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    1. Restroom Play DILD

      by , 07-24-2018 at 06:42 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      Found myself back at my first job. I look around and notice a few changes here and there. As I run pass the hallway I look to my right which I expected to see an elevator but to my surprise it was no longer there. I then could see a new change of something more futuristic. I go in to the tight small corner that led me to the new break room or what they called the beehive.

      I went through many of the halls not remembering how big it was compared to the last time I been there. I finally got to the end as I realize I was looking for the men rest room. Once I made it I notice these group of people ding some kind of play. I sit back and watch them. Eventually the lights go out and could feel someone breathing against me.
      Then I felt something hit me, after that the lights came on and I became lucid. I was not too happy so I toss him to the ground and tore up some of there stuff for the play.

      I could feel my lucidity slipping and I prepare to focus on the ground getting ready to deild. But then suddenly my lucidity return back to being stable. I continue as this big guy came along trying to stop me. I eventually get bored of this and left the restroom and went back out to the break room. I told the guy I am leaving and to have no hard feelings. I went back in to the tight spots and corners and left my old futuristic first job. I then wake up
    2. Applying Eyelash Makeup In Restroom

      by , 12-12-2015 at 12:04 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Applying Eyelash Makeup In Restroom (DILD)


      Iím inside a grocery retail store, and Iím on my way to the restroom. The flooring before heading there is very clean, light brown cement color with some kind of marble coating to it. The lighting overall is a yellow hue mixed in with orange, and this probably due to the upper roof windows emitting the light from above.

      Itís a fairly active within the store itself, and itís very spacious as well. I seem to be carrying something that looks like a Poo-pourri spray.

      I go inside the restrooms, and noticed that the sinks are to the left vs. the right as it usually is in the other retail store I shop at. Thereís the same laminate coating, dark brown colors mixed in with some grays, blacks, and subtle appearances of white along with the fancy, stainless steel sinks. I look at the mirror, and Iím preparing to move the eyeliner makeup stick around for a little bit.

      I try to apply some to my eyelashes, and Iím getting various outcomes each time I invest more time into this. One moment, it seems like my eyelashes are going to become thinner, and less noticeable. The next moment, itís as if in spite of their state of being, they still are emphasized more for some reason, and it feel awkward looking at myself looking feminine. There were a few men that came every now and then to be surprised as to why Iím applying eyeliner, eyelash, whatever itís called, and even though I had a knee-jerk reaction to be shocked that they came in, I still went about my merry way.

      I was only aware of what was going on, and didnít really bother to fixate on bodily movements, I guess. I started to play around with the substance within the makeup bottle, and I could see itís a very thick, white substance with some black blemishes that are shiny and glossy as well. I pay attention to the realism of the texture forming around the small brush stick, and the sounds associated with knocking against the bottle from the inside with the brush stick.

      After I stop reveling in this, I proceed to go out of the restroom, and as Iím going near a check stand, some random kid asks me for a machineís game currency, and I quickly responded, ďNo.Ē And I mean no as in, ďno-you-demon-child,youĒ type of no. The child is about 2-3 three feet in height, dark complexion, and is wearing a white shirt and probably some generic, dulled out shorts that were light blue. He had a haircut close to the 1.5 setting, i.e., having hair, but close to being bald.

      He looks up at me weirdly, and doesnít seem to be capable of processing my immediate response, and starts looking around for a bit, and then moves on to go to his parents.

      The funny part is that later on in the day, a co-worker was asking if I was using perfume before she corrected herself, and saying cologne.

    3. Deactivating a Tower |Dreamed Using Restroom -> Real Wet Dream | MIC Makes $$$ Off of Runescape

      by , 11-17-2015 at 11:38 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Deactivating a Tower (DILD)


      All I remember is that I'm in the desert sector related to Code Lyoko, but I don't feel I'm actively participating in the mission of deactivating the active tower. I see, in first person perspective, some Tarantulas that eventually give up, and see that as soon as they pass a certain point near the tower, they disappear.

      It feels as if someone is destroying the desert sector.


      I Wet Myself IRL Because DC Stalls Me Using a Restroom In a Dream (DILD)


      Iím with some of the Code Lyoko: Evolution members in a classroom. It seems the setting is in a late afternoon where the sunset is slowly dissipating. The floor is white, and made of some kind of hard-surfaced tiling, and the rest of the room is white.

      Iím sitting in a dark-colored chair, and resting on a light-brown table thatís fit for at least 6 individuals. The teacher looks a bit familiar, and has a light complexion. He seemed to be a mťlange of one of my bossís bosses at a retail store, and then one of the principals from the Code Lyoko: Evolution show, and such.

      Heís doing something to stall time so students wonít be convinced to leave early until the bell rings. Iím wondering why heís doing this, as I felt I had a good judgment of when the bell would ring. I looked at the clock at some point thatís white in the background, and has black tick marks and numerical fonts as well.

      It seems to be somewhere around 1:20-1:35PM or so; the equivocations with time just made things more obvious. When the teacher was counting down when the bell would ring, the moment he reached 0, he wouldnít let everyone leave at once. He asked us if anyone of us wants to go to jail, in which we quickly said, or made a gesture of ďNo.Ē

      He eventually allows us to leave in this false imprisonment nonsense. I go out to the door, to my right, and weíre having a quick conversation over how the teacher was acting weird. I turn to the left, and I see a Hispanic female that I presumed to be in the class we were in as well. She looks like one of my co-workers; short ponytail, red shirt, tight blue jeans, and weíll just nickname her An.

