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    1. February 21, 2018 Non-Lucid

      by , Today at 07:13 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I was in this cafeteria room. There was this place to fill up on drinks so I was putting this pitcher under a dispenser for chocolate milk, I think the brand was Hershey's. Some really tall guy comes up to me and starts asking me questions. Apparently this person was really famous. He starts ranting about how they make this chocolate milk and even brings me over to this lunch table with some guys I know and is ranting. He points up to the wall at some point and also asks me about Hershey's pointing at this package of chocolate. I think I accidentally got some lemonade in my drink at some point so I needed to pour it out but I didn't want to look wasteful so I didn't.

      Another dream I was in this house that had this giant theater room. It was sort of like a sleep over with a bunch of guys there, some from my fraternity and others from my hometown. They were making fun of me for some reason but I was also making them laugh. There were people playing video games and we were transported to this massive battlefield in the game. My raid leader Xun was playing a match as we were watching. He was trying to quick scope people with a semi-automatic gun like a G3. He was hitting some people but also getting killed. I think I had played at some point.

      The sleepover ends and we're deciding to go on a vacation with my family. So we get in a car and are transported to this snowy neighborhood which looked to me like KC. I think we had a night out or something and everyone got really drunk except for my mom who ended up driving us back home over night. Other things happened in the snowy neighborhood I just can't really remember.

      My last dream I was in Super Mario 64. My friend Matt d. was showing me a speed run strategy. It started by running and diving into the moat. He was swimming around holding his breath trying to find a key that looked like an iPhone headphone adapter. He gets it and jumps up onto this weird series of platforms that had trees on it and a little hut. He jumps way up there and is collecting a bunch of coins. Then he jumps into a white wall next to a blue shimmering portal and strange music starts to play. He's now inside the castle in the underground running around.

      Eventually we're outside again. We go over to this massive tree that has a title over it but I forget the name something like "the grand tree." We go inside and my grandmother is in there so now we're talking to her. A storm starts to approach and this tree is now just a tent that is flapping and ripping. I ask her how she lives in here during storms but she reassures me it works. She points to a small room in the back of the tent that opens up and is safer during storms but It just seems like this tent is ripping away.
    2. February 20, 2018 Non-Lucid

      by , Yesterday at 07:10 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      The earliest dream I remember was at my dad's old house. We were inside his living room and there were dogs everywhere. His dog Charlie was laying on top of Simon and we were laughing at that. We go into our driveway and across the street to the neighbors house. Out front is Mike Pence and his wife. I look down and apparently I'm wearing a Mike Pence shirt. We all go up and introduce ourselves to them.

      Walking back across the street I see the garage is open and dark. I know this place is haunted in some way. I'm waiting for something scary to happen but it doesn't. Other things happen in the dream but I remember I had left and then come back to the front porch. On the front porch is my dad and sister talking.

      Another dream I'm at my friend Nate's house but it's really someone else's house. I'm there with a bunch of people in this one room doing a raid boss for WoW. We spend about 10 minutes on this fight where at the beginning two orbs make a lightning pathway and then the rest of the people need to find a path around it sort of like snake. We realize the two people leading the orbs really messed it up so we have to start all over. I get up and say that we're going to take a break. People go off into other rooms doing things. Some take showers and I know I'm trying to take one as well. Sam and I sort of fight for one and then he tells me I can and I tell him he can.

      At some point Korri is driving over to her house which is in Castle Wood and I'm tempted to ask her to stop at my mom's house so that I can shower and pick up some clothing. We stop at her place and I can see these two guys in front of me dressing up in shirts and ties but the ties are really messy and they're complaining. I laugh at little but know I need to get ready for this New Year's Celebration.

      I'm not sure about the timeline to the other dreams but I was ultimately trying to get to this New Year's celebration. The scene was over by the KC apartments but there were bars set up and this river/jungle to the right. We were walking by the bars and someone suggested these places, I was reading each of their signs aloud. One was to the right and purple inside. Eventually we're in the different bars. At one bar there were people in clusters under this roof over a bar where a bartender was serving drinks. I think I was trying to help someone talk to a girl or vice versa, I'm not really sure but we were going in between clusters of people having conversation and it got hostile at some point.

      The last dream I was in this arcade place with some of my friends. We are sitting at this table when I see this skim ball game. Someone hands me a ball and I start rolling it up the ramp into the holes. There are a bunch of balls on the ramp in the way so sometimes I hit those and sometimes I hit the top of the cage. People behind me are cheering as I'm making a lot of balls into holes and especially the hard to get ones. I win the game and actually set the record for most points at 175. I keep telling people I couldn't believe it happened. I'm walking over to other games to see what they do. One of the games is set up where there's a platform and then a ball pit under it with a bunch of obstacles in the air. On the other side of the obstacles is this hoop that has a foam green fist stuck facing downwards and the object is to push it through. Will Ferrell is there trying to play the game with someone else. Eventually it does go through and a secret slot opens up on the left side of the game.

