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    1. Weird tree dream and a tiny lucid | [14.10.2020, 15.10.2020]

      by , 10-15-2020 at 01:32 PM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)

      Weird tree dream
      There was something about trees and that apparently me and my mother and like a big community of people are turning into them and there was something about reincarnation. But my father realized something at the end of the dream and he killed us all while sad music played.


      Tiny lucid
      There might be something about the series The Order. And then I had a moment of awareness, followed by me wondering about if I might be dreaming. And then I knew that I was, in fact, dreaming. I then tried stabilizing the dream somehow.

      Before I entered the lucid after waking up from a lot of dreams, I actually had the suspection that my next dream might be a lucid. Guess I was right lol

      I rarely ever practice reality checks or awareness training anymore, though. I don't quite know a reason to lucid dream right now.
    2. clxxvi. Leading ghouls and having base destroyed, Facing an ettin and dying; reincarnation

      by , 10-10-2020 at 12:25 PM
      5th October 2020


      Dream about Warcraft 3 and some special game mode where you would get cash injections every so often, instead of being able to mine gold. You also started out with a single worker.

      I think I was playing this with my siblings, but it was mixed in with reality and the locations were based on my old town?

      I was playing as Undead and got some groups of ghouls going after having made some basic buildings (a ziggurat or two and a necropolis?). I went out from the base, leading the ghouls, mix of myself and a hero unit. At some point while away from the base, another player showed up at the base and destroyed mostly everything. I remember trying to get the acolyte worker away.

      7th October 2020


      - Bit in a dark hallway. Expected Diablo to be at the end. Instead there was an ettin. There were other creatures on the way there. Died at the end.
      - Reincarnated? Somewhere else after that.
      - BL items with modified look.
      - Going around with a group of other people who were also reincarnates, I am surprised about having memories of my past life (direct memory of the previous dream sections). In the dream, I think of posting about this on DV.
      - At the end of the dream, something about a group masturbation event with the rest of the reincarnates? We were surrounding a naked black man who was in his room. He was posing for us.
    3. 10-04-16 “Guiding a past-life regression”

      by , 04-10-2016 at 09:50 AM
      Non-lucid – NoteslucidInterpretation

      I am guiding an Ayahuasca ceremony. It is not at Strandgaarden, but a different abolished farm house.

      We are in the ceremonial room and I am trying my best to relax, while still paying attention to the needs of the travellers. I am the last available guide and so I find myself a little nervous as this will be the first time I will deal with an intoxicated participant. Soon hereafter a parson raise her hand and I go to her.

      Jocelyn Girala – I think – would like to go to the toilet. She is an experienced traveller and she seems like she can manage her movements, but I still make sure I have an arm close by to support her in case she should slip, though she seems interested in keeping her own balance. I feel slightly awkward, not entirely sure about how to compose myself bodily, but I center myself and relax my nerves.

      I guide her and we are headed towards the toilets. The toilets we are headed towards are the outside ones next to the Sauna at Strandgaarden, however, Jocelyn insists that we carry on and head towards the next ones out. There normally aren't any further toilets further out, and I find myself surprised when I find out that there is.

      There are two toilets, but with two separate entrances to each. I ask Jocelyn which one she would like to use and she considers the question a short while, and indicate she would like to go to the one furthest away.

      “No problem” I say.
      “But you have to go into this one” She responds, which makes me slightly suspicious and unsure of myself as I want to be available to help her. I enter the toilet however and notice the door is lockable with a padlock. And so I stop up and turn around. I see malice and mischief in the eyes of Jocelyn. I am not far enough in that she can actually lock the door, but I know for certain that this is what she intended and as I realise this she smiles wickedly.
      “Who are you?” I ask, and we switch positions so she is now furthest into the entrance. We are now in a cosily orange lit stables, with open rafters in close to our heads supporting the roof structure. There are a lot of girders about, all brown. Jocelyn Is hanging from one of the support rafters with one hand, while she is trying to attack me with the other, which I prevent her from doing with my left hand.

