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    1. Nonlucids - September 7

      , 09-07-2018 at 12:49 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      Sep 7 2018

      First dream of night: I'm at childhood home. I'm younger, I think. There is a party or gathering coming up, and we're discussing it in the backyard. My mom wants us (fiance and I) to wear a giant Barney suit. We tentatively agree. I try on the suit and can't fit the headpiece on. It's a rectangular oblong plasic open box (thinka tupperware container, but oblong. It was in no way the appropriate size for my head. On the two, I think there was a felt cap or something (driveR). I think the torso had a separate piece from the legs for the costume. After trying the headpiece on without the tupperware "structural mask", mI found that I could shift my focus and see myself in 3rd person (still non-lucid). I remember it looked nothing like a Barney head or any formed animal costume head for that matter; instead it was like a purple ghost outfit (i.e. loose draped rag with eye holes).

      The dream shifts and we're all in a parking lot. My mom's request for us to work during the party has come up, but it turns out she wants us to work for 5 hours each. I say that's bullshit, she wsays "well you agreed, you just idn't specify timeframe or current ball timeframe". We were in some kind of parking lot, I was in a white van I believe. I was trying to pull out of the spot and around the corner. I fought with my momm about this and eventually resigned us completely from doing the ball.

      Before getting in the van I believe, I was walking around a version of the parking a lot that was fused with my backyard. Off towards the far right/forward corner of the yard, there's a system of roots that went on for a few fet in either direction. I didn't realize, but some of them are completely rotten. I step over them and they collapse, while the healthy parts remain intact. The rotten roots fall away into a large grave-sized hole.

      The dream shifts and I'm inside the house, in a false version of my room. My fiance is there with me, but is playing the role of a sister (posibly step sister or family friend, it was vague). The mood was fierce and rebellious. We are talking about how best to approach the Barney situation and my dad ends up walking around the corner. He has a few guys with him and he cracks some inappropriate jokes, and some of the guys with him say some stuff that's way out of line. My zipper is down. Before this my "sister" and I were watching TV or in the kitchen.

      Dream fragment about "how to meet your heroes" or something similar.

      Edit: In the main dream, I remember at multiple points having to swat away both lovebugs and wasps.

      *Note: Seems like in my dreams, I usually get in huge fights with my mom (way more intense than anything ever IWL), and my dad is always laid back (innappropriately so).

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    2. 11/01/16 | Poor little wasps and jelly-kittens

      by , 01-12-2016 at 12:23 AM
      Oh, what the heck, I'll also post here some of my dreams. Not every one tho.

      #1 Poor little wasps
      I saw behind the curtain of the window some dark little shadow-dots. I thought there was flies. When I looked at them it turned out that there are little wasps in a row. Without any thoughts I opened the window and tried to expel (?) them. It was winter and big snowflakes was falling down, also to my room. Then I started to feel bad for them but I didn't stop. Snowflakes started to stick to the wasps, then they was slowed down. I knew that they will die because of the snow, I realised that they was just waiting there for the better weather. I felt so guilty and sad, I woke up after that :c However dream was really beautiful visually. Vivid colors (yellow, white and blue) etc.

      #2 Jelly-kittens
      I was on my bed and on the little piece of paper I had 4-6 tiny little cats (1cm) which was alive but made of some transparent gel. They was standing in the circle. They was kinda sticky. I was responsible for them. They ate wood chips which gave to them. THEN equally small dinosaur came over! And he tried to eat or hurt my kittens. So I automatically hit him with tiny stick. Unfortunatelly one of the cats was glued to him. Also rest of them dropped of my duvet and I couldn't find them. When I did there was less of them (3-4?). And on the end of the dream (which is a little blurry) I lost them all. So guilty and sadness as well again. I wouldn't be a good mother ._.'

