a REM period to have an instant WILD. It'll take a few nights, but I'm not going to give up on this technique, and thanks to the assignments on the DVA courses hosted by OpheliaBlue and fOrceez, I want to make sure I get an A+

      I'm really glad that I joined those courses, it forces me to stick to one technique, because I know how much I complain when I do too many. So for from now, it's the CANWILD technique for me...I know it works because I had a WILD from it on the first go or two.

      Here's the link if you're interested.....


      As for the alarm sound I used, it's the first one in this site:


      The only exception is that I augmented the sound by 500%, so there's no way in hell that I can ignore a sound like that.

      Barbershop & Song Parody


      The way the parody was set up with the tune of the song "I can't Decide" by Scissor Sisters was pretty funny, in fact, it went so fast and it was so catchy that I couldn't possibly remember even 3% of the song.

      The dream starts out where I'm in an environment that seems to be raining a bit. The overall color of this place is brown, and the mix of the rain and the natural color of the place kind of gives off this mood that I should just remain in my place and watch the view.

      Some group of black people came and needed help finding a certain class. They came to me first, but I didn't know what they were talking about, nor did I know what bus route or whatever would take them to the right place.

      Then some random person helps them, and it seems he had a better awareness of a reasonable route to go, but it seemed even he was a little confused on what they wanted.

      While he's talking to them, I look to top left, and there's a road going up, and I see two girls sitting on a bench. Both of them look familiar, one was blonde female and one was a black female. Let's nickname the blonde one Chels and the for the black female, I forgot her name lol.

      I decided that since I know that Chels at least took a math class in the university I attend would be of some help to the group of people asking us a question, I quickly added on to the conversation and declared and pointed towards Chels and the girl sitting next to her might be able to help them.

      They acknowledge it and go to them. They first were waiting on traffic to pass by, so that they could walk or ride their bicycle. I stay inside under some cover so the rain wouldn't get me or anything.

      The people waiting on the traffic are STILL there...and I even told them,

      "Hey, you can go now....there isn't any traffic..."

      But they're still hesitant in going. I decided to just ignore them, and I find myself pushing a mattress on it's side. I look to my right, and I see two barbershops, talk about location and competition.....

      The barbershop that was little further away from me had some guy working on people's hair. He looked familiar, but I could only make out the outlines of his visage. The one closest to me, there was a female working on people's hair.

      I ditched holding the mattress like it wasn't even there, and go to the one with the female inside (lol I would choose the female).

      There were two people sitting down, and I believe there were four rotatable chairs on the left side of the shop. One person was sitting on the one closest to me, and the other was sitting on the third one further away from me.

      There was a seat in front of me, the second one, and I decided to sit there and wait. I don't know why I'm waiting, I guess my dream body wanted a haircut, but I didn't really pay attention to how I looked, seeing as I'm in first person view most of the time.

      I since I knew this chairs can go up or down depending on how you press the lever on the bottom, I decided to have a little fun spinning around and going up and down. But before I could do that, the lady taking care of a person's hair said not to do that since the chair is wobbly, and might fall off if I make it move sporadically.

      I immediately stop, and then someone tells the lady about something related about the chair being wobbly and that I could still play around with it, not to sure.

      Then someone comes in to give me a message from someone, and asks if I wanted to see it. I said no, but I still take the message.

      After they leave, I open it, and now I'm in a different perspective to where the paper takes up the whole field of view. Words start scrolling down slowly, and a catchy tune is playing....

      Sounds familiar.....and I realized it's the tune from Scissor Sisters' "I can't decide" song playing with different words.

      The song is playing while the lyrics are scrolling down, and it's hilarious on how different words are able to synch up with the tune! I spend the time listening to how it is basically talking about me, from how I look and my fitness level, academics, etc.

      After it's finished, I can't remember what I did next, but it was funny listening to the tune of the song with different words, honestly, if I could remember all of it, it would probably be an even better laugh in waking life.

      Don't Jump to Conclusions (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside a garage with a group of people. I believe I have a weapon on me, an old school revolver that's silver, with some dark blue padding on the gun handle I believe.

