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    1. An awesome fragment | [22.06.2019]

      by , 06-22-2019 at 02:37 PM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      I am out in a field with just grass with some trees around, looking at a very low hanging colossal supercell with strong rotation and very amazing looking shelf clouds.
      I also remember the shelf cloud rolling by me in my home, making me grab my camera but the cable was still attached. It passed by really quickly and I would've caught it, but my mother blocked me for a second, making me miss it as I get to the kitchen. I was very disappointed and sad, and maybe even start arguing with my mother.

      This dream definitely took inspiration from all the stormchasing videos I've watched that day.

      The second part of the dream likely happened because of my fear of missing out on something rare.

      I don't know which of the two parts happened first.
    2. 17-12-25 Bad Time Traveler

      by , 01-01-2018 at 04:50 PM
      I had somehow ended up back in time, probably the early 50's (or before). I was showing off an AR15 carbine to a few guys, who were messing around with a Thompson SMG (where is why I assume it was no later than Vietnam, where the M4 replaced the Thompson). Someone, possibly my former friends Barra and Fenn (yes, these guys again) judged me for being such a braggard. For my crimes of being a "bad time traveler" I was punished somehow. I recall my Fenn walking past me as if he didn't know who I was or hadn't seen me. Barra, someone who hates me even more than Fenn does, did stop to speak to me. I was quite emotional and felt a lot of regret. Not for anything in particular, just generally. I don't remember what he said. Nothing too damning. He came uncomfortably close while speaking to me, but didn't care because of how emotional I was. Anyway... I found another job as security guard for some rich guy, to guard his villa. Using the AR15 carbine.
    3. Non-lucid dream of extream emotions. need help understanding why.

      by , 10-14-2016 at 05:10 PM
      I can usually lucid dream with abilities to wake myself up from a nightmare, control my actions, or even control whole aspects of my dreams.

      but last night I had a dream that I could not do anything about. I was along for the ride.

      ill cut out unimportant details.

      in my dream I was my current age (27) and I was with 3 friends. we were heading to our old high school hang out spot. a small multi-level abandoned factory of some sort. we get there and I'm immediately overran with emotions of sadness, GREATLY missing her, love, and loss. I go to a spot where she and I used to sit on a ledge high on this building, and watch the sun set. when I get there I just stood there staring, missing her, and feeling so sad that she was not here. in my dreams I have flashbacks of our first kiss, me confessing my love to her, us sitting there I out cap and gowns from graduation holding hands, her crying because I had told her that I had enlisted with the army and was shipping out in a month. then one of my friends approached me and said that I didn't miss her as much as she did, and it was my fault that she is gone because I enlisted and left her. we both started to cry. so I sad down at the ledge and stared into the sunset as I cried.

      then all of a sudden it was like my dream changed gears completely. the ledge changed to a back porch of a house. I was sitting there smoking a cigarette instead of crying. I hear the doorbell ring so I get up to go answer the door. as im walking towards the door 2 other friends of mine are walking the same direction. one of them yells "alright lets get this party started" I open the door and there is about 20 people all holding party supplies. they start flooding into this house like a stampede.

      At the moment I hear my 3 week old son start crying and I wake up.

      I'm here because the emotions from the dream have followed me into reality and I keep thinking back to the dream and I feel the emotions to the point of my eyes welling up on me.

      I don't know what to make of it. if any wants to talk with me about it. or has some questions please ask away.

      nothing is too personal to me as I am an open book. I will answer just about any question.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    4. Selkie

      by , 04-03-2016 at 03:56 PM (Here be dragons)
      I'm on a beach under a grey sky. The sea is green and churning, with a lot of thick foam. The sand is grey and rough, packed hard and cold under my feets. There's a heavy wind, the smell of the sea rushing around. There's a woman and a man here, in a hushed argument. Both are brown haired, the woman with a sloppy ponytail and the man with a shaggy cut. The woman is hugging something to her chest and the man is begging, his sweet, open face full of sadness and longing. She steps away from him and drop what she was hugging into the water, kicking it away in the waves. It's a pelt, a grey, shiny seal pelt, and it's melting in the sea, turning into seamfoam under the waves. The man, the selkie, is devastated, torn by the lost. He hugs himself, head low and shoulders hunched. I go to him, touching his arms lightly, try to confort him. He looks up to me, and his soft, milky skin is tanning at an accelerated pace, covering itself with layers unpon layers of heavy freckles, his cheeks reddening like the begining of a sunburn. I touch his jaw, his skin is hot and feverish. He takes my hands in his and his fingers are cold and wet.
    5. RIP