      I asked her why the teacher was so peculiar, and she shook her head in confusion as her retort. I get the strong urge to utilize the restroom, and immediately went into the closest one. Brown walls, white tiled floor, and a really clean restroom. I open one of the doors, sat down for some reason instead of standing up, and started to urinate.

      I was feeling a virtual experience of urinating that ended up translating into real life, and mid-way piss, I feel myself urinating IRL while still in the dream, and eventually woke up to take care of the issue.

      My first recalled lucid wet dream. Good thing it wasnít #2.


      Manager In Charge Makes $$$ From Runescape (DILD)


      Iím inside a room that has a Wall Street vibe to it where others are congregating for some big event in stocks, or something like that. It doesnít feel like that at first, but it seems so secretive, cozy, and thereís a gargantuan wide screen in front of us emitting some blue light.

      I see a Manager in charge at a retail store I used to work at which weíll nickname ďJ.Ē He seems really enthusiastic, and is wearing a light gray dress shirt tucked in under a black dress pants. His sleeves are folded up to the top of his elbows, and is wearing black glasses as well.

      Heís holding some paper, and starts bragging about the success of whatever workflow he, and his affiliates utilized to make money off of Runescape, and maybe other MMORPGs. He eventually shows us the paper, and I quickly glance over without much interest; I could see some golden stars, and a quantity of at least $1 Million.

      Then, at some point in the dream that I canít sequence into a timeline, I was going go into the Bandos section in the God Wars Dungeon in Runescape. I was setting up some overloads, brews, and things of that nature. I was choosing whether or not to use a Legends Cape, or the Bandos cape that seems fairly new. The latter seemed more advantageous stat wise for the Chaotic Rapier I had in my inventory, but there was still skepticism on my end.

      I forget what I do next, and felt I spent most of my time fixating on the ideal inventory set up.

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    4. Urinals

      by , 11-08-2015 at 11:57 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #477- DILD - 3:57AM

      I am wondering around some building needing to pee. I have to pass by the first restroom for some reason and remember there is one down the hall. I come into a small room with double swinging doors on the opposite side. There is some small wedding ceremony right in front of the door, but I squeeze by. I feel bad for interrupting the wedding and hope I didn't bother them too much. There is an older woman that looks like my uncle's second ex-wife in the next room. She's going on about how nice the room is. I take a look around. It is nice, but I don't really care and I try to ignore her. There is a grandfather clock on the other side. For some reason this seems right. I open it and there is a tiny urinal. The woman is still talking behind me and stepping closer. No. I can't. I look around and see a restroom door. When I enter, the urinals in there have almost no space to the adjacent wall and they are dirty and rusty looking. I see some sign and figure it's an out of order sign, though I don't take the time to read it. I have some idea I am dreaming and leave the room.

      Right away I lose lucidity and walk past the woman in the room and interrupt the exchanging of rings in the next. I have some odd close up image of all of this and his giant gold watch. I shake it off and go back into the hallway. Wait. I have been seeing odd toilet situations (dream sign). Am I dreaming? I do a nose plug and get a feeling of elation. I am dreaming! Wait I was just lucid a second ago. I have to remind myself. As I walk along, I say out loud over and over, "I am dreaming. I am dreaming."

      I feel like the dream is fading now so I look around for something to hold and carry with me. I've done this in the past and it seems to prolong the dream. My cat, Sputnik, is here. She tries to run off as I scoop her up, but I get I good hold on her. I pet here and hold her close as I walk along. I pay special attention to the cat as I see that I am in Price Cutter grocery store. I randomly walk into the produce section just trying to let the dream become more stable on its own. Sputnik lets out a low quite meow in my ear and I notice she is purring now. I note how realistic this sounds. However, the cat isn't helping me stabilize despite all my efforts. The dream becomes more unstable and I get an image of my skeleton in a blue hue as I walk along. I try DEILD and start to feel vibrations but I am just too awake to hold it.

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    5. No Relief

      by , 04-16-2015 at 12:33 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #430 - DILD -12:16AM

      melatonin about 11PM

      I get the feeling that I am doing some traveling. Feels like Colorado. I am at a bar and I am to wait for this dark haired attractive woman so that I can escort her safely home. It's not like any type of a relationship other than something like me being her body guard. The woman turns to me, stops, then runs to the restroom. I start to follow then stop, not sure what to do. A waitress above me in a balcony says, "She's just going to the restroom first. Do you need to give her a message." I shake my head and wave her away. I realize now that I too need to pee really bad, but it strikes me odd because I just went. In fact, I had just come out of the restroom. I decide I better do it now rather than waiting so I go back into the men's room. It's a fairly small restroom and full like most bars, but I squeeze past the other men to where the urinals are. To my dismay, the urinal section is completely blank. I look under the threes stalls in the room and see the middle one looks empty. Another man is trying to beat me to it but I cut him off. He pauses and then goes into the stall on my right. I chuckle to myself knowing that I saw the feet of someone sitting on the toilet. I half expect to hear a commotion from there, but I have to pee so bad that I forget all about it during the act. After a long pee, I notice that I still feel the urge to go and it really hurts. This could only mean one thing. I might actually be dreaming right now. I do a quick nose plug and let out a quiet yet ecstatic gasp. I am happy to be in a lucid, but the urge to pee is really prevalent. I do my best to forget about it for now and focus on my goals. I need to get out of the stall quickly so I do a high back-flip over the door behind me. Things go into slow motion here and get a little unstable with hazy vision, but I focus on standing in the spot I thought I needed to be and headed out the restroom door.

