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    1. Monday, June 10

      by , 06-27-2019 at 08:56 PM
      I am with Dad at his house. I think it looks mostly the same, but the view out of the front window is different. Instead, there is a view of a slight desert ravine or at least some fairly steep desert hills. There is nothing but sand, rock, and sagebrush until a very tiny patch of what looks like buildings on the very far horizon. In a corner of the house opposite the window there is some machine, no bigger than a small couch, that apparently launches missiles/bombs. I think there is an atom bomb, a hydrogen bomb, and a magnet bomb? The last is the smallest, but still a very serious bomb. One of the larger bombs, still a long, thin cylindrical shape that fits on the device, is loaded and ready to be sent to Russia. I think this must have been Dadís idea, and it is all very nonchalant. It has been launched out through the open front window now, and I am waiting. After a while, I see dark clouds forming on the horizon. They arenít really black, but look more like storm clouds. After these clouds form, I see dense, white smoke. It is coming this way, slowly, from my vantage point. The sunlight seems to dim here now, and I look again at the approaching white smoke. The mass is travelling up the hills, and I know it wonít stop for us. The ravineís length is quickly becoming consumed; it is moving a bit faster than I thought possible at this distance. I fear it might break the window, so I turn away and move towards the kitchen. In an instant, the light is drained, looking like there is an eclipse or total, dark cloud cover. It is only the smoke though, as I hear it pass over the house with an airy impact, like a plane passing through clouds. I see it cover the far windows and pass seemingly slower than it came. I wonder what Russia looks right now, what city had the most impact, what history has been completely erased or rewritten. I then wonder who will retaliate and send a bomb to the US, thinking it inevitable. I think about dying like that, and it is not something I want. It all feels too real.
    2. 18-09-08 Russian Nuclear Attack

      by , 09-10-2018 at 12:45 AM
      I saw multiple mushroom clouds on the horizon. I felt the usual terror. I ran inside and saw a strategic map of the world on TV (news broadcast). Multiple missiles were flying back and forth. Russia was one of the aggressors (I was hoping they weren't). Even when surrounded by detonations, I still hoped it wasn't Russia. They have thousands of nukes and if they fired them it'd surely mean the end of civilization.

      I'm going to start labeling 'outbreak of nuclear war' dreams as 'nightmares'.
    3. Russiname

      by , 07-25-2018 at 08:45 AM
      The place that I'm in somehow seems to be a bit of a combination of Russia and Suriname. At some point I've been given a story about a man and his son. It's a type of homework: I need to summarise what happened to them to show my understanding. The story is in English. My understanding of the story is limited though, because it starts in the middle of something.

      At some point I'm still sitting somewhere outside, writing down the story. It's already starting to get dark. I can hear fireworks coming from my left, somewhere in the distance. I also hear some boys approaching. I'm concerned about my safety now. Suddenly several boys pass me. It turns out they are really young boys, perhaps age 9 or so. No need to be concerned. One of them asks me when I'm going back. I tell him that I'll go back (to my country) on Tuesday. He says it's a pity. It sends me into a laughing fit.
      Tags: russia, suriname
    4. July 9, 2018 Non-Lucid

      by , 07-09-2018 at 07:13 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I'm abroad with a group of friends. Initially, it seems like I'm in Russia. First, the idea is that I need to volunteer hours in order to get my CPA. I'm calling this person who is setting up a volunteer event. The message tells me that there is an event from 12-7, the first 30 minutes of which would be training and then the rest would be the event. I get my phone out and do some research to try to figure out what the event actually is. It seems like the event is either a graduation or some sort of ceremony in an old folks home. The building in the picture is pretty beaten up with a green roof and lining. I'm now at the place which seems to be an old factory. I go inside and get the feeling that it is actually more like a hotel in which people are walking up and down the stairs as well as going to do their laundry on one of the floors. I'm hiding for some reason.

      The dream goes over to what I believe to be Zagreb, Croatia. I'm standing in the middle of a crowd watching a show. On stage is this one man dressed in an S&M outfit screaming lyrics. There are other women on stage dancing around dressed in the same stuff. I look to my left and see Kolby is there with me. The people on stage are screaming very satanic lyrics which was visibly upsetting Kolby as well as me a little bit. The guy on stage screamed "6 6 and another 6." We're in a crowd but it's more like each person has 2 yards in between one another and looking back I see there's really only about 50 people at the show. A large woman on stage sees Kolby is upset and yells pointing at him. I remember saying out loud "okay I'm not that religious but this is making me uncomfortable too." Kolby leaves. I'm standing there and a girl on the right of me starts telling me that I should come with her to the bars after the show. Another girl on my left says pretty much the same thing. I take note of that and leave.

