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    1. Night Moves

      by , 05-13-2018 at 07:26 AM
      Morning of May 13, 2018. Sunday.

      I find myself in an unfamiliar park at night. Zsuzsanna is present but is only about eighteen years old. My conscious self identity is not extant, though I want to be with Zsuzsanna, though it is implied we have not yet spent time together. Her father is present at one point. There is a cheerful atmosphere. A number of strange events take place with the typical timeline distortions and setting alterations. Part of the park has a cemetery, as has sometimes been the case in dreams since childhood.

      At one point, Zsuzsanna is standing near me and something invisible pushes her from her right. I wave my hand to make it visible and it is a tyrannosaurus of a somewhat yellowish color. It is not rendered very realistically and I wave it off.

      In one scene, I wave my hands in front of a small audience. The expectation is to cause trees to uproot and to float in the air as well as headstones being lifted from the ground to float in the air. It does not happen right away, which puzzles me (even though I am not lucid), but there is some eventual movement.

      In one of the last vivid scenes, I want to be with Zsuzsanna but I am puzzled by having barnacles growing from my left shoulder and upper left arm. I realize that this is not a serious medical condition, but I think it might make me undesirable. The barnacles jut out to about two inches.

      In the last sequence, Zsuzsanna is standing near me and about six people, mostly in white with numbers on their tank tops, run toward us, though we are not directly in their path, so they run past us. Soon after this, what I first consider is a wheel rolls toward us. I turn to look behind me as it rolls down the path. It turns to the right and seems to jump and then rolls a short distance into a field before stopping. The scene shifts to where I am on the Barolin Street house’s porch without realizing I had lived here once or remembering that a porch has been common autosymbolism for the waking space of a dream since early childhood.

      An unknown male of about twenty is present on the porch (the preconscious). He has a backpack and had been in the marathon. He is also a skydiver. Apparently, the “wheel” that rolled and jumped was his parachute wrapped up in the circular shape and it somehow got away from him. I cheerfully tell him of how it seemed to somehow jump on its own from the side of the road, implying that it might indicate a supernatural “I am” held by the parachute itself, as if it possessed consciousness.

      Working at decoding in reverse, the last scene is the very common (once per sleep cycle for over fifty years) vestibular system correlation autosymbolism and personification of the vestibular system factor by way of the preconscious. (This always represents a subliminal anticipation of the return to consciousness due to the nature of the falling start, which is solely biological.)

      The barnacle scene is from “Barnacle Bill the Sailor”, a rather ribald song my father used to perform fairly often in public. Still, the lines I laughed at the most as a child were “I’ll come down and let you in,” (sang three times in a falsetto voice), said the fair young maiden. “Well, hurry before I bust the door,” says Barnacle Bill the Sailor. Therefore, I suppose there is a very subtle liminal awareness of doorway autosymbolism as well as the autosymbolic nature of using a staircase (for changing the level of awareness in a dream). Still, there are usually transpersonal influences in levels of unconsciousness closer to waking. In this case, Zsuzsanna had been looking at a pirate outfit for a small teddy bear (which additionally is a dream state indicator), which I had not known about, so there are always intriguing external correlations and synchronicity.

      The tyrannosaurus scene is a throwback to childhood dreams where I had liminal dream control and created chase scenes without my dream self fully perceiving the source of the dream events by way of the preconscious (which is how dreams are mainly rendered, not by way of the unconscious, which the dream self does not have viable access to, or so-called subconscious, as the dream self is the subconscious personified, and without much intelligence or memory unless lucid).

      The cemetery is often perceived as the factor of the conscious self not being extant in the dream state, the same aspect that creates certain types of ghost autosymbolism.

