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    1. #203 - Rugby, Escape with the rocks

      by , 02-20-2016 at 10:35 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - Rugby
      I remember being in a ute with friends, we're driving over to a rugby field to play a game in the evening. Some people are leaving and one of them raises his arms in a 'wtf brah' kind of way, indicating that he doesn't approve of us playing rugby. We continue onwards though and make it to the field. We all get out, there's like 20 of us that somehow managed to fit in that ute without it seeming like there was 20 people... We rush down the grass hill onto the rugby field and then this guy steps out. He's got dark skin and his friends all show up, there's about the same amount of them as there is of us. They're trying to fight us, everyone goes 1v1 against someone else. The guy I go up against I actually recognize, "OH hey man!! Wow haha how you doing?" We end up shaking hands and talking happily, I then said "Why are we doing this? Can't we all just play rugby if you guys want to fight it out? I mean this is a rugby field and we are all rugby players..." (I don't even play rugby O_O).

      Dream 2 - Escape with the rocks
      This dream I remember being quite intense, the name Adam was quite important. The place I was in was a school, though not like any I've seen. It was quite clean and futuristic with white walls that make you think 'wow this place is modern AF'. In the dream there were these special rocks which me and my friends had been collecting, I can't remember what they did or why/how we collected them. Towards the end of the dream there was a 'rewind' moment or something, and the dream played out a different scenario. We're in the modern looking gym, a HUGE dragon appears and attacks. I remember scuttling backwards on the ground. I think he didn't see me, there's smoke in the air and screaming, I think he was after someone else.. I turn my head and see the glint of a huge eye peering at me through the smoke. O_O uh oh... I get up and bolt, heading up the bleachers towards the upper exit. The dragon is after one of our special rocks. Adam was the guy who was holding the bag full of special rocks, I remember picking one up and looking at it, it's such a vivid blue. There are other crystals and rocks in the bag too, but the one I'm looking for isn't there. Where is it? I grab the bag which Adam had left and head out the exit. I'm outside, there's people running around trying to escape, I spot Adam and run up to him. "hey I got the bag" I say, passing it over to him. He says something about how it's all pointless, he looks like he's lost all hope for... something? Oh well. I think I continue to run off somewhere to look for the rock.

      I couldn't remember any of these dreams when I woke up, I then decided to just sit there and see if I could figure it out. It was a real test of patience, I couldn't remember any details at all. After 15 minutes it suddenly just popped into my head though.
      Tags: dragon, rocks, rugby, ute
    2. #168 - Monster face / Rugby

      by , 11-29-2015 at 09:35 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Not surprised I didn't have great recall, I was so shattered from yesterday.

      Dream 1 - Monster Face
      I don't really understand this dream.. But there were people who had swollen faces. The shape of their faces were determined by how they had been killed. Usually you buy/hire them since they're hard to create (like a summoned monster in a game or something), yet I managed to create one. I used a thin and short stapler to slam it into the face of the person I was getting revenge against. Over and over I beat him until he died, there were long red marks on his face from where I'd hit him.
      I'm quite confused about the order of events in this dream... But the Monster Face that I had created came from the corpse of this dead guy I beat up, and the elongate marks swelled up to form these disgustingly absolutely revolting bubbly protrusions all over his face. I have to hand him in for some reason, and sell him off to the buy/hire store for these monsters. I put down a DVD case which has the monster face stored inside it (like data storage I guess). A man notices the power of my monster face and offers to hire it, though not straight away. He instead wants to wait a month since it isn't good to hire a fresh monster face too soon for some reason.

      Dream experience: 4 (vivid)
      Dream awareness: 0 (not really aware at all)

      Dream 2 - Rugby
      Something about rugby, there were rugby players around and some well-known All Blacks.

      I tried pretty hard to remember that rugby dream but I just couldn't commit it to memory >_<

      I have a distinct memory of having a short lucid, but it was too short to achieve anything in. I think it happened as I was falling asleep and I just kind of slipped into a dream :/
    3. #137 - After first day of ADA (All Day Awareness), and #1 + #2

      by , 10-23-2015 at 08:53 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      Dream fragment
      I remember some dream about being in my bed, I had woken up and was just pretty pent up from not 'doing the deed' because of the Brainbuddy app. Some stuff happened and I was annoyed because I convinced myself to do it despite knowing I didn't want to. I had watched Rick and Morty season 2 about a week ago which I think had some influence. When Little Rick is around and is like "a teenagers worst enemy is his own mind" or something along those lines - felt like I was under a similar influence.

