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    1. Lots of fragments... farm, festival, Mars, trees.

      by , 10-31-2015 at 07:12 PM
      AAAAAAAA I lost my entire journal entry. I hit the back button somehow and I don't even know how!!!! It blanked everything out!

      I don't know why it claims it auto-saves when I can never find my drafts. Ever. They never appear, even when I save things as drafts. Not once have they ever.

      I'm REALLY upset and frustrated.

      Ok, fine, here I go AGAIN.

      First dream: Fragmentary. May have been lucid. All I remember is a very interesting looking brown and cream diamond tiled floor. I almost always forget any lucids from my first dream, and everything in them is fragmentary and fuzzy. They're also always only barely lucid, not even worth considering one if I really wanted to be strict about it.

      Second dream: Dreamed about a farm. Fragmentary, weird, and complicated. Hard for me to make sense of. I'll write more later. Some bullet points:
      - kind of video game farm but also not
      - piles of laundry/hay
      - helping my aunt
      - weird cat thing in a sack
      - apple trees
      - HUGE tree with a city in it

      Woke up, tried an induction. I was trying to end up in Rome, but my attempt failed.

      Third dream:
      There was a street festival in a more run-down area of my old home town. It was in front of a two-story white house. There were a lot of food vendors, and there was also a stretch of street full of people doing face-painting for children. I was trying to meet up with my boyfriend on the other side, so I picked my way through them, trying not to knock over any paint or step on any children. After I got through, I realized that I could have simply walked along side the whole thing instead of through it.

      Before the festival, my boyfriend and I had buried our more valuable belongings along the side of the house and marked it with a long, stiff, silver blade of grass. After the festival was over, we went to go dig it up. But there was a guy who considered it to be his territory, and he seemed aggressive and we thought he might attack us. He was flying around in a tiny plane thing he sat on top of.

      So we abandoned our stash, and I couldn't remember if I'd buried my wallet with it, but I hoped I hadn't. We got in my car and started driving away from there, and drove through some thick woods. He disappeared into the trees. We turned around, hoping he was lost or thought we were still in there, and went back to try to dig up our stash before he showed up again.

      Woke up. Tried an induction into Rome again... attempt failed.

      Then I dreamed about a "cone" on Mars that may have been a tower from an advanced alien civilization. For some reason, though, NASA didn't seem interested in investigating it, which was frustrating. There wouldn't have been a way to analyze the technology anyway without humans there in person, if we could even get ahold of any (which was unlikely) and there wasn't much to gain by sending humans there to do it, either. I doubted the rover would be able to get there and get anything without them destroying it. They didn't even know about the little rover driving around out there, anyway.

      Then I dreamed that there was suddenly a new Democratic candidate, a young Latino guy. All of the candidates' faces were up on huge banners, but Hillary's was the only one that had a name on it.

      I believe my inductions had such a high failure rate because the environment I was trying to send myself to was very unfamiliar. My inductions into familiar places are much more successful.
    2. Competition Day 3 - dream in a dream

      by , 12-15-2013 at 09:10 AM
      First dream (fragment):
      I was on a trip with our school's orchestra (idk where).
      I was hungry so I searched something to eat. I bought carrots somewhere and ate them together with a couple of cupcakes.
      I met a couple friends, some of those I don't know in waking life. Then a teacher of mine came and said we shouldn't eat...

      Second dream:
      I was in front of a small house with green curtains and I immediatly thought "I'm in Paris".
      It was daytime. Then I started to follow the row in front of the house until a bride appeard. Suddenly I saw the 'Castel Sant'Angelo' and I realised I was in Rome. At that point it was also nighttime suddenly - also I was driving a motorcycle. I crossed the bridge and searched for a street name so I could find my way home. I met my sister DC, and she told me I was heading in the wrong way. At this point I fell asleep...
      I was talking to an old man. I kinda knew I was dreaming, but not really - I even thought that that guy had to be my dream guide - I was very close to lucidity. Then a classmate of mine spoke to me from behind (I couldn't see him). I don't remember whar he said. Then I woke up. Realising I had been dreaming, allthough still in a dream. I was in a red oldtimer together with my sister not knowing what had happened. Anyway I decided to try DEILD and as it was a dream I was succesful.Being *lucid* for a short moment - I just remember blackness from this one. It's just that at this point I knew I was dreaming.I woke up to the red oldtimer again - without having had the opportunity to do anything in my lucidity. Now my whole family was in the car. Then I woke up for real.

