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    1. xxi.

      by , 08-10-2018 at 11:40 AM
      Non-dream stuff; I woke up at 5:59 initially, then being up for a few minutes and then going back to bed and waking up again later around 7 and later at 10:30 when I got up. I haven't numbered the following sequences because the order in which they happened is really messed up in my memory.

      Fragment and intermission:
      This was when I first woke up at 5:59; I simply remember music playing softly. The next paragraph is from waking life:

      I woke up from the sound of torrential rain, as did my partner, and we both got up from bed to look. I realised I was still hearing the vague memory of this music very faintly, at which point it stopped completely as I also realised the rain was the likely cause for it in the dream world. After a few minutes we went back to bed, but I did reality checks because it felt like an odd situation, to find that this was indeed reality. I realised that perhaps the fact that I was lucid already by being awoken by something odd was what made me think to do a few RCs. I seem to remember going back to bed with the intention of confronting the man from the next dream written...

      Dream sequence:
      I was in the car with my partner and we arrived at a parking lot. It was day but it looked dark grey and cloudy. The parking lot was in front of a few shops, and my partner wanted to go to one of the shops for groceries, but closest to us as we got out of the car was a little shop, and I went in and my partner followed. It was a vintage toy shop. There were metallic scale models of WWI and WWII tanks and artillery cannons, and the shop's owner was a man. He had two children, who were also at the shop.

      I remember having a look around and taking a liking to a cargo wagon model and a WWII Panzer-like tank model. I always liked the shapes on some of the German tanks. The models were all on display on some glass shelves of some kind, I think. There was a strange red mood lighting and no other lights seemed to be present, actually. This has happened in other dreams though it is uncommon.

      Then I was going to buy the model of the tank and my partner was sitting on a sofa thing in the reception area, bored, getting worried the other shop was going to close (which in the dream I felt like he was right about) and then we heard some noise from the other display room and the shop man just said it was his kids.

      Then we went out and my partner walked into the other shop, and I was about to too, and I dropped something and I stopped and looked to my left as I was going to pick it up and there was now a small wall close to me but a gap between the wall and the shop. There was a man, crawling forward on his stomach and making raving noises like "oooaaa oooaaa" repeatedly. He looked right out of his mind, and he took what I dropped. I got a bit angry and stepped forward menacingly, remembering now that I was scowling too.

      He got up and stood tall; he was a fair bit taller than me and still had an odd expression on his face, and initally just walked forward a bit toward me at which point I threatened him in my native language saying something to the effect of "you wanna get some?!", he stepped forward again and I stepped back because he had long arms and I was wary of him being able to strike me from further than I'd be able to hit him back. Another man stood up from a seat to the left (that I had previously not noticed, in fact there was a whole row of seats and people like at a clinic) and that second man grabbed the first one and directed him toward a bathroom in the wall of the big shop building and bashed the first man's head on the toilet lid.

      Dream fragment:
      I remember being in some sort of game, with a lot of water. There were big naval vessels and I remember an interface with a map showing lots of dots and dots with circles around them. All of them were coloured, and I remember most of them were yellow or white, and there were some red ones too. They seemed to represent other ships and naval bases. I remember later being on land and something about a military base and my siblings being there.

      Dream fragment:
      I remember being in a room with a round table. The table was modern and large, but not actually very high. Around the table were myself, some random people and of particular note an old school friend of mine, which I'll call C. I didn't speak to C directly in the dream, she looked moody and was turned away from the table and she looked as I remembered her. Another girl was talking to me and explaining that C and her girlfriend broke up and that C was upset because of it and that they'd been trying to have kids. I initially thought that was a bit odd.

      This other girl started having a discussion with me about a random method I'd never heard of for a woman to get pregnant, and I said something like "well, why didn't they just try insemination?" and the girl looked at me with a funny face and said "insemination?" like she'd never even heard the word. She scrawled some crude diagrams of the female reproductive system and of how this other method was going to work.

      C left at some point, and that's all I remember.