      Behind the cabinet was a white cartoon bunny face and below that was a flashing orange button. He pressed it and another secret slot opens up and gives him the options of two prizes. They were both some sort of currency and I was confused because I thought he was going to win some sort of stuffed animal. Another game I saw was this flash game like the superhero where you literally put on red shoes and try to run really fast into the game to beat it. I saw my step brother Alex trying to play the game.

      At the end of the dream I walked over to my friends where Sam Bahar and Sam's brother Jake were hanging out and talking. Sam was making a joke and I was watching on a laptop inspirational videos. I remember feeling really awkward like I couldn't contribute to the conversation.
    3. February 8, 2018 Non-Lucid

      by , 02-09-2018 at 12:28 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      My morning dream was sort of stressful. In the dream I had to keep waking up for class. Originally, I had to wake up pretty early at around 5am or so. I was at my high school or middle school (i think they were combined in the dream) in the gym area. Attached to the gym area was a bedroom that I was staying in. It was very similar to my IRL bedroom. I was in and out of it going outside and seeing a lot of traffic on the road in front of the school. In my room, I was talking to my friend Sam h about something. My room was very large and open. There were these metal beams high up in the room. There were these steps in the top left corner of the room that led up to a window showing white light. My friend Mason was also hitting me up on my phone, texting me something like "I doubt you're awake but..." and I responded telling him that I had been awake for a long time for something. He suggests we go to McDonald's for breakfast though I don't think we got there. There was a room in the gym that had bunk beds. I was laying in the top of one and he was poking me in my leg which was disturbing. He was with this girl krista w. from my school. They were being very obnoxious together.

      My nap dream was a little strange. I was at my buddy Moo's parents house. He nor his parents were home yet, I was the only one there. The idea was they were going to come home. I also had the idea that I was stoned. I was in the upstairs part of his house which looked like a kitchen where his dad's room was. I was jumping and rolling around the kitchen, bouncing off the ground. It seemed I was also in my guild voice chat and one guy was quitting for some reason. I was just listening along.

      Eventually, I was alone lying on the ground when I was frozen. They have two weiner dogs IRL so I had my eyes closed but could feel the dogs jumping and licking on me as I was on the floor. Moo and his mom come in and we talk. At some point I'm in his game room and there's this large bed on there. My head was facing the front of the house as I was lying on the bed. Then, I was shocked frozen. My eyes were open but I could not move a single muscle. It seemed there was this powerful energy in the room. This sounds weird, but it looked like a girl but in my mind it had no gender. It was standing to the right of the bed.
    4. February 7, 2018 Non Lucid/Frags

      by , 02-07-2018 at 06:57 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      First dream I'm at richmond race track. Weird because I had a dream I was on the outside of it looking from a distance in my previous entry. I was watching from the middle of the track, floating and seeing cars race and crash into each other. I was also in the stands at some point. I might've also been in one of the viewing boxes too.

      Another dream I was in the parking lot of either a Walmart or Target with my friend Moo. We were talking about making the perfect song. I was flipping through songs on my phone looking for inspiration. I was also flipping through Ableton in different programs looking for the right sounds. I was hearing dubstep sounds as well as really high sounds. I was able to whip out a keyboard in front of me. I was playing very high notes and it sounded something like a Louis the Child song.

      I see Moo start to walk into the store so I follow him in. There are a bunch of people walking in and out pushing shopping carts. I see someone with a jug of mountain dew which makes me want to go look for one. We're walking in the store in different aisles. Eventually we end up on the second floor and I tell my buddy sam h. to look for this expansion of a game. We're looking and can't find it, but he keeps showing me these super hero games and is trying to get me to buy them, but I wont, specifically the hulk.

      We end up back upstairs and I think my mom is now with us. There are different sections blocked off so we can only go in certain patterns around the second floor. Suddenly, giant purple birds appear in the air above us, creating some sort of line with their wings standing side by side. They slowly start to swoop down which causes us to jump down off the ledge onto the first floor.
    5. February 5, 2018 Non-Lucid

      by , 02-05-2018 at 07:20 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      The earliest dream I remember I was in Charlottesville over by the chipotle/taco bell but instead of those places it was a very empty parking lot with a Burger King. It seemed to be very early in the morning, about 3am or so. I was there trying to order food, I think eventually I did.

