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    1. [31-01-2017: Monsters & rooster, Working abroad, Dark magic, DILD]

      by , 01-31-2017 at 09:47 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)

      I saw a biome border between temperate grasslands and barren wastelands. I saw a huge hill forming a slope coming up to the height of sun as seen on the sky. People in that area wer living in cavern-houses and modest outside cottages. There were horrible monsters roaming the area, leopard-like predators made of bone and rocks with some fleshy bits in between and more creatures mentioned by people. I walked up the slope and then slid down to a huge valley and started escaping. The monsters were chasing me, I only had my bare hands to defend. I ran up to some volcanic rift, and decided to run back to safety of grasslands. I reached it and then place changed. It was a cold, early spring dawn. I went from behind my barn towards house, trying to avoid angry dogs on the way, and then suddenly turned to chicken pens. I reminded myself that I had to do something there before coming back home. I opened a gate, but one of roosters tried to escape the pen. I managed to stop it, saying "Don't leave the pens rooster, there are dogs out there that might eat you!"

      Working abroad

      I was sitting in my living room with some random people and my family. There was an old, bald man with a moustache that seemed familiar, his wife was as old he was, she was a redhea. There also were my two sisters and parents. I spoke with the man about some work we have to do and I started preparing, taking on layers of clothes and high shoes. It was something to do abroad. With younger sister we prepared and left the house. It was a warm morning, we sat on a wagon and set off after a while. Only then my sister told me that we're going to a working camp to become slaves, but everything was prepared so that we can get out of this. Just before the wagon left my possession, police appeared and stopped it, then arrested the old man and his wife.

      Dark magic

      With siblings and parents we drove to my aunt's house and entered it. The place was a strange amalgamate of my and their house. We went towards living room where TV was turned on. It was some new technology that made the TV project everything as a hologramme in the room. I saw some city with skyscrapers and thought "Godzilla?" Then something strange started to happen, hologrammes of the Godzilla and numerous mummies appeared. They were black with white outlines. The mummies hurled black orbs that on impact sent shrapnells at us and made more of them spawn. I recall that with my mind and by throwing one orb back, I beaten those mummies. Godzilla just stood there in the background, between skyscrapers. Suddenly everything turned to grayscale with blackness in the background. Strange undead or demon alike figures started to fight between themselves so they'd get a better view of me. They could've been waving to me too.


      I woke up in my bed, though my house again was a mix of my and my aunt's house. I left it and went towards bathroom. The light switches weren't working, I tried turning the lights on several times to no avail. I left the bathroom. Then I made nose plug RC as lights seemed unusuall and became lucid. I turned back and entered the bathroom. This time it was different, with rock-alike tiles in shades of brown, there was a huge bathtube in the middle of the room, with a tall mirror on the wall. The mirror reflected everything up from my stomach. I looked much younger, uglier and had shorter hair, I was wearing a camoe t-shirt. I recalled my current lucid goals - transformations and shape shifting. I took a towel that was hanging on nearby wall and obscured the mirror, then thought about changing. First I wanted to try changing into opposite gender. I used towel to obscure and reveal the mirror, changing parts of my body this way. I became naked after a first try. Suddenly I found myself outside the toilet, non-lucid. I repeated RC and became lucid again. I went back to bathroom and continued changing. Each time as I changed, my facial features were feminine and different from previous. Only thing that was in common with each of them was that my hair were black and eyes had darker shade of blue with mixture of brown. After a while changes weren't instant and I had to hold the towel in front of mirror for a while. Suddenly when I revealled the mirror, it summoned the reflection. A woman with dark hair and eyes and somewhat pleasant body was standing beside me. Curiously, only her reflected in the mirror. She looked at me, smiling. I touched her to shift into her body, and then she disappeared. I changed my head a few more times until I was good with the change, then started changing the torso. It was quite quick to get a female body. Suddenly someone approached me from behind, pointing a gun at my back. It was a blonde man in a black suit. He shot several times, but I ignored him and the shots. He disappeared after a while, his bullets not even touching my body. Then I started shifting lower parts of my body, this was the hardest as the mirror didn't reached it (and I haven't thought about enlargening it), and feeling coming with it were quite intense (more in a turn-on way though). I was trying to hold on and managed to stay in the dream. The lucidity faded away though and I stood there non-lucid. After a short while I woke up.
    2. Hello, Random Helpful Guide Character...

