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    1. 23 May; Monsters, my dog dies and robbers in Paris

      by , 05-23-2019 at 09:20 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      There are monsters outside that are triggered by motion or light, so one has to cover all windows and stay in the dark. One of my curtains opened a bit and they are outside approaching, I run to try to cover it. They try to come in. I panic.

      I am watching a talk show on tv, some socialite is the guest and they are interviewing her while laying on bed. The woman wears a mini skirt and flashes her under wear. She also has ugly varicose veins on her legs.

      My dog Bernardo is eating like crazy and seems to choke on a piece of macaroni. He is coughing so I give him space. But at some point he is so red I feel I need to help him. He tries to cough it one last time, pushes hard and I sense a blood vessel in his back bursting. I feel him bleeding internally and watch him die before my eyes. I keep repeating "Sorry baby, I love you so much" and I cry in agony and pain, unable to save him.

      At an amazing bakery, they make bread in shape of cactus, it is a special thing to celebrate some occasion. Looks yummy.

      On a ship in the middle of the sea, surrounded by other ships, seems like the movie Troy and Brad Pitt is in it. The ships are modern though and passing close to the shore where there is a town, in order to cause a mini tsunami and some damages on land. Then I see some green monsters in the water coming towards the ships. They are dark green, tube like. I manage to reach land, but the tsunami caused water to invade the streets so the monsters roam the streets. I get surrounded by three of them. I climb a wall and they climb too. We fight on a roof, I find some object that I can stick on them and they are like inflated balloons, so once I pierce them, they die.

      Doing a stop-over in Paris for 7h. I take a chance and go for a walk in the city. At first it is very nice, I am following a touristic path that goes to the Eiffel tower. But it gets dark and everybody disappears, except for a guy on a corner that seems suspicious and approaches me to rob me. I run, but he chases me. Then some other dude is near some bikes and also tries to block my escape. I have to go around a van and some bikes but I manage to escape him and head to a main street with some people. I decide to just go back to the airport, but I am considering going back the same way or I'll get lost because I don't have a map. Then I think maybe is best to take a taxi.
    2. 9 Dec; Spiders coming out of me, robbery and a new food

      by , 12-09-2018 at 12:22 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      On my teenage bedroom, going to sleep late, keeping a light on.

      With some friends at a party hosted by Björk.
      I hurt a finger and burst a blood vessel internally, so I cut open a little bit of the flesh to squeeze some blood out, but instead come out little orange spiders.
      I empty my entire finger until it becomes transparent and naturally it refills with fluids and muscle. It starts working wonderfully and I realize I need do do the same procedure with all my fingers which are painful and stiff, but I can't find the courage to see more spiders coming out of me, I am freaking out at the thought.
      Then thorny vines start bursting out through my skin and I also try to remove them one by one and it is painful.
      Meanwhile I am feeling a bit hallucinated with all that is happening to me and I decided that maybe that was it: I was indeed hallucinating! and I enter a strange mental crazy state, dancing like mad and Björk asks me if I'm alright. My friend Nuno says I need to continue extracting the spiders to heal and I say "What, so it was real? You did see it?" And they confirm with a nod.

      Friend's mansion, looking for one of the many toilets, end up in the laundry room, which is bigger than my living room and dinning room together and has a fireplace.

      My own house is attached to a pharmacy which is all made of glass walls. One night I hear noise at the pharmacy door and I go take a look. There is a gang of guys planning to rob it. They see me peaking though a door, because there is an all night light on illuminating the whole place. I hear them commenting that I'll be the final prize. I get scared, because I know they can get inside the pharmacy easily by breaking the glass. So I go back to the house, lock the door behind me and go check all other doors in my house. Then freak out that they are all unlocked and I can't find the key.

      There is a festival promoting a new food, made from some sea creature or algae, that people never ate before. It is processed into some green waffle toasts and also a spread. I try the spread, tastes weird like raw pureed seaweed. They are asking name suggestions for the products. There are some names on the table already and I see one that looks like Okeje.
    3. A World In My Room

      by , 03-01-2018 at 11:20 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I had experience a false awakening and was sitting on the top of my bed. For some reason my entire room was like a park of some sort. I could see a skinny young man walking in a odd way. He seemed to be listening to music. But I notice in his right hand was a knife. He was approaching a woman who was on her phone not aware that he was planning to rob her.

      I notice my father in my bathroom which confused me but I decided that wasn't important right now. I go to him and tell him what I am seeing and to ask him to help back me up in case anything goes wrong. We begin running towards the man as he has just grabbed her by the arm. My father pushes him off her as he brings the knife to our direction.