      My vision returns now and I find myself entering a dark theater. I recall that I wanted to find my dream buddy and go for a run. I hover up and quickly scan the audience. To my left, I see bemistaken sitting with what I think to be her husband. I glide above them and reach down, taking her arm, and pulling her up to my side. I say, "Hi bemistaken." She just glances over at me and smiles. I know we need to go for a run, but time is short so I make the best of what I got. Together we run on top of the theater seats side by side toward the movie screen. I see a Hispanic boy and girl having conversation along with our shadows on the screen. Once we dive into the movie I reach out and touch the girls right cheek for stability. I feel the sensation of merging with the movie but when I turn around we are now on a stage like were are in some play. I nervously look at the audience, but I am blinded by the light. I feel the need to perform and bemistaken and I do our best to act things out. I hear something like a drumbeat and the children singing. Bemistaken says, "Staring, [name]" and then turns to me. I say, "Also staring, [name]' Then I feel like someone is beating under my feet so we lift part of the stage up the let the children out, but we see no one there. I wake up and rush to the toilet.

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    6. The Women's Restroom

      by , 04-01-2015 at 10:28 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #427 - DILD - 12:08AM

      I went to bed around 9pm but was having another very restless night. I ended up meditating a little and then falling asleep with "lucid dreaming" as a mantra.

      I am driving; following my mom in another car. We are going to church, but she's super early for some reason. I turn off decided to see if Wal-Mart has an item I need IWL. As I turn down a side street, I contemplate going to church with my parents. I shout out loud, "I DON'T WANT TO GO TO CHURCH!" I look up at my rear-view mirror and see myself. I have a scowl on my face and my hair looks disheveled. Then, it dawns on my that I don't have to anymore. I'm a grown ass man. I decide I'll not go to church, but not go home either. I'll just spend the time shopping for stuff I've been wanting to buy.

      I am suddenly in a fast food restaurant and I realize this sudden change in scene triggering lucidity. The first thing I think of is to find Bemistaken. I don't know why, but I feel like the women's restroom is the more logical place to look. I look to my left and see the restroom sign and entryway. I shout for Bemistaken and a stall opens up. A woman pops her head out smiling, but she only looks like a poor imitation. Rather than probing farther, I quickly dismiss the woman. I suddenly, recall the mirror task from last month and remember that I wanted to do it better. I turn to the sinks and push my face into the glass. The other side looks much the same, but I decide it must have just taken me through the wall into the men's room. The dream is starting to fade now, but I manage to look around and see urinals to confirm my idea. I quickly wake up.


      I am on a plane ride with my wife and kids. I try for a window seat but the plane is made like a hotel room. There are recliners near a large plane glass window. I want to take pictures of the view, but I have to fasten my way too young baby daughter in her car seat.


      I am with all the people I work with and we all see a tornado in the distance. I take a snapchat video and watch the replay. I can see sparks from power lines snapping. Suddenly, one is much closer and coming our way. We all turn to go back inside, but we are just in some old trailer house. It's a small tornado that blows over us. I heard popping and crashing, some glass shatters, but we are all fine. I ask about [someone] and my boss says she was caught outside. I go out and see my car is totally flat. I cry about not buying the Gap Insurance. I go to find my wife in another trailer. Her father is there and I ask about her whereabouts. He just shrug like he doesn't care. I berate him for this and then find her sleeping on a cot. I tell her about the car but she just stares at me blankly. I go outside to take a video of myself and my car. I try to tell what happened but I keep getting choked up. I should have just bought the Gap Insurance.

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    7. A Strange Place To Work

      by , 03-10-2015 at 03:51 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #420 - DILD - 5:27AM

      I was experimenting with meditation pre-bed and after a brief awakening. This dream is the after effect. Sadly, lucidity was short, but the non lucid part was just as interesting.

      I am late for work and I get there just before lunch break. There is some sort of potluck in the break room and I go ahead and help myself to a plate. My old boss is there and she is mad that I got into the food already, but I don't pay her much attention. I recall eating some brisket, corn and (I think) mashed potatoes. After I eat I am at the smoker tables outside talking about the meal. I find out that I was supposed to pay $2 for a plate and some people are irritated about it. I tell them I will pay the $2 later. Bethany asks how I like the brisket. She says it was made by her family and has been smoking for a whole year. She adds that when customers ask to have something smoked, they put the brisket back in. I say, "Wow! A whole year? Funny... it didn't taste smoked." I thought I should have looked for the barbeque sauce.

      I am going into the bathroom. The entryway is long and maze-like. I quickly see that the bathroom is now co-ed. I remember how I joked about this. I feel odd walking up to a urinal as ladies come out of stalls. The urinal is very strange. There is an extra back wall with partition in the middle of a watery toilet bowl hole in the floor. It appears that this is a shared urinal. I pee getting it mostly on the floor. I have a thought that this seems a lot like one of my dream signs; strange bathrooms. Before I can think too much about this, I am distracted by the feel of my right foot touching bare on cold moist tile. I quickly pick it up and rest it on my other foot that has a shoe. I am really worried about getting floor pee on my foot and I try to forget the fact that it's actually too late. I focus back on my peeing and see there is now a realistically colored, plastic penis sticking up out of the water. This really freaks me out and I decide I am done peeing. Billy walks up to the other side of the urinal and I think to make a joke about the plastic penis, but I feel this is all too awkward. I wash my hands and step out of the restroom.