      by , 09-29-2014 at 11:56 AM (Lucid Time!)
      There was some nightmare about the military who had shot a kid riding a dirtbike. I didn't want to look at the scene. My friend's parents were involved somehow.
      I am in a classroom, but it feels like I am also in K's house. Everyone is turning in essays but one student just turns in a paper with sharpie written on it that says something like 'I will turn in my essay tomorrow.' Everyone in the class thinks it is funny, even the professor. But he says he is still going to give that student a bad grade.
      The professor then rolls down a screen, and says that we are not doing class and simply having a movie day. The movie: some alien invasion movie where giant human body parts fall to earth. The movie is supposed to be really scary and I 'remember' not liking it. But I have to watch it for a grade, it has something to do with what we are learning in class. I might as well at least try to enjoy it. The professor says we can move anywhere in the room, so I decide to sit on the floor in the back of the room.
      I sit down, and the opening credits roll. They show the alien invasion that happens through a bunch of severed human body parts. Legs, Arms, Hands, Heads, etc. They are all orbiting in a big vortex above earth. The professor asks some question about how this relates to some kind of art or something.
      Then, who I could only assume was Manei entered the dream. After seeing her (my dream guide) for three years, I can sort of sense her energy, so to speak. But her energy felt off. I couldn't pinpoint what. This didn't feel like Manei.
      Regardless, the dream went partially lucid.
      This character said that she too thought the movie was scary and wanted to be with someone. She put her arm around me. Then hugged me.
      While this was happening, I started to feel her energy. A lot of warmth and love. I was actually trying to figure it out. Was I dreaming? Who was this? If this wasn't my regular guide it was somebody who felt very similar. Whoever it was, it was a very good feeling. I wished that she would hold onto me for the entire movie. She fell asleep. Then I started to feel sleepy.
      We then both fell over onto the floor, and the dream went wonky.
      Everything went blue, and I was in a void filled with a blue cloudy energy. I was OOB, of course.
      "Hello. I am p4qRo8y5 (something or other, not Manei). I am here to ask you permission to have spiritual intercourse (sex) with you."
      A blue and white hologram of certain sexy things appears in front of me during this question. It fades afterwards. I feel no need to describe them, I don't feel like using a spoiler tag today. Just let your imagination run wild.
      "What... NO! I don't know who you are!"
      She doesn't seem to care that I said 'no'. I don't even know why I said 'no'. I guess I just thought of the last time I had sex with a dream guide and things got very, very weird.
      Anyways, this character, probably a guide, starts talking very fast. She is partially speaking in a language of thoughts and ideas, rather than spoken words. I've talked to Manei and some other DCs before. It's supposed to be faster than talking.
      This object appears as a hologram in front of me. It was supposed to be some kind of visual aid for what this guide was saying, but it makes no sense to me.
      How did you find your way to this forum?-strange-visual-aid.jpg
      "...Recently there was a spiritual rise in consciousness that caused many people around you to become more aware and awake. You, to some extent, but not the full extent did this as well ..."
      The waveforms coming from the side of the shape increase. The circles begin to glow in small clusters.
      She carried on about a bunch of other stuff I really couldn't care about. I don't remember anything else of what she said, but she talked for a solid minute at light speed while I looked at the diamond thing.
      "... I am aware you are involved in dreaming, perhaps having some troubles with it. The problem is that you try to resolve everything with logic and reasoning, when in reality the secret to dreaming is creativity and happiness, the exact opposite. Don't feel bad for it, it is the way the human mind and society is structured. Now, tell me winch one of these jokes you find funniest."

      Two jokes are presented to me as what I can only describe as very poorly animated flash movies. In the first movie, a couple of teenagers are sitting around the table. Then, a large anthropomorphic rooster shows up. But it's like not a typical rooster. It has this large cerraded beak and big buggy eyes. He then says "I've got alottt of math homework!", emphasizing the word 'Alot' in a strange way. The scene cuts back to everyone sitting at the table and they all have rooster heads.