      Later on in that dream I'm in this building. It was sort of like a base, it seemed to me to be almost like a summer camp in a way. We were inside in this hallway that on one end had doors to lead outside and on the other side had stairs that led downstairs to this open area that had an arcade in it. I was part of a squadron of people, mostly guys from my high school. I was wearing goggles that were video recording everything I was seeing or doing. We were planning some sort of mission and I was walking around to each person and video taping them through the goggles that were higher up than my eyes but I somehow could still shift between the goggles and my own eyes. At some point I passed this girl in our group and all of the guys started to look amazed at her because the idea was she never dressed up or put on makeup or something like that so everyone was astonished to see she had done so. She was wearing full camo and had a buzz cut hair cut, I believe she was sitting down. She might've had blue eyes.

      As i'm doing this down the stairs, I turn around and see a big drill sergeant dude barking orders at my friend Sam H. The guy looked sort of like my forensics accounting professor, had a shaved head and was very strong. He was being sort of a dick to Sam and Sam wasn't taking any of it. He started to talk back and the drill sergeant threatened to beat him up. I got a dream feeling like "oh shit now we've done it, we're in trouble" that I rarely if ever get IRL. I run up next to Sam and say "so you're just going to solve all of your problems with violence huh?" That really ticked off the guy. Several other people from our group started standing next to us. We knew we were gonna take some heavy damage but if we all worked together we'd take the guy on. He jumped at us and threw us all into the arcade place. We were busting machines left and right. A couple of guys got him on the ground and I managed to get in a couple of quick hits before he threw everyone off. The dream ended.

      My last dream I was out in the country. There was a river that flowed underneath a bridge and then an old house that was sort of like a castle. The river went under the bridge and flowed right next to a back entrance into the house. I'm in the house on the top floor trying to find a key. I was going to go to some sort of river ride or something and I needed a key to make sure I didn't lock myself out of the house. I'm looking around and can't find it. Eventually, I'm outside walking next to the river on the left. There are barns and houses in the distance. I see people are taking care of cattle and some are playing in the water. I'm walking next to the river when I see a couple discussing something. Apparently it was like some sort of commercial about stds and the girl is telling the guy she has some sort of disease. I was in the water searching for the key when I decide to go back to the house. Walking up the stairs, I take the place of a girl who thought she had gotten a disease from someone else, specifically the random guy that I roomed with when I studied in China. Then I realized I was a guy and that story made no sense to me.

      I was checking behind doors looking for the key. Each door lead to an empty room or closet. I opened one and behind it was a dirty closet, and I could barely make out this little rat person thing. It was hard to explain but pretty much it was the size of a cat or dog but looked like a bald person. It was weeping in the corner behind a piece of wood that was leaning up against the wall.

      Suddenly, a giant rat jumped from out of the back of the closet and I went flying backwards, landing on my bed. Now, I was in my bed that I was sleeping in IRL, but I could hear this terrifying growling noise. I'm lying down and looking up I can barely see this giant rat at the end of my bed. He was facing sideways but was watching me. The growling was loud, and every time I tried to get up or stretch to get a better look, the rat would growl even louder and act like he was going to pounce at any moment. Eventually I get the courage to get up and the rat attacks me, but I'm able to throw it off. I look back in that closet but am very nervous that another rat is gonna be there. At the end of the dream I look down on a desk in the middle of the attic and see a key sitting there.
    6. The Destruction of the Ring

      by , 05-30-2017 at 03:53 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 05-19

      The Destruction of the Ring

      I am in a strange place but I don’t really have time to look around and see where I am because I am under attack. I am surrounded by a large battle, there are orcs and humans fighting all around. I was being attacked by orcs, so I formed my right arm into an Alex Mercer blade and started cutting them down as they came at me. There were also other enemies attacking, evil looking humans, trolls, Uruk Hai, and I could see large bat-like things flying in the sky, those were no doubt the Nazgul. I also see there are numerous people that seem to be fighting against the orcs, though things are happening too quickly for me to recognize anyone. So I just keep fighting, dodging aside when a troll tries to nail me with a huge club. I jump up onto the club and go right up to the troll and use my Alex Mercer blade to remove its head. I look around and see there are so many enemies coming from all directions that I don’t see how we can possibly win. I then think that the only way these enemies are going to fall is if the One Ring is destroyed. Which Frodo is trying to do… but in the book he needed help… But how do I get to Mount Doom in time? I look up and I see someone using energy attacks on a Ring Wraith, it’s MoSh up there kicking Ring Wraith butt! I watch that for a bit but then I’m being attacked by an orc that needs to have its head removed.

      I start running towards the huge gate of Mordor, though I know there isn’t a chance I can run all of the way to Mount Doom. As I am running and cutting my way through enemies I see a small shape on the ground running with me. I look down and see Pikachu keeping pace with me. He is right under me when he transforms into the Blue Eyes White Dragon, and now I am sitting on the back of a dragon and streaking towards Mount Doom, Pikachu wipes out some enemies with a blast of lightning as we go. And then we are soaring over Mordor, I can see Mount Doom smoking and I can see the red eye at the top of the tower that Sauron uses to survey everything, but not everything all at once, he is watching the battle I just left. Pikachu carries me directly to Mount Doom and I get off on a path that leads to a cave. I follow that and see I have gotten there just in time. Frodo is standing at the edge of a drop into lava, and he is right now announcing the ring is his. He disappears from sight.