      I am now in what looks like a really awesome cafeteria. I wonder when they remodeled and someone says it only took one day. I remark on this and the man seems to think I was scoffing. I assure him that I was just impressed by how fast they put all of this together. I see some pop machines and an intricate snack bar with the Pizza Hut logo. I say something to the man working the snack bar in Pizza Hut uniform and then pass by a salad bar. I look down the long room and see lots of tables and booths full of people. I turn right and see more vending machines and a strange public shower thing like at the beach. There is a sign that reads, "Warm your feet." My feet do feel cold, so I put my bare foot in the water. It's nice and warm, but I am getting totally wet from the over-spray, so I leave. I back up and see a hallway down to the right of all the people seated at restaurant booths.

      In the hallway is a large, bald, white man with a basketball. He looks pretty fierce and is staring me down has he bounces the ball. I try to ignore the man and intend to walk past him, but I am distracted by the many over-head dryers blowing warm air on me. It feels really nice and warm and I'm much dryer now.

      There is some slight memory gap or glitch and I am in the same hallway, but I am trying to get into a large slit in a wall. It's tight and I have to pull myself up a bit, but the strain of my muscles feels nice and I have lots of strength. However, I start to feel claustrophobic, so I pause. The bald man starts screaming at me, "Run! Get through! Scream like it's the Apocalypse!." I give a huge effort and I am suddenly past the opening in a very small triangular attic. I see that I have removed some metal plate from where the large slit in the wall was and I drop the screws that are in my hand. There are more openings ahead and to either side of me that look even more tight. The feeling of claustrophobia grips me again, but now something finally clicks and I realize this is all just a dream. I feel relief from my discomfort and tell myself that no opening is too small in a dream. All fear leaves me as I squeeze myself through a very small hole. I get caught at the waist, but I relax and let myself pour out like liquid.

      I am outside, several stories high and I jump down. The feeling of falling grips my stomach so tight that my whole body tenses up and I grunt a bit. I smile at the illusionary dream sensation as I gently touch my feet to the grass on the ground. It's a bright, sunny day and as I look at my hands, I marvel that I am completely immersed in an environment that's generated in my own mind power. I look up and see I am outside of my workplace. I am on the south east side where there are no entry ways. I recall being really impressed with the oddities inside and want to work my way back in. I try to take a step forward, but I am surprised that my feet have zero traction. I begin to loose my sense of gravity and the dream starts to collapse. I incorrectly assume that I am waking up and forget to try stabilization.

      I lose lucidity and have a short segment where I see the crazy bald man back inside the hallway with the dude from the cafeteria. Baldy forcefully kisses the other guy who seems disgusted and pulls away. He starts to storm off, but pauses and rushes back to return the kiss. Thankfully, I wake up at this point.

      This dream may have been partially inspired by The Internship with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.

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    8. Hyenas

      by , 02-08-2015 at 09:51 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #407 - DILD? - 3:08AM (pre-WBTB)

      I am in some public restroom. My wife(?), son, and someone I know is sitting at a table in one corner. At the urinals I see some young girls peeing. I wonder how this is possible and suppose they are using a shewee. Then, I realize that is highly improbable and I continue this continues to boggle my mind. I point and say, "What the fuck!?"
      My son chimes in and replies, "...it's like a dick." I am even more surprised at my son's remark.

      I am getting into bed with my wife and tell her about what my son said. I make some remark about how weird it is that I watched little girls peeing. I assure I wasn't trying to be a creeper; they just went in front of me. My son won't stay in bed and is running around and keeps pull out stuff to play with. Something about a movie that came with a bullet. He wants to shoot it but I tell him it's late and I really need to sleep (I want to have my G night).

      I have a FA and I find myself in a house with three wild hyenas. I try to stay on top of counters and furniture but they jump up at me and scratch with cat claws. I notice that as the jump and scratch they seem to momentarily transform into Raccoon dogs. There is some pain, but it doesn't feel unbearable. I continue to try to avoid the hyenas, but they seem to be learning and adapting to my strategy. I have a high amount of fear as I fight them off with fists. At one point I watch one hyena on the ground as it seems to be studying me. Then I realize it's watching something behind me. I know I am about to get pounced from behind, but I can't make myself move.

      Something strange happens here. Maybe it's a dream transition or a very slight awakening, but everything collapses and I wonder why I didn't just fly away or phase out of a window in the dream. As I am thinking this is see a garage door open and I rush outside into the night. I worry that the hyenas got out too but I try not to think about it. I see a parked car and I jump on top of the roof. "Try to get me now, bitches!", I shout at things that were after me. I begin to wonder why I am having such a terrible nightmare. I usually don't get nightmares, but tend to enjoy a little fright. As I think this, the dream fades to darkness. At this, I regain lucidity and focus on vision to bring it back.

      I see a white boxy type of car parked in the driveway now. It has some sort of metallic purple window tinting and I find it interesting. I still feel a need to escape so I attempt to get inside. I notice there are no doors so I instinctively lift the small cabin up and off like a shoe box. I look inside the top but can't see out the purple windshield. I will this to happen and the purple dissolves to show a view at the ground. I lose interest in this this vehicle quickly as everything seems to be really crappy and fake now.