      Yesterday was my first day doing ADA (and some more meditation), I felt like at the end of the day I had some intense mental fatigue. My head ached slightly whenever I brought my attention to focus on the things I was doing instead of slipping into autopilot. I slept pretty well, it didn't take too long to fall asleep (an hour I think, which is really good for me ). I think it was a combined effect of the mental fatigue from ADA and physical fatigue from running... But during the night I just had absolutely horrendous dream recall. My mind was just too exhausted to have the mental capacity needed to recalling a dream.

      I decided I'd like to write up a dream from my book when I first started, before I transitioned to posting online.
      Dream Journal Book
      #1 - Rugby
      Throwing around a rugby ball, I think with someone else? - the first dream I ever recorded I've come a long way lol

      #2 - First death in a dream / Shapeshifting weretigers

      Dream 1 - First death in a dream
      I was some kind of official who had acquired some information, and I had some friends who decide to protect me by confessing to my crime for me and taking the blame. They then weren't in the room (I had left before) that I returned to because I had a bucket that had my shoes in it or something... O_O? I left again and went up a flight of metal spiralling stairs. I waited there thinking for a bit and then a high ranking official in a military uniform (kind of reminds me of a Gestapo) walks in and shoots me right in the heart. I can feel the blood warming my chest.. I'm lying on the ground still. The man walks away. I reach around and touch the wound and I'm overwhelmed with disbelief. Some part of me seems to think that everything will be okay though.

      Dream 2 - Shapeshifting were-tigers
      Shapeshifting were-tigers take over the town in part of a conspiracy. It's a place to use these funny flying things to take over the world (I drew a picture here, it looks like a cross between a manatee and a puffer-fish that is 15 inches long with brown skin and spots on it. It looks really weird). Third-person style dream, it follows a kid who is a were-tiger that is shocked to see so many were-tigers killing the human townsfolk mercilessly. Then the view shifts to a bunch of campers in these large double-decker bus-sized vans, some of which have colour patched up blankets all over them. The main camper-van leader sees what's happening and tells his friends to run and his wife to start the van so she can take the kids and escape.. He plans to be a voluntary scapegoat. Were-tigers approach in a gang-like style, and by this point it has become first person with me as the camper dude standing his ground. I punch the biggest were-tiger straight in the nose and start brawling to divert attention so my family can escape. The boss were-tiger makes a comment to his friend like "Haha you got socked in the face!", to which I add "Yeah he's the biggest so I figured I'd start with him". I seem to realise that I won't live if I continue fighting (since I'm outnumbered and well.. They're were-tigers O_O). I decide to cool it down and hang with them, biding my time. They're apparently cool with this and maybe I earned their respect?
    4. #33 - Charging like a rugby player/Storming the witches house

      by , 10-18-2014 at 11:57 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      Another terrible sleep, took me 4 hours to fall asleep.

      Dream 1 - Charging like a rugby player
      There's a reason behind what we were doing but I can't seem to recall it. There is a hallway, it turns left at the end, and before then there is a door on the left. The enemy is down here, and we charge them (me and a few others) as they come out from around the corner and the door. I'm in the lead and shoulder bash two on them, the third one I just straight punch in the face with my right hand. My pinky finger gets broken from the impact and I dart off into the room on the left. In here is pretty a bathroom, with windows on the other side of the room that look out over a nice forest scenery. 3 enemies are in this room, nursing their wounds, and they don't care that I'm in there. I sit down on floor and lean against the bath tub. Another enemy walks in, I say "hey man, my fingers broken" in an attempt to call truce. He stomps on my chest with his right leg and pins me down. I think 'Uh oh' and how intense this situation is, there doesn't seem much chance for me to get out since he's much bigger than me. I smack his leg off my chest, he stumbles a bit and I hook my leg up around his neck, squeeze, then do an insane grapple-throw and knock him out.