      I find myself singing – icaros – more chanting than singing, I feel myself interfering at the level of intellect to start out with, though I manage to let go of this. I also “purr” at her, to manifest whatever needs manifesting at this stage. I also find myself out of my depth slightly, but I do what comes naturally to me.

      Jocely no longer looks like she does when we entered the toilets. She looks like a mulatto and she looks a hell of a lot younger – maybe 20-25 – and she stares at me, venom, hatred and anger burning in her eyes.
      “I can't hold back” Jocelyn whimpers from behind this new entity. It is Jocely who is holding back with her left hand in the rafters – while I support her figure with my right hand and keeping the hand of the entity at bay with my left. I feel a tinge of nervousness, but also a sense of calm confidence as I tell her:
      “Maybe you should just surrender and let go, we can explore this together” And after a brief moment of hesitation Jocelyn lets go and let the entity descend on me – full force, which necessitates that I protect myself with both hands. All the while I keep up my chanting, and I place my hand (not sure which one, as I am also using both of them to manage her flailing arms) on her chest and apply a slight pressure moving my hand upwards – which fuels her rage.
      “Who are you?” I ask again and get a vague answer presented intuitively.

      Rita – Lita… somewhere mid 19th century – a black woman, maybe a mulatto, who has anger problems.

      There is a brief skip, maybe someone helps her back into the ceremonial room.

      I find myself standing in the stables talking to an old lesbian friend from England.

      She has been hurt by Jocelyn. We talk a bit and I hug her and we find acceptance in the fact that Jocelyn is a racist, but that she cannot really help it – it is karmic – which helps my friend find a sort of forgiveness for her. It is as if (R/L)ita has somehow carried it though this incarnation and forced it upon her. I remember saying something along the lines of.

      “So there was racism in the past”
      “Yes” my friend replies, sobbing slightly.
      “So Joecelyn...”
      “Is a racist” my friend completes.

      Then Saman and the other guides call me back into the ceremonial room. (R/L)ita is causing havoc in there and a few of the other guides are holding her against a wall.

      “We can't seem to control her” Saman is telling me. It is as if (R/L)ita is refusing to leave the body of Jocelyn now that she is there again. “I think only you can finish this” Saman continues. And so I walk over to Jocelyn and start preparring to continue the chanting and acupressure moves I have recently learned (will soon learn IRL).

      I am finding myself unwilling to jump the gun on interpreting this baby here. It seems like there is a message coming through that sort of needs to dissipate through sub-conscious reflection and conscious conversation. I had forgotten about the dream until I was in the toilet during the morning routine, and having put on some Bob (which frequently makes me sing) and returning to jog down anther dream I remembered -”Singing” and the chesty feeling of chanting – “There was something about singing” and in that instant the memory of the dream came back to me
    4. Yet Another Hathor Dream

      by , 08-04-2015 at 02:04 PM
      Night of August 4, 2015. Tuesday.

      Here I go with a bad habit of a titular trend again (the other being “Not Quite…”). My apologies.

      My wife Zsuzsanna and I are walking through a (unknown) city and enjoying our moments together. I sense an inner glow and realize we are not quite “human” in the sense of being able to blend in with others randomly wandering about in the streets.

      I am walking closer to a group of people when it seems my wife says “I don’t know if we should be doing this”. It is very clear and even resonates as my wife’s voice, yet at the same time, there is sudden micro-amnesia and I cannot remember if I had said it or she did.

      What she meant was that I should not attempt to communicate in any way with ordinary people (or at least the people in the area). A man turns around and looks in our direction. My wife transforms into her human form with an apparent optical illusion as the light above and behind her is actually the sun. The man looks confused for a short time, because the sun had shifted from one side of the sky to the other to match its new implied placement behind us.

      “I read your wife’s lips in the video”, he says somewhat sarcastically. “Your wife was talking about reincarnation.” (What sort of idiot do we have here?) Aha, I get it now. She was talking about the carnations on the table beside her, not reincarnation (in my dream she had actually apparently said “red carnation” which looks like “reincarnation” to a lip reader, I would guess). The mob looks restless.

