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    1. 19-01-30 Resident Evil

      by , 01-30-2019 at 07:23 PM
      I've been playing a lot of Resident Evil 2 lately (the remake), and it shows. I was dreaming that I was an Umbrella Corporation exec. I was in a room on a massive cargo ship. We had a girl tied up by her hands and legs, sort of suspended in the air like the Vitruvian man (with ropes extending from the floor and ceiling). A captured rebel, I guess. I was with two other Umbrella bigshots, a man and a woman. We were interrogating her. The female exec was very violent, and wanted to sodomize the poor rebel with all sorts of objects. I was pretty grossed out by this. I told her we should just kill her and be done with it. Torture was a waste of time. The other man agreed. We decided not to discuss the rebel's fate in front of her, so we retreated into a little meeting room right next to the cabin we were in. I had a henchman dressed in a bunny suit guard the prisoner. I was quite 'genre savvy' so I warned the henchman not to get too close to the window, or zombies could burst through and pull him through (there was an outbreak in progress on the ship). I also told him not to get too close to the prisoner. Heroes in movies always escape because the villains are too stupid to keep their distance. I didn't trust this mook. So we had our little private meeting, but the dream ended there.

      In another scene, there was a zombie outbreak. Some guy ran off in the wrong direction and got ganged up by zombies, giving us a window to escape. I was the 'good guy' in this scene.
    2. 18-02-04 Things Again

      by , 02-04-2018 at 11:22 PM
      This series of 'dreams' happened while I was drifting in and out of consciousness, and as such I had some minor control over the plot. I could recall the plot of the last dream, and the next dream would usually somewhat share narrative threads with the previous ones.

      I'm on a derelict cargo ship of sorts, and it's being attacked by a blob-like Thing. The creature is made of a kind of organic, living 'liquid' capable of taking any shape. Its 'skin' is a luminescent orange. When shot or otherwise injured, the dead tissue turns a dull grey and the dead liquid turns hard in that spot. However, the creature could regenerate, and much faster than we could injure it. I'm pretty sure it could assimilate organic matter is touched, too. It grew in size until it was like a giant kraken enveloping the ship completely, its limbs even going inside the vessel, through its hallways. I thought that the only thing to do was perhaps nuke it. The creature, and especially the orange luminescence, was based heavily on the Uroboros virus from Resident Evil 5 and Revelations 2, a game I'd played the day before.

      I was chased into my old family home by a Thing, but this one was sapient. It was like a combination of Pennywise and The Thing. I was more of an observer in previous dreams, but now I'd caught their attention. I ran upstairs, into my old room, and through the window. I jumped out into the farmer's field below. The Thing had take the form of a dinosaur-like creature, like a kind of Velociraptor. I knew I was likely screwed, as the field was a wide open space and the raptor would surely run faster than me. Luckily, I drifted close to consciousness in that moment, and I could switch the dream to the next scene.

      This one took place in a forest, and involved a guy and a girl he loved. At some point, the girl was taken by 'It', into a bunker. The bunker door closed behind them, and I knew a nuke was going to go off any time now and wipe him (and everything else) out. At this point, the line between genuine dream and waking fantasy blurred. I 'saw' or 'fantasized' a scene, years later, where the guy was on a motorcycle, riding on a long road through a desert wasteland, accompanied by a band of bikers/resistance/survivors who had picked him up after the previous scene with the girl. I felt pretty sure that later in the plot, he'd meet the girl again.
    3. Do not make your mantra "If I'm scared, I will RC"

      by , 02-19-2017 at 08:34 AM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      Four nightmares last night. I blame the new mantra that I decided to try after a bad dream I had recently.

      Here's Johnny!
      I see a crude, black and white character creation screen and a small bedroom behind it. The "graphics" of the bedroom are life-like. I have to play a female character, but I get to choose an adjective that will determine her background, starting items and the story I experience. The prompt is "I am ______ ." First I write "I am holy." and I see the small bedroom change. Everything is white, golden and shiny, like some royal bedroom. But then I get an idea. What if my character got it on with all the NPCs? That would help me in the game for sure, and would be entertaining for me. So I write "I am dirty." and hit enter. The room instantly transforms. Everything looks worn, colorless and dirty. I manifest in the game as a teenage girl wearing a colorless dress and long blond hair. No shoes, no starting items, nothing.

      There's a brand new door in the room. I didn't see that in the previous version of the room. The door has a large window and I can see that it leads downstairs to a mansion. The house beyond the door is in good condition, unlike my room. I go down the stairs, looking for the first NPC. I feel like I'm trespassing. I turn right after the stairs and the house starts to remind me of Resident Evil 7. I feel a person approaching behind me and I hide behind a cabinet. I remind myself that I want to meet NPCs, why would I be scared of this first one? I step forward and meet the stranger. It turns out to be Jack from RE7...well shit.

      I attempt to talk, but he just wants to kill me. I run and meet a young man with a weapon. He tries to protect me, but Jack makes short work of him. I find an exercise machine with a saw blade and some chainsaw chains stuck in it. I pick up the whole thing and try to hit the saw part into Jack. I succeed and Jack informs me that I dealt 63 dmg, while he pulls the blade out of his body. "Unfortunately, you would need to hit me 40 times with that!" he continues. Jack gathers the chain around his fist and tries to punch me. I summon a bucket out of thin air and block the attack. He's way stronger than me. There's no hope of winning this fight. So I peace out...by waking up.