      I spot a better looking car next to me; a red sporty coupe. As I move to the car I worry about the hyenas again. I tell myself not to think about it and the fear subsides, but my actions are still rushed. For some reason both doors want to stay open and the worry increases. I look out and see a bear with a hyena looking at me from down the road. I quickly get the doors closed and start to back out. I stop when I hear a terrible sound. They white, boxy car is now a small red truck. It's lurching backward and quickly halting as the tires are locked up. For some reason, I feel the need to take care of this and hop out of the car to the truck. The hyena fear returns and this time I really force it out of my mind as I remind myself that I control this dream. The truck stopped doing whatever it was doing and I suddenly become really curious what the engine would look like. I lift up the hood and notice how clean, new and high tech it looks. I begin guessing at various components naming them off. I am particularly interested in what I think might be the nitrous oxide containment. I get bored with this after a moment and begin to try to recall my goal for the night. It's on the tip of my brain, but the more I think about it, the more I wake up. The dream fades and I see some guy say something about waking up then a sheet of ice forms over my vision. I hear a loud cracking sound as I wake up.
    9. Marriage, and Back In Uniform

      by , 12-22-2014 at 09:18 PM (One Up Seeker)
      I was in some kind of small room, and it was set up like a wedding was about to be held. I'm standing in a corner of this room. As I look around I notice that the walls of this room are black and so is the floor, it looks quite odd. I look to my sides and my dad is standing on my right side adjusting the outfit that I am wearing. My mom is standing to the left of me doing the exact same thing. I look down at what I am wearing and I see that I am wearing an all black suit with a glittery green rose in the left pocket of my jacket. There are rose pedals inside of this green rose, so basically it looks like a normal rose but all green.
      After my parents finish fixing my outfit they tell me I'm all ready to go. I look ahead of me and there is an aisle with a girl in a dress standing a little bit to the left of it. Right before I start walking forward my dad whispers in my ear, "Don't marry this girl if you really don't love her." Now I walk down the aisle and walk right up to the girl that is in the dress. She looks me in the eyes. I think to myself, "I'm not going to marry someone if I know that I don't truly love them". I look at her and its as if she already knows my decision. I grab all of the pedals inside of my green rose and pull them out and drop them to the floor(in the dream this meant that I was declining our marriage and that I wasn't going to marry her).
      She bursts out into tears, and starts crying really loudly. With this I walk out of the all black room. As I'm doing so I notice that somehow I have a hoodie on the back of my suit. I throw the hoodie over my head and continue walking out. For some reason this makes me feel very powerful and in control of everything. As I exit the all black room and walk out the door, it opens to the inside of a school. I "recognize" it as my school and walk down the hallway in front of me. Right now I see that I am on the second floor of this school, so I make my way towards the stairs to get to the first floor.
      I look down at my clothing and now I am suddenly wearing my Air Force uniform from ROTC when I used to be in it. I don't like wearing the uniform, so I start running to get downstairs and change out of it immediately( lol wow ). A teacher from downstairs sees me running and says, "Young man running up there, please stop running and walk." I think to myself, "Really? Are you kidding me? This isn't elementary school lady." I slow down to a walk, but now its a fast walk and I make my way downstairs. Once I get downstairs I go to the nearest restroom, walk inside, and go into a stall. In the restroom I go into, the stalls are all blue and the floor is white. I pick one of the stalls and go inside and close the door behind me.
      Right as I get inside I see that there is piss on the toilet seat so I get some toilet paper and wipe it off just so my uniform doesn't touch it. While I hate wearing the uniform, I wasn't going to disrespect it. After I wipe the seat off I start unbuttoning my shirt. Immediately I realize that I'm about to strip down and yet I have no clothes to change in to. I get out of the stall with my shirt still unbuttoned(which is out of regulation) and I quickly make my way back upstairs to get some clothes. On my way out I see a fellow cadet, Cadet 2nd lieutenant Luqueno, head of the Charlie Flight(AKA my flight). He doesn't notice my unbuttoned shirt even though we make eye contact so I get lucky.
      As I get out of the restroom I notice some of my friends sitting down in the cafeteria eating lunch. I go over to where they are sitting and sit down and talk to them.
    10. Plane Crash, Legalization and a Kitty Cat

      by , 12-19-2014 at 07:46 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      A massive airplane sits awaiting takeoff for a trans Atlantic flight. I watch from above as it is hoisted up a few thousand feet onto a tower where it will be launched off of to kickstart its journey. The pilot sits inside, while random people get tours of the plane, and take turns sitting in the co-pilot's cockpit. Then without warning, the tower collapses, and the plane begins falling toward the ground with just the pilot and a random person as co-pilot.

      The pilot is really good, and manages to start the engine, and begin to recover before hitting the ground. But as he does so, the other person ejects saying, "sorry, but I'm ejecting now". The pilot yells, "Nooo! don't do it, you don't have to!". The ejection tears loose some essential flight components, and forces the pilot to land immediately. I walk around it, and notice how it is wedged around and on top of a stone public restroom facility. One that is in use too. I take a break and use it as well (very unfriendly people inside, glaring at me), then walk around the building again to look at how stuck the plane is.

      I notice a TV monitor where the president is giving a speech about the recent national legalization of marijuana. He says something about everyone getting really high now. Going inside a nearby building, I quote the speech to them, and they laugh. One of my friends tells everyone I'm going crazy and to watch out for what I do next.