      Finally, some notes:
      • The raving mad man was someone I perceived in the dream to be like a beggar or vagabond. Not the kind of person I would have felt like I'd be threatening with violence, but I was angry for having something taken from me.
      • It was odd that in the dream my partner didn't come looking for me but I didn't think of it in the dream either.
      • The lighting in the toy model shop could have been a good cue to RC. I need to add it to my list of Uncommon dream-signs, as I've had it before.
      • My old friend C was someone I had a crush on during school time. This should was a dream-sign and good cue for RC. For context, a couple of years later I did talk to her about it and she said that it wouldn't have mattered because at the time I was interested in her, she wasn't intersted in going out with anyone because she was fed up, but we were still friends.
      • The fact that C and whoever her girlfriend was were breaking up seemed sudden to me in the dream. In waking life I do know that she has a girlfriend now but I so rarely speak with C that I don't really know anything about her life.
      • The other very explanatory girl, felt like one of those irritating people who you can't really have a discussion with. Ironically I'm fairly certain she was dream-generated.
      • It is somewhat curious to me that the dream-generated woman I recently had appear in some dreams, the receptionist, was a woman that represents the black hair archetype of woman I've found in waking life, such as C and some other friends. The Anima I've previously had appear in dreams was blonde, quiet, and of somewhat firm attitude. This second dream-generated archetype seems to be a different kind of Anima, more likely to respond and talk but also being firm in attitude.

      I should make note that this DJ entry marks a bit of a milestone since starting this dream journal, that my dream recall has generally improved a lot solely by having the intention of writing down the dreams and having a routine to do so. I am no longer forgetting fragments easily between sleeping and waking, though it still happens.
    2. The Strangest Couple

      by , 03-22-2018 at 10:18 PM (Creatures of the Labyrinth)
      A dream of mind focused on a romantic couple, and both of them are some of the strangest creatures I've ever seen in a dream.

      The female of the pair had the head of a cat, and the body of a gigantic bumblebee. The species further had five eyes and needle-sharp teeth. The fur of this creature's head was crimson in color, and where yellow stripes would normally be on a bee, the stripes of the thorax and abdomen were instead crimson.

      The male of the pair was mostly just a large, brown colored water buffalo, except for the creature's face, which was disturbingly human, complete with facial hair, and specifically looked to be Spanish in ethnicity. His face was constantly locked in a grimace of mild discomfort and he wore a chef hat. When this creature died it was furthermore allowed to come back to life in it's "true form", which appeared as a disappointingly normal anthropomorphic dog.

      The two were in love, though the female had qualms about dating a herbivore, though this issue was solved when the male was suddenly killed and subsequently reincarnated.
    3. Jerky Dutch Guy and Avalanche

      by , 07-26-2016 at 06:51 PM
      I was starting to flirt with/date a handsome Dutch guy. It seems like in my dreams I am almost always younger– either a kid or in my 20s. Anyway, this guy had flirted/dated with other women around me, friends, co-workers– and I wasn’t feeling that this was going to be a lasting relationship between he and I, but I was still being pulled in by him. At one point I moved my arm to get something and he looked at me with a semi-disgusted look on his face and remarked about how my arm looked like jello when I moved. I didn’t react but thought that I might not want to date this guy after all if he acts like this. The scenario seemed to be some kind of store. It was snowy outside and at some point there was an avalanche, and it stopped just before our shop. Again I had a feeling of instability, that perhaps another avalanche might happen, and just because this one stopped doesn’t mean the next one will.

      I also spent a lot of time dreaming about designing some large typeface layout.
    4. 12/04/23 - molestation and fight with ex

      by , 04-12-2013 at 12:44 PM (vignettes from a different world)
      lovely, lovely dreams tonight. nothing particularly unpleasant has been going on in waking life as of late, but these dreams showed up anyhow. slept from about 9 to about 6.

      i have spoilered the more graphic parts of the molestation dream for those of you who might be disturbed by it.

      in the first dream i am driving around my city at twilight. i remember the exact area where i was -- near the intersection of R-----d & R----n.
      Spoiler for click to read:

      later i am in a room with blue walls. there are my little pony posters and merchandise everywhere. i am talking to a woman in her 30s about my experience. i want to tell her the man's name, but i cannot remember it. i get frustrated at this and also about the fact that i am discussing my sexual abuse in a my little pony fanclub.