      I then start to “recall” (via false memory) that my wife is the reincarnation of Pearl Dower. This will not do even though it makes a fair amount of sense through my dream’s hazy state of mind. We need to leave the area before more people arrive. My thoughts become muddled. There is no exact date of death for Pearl that I know of (and another Pearl died who would have been a half-sister before I was born) so I cannot confirm the idea is even feasible in the first place. I am trying to reason it out. It is probably just another annoying puzzle that will not ever go anywhere. Just as I come out of my dream, I clearly hear someone (an older male) shout “Sit down!” as if some sort of echo from a meeting, perhaps seconds previously, or very long ago.

    5. 1/31/14 - reincarnated because riot

      by , 02-01-2014 at 08:04 AM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm on this rock mountain island. It's a medieval times castle and kingdom. I'm in the royalty part of the castle, I walk up to the child's table. The kings son and daughter are sitting. The boy tells me he is stevie nicks new incarnation. I try to ask him why he was, but he looks as though we are being listened to and this we can't speak of. I look forward to the adults feasting at the other table, there are see through pink cloths hanging down this room, I see stevie nicks dining with the king and queen, stevie nicks turns to me and gives me a fearful look, then suddenly I'm out side the castle, on the dark rocks, all the people of the kingdom are out here they begin to riot because they've realized something, then the king storms out with his men and orders them to get the hose and shoot us with the "water". They do and I dodge it, the water coming out is foggy white, I instantly know it is water that is very very highly concentrated with fluoride. When the people are drenched with it they severely slow down and calm down and have no motivation. They aim it at me, but then I climb the rock wall and go around it which is cliff over black sea. They try to aim it but I keep climbing around to avoid it. I climb around the whole rock wall to the other side of the kingdom, I almost fall into the black sea a few times and I almost keep losing my footing and grip. Then I hop over this brick wall, and see all the towns people all zombie like.
    6. The Wheel of Time

      by , 02-04-2013 at 11:39 PM
      I catch glimpses of the faces of those around me as I move through the hallways. Sadness, happiness, apathy. Mostly indifference. The faces of those simply cycling through the motions of life. No soul, no purpose. Am I any different?

      Out the corner of my eye I catch sight of a face. That girl. I know her. But from where? The face is uncanny. Green glasses, strawberry blonde hair. Who is this?

      She looks at me. A smile.

      The motions of life continue. Hours go by. I move through these hallways unaware of where they lead. One of the crowd. Destinationless. Faceless. Then I see her again.

      In that moment we remember everything. The life we've known each other, the memories we've shared. The lives we've descended on through the wheel of time. The cycle of Samsara experienced over and over and over again. Tears flow from our eyes.

      "How could I ever forget you?" she says.

      Reality sheds its skin before our eyes and we gaze upon the vast and beautiful jungle before us. The immense garden of beauty, one only to be found within the collective dreams of all mankind. We dangle from the branches of trees. Two serpents. Entwined in an act of ethereal love, one with the phantasmagorical sights surrounding us. My rich blue body glide across the deep purple scales of hers to produce a radiant swirl of colorful energy, spiraling outward from the center of our entanglement. Our bond is electrifying.

      This is life. This is truth. This is where we are and always have been. This is real.


      I awake and dust of the crust from my eyes. Back in this reality.. How unfortunate. What the hell just happened? Who was that girl? I pick up my phone to text D about the dream that just occurred - a morning tradition. I speak of the girl, the snakes, the forest - the total experience.

      ".. she kind of reminded me of you, actually, but healthier and with more vitality," I tell her

      "I had strawberry blonde hair and wore green glasses back in about 2008, before my health problems. That would be amazing if that was me."

      And then it clicks. Was that her? Have we shared previous lifetimes together? The bond we share and the synchronicities we've experienced are already extraordinary on their own. Is this possible? There may never be a way to find out the truth. This life we live in is a mysterious one. This reality - is it but a single world, or is this but one of many?