      I find Kolby and JP. I tell them we should go to Split which is a coastal city in Croatia. They agree and we take a ship over really rough water there. We get there and it looks more like Roman ruins with a massive old temple-like cave engraved in a mountain. We go around there and find the actual city on the coast. We were supposed to come with other people but apparently we got an early ship. Now the waters are too rough and it looks like we might be here a while. The city looks sort of like the back alleys of Venice. I'm trying to figure out how we're going to sleep there, looking up hostels on my phone. There's no wifi. I'm looking at an offline map on my phone looking for hostels. I say out loud "I've stayed at this one hostel but it was such a long hike every day." The boys say that they don't really want to stay in a hostel because they need sleep. My friend Jordan comes out of nowhere. I ask her for hostel recommendations and she says "One Hostel." Well that was good enough for me. I follow her directions into an underground space that has 10 or so women sewing or selling items in a shop. I see a sign on the wall that says "One Hostel" along with some other words. Behind a counter is a woman sewing with glasses on, not seeming to pay attention to me. It doesn't seem ideal so I decide to go somewhere else.
    5. 16-07-11 Russia, Dog-Monsters, Escape From Lodge

      by , 07-13-2016 at 07:27 PM
      I was in a very rural (and cold) region of Russia. There was tundra, and patches of snow and ice everywhere. I was in some kind of muddy, outdoor parking lot, located on the side of an even muddier trail. There were quite a few people there. Some guys (kids?) wanted to show me their motorcycles. I acted all interested, and got on one of them. They were still enthusiastic, but careful - and told me not to do anything. Before they knew what was happening, I had started the bike and raced away from there. I felt like I had "a job to do", and I needed this vehicle to do it. I rode a twisty asphalt roads for a bit, until I knew I wasn't being followed. Then, I turned around and rode back - back onto the muddy road next to the lot. There was a lot of police and bystanders on the lot after my theft. I turned off the engine and "pedaled" instead, as if it was a part bicycle, part motorcycle. This was, I managed to quietly ride past them, and escape. During the ride, I noticed it had been a long time since I had ridden a bike (5 years in real life, I stopped after a crash) - but it went well, and the bike had a surprising amount of grip despite the mud, snow and ice.

      Me and a partner entered a dilapidated building, a kind of giant warehouse. We were there to kill two monstrous dog-like monsters and save two women who were being attacked by the beasts. The beats were probably based on Woola, the 'dog' from "John Carter", a movie I watched the day before. The beasts created some kind of 'portals' high up on the walls. They would drag their prey up, and inside he portal, where they would be consumed. Anyway, we both had suppressed pistols. My partner engaged one of the creatures on the far side of the warehouse. Suddenly, I had a machine gun instead. I encountered the other creature in the corridor right before entering the actual warehouse. I shot and killed it with the MG. I realized the the girl, who looked like Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider reboots, was safe for now - despite hanging from one of the portals below the waist. I decided to go help my partner instead.

      I went with my grandfather to a dark place, presumably up north. There were long nights and very short days, just a few hours that felt like minutes. In no time, I wanted to go back, but I knew I needed plane ticket.

      I needed to flee a house/lodge/shack on a hill. The environment was once again cold, and possibly snowy. There was a short way down, but I "failed" (it was like a quick-time event in games), and came down a little further. I was forced to climb over several wooden structures/obstacles to reach the helicopter (?) for extraction, before the whole place blew up.

      I only remember an area by the water, probably the docks. I remember swimming, and a dressing area for women that I was sure wasn't there before.
    6. Mmm candy; Same person in 2 dreams

      , 05-31-2016 at 12:45 PM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Went to bed around 7 pm since I didn't take a nap earlier and I was sleepy from my early shifts.

      My friend and classmate Luba is visiting. We are eating a tons of candy. It looks like a small rubber band, being attached to a small pin. I taste one since we don't know if I'm gonna like it. First there is no taste, then it's a blue rasperry like those sour raspberry ribbons you can buy at candy shops at malls.

