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    1. Post-apocalyptic goth future

      by , 04-22-2008 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      Dream takes place in a bleak future where humanity has destroyed itself and all the existing styles are dark and gothic.

      It starts off in an abandoned house or barn with an oversized exterior through which an elevated train track runs through. The ledges around the house and near the ceilings are covered in bird feces and garbage and the whole place smells terrible, despite that it has several gaps in the walls and is quite drafty. I am looking around for shelter for the night. The gothic monsters and mutants created by the last nuclear fallout come out and prey on the surviving pockets of humanity when darkness falls. I am alone and scared and there is a strange tingling sensation on the back of my neck, though nothing is there when I rub that area. The sensation seems to increase at random intervals before suddenly fading throughout the entire dream and causes quite a distraction at times.

      Some of the details of the dream are hard to remember for the next few parts but I end up at some point on top of the train bridge when a group of people arrive at the oversized building. I think I scramble up there because I am not sure at first if the group are monsters or humans but thankfully they turn out to be the latter. At some point after the group arrives I grab onto one of the ledges near the ceiling and get my hands covered in bird poo. I think I was trying to get off the bridge but I slipped and flailed my arms for leverage and ended up grabbing the disgusting ledge, but the details are fuzzy. When I do get down to the ground and find my way to what's left of the building's kitchen I am surprised to find the the water is not only still running, but appears okay enough to drink.

      A man from the group arrives comes over to me and engages me in conversation. I do not recognize him from anywhere but his voice is soothing and I feel drawn to him because his presence seems vaguely farmiliar. He has short red hair and a goatee to match, violet coloured eyes and is dressed in a completely black suit. He is one of my dream characters whom I call Walter. He is oddly well dressed compared to the others in his group and myself as his clothes are clean and pressed while everyone else is wearing layers of dirty and ragged peices of clothing, mostly whatever they could get there hands on. Most fashions appear stereotypically gothic or Victorian in style. Even though I know his name to be Walter, he is refered to as Mr. Black by everyone in this dream, inclusing myself.

      After I have cleaned up, Mr. Black and I rejoin the group, though they do not welcome me as warmly as my new companion did. They seems distrusting and hostile and while I cannot place it, there is something about their general behaviour that unsettles me, though I cannot put the feeling into words nor do I feel comfortable stating my concern to my new friend lest I upset him. In what is left of a living room or a lounge, and underneath the train bridge, there is a relatively closed off room with a black fire marble fireplace which seems in fairly good condition compared to the rest of the building. A fire is started and the group huddles in a circle. Several people in the group, including an old woman with a hand-woven pink shawl, close their eyes and begin to chant in a language I do not understand. The atmosphere around us changes from quiet and creepy to downright hostile and demonic. The back of my neck begins to tingle again. I desperately want to get away from these people because my instincts are telling me that something is wrong.

      I try to stand and flee but Walter grabs my arm and pulls me back down beside him. He hands me a blue crystal goblet and tells me to place it in the fire. When I do so the room fills with a blue aura seems to paralyze those who are chanting, some of who who were trying to stand. The chanting people open their eyes, which begin glowing an evil red, and the old woman in the pink shawl begins to hover. The people who are not chanting or turning into demons scatter in a panic. Outside of the building the screams and moans of monsters can be heard and it sounds as if they are drawing closer. The people who run outside in terror no doubt meet a terrible fate at the hands of the waiting creatures.

      Mr. Black finally stands up and pushes me behind him. He suddenly has a long silver sword with which he stabs the nearest demonic chanter through the heart. The demon screams in an inhuman high-pitched way before burning up in a blue flame and becoming a pile of black ash. This is repeated several times before all of them are dead. I am scared at first but my fear quickly disapates because I feel safe in the presence of Walter, whom I know is a skilled warrior. Despite the fact that it is still dark outside Mr. Black tells me to follow him and he climbs on top the the train bridge and heads outside.

      We walk in the foggy dark for a long time, the noises of mutants all around us in the dark, until dim yellow lights appear ahead of us and the track suddenly dips down to a cobblestone street. Despite being at ground level there are no monsters around to harass us.

      There are buildings on either side of the street but they appear unihabited and in complete darkness. The details of this part of the dream are a bit fuzzy but we have to get to a trolley car or something, before some other people do, while avoiding more of the demonic chanters that appear at random. The back of my neck begins to tingle again and it is very intense, though there is nothing touching that area of my body and I am becoming annoyed at the sensation. The is something about going underground and wandering through large grey tunnels, but the details are fuzzy. We end up coming out of a water drainage pipe into what appears to be the remnants of a city square, with a crumbling fountain and running into a group of people or monster we were trying to avoid.

      Some how we end up back at the oversized building from the start of the dream when day arrives and there is something about magic and a ritual being performed by another group of people who have arrived there. It is being overseen by a young man with short whitish blond hair who has a rude and condensending attitude. I choose not to participate and instead go into what's left of the kitchen where a bloody Cabage Patch doll's head is trying to crawl it's way out of the sink under it's own violation.

      I wake up in a cold sweat. When I do wake up, the back of my neck is tingling like it was in the dream, though there is no apparent cause for it since there was nothing touching that part of my body. It was weird.
    2. Native American ritual

      by , 08-09-2007 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      Dream fragmented, I can't remember much.

      - can't remember any of the the beginning, but it was lengthy.

