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    1. Secret agent

      , 05-13-2018 at 02:16 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Very long and detailed dream. Didn't write it down when I woke up from it at night, just retold it to myself with words.

      I'm something like a guest in this huge house. I'm walking through it, trying to get someplace. I meet a house owner half way through and I tell him jokingly, that everytime I walk through, I see rooms I have never seen before. And I see new rooms even on the way back. It's a maze. Finding all kinds of rooms. All very nice, clean, very nicely furnished and decorated, all different. When I was talking to the owner, he was about to walk into his room. It had a huge, very nice wooden door of darker color. Old looking, like on a castle. It opened not at the edge, but swung open in the middle, like a secret door. But it was only made to look like that. Small part of the wall right next to it was glass. Super modern classy, l was impressed. He closed the door a bit while talking to me, so I don't see inside. I recognized him as this gorgeous actor.

      It was time to leave and my partner and I went out to valet underground garage. It was for secret agents. They showed us an old looking box car, like UPS truck. Asked us if we want that as a getaway car. We said nope. So they got us this super sleek ride. I think it was yellow and it had two seats like in a fighter jet. He sat in the back and told me to sit in the front, I'll be steering, he will be pushing the pedals. Boy, it took me forever to squeeze into that tiny seat. But I did it and I was wondering if there will be steering sticks or a wheel.

      Pretty good feeling from this dream, especially from the house. And the end was surprising.

      Thank you, subC!
      Tags: house, rooms
    2. oh yeah, recall

      , 01-18-2017 at 05:31 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      I'm given a room in a large building. I walk inside and rejoice, when I find some hidden passages and rooms in the back, that lead to another part of the building. I am happy because even though I'm kinda scared, I know it's gonna be intense.

      I walk through to an abandoned looking hallway with tiles and columns. Feels like old hospital or institution. Some guys walk by and I know I'm in trouble coz I should not be there and I should not be seen. They are doing some experiments with people there.
    3. I might be on the right track

      by , 07-04-2014 at 11:26 AM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      Non-lucid, semi lucid, lucid, false awakening

      .../It's night and I'm standing on the roof of a building, seeing the ruins of another one in front of me, it's around 10 floors higher than this, or perhaps it's on the top of a hill. I'm not sure about it. It looks very familiar to me, although I cannot define where have it seen it before. I turn on the bed while I'm still staring at this building, there's something I cannot remember about all of this, I feel it's getting late and I must fall asleep first, perhaps have I seen it in a dream? I lay on the bed while thinking about it. After a while and a couple of turns on the bed, I'm standing again on the roof of this building, I think perhaps I might be already dreaming, so I decide to test it trying to fly to the ruins in front of me. I have no problems in flying there, I turn and see the roof of the building where I was previously standing on. Now I remember! It's a recurrent place from previous dreams. Once again I have a flash of some other dreams that took place on the ruins. I see a door on the roof of the first building and I go flying there. When I'm standing in front of it, I remember some creepy scenes from previous dreams, including some sort of crypt where a funeral took place in the basement of this building. I don't mind about it because of my sex drive is starting to take over and all I want to do now is finding her having sex with somebody else. I get inside the building and go downstairs. I find a room where one of my kids sleeps. Nothing of my interest. I leave it being careful to not wake her up. Then I go to another room. I feel she's there, and I could catch her once more. The door is slightly open, and I can see part of her body. It looks like Yes! She's having fun with somebody else, I see some movements but cannot distinguish if there's another person besides her. I get pretty excited about it. I have to push the door and it takes some time until it's wide open, I feel I'm making to much noise with it. When I get into the room, I see she's just changing her clothes, apparently to wear her sleep clothing. She's alone, I'm little bit disappointed although I'm still on, so I take her and start having some fun/...

      * Wake up because of the excitement, I make some mental notes before going back to sleep, I don't want to forget about it

      .../A fly is disturbing the peace of the room. I catch it and remember there's a spider web under the bed. I go there and throw the bug into the web. It gets trapped although moves too fast and is about to fly again. I try to push it against the web when I see a medium spider coming out. Then a second one although bigger which walks on my hand to take the fly. It's disgusting but I don't want to get bitten so I don't move and wait until it takes the fly and runs back to its place. I see some fights take place with the little one/...
    4. One very strange morning

      by , 06-04-2014 at 01:34 PM
      (Ahhh, so this is my first fully-aware lucid dream and I am so excited!