      Sam is calling to Frodo, I call to him as well. I use my Penticon chip to switch to infrared vision so I can see Frodo even though he is invisible. I tell Sam to stay calm, I can see Frodo. The ground is shaking as if Frodo’s proclamation has shaken the foundations of Mordor. I approach Frodo, he says to stay away, the ring is his. I say of course it is, I sure don’t want it, but he’s been hurt, and I want to heal him. I can tell he doesn’t believe me, so I focus on the song Touch My Heart right now to send light energy through Frodo. After the energy flows through him Frodo looks disoriented. He looks around but doesn’t stop me when I reach him and pull the ring from his finger. He grabs it from me and says he will do what he came to do, and he throws the ring into the fire. Now it definitely seems this volcano is about to blow its top. All three of us get quickly out of the chamber in the volcano and make our way down the slope a short ways. Frodo says this looks like the end, Sam says I seem to come and go whenever I want, why can’t I just take them with me? I say there is no need… they’ve got a ride on the way. They both look puzzled, and I point into the sky where three small specks are approaching. Those are eagles, and they’re on their way to take you to safety. The eagles fly closer and now Frodo and Sam see them, and they have clearly spotted us. But as they are diving in to pick us up everything fades and I wake up.
    7. The Healing of Sméagol

      by , 05-24-2017 at 05:13 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 05-19

      The Healing of Sméagol

      I am on a rocky path at the top of a very steep stairway, almost like a ladder. I see Frodo and Sméagol off to the side whispering about something while Sam is trying to pull himself up the last few steps to flat ground. I reach down and give Sam a hand, helping him up the last couple steps. Frodo and Sam both want a break, Sméagol wants to keep going. I ask Sméagol if he wouldn’t like some food first. He says he is starving, but can’t eat nasty food from the elves. I tell him I can give him a nice, big, juicy fish… Sméagol drools a bit so I have my Penticon computer function as a Star Trek replicator and I replicate a large fresh trout. I hand Sméagol the fish and he seems as happy as a dog with a bone and tears into the fish raw, much to Sam’s disgust.

      I ask what Sam wants. He sarcastically answers, saying he wants a big bowl of beef stew with lots of fresh vegetables and potatoes and a big hunk of fresh bread with butter and an apple tart for dessert and a pint of good ale to wash it all down. I can tell he is not really expecting it, so I welcome him to the only five star inn of Mordor, The Flying Raven. I have my Penticon replicate exactly what he asked for on a small table for easier eating. I ask what Frodo wants, he just says he can’t remember the taste of good food any longer. I hesitate, then replicate the same thing for him as Sam asked for. Sam stares in shock for a bit and then starts eating. Frodo eats as well, and says he is grateful, but doesn’t seem to get any enjoyment out of the meal like Sam clearly does. After they’re done eating I ask how much water they have. Sam says not much, can I create that, too? Yes. I take their water skins and use the Harry Potter spell Aguamenti to fill them both with fresh cool water. Sam says he’s never even seen Gandalf create food and drink like that! We continue on our way and finally come to a tunnel. In there is where I will have to heal Sméagol, I’ll do it in there so it will be less likely to be seen by enemies.

      I follow everyone into the tunnel, which smells like all of the worst things I have ever smelled all rolled into one. The passages are dark, but I can see with my night vision. I follow until there is a fork in the tunnel and neither Frodo nor Sam know which way to go. Frodo calls out to Sméagol but there is no answer. Then the thing starts coming out of the dark passage. A huge spider, coming straight for the two hobbits. It’s Shelob. I go right up to the big ugly spider and, in a commanding tone, tell her that under no circumstances is she to lay fang or stinger or web on either of those two hobbits. No go back to your lair and you can feed later. Shelob stops, seems to consider briefly or maybe resist obeying, but then disappears quickly back down the passage. I tell the hobbits to go ahead, and when they reach the wall of web to cut it with Sting, I have to go find Sméagol. Sam says he wants to pay Gollum back for his treachery, I tell him that’s not the idea at all and head off down a different passage to find Sméagol.