      I didn't notice this until later though.

      There's this old man who gets near the apartment, and he has a gun himself in the front of him tucked halfway inside his pants.

      I start to panic a little bit, and he also came by parking his red car on the driveway of another house. I just stay back like the other characters are doing, and the man asks while pulling his pants up.,

      "Any of you a student?"

      I almost raise my hand, but the DC to the left and front of me did, and came with the guy. I was going to get ready to use my gun on the old man, but I was afraid that it might not shoot, seeing as in previous dreams, it only worked if I had some kind of pain of loss or something, like with Eva getting injured in the Akashic Records dream I had a while back.

      So the old man and DC, who looked like someone I knew in waking life, let's call him "T."

      He and T go back inside his red car, and they go off somewhere. After they pass, and me acting like a little pussy by hiding behind the door, me and the dream characters come back together near the garage, and I start talking about what the old man is going to do with T.

      I took out my gun, opened the barrel, and there's three bullets inside, and the whole thing can contain six. It's a good thing that I didn't take my gun to shoot him, because I realized the gun itself was set to a slot that had no bullets AT ALL, so if I decided to try and be a hero and shoot at the old man, it wouldn't have worked because there were simply no bullets for that slot.

      And if I shot again to realize it didn't work, it wouldn't have worked again, because ANOTHER slot would be empty.

      So I guess the third time really is the charm in this case if I went in blind fury on how the gun didn't work, because the next 3 slots would have bullets in them. (The last slot was already on the right before the two empty slots if you're wondering about that).

      Anyway, we all calm down a bit after T and the old man go away, but I'm still worried what the hell the old man could possibly want with a "student."

      Then shit started getting even weirder, I swear, one by one, dream characters are randomly disappearing, and I don't know who the hell is causing all of this.

      I look at one random dream character, and tell them that we're in for it now, and that we better start being more diligent. I decided to go outside again, and I see someone coming in with some kind of black jeep vehicle, the type where there aren't any windows or roofs, like the ones you would see poachers use or whatever. (Hunting Jeep)

      Yeah, a female comes out, and she looks Hispanic, she has long and beautiful light brownish hair I believe, almost close to being orange. She was wearing a plain white shirt that was ruffled up a little bit, and I believe she was wearing really short pink shirts that would probably be a replacement for her underwear....

      Instead of confronting her, I duck for cover under a vehicle because I'm not taking any chances with how the dream characters are disappearing just like that. I think I get some dirt on the clothes I'm wearing, possibly sand or dust, but I don't care much about what's on me though.

      The girl looks at how I'm ducking for cover under a vehicle, and she has this face that says,

      "Lolwut, what's wrong with you?"

      Anyway, after she comes, and I forget what I did with her, a red car comes near the driveway on the same house to the left again. I thought this was the old man bringing back T again, but it was a young blonde female, kind of cute by the way, especially with how her cheeks where shaped to make her smile naturally.

      I calm down a bit, and I forget what I did around her as well. The dream shifts to where the old man and T came back, and it looked like the old guy shot T, because T's head was leaning to the side, and he didn't even move.

      I start to get even more worried as the old man comes out, but T is actually alive because he comes out as well! The old man leaves, and I ask T what the hell he wanted to do with him.

      T said that he needed someone young to try out some clothes for him, apparently, it was supposed to be clothes for some female, probably the old man's grand kids or whatever.

      Okay......................................you just randomly come in with a gun tucked in your pants, and you ask for students in an almost threatening tone just so they can test out how some clothes would fit for someone?

      Perfectly reasonable..../sarcasm....

      It's a good thing that I didn't shoot the old guy, seeing as he wasn't a threat to me in the first place.....but one thing remains....

      WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO THE OTHER PEOPLE THAT DISAPPEARED IN THIS DREAM!!! It was like a mini-horror flick in the afternoon....


      I did learn from this dream not to jump to conclusions, even if the person has a gun and has a serious tone in his speech.

      I also realized that I should check how many bullets I have with the weapon in my hand the next time I dream myself with one.

