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    1. Monkey Resurrection Near a Miniature Tiki Totem Pole

      by , 07-21-2017 at 01:21 PM
      Morning of July 21, 2017. Friday.

      In my last dream of this date, I enter a vivid scene, looking down at two features. There is a small monkey on the left and a miniature wooden Tiki totem pole on the right, both implied to be about the same height but in horizontal positions on an unknown surface.

      At first, I assume the monkey has died. However, in the last moments prior to waking, there is a loud “hoo hoo ha ha” sound as the monkey moves his head, firstly looking at the totem pole on his left, appearing to be slightly puzzled, and then rolling to his left side (towards the totem pole). The implied monkey sound echoes out of the residual essence of my dream as I then instinctively make the same movements as the monkey and roll to my left side to become more comfortable (as I was having lower back pain while sleeping on my back, which I do not do very often due to occasional situational apnea).

      Note that in this case, both the monkey and totem pole are lying down as “in bed” (a first-level dream sign, that is, a real-time indicator of being asleep and in the dream state). The orientation of the two features is the same as Zsuzsanna and I as we are sleeping, assuming the resurrected monkey represents my waking and turning over as I perceived it was. Note that the totem pole does not move or come to life, which indicates that my dream self was aware that Zsuzsanna was still asleep while I was waking.

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    2. 16-11-09 Nazi Chase, Resurrecting Dead Friends

      by , 11-12-2016 at 02:51 AM
      I was with someone else, standing on some train tracks in an industrial area. I worked there, as did the other person. On the platform next to the tracks stood two men. I thought they were guys coming from load/unload product (which is what I used to do years ago, load/unload train wagons and ships with liquid product). But for some reason, I knew they were bad news. I tried to slip away, and fled down the tracks. My friend stayed where he was. They weren't after him, perhaps. The two guys noticed me and chased me down. They were unnaturally fast. One of them simply ran past me, and blocked my escape. The other stayed behind me. I realized escape wasn't possible, so I ended up fighting. The fight went a lot easier than expected. They were quite weak, and I beat them relatively easily. I think I killed them by slashing them with a knife. By the way, I think they were Nazi's.

      The dream continued in an indoor area. A large room, perhaps a warehouse. I think I witnessed (as a camera, not a character) two of my former high school friends (we are not on speaking terms anymore) being butchered by someone (Nazi's?). One was cut up with a knife, the other killed in an adjacent room (he was in a chair, I think). From that point onward, I set out to fix this. I was suddenly back in a control room (like the ones I used to work in during that last job). A coworker whom I really f*cking hated in real life (mostly because he hated me, too) passed me a job, and/or made a remark. Surprisingly, I managed to laugh off the remark and keep civil, something I never managed before. I felt I was "undercover", and this was somehow vital to saving my ex-friends. In the end I found my 'friends' again, albeit dead. I had to "piece together" one friend bit by bit. His hand, still in a black leather glove, had been cut off. I put him back together, then injected him with a syringe containing a strange liquid. It healed and resurrected him. I thought about doing the other one as well, but he was suddenly alive again without my intervention. I met them later on, and they were very grateful. One called me a hero. I hate that term, it feels pretentious. Then again, I'm an egomaniac with delusions of modesty.
    3. Unconvincing Resurrection

      by , 10-18-2016 at 04:18 PM
      Morning of October 18, 2016. Tuesday.

      My wife Zsuzsanna and our children as we appear now are living in the Loomis Street house, though I have no memory of my relatives who actually lived there. We hear loud voices from upstairs a few times. It turns out to be at least two young males, possibly college students.

      I am outside near the (south) side of the house when I hear some yelling in the upstairs apartment but I do not see anyone. Just as I go back into the house via the front door, one of the unknown males is suddenly there yelling as if he thought I was spying on him just by me being outside. This is the personified preconscious but I am fully non-lucid and do not recognize the essence at this point.

      I soon go outside when he is no longer present. I am carrying my large barbell bar. I end up getting my second one because I soon see that the other two males have a couple near the back of the house, sticking out through the door of the laundry room (which is not logical as it is our living area not theirs) though they do not pick them up when they come into the backyard. I hold both my bars up as if for a sword fight. I decide to steal their two barbells, and, along with my two, put them in a (fictional) attic in the house where they cannot get to them. I tell them this directly. The attic is full of features that I falsely recall are mine, including bed frames (dream sign).

      We get into a fight and I knock one of them out; the one who had been yelling at our front door earlier (personified preconscious). While the other male stands on the back concrete step for the back door, I end up putting a dagger horizontally through his neck. Still, I feel a little bad about this because he is much younger than me.

      Still in the backyard, I place his body in a bucket that is full of water (which of course is very unrealistic as how could someone fit in a bucket). Somehow, the water does not spill out. I decide I will resurrect him.

      After I focus more, with the intent to bring the character back, I look down and notice a skull in the bucket (not logical as he was not in skeletal form when put in). Soon however, a long white balloon with a sketchy skeleton design on it slowly rises up from the water as if being pumped up with a bicycle pump. This seems a bit strange to me but does not puzzle me a lot or trigger any significant thoughts. I get the impression that the character goes back to normal in vague liminal space during the waking stage.

      Because this involves water induction and resurrection, I will assume that this character is my personified conscious self (as it had been determined long ago that the personified preconscious is sometimes a partner to the personified conscious self as a precursor to resolved emergent consciousness in a non-lucid dream, the dream self being the personified subconscious regardless of the “I am” identity - this being obvious because the personified subconscious or dream self cannot remember much at all, unless of course more threads of the conscious self are present). On one level, this could be subliminal reinduction (especially as water is involved); an attempt to “bring my dream back to life”.

    4. Gathering storm, [DILD] Resurrection

      by , 06-14-2015 at 10:22 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was in school, sitting on a chair in a classroom. There were other students sitting there too. Teacher was talking about something I cannot recall, as I haven't focused on the lesson. I looked through the window at grim, gray sky. Suddenly I said aloud "It's going to be fun." And then sky became dark, and storm luds gathered. It started to rain.

