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    1. #63: Penisslip / Gym / Sales / Rainbow carpet

      by , 12-24-2015 at 09:38 AM
      I was quite tired yesterday. Went to bed earlier than normal and read a chapter in my book. The chapter was so long that I ended up really going to bed around the same time as normal (about 23:45). I woke up around 08:30. It's now 09:00

      I'm in my mom's living room. I can tell by the big, black couch. I'm with my friend Sel. I can't recall why, but she is making me take off my shirt. There's nothing really sexual going on between us. I also have to take off my pants. Before doing so I take a moment to look which boxer I'm wearing, as I don't wanna embarrass myself with a childish boxer. It's an ok one. I pull my pants down, but the tip of my penis sticks out of the top of my boxer. Ah crap. I tuck it away asap, but Sel starts laughing and tells me she's already seen it. At this point I'm also hoping that I won't get a boner, because having a bulge in my boxer would be really obvious now. I'm hoping she will take something off as well. She is hot after all. She tells me that she is still dating Lukas. Really? Lukas? He is such a nerdy dude. I can't see them being together, her being out of his league. Also the thought that he is still with Lea is vaguely in the back of my mind.

      Gym (this dream is full of gaps)
      We have to travel a long way to a gym for some physical education class or something alike. We actually have to take the train or bus. The person I'm with and I decide to take the bus I think.

      I recall talking to a white male who was somewhat important. We're in a big room and he's showing us around a bit. He might be the dad of the person I'm with. Eventually we have to leave to take the bus again. It's gonna be a long ride.

      We're in the dressing room, along with some other people. It's time to go back home. Again we can choose between the train and the bus. I have a shitload of stuff to carry with me. I consider leaving some behind and picking it up on the second round, but then I remember how far it is and I don't want to do that.

      We narrowly miss the train I believe, so we decide to take the bus instead. While we're driving I come to the conclusion that I've left some stuff behind. Fuck. I call someone, but he's already left the gym as well.

      At some point while I'm still in the bus I hit the stop button, but I do so too early. I can see the train station a bit further in the distance. I consider getting off anyway, because I'm a bit embarrassed. The bus makes a stop, but I then realise I still have to put on my jacket and get all my stuff together. In the mean time some people start getting off. More and more until finally everyone has left. The bus continues driving with me on it and someone makes a comment which I can't remember. The bus descends rapidly as if I'm on a rollercoaster. I can actually feel the sensation and the tingling in my stomach. Then it's over and we've reached our destination.

      Outside of the bus there's a girl to greet me for some reason. A kind of hostess/promo girl. We strike up a conversation as we walk inside together. She talks about the time she had to sing for a group of people.

      » I'm looking at a fullscreen map of the Netherlands. It's all misshapen. Groningen [a city in the north-east] is in the south-west. The map shows some colouring that I don't understand around Groningen. It makes me wonder what it's supposed to represent.

      » My cousin tells us about how she was on the tram just now. She was seated and on the seats behind her, she had put two boxes. One were the parts for a very expensive cargo bike. Another was filled with baby stuff. When she turned around they were gone. Someone must've stolen them. I feel bummed out for her, but at the same time I wonder why she didn't switch places with her stuff so that she could keep an eye on it.

      » My friend Anthony has posted something on LinkedIn. I don't recall the exact message, but I recall thinking that this was more of a FB post. It's about being grateful or something and about a party. Next thing I'm walking in the park during daytime with my friend Jor. Anthony wants to join us, but apparently the two of them are having a fight. Anthony remains quite normal under it and gives me the gist of the story, whereas Jor definitely doesn't want to talk to him. This is a bit of a weird and uncomfortable situation. I pick out a spot in the park to put a blanket down and chill. At first I thought about getting myself involved, but they can figure it out for themselves.

      I'm the officemanager of a salescompany I used to work for. I'm surprised to find out myself, as I wasn't the best salesman. Even though I'm the manager, I don't know shit about shit and I feel like a fool. I get instructions rather than giving them. My people meet their targets though, which practically means free money for me.