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    3. Sing along

      by , 06-13-2013 at 02:08 PM
      Date: 12 June

      Total sleep time: 7 hrs

      Pre bed: Gingko

      Sleep quality and recall: I was tired after getting only 6 1/2 hrs the day before, yet I spent too much surfing before bed. As a result I slept quite deeply, dreams were vivid, averagely accessible. I was not in the mood to take early notes.The LD chain totally messed up my recall. I recovered the key parts, but dream reality was much more detailed.

      WBTB: Had a natural wake earlier and then later than planned. Decided to use the later as WBTB, drank 1/2 RB. Was sleepy so no problems there.

      Fragment1: My school


      Fragment2: A friend from the very distant past finally appears in my dreams (at least this year). She wants some help with her research.

      Dream3: I am back to my hometown and meet a neighbor friend of mine. I have some thoughts about her excessive use of alcohol and cigarettes. When I see her, she confirms my expectations, immediately starts smoking and we sit in some cafe/bar outside initially and have some beer. She finishes her bottle and as I notice I have also finished mine. She goes to get another one for her and I want one too. She pays for everything. I am concerned that I have finished my bottle so fast and am about to have a second one. I continue thinking that it is likely that we will drink at least 5 bottles each this evening. I feel drunk and wonder if this is going to mess up my lucidity. I heard there is great REM rebound.

      Fragment4:I am in a room, similar to my old place, my parents are there. Dad has some issues and gives me one of his disapproval looks. I remember the bed, did I fall asleep?

      My subcon takes over and decides it's time to have a lucid


      I am above the sea surface, remembering one of my non-current goals to check out things from the past. I don't know why but I end up investigating what happened to the titanic. I pay some thought to what has happened. (I watched the movie a long time ago and can't recall the story). I have thoughts/fake memories that in real life they still don't know what happened and concluded it hit an iceberg. They never found the black box. I am watching a zoomed part of a non-sunken ship when thinking this. I finally remember that I never wanted to know anything about the titanic. I want to move on. I am temporarily disconnected. I simply desire to continue the dream.

      My subcon takes over and I easily resume from non-physicality/void.

      LD2: I am flying over a city, which is supposedly the place in the past where I want to go. Initially it looks like a toy city in the midst of the ocean, but as control my flight (which is hard), it begins to look like a real city, and I recognize it as Rome. I see the Colosseum, which looks a bit different, also lots of buildings with red rooftops. It feels as if I am flying over ancient Rome at low plane altitude. It is so exciting, I really believe that I have managed to go back in time.

      I am zooming in and out ancient Rome to manipulate the city into being the real Rome and not a toy replica. I notice that I am chewing gum. I am now in a large empty and borderless room and Rome is like a mini replica taking a large part of the room. I become concerned about the gum. I have a false memory of the room with dad where I think I have fallen asleep. "Yes, I had a chewing gum", I am thinking and believe I can feel it in my physical mouth. I wrongly remember that CL also fell asleep with chewing gum. I become very worried but decide that I am going to spit/take out the gum and this will make my physical self do it too. I begin maneuvering which makes me semi-enter the void and supposedly feel my physical body. I get out three pieces of chewing gum. I don't feel any gum in my physical mouth so I am relieved. The dream destabilizes and I end up in the void.

      LD3 & LD4+:

      My memory is a bit messed as the exact initial place where this began as I happen to DEILD back and experience a similar fragment of the dream. The dream was fading so I came back more than once.

      I am in what looks like the outskirts of some city, it the midst of mostly greenery. I am talking to this guy, then explore around by myself. There are lots of plants so really no way to give more detail. To my right is some kind of a road with barbed fence, I want to go there, but notice only cyclists use it. I walk around a bit more, dream fades.

      I am more or less at the same place and I see the same guy ( who is an actor I don't know his name irl) on the initial trail. I am happy to have some partner to explore with during the dream, but he becomes evil. I do my best to change him, by being overly positive. He initially does not change but instead does something to my back, it really hurts. I am thinking about "invulnerability" from DV competition, so I may try to use it if he continues, but the pain is very strange. He calms down a bit and we move along, still surrounded by greenery.

      I am by myself, and have spent quite a while exploring around. While there are mostly plants around, I finally reach the city. It looks like a small town, not too modern or at least that part in front of me. I notice a yellow? building in front of me and some sign "Leyle.."or "Harley". I try to memorize the name so that I can check it out later. I can't recall the surroundings so well anymore.