      Dream 2 - Storming the witches house
      Background: There is a witch (who is my neighbour R) that has taken over my parents house and made it her domain. She had enslaved a few people, and my friends had been captured and turned into little figurines.
      I see that the witch has gone out, she will be home shortly though as I can see her walking down the mountain. I dash in the main driveway and run towards the house, finding my way inside I try to find what I'm looking for (my friends). I run to the end of the house, I can see the witch walking towards the house on the main driveway, I crouch down so she doesn't spot me. As she rounds a corner and heads into the main entrance, I bolt onto the deck and down the stairs, I see her slave taking a leak (it was a girl, but she had man's member for some reason). The slave was carrying a box, and I instantly know that the figurines of my friends are in there, so I bolt past and swipe it while she's preoccupied. There are others robbing the house and rebelling against her tyranny too, we all run in different directions as she discovers that there are intruders. I jump into the bushes and decide to break the figurines to release my friends.
      Tags: fight, home, rugby, witch
    5. Fights & Fail Videos At The Hilltop Festival

      by , 07-22-2012 at 05:10 PM (The Inner Workings of a Sound Addict)
      Fights & Fail Videos At The Hilltop Festival (Non-lucid)


      I'm at an outdoor festival, Bob Dylan is playing while a large crowd sits on a hill in the sun. One of my friends has a ticket, but for those of us that don't, we're limited to the edges of the hill, along the path.

      Dylan's not really my thing, so I go up the hill path to look for any of my friends. The path comes to an opening at the top of hill surrounded by hedges where drinks are served, and I find a few old school friends, as well as Emma, my uni flatmate.

      A few of us push each other jokingly, angering someone behind us. He starts pushing a bit too hard so we start to confront him. Fortunately, he explains he was only taking the piss, and we realise we'd done what we'd accused him of doing - overreacting.

      A large, unsightly gentleman later grabs Emma, pulling her towards him in a strange attempt at flirting. I see Emma's discomfort and, without thinking, I head butt him in the forehead. [Fighting in my dreams, I know, what a surprise]

      He hits the floor instantly, and doesn't regain consciousness for a few minutes. Both his friends and mine are impressed as well all wait for him to get up, and I'm admittedly surprised at my own strength. I stand vigilant in case he attacks when he gets up.

      He eventually gets up shakily and goes to sit down, telling me he's more impressed than angry. I apologise, telling him it's not usually like me, and we shake hands

      Fail videos start appearing all around us, though out of thin air rather than on screens. These transition into rugby fails, and then into school rugby fails.

      I'm then immediately in the middle of a year 7 school rugby match as my 11-year-old self. Everyone but me is playing pretty badly [our team was pretty awful at that age], and I take pleasure in making some big hits.
    6. Old school with famous people.

      by , 04-20-2012 at 10:17 AM
      12 April 2012, Daytime dream.

      I was at my old high school, Bergvliet and i was on the main field with Bernie Mac and we were playing with a rugby ball. There was a fancy bed on the field. suddenly i was by the main gate with Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter movies and she was pregnant which in the dream was common knowledge.
      Tags: cape town, rugby
    7. 04/04/12 Night. Dual-Lucid chain... Thing.

      by , 04-05-2012 at 11:33 AM
      So last night I had my first lucid... The lucid to end a 10-month period of non-lucidity.

      I was dreaming normally. I was in my old highschool and it was sports studies time. We were going to play rugby.
      Everything was normal (Well kinda. Joel Spolsky was the coach) until I got home... I went into the living room and asked my Mom if I was dreaming and before she answered I ran to the front door (And at this point I realised I was dreaming)

      I 'thought' a dragon was outside... And it was. I began blasting it with red energy from my palms and smashed the glass infront of me.

      I, then, proceeded to fly away... But as I did this it all faded into light and I awoke... And then fell into another lucid!
      But then I woke up again before I could actually do anything.
    8. Saving Folders from Flooding Beaches (and other such activities)

      by , 02-13-2012 at 01:05 AM (The Inner Workings of a Sound Addict)
      Woke up for my lecture this morning, wrote down my dream, fell asleep, woke up again with another dream in mind, realised I had missed most of my lecture, got some more sleep and finally woke up with a third dream - which is a great result compared to my usual 1 per night. My second and third were particularly memorable, so I'm glad I gave myself a lie in
      I'm home from my lifeguarding job [which I was fired from a long time ago] and my house is busy with dozens of random people. I look for my boss's wife to give her something [curry, I think it was]. Later, as I play with my dog, Reggie, he nibbles along my arm, leaving some sort of yellow dye [which I, for some reason, dismiss as normal] . I go to the living room of my house, where my dad and sister watch a rugby match, which a strange man proceeds to parachute onto.
      I'm on a beach in a film, and some guys nearby are annoyingly throwing sand. As I approach them, and the hole they're standing in, they leave. In the hole is a folder full of papers, which I throw away. However, a phone nearby rings and tells me to retrieve the folder, as well as to destroy the hole. Without question I do what I'm told, yet the tide begins to come in fast.