    2. Longest and vividest lucid I ever had.

      by , 09-28-2013 at 11:46 AM
      The LUCID :[COLOR="#008080"]Unfortunately, I can't remember how I got lucid. I was in my room looking out the window.It was snowing outside.I go to my computer and sit there for like 5 seconds and I suddenly remember to stabilize.I stabilize and the dream becomes unbelievable vivid.I look out the window again and now it's kind of sunny with a red sky.I look away and tell myself that I should really make the weather that I previously had in a lucid.I look back out the window and tadaaa, there's the weather.I see my grandmother and my grandfather outside walking and holding hands.I think about jumping but in the end I just walk around my room staring at things. I suddenly hear some music and mom comes in my room, tells me something and I start losing the dream.Everything becomes blurry and the music stops.I do the spinning technique and I end up in a weird but cool place.I keep telling this person near me (Don't remember who) how all the things she/he sees around are just things from real life combined.I see a park and I tell him/her that we should totally go there later. Someone shouts my name and I run fast to that person and ask what's the matter. She asks if my name is Anna and I tell her that indeed my name is Anna. She stares a bit, gives me a gift box and leaves. I look in it and I see some materials and 2 letters(That gift box seemed like it was from Kris) I look around and suddenly everyone transforms into asians and I tell myself that Kris must be coming (VERY EXCITED). I look closely in the box and I notice 2 keys in it(No idea for what they are).[/COLOR]

      The dream was sooooo much more longer I just don't recall it all. I recall I kept saying to myself : When is this dream gonna end? It's been like 1 week already. I know I've done a lot of things (Don't recall exactly what things but I know) and probably tried summoning with success.

      2nd dream : [COLOR="#800080"]A person rolls in my apartment's hall and asks me: Guess what I bought you?! I put a bag on it's head and then it says: Exactly! then it rolls in another room :/ .[/COLOR]

      3rd dream: [COLOR="#800080"]Dreamt I was in my apartment's hall and dad entered in my grandmother's room and then he came out Slenderman.Suddenly it became dark. I start screaming and then dad transforms back to his original form and starts laughing with mom. [/COLOR]
      non-lucid , lucid
    3. Rolling in a plane.

      by , 08-01-2013 at 04:50 PM
      It started off with me in the middle of a plane with a bunch of other people.

      It was a generic plane, nothing special about it. We landed at some place, but I stayed on for whatever reason. The only other guy left was a 18-ish year old, with brown hair, and, sort of fat.

      We took off and started going to some other place when the flight attendant came out. Since there were only two people there was no need to be formal. She didn't use a microphone or anything. She asked us if we were OK with the pilot doing a couple rolls.

      I said "Yeah! Sure! That would be awesome!" and the other guy must have said yes in some other way because she went up to the pilot and told him something. Since it was only two people I was lying down on the two seats to my right, and I pulled down the armrests to hold me in.

      It was awesome, rolling around in there, after 4 or 5 rolls we stopped. Then

      I woke up.
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    4. The Garage

      by , 05-21-2013 at 02:48 AM
      First of two from the morning of 05/18/13.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #95: The Garage

      I'm backing our SUV out of the driveway. As always, it's a little tight so I'm focused on what I'm doing. I catch sight of a bearded, creepy man advancing up the driveway toward the car. He makes me nervous, so I pull the car back into the garage.

      Once I'm safely back in the driveway, I look back out to find that the man has vanished. Relieved, I get ready to leave again. But now Wife's car is at a funny angle that blocks me from leaving. Come on, [Wife], why would you park me in like that? I try shoving the back half of the car so it'll spin around and get out of my way. Amazingly, this works!
      I'm immediately sure that I'm dreaming.

      I try turning Wife's car back and forth a few more times. It spins as smoothly as if it were on a turnstyle. I think about picking it up and flipping it over but realize that there are other things I need to be doing.

      I remember that I have a goal of getting to the Alamo for a shared dreaming experiment. I try to look outside and see that the garage door is closing. It's only about 3 foot away from shutting completely. Even though I should know that this doesn't present any permanent impediment, it feels important that I don't let it shut on me. I hurry to the garage entrance, flop down on my side, and log roll under the garage door.

      Outside now, I get to my feet on the driveway and look around. It's a cool, clear evening and the street's quiet. No weirdo in sight. I plan to Hulk-jump to the Alamo but as I begin to make my move,
      the dream ends.
    5. Rolling

      by , 05-11-2013 at 03:38 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #93: Rolling

      I'm in an old-school first-person shooter video game. It's some sort of very metallic, clean-looking sci-fi setting, maybe a spaceship or some kind of alien base on a distant planet. I've got a numeric health meter in the lower-right of my view, ranging from 0 to 100. I don't seem to have any kind of weapon, but I'm speeding around the level, dodging enemy fire from generic-looking storm trooper-style enemies.