      I look to my left, where across the river I see a more modern looking city, illuminated sign with the location, and the Gateway arch
      (* that excuse my ignorance I had to later google to confirm is located in St. Louis). I continue on my way but the dream slowly fades.

      LD5: I enter a white one-story building. There is a DC woman in front of me and she is saying something with an echo effect. I become excited and start talking with a fake accent, but I can't concentrate much on what I'm saying. The dream feels a bit unstable. Still I want to go on with it and think I may go for transformation this time. But then I notice that lots of DCs are sitting behind a table, starring at me, much like a jury. It dawns on me that this is the perfect opportunity to get naked. I look down/stretch my clothes and with a relief see that this time I am wearing an easy long white polo-style dress. I am still worried that I will wake up once it gets on my eyes, so talk to the DCs first. I tell them to sing along, I want to use the sound as an anchor. I keep repeating, now incorporating a melody "Sing along" as I take my dress off. I now go to take my panties off. Panties gone. I do feel a little weird after these actions, a DC woman is looking at me surprised. I really hope that this isn't for real. I am all naked but for a bra that I try to take off as I wake up.

      I am in my body and want to go for a DEILD. I lie on my back and wait but it doesn't work. Interestingly, I am also starving. It is not easy to LD.

      What I have noticed today: It was much easier to continue LDing when I had a strong desire to resume with the dream. My subcon did the work, with little involvement on my part, which may account for the successful chaining.

      Based on location I am approximating the 5+ LDs to an official count of 4 LDs and 1 micro ld.

      Progress with this months goals (as of 12 June morning):

      - Do 100 RCs (10/100)
      - notice real life DS 100 times and RC (11/100)
      - 10 proper WBTB attempts -> days (5/10)
      - 10 morning RCs (2/10)
      - 2 proper WILD attempts (0/2)
      - task flexibility
      - journal flexibility

      LDs: 10 (official count)
      micro-lds: 2 (for informative purposes, not counted)
      suspicious events: 2 (not counted)

      EDIT 22.08: after more experience with lds, I realized that this was not DEILD chaining, as I didn't really wake up from the dream and feel my body in any way, just the dream ended and a new one started.

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    4. 4 Feb: Factory of dreams

      by , 02-05-2013 at 12:35 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I am in Rome for a one day stop while travelling. I decide to go look for a strange place I'm not sure I have ever been or simply dreamt of. I enter a back alley and go through some L turns until I enter a dead end street and there it is: the red brick building with the tall windows on the 1st floor and the open arches on the ground floor. Sparks over my head, heavy machinery passing by on rails. I know it so well, yet I am not sure I have been here before. It's like Wonka's chocolate factory, but with no chocolate. Here it is created the structure of dreams. The entire factory is a puzzle of rooms connected to each other in no logical order of geometry. I'm welcomed here as an old visitor and taken on a tour through the new creations of the factory. Increbidle animals crawling up the walls, the colours of the rainbow, unspeakable wonders all over. I'm left alone to explore the levels. There is no end, no exit, I feel a hint of panic but I immediately put it away. I could dwell in this dream world forever.
      Then I'm in a room with a broken ceiling through which I climb outside. Then a road, which I follow, but an earthquake tears it open. A car is thrown at me. I duck at a ditch, but another car is thrown at me. I duck again. It passes over my head. Then increasingly bigger machines are thrown at me, a train, a helicopter, a plane which falls from the sky. They are being thrown at me, mercilessly. I wake up.
    5. rome olympics plane crash

      by , 11-27-2012 at 01:13 PM
      i am in this posh hotel with loads of old mates. we are high up above a city which seems to be rome. there is about to be some ceremony which feels like the closing ceremony of the olympics. we have an amazing view of the city as the hotel seems to fly by the lights as evening descends. i even remark to someone that the only time i have seen such amazing views is in dreams yet don't become lucid. i spend ages trying to get a beer as the ceremony starts. as it does we all gather round the window at this fantastic overlooking view. suddenly it becomes really close and we are right in front of the performers who are dancing and singing operas in english for some reason. i am trying to record it on a shitty camera phone.