      I'd been trying to WILD that night with no previous sleeping just to see if it would work. I also very briefly looked at the DILD technique (like literally around 5 minutes). Either way, neither worked and I woke up in the morning completely dreamless. Either way, considering that I had got some sleep prior now I half heartedly tried WILDing again. It did not work again, however...)

      ... I can't remember anything about my dream before this point but the first thing I remember was checking my left hand and realising I had 8 fingers*. I started to become lucid but this world seemed so real! I was laying in my bed at my Dad's house and it all looked so... in place*. I checked a couple more times and sure enough, although the numbers kept changing, my hands kept sprouting extra fingers!

      Not sure what to do, I tried turning on the light and sure enough, the switch did not work. It was at this point that my Dad began to speak. I was sure he said something about me waking up, which made sense since I was in my bed and it did seem to be morning. Either way, I opened my door and there he was. I said hi to him and my step-mum, taking note of the fact that there was an extra door in the hallway*. Up to this point, I had been considering shouting something out loud to the world in order to attempt to change it in some way however I didn't since I was worried this might not really be a dream and also, if it was, that my dream-dad might do something weird if he heard me. I told him I was going to go in the shower, hoping I could speak whilst drowning out the noise then, but he told me to stay put for a little while.

      Going back into my room, I decided to take a look at one of the books on the shelf. I picked Harry Potter in the end. Opening it, I can't remember what the words on the pages actually said, however there were poems, at the bottom of the pages, written by the author to her dad. The letters d and q were highlighted in a bold, bright orange colour on each page as well. I also noticed that it looked like someone had drawn on the pages, writing their own poems on the pages as well*. Scrolling back through the book, the highlighted letters were no longer highlighted. I was also aware that, downstairs, my dad seemed to be letting someone into the house.

      Either way, after checking my hands a couple more times, still a bit in disbelief, I covered my mouth in my hands and shouted into them the first thing that came to mind - "Take me to the beach!". When I opened my eyes, I was still in the room but gravity seemed to have flipped 90 degrees, with the floor in front of me and with me standing on the wall. I tried again and everything went black. It was at this point that a little bar at the bottom of my vision appeared, kind of like the progress bar on a YouTube video. Wanting to try again I rewound a little way backwards before closing my eyes and promptly waking up.

      (Dream Notes!

      * - It was only after waking up that I realised I had been looking for 6 fingers as a sign of real life, as oppose to 5. Turns out I apparently can't count in dreams >.>

      * - There were, looking back, actually quite a few things wrong with this scenario. First of all, in real life, I had fallen asleep at my Mum's house, not my Dad's. Second of all, my bed at my Dad's has been moved to the other side of the room, but in the dream it was still in the old position.

      * - I wonder what would've happened if I'd gone into this "extra" room? Maybe I would have seen something dark and secret?? :O

      * - I can't actually remember what the other writing said although I remember there being arrows pointed to the poems, like someone was trying to add something onto the end of them?

    5. 30.11.13 - The girl of my dreams / My birthday party

      by , 12-09-2013 at 09:47 PM (In the real life)
      I dreamt about the girl of my dreams apparently, it was something like a slideshow of our life together you know... About how i meet her, how i mimic everything she does to show her my affection, she sees that ofcourse, i behave like a nerveous trainwreck, but she still loves me. At a certain point i get better and our whole life becomes this sunset fairytale, where we hold each other tight, look into our eyes drunk with love and ofcourse kiss like there's no tommorow, my whole life i spent with her... In the beginning when i met her i was seeing the whole thing 3rd and rather than me there was this hella awkward guy. (Guess that'd be me in a different form) So i approached her at a bus stop and tried to talk to her, upon not succeding i just asked for a hug and she gave me one, i saw myself jump around filled with joy, after that it was the happiest moments and only that... but it isn't so vivid anymore...

      Anyways, dream life goes on and i find myself in this wierd art classroom with only like 8 or 10 desks and a wardrobe shelf (yep) in the corner of the room. I had stolen a painting and everyone thought it was mine, so ofcourse i accepted the praise and whatnot, but i had acctually stolen the painting from an abandoned house.
      After that a teacher came to me and started giving me shit about some other thing and i threw my coffee at him in the presence of the whole class. He didn't do anything about it he just dissapeared...
      I went to the wardrobe shelf thingy at the corner of the room to put my stuff in it, but only not on the acctual shelf, but a mini shelf attached to the side of the whole thing. Then i looked to the side and i saw that girl... i think she smiled at me. Then we started cleaning the whole room and putting up christmas decorations. After we were done, two teachers came in and started commenting on how they thought we couldn't do it and they were very proud. I looked at my right again and i saw her smiling at me... Then i woke up and did a WBTB (unsuccesfull)