      in the second dream i am in an unfamiliar house. i am sitting on the couch and i am shocked to discover that my ex is sitting right beside me. for a moment i consider that this could be a dream, but the vivid and detailed imagery convinces me otherwise. i get extremely angry. i start yelling at him, asking "how did you get here?" "why are you here?" i don't get a straight answer. i begin punching and slapping him. he barely fights back.
      i go do something else for a while and i come back to find my ex sitting on a bed crying. i thought he had left and now i get even angrier. i scream at him and throw heavy objects at him. i tell him that i'm going to bed, and if he isn't gone by the time i wake up "something bad will happen".
      i go into my bedroom for a while and then come back. my ex is still there, playing a SNES game on a blue tv. again, i physically attack him and threaten that bad things will happen. i'm furious. the tv says "error, zero zero, error" and then i wake up.
    5. 03/23/13 - fragments - chocolate and weird science

      by , 03-23-2013 at 05:17 PM (vignettes from a different world)
      1. i had stolen four pieces of chocolate from somewhere. i was in a bedroom with blue walls (distorted version of real life). i set the chocolate down on the bed but it was soon covered with ants. i put two towels on the bed and some sort of leather tarp to prevent the ants from getting at it. then i was in an unfinished basement and my mother was arguing with another woman? i think i traded the chocolate for some kind of educational children's toy -- it was a transparent model of a head with an open top, you could stick your hand into the "brain" which was a bunch of tiny blue gears...

      2. i am at school and i am given an opportunity to study different ecosystems. i choose to study one with a chinese name. i am given a large petri dish. it contains murky green water with small white particulates swirling around the centre in a floral pattern. however, goopy orange and white organic growths begin to appear in the petri dish and ruin the pattern. i try to remove the slimy growths but they keep forming. at one point my ex starts working on the same project beside me. he is doing even worse than i am. i am angry at him and i get second-hand embarrassment at his failure.

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    6. Does He Love Me?

      by , 02-26-2013 at 01:38 PM

      I'm sure some of you are tired of posts about "Cheating/Love" dreams.
      But the dreams I have are so realistic, and frank that i really need answers. My great grandmother had a gift of premonition , and i was always told to listen to my dreams. Well not every single dream. But the real serious ones. Like the one i had last night ...
      This dream was about us going out to a resturant to celebrate my birthday, we were walking to the resturant and suddenly he started speeding up his pace (which is something he really does in public when we're out and i hate it) so i started to get frustrated and reminded him "we are a couple, we should be walking together hand in hand". He brushed it off. Before we could get to our destination a girl caught his eye. A smiled appeared across his face, and no matter how i reacted he would stop not smiling. He then informed me that she was an ex, who he loved dearly. He went forward with saying "she loves me a lot," getting panicky i shouted "But we are in love, i love you!" He still didnt stop smiling. Then he shouted out her name "Jazz! Jazz! Jazz!" (he doesnt have an ex named jazz in reality) She kept walking, then out of no where a microphone appeared in his hand, and he continued to shout her name over the mic. I was astonished. So when he caught up with her they said their hellos, and he went in for a hug, but i stepped in the way. A bracelet he gave me latched onto her and fell off my wrist onto the ground. She picked it up and handed it to me, then walked off. He was still in a daze... i cried so hard i woke out of my sleep crying.. Ugh, i hate these type of dreams.. But should I be worried? Some of the things he did in the dream are thing he does in real life such as, brush me off when im making a point, walk ahead of me when we're out and about, and ignore me when something bothers me. I know he loves me, but i wonder if he's falling out of love with me. By the way, im 5months pregnant and it scares me to think my fiance doesn't want me. Someone Help!

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    7. Failed Lucid Experiment

      by , 08-13-2012 at 11:07 PM
      This is again a daily entry of what I dreamt this morning, 13 August 2012.

      Somehow, somewhere, Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead was very real. I sat observing the scene unfolding around me. I fully expected Howard Roark, the renegade architect, to rape Dominique Francon. It was expected. Really, it was just that.

