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    1. Exploring a huge house

      , 01-26-2014 at 03:22 PM
      I was having trouble falling asleep after the last dream and was twisting and turning in bed for a while until I realized I had seen 2 dreamscapes form but not stabilize - one was a video game and the other I donít recall. So this made me think that this is probably a good time to try to WILD and after a while I find myself in the dream although I donít recall how I got there and I donít remember actually entering the dream. I think more happened before the point from which I recall the dream but i just donít remember it. Anyway I find myself walking through a house and exploring the rooms. I am going through some room where itís kind of like a mini labyrinth and I have to make right turns like 3-4 times and as I get to the end I imagine findning and hot girl at the end but there is nothing there. I keep searching and I come to a room that is sort of split up in two parts and is also very much like a labyrinth and I hear a shower running. I go through one part of the room and come to a bathroom where the running shower sound was coming from and in there I find a tall black woman with light skin and she is turned away from me. She has a nice ass and then she turns around and her face is pretty ugly. I tell her "sorry, I am mistaken" and I leave. I feel my dream starting to destabilize but I want to get to the door leading out of here before restabilizing. I get in front of the door and I start spinning. Once I stop I open the door but it feels like I need to spin in the other direction a bit and I do like half a spin to stabilize and Iím good to go. I keep looking through the house and the next room I come to is empty and there is a black desk standing in this room that looks like an office. I decide I want to break this desk with just my bare hand. I slam my hand down on it but it doesít break...fortunately it doesnít hurt me either. I then think that I should have no problems breaking this desk with my hand so I try again and in fact I donít even hit it as hard and this time it breaks in half but my arm doesnít go all the way through. So the desk is sort of broken but the two parts are still held together slightly. I think I just push my arm through it to break it. As Iím heading out of the room I see a lot of clatter and there is some object thatís close to the exit and I move it telekinetically...well it only moves a little and not as much as I wanted to...I intended to just shove it out of the way completely and it moved maybe a few inches. I walk out of this room and keep going through the house but now Iím starting to feel my breath being hot and heavy and it makes me think that my real body is in bed and I have the covers over my nose and mouth and in fact I start feeling the covers get wet with saliva and I have trouble breathing. I do my best to ignore it and I think I try breathing through my mouth and my nose gets congested. Iím able to keep going though, but thinking retroactively I should have just completely ignored these sensations of my real body. Anyway, next I get to a room that is sort of open and not surrounded by walls completely and in fact I can see way outside this room but I realize that what Iím seeing is not fully formed and my dream is destabilizing. I start spinning to stabilize the dream and I decide to actually just teleport out of here and go where there are a bunch of SOIs. As I continue spinning everything goes black and Iím in this void spinning and I feel my feet still going in the motion to make me spin. I continue spinning for maybe 5-10 seconds waiting for a dream to form but I wind up waking up. Interesting to note that my blanket was not covering my nose and mouth and I was lying on my belly with the side of my face on the pillow and nothing was obstructing my breathing.