      A cat walks up to me purring, so I pet it. It walks back and forth, rubbing up against me, continuing to purr as I pet its back and let it sniff my hand. I'm not sure what they are expecting me to do...
    11. 8/1/14 Sensei's Competition Night 5 DILD few points + Night 4 notes

      by , 08-02-2014 at 12:55 AM
      8/1/14 restaurant with a spinning ride. Trying to cut through to restroom I plan to go through ride platform but end up riding with BrM from work and barely hanging on with just my hands. First try to go through exit door and I'm stopped by waitress. / pro baseball game. Great pitcher won it for other team. I'm on field afterwards. Baseball again..? / I feel like I was not that far off from forgetting this one too: I become lucid when I am at a party in a cafeteria setting that seems to be in (a particular foreign country I will leave out for now because of the tie in to FryingMan). I see "A", daughter of M who lives about 90 minutes north and I realize it would be very odd for her to be in this country at the same time as me and that it is a dream. Everyone is speaking the national language it seems and I try to think of a phrase that FryingMan said before so I could see what their reaction would be. I am also wondering if a DC of him might have been there. I just talk to the daughter that I know telling her that this is a dream and she looked on like she was listening but not surprised or anything. There are two long tables that I go to in this cafeteria like setting, probably residue from the party I attended few days ago. I walk up to this other table with about 6 people at it. The previous table had maybe 8 people. I was trying to think of some foreign phrase to say to the people sitting there but decided to move on and went out through the exit and into a hallway and got down to the end of the hallway and the dream went dark. I remained patient and focused stabilizing the dream and soon the visuals came back up and it seemed like I was in the same hall. I decide to go back the other way and I could hear a party going on in another door to my left and I decided to check it out and it was definitely a different party. They had disco lights going with some people dancing but mostly standing around and this time it was a very diverse crowd. People of all colors. I thought about going in there but decided to go continue down the hall and was just relishing the vividness of this dream. It started to fade again but this time I found myself fading back to bed. Probably the end of my REM cycle. 180

      Some notes from Night 4 where I think I got lucid but I am not sure...ugh:

      7/31 11pm, 5am violent shooting scene day residue from "Shoot'em Up" movie opening sequence before bed. Mole steps out of compound to save himself. Another guy is drawn out and blinded by bright spotlight. And shot with high powered machine gun in slow motion from midsection to head with bullet after bullet tearing through his head. I slowly peel my eyes away from this scene. Survivor going through multiple surgeries is tough as nails but also affected mentally - in one scene looks in shock. /Poor recall lately. As mentioned on the competition thread... I think I became lucid noticing that I was downtown just like I told myself to watch out for as a dream sign because of train sounds. Earlier I remember riding the train and getting on the wrong train just a minute early...just a minute before my actual train came. I was trying to look out the train window to see which destination I was heading to instead but the destination was illegible. There was at least one false awakening where my wife is getting ready and I can see her naked. I remember trying to go back into the dream (I think from the beginning of the (first?) false awakening) and having vibrations. I was so happy to see the vibrations back but I think it was all in dream (maybe it always is).
    12. 6/27/14 - 7/5/14 6 DILDs, Exploring Paths DILDs, 3 Nude TOTM tasks

      by , 07-05-2014 at 11:48 PM
      6/27/14* hold my hand / little blind girl with little pink ribbon with writing on adorable / driving onto soccer field me in passenger seat so many kids so close to car but he's driving slowly. Typical markings on field plus extra for coach's game plan on field itself! (world cup residue perhaps) / Someone named David falls off a 2nd story or higher front porch balcony but lives to say something from down below. I crawl over railing into front door and plan to go back down and out through a back door and stairs I assume there should be. Working my way through the house feeling lost I think what if I could fly out like in dreams...why of course, this is a dream. Phase out through back of house and goes gray. I fly in an undulating dolphin-like motion and can see my hands (normally I am looking down with my hands out front while flying). After a bit I start looking down for anything and start to see a flat dark green surface with little nicks in it with no apparent pattern. Eventually I am on the ground and my son is there. Feeling frisky, bold and very lucid I
      announce to my son that I am going to give it to "your mother!" (wouldn't dare say this if there was any doubt I was dreaming). Wife appears and I throw off her clothes with tk and get to business. Ready to add another female to the mix I think of who to summon, Girl Friday? Scarlett?
      But the dream fades. 167

      7/4/14 Didn't record these LDs right away so going from memory hours later. Late dream malaise affects last 2 LDs. DILD#1 I am getting instructions from 30-something woman with large breasts in a seating position. I am standing over her and I get the idea to brush my arm against her breasts. As I do, I realize that I am dreaming and immediately think of the basic naked task and strip down once again with my pants bunched up around the ankles I fling them off with telekinesis. She has removed her shirt and I reach behind her back and undo her bra and her sumptuous breasts flow out. I gawk and enjoy the scene and don't remember anything else before before waking. 168

      DILD#2 end of REM assumed. Wife, Son and I have free tickets to a nice dinner and we are being seated with another group who left 2 seats on one side of the table and one on the other. Wife and son go down left side of table with plenty of room but the one seat on my side is blocked in by the rest of the group at the table and by the neighboring table being so close. I wait patiently and they eventually get up and I get to my seat apparently thirst and look down at an untouched small thin medium-tall glass of water with a small amount of melted ice water and a clear straw. I am obviously focused on it and slurp on the straw thirstily. The water is barely splashing in my throat as if the straw is broken and the sensation keys me in that I am dreaming again! But even shorter than the previous. I wake up feeling quite thirsty. 169