      Ok, rest of these are boring/private. I'll add here only some interesting stuff (when I'll be bored probably) and LDs.
    3. Kidnapped

      by , 10-13-2013 at 05:22 AM (Casting Shadows)
      Jason is a relative to the Davis'. He and I are in the parking lot of Wal-Mart and are about to go in. Jasper and David are inside and we are supposed to meet up with them. There is a little man with brown hair and a great bushy beard inside of a box (sort of like a small vending machine), and on the top is a sign in great neon colors, "SOCIOPATH." I pass him by but Jason, who is carrying a small pack (that looks like a pack of matches) of some sort of illegal drug offers it to him. For one second, Jason is there, and the next, he is gone--the little man kidnapped him!

      I dread telling Jasper and David that their brother is missing. Will I be blamed for his absence? Probably. I don't like the thought. I know that I have to tell them, though, and so I march forward into Wal-Mart.

      Perhaps there is some sort of time skip, or perhaps I simply can't remember what happens in the in-between, but it's at night and I'm on a car with the Davis', heading for Oklahoma. It's late at night and there is a giant billboard sign that has a crude picture of a lake, and then an arrow pointing to a spot in the southern part of the body of water. A "you are here" type of thing, telling us that we are at our destination. We drive by the sign a little and when I look back there is a small island (again, where we are) that is clearly visible.

      At some point we stop and climb on a cable car. According to the dream, I didn't just ride all the way from Mississippi to Oklahoma. Both Jasper and Payton were curled up on the floor of the cable car, asleep. I don't know where Samantha is, but David is the one directing the car. I tell him about Jason; he seems mildly disappointed but otherwise unaffected.

      Riding the cable car is a scary experience, but I remain calm.

      Once we get off of the car, we are all on a little trail in a rural area of the island. At the very end of it are bleachers where several people are staying. Jasper and I walk the trail a few times back and forth, talking. I steel myself in preparation of telling him about his brother's kidnapping, but he tells me that he was only pretending to be asleep.

      At the end I (and perhaps he along with me) come back to the bleachers. Guess who's here? That's right, Jason. I ask him to come back with me (a small celebration is due, since he has turned up), but he tells me that he wants to stay for a bit longer; he needs to speak with Jarvis before leaving.

      At this, I look behind the bleachers. Jarvis is standing there. Wyvern approaches him and goes in for a kiss, he kisses back, and then--as if he realizes what he's doing--breaks the kiss and storms off, angry. I know that he's angry with Wyvern for kissing him and himself for kissing her back. Wyvern sits down and cries, and I try to console her. "He enjoyed. He enjoyed it and if he wasn't already dating Paramore he would go out with you."
    4. I am Number 1: Writing New Edition of Reference Book

      by , 08-10-2013 at 10:34 AM
      In my dream I undertook the mammoth task of writing an updated edition of a Java reference book. In waking life I do not know how to program in Java, and even in the dream I was not good at it and I felt inadequate for the task. However, I felt someone had to do it because it was an important reference book.

      The previous edition had been written by an organization we work with in waking life, and the employees of that organization were like in waking life. My coworkers and managers however were not ones like in waking life, and the building and organization and goal of our work were not the same.

      In my dream I had to spend some time persuading a manager of why testing was necessary. Then I actually revised one chapter of the huge reference book and implemented the corresponding code for it, which resulted in two lines crossing, one representing actual data and the other some sort of extrapolated data.

      A high level executive of my dream organization was very impressed with my work, and meaningfully said to my dream manager that I am "number 1". At least I thought this had some sort of important hidden meaning, but I did not know what it meant, except that I had the sense that it was like "favorite", but i felt insufficiently qualified for that. I was supposed to go to the executive's office later, and hoped to be told what being number 1 meant.

      I talked with a representative of the publisher of this reference book. And she said good that I was working on this new edition, because this one was about to go out of date. I said that I would not be done in time because I had just started one chapter, and it was a huge reference book.

      The first revised chapter I did was one somewhere in the middle. Now I started tackling the reference book starting from the front cover. I had the revelation that there would be no need to revise every chapter, since this was a new edition, just the ones that needed to change. This made me realize that the task was not quite as huge as the reference book made it look like.