      I awaken sometime around 8:10 am. Falling back asleep for a brief period of only about 30 minutes.

      A former friend of mine was angry with me for some reason. It seemed that he didn't want me talking about his ex-girlfriend.

      I discover this apartment building on a quiet busy intersection, somehow reminiscent of basketball and laundry. I'm at the basement of what looks like my house, trying to connect to the Internet, and it was late morning.

      Now I'm in my geography class again, expected to complete about three assignments, and after asking around apparently one of them was due yesterday. Gasp! The latest one, somehow, is due July 19th, which is apparently in the future.

      I sit down to talk to this girl, who seemed to enjoy talking to me all year, and we were discussing something other than all these overburdening assignments.

      Suddenly, something makes me realize this is all a dream. People around me continue to walk about, producing a strange and loud din.

      I try to close my eyes and change the scenery. It doesn't work, as the talking is too loud. So I close my eyes even harder shut, and plug my ears in attempt to drown out all awareness of the surroundings.

      Immediately, I'm rushed into this big portal, finding it hard to open my eyes again, not because it's too bright out here or anything. I "see", or visualize, swarms of a tunnel or whirlpool escorting me at a sudden speed.

      What I see next disappoints me. I have awoken in my room, and it's morning.

      Something is a bit strange here. The blinds are fully closed, but golden sunlight is pouring into the room, as though it's about 7 am or earlier. A plaque on my wall is directly ahead of me, instead of slightly to the right.

      A book appears in my hand, and I'm turned to one of the first few pages, around page six, or maybe nine. It quotes page 1212 of the Qu'ran, possibly suras 7-12, emphasizing 8-9. It talks about relationships, but the large block of text near the bottom of the page on the right is rather condensed and uncited. It's highly reminiscent of something. I decide to record all this down before I forget.

      I rush to the cupboard and shelf, eager to write things down on paper in my physical dream journal, under August 13. I know what date it is. Suddenly...

      I wake up. My lucid dream had partially succeeded, only I had forgotten to do any reality checks and thus was fooled into thinking a dream was waking life. I rise to go to the bathroom, go to sleep without remembering much of a dream, and then wake up around 11 am, after which I go back to sleep, have a 10 minute dream, and then awaken again to begin my day.
    8. The Important Seeming One...

      by , 06-14-2012 at 03:22 AM (My brain and I)
      dream : comments : lucid
      I don't really remember anything from last night, so let's go back through the archives and post one of the most standout dreams I've ever had which was lost when that hacking incident occurred. This is a slightly smaller version of the original post due to me forgetting a lot of it during the interim.

      It has a really vivid series of characters, most of whom I know from real life but only in vague sort of ways.

      Shit gets a bit full-on at the end and I'd love to hear anyone's thoughts on it:

      10th of February, 2012

      It was mine and Nooks' wedding day but I'd forgotten to organise a suit or even groomsmen.

      Eventually that fact changed and the wedding was to be tomorrow instead, so it all worked out. To celebrate this new fact, I went to a casino-type place and ate oysters covered in absinthe and vodka (*shudders*)
      After a fair bit of rowdiness and haziness, I awoke in bed with Danni (a random girl who sold Nooks her car) but it was a purely platonic thing; I was just sleepin'.

      Danni told me that her wedding to Arin (her boyfriend at the time) had been particularly average at best, and that he'd most recently just gotten her porn for her birthday. She was pretty upset and we talked for a while with her warning me to do my best or some such thing.

      At one point I must've left because I next found myself coming home, where I discovered a bunch of people (Danni included) moving our bins out onto the kerb for collection. They were bringing them out of a strange little indoor glasshouse/bike shed so I went to help them and casually mentioned that today was my wedding day.
      To clear my head I went for a stroll/ride down the street where I bumped into Seon's dad, who was apparently a doctor. He looked at me then ran into the street and began yelling out this amazingly lovely speech about me- things like "His eyes are truly open!" and semi-profound dream statements like that.

      During his little moment, Arin came up and was talking to him and crying. We asked him what was up and he said that he and Danni had broken up but that it was okay because she was beautiful and wonderful, but not the girl he really loved.