      I go to fetch more and I eat a lot. I look at all the pins and I'm like "holy crap, that's a lot of pins, I better throw them away so she doesn't know I ate them all".

      I go back to her and she is now changed into my boy cat. She looks exactly like him, laying on a side of a mattress, stretching lazily. I move the tray with candy closer to her and as she is sniffing it, candy changes into salami sandwitches.

      I'm attending some world conference in Russia. We are given a bedroom with attached kitchen. We take the wrong bedroom thinking that it's the one directly next to our kitchen, but that one belongs to chinese delegation. Now we don't have a window, darn.

      As I'm standing in line for meal, we take a tray, utensils and move up with the line. I notice that the utensils still have soapy water on them, since there is a lots of people there and they are in a rush to clean them, no time to dry.

      I look infront of me and there is Luba, all smiling and we talk a bit.
      Tags: classmate, russia
    7. Nice cave and russian bathhouse

      , 08-11-2014 at 03:30 AM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Last night bed 9:30 -4:40

      I was peeking into some small cave. It was all white inside. Small stalagtites and stalagmites were all over the walls, floors and ceiling. Not sure if ice. It was not translucent, but snow white and sparkling.

      Right next door was a large indoor swimming pool. It was carved into the rock floor. The edges were smooth, like marble.

      Water was clear, and underneath, there was no bottom, but another pool just like that. There were people milling about.

      Also some dreams about work.
    8. Competition #17, Night 12 & 14 Scarlett Johansson and Flying Goldfish

      by , 03-21-2014 at 08:56 PM
      Night 14 - 1 DILD success & fun, then so close on 1st WILD attempt, 50% there on a 2nd WILD attempt (I was trying, thanks to BrandonBoss for the encouragement to hit a new high yesterday). Nice NLDs also, drank a lot of water to ensure I wake and recall better. I did a good review of dream signs before bed but was hoping for more points tonight. Dreams sign review seemed to incubate a number of minor dream signs, but only one helped me become lucid (making out, kind of like FryingMan's KILD). The other dream signs that showed up this night were: amusement ride, police, party, mall, and 2 I should add to my list that have shown up enough: cave/tunnel & sleep related.

      <snip>the woman standing in front of me seems to be a dignitary, maybe even a head of state. She is somewhat tall and thin and has blondish-brown hair and a formal skirt & jacket on. Surprisingly she reaches behind her and gently grabs me down in the crotch area making a bold pass at me and I realize that I am dreaming. We are behind some other people standing facing a presenter that is saying something about having great confidence in Russia and she plays a clip of Vladimir Putin saying that Russia is the god of the top 3 nations (that are assembled here?). I am ignoring this and doing some various things with the dignitary woman with her back to me but I think that this is a good opportunity to bring Scarlett Johansson in. She still has her back to me and I think confidently to myself that when I turn her around she will be Scarlett Johansson. I turn her around and her face looks like a nice representation of her and her body has shortened a bit from the tall woman and it seems to look like her body. Her hair is black though, which is not the color that she usually has (but I found a picture I will put below). "Hello Scarlett." "Hello." I am so thrilled to have her in front of me and begin to kiss her while staring into her beautiful eyes and soaking in her beautiful face. I keep going and going but after a while it seems like her face is changing slightly and I decide it is time to move on lest she changes into something undesirable. I fly up above the group and start to recall my goals for the night and competition and as I think of the first one I feel myself fading back to bed and it seems that I was at the end of my REM cycle. 122

      Night 12

      <snip> I am in my office moving a goldfish bowl with 2 small goldfish in it (none currently IWL) when I am clumsy and slosh the water partly out of the bowl. There is a gold colored gold fish and a darker one. The gold colored one gets splashed out of the bowl but amazingly starts to swim in the air!! I quickly realize that I am dreaming. What a cool visual! I fly and float a bit and I have to really think hard what my goals are and I ask myself several times before remembering next two goals. I decide to start with the one that I think will be easier and I do a closed eye teleport to a bridge scene. As I am looking around I feel myself fading back to bed / but I feel like I can DEILD so I squeeze together the area around my eyes which usually brings on vibrations and there are light vibrations but I relax and I find myself back in a combination of my office and my bedroom and my wife is laying there. She asks me what I am doing and I notice that I am completely naked so I ask her if she wants to...I fly over to her and <edit> before fading back to bed once again and I later figure out I must have been at the end of the sleep cycle as it took a while to get back to sleep, trying to WILD. As my wife got up I found myself feeling as if I was still in that weird office/bedroom combination but I should not have corrected myself because it solidified the fact that my body was back in my actual bed and I eventually fell asleep during the WILD attempt. 120,121
    9. 2/28/2014