      I leave the hobbits and go deeper into the caves, just trusting my instinct to lead me to Sméagol. The smell is getting so bad that I want to vomit, I wonder how Sméagol can stand it. I find him near an exit to the outside, looking out through a passage. I approach him, and he says I’m nasty and I’m ruining everything before retreating back into the caves. I follow him and catch up with him in a larger chamber. I focus on the song Touch My Heart from the Devil Hunter Yohko soundtrack. Light energy fills the chamber and flows through Sméagol. After it’s done he looks disoriented, but not harmed. I follow that up by using Of Wolf and Man by Metallica. “I feel a change, back to a better day. Shape shift, hair stands on the back of my neck! Shape shift, in wildness is the preservation of the world, so seek the wolf in thyself!” The energy again surrounds Sméagol, this time his physical form changes into a form that could only be a hobbit. He looks very surprised and confused. He asks what has happened. I feel like I am about to wake up. I tell Sméagol not to worry, I’m going to disappear but I will be back as fast as I can. Everything fades as I wake.
    8. October 11 2016 Dreams

      by , 10-12-2016 at 09:50 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      It's been a while since I've said anything. I think maybe I'm afraid of going back to lucid.

      I'm in a bed which I think is in Aspen in an open room. There's an opening with a balcony on the left. I can hear someone who I think is having sex through the wall. They end up finishing up and on the right is another open walkway where I see Grayson and a random girl. She leaves and then he brags about getting oral or something.

      Separate dream I'm on the beach with some of my pledge brothers and I think it's stations night. There's snakes going in the ocean and out and going along the beach. I'm frantically running around trying to dodge them. In my mind it's a competition to see who can last the longest. It's not just us avoiding them but also eating them in waves. I'm throwing them up at a disgusting rate, the ocean is an ornagish tan from all the throwup. Eventually someone tells me to quit and I do.

      My vision goes to gravel road w/ fields on the left and right at about dusk. It leads into a house where I see Hayden. We're in this room with too much stacked furniture and a blackboard on the other side. He doesn't notice I'm there. He's rehearsing speech for stations with writing on the board. He's going to let them decide and at some point he writes "worst" in blood.

      Possibly connected. I'm watching this scene of Sam and some really attarctive burnette who I assume is a girlfriend. They're no the ground him on top of her. She takes her lingerie to bare chest and he starts kissing her breasts. Randomly, they get into an argument and it turns out they were on the phone the whole time having phone sex. They hang up. I'm on the phone with him now as he sits in his chair and I'm laying on the ground in front but I'm unseeable. I ask him what's on his boxer briefs which looked like 2 red pills. He tells me they were lube and then made a gesture rubbing his crotch.

      I'm in a futuristic and dark city which I think is Harrisonburg with tall skyscrapers. I'm going back to my room or something for a pregame. I go up spiral stairs and in this small circle room is a path with blue lights that go right. There's 2 girls dressed in white tennis uniforms saying that tennis has a party tonight. I say that's cool and then tell them our party's at bung which I say is far and they laugh as another girl walks in on the right. I go left to a room which is circular with a tall ceiling and more orange and blue lights. In the middle is a tall smooth oval table. Around it are people I don't remember and shot glasses. I look right and ask to everyone "is Syndra coming tonight"? I was talking about this asian girl to the right of me who has ruffled hair and giggling at me. she takes a shot of some random pink alcohol that has sprinkles on it. I remember thinking she didn't speak any English at all.
    9. #261 - My kid got upset / The Matrix

      by , 08-11-2016 at 08:25 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - My kid got upset
      I'm in Mitre 10 Mega, my friend works here and I think I was visiting him. My daughter is in a pram and she is resting, I see my friend and we start chatting. Some people try to get past him and since he's a klutz he ends up stumbling over his words and himself, he knocks the pram I think which sets my daughter off screaming and crying like he had just hurt her really badly. I get angry at my friend and punch him in the face, knocking him to the ground. I go to get my daughter and look after her, cradling her to make sure she's ok while making soothing hushing sounds. This dream was really stressful, when I woke up I was really hot which is why I had the nightmare... I always have nightmares when I'm too hot at night >_<

      Dream 2 - The Matrix
      This dream was pretty cool towards the end.. I'm both watching and participating in the movie 'The Matrix'. Though the scenes don't resemble anything in the movie really. First off I'm in a kitchen, it's almost like a dinner party with the people around in nice dresses and clothes. There's an evil lady that enters the kitchen, she's the big bad boss or something.

      I'm now in a room, kneeling on a mat like in traditional Japan with a small wooden table in front of me, separating me and my friend Daniel. It's dark with the only light seeming to be a dark blue that looks like it's given off from a static TV, though I can't see any. Next thing I know we're watching the Matrix again and there's a fight scene, though I am the person fighting... We enter a special electronic futuristic dojo, like some kind of Tron biker race meets X-Men training simulator type room with just me and this dude facing off. We attack each other doing crazy bad ass flips with inhuman capabilities, like there's no gravity or something.
    10. #236 - Bad recall

      by , 04-29-2016 at 09:36 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Finished my first week at work, ended up sleeping heavily this morning.