      Soon the water is neck-height, and I search around for the folders (of which there are now two) with the help of my mum and sister. As we struggle against the waves we lose a lot of pages, before finally reaching the back wall of the beach. It's then that I realise all of my stuff is underwater, much to my frustration.

      At uni, me and several friends run for a bus to take us to a gig. Once on, everyone takes ages sorting out payment for the bus, making the driver wait, due to high levels of intoxication. Chemical Fires by Tides of Man comes on the bus's speakers [which would be great in real life] and I began to sing along. Very loudly.
      Everyone seems to enjoy watching me drunkenly sing, and sometimes shout, to the rest of the public on the bus. As the chorus is in a 3/4 time signature, a girl begins to waltz with me. At the end of the song I scream the final words and, suddenly worried I'll be kicked off the bus, return to my seat.

      Two friends (one from uni, one from school) provide the follow up act: one beatboxes a strange mixture of banjos and club house, while the other dances frantically (and almost dangerously). This act of extreme inebriation is enjoyed immensely by everyone on the bus, until the two performers collapse on top of each other and throw up everywhere

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    9. Musical Rugby

      by , 02-10-2012 at 03:34 PM (The Inner Workings of a Sound Addict)
      While falling asleep I remember having tiny dream fragments of having really good food in front of me which, every time I tried to eat, tasted like nothing. This was very disappointing. It seems my sense of taste hadn't transcended into the dream world with the rest of my senses.
      I'm playing a game of rugby with my friend Ben, my mum, Slash and Axl Rose (among others). However, the game is played not with a ball, but by playing music [don't ask how!]. As a drummer, I am getting quite a workout (as I usually do) and begin sweating a fair bit, so I turn on a fan I happened to have with me, to which Ben approves.

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    10. First Recall In A Long Time - Playing Rugby On Treadmills

      by , 01-28-2012 at 09:44 PM (The Inner Workings of a Sound Addict)
      Dream recall has been woeful over the last few days, and I've had nothing to write in here, but finally I remembered a bit of last night's dream (though there wasn't much significant about it).
      [This night was following a big clubbing night out, which explains the first half.] I am in my uni flat with the girls that I usually go out with and we've just got back from a club, discussing going out the following night as well. Over time, everyone in the nearby blocks of flats pulls out for various reasons. I see one girl I know quite well tucking the rest of her flat into bed, and saying that they're 'not allowed' to go out Saturday [I always saw her as a bit of a mother-figure].

      Later, I'm in a computer room back at school, and I've just finished my work. I am reluctantly convinced by my old rugby coach to go to the lunchtime training session, which involves the whole team running on treadmills in a line, passing the ball to each other, which seemed a lot more normal in my dream than it does looking back at it.

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    11. Betrayals and Accused Masturbation

      by , 01-12-2012 at 04:49 PM (The Inner Workings of a Sound Addict)
      This is by far my best-recalled dream since I started over a week ago, and was definitely the most interesting (if slightly disturbing).
      I am in some European country, probably Italy by the way it feels, with one of my best friends (Luke, an old rugby teammate), my dad, and my former head coach, Kiwi. [Rugby tour perhaps? My dad always used to love coming along and pioneering the drinking games]
      The four of us are looking around some sort of touristy ornament shop when another close friend/teammate, Ant, and Luke's dad (also a former coach) walked in. Despite us all being friends, no one says hello to either of them (I didn't recognise them initially) and the atmosphere gets a bit tense.
      Luke's dad asks why none of us didn't greet them before Ant looks at Luke with tears in his eyes. I knew instantly that Luke and betrayed him in some way, presumably over a girl. [Incidentally, earlier that waking day the three of us were commenting on a picture of the two of them, in which Ant's goofy grin ruins Luke's serious stare]
      We all leave the shop and I discuss the situation with Kiwi as we walk through some ancient-looking ruins.