      In the second joke a boy is standing by a window. There is a city moving by outside so I can only assume he was in a mobile home. There is an Ipod on a speaker rack, and a girl walks by and turns it on. Rock-Metal instrumentals start playing. The window flies open and a flowerpot flies into the boy's face, then out the window. Some dirt is left on the boys face. "Lisa! What did I tell you about playing metal music in the house?!" The boy has a rooster head when he says this.

      How did you find your way to this forum?-amazing-rooster-head.png

      I then remember seeing a view, something like a you tube page with a whole bunch of these 'jokes' playing at once. Many of them have the rooster head involved in some way. One of them has this woman with these very ugly, scary looking lips. Oh god, please don't play that one.
      "Um... Neither of them. Those were not even jokes. Just random visions. ._. "
      I get a dream glitch and go backwards very quickly through the scenes in the dream. I am back at the hologram of sexy things. I am then back in the classroom and the movie is still playing. I am then back outside and the military is stopped and looking at a turned over dirtbike.

      I wake up.

      Upon waking, I would say that the first animation was funnier.

      'The problem is that you try to resolve everything with logic and reasoning, when in reality the secret to dreaming is creativity and happiness, the exact opposite.'

      This is very quote-able. I should make this my signature.

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    3. Soul’s Union of the Quetzal and the Silver Sebright Bantam

      by , 03-30-1986 at 08:41 AM
      Morning of March 30, 1986. Sunday. Easter.

      This dream has very strong imagery and is of the highest importance to me. This is actually two dreams, with the more vivid one I will detail first that actually seemed to literally interrupt the other dream (which has only happened a few times more clearly in my life), like suddenly changing the station on a radio, so to speak. (Hypnagogia has a tendency to do this with a very similar effect of a soap bubble suddenly whirling and changing, but I have not experienced it hardly at all in full sleeping dream states.)

      This “second part” was one of the most vivid dreams I have ever had, I was aware of every atom and there was a sense of total timelessness (as if the universe had completely “stopped”), yet with a sensation of looking through the clear surface of a pond. I see a silver sebright bantam rooster strutting about in the front yard of my King Street home. I am somehow fully aware that it is a resurrected pet of my youth. (I believe he may have suffocated when he fell asleep near me and then I fell asleep so I felt really bad, but it may, according to my mother, have been from eating brown recluse spiders, velvet ants, and fire ants that there were a lot of around at the time, including ones that died from pesticide).

      I feel a strong sense of joy seeing my resurrected pet in this “eternal, frozen pocket of time”; there is no more guilt or sadness of any kind. This energy is “alive” everywhere. I am frozen in the atoms themselves and the watery, ripple-like motions of the air around me. It seems that way for an unknown period of time. Eventually, I hear a strange musical sound from above. A male resplendent quetzal bird comes down and sits on a hedge and makes very unusual (almost metallic and layered) sounds. The sebright rooster acknowledges the bird on the hedge by walking closer to it and stands in seeming expectation, almost like a ritual devotion. I have an awareness that either the quetzal will remain earthbound for its partner/“spiritual brother” for as long as needed (even forever) or that the rooster will soon learn to fly in a more viable way than the eagle. The amazing, multicolored quetzal and the “plain” black-and-white sebright look at each other as I wake slowly, feeling a sense of Yin and Yang uniting (even though Yin is technically female).

      Although the first part of my dream (below) was so accurate in precognitive aspects as to be undeniable, I also got a fleeting idea that the rooster was my left side and the quetzal was my right side (though in my dream, the rooster is on the right and the quetzal on the left - however, left and right are supposed to be mentally reversed relative to physical control of the body according to sources I have seen).