      He begins to run at my father but I made an intimidating move towards him as if I was going to attack. I need to get the knife out of his hand before I can do anything. He then takes that as an insult and runs towards me with the knife. His reaction was so fast I couldn't even think. I luckily dodge the first jab from his knife. It was very intense almost being stabbed that I became lucid.

      I told myself that this is quite the experience to help my combat. But I do not enjoy doing this so I ended the dream.
    4. Loooong dream

      by , 07-31-2013 at 06:02 PM
      So, this one is very long, and very fuzzy in my memory. So bear with me.

      There's some dude with a glow stick on my front porch. My mom and me were in the kitchen. For some reason there were cupboards outside on the porch. The guy was looking through them. Eventually the guy left and we stood up.
      *Memory blindness*

      My dad came in from work, and said "They're after me, for tax evasion". It sounds kind of nonsensical, but in the dream it was clear as day. We started running upstairs. Since this was a dream I was running slowly and my talking came out as whispers. I don't get why I don't do a reality check then! Agh!

      Anyways, we ran upstairs and locked ourselfs in our rooms. For whatever reason I had my little cousin Heidi with me.
      *Memory blindness*
      Something about burning telescopes
      *Memory blindness*
      Reading Heidi a kiddie book
      *Memory blindness*
      The next morning after all that, we got on a plane and headed for where ever. Suddenly the rest of my family was back (was this a new dream?).

      I apparently was flying the plane, and I said "This is your Casey speaking (Casey's my name) thank you for flying who-cares airlines". It actually looked like a flight simulator, as I was in 3rd person.

      Would that be classified as an OBE?

      *Memory blindness*
      We wound up in a bar or something, drinking beer out of straws. I wasn't drinking, and a good thing too, I'm under aged.

      I guess I forgot the rest. I'm really sorry for not remembering much. If I had any sense at all I would delete this, and say I couldn't remember it, but, meh.

      Note: I had a half a pill of melatonin that night, so maybe that effected this?
    5. Lady Robber

      by , 09-05-2012 at 04:58 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Lady Robber

      I was with my first girlfriend. A young lady had been seen in her house to rob her. I ran through the house to catch her. I looked in a couple rooms and quickly found her.

      I saw her crouched in a corner. I had sympathy for her. I asked why she did it. She said it was because she was fat. I was happy to be able to help her. I explained I am working on the perfect diet.

      I then touched her silky, dark hair, then led her away. R saw me with her, and I felt a bit of a traitor, but as this was a dream, and I can't say that I was in fact a traitor.

      I found myself in a pool with this young woman and a male friend. I accidentally held the woman by her vagina and quickly moved it to her leg.

      I looked over at my male friend. I almost hit him with a friendly punch in the arm at my luck.
      Tags: ogfr, robber, woman
      non-lucid , memorable
    6. Family meeting

      by , 03-21-2012 at 09:27 PM
      This was a very vivid dream, and I remembered a huge part of it, possibly caused by the HILD technique (uses a mantra, only during self-hypnosis)
      This post is very messy, so my apologies, but I'm not gonna straighten it up.

      1: I was playing with Ernie from Sesame Street (!?) in my room. Mom encouraged my younger brother to do the same. (okeey..)
      Afterwards, I apparently decided to take a stroll in my underwear, in the middle of the night. Acutally, I just went a few steps outside a door in my room (wich is pretty none-existant IRL) and started to bleed from my nose. To stop it I cuffed a fist snow into my face. The snow wasn't really cold, it never is in my dream. It had a cotton candy-like feel to it.
      As I lifted my face, about to head back in, I saw a grey car park on the raod beaneath my yard.
      That caused me to run inside, heart in my troat. Although I had little hope that anyone would take me seriously. I quickly slam my door shut and lock it. I dress, then hurries to dad, to tell him about the "robbers".
      He doesn't take me seriously, as the old tale of dreams, that tells you that any thought, any excpectation you have, will inflict the situation.
      What I do then, is run upstairs and spy on the car that waits on place, maybe for me to come out again, but after awhile they lose patience and gets lost.
      As I am spying for cars, I see my neighbour, Erik, having guests; Sander, himself and Trygve steps out of the car. I think something like "Ah, NOW I understand why he is so friendly towards Trygve."
      And in the darkness, I see headlights driving towards my house, down the road. It is the family car, bringing guests from the family and further (?).
      There was a boy there, wich I have never encountered in RL as I can remember, but he has now shown up 3x times, as my "love interest.
      *side track* First time (this was last year, I think) he showed up: A boy with blackish hair asked me on a date. I was hesitating, 'cause I love someone else.
      Second time, I don't remember.
      Third, in this dream. *end of side track*
      We had a singing gruop. Black boy played guitar and we played along with him. We had a really good time, creating a comp song.
      Afterwards, we had a fight and my sister made me preay for him even though. (With pray ''options'' like you have in some chat boxes.)
      I even think he gave me flowers.
      Next I had two friends over. We bought small wedding-ish cakes for each of us, 10dollars total, I had to pay two for mine. I chose not to have any toppings (nugathi, mayonese, creme ). They chose some topping.
      Someone I know was watching us as we went out of the store, but we didn't mind.