      then it changes to a plane. we struggle to climb a hill in front of us and have to perform an emergeny landing. there is a long mat laid down for the plane but it is soaking wet so we just slide along it at an incredible pace for miles. eventually we are sliding along next to this cliff, and there is a huge corner coming up that it seems we have no chance of turning round which would slam us into the cliff. this all reminds me of the coach crach dreams i've had but still no lucid. we hit the rocks but for some reason nothing really happens and we are all fine. we are all down the front of the plane and i mkae a joke about the lack of panic sex. i then go through the plane to the back and someone else in an empty section says something about having sex with her boyfriend as we were sliding along towards the rocks.
    6. Romantic Rome

      by , 11-05-2012 at 07:19 PM
      No lucid.
      The dream was in Rome,or a very similar place.There was this small.yellow,church-like building with a beautiful garden,like a miniature version of Versailles gardens.There lived one of my chemistry teachers.This girl visited him,they chatted.Latter,she was on downtown Rome in a small street,talking with a friend about how her parents would react with she having a relationship with an older guy,(50 something),and some flashes of a school or university.

      Later the girl met my teacher again.They chatted and he showed a thing that exploded,maybe related to the fact hes a chemistry teacher on real life.He suddenly grabbed her hand,as they talked and walked on the garden.Then,I could see from the door of the building,they laying on a bed kissing and cuddling.The teacher is quite a cute guy.The dream was over.

      For a short moment I was on the girls POV,but mostly just watched the dream
    7. Zombie Meat (Oct 17 - Oct 18,2012)

      by , 10-23-2012 at 05:56 PM (Realm of Insanity)
      In what appears to be a trailer home there is a man and woman in a bathroom.
      They are getting ready to take a shower and the woman says, "I love it here."
      The two then get into the shower and the water comes and starts to caress them
      After a while the water stops coming out but the men and woman are still being bathed... in roaches.
      The roaches are crawling all over the walls and are being shot at the couple as if they were water.
      The woman screams and runs out of the shower the man right behind her. Before they can exit the
      bathroom a man (who might be the owner of the place and the couple might be guests) they yell at the man about the roaches and the man argues with them ans says that its fine. They continue to yell at him and
      the man snaps. "I said it's fine!" he yells. He then grabs both the man and woman by the back
      of their heads and slams them down on the edge of the counter. Everytime he slammed them down
      their faces became more disfigured until they were no longer even noticeble as people.
      The dream skips and the man is coming in through the front door of the trailer and he yells up to somebody and asks if he knows how to cook zombie meat. The man he yelled up to says that he knows how.

      Fragment- Policemen are trying to find zombies and rome is mentioned.
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    8. 7/17/11 - Rangle

      by , 07-17-2011 at 10:19 PM
      I'm running from something. Someone. I don't know. It's a field at first. A couple buildings on the edge. Suddenly the area quickly transitions to something along the lines of ancient Rome. Everything has a slight sepia tint to it as if it's not perfectly 'clean.' I run up a building and I find myself facing away from me, looking out a balcony over the ancient city. He turns around and its not me. I know his name is Rangle. I don't know why. I remember a spear being thrown. I don't remember who threw it or who it hit, but I woke up.
    9. When in Rome

      by , 01-20-2011 at 12:28 PM
      1/20/11 - When in Rome

      Dream Non-dream Lucid

      I was in a really big room with everyone from my MILD class. I was talking to a couple of the guys, and one of them said, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." I think he was on rollerblades.
    10. 08/16/10 Disgraced Gladiators

      by , 08-30-2010 at 05:09 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Tigress then said there was more fun to be had, she said if these guys liked forced fighting so much, let's see how they do. She said she proposed a tournament, they would be fighting for their lives, and she chuckled evilly. I felt like I was losing the dream, I tried Allura's time dilation, and since it was technically a new dream I was able to stabilize the dream so it would continue…

      Since Tigress seemed to know where she wanted to go, neither Nomad nor I interfered when she summoned up a stargate and used a small remote to dial up a destination. The stargate opened, I commented it was cool, and then we went through it. On the other side we were in a neighborhood that was actually rather nice. Tigress said there were still gangs in the area, just that these ones have more expensive toys… and purebred fighting dogs. That made me mad that they were using dogs like that, and it made me want to kick someone's ass. Tigress said she had other plans, though, it would start with the rescuing of the dogs and then continue to the fun part. The area was clearly divided by a river running through town, as were the territories of the two gangs.