      Now it's my birthday, not the exact date, but a couple of days earlier and i'm having a party at my house. I'm waiting for people to tell me happy birthday, so i could correct them, but no one seems to even know that they're at my party... No wonder, my guests are no other than Kris and his friends (not really friends in the waking life) I'm standing in the kitchen and no one's there so i decide to go upstairs and check around. I see a light coming from my room, so i go there. I see Kris and he says "Congrats man! You chose the right room!" And we begin a tour of every room of my own house, while they are rhyming and singing and opening doors and i see people in the rooms doing exactly what Kris is rhyming about. At one point he was rhyming about an old man with a rubber dick, so you know that was fucked up...
      So the whole thing turns out to be like a birthday present for me. At the end of the tour we end up in my basement and upon opening the door i saw three corridors. To the left was a corridor full of ugly chicks, the one on the right there was that girl... taking a shower, and in the middle corridor there was this like conference room, with a conference desk and everything only it was situated on clouds and there were like 6-9 people sitting on both sides and a guy sitting in the master seat or whatever.There are mini clouds infront of everyone sitting there on the left they are greenish and on the right black. For some really idiotic reason i choose to go to the middle room instead of the right one, where the girl of my dreams is... so those people at the conference room start talking about destroying earth and stuff and before they could finish their demonic plan i was back at the entrance to my basement, then Kris asked me which room i chose and i told him. He called me a moron and i woke up...
    6. 13th Apr 2013 Fragments

      by , 04-13-2013 at 11:21 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from today's naps.

      Nap #1:

      I was attempting WILD and the room was different, but it was normal for my dream self, after attempt i managed to randomly recall a fragment, which is most likely from previous dream, then i went through some rooms and different clocks were showing different time, later some family members decided to help me with WILDing for some reason and as i closed i saw moderator panel of some forum.

      Recalled fragment: Some grey/rusty indoors area.

      Nap #2:

      I was apparently some character from The Simpsons and i was eating alot of candies.
    7. 9.7.2012 - 5 non lucid dreams.

      by , 07-10-2012 at 01:35 PM
      Date: 09/07/2012
      Place: My bed
      Time of getting into bed: 12.05am
      Consumed 2 x Menthol sweets right before bed
      B6 100mg before bed

      Waking thoughts in black
      Non lucid dreams in blue
      Lucid dreams in red

      Ok, so I am pretty tired, but not exhausted. I lay to sleep and feel the sleepy onset, but something keeps me awake. I feel a little weird, nothing major, but as I fall asleep I'm sure I have strange thoughts sliding through my head. My first reaction is that I'm catching myself as I start dreaming, which I often do when WILDing, but this should be NREM cycle. Eventually I sleep, and I'm woken every 5 minutes by a feeling of fear. I'm not sure why. At one point I open my eyes in fright with a sudden jump, and really feel like I'm having a nightmare - but I don't recall any dreams. Eventually I sleep for good.

      Dream 1 - 2.23am
      I am in a room, which is kind of dark, and I'm helping a vet. The vet is friendly, but I honestly don't recall weather they were male or female. There is a bed and a desk (bedroom?) but we are facing the desk. So the vet first brings out a dog. It is old and skinny, and very scared. For a bit in this dream there is someone else there, watching and at some points laughing, but they disappear. The vet has the dog tied up to the desk, and the dog looks scared, it's a wiry mutt, kind of like a large terrier. It's pretty ugly. It has big, brown eyes that are filled with sadness, and it stares up at me, silently begging me for help. I can't believe how skinny it is, we proceed to wash the dog, or at least cover it in something that drenches it. The vet tells me the dog will be ok. Then this is where it get's a little weird.Next, the vet brings out a horse. The horse is the size of a rabbit, but a fully formed adult horse in every way. It is clearly in pain, as it is about to give birth. It jumps onto the desk, and starts giving birth, and I can see the baby inside!!! The horse is brown and the baby is black and white. The baby seems to fly out easily, and I am given it to clean up while the vet sorts out the mother horse. I take it to the bed (which is apparently my bed) and lay it down. The horse is contained inside a balloon-like sack, filled with liquid. The vet shouts that I must get it out, as it can't get out itself. So I try to open the sack but it rolls around the bed, making it difficult. It is like a water balloon, and very slippery. Eventually I manage to rip one end and the liquid spurts out - it's water like consistency but it is really warm, and soaks everything, including me. There's a mirror just laying on the bed, with a heavy gold guilt frame, and this gets soaked too. My bed sheets are soaked, (they are purple and black silk) but despite all this, I am incredibly happy. I can't stop smiling and watching the water spurt everywhere. The vet kind of laughs, and says 'you'll have trouble sleeping in there tonight.' but I just don't care, I'm delighted.