      Blue Snake (Non-lucid)


      I can't remember a lot from this dream.

      there's this blue snake, with black spots at random places, and I decided to kill it because of the fact that a snake with that kind of color looks freaking dangerous.

      I don't know what I did, but I started to chop it up in fear and rage.

      I think during the time I was killing it, either it changed to the color green, or I killed another snake. For the snake that was green, I remember grabbing it by it's tail, and stomping on his head very hard.

      I started to pull its body and eventually hear a cracking sound. I let go of the tail, and it's dead.

      Then some lady talks to another lady on how it's okay that someone's egg was broken, because the blue snake bit on an egg already...

      Couldn't really understand that...but just putting it out there for the sake of remembering.
      Stupid Kids (Non-lucid)


      I can't remember much from this, just walking inside of a store, looking for something. Then some small children were looking at me for a while, and I was kind of annoyed by them.

      The place kind of resembled a Barnes and Nobles bookstore.

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    5. Nina and Boat Ride, Sandwich, Can I Keep It???, Obama and The Search for Kaomea

      by , 03-28-2012 at 02:31 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Nina and Boat Ride, Sandwich, Can I Keep It???, Obama and The Search for Kaomea


      Dream 1: Nina's last Avatar Come to Life?

      I remember being with a group of characters ranging from Naked or Solid Snake from Metal Gear, a few Sonic characters, Nina's last avatar with the light blue character I can't even remember the name of, and a few more.

      This dream felt like a parody, apparently, we were all set on vacation, it seemed like it because things were peaceful, except with the part with some male tried to poke fun into "killing" me.

      I think I was supposed to sleep a few feet away from the guy, and apparently, I'm Tobi before he got his new mask. I found myself shifting consciousness between him and spectator mode a few times.

      When I was resting on the bed, things felt weird, like I knew the guy who was in the big bed with me (because the same gender had to sleep with one another instead of the opposite gender for obvious reasons).

      I think I wanted to use Sharingan, even though I wasn't even facing the guy lol. It just felt awkward being around this person.

      I think I even asked the person if they have their gun with them, and some times, he doesn't even respond, so I quickly turned around assuming he's trying to shoot me with his gun.

      I have a gun of my own as well, it's just that I was worried that he might use his first.

      Then the dream shifts to where it's day time, and I see the character with the light blue hair Nina used to have as her avatar come to life.
      (I don't know if the avatar character was male or female, but everyone assumes it's a female in the dream).

      I stay pretty close to Nina, and she looks a little sad, and I'm wondering why she is sad. I see she has a gun, and it's longer than mine.

      Lmao, she has a longer weapon than me. Hers has a 9 inch barrel, mine has a 6 inch barrel. She lets me see the gun for a while, and the same guy who was sleeping in bed with me
      (note: when I say sleeping, don't assume sex, we were paired based on same gender for safety reasons for the opposite side).

      Then the dream shifts to where we all are on a big green tank that looks like it came off a game like Metal Gear Solid 1. Apparently, it is flooded, but it isn't a problem for me since I'm standing on water.

      The environment is mostly water, we were just either on a boat, tank, and other forms of boats like mini-cruise ships, yachts, etc.

      Everyone is complaining that the tank is flooded, and it's almost close from going underwater. Then Tails from Sonic disappears, and I'm wondering where the hell he went to.

      He comes back super fast to find an alternative for us to travel and presumably go back to our homes, ideally, the utilization of portals.

      I forgot some of the characters that went to their "home" area, and I lost track of what happened when I stepped into my portal.

      I do remember Tails saying that once a person steps into a portal one time for a certain period of time, they can never get back out of the dimension the portal carries them too.

      I believe the portal gave a preview of what would be on the other side, so there was no worries there.

      All I remember for that one.

      Dream 2: Sandwich

      I'm outside, and there are good amount of DCs to make this dream like it's some type of event in college. I was walking with the group, probably just natural conformity to see what's going on.

      I hear two girls talking behind me, and one mentioned that she received 23rd out of 24 on something, I'm presuming it's a test or something of the sort, and she got a lot of credit for it to transfer for her degree, most likely.