      Don't Fall
      I'm back in army. For whatever reason I'm on top of a six floor building. It's windy and I lose my footing. I slide off the edge, but manage to hang on. However, the roof is smooth, there's nothing to grab and I can't hold on forever, I'm bound to fall. I am scared. And so I peace out again, by waking up.

      LD 90 - Gravity Manipulation
      I'm in army AGAIN. This time I'm in the building, on fifth floor or something. I'm just observing two anime characters having a dialogue. They disappear and I notice the hallway I'm in has toilets. My roommate appears from one room and asks "Where do they keep the lawn mowers here?" I'm pretty sure I know the answer, but I see a cleaning lady and ask her about it. "Each barracks has a storage on the first floor." "Right, you heard her." I tell my roommate and he wanders off.

      Scene changes. I'm on the roof again. This time there's two DCs with me. Wind takes me off my feet again and I slide off the edge. I manage to hold on with both arms, but there still isn't anything to grab. I hope one of the DCs would help me. They see me, but don't act. I feel fear and become lucid. "I'm not falling. Calm down." I tell myself, but I can't shake the fear. I focus on feeling lighter and that works. I decide to flip gravity all together. I want to feel gravity pulling me from the opposite direction. Free fall into space. That would be a new one. I start to feel being pulled into the sky. I see a light on the roof. It's the tractor beam of a spaceship! Then everything becomes blurry and I go blind. I fail to bring visuals back before I'm pulled out of the dream completely and wake up.

      Then the last dream was some rich kids having an orgy in my grandma's house while she was gone. Also my hair looked terrible in that dream. I consider that one a bad dream too.
    4. Halloooo!

      by , 06-14-2016 at 03:46 PM
      Wellp, I'm back. Again. Yeah, I feel really bad that I've been gone for so long! I've finally decided to try to get back into LDing. It's funny, because, the other night, I was looking at HowToLucid because I just randomly wanted to get back into the subject. The next day, one of my really good friends asked me if I'd hears of Lucid dreaming and then we talked about it for the rest of the day ^^

      Aaaaannnyways, I actually recorded my dream!
      Here it is!

      My dad and I went to a school. For some reason we felt like attacking random people, and I ended up doing it. With a.... marker...? Yeah, I thought that was strange, too. But, anyways, I 'attacked' about a dozen people with an Expo Dry Erase marker. I remember attacking an older girl who I recognize from WL, and have always wanted to befriend. I felt really sorry. I also remember that, in that dream, I explored town and traveled on a public bus. Later, the dream shifted into an almost post-apocalyptic setting. I remember having to hide from my math teacher so I could steal resources/weapons from her. I collected quite a few weapons, and I stored them in a Resident Evil 4 style inventory, where I 'tetrised' things around (although I only remember storing a random sniper rifle). Then I think I woke up and attempted a WILD, but drifted into a nonlucid dream. In this dream, I remember running a shop. Well, it wasn't much of a shop, but I was in one of those barber shop-type buildings. A whole bunch of kids from my school (more specifically, boys) came in and out of the building but literally all they did was sit down. I remember recognizing a guy I share all my classes with IWL. The only thing I really did was wipe off the doorknob, but for some reason it had the same feeling as my previous dreams.
    5. The Smell of Blood In The Fancy Hallway

      by , 01-02-2016 at 10:36 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      The Smell of Blood In The Fancy Hallway (DILD)


      Iím transitioning into a dream somehow, maybe through DEILD when I set an alarm to wake me up. The first immersive sensation that Iím experiencing is the smell of blood. And itís so overwhelming, I couldnít help but wonder whatís really going on. I didnít feel it translated in waking life, even though the smell was potent, and I realized Iím inside a fancy castle-esque hallway.

      Itís grandiose in size, and seems to be highly maintained in spite of the smell of blood engulfing the area. The main attraction of this hallway is the black and white checkered tiling thatís about three or so feet in width. The external tiling from that is your simple dirty vanilla color thatís just as clean as the checkered region.

      I navigate the hallway, quickly glancing over the sections with fancy chandeliers, and the bright little speckles or yellow light with a subtle presence of orange for the rim lighting. I noticed diagonally to the right of me, a female wearing a red dress is trying to get some other male entity off her body. They were grappling her shoulders, and she managed to push them off, and somehow comes to my path as if she knew I was already there.

      She gets closer to me, and she has an uncanny visage that Iím trying to figure out who she could be an amalgam of. I paid attention to my breathing for a moment, and felt at ease with her, but she still looks like the perfect stranger, and yet the moment she was next to me, itís like there was this invisible veneer that diluted whatever feelings of anxiety I had along with the smell of blood that was so dominant.

      I donít think it was an infatuation with her, but more of a camaraderie type of relationship with her that could easily bleed into romantic undertones. Sheís folding her arms together, and hands her hands near her cleavage, and sheís looking up at me with this distinct smile that also seems to be recovering from the previous attack from the male entity that looks like those Las Plagas monks from Resident Evil 4.