      by , 01-11-2016 at 03:22 PM (Here be dragons)
      I woke up to the new of David Bowie's death. He said goodbye so often I can't believe it's real this time. He shaped a large part of my teenage years and I started to embrace weirdness, scary monsters and supercreeps thanks to him.
      I kind of forgot my dream after that.
    6. Ghost of winter past and Dream Ink

      by , 12-18-2015 at 06:03 PM (Here be dragons)
      I'm at tha old university, there seem to be a problem with my diploma and the administration is as helping as usual. I get fed up and frustrated and walk out to get a breather. Here I met with a young man*, talking with me about my training period under his wing and being pretty clueless and hurtful. I get even more upset and get away from him, goign to the hospital collaborating with the university. I get down to the basement, which has turned into a sort of warehouse full of glimmering machinery. Operating one of those is the man I worked with, tinkering with it while someone watch. I notice a woman and a toddler off to the side, and while I can't see their face I know that they are his wife and son. I'm happy to see them well and happy; the boy is playing and squealing when his mother give him ice chips to eat. She propose me one and her husband mock-scold her about it; I say that I'll never pass the occasion to eat a book, and she hands me some "dictionnary ice". It doesn't have any particular taste, but I thank her. The man and me talk a little, sharing news. He seem pretty upset that I left the university and the project we worked on, and I try to tell him how hard it was for me, but I make myself upset and can't say the words. He seem to understand and stops me. Before I leave he looks like he's going to hug me, but both of us are too shy and akward for it.

      *my superior was a young woman, but she had a lot of students to work with so I was left to my own devices a lot.

      I woke up pretty early and decided to go for a WBTB.

      I'm slightly lucid, enough that I want to track down the forceful man. The sky is overcast again, the colors both muted and intense. I find myself in a busy crowd, walking on a path in a park. It got a nice landscaping, with stones paths like the one I'm walking on, with nice half buried archways providing shadows in the summer, ponds and old trees, but the paths are riddled with potholes, and this one is caked with feces and sick. It's disgusting and people around me are obvious to it, except a woman who is desesperatly trying not to step in it. I follow her steps and we end up in a store, as crowded as the park, but at least it's clean. I caught a glimpse of a blond-haired man dark clothing, his hair silvery in the artificial light, but he disappear before I can reach him. I fall back to the woman I was with, she's arguing with a vendor about something. Finally she get her bag and smile to me, so we get out together. I ask her about the man I'm looking for, and she seem pretty disaprouving. She tells me he live on the upper hills, in a castle or a manor. I ask her to guide me, and that's the last lucid thing I do, but she say I can't go now. She takes me back to the park, in a nook that's cleaner that the rest, with a old bathtub with clawed feets. The bathtub is full of soapy water, and I strip off to get in and wash off the filth from earlier. The air os cold but the water warm, so I only let my head out of it. The woman unbraids my hair and wash it, before pulling out of her bag a big comb made of black, shining wood with a ivory and onyx handle, curved like a vine and orned with a flower. She starts to comb my hair, taking strands of it out the tub to do so then putting it back in. It float around me, filling half of the tub and covering me like algae.
      She then tells me I need some markings to do what I have in mind. She asks me to sit up and I do, shivering in the cold air. She put something cold and hard against my back, between the shoulderblades, telling me it's for speed and flight, and then show me the metallic plate she used: on it is a creature that at first glance looks like a eastern dragon, a snake body with a horned horse head and insect-like wings. It's six limbs are strangely human, and it's warped on itself in a mess of wings and coils. I barely have to see it before she puts my legs out of the water, my head going under and my exposed skin erupting in goose-bumps. I push my head out, spultering, as she pushes two similar plates against my inner thighs, close to my panties. She tells me I'm wearing Lilith's hands* now, and when she takes out the plates I can see that I've got two very intricate design of hands tatooed on my skin in back ink, left hand on right thigh, right hand on left thigh. It's slightly innerving; it looks like the right hand has a eye embedded in it, and as if someone is pushing my legs appart.

      *Lilith is supposed to be the mother of monsters, and I birthed a snake in a previous dream. I don't know if it's linked, but it's there.

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    7. 12/10/15 - Jimin and I in a School Hallway

      by , 12-12-2015 at 10:49 PM
      Jimin is leading me by the hand down a dim school hallway. We walk for awhile. There are a few people here and there that pass us by, but I don't think anyone is looking at us. Suddenly he stops walking and turns around to face me, taking both my hands in his. He smiles sadly and says to me, "You know they'll never want us, right?".
    8. Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again.

      by , 10-08-2015 at 01:57 PM (Here be dragons)
      Some dreams are like old, abandonned cemetary; old bones laying under the soil, mostly forgotten but lingering still.