      The details of my dream that turned out to be correct always gave me a deep feeling of the absurdity of certain people I knew relating such things to coincidence. For example, in my dream both I and a girl I had not seen for over a year were wearing blue long johns. Before walking to my sister’s house, I had assumed this was just some sort of odd dream association. In real life, when I went to my sister’s house, the people from my dream were actually there, and the girl was, very oddly, wearing blue long johns on the outside; never saw this before or since. In my dream, the girl had a Casio digital sampler keyboard (CASIO SK-1) of the same model that I had in real life that I had bought a few months before (which I had also thought was only an in-dream association). In real life, that was also correct; she had won it in a radio promo. In my dream the two older people (one being the girl’s mother, the other being the girl’s mother’s boyfriend at the time) as well as the girl, had a single red welt on the right side of their face, all in the same spot. This also turned out to be true. In my dream, the man I had only seen before as thin was quite plump, and this also turned out to be true. Several other minor details turned out to be correct, including the plastic from her keyboard being in the middle of the dining room table. When I walked into my sister’s house, I just sort of stood there in total puzzlement for a few minutes - I could not even speak for about an hour or so. I had not known these people would visit my sister - let alone on Easter (they came from Chicago, Illinois to La Crosse, Wisconsin).

      Even so, I was still at a stage where I rarely mentioned such things to other people, before or after. Since my childhood, the more intelligence or awareness I expressed, the more “different” I was seen as. I even stayed back by choice at my “proper” grade level (the school always wanted to put me two grades higher) but I did not want to leave my friends and I also felt out of place around a lot of much taller kids that I would have been classmates with.

      The other important connection is that my wife’s mother painted such a bird quite some time before our real-life contact in 1991. This bird was also in a special syndicated cutout published on the day of my birth, which I did not discover until August of 2014.
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    4. The Psychic Chicken

      by , 03-12-1978 at 06:32 PM
      Morning of March 12, 1978. Sunday.

      Perhaps one of the strangest dreams relating to our chicken farm in Cubitis related to my father getting a very old rooster (I believe from the Hearns farm, possibly by Tony N due to fear of it) that was so old, he was different to other chickens in that his comb - four rows wide - went all the way down and along his back from his head (and actually seemed to be growing from his back like a sort of avian stegosaurus). There were also lizard-like attributes relative to his eyes and feet, his feet being of a more diverse scaly structure, more like a lizard’s than a chicken’s. Over time, though, his comb gets smaller (and of two rows instead of four), and he appears to somehow grow younger over time. We notice that our other chickens seem to be getting older (or aging too quickly) and becoming ill at times, a few dying. My dream continues until the rooster’s comb is only a single one on his head. We later see him as a chick, and finally…he turns into an egg, absorbing too much energy from the other chickens with his “special ability” that he had somehow attained from growing so old. He does not seem to be able to affect humans or other animals in this way, though. My father hides the egg somewhere, away from the other chickens. Nothing happens after that. I wonder if the process will begin again when he hatches, but I also wonder if there will still be people later on (when he becomes very old again). At one point, a private detective from another state (Kentucky, I think) investigates.

      I think any “meaning” in this dream, if any, may relate to the approaching event of moving back to Wisconsin (though I was still in Florida at this time) and sort of wishing I had more control over time (as I was beginning to see much less of my friends, as more people were moving from the area and I had also left school).

      As with much of my online dream journal, this is the original dream journal title from this time period even concerning the misnomer - as the word “psychic” is not the correct description, perhaps more along the lines of “psychic vampire” at best. I think I mainly used it for a tentative comedic mood or association even though the dream itself was very eerie and not really relevant to the typical usage of the word “psychic”.
    5. The Turken Theft (Carried Up and Out of my Dream)

      by , 08-10-1975 at 02:10 PM
      Morning of August 10, 1975. Sunday.

      Someone is stealing our chickens from our large shed in Cubitis, either late at night or very early in the morning (before dawn) and my father and I go out one night to see if we can catch them. Our orange Turkens (a breed of chicken also known as the Transylvanian Naked Neck) are gone without any visible clues anywhere. Although it is first considered that the thieves are ordinary humans, there is pondering of both alien and supernatural possibilities.

      Time passes, and the entire shed and external cages area, ground and all, including us as we are standing, seems to be lifted into the dawn sky by an unknown force as we are facing north. There is a sense of beauty, awe, and wonder but no fear. The sense of movement and changing distance from the rest of the ground near our house is very vivid. We are still not sure if this force is alien or supernatural.

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