      by , 02-28-2014 at 06:35 PM
      The first thing I remember from my dream was me being with a group of SWAT members. We had our weapons and I encountered the enemy. I shot at them and retreated to my group. My weapon had a lot of attachment, was bulky, and hard to aim. We were actually in a war against Israel and I was on the Russian side. We were then stuck on that location for quite a while I don't remember why. The place had stone walkways, steel fences, and a river passing through it all. R. Granado was there and we talked so were some inmates. Suddenly, we get the order to evacuate. Everyone starts running down a dirt slope. There's people on dirt bikes, tanks, humvees, etc. I'm running down and I see an older man on a motorcycle and run along with him and ask "Hey can you give me a ride?" he says no and I get pissed off. I'm suddenly on a bike and have an ar15 in my hand but with no magazine. I try to hit the man with it a few times and he starts freaking out. I arrive at the destination and see people on the floor waiting with a lot of weapons and equipment. There's people even holding grenade launchers. I ask for someone's weapon and when I handle it, I give it back saying it doesn't fit my hand properly. I don't remember what happens next but we end up in space fleeing Earth.

      After years of being in space, we finally decide to go back to Earth. We transport down and end up in a cave filled with water. Suddenly, snake/tentacles start attacking us. Our doctor gets taken but then let go and the snakes take one of the women and start raping her. After they finish, they extract a snake baby from her and let her go. I swim around the cave with a man and a young woman and we find a pit deeper into the cave but it's filled with water. Tentacle snakes start coming out and the woman says "I'm staying here. Did you see what they did to her? I want to experience that". When they take her, we get transported back to the spaceship and enter Earth's atmosphere. Earth was destroyed and we saw videos of what happened when the snakes, who were there longer than us, rose from the water and could fly. There was no ocean left on Earth. We get an alert and we see a ship. After some discussion, we find out the ship is friendly and we let them board. I recognize a few of the people I saw before I fled Earth. We see snakes flying around and a mother snake so we board our ship and start having a fight with them.

      Something happens and we end up walking on a trail with trees. One of the guys from the other ship starts complaining about his groin. We tell him to man up and the leader of the other ship tells us during the war he was tortured and stabbed in the groin various times. This leads to an argument and a black man with green shards sticking out of his face and body gets upset and walks away.
    10. 2/8/2014

      by , 02-23-2014 at 02:45 AM
      I dreamt that I was in school learning Russian. The blonde female teacher was teaching me a few words and how to use the computer's command buttons. I was also asked to draw the letter P a lot.

      I was in a big room with 2 other guys and we were playing with some boxes. They dressed up in childish suits and started fighting like idiots. Lucy was there so was Mark from Level 2 Maintenance.
      I then appeared on a shore with people selling stuff on stands and medium buildings behind me. There was water that separated various islands. One particular island had a very large tower. I had to Mark of the Outsider and was able to Blink. I had a few missions, one of them was to kill a guy hoarding food. After I killed him in his underwater cave, I found a lot of stored potatoes. I left and found out that Mark got the credit for finding them. The area thrived and there was no more hunger. Mark knew it was thanks to me so he allowed me to share his riches. Later, a cop was abusing his power and whipping people. I confronted him and he tried to spray me. He missed and I knew it was a weak type of pepper spray. I grabbed my Phase IV from my duty belt and sprayed him back. I took his whip and started hitting him with it. He started running but I chased after him. He ran toweards the water and jumped. He started to fly and turned into a cat. In mid air, he turned around and started to fly towards the city but I jumped, Blinked right in front of him, and whipped him in the back of the neck. He fell to the floor and I threw the whip down. A security guard picked it up and showed me how ripped up the whip got after I hit him. I looked at the dying cop/cat, pulled out my pistol, and shot him, ending his misery.
    11. Patriotic thievery; Dirty Books Sale; Expired Bank Account