      I am in the old house, with my family. My sister and father are cooking, the table is dressed in the kitchen. Their part of it is bathen is a golden glow, but it fade before reaching my mother and me. Nobody seem to notice, and they bring the food to the table, and everyone get a hearty helpful of pan roasted potatoes and bacon bits. It smells wonderful, my family is joking around and laughting, but I can't. Deep down, this feels sublty wrong, like I'm seeing everything through a deforming glass. The food taste good, but my stomach is tight. I feel cold and remote, I want to leave.

      I wonder how many time my subconscious is going to dig up the ghost of my childhood and the corpse of my parent's marriage.
    9. Worry, worry worry...

      by , 10-02-2015 at 08:43 PM (Here be dragons)
      Had a long, confused dreams about a debilitating sickness slowly crippling me. Don't feel like writing about it here, but making the entry to keep both my private and public DJ consistent.
    10. Is it real or a dream?

      by , 03-19-2015 at 11:48 AM
      This is something that i really want to share. Something very personal and breath taking. Well at least for me....

      Today is exactly 4 years since my mother passed away. When i was 17 i have been through so many horrible things, as i was living only with my mother and she was the only person that i trusted.

      When she passed away i was seing dreams, they were really vivid lucid dreams that stayed in my subconscious mind till this moment. It was the only way i could still contact her. I was aware that im dreaming and i realised in my dreams that she is gone so i was trying to ask her all the questions like why? how do you feel? and she replied that she doesnt feel the pain nomore, I was also asking questions like is there any world that we don't know about? tell me if theres really something like god? she replied that there is a place, where you don't feel any pain, everything is calm and beautiful, but she didnt see any god or something... I was asking her if she can take me with her but she said that its not the time yet and that i need to live...

      I was dreaming her all following year almost every day and i was saying how much i love her, say things that i didn't said when she was alive try to hug her and feel her.

      Appreciate everything you have now, because you never know when will be the last time you see someone.
      Thanks for reading,

      R.I.P to my only love in the whole world.
    11. 12 Jan: giant alien doomsday

      by , 01-12-2015 at 10:49 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I am on top of a mountain when I witness an amazing out-of-this-world happening. First some kind of ball of light appears in the sky, surrounded by a kind of dark vortex around it. It starts growing and causing some disturbances on the ground. Then some other type of energy in the shape of stormy clouds seem to appear to counteract its effect. Then a giant alien being appears in the sky and the energy ball grows even stronger and starts sucking some things towards it and disintegrates them. I can clearly feel reality fading away as it enters that light. I'm right at the edge of its pull and I feel it touching me deep inside and showing me the “reality” after everything I know disappears. It is the end, nothing will remain. I feel an emptiness and a sadness beyond words. I am a river of tears in the shape of a soul. But the counteracting force seems to be gaining hold and preventing it from moving as fast as it would. I don't know what this means. I still feel it's the end of everything today, but now I feel the urge to warn people. So I descend from the top of the mountain and I spread the news high and low that the world is coming to an end. The people closer to me do not believe me, even seeing the giant luminous ball in the sky growing by the minute. How can they deny it? I don't get it! But many others believe the same thing I do and the news is spreading fast. I then encounter people abandoning shopping, all of a sudden realizing that they don't need any of that since they will stop existing soon and then realizing that it was true anyway at any other moment of their existence. We were always going to die, we just didn't know when. I feel what they feel, they too are a river of tears.
      I feel the urge to find my friend Zilla. I don't know where she is and instead I go to her parents. Her father opens the door. He invites me in. He already knows what's coming. He says I won't have time to see Zilla, as she is far away, but that he has a gift she wanted to give me. I see it right away: she had bought two awesome white samurai swords, identical, one for each of us. They are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I don't even dare to touch them. I tell him to let them stay together as they are now on a shelf. I will never touch them, there's no point. I am happy just to have seen them.

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    12. 5/2/2014

      by , 05-08-2014 at 02:02 AM
      I was with my cousin and got mad at him for not letting me use his car so I got in mine and left. I was in some street at night talking with a cop. The cop was telling me how he got promoted and won't be having to pass out ice cream or something. I went into a mall and was shopping. I started arguing with Desirae via text. I went into various stores and then met up with Desirae. I saw a guy that I recognized and kept walking. Suddenly, some black guy starts hitting on Desirae so I walk up to him and throw punches at him. He blocks and even grabs some of my punches, saying he knows how to fight. I then wrestle him down and use the ab scissor move on him. I punch him and make him bleed eventually. He reminds me of an inmate I used to have troubles with. Some mexicans run in and jump me, pinning me to the ground. Each one had a limb of mine but I manage to break free and run. I get to the upper levels of the mall and someone calls out for me and I tell them "Not now, I just got in three fights in one day!" I keep walking and see a dog, which I grab and bring home with me.
      I layed down on the bed with Desirae and then realized the black guy I fought had HIV so I went to the bathroom to wash my hands. As I was washing them, a message came up saying "AIDS flow through your blood" I also remember reading "Yersinia pestis" on the same text. The face of the dog was there also. The thought came through my head that I contracted HIV through the man I fought or the dog. I felt devastated and went to the room and started crying and screaming. Desirae asked me what I was gonna do.
    13. Oct 23 Dream Journal: In which rich people are weird and annoying