      The gang members weren't making any effort to keep a low profile, either. They displayed their colors proudly, driving through the street in tricked out cars blasting their music everywhere. I spotted one of them that looked like he was in charge, and went right up to him and asked if he was the one in charge around here. He asked what if he was, I said I had some product I was interested in unloading, but only to the guy in charge, I didn't want to deal with someone too low on the pecking order to make any decisions. He eyed me suspiciously, then apparently decided that he wasn't in any danger from a girl, and came with me. He said he would have to see my product first. I saw he had a gun tucked into his waistband of his jeans that he was fingering.

      I led him back into an alley, he looked around and said the product had better be really impressive or he was going to put a slug in me right here. I said there was no product. He looked at me like he thought I was nuts, he called me a filthy cunt, and fired his gun at me. The bullet hit me right in the chest… and right in the Witchblade as it instantly formed, he did a double take at the fact the gun had proven useless. I walked right over to him and consumed him before he realized what was happening. Now having his form, I returned to the car and his buddies, I leaned on the door and peered inside, one of them, Johnny, asked what had just happened. I said that bitch had been playing games with me, so I'd plugged her. I told them to go ahead and go, I had to take care of things, make sure the right person was blamed for this killing. They drove off, though they looked a bit confused about the whole situation.

      Tigress and Nomad came over to me, they both said they could recognize my energy, I said I wasn't hiding it. I said I knew where their kennel was, so we could go take their dogs. All three of us went to the kennel, there were a few gang members there but none of them questioned anything much since I looked like Marko and I said the others were new to the area, new initiates. One of them told me that the dogs for noobs were in the kennel on the right. Nomad said he wanted a really mean one. We went into the kennel, and while Tigress and Nomad teleported pit bulls and other assorted dogs back to my inner world I spray painted the tags of the opposing gang all over the kennel so it would look like their rivals had been there and taken the dogs. We even left a taunting note, issuing a challenge to take place on the main bridge between the two neighborhoods.

      So now we just had to repeat that process on the other side of the river, and it went just as smoothly over there, even smoother… because when one of the higher ups of that gang saw me he came to challenge me himself, so it was easy to consume him. Finding their kennel and stealing their dogs went easily, and now we left another challenge letter and there was nothing to be done but wait at the bridge. I was scanning activity on both sides of the river, and soon some centralized movement formed. There was a growing group of people heading towards the bridge, the gangs were gathering together on both sides and approaching the meeting place, no doubt all very pissed off at the other gang and looking for some serious revenge. It wasn't long before they started arriving. I took my normal form, as I didn't want to be identified as being with either of the two gangs, and they met in the middle with murderous intent.

      The one group, called themselves the Black Flames, asked the other group, calling themselves Blood Dragons, where their dogs were. The leader of the Black Flames, Jack, said he had no idea how they had gotten the dogs, but the Blood Dragons had better return them or it was going to get ugly. Stefan, the leader of the Blood Dragons, said they hadn't stolen the Black Flames' worthless mutts, and he wanted the Blood Dragons' dogs back immediately. Everyone there was getting both confused and angry, not sure who was telling the truth since both groups were adamantly denying involvement in the dog theft while just as adamantly accusing the other group. I stepped out between the groups, they looked at me as if I was mad, I asked if they had considered that neither of their gangs were responsible for the disappearance of the dogs. Jack asked what I was talking about, talk before dying, Stefan agreed, it was most likely the first time they had ever agreed on anything… Nomad said they were mistaken by blaming each other, Tigress said yeah, it was us who had stolen the dogs, and those dogs were now somewhere safe from the abuse they had been subjected to. Stefan said he knew an animal rights activist when he saw one, now we would be dog food for those poor innocent puppy dogs. Tigress said she had the perfect idea now, and we were all teleported…

      To the middle of a Roman type coliseum where gladiators of old fought epic battles to prove who was the strongest and the most skilled in the land. Now the coliseum was full of assholes and the three of us, we teleported to the best seat in the place which would be reserved for royalty. All of the gangsters down below were really confused and disoriented, they were looking around. So now Tigress got up and told all of them the rules. They would fight to the death, and the one survivor would be allowed to leave the coliseum alive. They didn't have any problems fighting, so they fought. Black Flames vs. Blood Dragons, there was a lot of violence, knives cutting, guns shooting, fists flying, any weapons they had on them for the fight at the bridge were being used here. After a brief but brutal fight, there were seven Blood Dragons left, including Stefan.