      Dream fragments
      -Something about a cellphone
      -A party, my friend Sam is there and I greet him

      I figured writing something up is better than nothing, even though it's some pretty terribad recall O_O.
      Tags: cellphone, party, sam
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    11. #219 - Plane-jack / Sex lucid

      by , 04-01-2016 at 11:28 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - Plane-jack
      I remember being in the sky flying a plane, there's some context about the Joker (from Batman) being a terrorist. There was another plane or two on my side, I think a black guy was the leader of the troupe and he seemed reminiscent of an actual comic character. I think I shot down a couple planes, and then swooped in to land at the airport. It was chaos here because of all the planes getting shot down nearby, I was now the Joker too. I hid my face a bit just in case the security recognized me and snuck out of the building.

      Dream 2 - Sex lucid
      I was in a house, I seem to remember having sex (non-lucid) and then progressing into the dream a bit more. I walked into a business meeting room with a large oval table and some nice looking chairs seated around it. There was a blonde lady in here which I approached and hooked up with. As this happened I realized I was dreaming, but I had the feeling that by becoming more aware I would wake myself up due to the precarious instability associated with sex-lucids. But it wasn't stable enough regardless and I felt myself wake up, though it was probably a FA. When I woke up I saw next to me my friend Sam, asleep. I woke up properly a while later to let my cat out I think.
      lucid , non-lucid
    12. #171 - fast food

      by , 12-04-2015 at 02:20 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream - Fast food
      Me and my friends Sam, Daniel and Matt all go into a Burger King to get some food. My friends sit at a table and I head over to the cashier to see what's on the menu. I look up, hmm... There's a big burger that comes with fries, a frozen coke, and another drink. It looks so good, it's basically just a really meaty burger with bbq sauce and bacon in it. I ask if I can have that one, it's supposed to be an 'instant meal' as well so I don't have to wait for it to be cooked. The person I ask takes me over to an area near where my friends a sitting and opens a lid into a food container showing me the food they have. It's full of roasted ribs and other meaty foods, but no burgers! What's the meaning of this? Apparently they can't make me my meal :/ I don't get a proper explanation as to why either.. My friends are all eating this food, but I really don't like the look of it.

      Dream experience: 2 (wasn't that good)
      Dream awareness: 0

      Usually I never eat fast food so I don't know why I'm dreaming about it?
      Every time I woke up last night I wouldn't be able to remember my dreams. I only recalled this one last night and barely.
    13. #170 - Fried chicken

      by , 12-02-2015 at 08:06 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream - Fried chicken
      I'm in a mall food court in line for a McDonalds/KFC with my friends Matt, Sam and Daniel. I can't spend too much money here, so I go to order my food and decide on some assortment of fried chicken bits. I have the food in front of me and it's arranged so as to allow the optimal amount of chicken in the box. I twirl some of it around and I'm impressed . The lady I got the food from at the checkout was a fat samoan who I started singing with. It was some sort of joke between us, we're singing a song we made up called 'What are you'. It was about the kid in front of me in the line who we couldn't tell if it was a boy or a girl.
      "What are youuuu" she sings in a high voice, and I sing back in a high voice too.
      The family of the kid looks at us confused . I've now got an all you can eat buffet, I was supposed to save my money >_<. I think to myself that I should just share with my friends.
      "What are yoouuuuouuuuu" we sing again... My friends got some healthier looking food from the food place next to the one I was at, this confuses me as I thought they were getting fried chicken too. I walk on over to them and sing "What are youuu" in a high pitch voice again, I really can't hit the notes as my voice just can't go that high. Why am I singing in public? Usually I would never sing in public. I reach my friends and sit with them, they have a big boal in front of them which I think looks like chicken caesar salad. It has a bottom layer of rice with lettuce and chicken on top. They offer me some and I pick up a piece of chicken, "dude don't just go eating all the chicken, there isn't much" I understand this because it's late at night and the shops are closing up, they don't have much chicken left.

      Dream experience: 3 (a fun time singing)
      Dream awareness: 1 (not aware enough to be lucid)
    14. #145 - violent iguanas