      After that he went off and began working at a corner-store which I followed him to and ordered a spring roll. He got one from a bookshelf and gave it to me and I thought it was only half cooked coz it was all soggy on one side. Turns out it was actually half cheese, half spring roll. D'uh.

      I realised I'd left my phone and wallet on a table outside at that moment, so I went out to collect it and eat my gross lunch. From the doorway, I noticed Tabitha taking my money and gleefully counting it. I accused her of stealing but she refused to give it back so I started getting physically violent with her. I decided that the best course of action was to have a People's Court and asked those around what they'd seen. Somehow they sided with her so I grabbed her by the throat and threw her inside the store, warning her that "I reckon at least one prostitute is killed by a man every day... It's a bad day to be a prostitute." Then I laughed coz it was a bit of a stupid insult.

      Somehow she became a deputy of some kind that I reported to a Sheriff who was having a cup of coffee nearby. As I was doing that, I noticed a TV playing in the background which I entered the vision of:

      It was a woman sitting on a deck in a rocking chair, slowly cutting up a baby in this profoundly, excruciatingly, extremely graphic nature; just sort of peeling it and getting covered in blood. The baby was just sitting there staring straight at me and blinking every now and then. Not making a sound as she slowly cut off it's arms and feet. It was mortifying but I couldn't look away.
      After a while of watching this I began to vomit grey goo over the railing and then I woke up, disturbed yet intrigued by the contents of such a dream.
    9. My sub-conscience works too well.

      by , 08-12-2011 at 01:59 AM
      The past few nights, my dreams have involved my ex, telling me that he regrets breaking up with me and loves me still... He told his current girlfriend that he never loved her and always loved me. The dreams took place in a hallway near my locker in school.---The weird things about it was that it was my school---but wasn't... you know what I mean? Like it looked nothing like it and the lockers were red, while they are blue in real-life. I hate how dreams alter the truth and I blame my sub-conscience. I'm jealous of those people who learned to control their dreams, knowing they are dreaming and can accomplish anything in their dream-state. I, myself was only to perform lucid dreaming once and it wasn't even on purpose, but it was a few years back.
    10. Scattered- Completely lucid

      by , 02-26-2011 at 09:56 PM
      So I did have a couple of dreams last night, and most of them I knew I was dreaming.One of them I actually manipulated a little. That's one of the first times I have ever done that as far as I can remember. I tried doing it more, but wasn't quite as successful.

      Anyhow the dream pieces go like this:

      In the first part I was in a store, setting up the back. There was another person with me who I was sort of competing with, seeing who could get the most done without going into our designated spaces, and I was winning. I paused and thought, I think I'm dreaming. I opened up a small notebook that had a title and no words. As I put it down I noticed some writing appear on the paper. I heard a dog barking, and I was getting close to the other person when the owner came over and told us all to return to the front to discuss our service skills. First she asked us to bring out or resume's, and then she asked us various questions about the job. She asked the first person, and after talking about the bikes the person left. Then she went to me and told me that this was a tag she found on the floor. I think it was a dog tag that had to do with the FBI. I took it and looked outside to see someone I know with his arm around this girl. I nearly dropped the tag, but went back to the floor and got a tag. Then I went back to the desk and the owner was talking to someone about my resume. She asked her questions and the girl was really confidant and professional. She went by Katherine. Then the woman went to me and started asking me questions, saying that we all shared the resume. I answered a little, but before I could complete the interview we heard a loud noise come from outside a round door/wall. We ran to it, and opened the door up to a black platform high above the ground.

      The white scenery changed to a scene with European cottages, crowds, cowboy hats and fireworks. Apparently, we were in old town, but it was no part of Old Town that I had ever seen. I had walked down a little ways when I heard a guy I knew calling for me. "There you are," he said and he put his arms around me before giving me a kiss. I remember thinking I wish this wasn't just a dream, and we walked towards the stage where tons of people were at. When we got there he got up and reached his hand out to me. I smiled and took it but just as we clasped hands, the dream went black. There were no sounds or anything, but I could still feel his fingers on my skin. I thought again, why does this have to be a dream? I had a false awakening.