      [DILD] Resurrection - recurring dream, this time ending with LD

      It was many years after portals were invented, and people had access to other dimensions. Many fantastical creatures came to earth. Some of them were hostile and started war, and some of them were just trying to survive. To stop banditry and fight against invaders, humans made a Confederation of Dimensions. Their mission was to capture criminalists, and fight off invaders.

      I was walking with two business partners in a river, swamp valley between high mountains. We were taking remains from a battle that went on there, and cleaning tracks of bandits. I looked atop one of the mountains, and saw an orc encampent. We took some more stuff and went along the river side.

      Suddenly I appeared in entrance hall of prison, chained with my two business partners. We were probably captured for helping bandits somewhere in the past, and now we were guided to portal, leading to a prison. The security officer told us to keep our hands in the air as we walked through crowded corridors of confederations outpost.

      There were many people, and other weird creatures, whispering about us. I felt that my whole left hand is sweaty, I tried to put it down, but an invisible force tried to keep it in the air. Finally I managed to put it down, and the chain slept off my hand.

      Security officer looked at me, and I looked at my hand. He ran for help, while I used this situation to run away. I took a path through old sports hall of the outpost, and ran away towards swamps. I jumped into lake, then went out of the water and hidden in bushes. Guards couldn't find me, so I went out of my hideout and swam to nearest buildings.

      There was an industrial area supported by orcs. They built war machines there, to win wat with humans. I jumped out of the water and climbed up a fence. I looked at the square, and saw a woman with a child. She was a blonde woman in her fifties. Shea had blood soaked eyes and was wearing casual clothes - pale brown t-shirt and jeans trousers. She held a hatchet in her hand.

      The child was a boy. He had dark hair and blood soaked eyes, and he was wearing casual clothes - a brown jacket and jeans trousers. There was a man walking on the square. Suddenly the woman charged towards him and hit him with the hatchet, killing him.

      She dropped the hatchet down, and was preparing to eat the man, but I jummped down the fence, grabbed the hatchet with my left hand, and striked her in the back of her head. The boy escaped to the swamps. The strike was enough to knock her to the ground, and she couldn't stand up.

      She tried to kick me, and I said "Try again, and I'll chop your legs off!" Then I turned around and ran away. Suddenly I realised this is a dream. I made a nose RC, and ran. But then I stopped, dropped down the hatchet and turned back. I walked back to the woman, and gestured with my left hand saying "Resurrect!"

      My voice was changed a little, and echoed all around. I looked at my hand, and then looked at the woman. She changed, her hair turned white, eyes were green and no more blood soaked, and she was much younger, like she was 20 again. The resurrection must've had a rejuvenating effect. She told me to come closer, and gave me a kiss.

      After we stopped kissing, I thought about going on an adventure, but suddenly everythin turned black and I woke up.
    5. Immortals and witches

      by , 02-10-2014 at 12:48 AM
      A setting based off the Victorian era or thereabouts. A man who belongs to some organization or secret society made a deal with another member, who is now dead. Now the man's been debating whether he'll bother keeping his end of the deal, since the other party's dead and thus isn't in a position to know or object. Right now he's in the dead man's home, in a type of storage area, going over some of his belongings that relate to that organization they're both in - that was part of the deal, disposing of some of these things according to the dead man's wishes. One of those belongings is something I think of as a 'cookie', though it's dry and tasteless, makes me think of hardtack. He decides to eat it after all, keeping up his end of the deal. Eating it causes him to become immortal.

      That same man at a later date, confronting his wife in her home, a basement room with brick walls but with several potted ferns and a table set up holding a large, beautiful book - her journal. She believed him dead, there was a funeral. He's standing over her journal, and he's asking why she hasn't been writing. He says, "You're not a (his family name - Bowman or Barrow or something like that), you don't (something along the lines of being driven by a consuming passion)." He feels that the changes and upsets in her life - such as his own 'death' - shouldn't have shaken her disciplined, well-ordered approach to her tasks. She's also immortal, in a different way than he is, but linked to him in some way. The nature of their immortality means they can't possibly live together again, even if they'd wanted to.

      That same man again is being pinned to a wall, held off the floor, by his daughter. They'd been talking relatively calmly earlier, but he realizes she's become a vampire, and her eyes glow blue and then gold, and now she's got him pinned to the wall. As a disembodied observer, I'm thinking that she has the same face as a pirate woman who'd died in this man's arms long before his daughter was born; the pirate had been Chinese and the daughter's a white Englishwoman, but I think of them as having the same face and being in some sense the same person, and I have a vague impression of a third woman, a servant in England, who also has the same face. The daughter says to him, "You know what to do. Then come get me!" He stakes her, and she crumbles into dust. He's still stuck hanging on the wall.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I'm standing between a coyote and a bird. The scene after this discusses the coyote as wandering and gathering a pack of odd strays - other species, including housecats.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      There's a woman, a leader of witches, who's given me some instructions to carry out, something I'm meant to do with her grave after she's been buried. Now I'm digging down through the loose dirt in her grave, sinking into it. I'm afraid of it closing over my head and suffocating me. I get out of the grave and fetch my staff, and use that to probe through the dirt, waiting for it to hit something.

      After a few other scenes, mostly involving the witches but gradually transitioning into scenes with IRL characters, I'm walking through a bookshop and I spot a book with a title that mentions one of my lucid goals, the one I'd intended as my task for the day. I immediately become lucid, but realize I'm already waking up.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      There's a group of people getting together at a restaurant, taking up the second floor, a sort of balcony area looking over the main room. The owner of the restaurant's friends with the leader of this group, and he's saying as he escorts them in, "You're the one who wanted to do this here. If you wanted privacy, you should've-" The tone's good-natured. There's a table set out for three: the boss, his wife who hasn't yet arrived, and a prostitute. The restaurant owner's wife comes over to talk to them, and she knows the prostitute, they exchange some friendly words. The prostitute's asking what this is about; the leader's got some plan in mind involving her, but they're waiting for his wife to arrive before he'll talk about it. The rest of his people are arranged at the surrounding tables, waiting and watching the main table quietly.

      There's a woman who rose from the dead. Her girlfriend's explaining to her that this has all happened before, repeatedly: they meet, after a few days this woman dies, and then a little while later she'll turn up again and 'meet' the girlfriend again, with no memory of this having happened before.

