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    1. Beach Community

      by , 12-27-2014 at 03:30 PM
      I was talking to some guy I shared a building with about whether to shower before going out that day. In my mind's eye I could see myself, dressed to go out in a brown top, ripped jeans, and boots, topped off with some dangly jewelry, but most importantly I could see my hair, clean and styled into soft, voluminous waves coming down just past my shoulders. I concluded no shower was necessary- clearly I was ready for whatever plans we had.

      I was in an open building with what looked to be bamboo walls. On the first floor, there were no doors, only doorways, and it was quite small. There was a small, unfurnished living area and a short hallway leading to a public ladies' bathroom, with no stalls. Across from the living space was a wooden staircase I assumed lead to the bedrooms of those who lived here, including my own. Through the two doorways leading outside I could see it was a sunny day, and big, bright green leaves hinted at the foliage that undoubtedly surrounded the building. I was aware that a short walk outside would lead me to a beautiful beach with soft white sand.

      A girl was standing near the entrance to the bathroom. She had a heart shaped face and a cheerful demeanor, and though she was wearing a tie-dyed t-shirt and cutoffs, I could see that she had done her makeup and styled her hair into soft little curls. My dream self had some sort of relationship with this girl, and I ran up to embrace her. "Your hair looks beautiful. Who's the cutest thing ever? It's you," is what came out of my mouth when we touched. I like the feeling this gave me - my supposed girlfriend looked so happy, and I think I was too.

      I had to use the dreaded stall-less bathroom. Surprisingly, there were at least a dozen girls in there, some showering, many standing around, and a large number on toilets, all socializing. I joined a line of girls on the toilet and was slightly uncomfortable but almost too amused to care. I then noticed a girl I'd met at my college GSA looking at me. I jokingly said, "Hey! Quit watching me poop, you weirdo," to which she just smiled and walked away.

      When I finished, I wrapped my robe, somehow now my only piece of clothing, around me and started heading upstairs to get ready to go out, even though I had been ready already. The robe wouldn't tie up properly, so I had to hold it with one hand. Having reached the upstairs, I found myself standing on the very crowded beach. I started walking to the right, parallel to the dark waves. Any people I passed didn't seem to notice me. I had to walk under a few rickety old docks and around a good bit of litter. I passed a seagull picking at some trash, and it took great interest in me, my robe in particular. The next thing I knew, it was attacking. I kept swatting and grabbing at it, but only one hand was free, making it very difficult. It was during this excursion that I was woken up.
    2. #38 - River, rain, and a cave/In my robe at the mall

      by , 10-24-2014 at 10:22 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      Tried SSILD again last night, set my alarm for 3:25am. I rolled around in bed a while trying to coax myself to get up, 20 minutes later I did.

      Dream 1 - River, rain, and a cave
      I'm inside a cave, the ground has dryish dirt on it, it's pretty dark inside because there isn't a light source and it's a rainy day outside. I walk to the exit and look outside, the entrance is blocked by a flowing shallow river (knee-thigh deep). I apparently decided I wanted to leave the cave, and headed into the river which had rounded rocks on the bottom, making it hard to wade through. The river only spanned a short 10 metres wide. I looked back down the river and at the cave behind me too, the cave I was in was apart of a large rocky wall, it looked almost unnaturally hollowed out. I managed to cover about 8/10th of the river and was about to reach the riverbank but woke up.

      Dream 2 - In my robe at the mall
      Me and my close friend D are at the shopping mall walking around. I suddenly realize I'm in my robe! I head to a nearby store and buy a blue shirt, some shorts, and a red unbuttoned flannel shirt. For some reason this dissatisfies me, and I tell my friend D to go on without me while I go get some 'cool' clothes. I head off to a different clothing store, this one has nice wooden floors and tall wooden shelves, the shop is quite big. I see to my left a bunch of shirts on sale, but they look like they're for kids, so I go further into the shop and keep searching. I either forgot the rest or woke up.

      2 exams are over and I got 2 weeks to go until my next one, I started doing RCs again today and will be firing up my determination too
    3. Kingly Chase

      by , 09-08-2013 at 02:53 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Chase. We are being chased in an unknown place. A squatters area in an Asian city. I separated from the rest and thought I lost them.

      I came upon a playground surrounded sparsely by trees. I hid on the slide. A kid saw me. From nearby, I saw one of our pursuers, a guy who was wearing a kingly red-and-white robe and a crown, pretending not to see me. He was waiting for the right moment to catch me.

      CR. Korean. Eyes. Question..
    4. A Plane Going Down

      by , 01-14-2013 at 08:28 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      A Plane Going Down

      I was on a yellow air plane. It had gaping holes as though large doors and windows were missing. It was as though we were in a huge, plastic, childs toy plane that was really flying.

      There were a couple other people in the plane. The pilot was flying low, and going lower. The terrain was mountainous and jagged. The pilot was now flying along the inside face of one of the mountains. Then the pilot said, "I'm going to get out" or something like that.

      A passenger objected, then the pilot explained how everyone would be fine. "All you have to do is go like this" and he flew close to a ledge and skid on his but along a smooth, flat ridge.

      I ended up getting out in a similar fashion, but I was just all of a sudden outside. Then I was busy trying to keep wild dogs away. (I saw several dogs IWL yesterday) I somehow obtained a chain with something on the end which I used to protect myself from the dogs.