      I saw a shadow of the man i had been with slip away, and in his place two huge wooden peg legs tromping about. I was kind of weirded out and I told myself that this was my dream. I attempted to make some changes. I told the peg legs to get smaller and they did, then I said to lose the blue outside. The outside started to peel and I looked at the small wooden pieces curiously. What am I supposed to do with these I told myself, and said I want them to disappear. The wooden pegs did. I tried to summon the guy back, but I had no success, and tried to summon back the stage again, but still had no success. Finally I just wished someone would show up and I heard some talking out side the room. I closed my eyes and got up, wrapping a thin black robe around me as I did. I opened the door to see two men in cowboy hats looking at me curiously.

      "Hey little lady," they said, "what you doing up so late?" I shrugged and found myself inside a different place. I looked out the window and saw the men talking. And one of them was like, "I don't know what to do about that kid, since he found out about his old man all he's been doing is drinking, drinking, and more drinking."

      The other guy said "He's been at the scoreboard non-stop for the past five days, if he's there much longer he might become part of the permanent decor."

      I pulled my jacket tighter across my chest and sunk down to the floor and knowing what kind of person he was, thought "Don't you dare drink yourself into oblivion." The scene faded.

      I was sleeping on a bed, when I heard some voices. I woke up and was startled to see myself on top of a brown motor home/RV. I didn't know how I had gotten there and when I looked around I saw myself on a paved road with small houses and trees all around. I wondered why I was on top of an RV instead of inside. A black SUV stopped next to me, and four friends stepped out. I was embarrassed to be on top of and RV and wondered if they knew what was going on. I stepped down the ladder and one of the people I knew asked me about a drink. We got into the black SUV.

      I was back at the building from the first dream, talking to some of the people I worked with. One of them went out a door that led to a bar. Someone else mentioned going out to drink, and asked where to go. A girl mentioned Jules and I knew it was the bar that was next door. After clocking out from the position I went through the door that led to the bar. It was kind of old school with various people from all different backgrounds, rough wooden pieces for walls and decor that went from shiny red and green lights, to old school guns and machete's, lasso's and animal heads. There was even a thorny crown made of bone like material. The counter top was oak, and the other parts a cherry wood like color. The stools were wooden with black cushioned tops. After having a glowing green drink, I looked out the window to see scoreboard a couple blocks away. A girl I knew named LM walked up to me and asked me how I was doing. A couple other people I knew from high school also joined, including a guy with Bieber like dark hair, a girl with chin length magenta colored hair, and another guy with spiky black hair. I talked with them a little and then went outside where LM joined me.

      "Hey," I said, "Can I tell you something?" and LM took a tequila shot, leaned against the table and nodded. I told her about my friend.

      "What if you had this friend who had just lost someone and started drinking constantly. This other friend worries that they're going overboard. But they know that the drinker always does something like that when stress hits him. When the friend ask the drinker if they can help, the drinker says they're fine but need a little time. the concerned friend agrees to let them be, but things don't seem to be getting any better. This friend knows where the drinker has been going every day, and can easily go there, but they said they would wait for the drinker to contact them before they did anything. Should the person go, or continue to wait?"

      LM looked curious about that, and said something, but the words weren't understood. Nonetheless, I did feel slightly upset. Then the guy with the Bieber hair approached me and said, " I think what she means is that you should do what you feel is best." I nodded.

      The dream faded and I woke up on this bench. The day was bright and quiet, and there were no animal sounds anywhere. I was sitting down in a tank and shorts when my brother came up in an old clunker.

      "Hey" he said, "why don't you try this out?" And he threw me what looked like a giant salt less pretzel stick. I broke it in half and tried to eat it, but he stopped me and gave me a French roll that had been partially scooped out and stuck some cheese and jalapeños inside it. Then he put the salt less pretzel stick in it and opened up a bread roll that had a square cut in it. He put the wrap, or gyro as it called it, and stuck it in the bread roll, and started eating it. He tried to get me to do it, but I said I didn't have the other bread and he said it was fine.

      As i was creating my little gyro he mentioned that he heard that a certain someone had been talking about me all over the place. I asked him what he was talking about, and he mentioned the FBI dog tags, and Connor, the man who had been drinking after his family tragedy. I paused at that and looked at him curiously.