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    6. Resurrecting a killer, and a basic TOTM question left unanswered

      by , 02-07-2014 at 12:05 AM
      I'm aware T. is going to rob my home and kill me tonight, as if I'd seen the future. I took some steps in preparation for that, but I believed that what is going to happen can't be averted. However, it turns out I'd misinterpreted something: while T. really was robbing the place, the killer turns out to be someone else, a stranger who broke in with a knife. T. and some other people who live here help fight him off. We get to the scene I knew was coming, when the knife's supposed to cut deeply into my shoulder and stop just above my heart, and I wonder if I'll be able to feel pain in a dream. I decide to have the scene go a different way instead, I close my eyes and imagine that T. and the others hold him back enough that the knife turns aside. When I open my eyes again, the stranger is on the floor, dead.

      I decide to perform "Deedlit's healing spell."
      (It's been years since I watched Lodoss - did Deedlit even have a healing spell? - I think this was mostly some generic mental association between elves and healing.) I say something I no longer remember, a phrase in English something like a prayer, and there's a warm gold glowing light around my hands, which I hold over the dead man until he revives, though he remains quietly on the floor. I then repeat the spell with the others in the room, although they don't seem to have any wounds, and they're surprised but appreciate it. I leave the room and go to heal my IRL sister L., who in the dream lives next door, waking her up in the process. I then go down the hall to find T. again and heal him too.

      Me and T. talk for a while, and as he talks his appearance changes. He walks into the kitchen briefly and when he comes back, he's become a different person entirely, and he's joined by another man. They both claim to know me and to have been looking for me for a long time, although they call me by two different names. The one who wasn't T. speaks with a heavy Scottish accent and calls me Jack. As I'm speaking to them, I remember that
      while I'm lucid, I had some things I wanted to get done, and I try to remember what those were. I decide it was the Task of the Month. (Apparently reading the TOTM thread last night was enough to overrule my personal lucid goals.) I remember that the Task was to ask a DC who your true love or soulmate is, so I ask these guys, who's my true love? They both go silent and look extremely uncomfortable, like that's a question I shouldn't ask. I tell them any answer is fine, it's just a task, and I try phrasing it with 'soulmate' instead, but that doesn't get a better response. I feel like their belief that they knew me a long time ago is affecting this, that it's part of what makes this a question they don't want to answer, so I decide to go outside and find someone else to ask.

      Outside my IRL home, I'm appreciating how vivid it is. There's a chill in the air, a nicely realistic touch, and there's no snow on the ground, which is a great change. I walk off the driveway and onto the main road, and for some reason I feel like that's an important dividing line, particularly when lucid. My attention is caught by a squirrel across the road standing on its front legs, craning its neck to look up at the sky; and then by the body of a dead deer at the 3-way crossroads. I believe
      (incorrectly) that this dead deer is always here at the crossroads when I dream, and I think about going over to talk to it, but on second thought the idea makes me a little uncomfortable - I think it'll follow me home. Better not. There's a rock just beside my driveway with some words carved into it, and I start to go over to read it, but a car drives by. I stop it and walk over to the driver, ask her who my true love is. Again, she goes silent and gives me the impression that this is a question I shouldn't ask. I decide to go for a ride, and I climb into the car through the window.

      Inside the car, the woman I spoke to isn't the driver at all, she's a passenger. There's six women in the car, all of them working in the fashion industry or as models, and with the exception of the woman I'd spoken to and the driver, the rest of them resent someone who's not part of the industry hitching a ride. No one except the driver knows where they're going - it's a surprise. The driver's name is Audrey, she's someone big in the fashion industry, wearing large dark sunglasses. I ask Audrey who my true love is, and as an answer, she produces a piece of lined paper with something written on it, crumples it up, and throws it out the window. She's not throwing it away - she means for me to reach out my window and catch it. I'm too slow, I just miss it. But I decide - no, I didn't miss it. I caught it. I announce out loud, "Got it!" I 'remember' the feel of catching it, and then I draw my hand back inside the car. No good, my hand's empty. The women in the car look at me oddly for claiming to have caught the paper when I hadn't. I try the hand-behind-the-back summoning trick, but still nothing.

      Since I keep failing to get an answer to this question, I decide I'll switch to a different Task of the Month. For some reason I believe that the other basic task is to kiss a DC. I stop to think about that for a minute, since I'm sure that can't be right, that's too basic, but then I decide it's meant as something simple to stick with a Valentine's Day theme.
      (Was I mixing it up with the kiss-a-zombie one? I had just raised someone from the dead, shame I didn't follow up on that. ) Although I'm not sure how I got here, I'm now following Audrey into an elevator with one of the other women from the car. I ask Audrey if I can kiss her, and she says sure. I can't remember what happened after that, but next thing I remember we're leaving the elevator and I'm thinking that didn't work. We're now standing in a large room with a mirror and a couch, and I ask the other woman, a slightly chubby, very beautiful blonde, if I can kiss her. She says okay. We're standing in front of the mirror, and I'm surprised to see the mirror's actually reflecting her and the room we're in (though not me, as usual), and her reflection looks exactly like her, although it's watching us instead of mirroring her actions. I lean in to kiss her and close my eyes, but perhaps because I was distracted by the mirror, I find I've wound up kissing her reflection instead, through the glass. I move us away from the mirror, focus on the feeling of her shoulder under my hand, and try again. I'm too focused on comparing this to real life and trying to improve the realism to enjoy it much - the feeling of her lips themselves is accurate, but that's about it. I'm thinking that this sort of thing really doesn't translate to dreams well, and I should focus on doing things that aren't possible IRL. So I remember the 'other' (actual) task of the month: I step back and ask her if she knows who my true love is. Again, she seems uncomfortable with the question and doesn't answer. Then I think that asking someone you've just kissed to tell you about your true love may be a little tactless.