      - driving in Mercedes on parkway outside of city with with mom and dad.

      - dad turns off road and onto elevated monorail/train track.

      - real train coming. We get out of car and mom and dad go down to ground.

      - I pick up the two tonne Mercedes by the bumper and hand it down to my dad! It's as light as a feather, though in the dream my thought was that it was "light as a wicker basket."

      - mom and dad disappear when I get down to ground. I am now in some sort of sidewalk market. The streets are empty until four Native American people appear, surrounding me.

      - greeting/bowing ritual with four natives. I think there were two Innuit and two Ojibway. Ritual consists of me standing between the two Innuit, linked arm in arm, and bowing down on my knees to the Ojibway. Repeat same bow a second time only linked arms with Ojibway and bowing on knees to Innuit.
    3. Family vacation (with volcano and Bambi)

      by , 12-31-2006 at 06:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      The dream starts off with my family and I inside a volcano. The chamber we are in has a marble floor and display cases, against the walls, all around the room. It looks like a museum display for an ancient native culture, and in fact my family are there as a part of a tour group. In the south end of the chamber there is a set of stone stairs that lead up to a fissure, refered to as the "Offering Hole." On every third step of the stairs is a large guardian totem. There are five in total and they have been carved out of black obsidian. Beside the stairs are two native crafted containers that have five peices of gold in them.

      The tour group (of about twenty-five people, including my mom, dad, two brothers, sister-in-law, two neices, and I) is led up the volcano and into the chamber. Despite being built inside a volcano, the chamber is not that hot at all. The tour guide warns everybody against touching the gold at the base of the stone stairs, lest the volcano spirit become enraged, and the stone guardians awaken to seek out and destroy the thieves. We are all led up the stone stairs to view the "Offering Hole" and while most of the group is distracted, someone takes that time to steal two peices of the gold. The tour guide is alerted when two of the stone guardians come to life, forcing everyone back down the stairs. The culprits are quickly apprehended and removed from the chamber. The theives were a man who looked like James Bond and a woman who looked like a stereotypical Russian spy/femme fatal. The two stone guardians return to their specific steps when the gold is returned.

      When everything has settled down, two young women in the tour group are offered a chance to don native costume and participate in an offering ritual. They are asked to put two long and narrow straps of leather in their mouths. The thin straps seem to be attached to something across the room, but I cannot see to what. The young women have to ascend the stone stairs with the offering of fruit and meat held above their heads, and not let the straps fall out of their mouths. While the rest of the tour group is watching the ritual, I follow the leather straps across the room to see what they are attached too. It turns out that one strap is attached to the gentials of a male statue while the other strap is attached to the genitals of a female statue.

      As I am making this weird discovery and the rest of the tour group are watching the ritual, someone else takes that time to steal all five peices of gold and escape the chamber. When all five of the guardians start to move and the crime has been discovered, the tour guide panics and tells everyone to run for their lives. In the confusion of everyone trying to escape the wrath of the volcano spirits, the two women participating in the ritual either fall, or are pushed, into the "Offering Hole."

      My family and I escape down the volcano safely, and find an expansive, dark, gothic town. There is some sort of freakish goth parade going on and I ask my dad for the digital camera to take some pictures. As I wander the streets looking for a good shot, I end up losing sight of my family and becoming lost. I wander for a while in the dark and eeiry alleyways and streets and when I start to get cold, I go into a building that looks like a store. It is empty of people, but there is a stage with bright red curtains at the back. On the stage I see my cat Bambi, whom I know must be a ghost (because she died half a year ago) and she appears to be transparent. Regardless, I was happy to see her and took a few pictures with the camera. Despite being transparent and ghost-like on the stage in front of me, Bambi appeared completely solid and lifelike in the photos.

      I hear some voices outside and turn away for a moment. When I look back at the stage, Bambi is gone. I go outside and see my family being heckled by some goths. Once back together we find the main road and follow it out of the dark, gothic city. The area outside of the city is snow covered and very unlike the environment around the volcano. I looked back the way we came and I can still see the volcano looming over the goth city. (I feel that I should have become lucid at this point, but I did not.)

      I tell my family about seeing Bambi but no one believes me until I showed them the photos that I had taken. Even after seeing the photos they do not seem interested or excited and just want to meet up with the rest of the tour group. The remaining people in the group were now waiting at the base of a snow covered hill. There was some sort of building at the top that we had to get to, but the hill was steep, slippery, and in some areas large boulders and sharp rocks portruded out of the snow.

      The younger of my two older brothers asks me for the camera and I reluctantly give it up. The tour group slowly ascends the hill and makes it about half way when the path is blocked by a huge pile of snow. Everyone in the group, including my family, stands around and complains about the cold or the tour in general while I try to dig a path with my hands. No one seems interested in helping me and I have to do it alone. When enough snow has been removed so that we can pass, my brother (who is in possession of the digital camera) runs past everyone else to the top of the hill and smashes the camera against a rock. The camera does not appear to break completely, but I am upset because I think I have lost the picture of my cat Bambi.

      I run and try to catch up to my brother but he disappears into the building at the top of the hill. I cannot find him when I go in, though I do find the camera on the floor in one of the rooms. It appears to only have sustained structural damage but I notice something weird when I review the photos: though my cat Bambi appears solid and lifelike in photos, in images taken of my youngest neice (earlier in the tour apparently) she appears ghost-like and transparent while everyone else appears solid.