      At some point, a laser beam starts waving wildly around the room in front of me. I'm not sure what it does so I try not to touch it. I slip up at some point, though, and the laser grazes my leg. My health instantly drops from 100 to 7. This seems unfair and really upsets me. I feel like I'd been doing well and have been punished way too severely for this minor slip.

      I perform a diving roll to dodge the beam and I notice that I'm actually experiencing the sensation but that it feels different from waking life.
      I realize that I'm dreaming and the scene suddenly looks less like a space ship and more like a dimly-lit room with hardwood flooring. It feels a bit dark and unstable, so I perform another diving roll since that seems to be something I've got down. This goes well, so I immediately do another one.

      I realize that I'm having a really good time doing these so I keep at it. I figure that I'll just keep dive-rolling until I figure out what it is that I want to do with this LD. I remember that I wanted to try NewArtemis and/or Xanous out on their werewolf transformations, but I'm having a little trouble remembering what specifically I needed them to do. I stop rolling after 5 or 6 tries to give myself a chance to think.

      I'm in some kind of long, dark hallway with hardwood flooring and occasional doors leading off adjoining rooms. The scene feels very empty and I'm worried that I'm understimulated, so I go back to dive-rolling for a while. I do this for quite a while, probably another 20 rolls or so. I then decide that I should reverse directions, so I attempt a back flip. This isn't something I've actually tried in waking life, so I'm curious how I'll do. I go right over but land on my shins rather than on my feet. Still, not half-bad!

      I perform a couple of other back flips, and on about the 4th attempt, land proudly on my feet. I'm in a bedroom now with a window that's letting in some morning sunlight. There's a man of about 25 sitting on a bed, his head in his hands. He looks up at me and I see that he has a goatee, a nose ring, a lip ring, and at least one earring. He sees me and tries to say something, but I'm being pulled in the opposite direction and can't hear what he's trying to say. He stands up and walks toward where I am, but I'm drifting away faster. He tries to shout something, but I don't hear any of it, and
      I wake up.
    6. Non lucid detailed, sensation

      , 01-11-2012 at 07:43 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Tuesday, 1/10/12 Bed 11:45pm

      Some first time sensations. Sitting on a bed, did some looking at hands mantra “tonight in my dream, I will look at my hands and realize I’m dreaming”.

      Then laid down on my back, which I never do, put my hand on my side where I have and ache and repeated rhyming mantra “from my hand shoots an energy beam to heal my body with power supreme”. Also for just a minute, envisioned white energy coming in through my head on inhale and out my feet on exhale, then in reversed order.

      First thing that happened was, that I almost fell out of myself. As I was on my back, suddenly, very fast movement of my perception/inner body , as if I moved to lay down on my left side. Completely unexpected and so much fun.

      Then I felt a swaying motion, as if in a hammock. Then on every inhale, I felt my body move towards the head of the bed and with every exhale, towards the feet of my bed. As is the mattress was on ball bearings. Quite intense.

      At the same time, with every inhale and exhale, I felt a rotating motion, as if my body was starting to rotate, just one degree at inhale and exhale. I felt I’m no longer parallel with bed, but at an angle of 20 degrees. Also had a rolling motion going on, like on a water bed.

      I kept saying my mantra and also saying ‘to the window’, and ‘up’. Then my cat jumped up on a bed and settled down to sleep. The sensations slowly stopped. I was able to open my eyes a couple of times, my room looked normal. I also heard some popping sound in my left ear, as if there was an open can of soda. At one moment, I felt my inner body squirm and trying to get out. I was two bodies at the same time. So interesting. Throughout the whole time, I was perfectly aware.

      Then I had some detailed dreams.
      DR 1 - 5am

      I’m with group of people on a trip. I’m sitting with my teacher K on top of the mountain with steep slopes. We talk and exchange gifts. She gives me some plastic bags. I can clearly see the rocks, boulders and grass with flowers on a slope. Couple of times I almost fall off.