      There's a cat by the mirror now, yowling. Two people who work here rush over to it to try to get it to be quiet. On the other side of the room, there's a whole row of mirrors and a hairdresser standing in front of them, talking about originality or lack thereof in fashion shows. I lose lucidity and follow him, listening to him for a few moments before I wake up.
    7. Childhood Memories?, The Perfect Lawn, An Old Goal Completed By Chance

      by , 07-12-2012 at 06:39 PM

      Dream Fragment - This one was technically more than a fragment as it was fully developed, I just don't really remember much about it now, so I can't fill in the details for my notes. "I go to a book/department store-based event, like A-Kon or something, with old [my senior high school] people at it. Walking around, not giving a fuck what people think. Yeah, look at the food."

      Childhood Memories? [DILD]

      I was driving my old jeep and my old friend JRE and I parked it somewhere deep in a forest. After we got out, we walked to where there was some bus stop and got on the bus, which then took us to some downtown area. Though I'm pretty sure I experienced all or most of our downtown adventure, I know there were tons of people that I potentially know. All I really remember of it now was wandering around a parking lot with JRE, and he was getting annoyed at me for acting childish (in a playful way), or something like that. Eventually we end up getting back on the bus, and initially JRE sits far away from me but he eventually moves up to where I am. The bus is traveling through the forest, and somehow it turns into the legs of an AT-ST (the two-legged robot walkers from Star Wars) with a tiny couch seat on top, where JRE and I are sitting. Of course, this all seems perfectly normal at the time. I was just admiring how vivid all of the forest surroundings were, and I had the sudden sense that JRE and I might be having a shared dream. Oh snap, this is a dream! I looked over at JRE and started doubting whether or not this was really shared, and I decided to slap him on the back to see just how stable he was. As I did he exploded into sand, and my hand continued to move straight through where he had been sitting. As the AT-ST legs took me back to where the Jeep was, I had the strangest sense that this dream was connecting me to my childhood memories, though it's hard to explain the sensation now. As I was approaching the Jeep, I looked down and noticed that I was wearing what appeared to be a transparent white one-piece bathing suit. It did make me happy, though. I got in the car and grabbed the wheel, which was now invisible, as the dream was sort of falling apart around me. I either drove or just phased forward through some kind of "wall" which I can't even describe that was in front of me now, and then everything went black, and soon I woke up.


      #1 - The Perfect Lawn [Non-Lucid]

      There was a family party going on at my house and my aunt C and cousin S were there at least (and I think probably my uncle N as well), and all I remember is that I was relaxing in my bedroom and I knew that they were spending a lot of time in my parents' bedroom for some reason, and then they walked out and went into the guest bathroom, where my other aunt D suddenly walked down the hall trying to get to and was mad that it was already occupied. I think my mom was with her, too. Somewhere down the line (I think the dream may have skipped forward a bit), I decided to go swimming out back. I also became Jackie (Mila Kunis) from That '70s Show. Donna (Laura Prepon) was also there and I was trying to get her to swim with me, but she didn't want to get in the pool. :T I believe it skipped forward again and we were walking down the street that extends directly outward from my house (we're centered at a three-way intersection), and I was looking around for lawns that had sprinklers covering them with water (sometimes even sprinklers shooting water on to them from the middle of the street ). My aim was to find a yard that was so wet... that the grass and dirt had entered a complete liquidy consistency, so I'd be able to swim in it. ._. I even found one that I thought might be good, and I dipped my toes in it and saw it ripple. I turned around and said something to Donna I believe, but then I woke up.

      Dream Fragment - I was hanging out with N and I think R on my back porch, and suddenly we were in the pool and N was talking about how he found some amazing ecstasy tabs recently, claiming he'd taken only a third of one and ended up rolling really hard. I ended these notes with "Me disappoint." Not entirely sure what that's supposed to mean here. >_>

      Dream Fragment - I was with NS, this guy I knew through my entire public schooling career but then never saw again after we graduated, and we were walking around at some kind of Star Wars convention... or something....

      #2 - An Old Goal Completed By Chance [MILD]

      I was lying on my bed with my old friend D, and for some reason we were lying extremely close to each other, with our faces almost touching (but it wasn't supposed to mean anything, it was just taken as totally normal at the time ). Though I'm not sure if there even was much dream content before this, I had an underlying knowledge that we were in a Heroes-like world. Derek had the power of cryokinesis (ice generation/freezing) and I had the totally broken ability of absorbing the powers of anyone around me. Since we just happened to be right there next to each other, I grabbed his cryokinesis for myself. I suddenly had the knowledge of how to use it and everything. The dream skipped forward to he and I standing at an intersection, like actually in the lanes where the cars would be, waiting for the lights to turn so we could keep walking. I was in the left-hand turning lane, and D was arguing with me about something, though I can't remember what it was now. I was getting fed up with him, and when the light turned I flew off into the air and turned left down the road. Realizing that I was flying was enough to make me become lucid, and I knew immediately what I had to do. I thrust my arm out at a nearby plant while flying by and made the same kind of psychic-power-hand-gesture pose I make while using telekinesis, and the plant instantly froze over. It works!!!! Now I'll know how to do this from now on! I decided to freeze a car too, and it worked, but then it almost immediately just turned into a different white car and kept trying to drive slowly. Clearly the skill needs some work, but it's good to know that I can at least use it now. I wanted to try to freeze a human, so I looked for a DC and noticed a girl walking on the sidewalk not too far ahead of me. I pounced on her, expecting it to be playful... but apparently I put a bit more force into it than I meant to, because it killed her. O_O I was disappointed for a second, but then thought I'd give something else a try... and with one more psychic hand gesture, she came back to life! That's two new abilities! I ended up rolling around on the ground with her trying to get her into focus because my vision was fading away and I was having a tough time saving it, and finally I was able to freeze her, but I only heard it because my vision had already faded to black. Oh well, there's always next time! Shortly afterward, I woke up.

      Dream Fragment - I was with D again and we had ordered pizza at his house (which wasn't really his house), but we were having them deliver it to my house so that we could drive over there to get it. We got here and ended up working on some homework on my dad's computer for some reason, but the pizza never arrived. I kept staring out the window for it, but only some girls I vaguely knew in middle and high school drove up but never got out of their car. I wanted that pizza. :C

      Dream Fragment - My mom was asking me if the ball at the end of my poi was actually just a gigantic Skittle.
    8. Everyone Dress Goth

      by , 11-18-2011 at 07:42 AM
      I'm in kindergarten. I'm putting on some very odd shoes. Is something wrong with my foot? I get a ride from my dad.