      Then I saw a woman that had another chain weapon thing, and I wanted it. The woman was an extremely attractive cinnamon girl with dark hair up in a bun. She was wearing a white bath robe. I walked up to her and held her in my arms and said what she was thinking, "When will this stop happening?"

      Then there was a dog in front of me. I took the chain with the weight on the end and swung it. It wrapped around the dogs mouth.

      Then there was a scene with my son , my keys, and I was trying to get the keys or show him where they were for him to pick them up. There was a dog there and we needed the keys. I tried to get the keys with my chain thing. Then I woke up.
      non-lucid , memorable
    5. up from the depths

      by , 01-10-2012 at 01:46 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      A voice saying, "Up from the depths." A view of a woman in some kind of white robes and head covering, carrying something and walking up a dark stairwell, up toward a lit doorway.
    6. Encounter with a Woman; The Butterfly

      by , 01-03-2012 at 11:14 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Encounter with a Woman

      I was in bed with a woman next to me. She was older, but sexy. Beside her on the other side of her was someone else, likely a man.

      I started rubbing her back, nervous that she wouldn't like it, or that the person on the other side of her wouldn't like it. The woman ended up rolling over me to go to the bathroom.

      She was wearing a white robe. As she rolled over, we were chest to chest. I was somehow able to feel her breast as she rolled over. It was not a bear cop, but I felt it better than if it were through a terry robe in waking life.

      She went to the bathroom. After a minute, I went to the bathroom. As she came out, I wanted to spend a moment with her, but there were two kids that could possible see. I started to go through the bathroom door. I looked back and now there was a small hall with another door, so that we had privacy. In other words, she could pass through her door back to the bed room, and I could pass through the bathroom door, and go to the bathroom. Until then, we were both in this hall way type room.

      After a moment, I realized we wanted each other. I held her, but then she said that she couldn't do it because it would affect the rest of her life.

      The End

      The Butterfly

      I was kicking a football around a yard. I kicked it kind of far, then there was a soccer ball. I tried to kick it to where I had kicked the football, but it went to the left. I went to retrieve the soccer ball and found a butterfly about twice the size of a Monarch. It was black with blue and yellow spots.

      I called to my cousin N. to look at it. It was alive, but not well, or it couldn't fly because of the high winds There was an ant on one wing. I didn't want the ant to destroy her wing because I wanted to make jewelry out of it like a ring I had seen in waking life.

      The End.
    7. The meeting with the Guardian.

      by , 08-31-2011 at 08:10 AM
      This is a very old LD and my first. It was so vivid I wrote it down. This was before the Internet. So it's been awhile.

      I lay on my single bed in my room. Everything in it's place. Laying on my back listening to Pearl Jam "My Tree". I must have entered through WILD.

      A great being in a gray robe entered my room, the room shifted around him to accommodate his size. He was very large, approximately 8'. He moved forward to the edge of my bed and reached out a skin tight red gloved hand with long sharp nails. I took it and we were instantly transported to a colossally tall hall, paved in shinning marble and lit by braziers.

      We walked, my hand in his for a moment. On either side were tall statues, carved of glistening marble. On the left were shattered statues of demons and dark champions. On the left were darkly gleaming statues of heroes and champions of an unknown race or time. All were clad in armor of some sort.

      As I came to a "T" intersection. The hall lead forward, and to my left at a 90* angle. I realized that my guide was gone. The path in front of me went on into the darkness. The ceiling was so high it was beyond sight. I could just see the reversal of the statues states before the braziers were no longer visible. The demons were now resplendent and polished, and the heroes lay in ruin.

      I looked to my left and there was the beginning of a massive staircase on the right, and on the left a pair of bat wing doors, such as in old Western saloons, behind the doors was a dark deep purple miasma, the doors were massive, ten to twenty stories high. A withered old man in a San pan hat and an electric blue kimono, with a knurled cane stood guard. I don't know how I knew but his name was Nicotine.

      I turned to the staircase, as I did so a massive demon, this is the only way I can describe it, moved forward out of the swirling purple storm. I could see massive eyes glowing red with hate, anger, and malice. It had rams horns, and a centaur body. It surged against the doors, but did not move. The tiny guard kept him at bay.

      I began up the staircase, the stairs seemed to go on forever, I felt my legs becoming heavy and as I looked down there was massive armored boots such as those on the heroes in the hall. I continued on, the further I went the heavier I became, more armor was added by unseen armorers. One more step saw me to the top of the staircase.

      At the top sat a king. A faceless pale figure in smooth ebony like armor guilded with gold in scrolling fashion. A crown sat on his head. His face was resting on his right hand and he seemed to be in deep thought, pondering something terrible and perplexing.

      Behind him three maidens floated in brown robes. All of their faces were hooded from sight. One with blonde hair, and blazing sapphire blue eyes. One with flaming red hair and emerald green eyes that smoldered. One with raven black hair and burnished brown eyes. They floated with their hands clasped in front of them.

      When the King finally saw that I was at the top of the stairs resting, he exclaimed but no sound came, his expression was that of "Now YOU'RE here, all is well!". No sooner had I made the top of the staircase than the Maidens swooped down and whisked me off. We ascended through the roof, the marble ceiling crumbling away as we fled. I looked down to see my dangling boots and the scene below me. The king was fighting the demon. Holding him at bay with a sword that seemed intollerably small. I looked back up and could see Earth. A blueberry in a black expanse.

      I awoke in my room. The song just ending.

      This, I was told, was my Jacob's Ladder dream. I would not have assumed the title for it myself, but it was given to me by a Pastor and a Biblical scholar.

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