      Sheís trying to ease her breathing a bit, and I told her that I thought she was Ada at first glance. I didnít know what I meant by professing ďAda,Ē at first, and presumed later that I meant Ada from the Resident Evil series. Her red dress was pretty interesting even though I couldnít absorb a lot of detail in it. But, I could tell that it mostly entailed of a mťlange of lingerie near her breasts, and silk for the rest of it; mostly the leg region.

      We had a quick conversation where I initiated with a question, and I canít remember what it was in particular, but I do know her response emotionally was being perplexed as to why I would presume such a thing. Weíre running towards the nearest exit, which is literally straight ahead, and the dream transitions to where walking through muddy water thatís thigh deep.

      In front of us is this large brown mountain, and thereís a cave entrance with an uphill to it that eventually looks like stairs made out of stone, or the natural material from the mountain itself. There are a few people inside trying to get us into the cave to escape whatever it is. But for some reason, weíre having a few problems.

      As weíre on our way, some person is shouting from the background of how Shia LaBeouf is needed for something, and the more this is professed, the more I see the person doing this is actually him to some extent. However, this could just be a misinterpretation as the individual was far away from us.

      Some other points:

      - There was mentioning of Fallout to some extent as well.

      While Iím trying to navigate the muddy waters, I lose sight of the person that was following me, but I had a feeling she was still with me. At least, she was probably behind me trying to fight through the streaming water. I donít know what weíre doing together, but this person seems oddly familiar, and I canít help but feel we planned out an adventure like this in the first place.

    6. 29th Oct 2013 Some good recall

      by , 10-30-2013 at 03:00 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Somewhat decent recall for once!

      Dream 1(fragments):

      I was doing some moderator stuff in dreamviews, and there were some weird rules and kicking going on.

      Dream 2(fragments):

      Some concrete place with blue lighting.

      Dream 3(fragments):

      I was watching some scene that kinda described creating of some ingame scene, but actual people were acting, there was some dialogue and i thought acting was pretty good. Then i started watching video about a few people breaking into some place with lots of lockers and someone commented 'Nobody have seen the end of that movie'

      Dream 4(fragments):

      I was watching some kind of gameplay that reminded me of resident evil series, there was fight with zombies/mutants in city and then one of characters felt like he's about to turn into one of mutants, his name was Chris.

      Dream 5:

      I was playing some game that looked like warcraft 2 and i was playing with SilentEternity. We have started some 1v1 map with ridiculous amounts of resources. I've started in top-left corner, he started in top-right. Between us there was huge forest, mountains at south and some AI controlled 'cities' in remaining two corners. I've started building buildings and noticed that we also had access to about all stuff from beginning, then i've made mostly melee group. I sent it and it met his group halfway between bases, which consisted off... Some infantry from KKND2 and Series9 kamikazi units. I micro'd my units to reduce losses and managed to take group out, but only few of my units were surviving.
      I've noticed he started getting some air units, so i started getting dragons and built some anti air towers. I also silently build barracks near his second base which he was building in bottom right corner. I get more units but he starts outnumbering me. At that point i use some kind of global ability that sends all his air units off from the map and then i notice a black dragon to the south of my base, which is on my side, and actually looks 3D. I also then notice that dragon's name is 'Scionox'. I send me towards SilentEternity's base and end up destroying everything in like 1-2 hits and winning.

      Dream 6(fragments):

      I've found dragon plushie giveaway of some kind but link on page leads to some site with silly cosplay vid of people dancing in suits.

      Dream 7(fragments):

      Some kind of forest.

      Dream 8:

      I was watching some anime where main character arrived onto some rather silly cartoonish island which was drawn in different, more handdrawn kinda style. There were some mountains and near them there was a house. Main character entered it and was welcomed by some silly people, they were talking about some things(And at times view was switching to first person).
      Then after a while enemy spaceships have arrived above island and main characters battled them. There were explosions everywhere and then main enemy character arrived as well. They talk and they apparently had fight before and enemy goes into trance to contact his master, in trance his trance-body gets pierced by 8 swords of ultimate power. He transforms into some green thing with 8 arms, each of which having weapon. He mentions that he's not exactly expecting this result. One of swords was sword of fire, another giant blade of light, then sword of shadow, then green colored short sword somehow combined with a shield, then a katana called 'Naginata'(What's up, random dream naming), the#n a sword made of blood, then blue colored sword and a sword i can't recall. He starts charging powerful attack but main character moves ridiculously quickly and saves a kid from near house. Then as he jumps away, massive wave of power goes by and destroys house and then splits whole mountain in half.
    7. 24th Oct 2013 Fragments

      by , 10-25-2013 at 02:43 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1(fragments):

      I was playing some game that was like resident evil made on doom engine, it was coop and we were defending some house.

      Dream 2(fragments):

      I was in some kind of magic school place and everyone had some kind of mini-computers, then i was talking to someone.

      Dream 3(fragments):

      I was playing some difficult 2D platformer and there were spikes and traps everywhere. I had ability to dash horizontally though and used it to avoid them.

      Dream 4(fragments):

      I was watching someone play a game that looked like resident evil 4 mercenaries mode.

      Dream 5(fragments):

      I was using some editor and making mountains with snow and a river through them, it became more steep than i wanted to and i was testing it a few times.
    8. Nail Polish and Kangaroos

      by , 10-21-2013 at 03:11 PM
      Had much shorter dreams than the night before but oh well.