      It's daytime and I'm in a public building where a kid is having his/her birthday party. We're out here to make some sales. I strike up a conversation with 1 or 2 people, but no success. Eventually we move outside, as there are more and more salespeople around this place, working for different charities. Outside are people from my office. It didn't occur to me, but suddenly I realise that I'm holding a BNN sign, which is a organisation that some of us are selling for. Not me though. I have a big laugh at this.

      Rainbow carpet
      Not sure if it's me or someone else, but someone is driving a car around and I'm in it. It's daytime and I can make out the street pattern quite well. At some point there is the consideration of where to park (as in, where is the free parking). I recall the places where you have to pay, so lets avoid those at least. We end up at a roundabout.

      The roundabout is a bit of a magical happy go lucky place. There's a fabric of some sorts which has been lain around the roundabout several times. It's rainbow coloured and quite soft and special. Polgara is also present. We are arranging the fabric again so that it's set properly. My little brother is there as well, sitting behind the computer. I tell him to come and help us. First he makes up the excuse that he's doing homework or something alike. Then he comes with a different excuse. And yet another. Dick.
    2. #40: Stations / Sales

      by , 11-26-2015 at 09:55 AM
      It's daytime and I'm sitting in a train. I'm on my way to my hometown. The train stops at a train station with the name of my hometown on it. Heh.. no way. This station doesn't like it at all. It's a tiny station almost in the middle of nowhere. I think an elderly couple gets off. I'm still a bit confused over the situation. It's one thing to get the wrong info from the on board announcements, but to have the wrong namesign up on a train station... Suddenly I see the area from an aerial perspective. Ow I get it now. They've added 2 new train stations in this city, to increase accessibility. Apparently they all have the same name.

      At the next station now. I clearly see a shop on the other platform. The building is very rectangular. I'm standing on a different platform. I look at the announcement board and see that the next train will go to my hometown. I start walking towards the correct platform. I will have to check out and check in again.

      » I'm with my cousin. She takes a look at my dreads. She gets all excited and sort of states that I've fixed them. I tell her that my mom fixed them up a bit, but not entirely. Somehow I feel a bit embarrassed with the attention.

      » I'm with my mom, grandma and aunt. My aunt is blind.* We were walking around the house and my aunt had no problem moving about with the same speed as a non-blind person. We're then all seated at a table and I'm playing chess against my blind aunt. Instead of black-white, the board is black - light blue. The position of the pieces changes ever so slightly during one of my turns, causing me to take a very long time to think about what move I want to do. At some point one of the pieces is a squished little tomato with some other stuff mixed into it. It's quite messy.

      *My aunt's not really blind.

      » I'm walking along a trail in the hills or on a mountain. I'm hiking with a group.

      » Not sure if it's the same group, but we're in a cave with a lot of people. We're playing a type of infected tag game. If you get tagged, you become one of the growing group of taggers. The purpose is to make it to the other side. I think I get tagged at some point, but somehow have a retry. It's easy to tell who is infected as they have a certain light around them. I think I dive to make it out of the cave on the other side, but I'm a bit too late. I finish in 3rd position, which I can clearly see displayed as if I'm playing a video game.

      » I'm talking with my ex girlfriend on whatsapp. It's about a mountain and a volcano I've been to in Indonesia. There are pictures. Our replies are somewhat normal, but at the same time it feels like there's a sub-meaning as the situation feels a bit hostile. Did I go to these places with Christina?

      » Writing Christina's name triggered the memory of a plane, though I'm not sure if I dreamt about one.

      » I'm scrolling through LinkedIn. I've added one of my lecturers. I think I see her scrolling to hers and her ignoring my invitation. I reason that she probably doesn't know who I am, as I've omitted some information from my profile.

      I'm standing inside a small shop. It's supposed to be an office for a street sales company at which I will start working. I know it will be different than the last time, because this time I have my housemate Quint with me who will also work here.* We're standing in front of a type of post-mix machine with the manager, who is our age. He offers us some cola. I'm not really into cola because it's unhealthy, but I don't want to be rude. We get it in a big cup. Quint prefers dr. pepper, but the manager is not allowed to pour the same quantity of dr. pepper as cola. A rule from his uncle, who is the owner. We watch the television which is mounted a bit above our heads. It's an event in a stadium. There's a group of perhaps 100 people in the middle of the field. It has to do with mourning for a terrorist attack. I see an old friend of mine, Tris. Wauw.. it looks like he hasn't slept for days. Then the whole thing turns into a performance, with riot police and such. At some point it turns into a form of rehearsal, as one thing is done again and again to get it right.