      #3 In dream DEILD (really a DILD) I am attempting to WILD and I am getting decent vibration feedback with my clinched eyes method but lose consciousness before dream begins. I am playing a song on my phone that has a really nice beat and electronic percussion sounds and something reminds me that I was just trying to WILD but I don't feel fully immersed in the dream and feel like I am still trying to WILD so I try a movement based entry and start dancing my way into the dream and end up on a big concert stage and for some reason I think it is Prince playing. I just keep dancing on the stage and rip off my clothes and will my junk to hang large and low. I think I feel movement in bed and I am probably close to waking up anyway, but that either way I do. 170

      7/5 DILD#1 Son sick goes into huge public bathroom but doesn't choose stall. Seems drunk also. I get him to move but all toilets have no stall. 2 ladies come through with their small boys and I get mad at them, chide them. I go back to room and lady getting ready to go to bed and husband already asleep. Leave but come back and she is changing and is in her bra but bottomless, she just took off her pants. Seems shy at first but then not so much. I start to close the door but keep opening it back a little to look at her sexiness. I continue around a long hall that circles the whole floor passing different couples beds and looking to see what I can. One lady is topless in bed as I pass. All Asian like last night. Some start to wake and one mentions getting coffee. I comment that they are getting up so early but i need an excuse...I was not able to get back to sleep. I continue to around the halfway point of circling the floor and it goes dark with thick curtains and I
      realize I'm dreaming. I float up a little and back down and planning to go back the way I came but not working so I visualize a church where I thought it would be more challenging to get naked and I see it from the outside like an old largish white country church with one traditional steeple in the middle front and then I'm suddenly inside on the stage-like pulpit. And I remove all my clothes. People start mumbling that I'm one of those demon loving lucid dreamers...I laugh it off and start to imagine an elevator and starting to think about the other tasks but can start to hear sounds from IWL.
      Try to DEILD but must be end of REM. Get up and record. 171

      DILD#2 I was sure I would remember the details and was very lazy and planned to commit it to memory but dozed back off quickly. All I can remember at this point is that the DILD moment had something to do with an interaction with a woman while looking for a towel when coming out of the shower. And I remember thinking 2nd DILD of the night. 172

      Some short DILDs lately. Possible ways to rectify: 1. adjust WBTB time, mostly doing them too long lately and it seems to affect how I am doing my SSILD cycles and perhaps length of REM? 2. Get back up to par with my daytime practices. 3. Start off my LDs properly more grounded in my dream environment! will try Click-Freeze-study environment (click=time stopping pocket watch but more for me to stop and take a moment). Too much of myself in the dream (reference: Mzzkc's Stabilization Fundamentals).

      Did self hypnosis lucid dreaming script night of 7/3 and recall one a night or two before that.
    13. Fair, DayZ, & Spooky Restrooms

      by , 06-29-2014 at 10:19 PM
      I don't remember the particular order of these dreams, especially since they're mainly fragments.

      A few acquaintances of mine (that I've never seen before IRL) are sitting with me at this fair. The fair resembles Seattle's Hempfest (haha), and I can feel the warmth of the sun in the sky. We're camped next to some vendors on a blanket, and apparently we're intended to sell curly fries. I can remember the smell of the oil & ketchup. We had a some-what decent amount on a tray, but it looked too complicated to sell individually. Clever me decides to get up to the 'help-yourself' section of the fair where there's plastic sporks, butterknifes, napkins, etc. There are varying-sized trays, but I happen to pick a handful of these to distribute the curly fries.

      Our neighboring vendors whom also appear to've situated themselves on a blanket get competitive with us, stealing some of our fries to put on their American-cut fries. My partner and I appear aggravated, but that's the extent of our anger.

      Another dream was set in DayZ, some town north of Berenzino. It looked different to the ideal town, but the church was still there. Here I am, firing my mosin at either zombies or people, but I could feel the adrenaline pumping through my heart as I constantly ducked for cover. I was pretty geared up, too.

      Eventually, I stepped into another dream where the building appeared more formal. Maybe even a government building. The ceilings were tall, with some sort of (blue?) flag draping down the wall. I made my way to the women's restroom, where for some God-awful reason they appear so odd in my dreams. The stalls were low, so everyone can see a 360 of the other stalls. Somehow, I end up peeing for a while 2 minutes where during the process, about 5 Asian males enter the restroom. They, just as confused as I was, look around as if they were lost.

