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    1. Samael in the company cocktail lounge

      by , 10-16-2014 at 05:51 PM
      I got on an elevator expecting it to go up, this being the ground floor - there's only one floor above us, and only arrows instead of floor numbers. But it went down. I wonder how many basement levels there are. I reach to press the up arrow, saying something about my mistake to the woman still on the elevator with me. I'm new to this building. We talk about the company a bit as the elevator continues down, about finding your way around the various floors, and various luxuries that are provided for employees. I mention soul-selling and Satan, meaning it as a joke, but she talks about Satan fondly. We reach her floor, and she leaves.

      My point of view switches to follow her - she walks down a hallway into a club. Her brother who goes by the name of Beelzebub - a fake name, it's really Samael - is lounging around with a cocktail glass in his hand, some glowing blue drink inside. He's a pretty man with long dreadlocks, wearing something black covered in stylized eyes in red. The woman's removed the pale coat she was wearing on the elevator, and the dress she's wearing underneath matches her brother, black and covered in stylized eyes in red. They consult about someone he describes as "a friend and a most simple prize."

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      There's this swirling black mass of many colors, like an oil slick, lit up from within like lightning seen from above. I'm eager to dive in immediately - it's a portal - but I'm also thinking I should stop and go lucid first. As I'm torn between these two desires which are apparently conflicting, I wake up.

      (Side note: that last was a reaction to trying reality checks. As a rule I'm not interested in them, but I have a lot of false awakenings that I tend to just spend dream journaling and I thought I could put reality checks to use there. So today I tried a reality check as I wrote that first dream up, and apparently this sort of thinking is the immediate result - associating lucidity with stopping what I'm doing to perform an action. Nuisance.)
    2. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 08-05-2010 at 08:34 PM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      бSingle Sentence Sizzler!о

      Why is Gandalf in my Computer Chair? (DILD)

      Quote Originally Posted by Mzzkc View Post
      During a Lucid FA, Gandalf gives me plane tickets to the middle eastern desert town where I have to meet up with Samael and her friend (ansiel6sixtysix or something) again before my fight with the being that defeated Jackie Chan during a public, stadium hosted, dojo challenge just a couple of dreams ago; I barely make it into my court before another FA kicks in.

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    3. August 5, 2010

      by , 08-05-2010 at 07:11 PM (Requiem's DJ)
      I miss tech failure dreamsigns even though I know something is odd. My first encounter with Samael but we're allies. I continue to see some old acquaintances.

      Uni Computer Failure (non-lucid)

      I am in a class on a computer. I am trying to look up my schedule because I think I have a bio class starting in 5 minutes. The computer clock reads "66". The computer next to me reads "1" with "26" placed below that. I know something is odd but this girl besides me distracts me. I continue trying to find my schedule but can't. The computer keeps showing me school images.

      I eventually find the schedule and I was right, I go to bio class.

      I take a seat and a girl is sitting across from me. She is showing people her tits and when I tell her I wasn't paying attention she gets angry. "I am not showing anyone else."

      I then feel a vibration under my own shirt and it is a wristwatch cellphone. I place it in my pocket. The guy next to me says its his and when I refuse to give it to me and tries to tell the professor on me so I just give it back. But I do find a small plastic, red shoe in my pocket from a toy or something so that is cool.

      High School Dream (non-lucid)

      I am following a girl through the hall on my way to class. She is wearing a backward necklace that says DASH.

      We get talking about something and both go into class and have a sit. She is talking to some girls about Tiger Woods and the teacher is explaining that the new math book only costs $40.

      Samael and the Pirate Ship (non-lucid)

      Recall isn't to great on this one. There is some sort of pirate ship that belongs to me and my crew. We have to make our way through a cave filled with monsters. I exit the ship and have to choose party members like a video game. All with their own attributes. I choose Vince the athlete for his agility and Samael.

      I know we went through the cave and some other stuff happened. I remember tentacles and a boss. I also remember wanting to tell someone about a video game and a bird with these awesome wings.

      But most vividly I remember having 2 small splinters in my hand. Samael grabbed my hand real tight and started to mercilessly dig the splinters out. It hurt pretty good but felt better after he was done. He must have been the healer. I was the tank.
    4. Chain of DEILDs

      by , 07-02-2010 at 01:24 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)
      It took me ages to get back to sleep after WBTB, but it was well worth it!

      1- Stuck
      I am stranded in the middle of the river. This has the potential to not end well... I text both of my parents to let them know where I am, then I text my boss, saying "I might not make it to work tomorrow morning, because I'm stranded in the middle of the river."

      I make it out sooner than expected. About an hour later I realize that I have failed to inform my boss of my safety. When I get out my phone, I see that I have a reply from him. It reads, "Your text nearly broke my heart..." Um, okay. It wasn't really that big of a deal...