      "How'd you know about that?" I asked and he said he had met the guy himself.
      "Tell me," he said to me, "What do you think of that person?"

      I didn't tell him anything, and my brother said, If you had to choose between family and the guy, who would you pick. At first I didn't say anything, but then I mentioned Connor and my brother looked at me curiously. "Then why aren't you with him,"he said.

      I asked my brother what he meant, and my brother said that Connor had been going through a lot but hadn't seen me in awhile.

      I told A that that was want he wanted, and he didn't seem to think of me in any special way, and A smiled.

      "Sure about that?"

      "Yes," a pause, "Why would he? He hardly pays me any heed."

      Then A was like, "I don't know, but I do know that the few time's I've met him, he's pretty happy when he talks about you. ."

      I looked hesitant, and A gave me a hug. "Sis," he said, "You're important to us," he paused, "but you're also important to him, and I think you know it"

      "I think he may have used to care, " I whispered, " but now"

      "He does." A said, cutting me off, "He talked about going on dates with you a few times, and seeing you to bed."

      "You know about that?" I asked and A nodded. I bowed my head and smiled slightly. Why does this have to be a dream?

      And that's it!

      Connor is a real person, but his name's not Connor, and the beer and relative tragedy is also true. Also LM and the other three are real people from high school. don't know where they are now...but you know. Everything else...meh, but I may try that jalapeño thing. Sounds yummy

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    11. American Girl

      by , 10-06-2010 at 09:55 PM
      I am dog-sitting my (late) dog, 2 white dogs- one large and one small, and one shepherd-like dog that is a "skinwalker." I know this dog is really a man but I let him hang out with us as a dog. The larger white dog I know(in dream) from a doggy daycare I take my dog to. Later, I am with X and I point to the sky where the larger white dog is flying (Mindy? Millie?) and tell him I was dog-sitting that dog earlier. That the dog is now flying doesn't phase me. Walk away from X thinking I need to tell him I don't ant to be with him anymore.

      I am at a crowded outdoor market at night. X is there but with his friends, and I am avoiding them. I see Zach G. (saw him PBS this evening IRL) and I make a stupid joke and he laughs and walks away. He later reappears and makes a joke and I laugh. A band or some kind of performance is going on- kids are on stage. I see my old friend KO and wave. She is sitting with the skinwalker, he is in human-form now. I say her name and she looks uncomfortable and tells me that she doesnt go by that name anymore, she changed her name to Lauren. The skinwalker chimes in that she hasnt used that name in 10 years. I know better because I talked to her last year, and I say, it's ok, you don't have to lie to me about it. She says woman lawyers usually change their names when they pass the BAR. I tell her my lawyer friend didn't. She seems like she doesn't want to know me anymore. "American Girl" by Tom Petty is playing over loudspeakers.

      I see a co-worker, and I ask him if I can follow him because I have nothing to do. He says, "come on." I follow him down a parking-garage-like hallway, but I lose him.

      Next I am skateboarding, but using an office chair. I am in the forest, and sometimes I have to stop to move the chair over tree-roots, but other times I am zipping in between giant trees and it is exhilarating. I hit a dead-end, where the path is cut off by a school building and a road. It is lighter outside now, like the day went backward, but I don't think about it. It is beautiful out. I turn my chair around and climb up a hill I had just skated down. I enter a type of bridge- like a traffic/car overpass, only partially built and over a giant canyon of forest. I realize I must have been going really fast on my "chair" (standing like a skateboard) to not notice I went over a narrow ledge so high up. I suddenly hear someone singing "American Girl" echoing what I heard earlier in the market. It scares me. I look to my left and see my co-worker, his back to me, sitting on the ledge of the bridge, his legs dangling over the side carelessly. I realize I can't walk over the ledge because I feel like I will fall- it is too high up and too narrow. I start to move backward and crouch down. I don't know if the co-worker is aware of me, but I think I must have passed him up before and not knew it. I start to yell for help, I feel like this might be the way I die, and adrenaline is stinging my insides. I wake up, still with that feeling of terror.