      Later, I'm back in a hotel with my mum, dad and sister, as well as my old head of sixth form from school (who had morphed from Kiwi). A hotel staff member explains to my dad about damage to a note in the cupboard under my bed. He gets the note out and it's two pieces of crumpled lined paper, with what I explain are my shopping lists and one 'to do' list. [I had recently made both those lists at uni, and the bed resembled that of my uni room]
      Strangely, my dad tells me not to worry about the 'rerun thing', which makes no sense but I know he's referring to the Ant and Luke situation (not that this makes it any more understandable) and asks me how much he should pay the hotel for the damage to this note. I realise everyone thinks I crumpled it by masturbating on the bed, of which I'm 100% innocent, but I'm too embarrassed to mention it, especially in front of my sister. Instead, I go along with it and tell him to pay £100.

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    12. Saltless salt, shabby hotels and rugby...

      by , 10-06-2011 at 07:09 PM
      Real Life Non-Lucid

      1) I shot up out of bed at about 1:05am, convinced that I had slept an hours or two through my alarm, and therefore was very late for school. I jumped to the far end of my bed, my heart racing and breathing very heavily, before trying to make out the time. It was too dark to see the clock, but this alone showed it was too early to be 9am. I looked at my mobile quickly and realized the time, laughed and went back to bed.

      2) Me and my friends were sat in a grassy area in our college eating or lunch. It was very sunny but a few clouds in the sky - at the times a cloud was covering the sun, making it shady. It felt like we were sat on the field of my secondary school, but I'm pretty sure we were at college. A girl called Rebecca.Ro was sat opposite me, sharing around a canteen packet of chicken nuggets and chips. The packet was white with red and yellow diagonal stripes going across it, like the ones in my secondary school. The chicken was more of a fillet than a nugget, only two large ones making up the chicken side. I really wanted to ask for some chicken, but I felt embarrassed to as I don't really know her very well. My good friend Sarah.S then started to do the same, sharing around food, except this time it was a little cylinder-shaped sachet of salt (try saying that 3 times faster ). She ripped the top off and threw the packet towards me but without letting go, so that the salt inside flew out and landed perfectly in my mouth, without any grains spilling anywhere else...like a boss. I was initially worried it would taste disgusting, but it wasn't very salty at all - I was both pleasantly surprised and disappointed. I then updated my Facebook status, telling the world about my sodium adventure - because it was just too exciting to keep to myself I think I did this via a smart phone, as I later returned home and the status had been left. I was sat in my spareroom on the family desktop, and my status basically read that the salt really didn't taste salty, although it came across as tasting like ASIWYFA(then with about 5 unknown letters after). For those of you who don't know, ASIWYFA stands for 'And So I Watch You From Afar', a post rock band. So yeh, that made no sense. I think the other letters mixed in may been confused from OFWGKTA (A hip-hop collective called Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All). My friend Latham had commented already explaining that no-one knew what the abbreviation meant and that I should actually clear that up. However, he wrote it in extremely bad spelling and grammar - the kind a 12 year old boy has when he first discovers MSN 11 people 'liked' his comment.

      3) I was in a hotel with a mixture of my Explorers troop and my secondary school, but I can't really remember anyone who was there. We were downstairs in a hotel lobby, although it was more like a youth hostel - pretty shabby. The lobby area was the back room that we used to wait around in during dress rehearsals at my old drama group. It was night time, and it was dark outside - however all of the lights were on in the room, the kitchen, the hallway etc. so it was nice and bright. We were stood around unpacking etc. in the lobby - which makes no sense if we were staying in a hotel? But yeh, people were getting into their sleeping clothes and what not. I decided I was going to go and brush my teeth, hoping others would come along, but they didn't. I looked to the left of me, and my mate Jamie.K had no trousers of boxers on!! Just his bare arse. I noticed he was very orange and tanned compared to usual. I looked at him awkwardly for obvious reasons and he looked at me back as if to say, "What? It's only natural!" I walked upstairs somehow, and was stood in the hallway of the area where rooms were found. The lighting was very scary - a very dark red, like something in a horror movie, although we just put it off as bad maintenance. Before brushing my teeth, I decided to check the public shared freezer to make sure our items were still in there. I walked over to it - it was a fairly big freezer on the ground and pretty organized. I figured it was going to be all broken with our food stolen, but it was pretty good. Strangely, in one of the top shelves, someone had put two chicken drumsticks.