      At least it wasn't another high-school dream.
    14. 3/3/14 - panda hat

      by , 03-04-2014 at 02:10 AM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm wearing my panda hat, and keep walking up and down this place I'm at. I'm trying to avoid these adults for some reason. They'll tell me to get to the room were everyone is going, so I keep acting like I have shit to do. I decide to go into the bathroom to pretend I have to use the restroom. The whole time my panda hat keep falling off to the ground and I don't feel it until I randomly realize it's not on my head and have to run and retrace my steps to find it before someone jacks it. I get into the restroom and there's not light, just daylight from outside so it's kinda dim. There's a human at the mirror doing something, I pay them no attention and try to find a stall, but they're all dirty or the stall doors are too short or somethings wrong with them in some way, so I decide to exit the bathroom but from the other door. I walk out and begin walking to this restaurant/gas station type things because I see that there's a lot of people loitering. I drop my hat a few times on the way, and I enter through the side glass door, my friends boyfriend runs up to me looking panicked carrying his girlfriend in his arms and with his hand over her heart. He pleads for me to help her, make her breathe again. So I put my left hand on her heart and turn my head away for some reason feeling disappointed, and after a few seconds she begins to breathe and slowly awakens dazed. He asks me how I do it, and I say "we're shy around each other is all", then I get up and walk back out the door I came in from. I walk down towards the bathroom again not knowing where I should go for sure, then I realize my hat had fallen off my head again, I panic and run around to find it but sudden;y a huge crowd is all around me trying to get places some going left some going right, and I can't see where my hat went. I see this woman with a panda hat in her hand, I run over and snatch it from her and run, Then I realize it's not mine because this one is really dirty and my names isn't on the inside tag, so I return it to her and apologize. Then I see this woman come to the view through the crowd and she has a panda hat bright white clean like mine, and she gives me this fearful look like I caught her and she starts to make a run for it, but I snatch it from her and she tries to get it back but I yell at her that it's mine and then I begin to question whether it is mine so I look at the inner tag and see my name written on it in my sisters hand writing and I yell "HA!" at the woman and she looks busted and I walk off and put it back on my head and finally hold on to it better through the paw pockets, but now everyone walking passed and towards me are giving me dirty looks.
    15. Machine Guns, I'm Nikita, Captured, Someone Falls Down, Female in Men's Restroom

      by , 12-03-2013 at 06:52 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Machine Guns and Captured to Be A Slave (DILD)


      I've been watching a lot of Nikita on Netflix apparently to get a dream related to it.

      I'm inside of what seems to be an apartment, and it's fairly late at night within the dream. The flooring consists of a brown wooden color, and the walls are most likely dark gray.

      I'm right behind a dream character that looks like Michael from the show "Nikita," and he seems to be on the alert of someone coming in. I move around a bit, feeling a bit anxious.

      I realized I was dreaming at some point when I asked him a few questions on what I needed to do in this area. He told me that I should go ahead and hide and just keep myself safe.

      He's holding a black silenced pistol and is staying in position while I find a place to hide. It doesn't seem like I any alternatives other than to just stay there and face whatever entity or group of entities coming in to invade the room we're in.

      There's a door that's opened to the left of me, and I believe it leads to the kitchen. Michael comes in for a moment, and as he's going halfway through the door, the door he was patrolling 10-20 feet away from him opens.

      He's caught by surprise and tries to aim his gun as soon as he can, but it seems the invader used the machine gun to quickly spray bullets at him. I immediately evade to the left and tried to glance at what the entity looked like.

      He looked like Bitores Mendez from Resident Evil 4, and had the same outfit as well. Michael is pushed back to a wall, and simply lies down there. I didn't confirm if he was dead or not since I was already trying to save myself.

      I quickly hide behind a door because that's my only option right now. I noticed I had a weapon on hand, but didn't pay attention to describe it well enough. I just presumed it was a pistol, and I made sure to slow down my breathing.

      It seems the Mendez dream character disappeared, and a feminine figure is walking slowly towards the door I'm hiding behind. I get tensed up for a bit and prepared for confrontation.

      The entity turns around immediately and I take a shot at her. It seems it was teenager in the age range of 16-18. Though her visage looked a little bit more cheekier and child-like. She had some kind of patched up braided hairstyle, but it wasn't the whole format of her hair.

      She looked very familiar, like the sister from the "Everybody Hates Chris" television show. I thought I killed this dream character, but it seems she's just another invincible entity in my head. She takes a shot at me, and I expected to recieve some kind of reaction, but I'm not really feeling anything.

      The dream starts getting a little hard to intrepret chronologically because one moment I feel like I'm being riddled with bullets from a machine gun, and the next I feel perfectly fine.

      I take another shot at the girl, trying to see if she can at least fall down and faint or something. Doesn't seem to work, and she's a bit too close for comfort honestly. She says,

      "We're going to take you to be our slave."

      After that, it's hard to know what happened next. A probable reason is that during the inconsistent shifts before taking my last shot at the girl, I was questioning whether or not they were using tranquilizers.

      I checked the suit I was wearing that had a milky butterscotch color mixed with dirty golden color and found bits on my wrist, arms, and my chest I believe.

      And as I'm in shock that they're trying to tranquilize me, I look at my hands and things get even freakier. The perspective involves me looking at myself from the bottom-up that's zooming into my face.

      I realized I was Nikita.

      Apparently I or she's wearing a black vest along with black jeans and a belt. I couldn't make out what she wore for her feet, I just paid attention to my/her reaction until the dream scene shifts abruptly.

      There's a quick fade out and a gradual fading into another scene. I can feel myself being chained, and decided to wait for the environment to become more vivid.

      Eddie Falls Down (DILD)


      I'm trying to go down a set of stairs floating above what seems to be a bottomless cosmic-like pit.

      There's a person in front of me trying to hold onto any ledge, and ends up tripping and falling.

      I scream as he's falling down and started to freak out while still trying to hold my balance. I keep going down the stairs


      Female in the Men's Restroom (DILD)


      I know this dream was long, but can't recall much.

      Basically a black haired female was in the men's restroom, and I think she, me, and maybe two more people were a group that were trying to rendevoue at a certain location.

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