      What in the actual fuck. Lol. The most poignant part of this dream was the real warmth of the hot liquid, and the vivid feel of the horse in the sack. It suddenly dawned on me when writing this that it felt EXACTLY like the chick from yesterday's dream.

      Dream 2 - 4.11am
      I am writing a story, on small pieces of paper. I think it is aimed at young children. (This is what I do for a living.) The story is about 2 little boys, who cross a road, and one dies. As I get to the end of the story, my real dad walks in. Bearing in mind I haven't seen my real dad since I was about 14, I'm 25 now. He was an abusive father, who caused me a lot of issues growing up. I hardly EVER dream about him. He walks in, clearly angry, but I ignore him as this is usual for him. He does this thing that he used to do, which is strut around the room shaking his head in anger, and glancing at me every so often with a weird look in his eyes. I know this is not good, but I pretend not to see him and carry on writing. He starts saying something about people not listening to him, and he's been doing everything and I think he's talking about my mum. He lays his head on the desk in the room (I am in a bedroom, I'm laying on the bed) and then suddenly, he walks in the room again. So, there are now 2 of him. The one that has just walked in is carrying a frozen chicken, and a bottle of something, and a balloon that has not yet been inflated. He sets these things down and looks at us both. He then tells us that we better get up quick, cos we're going to play a trick on mum! He starts putting the chicken inside the balloon. I really don't want to join in, but I can't say no. My dad that was already in the room, looks like he's pissed off at the other version of himself, but also agrees to help.

      Dream 3 - 9.47

      I tried to WILD, and started feeling results. For me, I don't get noticable SP or HH, just a rush as I transition. I felt the rush several times, and when I finally started getting dream images forming around me, my partner decided to roll over and hit me in the face. I RC'd just to make sure, but I was awake. Annoying. I went to sleep.

      I was very bad at writing this dream down, I was so tired I kept saying 'I'll write it in a minute...I'll remember,' then fell back to sleep. I did wake 5 minutes later and write it down, but I lost most of the dream. I normally do this in later morning dreams, I have to learn not to.

      I'm at R's house. R is a very close friend. Just a friend. For some reason I am there to say goodbye, like I am leaving town or something. It is a bit sad but not too much. And then R says he is at work and will be home soon, that I should meet him at his place. I make my way to his place, and suddenly realise I am completely naked. I am trying to find my way through a hotel-like building, or block of flats. The doors are all black with ornate details, and I'm struggling to find where I need to be. Two girls pass by and start laughing at me because I'm naked. I'm a little embarrassed, but ignore them. They won't go away, so I look down and now I'm wearing a dressing gown. It's purple, but I don't care I'm just happy I'm covered! The girls eventually leave. I finally get to the room and have some trouble messing around with the key, but I do get in in the end. There is no one inside. Now I'm sure this is the same dream, but it doesn't relate to the beginning, I just sort of find myself in a garden somewhere else, fully dressed. I am sat at a garden table, with my friend I's son on my lap. His son is talking like an adult, and asking me what words mean. He asks me what bank means, I tell him. Then he asks me what house means, I tell him. This goes on for a little while. I is hanging around the background somewhere.

      Dream 4 - 11.51
      We are in a room, is is pretty dim and I remember very red. We is me, R and I, as well as my friend D. We are watching a screen, and it's a bit like an interactive game. We throw baby toys at this screen, to kill a monster. It's very fun. One of my friends has to leave for an important meeting, I tell him to stay, because it's so fun. He resists, but eventually reluctantly agrees to miss his important meeting. The game plays recordings it took of us earlier without us knowing, we find this hilarious and laugh a lot.

      There is another dream after, but I forgot it almost instantly.
    8. Old west bowling alley, police visit

      by , 10-31-2010 at 04:54 PM
      Good morning everybody. I remember two dreams from last night. I wrote them down late, so my day memory might be clouding them up a little.

      Two side notes: the bowling alley in the first dream comes from an msn.com photo article I read about huge mansions. Almost every mansion had a movie theatre and a bowling alley.