      2- Poodle
      I am at the doctor's office, and I notice a poodle walking around. One of the doctors reaches down and pets it, then walks into a different room. Isn't that unsanitary??? I don't normally like poodles, but this one is very friendly. It has a weird habit of chewing on my hand when I pet it, though, just like my RL dog.

      3- Talking Squirrels
      I walk up to a cage that contains two squirrels. They are arguing over which kind of nut tastes the best: walnuts or pecans. (I vaguely notice a decapitated parrot next to the cage, but for some reason this is never an issue.) What a silly thing to argue about, I think to myself. Maybe if I give them an acorn, they'll agree that it's way better than both of the others. I pick up an acorn off the ground, but before I can even stand back up, an invisible squirrel runs up and steals it from me.

      4- Tree Frog
      I find an unusual (and extremely cute) tree frog near the stepping stones of my house. As I pick it up, I instantly remember the squirrel dream I had. I make a mental note to write it down later, then start looking for a safe place to put my frog.

      5- Showing Off (DEILD)
      I feel myself exit SP, but it's still a struggle to open my eyes. RC just to be sure, but I know I'm dreaming. I get up and look around. Everything about my room is as it should be, except for the graffiti-like markings on my ceiling. Interested, I try to read what it says. Basically a fancy to-do list: Wash room, clean laundry, etc. Hm, that sounds sort of backwards.

      I walk out and run into my brother. "Hey, wanna see something cool?" I ask him. ((IDK why, but I've always felt the need to show off my abilities to any nearby DCs.)) I stick my hand through the window; the glass melts around my arm, as if liquid. I go all the way through to the outside. "Ha, that's much more fun than using the door!"

      Now, time to look for Samael. I walk to the road and call out, noticing that my voice is echoing again. Wonder why it hasn't done that before? ((My problem is that I'm too focused on my voice to pay attention to what's supposed to happen. ))
      I abruptly wake up.

      6- No More Messing Around (DEILD)
      I re-enter the dream and decide to be serious this time. Before I make it out of the house, Chris stops me and says I need to get to work on my to-do list. He mentions something about sending a hammer fist into my leg if I don't get it done when I wake up. "Uh, yeah, whatever," I say, walking out. I hope he doesn't turn out to be one of those DCs who hinders me throughout the entire dream...

      I walk down the road, thinking about the best method for summoning Samael. I notice that I have gone a bit past Shelby and Taylor's house (which is bright green this time), and I decide to count how many houses are beside theirs to add to my dream map. There's two actual houses, but the second one has three separate buildings to it: The main house, a rather large dog house (or possibly a play house for kids), and a beautiful building made of cobblestone. I walk through their yard, examining things. I vaguely think about trespassing, but it's not like it really matters if I'm caught. This is a beautiful place, I am constantly amazed by my mind's ability to come up with all these little details.
      I wake up.

      7- Portals and Mirrors
      I chain back into the dream, but something distracts me and I believe myself to be awake. When I make it to the living room, Chris is there waiting for me. "Remember our deal? You haven't finished your to-do list yet."

      "Wait, what? How can you possibly remember that, I was dreaming when you... Wait." I RC and become lucid. "Yay! You made me lucid!" Ignoring whatever he is saying, I go through the window once more and continue my search for Samael. Calling out doesn't seem to be working ((because I wasn't doing it right)) so maybe I can summon a portal. I think about it, and one starts to rise up from the ground. It looks like a large round shadow at first, then it slowly turns more tangible, and then... puffs out of existence.

      Oh well, portals have never been my forte. Maybe a mirror would be more useful. I remember one of my first LDs where I used a mirror to travel to outer space. This may be my best chance.

      I look around and spot an empty car in the middle of the road. Perfect. I use the rearview mirror and say, "Show me where Samael is. I need to see Samael." A figure starts to appear in the mirror, but then I notice cars coming up behind me. I think getting run over would seriously hurt my chances of success, so I use super strength and push the car out of the middle of the road. Who would park a car in the middle of the road in the first place?

      Before I can return my attention to the mirror, I notice two people on motorcycles driving by. On the red bike is a lady with short black hair; on the green bike is a man who looks a lot like... Lucifer. "Hey, wait!" I yell out excitedly, but the noise of their bikes is too loud, they can't hear me. In a split second, they are gone.

      More distractions; Now there are a lot of people around, and my brother and his friends are throwing things at me. I ignore this. "Hey, do you know of anyone around here who calls themself Samael or Jack?"

      "My last name is Jack," says the boy standing next to my brother.

      I sigh. "Well, if you happen to find him, let me know."
      The dream ends.

      I'd better get up and write this down, before I forget... but my body feels so heavy. I'm still being affected by the SP. I manage to sit up ((which probably never really happened, most likely HI)), then fall back over and go back to sleep.