      I'm walking with A. She calls something gay. I ask if maybe that isn't a little prejudiced. She disagrees. I let it go.

      A South Park-esque scene. There is a group of kids dressing differently. I end up in a red shirt with a black hoodie and am fat and have weird hair. I look pretty funny. I point this out to one of the others. We laugh. I finish dressing in all black. Everyone is dressing goth. It's some sort of Satanic cult thing.

      A girl and boy who are both goth are off by themselves in the woods. The boy gets killed. The girl tries to make some life-restoring goop.

      A Frankenstein sort of guy accidentally brings a corpse back to life. Later, by the river, he resurrects the goth boy too.

      There is a hideously fat guy on an experiment table.

      A message from beyond the grave about working. Some goth-looking cultists are working on something.
    9. fjord collapse; rescuing drowned boy; abortion jokes

      by , 09-13-2011 at 12:06 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      No vision, or just black. A voice said how "an entire fjord" (???) in France had collapsed into the sea.

      Dream #2

      A bunch of people, possibly including me, were on a huge ship like a cruise ship. A disaster had occurred -- possibly that another gigantic cruise ship had come apart and sunk. Almost everybody on board had been killed. The people on this new cruise ship were now out in the ocean, not to find the living people, but to pull out of the water a lot of dead people who were floating to the surface.

      The ship coasted over the black waters and under a yellow sky. A young woman with coppery skin and long, black hair stood out on the deck of the ship. She spotted the body of a young man who had apparently drowned. She threw out a rope to grab the boy's body. She pulled the body onto the ship.

      The woman was now in a cabin right on deck. The body of the young man was laid out on the floor of the front room of the cabin. The woman had walked into a back room. She now walked out to the front room. I may have seen from her viewpoint at this time.

      The young man on the floor was possibly Asian, with coppery skin. He wore a yellow t-shirt and darkish khaki shorts or casual pants. He was a little bit overweight and shaved bald. He looked older than his age, somehow. I attributed it to the stress of his death and the effect of the water on his body.

      But now the young man began to make motions with his mouth. He slowly mouthed some words and made some cringing expressions with his eyebrows, as if he were in extreme pain, and as if he were still afraid of dying. He may have coughed some water out of his mouth.

      There were some other people in the cabin, possibly including the Captain. It was recognized, possibly by the Captain, that the woman had saved the young man's life. I'm pretty sure I saw from my own viewpoint at this point, not from the woman's. The woman said that she had a feeling, when she saw the boy in the water, that he was still alive, or that he could be resuscitated.

      Dream #3

      I was watching a comedy. But it was also like I was reviewing the movie, after I'd seen it. Reviewing the movie, I commented that I had no idea there was going to be a scene with such crude humor in it.

      I could only partly remember the scene, and I kept trying to see it, but it had something to do with abortion. It was like it was blocked from my view by a lot of sillhouettes of people's heads.

      I then saw another scene, in which a group of "average guys," like in a comedy for guys, were all standing next to each other before a table filled with jars of aborted babies. The guys had to pull the babies out of the jars for some kind or humane reason. But they were all kind of bumbling about at the task so much that they were actually disfiguring the bodies.

      The men were using weird implements to get the babies out of the jars. One of the men used a huge knife, to which the baby stuck, like a magnet. The baby's back may have looked charred. The baby may also have had eyes with no whites, which were all a dark grey-blue.

      I felt bad because for some reason I had taken my mom to this movie with me. I had thought it was just an ordinary comedy. But those two abortion-comedy scenes were really gross, and I was afraid my mom would be freaked out by them.

      My mom and I were in a car, pulling into a space in a big parking lot. I tried to justify the grossness of the comedy in the movie by explaining that the film had been made by the guy who made There's Something about Mary.
    10. Lucid Dream 241, 242, 243

      by , 07-13-2011 at 08:28 AM (KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different)
      This first dream is out of order, but I went ahead and posted it for the Nightstalker Task Club.

      July 8, 2011
      Lucid Dream 241: Arise From Your Grave
      Series: Task-tacular, Episode 2

      It was night time and I was hanging out on the deck of some random house. There were several other people with me, but I can't remember who they were. We were talking about forming a Resistance Group in order to fight off the military. Apparently, some other country had taken over the eastern United States. During these talks, I suddenly realized I was dreaming.

      I jumped off the deck and landed in the yard below. There was a full moon and the trees around the area looked quite sinister in the dark. It reminded me of the Nightstalker Task Club. I decided to resurrect some bodies. I looked around the yard and noticed a large area where the grass had died and there were scattered tombstones. I stood above it and started muttering some made-up incantation. I flexed my fingers and started to feel a force connected with my hand. It felt like my hands were magnetized to the ground. With a bit of extra effort, I slowly raised my arms/hands up into the air. As I did this, the ground began to crumble in front of me and a group of zombie soldiers emerged from the ground. They were wearing very futuristic gear and holding strange looking guns. Their body armor was metal and very robotic. It was sort of like soldier from Halo, only with less armor coverage. They moaned and wandered randomly around the yard I was in. They didn't seem to be interested in me at all. My hands still felt heavy, so I lifted them even higher into the air. A large metal frame began to surface. It was the frame of a Knightmare (a mech unti from the anime Code Geass). It was black and looked awesome. I couldn't wait to get into the knightmare and kick some zombie ass with it. As I was climbing into the unti, my dream began to fade. I thought, "No please, just a bit longer...don't do this now!" I tried to hurry up and get into the knightmare, but I awoke before I got the chance.

      Series Details
      In the dream series, "Task-tacular," I take on the Advanced Tasks of the Month, Tasks of the Year, or some other sort of predetermined dream task. Stay tuned for more episodes in the series.

      June 15, 2011
      Lucid Dream 242: Free Table Show
      Series: Sexcapades, Episode 11

      I was at some huge park-like area. There was some sort of mellow music concert going on west of my position. Me, JT, Cliff, and some other random people were sitting on top of a grassy knoll. We were passing a blunt and I was slowly becoming lucid. Finally, I full grasped the fact that I was dreaming.