      Dream 1: I saw my sister with nail polish on and I asked her who she did it with she said Molly M. (not gonna give the full name on here) I went downstairs and started watching a movie with two friends, one of them was a fwb I had about a year ago, the other was just some random guy I barely know. As we were watching the movie she kept like slightly moving her legs and gesturing over towards my room like she wanted to f***, but didn't want the other guy to notice. So I got up and started walking to my room and she followed. I walked in my bathroom on the way and my shower and toilet were like full of nail polish shit. She was like oh me and Molly were doing nail polish. I asked her Molly H? she said no Molly M. (except in real life it was their full last names) So I tried to avoid the nail polish stuff while peeing in the toilet but i just covered everything with piss lol. I think the dream ended there

      Dream 2: I was in a long car drive with my Dad and my Grandpa. There were a bunch of TV's in the car and I was flipping through channels, there was this one Resident Evil movie that only appears in my dreams. Me and my grandpa tried to find something interesting but there was nothing. Then my dad asks if we can just listen to the game on the radio. I ask him if its just on tv so we can hear it and see it and says no cause they only hold the rights to play it on the radio or something. Next thing I know we are stopping and getting out of the car. Theres this parking lot and kangaroos are walking around. Everyone lets them walk by and even walk up close to them but I stay away because I know they can punch the crap out of somebody. Pretty soon everyones trying to hide behind each other and the kangaroos are kind of walking towards us as we back up and we all just get in the cars and leave. It starts raining and I noticed my sister hasn't gotten in the car yet. So me and my brother are in one car and I drive out a bit before I realize everyone left her there. So I'm driving around there in the rain looking for her when the dream ends.
    9. Ada killing Dopplegangers and Me Dancing To Kill?

      by , 08-02-2013 at 06:27 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Ada killing Dopplegangers and Me Dancing To Kill? (Non-lucid)


      Last night I did about 90 minutes of training myself to let unconscious thoughts come in faster without giving much conscious judgment in them, and even though it's my first attempt, it's helping me SO MUCH with dream recall lately. It's actually fun doing those sessions as well because of how my unconscious mind can gather all of these random events and make something out of them.

      The reason why I'm doing that kind of exercise is so that when I wake up to attempt to recall my dreams, I gain more confidence that I will be able to synch in with those unconscious thoughts we get when recalling our dreams, where we don't question what's going on, and all we're doing is just letting those thoughts come out.

      I put this dream off for about 2 days, and can still remember a decent portion of it as well.

      So I'm walking through a school hall, and noticed how a bit blurry the environment is, with small patches of refined detail here and thread, almost as if something bad is going to happen. And as I'm shifting left and right in this perception in the dream, I noticed that the crowd in the hallway is getting a little bit bigger than it should be.

      I'm on the left side, and people are coming through me in the opposite direction that I'm facing. I noticed there's this fairly large entity that looks very abnormal compared to the rest of dream characters here.

      He's like the picture from above, except most of his body is white with a small hint of pink within it, and his face seems to look human as well, and seems to have a dark blonde hair-style similar to Albert Wesker's. The environment surrounding us consists of turquoise and shades of blue.

      The tile floors below us consist mostly of white and blue blocks, and there's a bit of a worn-out look on the floor, most likely because of the dust and dirt from the constant flow of people coming in and out of the school building.

      To the left of me, about 3 feet in front of me, is a random classroom door, and the mutant creature is standing perpendicular to me as I'm parallel to the wall to the left of me. He slowly turns his head and looks down at me, and for a few seconds, I was in fear of what he'll do to me, but he just ends up smiling at me and turning back to look at the classroom door.

      Eventually, the door opens, and we both go into an environment a lot brighter compared to the previous area. It has this milky and glowing aura type of atmosphere with specs of circular lights floating about. There's streams of curvy vanilla lines flowing through, and it feels kind of weird being in an environment that would induce positive feelings due to its nature.

      So, I noticed that my perspective is changing, and I'm not aware of my dream body as much, and it feels like I'm watching a randomly generated video clip of Ada talking with one of her dopplegangers. Not Carla from RE6, but just an exact copy of her, only that this doppleganger is a little bit more muscular and has a bit more meat to her.

      Ada is wearing the costume she had from RE2, like the picture below:

      Seems Ada is irritated with this doppleganger, and I can't recall the exact conversation they had. All I know is that Ada eventually took a silver tableware knife and stabs the doppleganger in her ear. The doppleganger is still alive, and is slowly walking down some stairs, and I noticed the dream scene shifts completely from being bright to being a little darker.

      The stairs are dark green with a few streaks of yellow, and the handrail is black and has a very thin metal frame as well. It seems she's going through the type of stair format where it looks like it's forming squares if you were to look down below from a high elevation, like spiraling down into what seems like a bottomless pit.

      The doppleganger is using her right arm to hold onto her left elbow, as if she's injured from other areas of her body. I can't remember what happens next, but there's a dream shift where I'm back to the bright area I mentioned before.

      For some reason, I have to dance with some random dream character that looks kind of like Mr. Bean, except he has light brown hair and has a softer visage. I have to pretend I'm dancing to some music with this guy so that Ada can kill him.