      I'm still walking with the large group of people, just listening in between walking.

      Then some other girl was telling how she got 50 hours added on. I was kind of interested in this eavesdropping, and wondered how a person can get so many hours based on a test they took?

      I eventually ignore the rest of their conversation, and the dream shifts to where I'm inside a room that looks like lecture rooms in the Biochemistry Department at College Station.

      I'm near the entrance, and apparently, there are note cards with our names on it. They're supposed to tell us which section we have to go to, and I assume things went based on the people in the line.

      This leads me to assume that my name will be on the card that I will pick up, but it was for someone else, a female to be precise. It started with an "A." and the last name was just too long for me to remember, not insanely long, just a bit.

      I turn around, and see it's a girl that resembles the girl who I sat next to in Physics Pre-AP at the second to last High School I attended. Let's call her Andrea.

      I put back the card quickly on top of the stack, and the same card is Andrea's name apparently. So I go search a little bit through the stack of note cards with our names on it, and eventually find my name.

      Apparently, I've felt I had this dream before, not too long ago, maybe this was a reset that happened a few minutes after the original.

      I thought I would be assigned to the 3 Biochemistry professors, and all three of the main ones where there, at least the ones that I had my first semester.

      But I'm assigned to go to row 501, and went I checked the walls that has the signs with the number ranges for the rows, it wasn't in this room.

      However, there were doors to the right of me to go to the other rooms.

      I turn right and open the door, which is still located at a high level near the entrance I'm at (the room is structured like a regular big lecture room).

      I'm in the other room, which feels shorter, and for some reason, I feel like I'm not going to have a lot of fun with whatever professors I'm being paired with other than the previous 3 in the last room.

      But I still check the walls for the signs, and finally found 501 after some self-questioning on where it was.

      Then the dream shifts to where I see a pretty enticing sandwich in a poster, and then someone is telling us how a sandwich is heated up 1000s of times in a store, just to make us cognizant the next time we decided to heat up the sandwich.

      Dream 3: Can I Keep It??

      I'm riding my bicycle for a while in this dream, with some parts of walking. There's this small dog that has a long body, but is short in size. It isn't really bothering me, but I wanted to annoy it for some reason.

      I follow it for a while, and I do something to make it pay attention to me. It's trying to bark, but I can't hear anything from it, seemed like a really weak animal.

      I ride my bicycle a little faster to see if it can catch up, and it barely can do so. Then I see some girl and what seemed to be her mother. The child asked the mother if she can keep the dog.

      This seemed like the classic "Only if you promise you'll take care of him" thing parents usually give if a child wants a pet, and then she says, "Okay."

      The dog is still chasing me, but it's so short in size, it's hilarious seeing its little legs trying to catch up to me. Then I look at the girl, and the dog goes to her, since it is her new pet after all.

      Then the girl and the mother look at me for a while, and then changed their focus on what's ahead of them.

      Hopefully I'll get a lucid from this WBTB.

      The time was around 5:45 AM, and I figured I could still WILD in that time. For a few minutes I tried remaining still, then I had the thought of getting to first base with Melanieb, and went with that thought.

      Then I decided I should clear my thoughts out instead of hugging my pillow fantasizing about Melanieb. >.>

      I tried to keep aware that I'm drifting to sleep, but I decided to just sleep instead.

      Dream 4: Barack Obama and The Search for Kaomea (DILD)

      I wake up (FA), and I believe my father is asking me for some money. I was wondering why he would need money, but either way, I told him he can use my debit card.

      Then I told him that he can use another alternative, and he tells me,

      "Oh yeah, I forgot about that."

      So he gives me my debit card back, and I see my wallet has a picture of me when I was a child? He heads out to work I'm assuming, and I get up from bed.

      I get a text message from a girl named Jalisa that I used to have for my English Pre-AP class in High School as a Freshmen before.

      This text message seems to be a response to something I texted to her before apparently in the dream.

      But things get even weirder, the response says,

      "Nothing, just smoking drugs illegally <3."

      I speculated if this was actually Alyzarin texting me rather than Jalisa, because I remembered that Alyzarin had a dream where she sent me a text message.
      (it also seems that she never had an Instant Message dream before).