      I looked around and saw a baseball. I picked it up and told JT that I would challenge him to a throwing contest. He threw first and it went about as far as I expected. I then put some extra thrust into mine and launched it. As it soared across the landscape I used my lucidity and dream control to push it further and further along. Finally, it landed after traveling and impossible distance. We threw again and the same thing happened. JT had caught on and said, "Wait a second? We are dreaming aren't we?" I laughed and told him that he was a bit slow today.

      We took flight and flew down toward a large blue building. I landed in a seated position on the window seal. A few moments later, JT came crashing into me and I fell backwards through the window and into the building. I fell around 20 feet onto a concrete floor. It didn't hurt in the slightest. I got to my feet and jumped up into the rafters. I started swinging around the rafters, using the beams like a gymnast. After doing this for a bit, I landed back down on the concrete floor. I noticed there was now a group of people sitting at a table in the middle of the room. I recognized many of them. One of them was the asian chick from the tv show, "Glee." Another was a girl I know, "Nii." I walked up to her and began kissing her. We kissed for a bit and then she pulled away from me, smiled and said, "Not here!" I told her we were dreaming and it didn't matter. She didn't believe me at first so I told her to do a nose pinch RC. She did and then started kissing me. I pulled down her shorts and slid "myself" inside of her. I started banging her on the table as everyone else just seemed to watch us. It was a little strange, but I didn't care. After a bit, my friend Cliff walked into the room and started talking to me. We carried-on a conversation as if I wasn't having sex with lots of people watching (can't remember what was said). I began to get really intense with the thrusts and the dream started to fade. I just kept on going and eventually everything went dark. I immediately prepared to DEILD.

      Series Details
      Class is thrown out the window in the dream series, "Sexcapades." Not unlike your favorite porn video, I unleash my inner "Ron Jeremy" and give those DCs what they are looking for ! Stay tuned for more entries to the series!

      July 15, 2011
      Lucid Dream 243: Everybody Dance Now...
      Series: Land of Dreams, Episode 12

      I transitioned back into the dream and found myself on a stage with a closed curtain. There were quite a few people on the stage with me and they turned and told me to get ready because they were about to open the curtain. Everyone was standing still with their eyes looking toward the ground. I moved into a vacant area on the stage and did the same. The curtain opened and I could hear people cheering and clapping. It then got silent and some music turned on. It was a pop song, but I can't remember the lyrics. Everyone started dancing, so I did as well. Apparently, this was some sort of dance competition. Naturally, I made my way up to the front of our group and started dancing in the spotlight. The crowd was going insane as the rest of the group stopped and I was performing a dance solo. I did a crazy variation of the moonwalk and performed some Usher-like dance moves. The music then changed to a rap-like club song. A very attractive chick joined me at the front of the stage and we began dancing in a pretty sexual manner. The crowd loved it and started throwing flowers on the stage.

      The music stopped and I noticed someone had beer pong set-up on the stage. I went and challenged two guys to a game of pong. With my superior beer pong skills and a little help from lucidity, I was kicking their ass. The cups kept changing into strange glasses of many random sizes. A couple were no bigger than a shot glass, but I managed to make them anyway. The game never ended because more glasses and cups kept randomly showing up all over the table. The dream was very unstable at this point and I had to stop and stabilize the dream several times to keep it going. Eventually, it completely faded and I woke up.

      Series Details
      In the dream series, "The Land of Dreams," I explore the depths of my subconscious. With no real goals in mind, I explore the creative lands and characters that come before me. Who will I meet? Where will I go? What will I do? These are the dreams that fit into no particular category. Stay tuned for more entries to the series!
    11. Help from my Dream Guide

      , 03-29-2011 at 03:29 AM (Hyu's Adventures)
      non dream - lucid - non lucid

      I am in the countryside, walking up a path which leads to my house. (I have never seen this place)
      The path leads up to the top of a small mountain.
      The area isn't very populated, so I don't encounter many people on my way up.

      I finally reach a small street, my house is at the end of it.
      There's a few more houses, maybe 12 or so and a water fountain in the middle of the street.
      For some reason I am attracted to the fountain, it is very beautiful, but I don't really know why.
      As I approach it I start to question my surroundings and quickly realize that I am dreaming.

      I am happy to have become lucid, but the feeling quickly vanishes.
      In front of the fountain I find a dead wolf. He seems to have died because of a deep wound on his neck.
      I feel odd. Seeing the dead wolf makes me kind of sad.

      It starts to rain. Has it ever rained in my dreams? Does it rain because I am sad?
      The sky starts clearing up and it stops raining, rays of light start poking through the clouds.
      A small bird emerges from the light and lands on the fountain, looking at the wolf.

      I have seen this bird before! It is the same as in the Dr. Who dream!
      The bird looks at me for a few seconds.
      Then he switches his attention back to the wolf.
      He spreads his tiny wings and they start glowing in all kinds of colors.
      Some glitter emitted from his wings lands on the wolf.

      The wolf comes back to life and looks at the bird. They exchange a few thoughts, the wolf is thankful that the bird saved his life.
      He runs away. I am amazed by what I just witnessed, but I still feel somewhat weird, although in a positive way now.
      The bird takes off and lands on the hand of a girl.
      I recognize her, It's Faye!
      She looks different than last time though, but her aura is clearly the same.
      She has long brown hair now and shimmering green eyes.

      "What have you learned from this experience?"

      I remember that WakingNomad has asked me this question a few times.

      "He's a phoenix..."
      "Yes, he is, so what does this mean?"
      "I don't know... what does it mean? We are in my dream bubble aren't we?"

      Faye gives me an affirming nod.
      She acts very mysteriously. Yuya sometimes does that as well.
      I kind of like it though, I've always been a fan of mystery.
      She wants me to keep thinking, I'm supposed to come to a conclusion.

      "So this phoenix, he is part of my imagination?"
      "A projection of your subconscious the people on your forum would say."

      I think this is the first time a DC has made a direct reference to DV.
      Faye talks about how in my dream bubble, everything that I don't actively create is a projection of my subconscious.
      I already knew that, and she knew that I did, but she's trying to make a point.