      by , 10-23-2013 at 08:11 PM
      I dream my life is a Diablo-esque world, complete with (though I don't see it) two giant orbs that represent my life and mana. Most of everything else in this world is normal, only it's not uncommon to find red and blue potions lying around. Apparently, I've been very diligent in finding special blue potions that raise my max MP, and I know I value those slightly more than special red potions that raise my max HP.

      I'm having a conversation with my sister and her wife, and we are just lounging around, Arabian-style, on pillows and cushions. I think I'm congratulating them on their marriage. Suddenly, a pile of treasure appears (MAN I love Diablo world!), and I excuse myself to go collect it. When I go collect it, my high school friend C appears and complains that he doesn't get enough action. For whatever reason, Dream Knowledge tells me that C is one of the best henchmen to have and develop statistically, so I keep him around in my party. He uses a bow and arrow, which I find kind of funny now that I think about it -- C is a big dude, he's a bit of an ass at times, and he breaks every archer stereotype you'd find. Also, we are all of a sudden in a dungeon now, and it's somehow C's fault, so Goddammit C! This dream fades before anything happens.

      In my next dream, I'm sitting at a table in a fancy restaurant for a dinner thing. I'm with (starting from my right) a beautiful woman who I'm related to somehow (Aunt? Friend? Cousin?); a rich, good-looking man who is our host and also trying to seduce the woman; our host's shallow sister, who doesn't really want to be there; the woman's husband, who kinda has a beaten-down-by-life vibe going for him; a space-filler guy who, I'll say it now, does nothing at all in the entire dream except probably be the host's friend?; and the host's father, who is exceedingly old and richer than astronauts. In this snobby restaurant, they charge us $3.50 to go visit the balcony that has a view. For our meal, our host got us each some sort of roasted bird, another roasted bird, and expensive red wine.

      During the dinner, the host gives the woman a red dress (possibly the same one from my Space Nazi dream?) as a present. The woman seems indifferent to it, and appears kind of melancholy at best; her husband doesn't even object to the host's blatant and obvious flirting.

      The old man suddenly needs to use the bathroom, and orders the woman to help him, which she reluctantly obliges. She returns shortly after, announces "he just needed to find the doors," at which the host takes everyone else to go help/watch his father pee/poo (don't ask). Only the woman and I remain seated at our table, where we just drank our wines in silence. Neither of us really wants to be here, and Dream Knowledge tells me that we are both really sympathetic to our respective situations.

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    14. 9/3/13 lucid dream- bunch of stuff

      by , 09-03-2013 at 04:35 PM (Dark Kikyo's Dream Journal)
      I had this lucid dream this morning.