      Updated 02-05-2013 at 12:05 AM by 60729

      non-lucid , memorable , side notes
    7. pac-man reincarnation; two troubled princes

      by , 07-20-2011 at 11:55 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was watching my oldest nephew playing a 3D version of Pac-Man. The view was almost like the old version of Gauntlet, where you could see thed action from above. The maze seemed to be made out of blue bricks, with a slightly darker blue stone floor. The corridors were full of pellets -- not just a line of pellets, but tons of pellets throughout the corridors.

      Pac-Man was a kind of small, yellow sphere that wobbled all over the place. Pac-Man almost seemed as small as the large power pellets. The ghosts were also small. I watched Pac-Man eat a couple of ghosts early on in the game. Something about the view at that point reminds me very much of the old arcade version of Pac-Man.

      After Pac-Man ate the three ghosts, he ended up getting chased by a number of other ghosts. He very narrowly escaped getting caught by a ghost. I'd even thought he had gotten killed. He then meandered through a few curves, then along the top of the maze.

      Finally, Pac-Man went down a long, straight corridor. First, the corridor was just stuffed with pellets. Then it was stuffed with both pellets and ghosts. The ghosts stood still, just like the pellets. The ghosts were big, too. They were almost like statues.

      Pac-Man could move past them, even touch them. He only had to make sure he didn't get their attention somehow. If he did, they'd come alive. Then he'd either have to evade or fight them.

      At the very end of the corridor, things kind of emptied out. But Pac-Man found two ghosts. Both ghosts were blue (maybe all the ghosts in this long corridor had been blue). These two ghosts were Pac-Man's friends. One seemed to have a French-sounding name. Another seemed to have a Japanese-sounding name. They both spoke to Pac-Man with kind of high, digitized voices -- kind of like Robocon, telling Pac-Man they'd defend him.

      An enemy suddenly appeared. It was kind of small, maybe as big as or a little bigger than Pac-Man. It appeared to be a ghost or spirit wearing armor. The body looked like a normal body. But the head had huge horns (also armored) coming out the sides. The armor was bone-white. The enemy looked a little like an enemy in an original Nintendo game, like Ghosts 'N Goblins.

      Pac-Man shot the ghost with some kind of jelly-sphere bullets. The enemy may have touched Pac-Man's ghost friends, causing them to turn transparent. Eventually, Pac-Man defeated the enemy. He now got to advance to the next level.

      The next screen looked like a blue mansion in a dark blue night. The mansion looked run down. It was probably a haunted mansion. The view closed in on the balcony of the mansion.

      Something happened, and my nephew explained it to me. He said that Pac-Man had been something in his first life and something else in his third life. It was like Pac-Man was in his second life right now. He needed to come here to either fulfill or change something in his second life so the destinies of his first and third lives would be okay.

      Dream #2

      There were two different princes in two separate kingdoms. The two princes seemed to be living in medieval Europe. Thed two princes may have known each other. They had both gotten in trouble in very similar ways, and they were both getting to a point in their lives where if they didn't change soon, they'd never be able to live up to their full potential.

      The mother of the first prince explained the prince's situation to him. The mother and the prince were in the prince's room. The mother was brutally frank with the boy, who was probably in his late teens. The mother then left the room.

      The second mother was now in the second prince's room. This prince wore a strange, big, puffy headdress, like fortune tellers or genies in movies sometimes wear. The headdress had alternating strips of black satin and multi-colored, possibly flower-printed satin.

      The second mother and second prince were almost joking with each other about what a mess the second prince had made of things. But the mother then got serious. She told the boy he really needed to change his life before it was too late. She also said something like she would discuss what she meant in more detail later. She then left the room.

      The boy's father walked into the room. He was Billy Dee Williams. But he acted very feminine, and he may have been a little skinny. He may also have been wearing a tight, black sweater and tight, black pants, like a modern dancer, completely out of character with this medieval setting.

      The father seemed to be in love with his son like a woman would be in loved with a man. He got really close to the boy, almost as if to kiss him, and asked the boy what it was that got him in trouble, and what the mother had told the boy. But the boy couldn't quite say what the mother had said. He was actually waiting for the more serious discussion she'd have with him.
    8. reincarnation room

      by , 01-26-2011 at 11:31 AM
      Good morning, everybody. My recall was pretty crummy last night. I was playing around on the internet way too much. That always screws me up.