      "So where does this idea of a phoenix come from?"
      "That is the question. Knowing the question is half of the answer."

      I really like the way she is speaking, it is so mysterious, yet it is very clear that she is leading me onto the right path.
      I look at my left arm and spread my own wings, which I use to navigate the dream plane.
      I remembered correctly, the wings on my left arm do look exactly the same way as the wings of the phoenix.

      "When I use these wings to teleport, that is actually a phoenix ability."

      I say this more as a realization than a question.
      And after saying it I know that I am right.
      I can use these wings to move through the fabric of space and easily navigate the dream plane by doing so.
      I can also heal other beings, but the ability is far too complex for me to do anything major.
      I could never revive someone, not even a very simple being, such as an insect.
      The sheer amount of energy this would require is beyond my imagination.
      I remember that I have used these abilities many years ago in my dreams.
      My vision is blurry, I assume the dream is about to end, I feel like I should thank her before it does.

      "Thank you, I have indeed learned many things from this experience."

      I say this quite awkwardly, I am a bit shy.
      Faye approaches me and whispers into my ear.

      "I am your dream guide you know, this is what I do, maybe you should ask me for help more often..."
    12. Lucid (x2): Crime Pays & Coffee Shop Alone Time

      by , 03-06-2011 at 02:23 PM
      Dream #1: I was with two hardened criminals. We were in a wide entry hall past the first set of double doors. One of them I took to be some sort of mastermind. He was showing us a device that beamed intense light into multiple security cameras at once. It also had a motion tracking gun to fire on anyone who interfered.

      I got the impression we had rehearsed this particular heist a few times. When we were finally set up for the real thing, straight away a guard entered the hall through a side door and the auto-tracking gun shot him in the head, killing him instantly. An alarm sounded. I said "Does your machine have a way to deal with this alarm?"

      He said "No. Run." I could hear sirens in the distance as we fled the scene into the city streets. Plenty of people were noticing us as it was just before dark. The city was unfamiliar. The "mastermind" told us to dump our top layer of clothes as we entered an alley way. We each did. I noticed we were wearing a lot of stripes and scarfs.

      We made our way up a fire escape and I could hear and see police lights bouncing on building walls nearby. I felt intensely stressed out. I started questioning in my mind how I allowed myself to become involved in such a terrible scheme. I thought, "Maybe this is dream?"

      My partners in crime were starting to get far ahead of me by roof top. I was thinking, "If this a dream, I should just jump off this building..." I hesitated. It was a good 10-story drop. I stood on top of a metal ventilation box to launch off from. Again I paused. Then decided, may as well! And I jumped...

      Immediately I sailed into the air unaffected by gravity. I was extremely relieved at first, then excited to be lucid again. I glided around the city for a while looking for what I might do next. I spotted a power plant out of the downtown area and in a rural suburb with plenty of woods nearby.

      As I went to land, I noticed there was a mass of power lines blocking me. I grabbed a hold of one with each hand and had the thought, "This might electrocute me." But nothing happened. So I decided to try something. I glided around the power plant collecting as many lines as I could hold. I had dozens when I landed. I proceeded to coil them up into a braided strand by tossing them out, like one unwinds a garden hose.

      Once they were thick and intertwined, I looked around at the houses in the area. None had lights on. I held my right hand up the spit ends to send power to all the houses using my right hand. A huge burst of electricity emitted from my right hand. (Straight up dark side of the force.) I was thrilled at the raw power and visual quality of this effect. I looked around at the houses. Still they had no lights on. I did it again with more intensity. Again, a massive burst of fantastic electricity arched from my right hand into the power lines. I looked up again, and all the houses were light up now.
      --Then I woke up.

      Dream #2: (I believe this dream started almost instantly when I fell back to sleep.) I was going to pick up my girlfriend from a party. I believe I was running, but at car like speeds. When I arrived at the party I was winded and the cops were there doing sobriety checks.

      I told them, "Hey, I just arrived." The lady cop said, "Yeah but did you drive sober?" I remember feeling unsure. My GF emerged from within the house and told me she was ready to leave. We were on foot so the cops let us go on the spot. We walked to a coffee shop I have never seen before. There was a good number of people sitting around. I went in for a kiss, and she said "Hey, not in public!"

      My lucidity from the last dream suddenly returned. I said "Oh these people are dead." -And with that, pointed my hands and fingers outward around me. No visual electricity emerged, but everyone was struck, there blood splattered against the walls, and they slumped over dead. -My girlfriend was horrified by this display.

      I said "Don't worry." And repeated the same action again. The death was reversed and everyone came back to life astonished, laughing, and looking at me intently. I told them, "Leave us alone now, go tell everyone you died and were resurrected better people than you were before." They were delighted. Formed a single file line, and left the coffee shop. I leaned over and kissed my girlfriend.
      --Then I woke up.
    13. Great-grandmother alive again in her house

      by , 10-16-2010 at 01:23 PM
      I had a number of dreams, but they're mostly so fragmented I can't remember them. This is the only dream I remember.

      I was in my great-grandmother's house, probably with my mom and my sister. My great-grandmother had passed away a while back (like in waking life), and the house was empty. But I think my mom, my sister, and I were going to throw a party for our whole family in the house, like my great-grandmother used to do.

      I walked into the kitchen. I may have had the feeling that I didn't belong in the house for some reason.

      Now my great-grandma appeared. She may have risen up through the floor, or she may just have suddenly appeared before me. She stood really close, between me and the kitchen counter. She was even shorter than she had been while she was alive.

      She may have told me something. But I can't remember what it was. She may have seemed a little agitated or annoyed.

      Updated 10-16-2010 at 01:27 PM by 37466 (clarified "passed away" with "a while back")

    14. #59. The Heist

      by , 06-14-2010 at 07:19 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      I'm having multiple writing-things-down-in-my-journal dreams (in one night), which is really annoying when I actually wake up and find it blank. Occasionally I can remember bits and pieces of what I wrote, but still: irritating. Apparently I'm going to have to RC more while I'm journalling.

      In one of my fragments, Neil Gaiman was trying to take over the world. Apparently he's on Time Magazine's Most Influential People list, so this wouldn't be too surprising. Oh, and he's capable of adding to historical mythology.