      .. I wish Sigurd was here.. with me, a little more. I want to smile with him..
    7. Lucid, DEILD fail, robber gets owned

      by , 11-04-2011 at 05:01 PM
      Me Jo and my bro are all in a building walking around, we see some familiar people and some I don’t reall recognize. Apparenly we are in really big church builing, it’s the size of a mall and its actually really huge Me and jo walk around visiting places seeing stuff and looking around. We go ino a restroom and some guy tries to grab johanes iphone case apparently and we get mad and say why would you steal in a church. We walk out but later decide that we want to find the guy who tried to do it, I think I see him but then we run somewhere else, I see a guy with a gun call johane and try to lure him into coming near him. Hes on the left in some convenience store. I quickly run in after him and try to warn jo, and I’m scared but then I realize, this is ll just a dream, it cant really be happeneing!. I become lucid and aware and I RC. Then I fly onto the top of the area and find the guy crawling on the ground trying to sneak by my friend and kill him, so I start divebombing near him, and yelling kamehameha, instead of using it, I kick him in the face, and the dream starts fading so I stabilize. I end up in my room, false awakening and I try to write the dream on my laptop beside my bed, but I start feeling SP vibrations hit me and also realize that this is still a dream. I experience sleep paralysis vibrations, very loud noises and a turning over of my body floating in bed and I get up lucid. I yell at my house lights to turn on and they do but too bright, making my vision blurry. I try commanding my eyes to open but I try too hard and instead I open my real eyes and become awake.
    8. The Weird Restaurant in China

      by , 08-07-2011 at 08:42 PM (I Have a Problem)
      Date: 05-19-11
      Length: 1 Day
      Vividness: 6/10

      I was at some museum in China and when I came out of the exit, I hugged some random old lady. She looked at me weird and said "I don't even know you", then walked away.
      My mom, my sisters, and I drove back home and my mom was trying to be slutty with some clothes she bought 0.o
      We drove to some pizzeria place and ate some dinner, everyone but me left. Everything became a Zork style gameplay, where I had to type in commands. I picked up some cooking stuff and read something. It said there was a robber at GameStop. I knew it was close by, so I took a shortcut up through a back alley way.
      There was a pipe I couldn't walk up, so I climbed like a badass. I believe it was covered in ice as well.
      I got to one point and saw the robber coming the opposite direction. I knew he was going to try to rob the restaurant. I was going to use the command "fight ___ with ___".
      My dream slipped to this guy who looked exactly like Davis, and he was talking about video games. He was driving in a car, way too fast, and other people were in there too. The dream ended.

    9. The Yellow Car

      by , 05-26-2011 at 06:17 AM (I Have a Problem)
      Date: 09-24-10
      Length: 20 minutes
      Vividness: 6/10

      I was on a bike, with my girlfriend Dakota sitting on it facing sideways.
      At one point, the bike completely flipped forward, and i fell on my face.
      I thought it would hurt really badly, but I didn't feel a thing.
      I realized that I must be dreaming!

      I was still on the ground, and this yellow car drove half on inch from crushing my skull.
      I got up and Dakota and I started walking around.
      I wanted to make things explode so I tried making all the people around me blow up.
      It didn't work
      Dakota told me she wanted Starbucks, so we walked a couple feet to a Del-Taco.
      I closed my eyes and pictured it changing to a Starbucks.
      At first, only the sign changed.
      I tried again, and the name changed, but the sign changed back to Del-Taco.
      Then finally, the whole building transformed into a Starbucks.

      I remember something to do with a kidnapping, or bad people doing stuff to us.
      I forget everything that happened afterwards as well.