      Stefan said they had won, so let them out now. I said no, it wasn't over until there was only one survivor. They didn't want to fight each other. So we turned up the heat, literally. Now the Blood Dragons down there were bitching about the heat, about how it was unbearable, they were also getting cranky due to the heat. Really cranky… until a fight broke out, some of them still wanted to work together, others wanted to fight, a couple thought they were going to die due to the heat soon. Stefan tried to break up a fight between two of them, but was cranky himself… he got carried away and killed one of them, now they all got into a free-for-all, it ended when Stefan had the last of his pals pinned to the ground, he had a knife at the other guy's throat… The guy was pleading, "Don't do it, it's me, Richard, your brother!" Stefan said only one of them could leave, and he buried the knife in Richard's neck, Richard died with a last gurgling breath. Stefan stood up and looked at us, he was a bit cut and bruised, covered in blood that was mostly not his, and he said he was the winner, let him out. Tigress said of course. I didn't want to, Tigress said we had to keep our word… An exit opened and Stefan limped through it. All I heard was Stefan's screaming, and that was cut off by a bunch of barking and growling and snarling, I barely heard Tigress beside me, "Just beware of the dogs…" She laughed.

      Back at the door Stefan had left through, several pit bulls came into the arena. Tigress said they had wanted a little payback. She said they were ready to go join all of the other dogs now. I wondered how many dogs total we had brought home tonight… it seemed like a lot of them. I was thinking that as everything faded and I woke.
    11. 06/25/10 Streets of Rome

      by , 06-28-2010 at 04:46 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Note: My goals to begin with my WILD were to go check on Tigress… she thought there might be something strange around her somewhere, then go see MoSh, he wanted to go view a section of a Castaneda book having something to do with Castaneda and a waterfall and manipulating one's energy body IWL. We tried doing this before, but it didn't seem to work, and after hearing the part about manipulating one's energy body IWL, I was even more interested in trying it again. I had these goals in mind as I fell asleep and slipped into a WILD…

      I was in a different place. I looked around and decided it looked like ancient Rome. I didn't recognize the exact location, but I figured this was where I would find Tigress. I started exploring the area. It wasn't too long before I found Tigress. She looked like she had been waiting for me. I went over to her and asked how she was doing. She pointed down the street to a narrow space between two buildings. She said they had gone over there. I asked what had gone over there. She said it was bugs. Bugs? I said there was a shit load of bugs around there. She said they were dark energy bugs, and they had been spinning fucking dark energy webs. Spiders? No, not spiders, but they were spinning webs… She said it was about time I had gotten there… she had thought she would have to clean the entire place up all by herself.

      I went over towards the place Tigress had indicated. I looked down the passage between the buildings. There were indeed bugs down there. They were large bugs. Each bug was about the size of a house cat! They were spinning a sort of thing that maybe could be called a web, they were creating thick ropes of a strange and disgusting sticky black substance. They were hanging those rope type webs all over the place. And the stuff stank. It smelled like a decaying corpse that had been tossed into the filthiest sewer ever and left there to marinate for a while… the smell alone almost made me ill. I ignored the stench and focused on the bugs. The walls of the alley were covered with the black goop. When covered with goop the walls seemed to come to life and move… not normal… I focused on the song Fuel by Metallica, which is a song I normally use to absorb energy… and now I used it to absorb the dark energy. Using that song I was able to pull all of the dark energy from the alley and from the bugs.

      So for the rest of this dream, Tigress and I searched the rest of the area and got rid of more of the intruding bug things. During the times while I was searching I could not help but notice that the dream was very vivid. If I hadn't been lucid, it would have been really easy for me to think I had somehow traveled back in time to be in Rome… it all looked so vivid and detailed… not like a dream at all. After searching the place for a while, I came back and met Tigress near one particular house that seemed to be lost in a mist. Tigress said that was ok, it was supposed to be like that. I said fine, and I thought I had found all of the strange bugs and black goop on my end of the search area. I definitely had enough dark energy for a while. Tigress said I wasn't the only one. She laughed a bit. I told Tigress I had other plans, but if she wanted to do a DDO dream now, those other plans could wait. She said yay, we could finally do a DDO dream! And this time she was going to remember… she disappeared. Crap. That always seems to happen when things get good.

      I felt my dream slipping, too, so I did the time dilation trick I learned from Allura, causing the dream to stabilize. Good… at least that seemed somewhat consistent… So my next goal was to go see MoSh… I focused on opening a portal… I opened a portal and went through it into MoSh's inner world…

      Note: Since the main topic of the dream changes here, I am going to post the next part in a separate post even though it is technically a continuation of the same dream. So this dream ends with a (to be continued…)