      by , 10-31-2015 at 10:20 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      Dream - Violent Iguanas
      I'm by a farm fence that runs next to the road. It's me, Sam, and a couple others who have come here to steal something from a building that's just beyond the fence down a small slope. Me and Sam hop the fence onto the grass field on the other side. The other 2 guys with us hand us some equipment. Hmm, this won't do... There's too much stuff and the bags are already filled with the stuff we're trying to steal? (we were trying to steal ice, and possibly biscuits). Sam goes ahead with his share of the gear while I contemplate how to lighten the load. I unpack the plastic bags and decide to leave a couple boxes, there's way more than we need. Suddenly I look up and see my friend Sam running back up the hill. Uh oh, he's been discovered and is making a break for it. I turn and bolt alongside him, the other 2 guys don't need to run apparently because they haven't done anything. Me and Sam head onto the main road and keep running, there's an old lady sprinting after us (I saw her at the gym yesterday, I was amazed at how such an old person could work out like that O_O). I'm much faster than my friend and he's already running out of stamina... The old lady is really fit and is slowly catching up with single-minded intensity. How the hell? She's going to catch my friend, I could leave him with my speed but I don't want to, if he goes down then I won't let him go through it alone. I stop running and the lady catches up, there's no point wasting more energy. She talks to us and tells us to follow, leading us back to the building we had been about to rob. We're at the top of a stone staircase by the grass field that leads into an animal sanctuary (which is apparently what the building is for). "Do you like iguana?" she asks.
      "Uhh yeah I guess so?" I respond, not really sure what she wants.
      We're walking down the steps now, "We have a new male iguana arriving today" she says. I think to myself that it doesn't feel like she wants to punish us, hasn't she called the police? I get the feeling she's offering us a chance to do something with our lives maybe. We turn left at the bottom of the steps, it's almost like the area has become enclosed like we're in a building but there's these dense trees and shrubs as the walls? On the left is an exhibit for iguanas. Wow, they're huge! Maybe 1-2m long? I focus on two that are walking along the same branch, I get the feeling there is about 2 more somewhere in the background. It's almost like these iguana aren't even iguana, they have a kind of monkey-like head with a bony looking cranium with ridges. One of the iguana shoots its tongue at the behind of the other iguana, latching onto it. Is this some kind of mating ritual? I'm watching what's going on intently now. The iguana that has been latched onto seems to want to get away? It turns around and is face to face with the other iguana that has caught up... SMASH!
      What in the hell?!?! The iguana that shot its tongue out just head butt the other iguana. SMASH! SMASH! SMASH! Over and over it repeatedly rams its head into the skull of the other iguana, of which collapses and caves in on the last hit. It goes limp and falls off the branch. Whoa. I'm in a bit of shock after watching that. Its head is lying against the glass of the enclosure we were watching through. The old lady walks up and calmly inspects its head. She starts playing around with it, tinkering almost. Is she going to save it? But it's already dead? She opens up its skull and there's blood and brain, so gross. I think I ask her if she can fix it, and she responds saying that she might be able to.

      1 more night and then I'll have my exam, just focusing mostly on getting a good sleep atm so my recall isn't that great.
    15. #141 - Hime / Skateboarding / Plane ride / Class

      by , 10-27-2015 at 11:29 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      Slept from 10:30pm - 8:15am, I think I was pretty tired from getting used to ADA and meditation + studying for exams.

      Last night I found it hard recalling dreams, I had to really sit there and think for a while. My dreams were also very vivid, so much detail which I think may be a result of practicing ADA.

      Dream 1 - Hime
      A called this dream Hime, because in my dream it meant 'home' in another language. I felt like I was in a foreign country like Switzerland or the Netherlands maybe. I remember being outside a house and looking at a letterbox with 'Hime' on it, there was a warm and welcoming middle-aged lady who smiled cheerfully at me. This was her home. I think there was also something sex related, as I remember it talking about safe-sex and giving out a few packets of condoms. The scenery was blanketed in white snow too, this dream was surprisingly clear and vivid but I couldn't recall much.

      Dream fragment - I may have been an assassin, it was quite a brief dream snippet but I just get the feeling it was related to assassins.