      Be afraid.

      The Heist:

      I'm robbing an art gallery. This is the easy part, casing the place, looking for details that might assist us in our escape. It's near closing time, and we need to know exactly how the staff shuts the place down - so we're posing as tourists, waiting to be shuffled out of the building.

      The place is huge, large enough to have their own conservator on staff, a woman that I'm talking to right now. I'm pretending to be a collector, probably talking about donating a piece to the public collection. We're discussing the minutiae of restoring a particular piece, a thirteenth-century painting that I actually have no interest in (ie: we're not stealing it).

      "Where are the security cameras?" I ask her. After all, I want my donation to be safe. I've spotted one camera in the entrance lobby, but none in the main areas or at the employee exits.

      "Oh," says the woman, "We don't have any."

      I look at her blankly for a second. "Well," I say, "That's stupid."

      I look over the woman's shoulder at Johanna, the blonde ghost girl from #59, Ghost Ship. My accomplice is decidedly un-ghostly today. She's with a tour group, examining the high-tech vault that our prize is locked in. The metallic display swivels around, forms a coffin-like shape, and seals itself away, fitting like a puzzle into the tile floor. The rest of the group applauds enthusiastically, but Jo limits herself to a small smile, eyes glittering with anticipation of the challenge.

      Jayne Wisener Johanna

      I signal Johanna and say goodbye to the conservator. We shake hands and she tells me to contact her if I have any questions. I assure her that I will, and I slip away into the back hallways of the art gallery, off limits to the public.

      Jo meets me at our planned escape route, one of the employee exits that requires a code to leave without setting off the alarm. I notice the visible red laser line over the floor, which could be stepped over easily, but the door is alarmed as well. I hear a voice over the intercom, saying that the museum will be closing in a few minutes.

      There's a keypad beside me. I enter the code, which I gleaned from the mind of the conservator when I shook her hand. This is why Jo and I work together well: I get the information and she steals the priceless artifact. We split the danger and the cut. And I do my job well - the outer door swings open, and the alarm switches off.

      "All guests have two minutes to exit the building," says the intercom. Jo and I grin at each other and step out into the alley. We pile into a small green car with a few other girls. This was our test run. We'll come back tomorrow night and pull the real heist.

      We've stopped at a hostel/diner/convenience store. While waiting in line, I'm looking through the racks for a pair of sunglasses that don't make me look like a girl. Everything's sold out though, and apparently I already bought the last pair of sunglasses, which are either broken or missing.

      DCs have been telling me, for the last few minutes, that I'm late for the Evil Meeting of Evil. This is, apparently, not a good thing, as the meeting is headed by one of the organization's scariest members. I remember being appropriately terrified earlier in the dream, but now, semi-aware, I can't see why I should be afraid of a DC. When I step outside, I see minions of the League on rows of fold out chairs, under a bright blue sky. Odd.

      The terrifying speaker is a black woman with straight, shoulder length black hair, who bears a remarkable similarity to Zoe from Firefly. This, of course, means she's a badass character who I should probably Run Away From Really Fast, but instead I pretty much ignore her as she yells at me and tells me to sit down.

      Not!Zoe continues her pep-talk, and I wander back into the building, finding myself in a hostel-style dorm room filled with bunk beds.

      The first person I notice is a Legion-style, long-limbed teenager. I'm fascinated by how tall he is, and by the way he's swinging from what are effectively monkey-bars suspended by the bunk-beds. Apparently, the boy can't support his own weight. He stumbles into the diner/convenience store area, and his mom snaps at me not to stare.

      What are you looking at?

      I turn around, and suddenly there's a high speed bundle of white lace crashing into my arms. I catch the little girl as she throws her arms around me, demanding a hug from a complete stranger. I stand there awkwardly, regaining my balance.

      The mom rolls her eyes when I look at her, and tells me that the girl used to suffer extreme pain when anyone touched her. Now she's cured. Okay...

      I leave the strange family behind and go back outside to deal with my fellow villains. Who want me to become Doctor Insano. I tell them that I really would (I have my lab coat on and everything), but I can't find my swirly goggles - I only have a set of pink ski goggles, and those just aren't the same.

      So yeah.

      Johanna and I are back in the art gallery, along with another girl, Macy, who's actually outside. Macy was with us in the getaway car, and she's possessing her pet cat (her spirit animal) so we can have another set of eyes on the inside. The cat is darting through the gallery's hidden places, under tables and behind exhibits, practically invisible unless you know what you're looking for. Jo and I are about to split up, while I keep the entrances clear, when we're interrupted by the most ominous sound I have ever heard.

      "KITTY!" shrieks a delighted, childlike voice. This is followed by a chilling snarl from Macy's cat.

      I turn around to see that the cat is a charred pile of fur and skin on the floor, and the little girl from before looks absolutely stricken. I look upward and sigh, knowing that we won't have a chance at the painting at this point.

      I'm waving at the little body, willing it up from the floor, and slowly toward the side door. At the same time, Jo and I are having a heated discussion over who gets to take care of the girl without making a scene. More so than the fireball and the crying child already have, anyway.

      "Me?" I ask incredulously, "I'm not a Meta!" (I don't have superpowers.)

      Jo sends a significant glance at the cat magically floating out the door, and looks back at me with a raised eyebrow.

      Well, I can't argue with that.

      I go over to the little girl and ask if she remembers me. She nods her head and I hold out my hand, and we all go outside.

      Jo is over with Macy, who's a sobbing wreck on the ground, leaning against one of the tires of the car. She's looking at her cat, lying on the dirt a few feet away from her. Apparently, her experience was slightly traumatizing.

      I lead the girl over to the cat, and kneel down beside it. I give a heartwarming speech involving the importance of responsibility and compassion, and tell her how important it is that we keep our powers under control. Then, waving a hand over the cat, I tug at it's life energy, and the cat gets up and wanders over to Macy.

      "There," I say, getting up and dusting myself off. "No harm done."

      An alarm starts to blare from within the gallery.

      "Son of a bitch!"

      All of us pile into the backseat of the car, which is suddenly filled with half a dozen girls, and we speed away.

      The Heist. Scare Factor: 3.