      Like usual, I forget about this and just not worry about it. Then I take the time to observe the house I'm in. I move around slowly, just to take in the detail. It's a little hazy, but not too much, I just woke up, but things clear up a little bit.

      Then I pass through these beads that were hanging on top of one section to go into the a different room.

      Instead of dashing through these beads
      (because I know they're annoying as hell when they get stuck on some gap in the clothing you're wearing) I take the time to go through them slowly. I let the hanging beads slide through my head slowly, and I took this time to try and phase through them.

      To get the feeling of the phasing sensation, I remembered the sound where Aelita enters the tower in Code Lyoko.
      (She phases to go into the tower).

      (from 1 seconds to 2 seconds of the video is what I mean by the sound)

      The phasing doesn't work because there's one more bead sliding slowly on my head, and I didn't bother trying to go through this process.

      I go to this new section, and it seems that I'm inside a garage. It has white tiles, and the walls have a turquoise color to them. I told myself,

      "This place is weird...."

      I do a nose plug reality check.

      I breathe through my nose a few times, hearing the weird sound that comes from leaving a small hole for air to come through my nose.

      So I held my nose even tighter, making it harder for small gaps to come through when I'm breathing. Now I'm more sure that I'm dreaming.

      I didn't do any stabilization techniques because I was already relaxed enough in this dream to even bother doing it. The vividness augments gradually, and eventually reaches the level of waking life.

      I know I'm dreaming, but how this dream is becoming like waking life amazed me. I head out the door, and now I'm outside.

      I press my back against the brick wall to the right of me, turn to my right side, bend down on my knees.

      For some odd reason, I felt like doing something like I'm on sort of mission, like Assignment Ada from Resident Evil 4.

      When I'm crouching down, I take my left arm and move my hand on the side of my neck, then I said, "He knows...."

      (I don't know why I did, just felt like doing it lol).

      I move around a bit outside, and it seems the sunset is almost starting to rise. I look outside a little bit, getting a little bit lost in the experience for a few seconds.

      Then this red car zooms RIGHT at me, but instead of being scared and jumping as a reflex, I did a way better job at keeping my cool.

      The person driving the car made a pretty fast entry with it, I almost thought they were going to crash the car completely. Then I look inside of the window of the car.

      It's tinted, so it's a little difficult to see who's inside of it. I had feelings of being afraid of who was going to come out, but if it's a red car, it just had to be some DC trying to get my attention.

      I see the person inside the car looks like Barack Obama, and he's looking at me with a serious demeanor. His lips are a little bit elevated, kind of like a serious pouting face he puts up.

      His eyes look serious, and when I see a DC that looks serious, I tend to augment my feelings of being afraid of something bad happening. But instead of acting like a wimp, I decided to just suck it up and keep my cool.

      I knew I was dreaming, so there's no need for me to be afraid anymore like I am in non-lucids. Obama comes out of the vehicle, he's coming from the left side of the vehicle, so I guess that's one element that this lucid is getting right.

      (I'm saying that because I had a dream where I thought someone came out of the passenger seat in a dream a few days ago, and I assumed that it should be from the left side, since I still have the basic thought that since I'm in America, it should be like that).

      He comes out, still heading backwards (not coming at me) to the left side, goes around the back of the vehicle, and heads in my direction. He's looking at me, still serious and all.

      For those few seconds, I thought to myself that he's going to do something bad to me because he's still looking serious to me.

      Then I reformed back to remaining my cool, he wasn't going to do anything to me. He stands there, waiting for a response from me. I reach my hand out towards him to shake his hand.

      "Nice to meet you, Barack Obama," I declared to him.

      He responds with a nod, but not with a smile or anything like that, he's still having a stoic demeanor and a blank visage, seems that nothing I'm going to say is going to make this guy a little more positive.

      But I do find he's complying with me, so there's no need for me to see a change in his demeanor.

      Then the thought of finding Kaomea came to my mind.

      I follow him going to another vehicle, a silver or white Ford truck I believe.