      Dream 2 - Skateboarding
      I remember skateboarding in this dream and it was AMAZING. I don't skate in RL but this was awesome. It's like some kind of skating track in the hills, with jagged schistose rocks (like greyschist) around. Along the course were these tunnels too. I was at the beginning of the course with a couple friends, Sam and Aaron. There's some fragment about a plane at this point but I can't recall what. I go onto the course first, I'm skating down this narrow dirt track that shouldn't be able to accommodate a skateboard. There's all these jutting rocks that you have to dodge on your way down. The first tunnel comes up and I duck, gliding into the darkness then shooting out the other side. 'This is incredible!' I think to myself, I really want to video it and show it to my girlfriend. I slow down slightly so I can fumble around in my pockets to get my phone out. Zoom! Through another tunnel and out the other side. It's too hard to start videoing whilst skating so I stop now and move off to the side so I can set it up. My friends catch up, and decide to stop and wait up for me too. We sit off on the site in the grass on top of a jutting rock outcrop. My friend Aaron says he's going to make tea from some plants for later (like we're supposed to be gathering our own supplies or something). I look at the plants he's looking at and touch one, it looks like a stinging nestle. God damn it. Remembering my past experience with them I wonder if I should warn him, though after touching it I don't think it is a stinging nestle. The other is a small Kowhai. Both of these are only 30cm tall max. He says he doesn't know what the leaves are but they should work . Looking down the route a bit more I see some other people, I recall seeing them at the start. One had a distinctive fake-looking black afro and pimply white skin and acts like a very bro kind of dude. They're probably about 50 metres away, I think the scene slightly changed as the area is bigger than before with a grass field nearby with a couple trees on it. In the distance there's a vast looking landscape with mountains. Further up the skating route I spot Sam's younger brother, Laurence. He's here with his mates it seems. I think me and my mates walked down on the grass and one of the guys passes by heading towards Laurence's crowd, he makes a remark towards me "Oh look the planes coming down!" sarcastically pointing at a plane in the sky. He continues walking and as I look up I notice that suddenly the plane is actually in trouble. It looks like one of the wings has broken off (it's a small plane). I sprint forward keeping an eye on the plane, it'll maybe crash about a 5-20 minute run away (it seemed far away and at times it seemed close)? I don't know if I'll be the first on the scene but I have to try something. I decide to head to the building on the grass near me, it's blocked the view of the plane from the others so I'm the only one who knows it's crashing. I rushing in and opena door into hallway. At the end I spot a woman drinking a cup of coffee unaware of the crashing plane. I turn left and out of another door onto the backyard. Looking up I spot the part of the plane that had fallen off, it's about 50m in the air and being blown about by the wind. I keep running, it's heading in my direction and crashes near me. I think about how the lady inside must be shocked. I look up at the plane, it falls out of sight beyond an edge on the hill I'm on. I sprint faster and come to the edge - fwoop! Off the edge I go, it was apparently a cliff? I manage to reach an arm out and grab hold of the ledge, hanging by one arm over a huge fall... It must be about a 500m fall into a forest. The ledge I'm hanging from is slightly undercut, I imagine that it will start crumbing under my weight soon unless I hurry up. I reach my right arm up and grab the ledge, trying distribute my weight a bit. I shuffle my left arm forward and get my elbow on, good, this should be okay now...
      Uh oh, I spot a crack in the wall as I lift my head above the edge, I have to hurry, it starts crumbling and giving way like loose sand. I'm a goner now, I know I'll die so I just decide to wake up instead.

      Dream 3 - Plane ride
      I'm in a plane with my friend Daniel and then later on I'm at his house. I go into the kitchen and his dad is there. We're all talking and I mention something about it being nice to have been able to catch a plane with a friend for a change instead of going alone. He says that we never caught a plane together... What?! I'm sure we did, but as I think about it I realize that I must have just dreamed about it . I don't become aware that I'm still dreaming though . I think I had been messaging my girlfriend on skype and then she called me. We had been talking about finally being able to meet up this holidays. She crying on the phone, we probably can't meet up this holiday anymore as she wants to spend time with her granddad who is dying from cancer. She says something like "Nothing is too good to wait for 3 months" - which translated to meaning if we love each other we can handle waiting another 3 months. Damn it. There's also a bunch of background noise going on, I notice vividly the sounds going on... Her voice, her crying, the sound of Lord of the Rings playing on the TV at her house, the sound of cars zooming past as if she was also outside. Even the subtle conversation of my friend and his dad behind me.

      Dream 4 - Class
      Another vivid dream from last night, which I forgot most of ... I remember being in my home village but I think it's related to having some kind of skill/power and it leads me to getting placed in a special educational class for the gifted. In this class I sit at the back left of the room next to the wall. The teacher at the front is teaching us random stuff, it feels like some kind of manga story-line progression where I can tell what the future plot line is supposed to be. The author doesn't know a great deal of science so the learning is restricted to basic stuff at first but later on advances to some serious chemistry. The classmates I have aren't all human I think, I remember one girl had the skin around her lips kind of pulled back so her teeth were exposed. It wasn't creepy looking though, just 'normal' in this dream world I guess. I remember some kind of alien joins the class, not seriously at first but something happens and he wants to join the team. He sits at his desk to the right of me and I notice him writing out a list of alien names in four columns about 5 names long in each column. He's a poison master which is apparently quite rare and powerful. Everyone has to turn their desks now, I'm now in the front row (we turned to the left). The teacher is now in the front of the class a bit to my right. I'm by the other wall now where I'm sitting, I see the piece of paper the alien had written the names on. He's one of us now, I pick it up and unfold it, and hand it over to him in a friendly manner. I sit down again, the teacher comes near me and starts writing on the wall right next to me, I look up at the board (which is on the wall next to me that he seems to be writing on) and see a plethora of complex math equations. It's insane. I look at all these numbers and stuff and it's so vivid, I think to myself that I hope he doesn't ask me to answer any of this -.- I haven't studied this before. He goes back to the front of the class and there's apparently a mix up with this board that he's supposed to be using at the front of the class. It's like a diagram thing that is supposed to be in another room. Some people come in and he's a bit confused, they take their board back and the teacher starts looking around for the correct diagram board. The girl with the retracted skin around her lips comes up and finds it, putting it up on the board for the teacher. I think she smiles at me but it's hard to tell O_O.
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