      I don't know why, I just went with the flow and tried to do my best to give the signal to Ada without the dream character trying to turn back and possibly find out about her plan to eliminate him. I gave Ada some eye gestures for quite some time, and I'm wondering if this dream character is just either really passive about body language, or he's just doesn't have enough sentience and sapience to know what we're up to.

      I can't recall what's going to happen next after that. It just ends up being me trying to give her signs to kill him off while I look like an idiot trying to dance where there's nobody around but me and two people.

    10. Asking Advice from a Mute Person & Dodging Parts of A Collapsing Roof

      by , 07-21-2013 at 05:05 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Asking Advice from a Mute Person (Non-lucid)


      I'm walking into a classroom, and as usual, I happen to be the only person to come in other than the presumed teacher that's inside the room. Seems that it's early morning for the dream setting, seeing how the chairs are on top of the desks in this room, and only a few lights were on while patches of darkness fills the rest of the room. I believe I left the door half opened, and as I'm going inside the room, I notice a female is nearby, and from peripheral vision alone, I knew she was taller than me, by 3-5 inches taller.

      It seemed she was on her way of sitting near her work computer, and she quickly turns around to greet me. The moment she turns around, I fall victim for how she looked. She looked Hispanic, absolutely beautiful and her facade was proportioned to near perfection. The only makeup she seemed to have gracefully plastered on her visage were eyeliners and red lipstick. Before she started uttering a word of greeting to me, I made a presumption that she was a substitute teacher for this classroom. The reason being is that it felt like she was exploring the room a bit before turning around to chat with me.

      Her body movements and such clearly wasn't in synch compared to teachers who know what's in the room and know where to sit in the room. She has black hair that's in an updo hairstyle, and is wearing a vibrant orange dress that ends just a few inches above her knees. And as she's turning around and me going through some trance of gazing at her beauty, she asks me a random question,

      "Are you an immigrant?"


      It took me a few seconds to start using logic after falling for her looks, and I quickly stated,

      "Oh, no, I'm a citizen."

      I'm not sure if I gave her a smile along with that, but anyway, she gets closer to me for some odd reason and gets a blanket that she wraps around my face gently. She smiles and casually goes back to sit at her work station, and I begin to notice this blanket is a dark gray color and feels very warm.

      I can feel her very essence through this blanket, and I noticed her perfume is covered on this blanket as well. Her smell and the perfume, although this sounds creepy, it was a very pleasurable experience of smelling it. I take my hands and wrapped my face with the blanket more, going through a slight mental orgasm of positive thoughts.

      Not sexual thoughts, just thoughts of wanting to cuddle with her, and as I'm going through this random act of appreciate a woman's smell, a part of me eventually realized it was best not to be fixated on it for too long. I put the blanket down, and it seemed this lady was going to leave, and I'm not sure if she was leaving for good or just had to get something.

      Either way, the dream quickly shifts to a completely different scenario. What felt would be some cheap romance dream with a teacher that was just maybe a few years older than I was, I'm not some guy with different clothing and with a completely different dream character I had odd fear with. He was dark-skinned, wore a gray sweater with a light gray collar folded neatly along with dark colored pants (can't remember the specific color).

      It was as if my competency level was reduced tremendously in this dream, seeing how I literally obeyed, sucked up to this guy's words and commands, and thought he was going to do something bad to me if I wouldn't act accordingly. So while he's being condescending without actually being direct with me, I continue going through random acts of filling out some papers. Whenever I find myself being confused about something, I would ask him and he would just point where to fill out and find information, and the more I needed help from him, the more annoying he was to me seeing how he was so irritated with my questioning.

      It wasn't even complicated questions, seeing how my competency level was now equivalent to a 8 year old or something, and he never uttered a word, only pointed and used hand language and gestures. Was I trying to get advice from a person that's mute?
      If so, then this dream just went downhill.

      In fact, either way, it felt kind of weird being looked down upon a mute person, it just felt that no matter what questions I needed help on, he would only just point and shake his head.



      Dodging Parts of A Collapsing Roof (Non-lucid)


      So I'm in this spacious building that feels like an airport, a very huge airport. I can presume that the roof was 100-300 feet from the ground, which kind of felt too much in terms of practical building composition. Even so, it's a good thing it was built that way, seeing as you already notice what's going to happen.

      The roof is collapsing without actually showing signs of collapsing, if that makes any sense. Random huge blocks start slamming down to the ground, and in this moment, it doesn't matter what I'm wearing or what I had intended to do, all that matters was just me dodging as much as I can. I had moments where if I were a few seconds too later, my dream body would be "destroyed."

      As I'm trying to keep myself alive in the dream, the fear and adrenaline augments rapidly, and unconscious reflexes started to become apparent. After the series of close calls and dodging prowess that seemed like a deus ex machina, I started to recollect my thoughts again, and it seems my first thought was finding if my mother was okay. I started panicking for some odd reason, despite of the inconsistency with her existence in the dreaming life and waking life.

      As I'm looking left and right to find her, I start using 360 vision again, or maybe it was just spectator mode where I see her behind me feeling perfectly fine. Seems I wanted to reach my left hand out to her without turning back and held her hand. For a few moments, I felt relieved and at ease with myself.

      I turned around and was surprised that she was still alive after all that.

      I don't know what happens next.