      Also, the cops coming to my house is from my waking life. My upstairs neighbors always slam and slam on the floor. I feel like it's done to hurt me, like they don't want me around. It's been going on for a long time. I've finally called the police, because it's gotten so constant, loud, and violent that I'm afraid to come home. I feel terrible for calling, because I've never wanted to be the kind of person who calls the police on people. But I also have a fear of the police.

      Dream #1

      I was in a car with my old friends D and Y, riding through the parking lot of a bowling alley. It was probably night time. D was probably driving the car.

      We let Y out, probably to run in and get a lane. For some reason, the car now seemed to be gone. D and I were walking away from the bowling alley, as if we had finished the game and were walking to the car.

      I really wasn't happy to have to hang around with D, and I think I was making that known to him. At some point it became dark, like at night. D was wearing a shiny, black leather jacket. I asked him how his life was. He broke down and started crying about how his mother had died.

      It was daytime again. I felt really bad for D, and I tried to comfort him. He kind of brushed me off and told me it was fine. Apparently his mother had had a terminal disease which acted very quickly on her. D told me something his mother had told him before she died, which made him feel better about the whole thing. It made me think of toothpaste for some reason.

      We had been wandering through the first few rows of the parking lot, more like we were waiting for Y to arrive with the car again, although it was also like we were trying to find the car. But now we were walking back toward the bowling alley.

      The parking lot had been asphalt. But now it was dirt. The dust was floating up into the blue sky, as if there were a lot of traffic or wind in the parking lot, even though I couldn't see any activity.

      Some old friends of ours came up to me and D. They started saying a lot of teasing things to D. But I got really angry and threatening with them, telling them to leave D alone, he'd had to deal with enough already. Everybody said sorry and left D alone.

      We were all walking back toward the bowling alley. We were close to the building, but the actual entrance now felt so far away. I somehow got separated from the rest of the group. I walked all by myself, in a stretch of dirt road between the building-front's sidewalk and a long strip of concrete island.

      The ruts in the ground looked like horse carriages ran through it. I thought to myself, Of course they do. That's how things worked in the Old West. And that's where I am.

      I wondered where the heck the car was. I couldn't remember if I was going into the bowling alley or going home. But if I was going home, I wanted to get in the car and go. And if I was going into the bowling alley, I wanted to take the car to get there quicker.

      But I thought to myself, No car is ever going to come pick you up, dummy. This is the Old West. We didn't have cars back then.

      Dream #2

      I had called the police because the people upstairs from me were slamming and slamming on the floor again. It was morning, and the light in my bedroom was grey and slightly dim. The police knocked on my door.

      I opened the door. There was just one officer: a short, slightly overweight, black woman in her late 40s or early 50s. She told me that I had called the police so many times that I was now under investigation myself. She would have to search my house.

      I said fine. I let her in. I just let her go wherever she wanted in my house. I went back to my bed and lay down. I figured that I wouldn't follow the officer around. That would look suspicious, like I had something to hide, which I didn't.

      But I slowly realized that my apartment was actually very large (which it is definitely not in waking life). I realized I had a lot of rooms, and that as soon as the officer saw how many rooms I had, she'd get jealous of me and try to find some reason to arrest me.

      So I started running through the house, trying to find the officer. I figured that I'd explain how much room I had in this house by telling the officer that my mother also lived here with me.

      I was actually surprised by how many rooms I had in the house. I hadn't realized this place was so big. But a lot of the rooms were done up in such a hyper-girly way, with pink and purple colors, stuffed animals, and fluffy, lacy bed covers, that I felt like someone other than I had to have been living here. I gradually became convinced that my mother was in fact living here with me.

      Now, confident that my story was the truth, I felt like I could confront the officer with my story, preventing her from getting jealous and throwing me in jail for some made up reason.

      I found the officer in a hyper-girly room, sitting on the bed. She started talking to me about something, but I can't remember what. All I remember is that she seemed to be very sad.
    9. The Canteen Matrix

      by , 08-22-2010 at 01:49 PM (Dreams of the Maeniac)

      There's something about vampires.
      There's definitely something about vampires. But was the vampire thing before or after the cafeteria? I don't know. Let's pretend it was before.
      [COLOR="royalblue"]I'm some evil guy, fighting another guy. There has been vampires involved, but I have been trying to turn into a vampire, and I know the final steps to become one. Apperantly, I just need to drink a lot of blood now, so I try to scratch this other guy as much as I can, and I'm sort of chasing him around a black and red evil-looking pillar. A pillar which apperantly also helps me become a vampire. I don't know what happened to the other humans or vampires, whether the vampires were killed or if it was the humans, and in that case I don't know who killed them, or if they all died... But one thing is certain, this big, dark, evil-looking room only has me and the survivor human in it. Maybe we used to be friends?