      8- One of those WTF moments

      There is a guy lying in his bed, talking to someone about a dream he just had about them. I think he's talking to me, until I hear him say, "At least you let me touch you this time." Okay, that definitely didn't happen in any of the dreams I just had. Who is he talking to?

      My vision shifts a bit. I can now see that he is talking to a poster on his wall. The poster is of two male cartoon characters, sleeping together. Or rather, one is asleep, and the other one is talking to the guy. He says something, and the guy laughs. Doesn't he realize that he's still dreaming? I wonder. Does he honestly believe that his poster would be talking to him?

      "Good night, boys," the man says to the poster, then turns out the light and goes back to sleep.
    5. Vampires, and the First Lucid of the Month

      by , 07-01-2010 at 02:44 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)

      Woah, it's July first? That means I had my first lucid of the month! ^^

      1- Holly the Hypnotic Vampire
      I am a woman named Felicity, trapped in a room along with my friends by the evil vampire, Holly. We've been there for quite a while... We're starving to death, and so, so thirsty.

      "I'm REALLY thirsty, Felicity. We gotta get outta here."

      "I know, Frank, I know."

      Suddenly something within him changes. He starts babbling about how he can feel the life energy flowing through him. Soon the others do the same. I seem to be the only one unaffected by this madness. Don't they realize the life energy isn't flowing through them? It's flowing out of them! They're becoming vampires!

      I try to tell them to fight it, to resist what Holly has done to them, but she is fighting me every step of the way. She tells them that I am no longer worthy to be their leader, that they should listen to her, instead.

      "Who should we believe?" Theresa asks, confused.

      "The one you love the most," Holly answers in a hypnotic voice. "Who do you really love?"

      Theresa considers this for a moment. "Holly," she answers.

      "Holly," the others echo.

      I give Theresa a dirty look. "Oh, and... uh, what is her name...? Felicity," she amends half-heartedly.

      Ugh, she almost forgot my name. I think it's safe to say they're a lost cause.

      "Are we always going to be this pale?" I ask Holly in annoyance. "I mean, can't vampires get a tan?" She ignores me.

      2- Evil Sleep Mask
      My dad's girlfriend has a cute pet rat named Jenny. She is sitting on her shoulder, and doing funny things to make us laugh. Hm, I need to play with my rats more often.

      I "wake up" and find that I am alone. I wonder where everyone went... Oh, well, maybe I can play with Jenny. When I go over to the cage, I see that it is now the size of a cage at the zoo. As if that wasn't weird enough, there are all kinds of unusual animals within... Several of them look like giant, carnivorous sloths, and one looks like the mammal version of an alligator. All of the animals are trying to eat each other. There are a few small monkeys in the cage, too. They come up to the bars, quivering in fear, giving me a pleading look. "Aww, hey little guys! You're so cuuute!" This is obviously a dream. I RC and become lucid. Yay!

      Time to look for Samael. I call out loudly, "Samael!!!!" My voice sounds cool; it echoes throughout the dream world. The thought of those monkeys distracts me for a moment... Maybe I could make on of them my familiar, since I'm looking for one. No, one thing at a time. I call out again. I have somehow arrived at a dark and abandoned country road.

      Now my eyes are trying to close themselves. Ugh, it's the stupid sleep mask I'm wearing IRL. I take it off, which works for a few seconds before it reappears on my face. I can see through it, but it's making my eyes close... When they do
      I wake up.

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    6. Adrenaline High

      by , 06-28-2010 at 04:57 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)
      I didn't post yesterday due to some really terrible recall, but today the problems seems to be fixed!

      1- Bravery
      Dark forces are gathering; they will strike tonight. For unknown reasons, I seem to be their main target. Oh well. I won't be going down without a fight. My only two allies on this hellish night are my dad and my brother. I don't bother telling them that this is a suicide mission, they'll figure it out soon enough.

      I hear helicopters overhead as I walk out the back door. That blasted goblin is already at it... the sun isn't even down yet. "I doubt I'll be getting ANY sleep tonight," I mutter to my dad as we crouch down under the deck, out of sight of the helicopters. I realize that a fight is imminent; I can only hope that I fight as well as I do in my dreams. Because this is real, and I won't be coming back if I should fail. ((Ummmm..... ))

      I have armed myself with an axe somewhere along the line, and as I'm waiting I mutter to myself, "My axe is my buddy/ I never leave without him/ Me and my axe/ Will turn your neck to a bloody fountain." The words make me feel stronger, less afraid of what is to come. ((Note: I've never listened to ICP in my life. I just happen to know those few words. Thanks, Z. ))

      I hear rustling in the trees. It must be the goblin or one of his cronies. "I'm going to go check it out," I whisper to my dad, sneaking off toward the noise. As I reach the trees, a feral dog leaps from the shadows, hitting me with such force that my axe goes flying. By some miracle, I manage to keep my balance. But now I'm weaponless. "Hurry UP!" I yell at my dad and my brother as the dog tears at my bare arms. I can't let it get near my face...