      Then we are getting something to drink. I realize, I have only 10 money and 3 beautiful, large, black, shiny commemorative Star Trek Voyager coins. One is for season one and 2 for season 2. I don’t want to spend these.

      DR 2
      I’m on a street P in NZ. Talking to someone.

      Waking Life Element
      Not sure in which dream, but I’m talking to someone about bad quality of oranges in stores. The other person agrees. I say, the oranges I bought tasted watery. And the pomelo was sour and dry, when it should be sweet. Then we ended the conversation but I wanted to add something about tangerines I have bought last time were not the best, either.

      DR 3
      I’m with E in a hotel with beautiful view of city. Clouds look like after rain, I see rooftops and buildings of an established town, not super modern. I ask him where we are and how did we get there. (Waking life element). He sais we are in town…. (I forgot the name) in Maine. He repeats it couple of times.

      I think I say there is no water in the room, so we decide to go to the town. We walk through the streets. Come to entrance to a hotel restaurant. In the lobby, the lady is asking me for my ID. I say I don’t have it, we just ran out to get some water. Then E shows his ID. The lady sais - I could either let you in or not, but if I didn’t, we wouldn’t live in a free country that we live in.

      Then I have a conversation with E, about how I like, that in US, the person in charge doesn’t have to adhere strictly to the rules, but is able to make a decision, whether to bend it or not, if situation warrants it. (Waking life element - I frequently think about this).

      Inside, the restaurant is round, ground level, with large windows and a round bar in the middle. I stand by the window and suddenly see a big boulder rolling down a small hill, that’s landscaped. Boulder stops across the small street next to one of the cute little houses. I call E to see this. By then we notice 3 boys on the hill fiddling with the boulders, making them roll down. A lady holding a tennis racquet comes out of the house closest to us and I bang on the window to get her attention. I try to tell her to call the police on the boys. But she calls them in the house and I realize they are her sons. Then she comes all the way to the window and apologizes to E, thinking he is a police officer. The glass is tinted and you can’t see well from outside in.
    7. Carpets and flying...

      by , 10-22-2011 at 12:50 PM (Pop's Dream Journal)
      I'm still having a little difficulty remembering my dreams. Still trying to get to the bottom of it.

      In my first dream, I'm in a large room, watching people who are laying down and rolling back and forth over blankets that are laying on the floor. Somebody is wanting me to do it also, which I don't mind doing because in my mind, I know the people are "doing it wrong" and I want to show them the right way. I lay down on a blanket and roll across it, grabbing the edge of the blanket and pulling it to me so that it wraps around me as I roll. I go first in one direction, then the other.

      In my second dream, I remember just a tiny fragment. I'm in the water or on a small piece of ground just above the water, looking up at the cliff of a huge land mass right beside me. There are also pieces of earth or land floating in various places in the sky. In my mind's eye I see a big picture of the land mass and pieces and notice that they're placed so that they create a large geometric design. I realize that my only escape is up, so I fly up and carefully thread my way through and around the land mass and floating pieces.

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    8. 7/27/11 A short lucid Ft. Adele

      by , 07-29-2011 at 08:11 AM (Mancon's Wild and Crazy Adventures in the Dream World)
      MILD starting off to when I get lucid.

      I was in a forest, and knew I was dreaming. Suddenly I heard a huge slam sound right behind me. I turned to look.

      Adele was staring at me with a lighter. She lit a tree on fire.

      "There's a fire starting in my heart...reaching a fever pitch and it's bringin me out the dark. Finally I can see you crystal clear...etc"

      I just stared at her watching her sing. I heard stomping and turned around. There were about 100 chairs and every person looked like a zombie. This was getting a bit weird, and I decided I would fly up out of the forest, but I woke up.

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    9. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 01-04-2011 at 06:06 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      ¡Single Sentence Sizzler!®

      Eval (Non-Lucid)

      Quote Originally Posted by Mzzkc View Post
      I drift and roll, consumed by bliss, by care free wonder, as my thoughts, my life, my being are evaluated true, false, back to true, on and on until I soar too high; the weight of my consciousness brings me crashing down into an empty, concrete pool.