      by , 10-21-2013 at 11:36 AM
      In one of my dreams I was a woman of Polish origin but not myself, living in Russia. A man who was an authority figure of sorts offended Polish honor when speaking to me, and I had to defend it by proclaiming how honorable Polish patriots were. I had the sense that he did that on purpose though because he wanted to hear my defense. Then I broke in somewhere and he caught me, and I had the choice of going to jail or working for him and his people as a thief. As my first assignment I had to steal a loaf of bread and a box of blueberries. I was then paid six crumbs of bread and two blueberries. When I objected, he pointed out to me how hungry the other people in the room looked, and I stopped objecting.

      A boy, not my son but close to my older son in age, was organizing a book sale in front of his house with his mom, and I was helping with the book sale. The boy had made a huge sign, saying "Dirty Books." When I saw it I laughed. He asked why I laughed, I explained that this word had another meaning from what he meant. When he asked what the meaning was though, I gave him some sort of nonresponse. Later at the book sale, a man came to look for our "dirty books", when he found out that the sign was a kid's mistake though, he took it with good humor, and even decided to buy a Nero Wolf mystery book (note: even Nero Wolf mysteries I would not expect at an elementary school aged kid's book sale, but in the dream that did not bother me). I said that today will perhaps mark an unexpected revival of popularity of Nero Wolf books.

      In this dream my husband told me that our bank accounts were going to expire in half an hour, and that we could not make it there on time. He seemed optimistic though that all it would take would be some paperwork the next day. Meanwhile I worried that all our savings were gone. I arrived at the bank, but there were different doors with confusing labels that had nothing to do with money. So I left and called my husband and said that I had failed to go to the bank, and could he go revive our accounts. I do vaguely remember though that then we were at the bank meeting together. At first it looked like my fear was going to prove correct that we had lost all out money, but then I pointed out to the bank that our home's mortgage was with their bank, and if we don't have any money, we cannot make our mortgage payments, and then they seemed more interest in reviving our accounts.
    12. Raising snakes

      , 02-10-2013 at 01:58 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Mom decided to raise snakes. She has one beautifull, bright gree tree snake in a soft plactic box. Right by the foot of my bed. Yeah, I hate it. Ißm telling her, if she does not get rid of it, not coming home tomorrow, or day after. It is easy for me to say, bacause I just realized, I have an apartment.

      Ißm getting ready to go hiking in Russia.
      Tags: russia, snake
    13. Collection of Notes

      by , 07-26-2012 at 04:25 AM (redisreddish's mess of dreams is still messy)
      I'm just going to copy some notes, straight out of my written journal. So some of them might sound a little strange.
      ~Go to some country to give toys to kids, we show a girl a balloon, a car, and a helicopter.

      ~At a weird camp where little goblins can take you.

      ~Fish fight

      ~Ice cubes covered in chocolate

      ~I'm in a play, pretty big role. I have a speech part and it sounds stupid, can't figure out how I should say it.

      ~In the filming of Harry Potter! One line, but still... It's in Russia, I want to talk to someone. Two brothers are spraying each other with a garden hose, so I talk to them and they ask me if I like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or waffles with ketchup.

      ~Found Kenny Chesney, he's eating some ice cream, I talk to him.

      ~Fighing zombies as Link with the weapons from Twilight Princess

      ~Grandma on the phone with a girl telling her where to drive and keeping her from falling asleep

      ~Looking at miniature typewriters, there's a pretty blue one

      ~One of those dreams with a huge storyline I forget as soon as I wake up. I was a vampire, Louis and Lestat were there, and Gabe from Good Luck Charlie. Apparently the movie (Interview With the Vampire) is playing out and since I know what happens I tell Gabe I'm from the future.
    14. Russian Donor and Marathon

      by , 06-18-2011 at 04:28 AM

      My words in blue
      Other peoples in green

      I had another dream mentioning a country, Russia.

      Type: Regular Dream.
      Lucidity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
      Vividness: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
      Gonna start using this, I think I got it from Puffin, great idea.