      Dream #1

      I was in a small room like a bedroom. There were a lot of other people in the room with me, possibly all female. We were all jumping up and down on the floor. The floor was white and plasticky. But there was also some loose, metallic frame making a grid of the floor. Also, the floor seemed to have more than one layer of plastic. The layers were flexible and separated from each other by about 20cm.

      Somehow I came to understand that people jumped through this floor to be reincarnated. I saw a girl sink through the floor like a ghost. I knew she had passed, as a spirit, into a new body. I'm pretty sure I didn't want to be reincarnated. So I left the room.
    9. A dream about death that really shook me up

      , 10-17-2010 at 03:57 PM
      I first started typing this on giogoMoget2's thread, Real life will be a dream when we die, so is it just like a loong dream? . But then I realized I'm better off just posting it in "Dream Interpretations", and maybe some members can even give me a few hints in interpreting the odd dream. The whole "life might be a dream after all" aspect that giogoMoget is talking about reminded me strongly of this... I dreamt it two months ago, but I remember the details clearly, because I wrote them down immediately after waking up.

      Dream: At first, I was some random girl (not myself) having e fight with her boyfriend in a public place (I think it was a mall). There were other people around, some of which we personally knew - family members... And then suddenly there's this huge earthquake and the two of us fall off the stair-platform we were standing on. At that moment I thought to myself "I'm not gonna make it". Up until here, everything feels like a normal dream: a bit fuzzy, a tad chaotic. But from here on... the mood changes and everything feel SO realistic. So when I fall off the platform, everything goes dark. But then, later, when I start regaining consciousness, I clearly remember thinking "Oh, thank God, I'm still alive". I open my eyes, though, and notice I'm NOT alive at all: but in a dark room, with a dark figure looming over me. I'm terrified. Terror grows stronger when the dark figure puts two strong fingers on my belly and I feel pain. This next bit is kinda hard to explain but let's hope it makes sense... After I feel the pain, I get the feeling of "waking up from a dream", readjusting to reality. And then suddenly the dark figure and the room and the situation become quite familiar. "He" had been my "boyfriend" in the previous life, and he'd died just a few moments before me - so now he came to wake me up, too. Now that I've refamiliarized myself with "reality", I know we're a couple of souls who keep experiencing one lifetime after another. It's "normal" to do so. Then we choose a new life and go live as new people. We die again. Come back to the dark place again. In total, I died THREE times in this dream! And woke up as we were choosing a new lifetime: I'd chosen a pretty black-haired girl and he was gonna be a chubby (and kind of ugly) young man. I remember saying "Oh come on... don't!" because I knew he'd only chosen that body to spite me.

      Another odd feature: Usually when I dream, it's in third person. I see myself (or the person I'm "incarnated" in, since I'm often someone other than myself) doing the actions. In this dream... the bit that happened in the mall and the two lives after that (in one I was a man and I decided I could fly, I actually DO start floating in the air, but I see a shadow figure on the street and arrogantly think "Oh yeah, I'm not afraid of you!". I fly towards him, and hit a car and die. And in the other I was a girl who got attacked in a dark sort of abandoned garage) - all those were normal "third-person" dreams. The bits in which I was a shadow figure interacting with another shadow figure, were all first person. Including the moment "he" pierced my belly and i felt terror and pain.

      Real-life context at the moment the dream took place: The next day I had to wake up at 4.30 to catch a plane with my parents. We were going on vacation. I'd never been on a plane before but didn't think much of it: I wasn't at all scared about the idea, but rather was looking forward to it. The dream, however, shook me up a bit - the fact that it made me feel like death was not something to be scared of, made me kinda tense. Also, I can never usually go to sleep when I have to be awake at an early hour. I can't even sleep before big events such as exams, because I know I have to be awake and alert very early the next morning, and I keep looking at the clock. This time I fell asleep quite easily though.

      I apologize for the encyclopedic amount of text. It was a long dream, and I generally tend to write more than necessary