      Everyone around the area was pretty unfriendly and arrogant - they were all old than me, so they looked down on me as a wimpy kid ruining their fun. I even think some of them were travellers. They were all gathered in the hallway, leaning against the walls doing nothing much but insulting the younger people there. After checking the freezer, I started to leave without brushing my teeth - I'm guessing I got a bit intimidated and decided to come back when some of my friends were with me. As I was walking past one of the guys, I dug my hand into my left pocket to get some Skittles to eat - they were loose as they'd fallen out of the packet. I got a couple of yellow ones, but I caused a couple to roll out of my pocket and onto the floor whilst I was doing this. I got really embarrassed and clumsy, walking backwards to look at the skittles briefly, shrugging it off but tripping over my feet. They just said various stupid things to me, and I forgot about the skittles and continued walking around the square banister that led to the staircase. A guy by the staircase who looked just like someone in my Music Tech class called Josh.S said something to me - I can't remember what, but I remember it being friendly and possibly apologizing on behalf of everyone for being prats.

      Suddenly, I was on the second floor landing of a much fancier hotel. I think it was possibly the same hotel, but in a different room or something...I don't know. Either way, it was very, very posh, well lit by chandeliers with fancy paintings and gold decor all over the place. I was now looking for the toilet again, and a butler stood by a large set of double doors asked me if he could help me. I asked him to lead me to the toilets, so he swung open the doors, ushered me through and began to lead me into a large hallway. There was a sharp right turn in the huge building. The carpets were very fancy. Suddenly, Amy was with me. The place looked very much like a church. As we were walking through, the man was teaching us about the ancient parts of the halls, but I couldn't help but be distracted by the fact that Amy was texting away on her blackberry - I thought it was really rude. Eventually, he told her to stop texting, which I was relieved about. However, we got to a set of pews where we stopped and the man told us to follow him further to examine something, but amy said "Wait a sec!!" as she was fiddling with her phone again on the pew. The man told her that he had asked her to stop that, and she told him to chill out as she was just finishing something.

      Later on, I was in a circle of strangers (other than my friend Josie) just to the right of the pews - they all knew Amy somehow - however Amy was no longer there either. However, for some reason we had her phone. A little notification 'bleep' went off on her phone, and a girl that was in the circle checked it for her. She announced to everyone that our friend Ryan.Herb had died! Josie, who was sat to the left of me, asked if Ryan was the guy that started doing weed when he was in year 5. We said yes, it was.

      4) My friends Will, Mandey, Mandey's friend who I did not know and myself were walking home from college via the same route I'd normally go. We were gonna pop into town, but decided to go back to my house to watch the rugby together. It seemed like some sort of date. We caught the bus from town to my house, but it seemed very short and my house was in the same town as my college in the dream - in reality, it is a good 30 minute drive. It was a cloudy day and about 4pm. Mandey had to leave early as she had other responsibilities at the Academy - i'm guessing it was dance or balet. However, she still said she'd manage to catch a good hour of the match. We also saw my dad at some point. As you can probably tell, I don't remember much about this dream - I'm just summarising what I wrote in my phone notes
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    13. Professional sport and an extra son

      by , 08-20-2010 at 08:34 AM (scumpy's journey to lucidity...)
      20 Aug

      Recall was good last night, 4 or 5 ? dreams fairly good length and vivid

      1)I was playing inside centre for the springboks, I was really amped and planned to really hurt the other team. I wasn't scared at all which is weird since they would all easily crush me. One of the players from NZ got up and gave a message before the game, I think I did too...

      2)I stooped outside M's house and talked with hid brother T, He asked me if the bug zapper belonged to me (it was quite emotional - M is a friend of mine that died 2 months ago). C and my self were on the way home but we were walking and we were indoors, in a school or hospital with lots of corridors. I kept on turning on lights as we walked (they took time to switch on but I thought it was because they were old) We arrived at our place which was a room in a corridor, just before it was a kitchen area with plastic cups from C's holiday club and hundreds of empty green T-bags, C said it was from her doing fear factor with the kids???