      My backup arrives, but they aren't much help. My dad is stabbing at the dog with a letter opener, but no damage is being done. I realized that it is possessed with dark energy, and its skin is impenetrable. I realize what must be done.

      My dad drops the letter opener, and I quickly snatch it up and brutally stab the dog's eyes out. If anything, at least now it won't be able to see us. But to my satisfaction, I see that I have done much more than blind the once-dog. The skin around where its eyes used to be peels back, revealing the inside of it's hollowed out head. I must have released the energy possessing it, now it is a mere shell with no life force.

      Thinking that I am finished, I take a step back... Only to spot an identical dog crouching in the foliage. Before it has a chance to attack, I lunge at it with the letter opener, sending two quick and powerful jabs with the letter opener into each of it's eyes. It now shares the same fate as its partner.

      Now I'm angry. Those dogs didn't deserve such cruelty. How dare he use innocents for his own evil desires? I will make him pay dearly.

      I remember now that there is an object in my possession that neither the goblin nor his cronies can touch. I think about fusing this with water. If I put such a combination in a squirt gun, they couldn't come within 5 feet of me without having their skin boiled off. It would be perfect!
      ((Unfortunately, I wake up.))

      2- Post Apocalyptic
      The world has ended, and somehow it is all my fault. I am wanted throughout the world for my crimes; everywhere I go, I am chased down by both the police and by regular people hoping to get rewarded with my capture. I finally find a nice couple who will shelter me, and discover that my brother is also staying with them. Something seems a bit... off, though. Despite their kindness, I don't trust the couple at all.

      Even though they tell me otherwise, I believe that my parents are still alive. I go off one day to find them. This, as one would expect, didn't end well. I don't remember exactly what happened, but it involves the "nice" couple trying to kill me and my brother. I do eventually find my parents alive and well, at least.

      3- Vice President (fragment)
      My mother has accepted a job to become vice president... of Europe. ((Note: I believe this fragment has some connection with why that goblin was after me, but I can't remember.))

      4- Accent (fragment)
      A man says Samael's name in an incredibly sexy accent.

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    7. Samael, Serenity, and Loaf

      by , 06-19-2010 at 12:04 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)
      It's only a bit after 6:30 as I begin typing this, so I suppose I should still be sleeping. I'm just way to amused at the dreams I had to get back to sleep, though.

      1- A Final Deed
      Samael and I are roommates at some apartment. I am not myself; I am an ex-vigilante woman who has been diagnosed with incurable cancer. Samael asks me why I don't help people anymore, and I say that I have lost faith in the world.

      There is a new girl who has moved in next door, and something about her interests me. I suggest to her that she should speak with Samael. The next night, I am sitting on a bench outside our apartment when the new girl and Samael arrive together from a date they just had. I am delighted to see how well they are getting along; they're practically soulmates! I'm glad that I got to do one last good deed before I die.

      2- Annoying Class
      We are supposed to be taking some test, but nobody is following instructions. I am talking to my friend Samantha, but she keeps switching back and forth between herself and Serenity. "Hey, I was reading your dream journal, and we both dreamed about a lemonade stand last night," I say to her. (Actually, I say tennis court to start with, then correct myself and say lemonade stand.)

      "Oh yeah, I read about that."

      "Oh, you did! I remember now that you already commented on it."

      In the middle of our conversation, the teacher comes over and says I need to be checked out by the dentist. They strap me into a chair, give me laughing gas, and perform rather painful tests on me. After it is over, one of Samantha/Serenity's friends is laughing at me, saying that the gas made me act retarded.

      3- A Slice of Loaf
      I tell my brother that I am excited to get home, because my friend Loaf is going to be staying with us for a while. I explain that he just had his tonsils removed, so he probably won't feel much like talking.

      I walk into the front door, and Loaf is laying across my couch eating a bowl of chocolate ice cream. He looks like he's about 15 or 16, possibly older, and he has no hair. My mother has been taking care of him. "Hi Loaf, how are you feeling?"

      "I'm in pain," he says happily.

      "I would imagine so. Did the surgery go well?"

      "It hurt."

      "You mean you could feel it while they were operating on you? Didn't they put you to sleep?"

      "Yeah, but I could still feel it." He explains that while they were operating, he dreamed of a woman stabbing him in the throat.

      My mom begins to as him a lot of questions about lucid dreaming, such as what got him interested to begin with.

      Later, I get attacked by some creatures in a cave, and Loaf rescues me.