      I was working for a charity at a carnival and we were selling carnival food (popcorn, cotton candy, etc) for our charity which was some kind of help for little children who are sick. I was the one out in the crowd trying to convince people to donate. A couple came up to me the woman was in a white fuax fur coat and she had platinum hair. She said "Hello" in a thick Russian accent and the man behind her said also in a thick Russian accent, something like "I have a check for you." I looked at it and could clearly make out the numbers 15,000 and then saw the bank stamp mark on it which lets you know the moneys in the bank, I was happy to get such a good donation.

      I yelled back at our helpers and a few of the customers getting stuff at our stand, "Hey everybody I got a check for fifteen thousand dollars!"
      They all cheered!

      (So much for not being able to read small numbers in a dream, that could have given me a clue.)

      Type: Regular Dream.
      Lucidity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
      Vividness: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

      I was walking around an outdoor market and saw an old man running, I felt he was running in a marathon. I knew I could beat him and started running too right through the market! I blew past gramps and still had no tiredness at all, it was like I wasn't even running! I thought, with no tiredness, I have real potential in this sport! I came to a rest stop station which was a tall food cart with all kinds of water bottles and stuff for the runners it was on a corner of stalls in this outdoor market. The guy watching over the cart and working for the race promoters, gave me a water bottle.

      "Thanks" I said and took a sip.

      He nodded his head and thought that was all I should get.
      I asked 'why' in my thoughts and his thoughts told me 'You need to sign the clip board.'

      I took the clipboard and looked at it and asked in my thoughts what this did?

      "You sign for the items you want to see at the next rest station."

      I was not sure what this was all about so I just signed my name and started running. Just then the old dude walked up seemingly not in any rush at all.

      I ran till I was near a pond and saw another food cart. The guy minding the cart handed me the bottle of water and a white towel. His thoughts indicated that I had signed for these things at the last station, I played along but found I was not tired at all nor thirsty! I dabbed my head with the towel a bit and put the stuff back on the rack.

      Then I walked over to look into the pond which had a lot of dead brown vegetation in it sticking way up out of the water and koi were in the water swimming around. It was like a lake in a desert.

      "I'm not interested in this race, maybe I'll finish running it some other time."

      Woke up for the day.

      (that was an odd marathon but still the organizing of the things you got are actually better than anything I have ever seen in waking life!)
      Tags: marathon, russia
      non-lucid , memorable
    15. not teaching writing; talking dog, russian reality show, career maze

      by , 06-02-2011 at 12:14 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a house. I walked from something like a living room into something like a kitchen. The kitchen looked like a normal suburban kitchen, but there was a big table, which was either wide and made of thick wood or was a big, wide table like for a group of students in an elementary school art class. Orange-gold afternoon light came in through the kitchen window.

      There were three young men at the table. Two sat on one side and one on the other. I walked behind the two and sat to their right. The seats were benches. I saw that the two young men were working on homework assignments. The assignment seemed to involve a lot of photographs.

      Then the other young man began explaining stuff to the two young men. The stuff he was explaining had to do with English writing and speech. I thought, Well hadn't I been teaching these guys English before? Why is this guy teaching these guys English? But I then thought, Well, if that's what they want, I can't be mad at them. And I can't act mad. So I think I stood up and walked into the other room.

      Dream #2

      I was out in some park, either at night or in the early morning. I was walking past some small, red-brick structure which I think was a bathroom. As I did, a man walked up with a small dog.

      The dog wasn't on a leash and it ran straight up to me. The owner made some comment about how the dog was nice and how he wouldn't mind my petting her. The dog was a litte, red dog that looked like a mix between a dachshund and a collie, with pointy ears. It only stood 200cm tall.

      I reached my hand down to the dog, even though I was still standing straight up. I may have asked the dog if she minded my petting her. The dog responded in a distinct voice, but probably by telepathy, "Oh, I don't mind at all. In fact, I'm gonna give you a big hug."

      The dog managed to curl her head and neck around so that she had my arm pressed close to her shoulder. I was kind of flattered that the dog liked me so much.

      Now it started to rain pretty heavily. I was carrying an umbrella. I knelt down and picked up the dog, which was now something like a tiny, white poodle. I again asked it the dog minded my carrying her to her owner. The dog said, "No! You can help me get back there without having to go through the pouring rain!" But the dog was already soaking wet.

      As we walked over to the owner the dog began telling me about some kind of reality show from Russia that she really liked. We got over to the dog's owner. But now the dog was a really pretty woman with pale eyes and brown hair.