      I think we got out of there, there was something about a pool, and a big white house, a bit like that christmas level in Hitman Bloodmoney, except with more summer and blue pool. You know, high up in the mountains, [/COLOR](Not sure about that)[COLOR="royalblue"] white, square, modern arcitechture [/COLOR](Has to be white, right?)[COLOR="royalblue"], and guards walking around with uzi's and black suits.
      Obviously, a shootout came out of this. I think I was hiding behind a small white wall right next to the pool, maybe I even emerged from the pool? Anyways, there were guards everywhere, around the pool and coming down a long staircase from an upper level of the house.
      Again, I'm not sure if this was before or after...

      I'm in a canteen, or a cafeteria. I think I might be on a school, but I don't think I go to this school. Maybe I'm new and I just don't recognize people. I think there are 2 or 3 people that I know who are, so I just follow them, but I don't really [I]know[/I] them, so the situation is quite awkward; We're standing in a huge queue, waiting to get some food at the counter. I feel slightly claustrophobic. I get my food and sit down at a table, I realize that there's a bunch of stuff missing on my plate. Apperantly I dropped a lot of it on the floor, under the table. Luckily, it was in some sort of packaging, so I just reached down and picked it up again. I don't remember eating anything, because I think I decided to get out of there.
      I went to the end of the room, not the way we came from, a lonely, gray door at the end of the room.
      I enter it, and I'm in a long, white-gray, boring looking hallway with lots of identical, boring, gray doors.
      I enter one of them, and now I'm in an equally boring, tiny room with absolutely nothing in it. This didn't amuse me, so I made a door in the wall in front of me out of thin air. I entered it - another small, boring room with nothing in it. But this room already has 2 doors in front of me. I take the left one.
      Now I'm in a similar room, but this one has been lived in, so it looks a lot more alive - But it still gave off that nerd-who-never-cleans-up-and-never-goes-out feel to it. An overall gray feeling still remained.
      There was a man lying on a couch, watching TV, I think he was holding a can of soda or beer. He looks like he's somewhere between 25 and 35 years old, he's got short, brown hair. [/COLOR](In dream, I don't recognize him, my Dream Intuition tells me he's a gymnasium teacher at the school I was just at, and in retrospect, I think he reminded me a little of Remus Lupin, perhaps more than just in looks.)[COLOR="royalblue"]
      I notice there are a bunch of drawings on the wall right next to the TV and the couch (it's a very small room), I start talking to him. I tell him that drawing like that, random doodles on his wall seemed like a thing I would do. We had a nice conversation, but I forgot pretty much all of it. Somehow, our conversation turns to lucid dreaming, and I suddenly realize that this could be a dream. With a smirk and a feeling of mild interest, I pinch my nose and close my mouth. The teacher is looking at me, looking interested and expectant.[/COLOR]
      [COLOR="darkorchid"]I try to breathe, and sure enough, it's easy to. I'm amazed, confused and a little sceptical. I continue to converse with the teacher, but it's kind of a one-way communication, as I'm probably more thinking to myself. I think for a moment about what I should do. Should I head outside and fly? But then I realize that I don't know where the exits in the canteen is, I think it's a little too bothersome so I decide to stay,[/COLOR] (Laziness at it's peak.)[COLOR="darkorchid"] besides, I'm not entirely convinced that it's a dream yet. I do the nose pinch RC a few times, but now it's a little less clear; I can breathe alright, but the breathing is slightly restricted when I do it. I decide I need to perform another test, even though I'm still in the mindset that this actually is a dream. There's two doors in the room, one right beside TV which leads back, and another door on the wall opposite to the wall with the drawings. I open this door: A huge croud of people is standing in a circle, this door led back to the canteen. I look around on people's faces. I see three people talking, and I turn and see 4 people all in a big conversation, doing their own thing, completely unrelated to anything I could have made up. I notice that their clothings is so different, so colorful and various. The entire crowd is so extremely vivid that I simply decide that the dream is too vivid [/COLOR][COLOR="royalblue"]to be a dream, there was no way that I could have created all those people so vividly and alive.[/COLOR]