      Mini Resident Evil Nemesis (Non-lucid)


      I'm walking inside a house that's fairly dark, and the more I venture through this building, it feels like a mansion. I noticed that a mini-version of the Resident Evil Nemesis is trying to get me is saying,


      Yeah, time to get out.

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    11. Terriers!

      by , 03-28-2013 at 01:01 AM
      Last night's dreams were mostly fragmentary.

      #1 - I dreamed I was playing a survival/horror game in the vein of Resident Evil (old RE) but with a combat system that was closer to Fallout/Fallout 2. At one point, I had to control a character who was an Airdale Terrier who was trying to accomplish some in-game goals and escape. I had to gather some other dogs using the character and then follow an escape route. Although the subject matter was "scary", the dream was not a nightmare and I wasn't afraid of anything.

      #2 - Then I dreamed I was traveling to some sort of monastery set into a scenic cliff side, and the inside of the cliff actually held an entire tiny village and economy - but when I got inside it turned out that the whole place was being run by Lady Gaga and instead of chapels there was a huge room full of lasers and balloons.

      #3 - Gross dream. Dreamed I was using a tiny vacuum to vacuum zits. Except, at one point, it looked like my face had been full of brown paste or mud... anyway, it was gross.

      #4 - Back to the RE setting. I am human now and stuck in some sort of solitary confinement. I miss my dog.
    12. Me vs. Krauser and a U3 on a Unicycle [Vlog]

      by , 03-01-2013 at 03:14 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Since I haven't recalled any dreams in over a month, because I'm too lazy, I just made a vlog on two dreams I had months ago.

      Note: I do not love Denver, and my voice is a bit too high, probably because of the recording. Bleh.

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    13. Dreamland: Crawlspace at Grandmas

      by , 12-18-2012 at 08:26 AM
      A small but important dream I had within the last week. It was vivid enough to remember with certainty, but I only recall a tiny fragment:

      I'm standing in my Grandmothers hallway with my first cousin Matthew (a cousin from the other side of the family). He is a full grown adult and looks matured. He also looks like he survived a war. His childhood friend is with us, he is also a full grown adult, and I mention this because I never saw them as adults.

      Matthew shows me the hallway has a trapdoor in the side, leading to a part of the house that does not exist in waking life. It looks scary, and we are forced to crawl through a corridor fit for an animal.

      There is a green light, and a red light in the hall. It widens into a traditional sized hallway blocked by a door. I notice the paint is badly chipped and looks hyper realistic. Chained up in front of a wooden door is a zombie Doberman-pincher straight out of Resident Evil. Matt's friend reacts with serious intensity, raises a 12-gauge shotgun and points it at the undead dog. I remember thinking I should have a shotgun too...

      --I woke up.

      After this dream, I suddenly remembered how many dreams I've had in this hallway. Scores that I didn't recall at any point in the past two years. This could be the first hallway I had nightmares about. It was always poorly light.. The attic from this house appear in two other dreams posted at Dreamviews.

      Related Dreams:
      Zombie Trophy & Costco Housing
      100-Dreams Blog: Zombie [Tag]

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    14. Zodiacs,Resident evil,Nightmare