    10. Magic Ring

      by , 03-30-2011 at 07:39 PM
      I am at Lomond View Elementary running from these people that are after a ring of branches that I had with me. This ring of branches is magical. If you say the right phrase and put it in the right position on the ground it will do whatever you want it to. I used it, Incorrectly, but it still worked, to summon a Go Kart and was driving away from the guys that were now in a van. The path I was driving on had a lot of swinging gates on it so I would use the ring to close the gates and make the guys behind me take detours. I ended up losing them and drove around to the back of the school where my friends were waiting for me on the playground. They all seemed disappointed and looked like they though I wasn't going to get away from the guys until they saw me coming down the hill. We ran out into a field that was behind the playground and tried to use the ring to get away. It wasn't working. I tried again and it still wouldn't work. This is the point of the dream that I found out you had to do those special things I mentioned earlier to get the ring to work. The phrase was something involving Click Clack... But I dont' really remember anything else from it. One of the kids with me, who was really fat, knew the secret phrase and took the ring and used it to summon a portal to somewhere else and we all went through.

      I was now at my house and all of the kids were gone. I think my friends were there with me but I don't remember very well if there was anyone else. I heard the garage door opening and I went outside to look and my dad was coming home. I went out there and there was another car behind him that looked like a police car. Two people stepped out. One person in a business suit and another in boxing shorts and a robe. He asked us, "Have you heard of the back door burglar?"

      My dad said, "Well, I heard that a house a few houses down got ripped off but I didn't know that it happened again." The guy told us to watch out for him and took off. I said to my dad, "Man, he looked tired."

      I went out back to check our doors and all of them were in place. I climbed up my deck, which now had a spiral staircase on it and was pretty high off the ground, to check that door and it was good as well. We walked around front and the front door was open except for a glass door. My dad went in first and as soon as he got in there a woman with a baseball bat hit him and took him hostage. I opened the door after him and tried to go inside but there was also a guy in there and they both had guns. I told them to let my dad go and take me instead and they happily obliged. The woman grabbed me and my dad went into his room to grab a gun. I was pushed down some stairs and the guy was at the bottom. He looked at me, raised his gun, and shot me in the head. I started to fall over and then I didn't die. I went to the guy, who had a terrified look on his face, and tried to grab his gun. He shot me again. I still didn't die. At this point I started moaning and went all zombie on the guy and he freaked out and backed into a lay-z-boy chair that was in the room. I grabbed his gun and started to club him in the head with it. The woman had either run off or disappeared at this point. I kept hitting him but nothing was happening until finally his head popped and he died. There was an old woman at the other end of the room I was in and she told me that I should have died but I missed my chance and now I would have a meeting about it. She opened this safe looking door and told me to go through it. I never did.
      Tags: magic, robber, zombie
    11. Riverside, robbing, jury

      by , 03-03-2011 at 10:08 PM
      3/2-3. 1. Town and Country? Heather Xxxx?

      610. Sara Xxxx sends me a text of a friend and her. One person has pants over their arms and the other on their legs, but the people are connected. Looks really funny. Then at some homes in Riverside. Poor looking kind of, just unkempt. Large field next to them. Small fires along the fence line and the people are very scared. Then I’m at Riverside station 1, except it’s in a different area of down, by the Victorian homes? Xxxx there. The whole city is laid out differently. We then go on a tour of the station. Mxxxxx and Jxxxxx there. Then we’re getting off an engine like we were driving around. Saw a few buildings. As we’re getting off, we’re told that there’s a training burn that’s going to happen. Get off and we’re watching another academy throw ladders, inside. I look to the side, the parking lot(?), and something is missing (not sure what, but that’s how I felt). One guy almost drops a 35’er. Outside now and Mxxxxx and I leave to go check out the training burn, but I have to go to the bathroom first. Go into what I thought was the bathroom, but looks like a restaurant. People look at me weird. Building for training burn is on fire. People are panicking. Everyone running toward it. Some guy is up on a ramp and falls off. I go to his aid and check his pulse, don’t think I feel anything. Another guy tries to log roll him, but I didn’t have C-spine yet and told the guy to stop. Guy rolls anyway. Guy that fell says he’s fine and gets up. Then march to Fraizer Park (diff location). On the way, Mrs. Xxxxxx is stabbed with a flag that someone threw. She’s find and no bleeding and is miffed. I call 911. I ask to tell the operator the location and he says he doesn’t need it. It’s dusk and the building implodes. Not in park. Dark and fireworks are going off. Look of city looks like NYC with lights and stuff. Erik Xxxxxxxxxx there and taking photos. I take a few also. Then it’s day and I watch Theresa’s video

      Looking out bedroom window. See something going on, robbing? Breaking into my house? Run to the bathroom and call 911. Tell them someone’s breaking into my house. Cops show up super fast. Robbers apprehended, but they say they’re not. Cops interview them. Then they take me across the street and interview me. More details but can’t remember

      Outside of a building. Something about being on a jury. A class? Dan Xxxxx is next to me. A lot more but can’t remember