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    1. Submarine Train

      by , 09-04-2012 at 08:44 AM
      I climbed aboard an old steam train, for a tour. I went ahead of the tour, since I knew my way around already. I made it into a race of some sort, where I went from carriage to carriage looking following where I knew the tour would go, being careful that nobody from the tour could ever be quick enough to see me. I now thought of the train as a retired submarine which had been put inland as a tourist attraction. I hopped off, and started running alongside it (it was very long). Since I wanted to run fast, I went on all fours. Realised it was a dream, but was tricked into thinking that if I went fully lucid I would awake, so I gave up lucidity.

      Suddenly I was in the back yard of my parents' house, which was actually the art house from my previous dream. Nikolas was with me, and Gordon the dog was there too, by the back fence. Suddenly, Gordon started to vomit profusely, and I quickly took Nikolas inside away from him. We went in by the laundry door, and up the steps.
    2. A Murder And An Escape

      by , 06-09-2010 at 06:40 AM
      Before I completely forget this one from Monday night, I may as well use it to inaugurate the new journal.

      At some unusual state park sort of place, there's a stable I have to stay in for the night where this creepy guy keeps a weird creature that is a bit of a cross between a pig and a giraffe. I can't resist petting the critter, and it acts nicely for part of the night, but it soon starts nibbling at my hand and further up my arm until I realize the guy was using my fondness of petting animals in order to kill me. Luckily, I get away with just a few scars on my arm (which remain throughout the dream) instead. I end up killing the guy, tearing him into three pieces with my bare hands, and scattering the parts.

      At the same time, I can sort of see from the perspective of the police beginning to search (sort of like changing scenes on a television show). I know they'll soon discover the body (or the parts thereof), and I don't want to leave tracks in the thick snow piled around the park, so I begin my escape by jumping into a river and following it downstream a ways until I reach a bridge. Then I start running through the snow on all fours, always barely one step ahead of the police.

      During my escape, I hide in snowpiles, assume various guises such as attempting to appear left-handed when I ride horses, take a bus out of the state, and for some reason solve an anime jigsaw puzzle in a locker room. The last place I remember hiding is behind a sign on a grassy, sunny hill near a mental health facility. I curl up with a stuffed animal and bite my thumbnail, acting as though I were a small, terrified child. Staff from the facility find me, and I get taken inside to be treated as a patient.

      That's about all I remember before I had to be woken up to run errands. This dream seems to contain another instance of being unable to shake pursuers no matter how elaborate my escape is, as well as another instance of running on all fours.