      by , 08-04-2012 at 05:06 AM (Boring Misadventures of a Teenage Girl)
      The nightmare starts off with me walking in a park with my cousin Candy. I was complaining of some back pain to her. Out of nowhere, a guy shows up and tells me " You have back pain, why don't you show up to our sermon and get a free massage from our master massager!" Before we can say anything he guides us through some bushes and into a huge park clearing where there's about 50 people sitting on the ground all turned to a raised platform in the middle. The man guides us to the front row, and makes us sit down. My cousin says "Why not? Free massage!" so we stay and wait. Finally the "Master massager" shows up. He looks a lot like Salazar from Resident evil, only that hes taller, and is wearing purple robes with gold accents, and has a gold alarm clock necklace hanging from his neck
      I forgot what he talks about in the sermon. Finally it finishes and he says " And now for the free massages!Who's first?" he sees my cousin and says, " You." My cousin starts shaking her head but he gets her by the chin and looks into her eyes. I start feeling uneasy, and decide to get her and leave. All of a sudden his eyes glow yellow, and he tells her "I finally found you, Aries!" He opens his mouth and a long snaky tongue comes out and enters hers. She screams and disinagrates into ashes in front of my eyes. I scream,and so do the others,and chaos ensues. He sees me and his eyes start glowing again "Its you, Cancer!" he grabs my wrist and I scream. " What do you want with me?" I manage to stutter. He says "Don't you realize yet? You and your cousin are the one of the 12 human versions of the Zodiac.I already absorbed your cousin, Aries, into me. Once I absorb all of the Zodiacs, I'll become immortal! And you're next, Cancer." Still holding me with a tight grip, he opens his mouth and his tongue comes out. It manages to touch my chin before I kick his stomach hard, and he releases me. He doubles over and I run. "You won't get away!" he yells, and I keep running. I dont stop running for a long time, untill I see someone up ahead of me. Finally help! I catch up to him. Before I can say anything he turns around and lets out an inhuman yell. I remember him as the man that showed us the sermon. He's turned into a Zombie! His yell is followed by others, and I see the people from the sermon too, zombified as well. The start running toward me. They look a lot like the zombies from resident evil 4
      The drag me to someone in the distance. Its Salazar! (In the dream, i never got his name, so I will just call him Salazar) He says " Good work, my minions." as I get closer and closer. I dunno how, but I manage to break free about 10 yards away. The zombies start to follow, but Salazar holds out his hand " No. Go find the other Zodiacs. I'll take care of this girl." I speed up. It is nightfall by now. I think "Great, I can use this to my advantage.If i have to." I can hear Salazar behind me. I make a turn, and realize I hit a dead end. There is a gate in front of me, and its locked. Its unclimbable.I turn around, but its too late to turn back, Salazar was coming this way. I see some bushes near the gate. I have no choice but to take cover, and hope he doesnt see me. Luckily, the path is surrounded by bushes, so i might not be noticed. I dive behind the bushes and make myself as small as possible. I start ripping leaves of the bush and throw them on me,hoping to hide my clothes. Then i sit there and wait, trying to stop my body shake violently from the terror. I hear Salazar's steps approaching. And hes checking the bushes one by one! I scream internally, and realize that its over for me. Finally he stops at my bush. He starts feeling around, and touches my knee. He grins " Ah, I found you little Cancer. Dont shake, it'll be over in a minute." I close my eyes and wait for my death. Then something rips him from my knee. I open my eyes, and see that a car crashed through the gate and ran him over. A hand reaches through the bush to grab mine "Are you alright?" she picks me up. It is a young woman,about 20. She is wearing black short shorts and a pink t-shirt. Her hair was up in a braided ponytail. "Thank you for saving my life." I tell her. " Dont thank me just yet," she says. "I saw him absorb Aries. Her power will keep him alive. Hes only knocked uncousious.He'll wake up soon. You should get a move on." I nod and she starts to turn around to run off. " Wait,can I go with you?" I ask. She shakes her head " 'Fraid not, he can detect our power greater if we go in groups. You're safer alone. Its harder for him to detect us that way." I nod. Before she takes off, I ask her "Wait, who are you?" She gives me one final smirk. "I'm Gemini."
      I decide to make a move on before Salazar comes to. I run till dawn. I reach an area that is filled with zombies. I have no choice but to run through them. They see me, but they are to slow. Suddenly something hurls themself on me. Its some kind of black dog, with a skeleton for a head. Its too heavy to throw off. It pins me to the ground and starts chanting something. The zombies start chanting more. And get closer. I scream. Then something shoots the dog off me. Its a man. Hes wearing a gray tshirt and black pants and has two holsters with guns strapped across his back. He shoots the zombies and picks me up. "Thank you." i tell him. He nods. " Follow me." We start running, him leading the way. "I'm Leo," he says, " Who are you?" I tell him "Cancer." He nods again " We are going on a helicopter." soon, we reach the helicopter. There's another person there. Shes a woman with short red hair. She doesn't acknowledge me, but speaks a couple words with Leo. I dont know what Zodiac she is, but I get the feeling that shes Saggitarius. I take a dislike to her. Leo opens a glass dome thats on the side of the helicopter and tells me " You're safe now. Get on. Hold on to the pole though, you might fall off." Inside the dome, there is two seats. I sit on one and he straps me in. Then he goes inside the helicopter and we take off. Its not until we are high in the air that I start crying. I know that I am safe now. He waits till I calm down and explains to me that we arnet safe yet, we got to rescue the rest of the zodiacs, and kill Salazar. I get determined. We are going to save everyone. And finally bring peace. I make a mental note before I fall asleep that I will kill Salazar personally. The dream ends.
      Note: I woke up pretty scared from this, even though this seems like an adventure.Didnt sleep the rest of the night.I still have this shaky feeling in my stomach.God, I hate nightmares.But it was a pretty cool dream
    15. Almost Late for Class, 3-headed red dragon, Staged False Killing

      by , 06-11-2012 at 11:29 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Almost Late for Class (Non-lucid)


      I have a schedule in my hand, but it takes me a few times to even read it properly. It seems I was just headed out to go to my next class, and from what I read, I had to go to a different section where I needed my bicycle to get there early.

      It feels like I'm driving a car, but I'm still riding the bicycle. When I reach an intersection, I have a hard time trying to decide if I should take the late to go left, or take the lane that allows me to go forward or left.

      There was some girl riding a bicycle too in front of me, and she's riding it a little bit slower than I am, which irritates me because I'm trying to rush to the next class. She's wearing a Tye-dye shirt with a mix of turquoise and light green, a female's sports shorts, and your basic running shoes I guess.

      I think someone, probably her friend, is telling her that someone behind her is waiting for her to make a choice, and she turns to the right to talk to her friend, probably to see who's behind her with her peripheral vision as well.

      But by the time she moves over, I'm already ahead of her someone, guess I was too impatient with her. Anyway, I put my bicycle somewhere, but I don't think I locked it because it all felt so rushed.

      I examine the inside of the building, and there are quite a few people in here. I look at my schedule, which I'm still have a little bit of a difficulty reading properly, but I believe the room I had to go to was "8o" or "80...." something like that.

      I look around the section that has rooms related to the number "8," so I check quickly for the ones with "o" or "0," and I find the room that says "80" I believe. Then there's a slight dream shift where I'm not near that section anymore, and I'm asking a lady who is probably in her 50-60s if I'm in the right class.