      The woman had told me quite a bit about the reality show. I had even seen a few images of the show in my head. The woman said, "They had the whole collection of the show on sale. So I bought it! I bought the whole series!"

      I my mind's eye I saw a huge collection of big, fat videotapes.

      The man said, "And that was a lot of money for her. $380 (or $830?). For the amount of money she makes at her job (nursing?), it was a big sacrifice."

      The woman said, "But I love the show, because I'm from Russia, too. And they had a full showing of the series and then an auction for the videotapes right after that. And I won the auction. Well, everybody loves the show. The showing was done in a church. So even the church supports the show!"

      I laughed at the fact that the church would support what was apparently an outrageous reality show.

      Suddenly I was having sex with the woman. It may have been right there, as we were standing. She was naked, and I was suddenly having sex with her. I came, and somehow I felt as if I had certainly made the woman pregnant. I felt like somehow we were in bed. I felt like I would turn the woman over on her stomach and start having sex with her from behind.

      But the woman was gone. I looked around. I was standing on my knees on a bed in a dark bedroom. The bedroom was big, and there was at least one other bed. The beds were set close together. They were all big and nice, with a lot of thick sheets on them.

      Somehow I knew that I had had sex with the woman in this room. While we had sex, another woman had been in the room with us. It was somehow understood that I was going to have sex with the second woman as well. But once the second woman realized I had gotten the first woman pregnant, she took the woman into another room, which was something like a hospital room.

      The women, I thought, may have been lovers. There had been no intention for the second woman to have sex with me. The women just wanted me to have sex with one of them so that one of them could get pregnant. Not for a family, but for some kind of medical purpose.

      I stood up to go look for the woman I'd had sex with. I didn't know whether I should feel obliged to look for her, since our sex must likely have created an emotional bond between us, or whether she'd rather I just left her alone.

      I ended up in some kind of schoolroom. There were a group of people, at least one of whom was a little girl playing a flute or a recorder. The little girl was slightly tan and blonde. She wore a pink t-shirt and a knee-length skirt with flower patterns on it. She wasn't who I was looking for.

      But suddenly I was in a maze. The maze was made out of cardboard or particle board. The walls were all painted in a scribbly fashion with white, green, and grey. I got the feeling that somehow the little children in the class that the little girl belonged to had made this maze, or else that the maze had been made in such a weird style for their enjoyment.

      I was near the front of the maze. The front part of the maze just seemed to be some kind of wide gallery, itself a kind of classroom. A male teacher sat just inside the gallery. A group of students were sitting in chairs just outside the maze. The maze was like its own building, so that the children were sitting outdoors, in a field like at a county fair.

      The teacher was giving the children music lessons. One by one he was having his students play their instrument, usually a flute or recorder. The student would go through some kind of song and then would be required, at the end of the song, to go into an improvisation.

      I now had the understanding that the maze was something used for careers. It was like children would go through this maze to determine what career would be best for them. Or that when children went through this maze, sensations were fed into their bodies to help them understand just what a career was like. Or that people actually walked into this maze when their careers began, and they just kept on going.

      A couple of teenage boys walked into the maze. One of them was pale with a medium build, kind of wavy, shoulder length hair, and glasses. He looked kind of brainy. He wore a t-shirt that was a little too tight for his build. He looked toward the classroom and called out for a younger student, "Hey, where's -----?"

      The boy's friend said, "Didn't you hear? They monetized him (her?) early." The boys then walked through the maze.

      I understood that "monetizing" mean readying someone for a career. Apparently this was the near future. It had been determined that the only purpose of an education should be to prepare a person for his or her career. The aptitude and ability of a child was determined early. And the child was advanced to begin his career as quickly as he was capable of advancing.

      The boys' little friend had already been "monetized," put into a money-making position, very early. I got the impression that the classes were full of children of all different ages. The classes also seemed to be extremely relaxed, easy-going, almost to the point of being random or aimless.

      I was now outside the maze. It was now a little girl's turn to play. She played through the song. But when it got to the improvisation part, the little girl kind of hesitated. She played something that sounded a lot like "A Love Supreme." But after cycling through that melody, she hesitated to fly up into an improvised melody.

      The little girl stopped playing. She acted embarrassed, rubbed her hand against her forehead, and said she didn't think she was ready to improvise quite yet.
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