      It starts out where I am standing in a field, watching over my flock of sheep monsters, when a giant black mechanical dog as big as an elephant comes and starts attacking them. I looked over to see if the defensive tank I build in a previous dream was working to stop it, but it had been left on stationary mode, so I ran up to it and flipped the switch to defensive mode. I jumped on the top and had to hold on as it started charging the dog. The dog fought back with both teeth and guns as my tank like machine rammed at shot back. The fight took us all over the field, and at some point my parents had come in through the north gate (for anyone who has ever played Oblivion or Skyrim, the gate looked like the gates you use to enter in the cities. Yes, I have been playing too much Oblivion lately) and were watching everything go down. The fight got to the other end of the field, behind a gray stone barn, when I realized I was dreaming and went lucid. Suddenly, becoming very tired of a fight I knew would last a long time, I made the dog machine and my tank disappear, and replaced them with a friendly, normal sized, brown dog. The dog was a little too friendly however, and proceeded to push me down and dry hump me until finally my parents came over and the story of the dream continued. My mom was taking me to a church for sunday service, and for some reason we had to wait in an incredibly long line before we could get in. The church was on top of a hill and the line led all the way to the bottom of the hill. We finally made it to the top, and I noticed this teenager, about 16-years-old, kept looking at me on the way up. Before we went inside he offered me a sip of his drink. We got inside and I was ushered into this room, then found myself alone. I went back out of the room and saw an old friend from high school sitting in the next room. She said something to me and after we talked a bit, then I left. I went back outside and left my mom to whatever she was doing, when my fiancé showed up. We walked around where everyone was now standing in groups, talking. The teenager came up to me again and this time he let me have the rest of his bottle of tea. I said thank you and walked around a bit. I took a sip of it, then threw it away because I got a strange feeling that he did something to it. I went up to a tree and stood under it while my fiancé sat down to my right. I stood there, watching the teenager walk around staring at me, and every now and again he would come up and say something to me, making my fiancé look not very happy. Suddenly, the teenager came up to me again, but this time he was wearing a red super hero costume and a helmet, and he tried to kiss me. I turned my head away and said "No, I don't want to kiss you." so he stopped, but he kept standing there smiling at me, when my fiancé got up and shoved him away from me saying "Don't you ever get near my girl again." The teenager came back with a "If she was happy with you I wouldn't keep seeing her standing around looking depressed." I just stood there, listening to their back and forth, then decided to take a walk down to the road at the bottom of the hill. They both followed me and when we got there their spat continued. I was looking at the teenager blankly when three tan creatures that looked like human sized versions of the monster I created in a previous dream, except without the purple spots, and they were wearing armor and were wielding weapons, popped up and started heading for us. I grabbed my sword and announced their presence to my fiancé and the teenager, who proceeded to pull out their weapons and help me fight. The battle didn't last long, but after defeating one of them I turned around and saw them strike down the teenager. I charged it and slew it quickly. My fiancé took down the other as I ran up to the teenager, dropped to my knees, took his helmet off, and held him up in my arms. He was saying how I should never give up against the evil one and defeat her no matter what, then started saying his goodbyes with tears building up in his eyes. I just watched and listened, feeling very helpless and sad, when he closed his eyes and died. I looked at him for a little bit longer then put him back down. The scene of me taking off his helmet, and him saying his last words, started to repeat itself over and over until I finally woke up.

      I don't know what all that about the evil one was, but in the dream I got the feeling it was her that sent the black mechanical dog and the three guys to kill us. Maybe she will make an appearance in another dream, that happens with me sometimes. I really like it when my dreams are continued in other dreams like that.
    15. 8/31/13 lucid dream- natural living

      by , 09-01-2013 at 03:06 PM (Dark Kikyo's Dream Journal)
      This is a lucid dream I had yesterday morning. The majority was not lucid, it only went lucid near the end but it was at a pretty good point.

      The beginning of the dream I found myself living in a world where everything was still in it's natural state. There were no buildings or roads, the earth felt new. I was living in an ancient forest, and one day while exploring I found the edge of the forest and saw that a family had built a small home. I started to get to know them and eventually they considered me a family friend. I decided to live more in the open and built my living area on the edge of the forest where I could see my new friends. I mainly walked around the families property, watching them farm, when I herd news about something huge being built. I went over and saw that a enormous dam had just been constructed, making the river back up to form a lake, and leaving the land on the other side a huge, bare, hole with equipment in it. I just stared at this with awe, but at the same time I was deeply saddened. I picked my way through the hole, feeling unhappy about what they were doing to nature, when a girl about my age (she was played by my ex friend I stopped being friends with in 2011) asked what I was doing and I told her. She went back home and I followed her, intrigued about there being more people setting near by. I found she lived in a community, but a different kind of community. Each person lived in wall-less square sections that were defined by a black line on the ground showing their living space, but they did have a door that worked, even though it wasn't connected to a wall. There was also some kind of force field that when you tried to look into your neighbors living area it blurred your vision not allowing you to see them. I was standing in the girls living area, talking to her, when I realized that I was dreaming, because nothing like this could ever exist in real life. While talking to her I noticed she looked very depressed and I wondered why. At this time I herd some commotion outside and went to go see. I saw that an asphalt road ran between the two rows of living areas and a bunch of kids from them were out in the road talking about starting a race. They were going to start from this end, run to the other end and then back again. I asked if I could join in and they said they didn't mind. At this point, I didn't feel like running, and to make it more interesting I made mario kart vehicles appear by lucid means. The remainder of the dream was us all racing up and down the road while I used some lucid influence to keep myself from wrecking, and to make it even more interesting by making things like ramps appear. I woke up after we had raced a couple times.

      After waking up I talked to my fiancée for a bit then tried to do a WBTB but failed as I couldn't go back to sleep. I almost did it though; I started getting some blurred, dream like visions playing before my eyes but just couldn't seem to fall asleep and gave up.
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