      She tells me yes, but she said I looked at my schedule wrong, and this class is the one I have to go to AFTER I've gone to the other one.


      I forget if I even thanked her for telling me that, I was in such a rush, and now that I have to go BACK because the class I have to go to before this one was in the same building as the one before it.

      I don't know how I reach there so quickly, but I get there somehow. I go inside the room, and there aren't a lot of people inside. There's maybe 2-3 lights on in the room, and 1-2 of them are dim a little faded.

      The tile flooring is white, and I saw some reflection from the light on a few of them as well. I look around to find the teacher, but I'm seeing most people who look like my age.

      But since it was maybe 7-10 people in the room, it didn't take that long to find the teacher. I look around a little more, and find 1 or 2 people are looking at me weird.

      Maybe they were looking since we see each other often, or maybe something was wrong with my looks, I wasn't sure. I can't remember talking to the teacher though, it seemed that he/she wasn't even here, and that students were just finding their own seats and waiting.

      As I head to find a seat of my own, I see one person having his arms over his head resting face-plant on the desk. Then as I'm sitting down, I realize I have no pants on.

      It seems I'm only wearing a short black dress that is only long enough to cover my private parts, barely. So I had to cover them as I'm bending down, and I tried not to embarrass myself by shrugging off the fact that I only have a long black dress on.

      And my hair was probably cut as well.

      I guess I spent the rest of the dream waiting for the teacher like the other students, or maybe he/she was there already....not sure.

      Facing Albert Wesker (Non-lucid)


      I think I'm playing Resident Evil 5, but I'm not sure if I'm the one actually pulling the trigger of various weapons, or the game controller.

      I assume it's Resident Evil 4 because I see Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar, and I'm controlling them as well. I wasn't cognizant of Sheva's presence until later on in the fight.

      Albert Wesker seems to be after Chris, and both are inside a fairly dark house. There's a way out, but Wesker is walking so slow, just to make himself look scarier, that he's blocking the way out. After letting him get close to Chris, I press the buttons to dodge Wesker's attack. I get out of the area, and Wesker continues following me.

      Now Chris is at some offshore military base, and then I realize there's an option for Sheva to "wait" or "follow" Chris. By now, I guess I'm just playing a video game in the dream. I move Chris to a dead-end so he can turn around and start shooting Wesker with a pistol.

      Wesker takes a few hits, and he starts to get closer, and I make a dash past him, and the game prompts me to dodge his attacks again, which I do with ease. I go to the other side, turn around, and keep doing that a few times.

      Then Wesker starts to form into something even more dangerous. He just looks weird, certain body parts more bulged out than others, but I keep shooting him, this time, with a Sniper Rifle.

      It seems to work a few times, but after more shots, either I'm horrible at aiming, or he's immune to these types of gunshots.

      I try to calm down and keep shooting, but now he transformed into something completely different. He turns into a 3 headed red dragon.


      One head looked like a horribly drawn cartoon dragon head, and the other two looked very realistic and 3D. I believe the cartoon head was in the middle or on the right (left looking from my view).

      I really don't know what to do anymore except to keep shooting with whatever I have, and to make sure Sheva is getting damaged either, because if she's gone, game over for me too...at least that's the logic I believed in this dream.

      This 3-headed red dragon is impervious to my weapon's bullets, and after a few seconds are trying to dodge it's attacks, along with making sure Sheva is okay as well, it starts to float.

      But it's not that type of floating that leads to flying, it's floating like it's some kind of jet machine or something. I wonder why it needs to be floating, but it seems it's doing that so it can activate the turret contained in one of the heads.


      It starts shooting sporadically at us, and Sheva takes a few hits, and I could tell because through the HUD Screen, her health was a yellow, and I didn't have any First Aids to help her get healed to Green Level.

      When everything seemed hopeless, someone comes to the left manages to inflict pain to the dragon with their weapon. Chris' face was looking at the ground crouching a little, because I thought I would die since I can't find a way to kill this thing.

      The same person who came in to save us was Jill Valentine. Her outfit was a mix of her wearing the cap from her B.S.A.A. outfit from the Spencer's State episode and the rest of her body was covered with the outfit she wore when she boards the Queen Zenobia.

      The outfit on the right is the one she wore, and the cap is probably what she wore as well on the left, but I'm starting to believe she wore the blue beret instead.

      I don't know how I was able to quickly tell it was Jill, but her presence makes the fight less difficulty. I believe another person came to help kill this dragon as well, but I couldn't see their visage.

      All I remember is that they were clothed with a very bright red outfit, most likely a dress, so it had to be a female, or a cross-dresser, but I high doubt the latter was possible.

      That's all I remember.
      Staged False Killing (Non-lucid)


      At first, it didn't make sense, but after everything was being analyzed again, these people were very clever in staging a false murder.

      I can't remember all the details, but most of the dream took place inside of a house. I guess it was a party or a hang-out of some kind, and after a while, a few people had to go already.

      Now for a huge dream shift, because I can't remember why it feels like I'm watching a movie where they explain everything. Apparently, those same people who had to leave early, they were the same people who staged the false murder. They stained the pillow from a bed with some red substance to imitate the look of blood, and did all sorts of clever things.

      That's all I remember.
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