      3)We had another son L's age but I had memory of having neglected him because he was funny looking (he really was) He had orange hair and a really funny chin. I felt bad and was trying to make him feel loved and accepted by giving him lots of attention. He was complaining about having a sore bum and was wearing diapers???? I got some bum cream from C's bag and took him to a bathroom in a kitchen and put the bum cream on his bum (this is only funny if you're not a parent) It didn't seem to be the right stuff but he said he felt better. Then we travelled to my childhood home in Kimberley. C had forgot the house keys in the office but when we got there the lock had been forced by a wrong key that was stuck in the lock. We say that someone else's stuff was in the house like ornaments and stuff and found like a drunk homeless lady in W old room. I got the rage thing again and then we found the daughter and her boy friend in A's old room. In the dining room there were like 20 of them, I was so angry and threaten to hurt them and told them to go, I threatened to have E beat them up and he came out of the lounge to back me up....

      4)I was lying on a sleeper couch watching cricket on tv, suddenly I'm in the game and I'm playing for South Africa. At some point I'm on the couch again and my game has been ruined by my parents messing with the channels

      5)On top of signal hill in Bloemfontein riding a bike, following a really hot lady in a silver sports car, we're together. I get stopped by guards outside the observatory. One take my license and won't give it back as a joke, I get irritated and explain to the other guard that I need to go meet this lady. He gets the license back for me. I drive around Bloem looking for this lady. At some point I drive past a apartment block with people naked and possibly having sex on some of the balconies. I seriously consider going back to go watch them but decide against it. I pop some wheelies to show off and kind of fall. I stop on the curb and CA and her mom come out of their house and so good bye to guests, CH comes up to me and asks if she can ask me a question she asks a really important question but I can't remember the answer...
    14. Dreams from the last few days

      by , 08-16-2010 at 01:08 PM (scumpy's journey to lucidity...)

      Something about the fundraisers I'm organizing for a trip some young people are going on. Phone call with pastor from Bikers Church about details of fundraiser.

      Something about a guy coming for biltong

      Dads birthday. Beer and biltong ( google it ) Grandpa - cricket. Sharks are playing rugby against Griquas. Jean Deysel and Juan Smith and Kabamba Floors are in the house. I try to speak to Jean but can't speak (something to do with breathing). Meagan is in the dream.


      I'm travelling of the Kimberley yacht club road with Janet. She is having financial problems and is basically asking me for money. I tell her I can't help her. I'm showering next to the road (in a shower that just happens to be there). P and a lady are walking on the other side. I get out the shower and I'm suddenly looking for a place to get dressed, I go in a cave and suddenly it turns into a warehouse - there are lots of teenagers there we're planning on camping there. There is a trampoline and tents. Piet is in a small office working on a PC. Their are broken forklifts in the warehouse and some working ones. A giant crane/machine comes to life and at first is just randomly dangerous but then it tries to kill us by spinning stuff that we have to jump over and dodge. It turns in to a person and I try to explain that we have permission to be here.


      Walking over a bridge at night
      Golf balls in the mud


      Running an event. B and co involved. Event involves dancing and music. B and co supposed to be helping. D is also involved and organises some expensive socks to give away - I get a pink pair . i go to P in an old bathroom attached to a theatre like room. B and co are there I call them down to talk to them and try to finnish p'ing before they get there (I didn't wet the bed which is always a good thing). I eventually get to talk to them and some lady who has higher authority than me is backing me up.
    15. 02/08/2010

      by , 08-02-2010 at 08:05 AM (scumpy's journey to lucidity...)
      1) something about Arthur???

      2) Playing soccer at the Portuguese club. We're dominating some kids. I'm trying to get my shoes on to play but I notice that they're broken, somehow I will them to get fixed and they do! (I don't become lucid ). The kids we're playing are really arrogant.

      3)I'm walking through the mall in my hometown. I think I'm semi lucid or at least dreaming that I'm lucid??? I have a basket ball in my hand and I'm using it to stabilize my dream (I read a tutorial about this before going to bed). If I was lucid I loose it. It's the Derby btw. the two main schools in our town and the rugby and hockey games are on. Gym is winning the rugby. We go to the hockey field and Rowan begins to play, he plays quite well, running fast and falling over while he takes a back stick shot, he almost scores. I'm getting ready to play too when some people on horses come onto the field. It's some other sporting event that is taking place, we lead the horses off.... the dream ends

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