      I asked,

      "Look, I'm sorry, but....can you help me find Kaomea?"


      He nods again, no words, maybe a silent yes, but I didn't pay too much attention to that. Seeing his nod was enough acknowledgement for me.

      Then I asked him "Tell me, what do you know about Kaomea?"

      He responds, "She's remorseful."

      When he declares this to me, I'm in shock.

      I stay there for a while, loosening my face because I can't believe his response.

      I asked, "Can you tell me why?"

      "No." he declared to me.

      (All right, be laconic in your words mister, I don't mind, as long as you're going to help me, I don't care who you are, as long as you're going to help me find Kaomea).

      Instead of going back to the red car, we head to some other vehicle to drive where Kaomea is (or could be), and because it's Barack Obama I'm talking to in the dream, I assume we're in Hawaii. (Yeah, I know, not really something to use for good measure, but whatever).

      I follow him, and it seems he's going to another vehicle, a silver or white Ford truck I believe. I open the door, then I felt someone's presence behind me, and I turn around.

      It's just a person going along their own way, and they're looking at me for a few seconds, probably to just see what's between each car just as a reflex.

      His hair is black and saturated with hair gel. He's wearing an aqua blue hoodie, and dark blue jeans, the fancy kind of jeans that look clear and smooth.

      To be more general, he looked pretty light in skin tone.

      His face, I can tell he is Hispanic, or maybe he could be Hawaiian, but his skin tone was like apricot or a peach kind of mix with that variant of color.

      He's taller than me, by 1 or 2 feet judging how far I am from him, which is around a distance of 3-4 feet, so it would be natural for me to turn around as a reflex.

      I wave my hand just to be positive towards him and said, "Hi," with a grin on my face. He responds, "Hey" and smiles as well while he heads to wherever he's going.

      I did that small gesture to sublimate the fear of someone being behind me (the person wasn't out to get me of course), and that person did look pretty real to me, seeing as I could get a good description of his visage.

      I focus my attention to getting inside the vehicle. By this time, I feel a lot of time has passed already, so I do another nose plug reality check. Still breathing through it, and I tell myself,

      "I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming!" to make myself more aware instead of relying only on a nose plug RC.

      I look at the view inside the vehicle. Then this is the part that pisses me off.

      I started to think, "Wake up! Wake up! Waaaake up!"

      Nothing is happening at first, still in the vehicle, but then I had the urge to just wake up.

      I wake up, with my eyes still closed.

      I had two options, do a DEILD since my vision with my eyes closed is blurry and has that mystical feel to it, or just open them.

      I honestly do not know why the freaking hell I would just freaking want to wake up???

      I've done that before in a lucid looooong ago where I had amazing control, but I decided to cross my eyes to the front of my nose, which caused a slight strain on them for me to wake up.

      I would've DEILD, but when I woke up, I saw to my right that the Alarm clock has the time of around 7:10 AM.

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      lucid , non-lucid
    6. Donnie's Red Car

      by , 08-29-2011 at 08:10 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Tiger. Dead? Dormitory. I'm in a bar/club. Donnie was there. Closing time. About to go home. Went out. Donnie has a car, but it's red instead of white. I just thought his company gave him a different one.

      Trying to invest in real estate. Choosing a place. Fences. Neighbors. Night.
      dream fragment
    7. Babies go to outer space, apparently

      by , 05-27-2011 at 10:24 AM (Taffy's Sweet Dreams)
      Lucid: Green
      Nonlucid: Blue
      Notes: Black

      Vividness: 4/5
      Lucidity: 0/5
      controll: 0/5

      Saw a story about my science teacher on the news. One of her relatives made his wife get an abortion thinking the baby, once dead, would end up in space. I looked down from the TV and realized I was already in front of her house. Her house was light blue with white shutters and a huge garage. I saw her on the porch and asked if I could interview her for my journalism class. We went into the garage. She answered my questions like "why does he believe the baby will end up in space?" and "do you believe it will happen?" she seemed to believe that the baby actually was in space. After the interview a girl (I doubt she was even old enough to drive) in a small red car pulled into the garage, nearly running me over.