      *We don't live together. He used to work at the previous street sales company.
    3. Abstract Sales

      by , 05-01-2015 at 10:37 AM
      Morning of May 1, 2015. Friday.

      Much of this dream was a bit too abstract to describe the first part of correctly. All the members of my family and I are making things to sell. We seem to be at a picnic table outside in our backyard. The most vivid part does not make any sense. I have made a salad with a lot of leafy green vegetables in it as well as other ingredients such as slices of tomatoes. I pick up a short section of a large even branch from the ground which has seemingly been sawed on both ends. It is a little less than the diameter of my arm. (We do have a short log in our yard in reality but it is bigger than the piece in my dream.) I put the salad on the branch (though I think of it as a small log in my dream) and hold it onto the branch piece with the curved piece of wood (which fits halfway around the circumference of the branch) over all of it. I notice that the wood piece has three screws on it which are aligned to three holes in the branch (one near each side and one in the middle). By tightening the screws, the salad will be kept in place on the surface of the branch by the curved piece of wood until it is ready to be eaten. I notice a small jumping spider crawling up the side of the branch and shake it off - as people will probably not buy it if it has a spider on the salad. (I have found that the term “salad log” exists, so maybe there is a vague association, though I do not recall thinking of this term at any previous time.)

      In another section of possibly a different dream sequence, I am doing something involving the usage of postage stamps while sitting on a bed, which seem to have to be American postage stamps to do what I need to do, but there is one point where I cannot find them again (which does not make much sense as I had just seen them previously, having had at least a couple near me). I seem to be in my sister’s house on Loomis Street and am possibly a teenager again. I am not exactly sure of what I am doing. It may relate to drawing or tracing. At one point, I am standing in a featureless semi-dark room and hug my sister and tell her that I love her even though I am also aware to some extent that she has died in reality. She seems very old and frail. There is some sort of concern about where certain stamps are. I pick various foreign ones off the floor at one point. They seem to be kept in a few different smaller cylindrical containers. My sister talks about them but is not sure of their location.

      In another part of my dream sequence, I am in a large room with several other people. Many of the people are unknown and of different races. We are all watching “Lost” on a television. However, it is a later version of “Lost”, yet which is a drama concerning earlier situations on the island. Over time, I notice that John Locke is not being played by Terry O'Quinn but a much younger actor. I notice that he has face paint of black and red (and yellow at one point), the black paint being mostly on his forehead and coming down to just below his eyes. He is amusingly dressed and speaking like a stereotypical pirate for some reason and says “Rrrrrr…” at the end of at least one comment he makes. I am a bit annoyed by this version of “Lost” having the same characters but played by different actors, my annoyance growing over time, which I express to the others. I even look it up on the Internet in-dream to see who the actor is that now plays John Locke. However, I cannot remember the original actor’s name and become a bit frustrated over knowing when the different actor took over the role. I see that there is a (fictional) eighth season of “Lost” and possibly more beyond that. In fact, the eighth season seems to have been the last one to star Terry O'Quinn, the plot of the last episode of season eight seeming to relate to Kate and John becoming lost.

      Finally, I am at my older brother (deceased) Earl’s house. I do not see him, but his wife Cindy is there. There are a lot of other people in the room including their children and unknown younger people. I am annoyed because Cindy is blocking my way to the front door (even though we are more near the center of the living room near a large table) but I do not show my frustration. I had taken a couple vitamins that are more like headache tablets and there is white powder on the table which I am trying to put back into a capsule or at least elsewhere. (I have never been able to willingly swallow pills of any kind in my life, even very small ones, so I crush headache tablets up into white powder and put them in a drink when I need to take them although I more often use a form of special meditation to erase one when I can.)

      In one final dream event, an unknown male knocks on the door and seems to have something important to tell me. However, it soon turns out to be nonsense (which I cannot remember) and he becomes distracted, going elsewhere. This was slightly precognitive in that we actually did have a rare visitor shortly after but he left fairly quickly after knocking. He went to the next house over and was probably selling pay television subscriptions or possibly Internet-related services.