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    1. The creepy monster sang me a song! And then killed me.

      by , 05-24-2019 at 01:45 AM (Awake to take in the view...)
      Two nights ago, I had a dream about a creepy monster. It started out as an orange snake, female. Then it turned into an evil monster. Apparently, it was called a "ground Shrek", and despite the reference to a kid's movie, it was actually quite terrifying.

      It had glowing yellow eyes, and a mouth that was filled with sand. It sang a song as it began eating/killing everyone, and it went like this:

      "...And we shall be appointed view
      Of earth's eternal sleep."

      There were a few lines before it but I couldn't make them out. It kept singing this creepy ditty over and over again as it killed people, and its voice was now deep, masculine, and hollow. The song had a tune similar to a church hymn that I know, "Go Forth With Faith", which for some reason makes it even creepier.

      It raced towards me, and I couldn't get away in time. The last thing I heard inside of its mouth was this song, and I fell into the sand that fell even further into a black void. At that moment, I believed that I was facing death, and I would finally see what the afterlife was like, if it existed. Then I woke up. Terrifying, but cool.
    2. On a Quest

      by , 02-13-2017 at 08:06 PM
      D1 - Im in a land where people go on adventures and quests for things. I return with some others and find at the border a trading post which is a rectangular hut staffed with some peculiar characters. Me and my buddies decide we could set up our own trading house with are own characters (one had a strange bird I remember and a large grey wizard style hat, but she had glasses and a wide smile).

      D2 - At the end of a holiday I am returning and am lumbered with the task of taking some bizarre photos of a cliff side residence. I decline as it would mean hanging out of a helicopter on a wire. Due to social etiquette
      we cannot completely escape and are dragged into a social gathering on a hillside mansion, looking out over the sea. It is a blindingly sunny day and all the guests (spanish?) are dressed in their finest. I and my daughter have to prepare a giant cake. The icing itself is exquisite, old fashioned cars and buildings being made out of the white icing.

      D3 - I am across the road from a doctors office and want to get in without being seen. I become invisible and slip into the waiting room. I am trying to get something and crawl across the floor but have to play dead as they are so close to me they could hear me breathing.

      2nd WBTB I am trying to get lucid again
      D4 - All I can manage to get is a little lucidity as I try and manifest someone in my dream. Only her foot appears Oo poking out. As I lay on some sand.

      D5 - Trying again, the woman I am trying to make appear. Appears but is in cartoon form. I am a lumbering ape or monster next to her graceful form.
      lucid , non-lucid
    3. Alaska Snake Bite Bass

      by , 01-28-2017 at 10:20 PM
      I was in a house or an apartment. It might have belonged to my Dad. The floor was sand like at a beach. There were holes in the sand which seemed to be nests for snakes or insects or something. I was filling some of them up by moving sand around with my foot. My Dad asked if I could have it done by the time of some party he was planning. I said that I would try but that I wasn’t sure because it takes time.

      Then things changed so that I was no longer working on a sandy floor, but instead working on a bed or mattress, filling in dips and holes in the mattress. At one point our late dog Elvis was in one of the holes as I was moving pillows around and he came out.

      Then I was in Alaska on the road and I was running into travelers. Somebody was traveling with a bunch of young women who may have been prostitutes. I met a couple travelers who were headed to Oklahoma. They said they had begun their journey in Pennsylvania. I replied that they were really taking the long way. They said that they really wanted to visit Alaska.

      The scene changed. I might have still been in Alaska but I was at music club and I had been given an upright bass. I was just starting to fool around with it. There were two guys, one of whom had a beginner’s music book. They kept telling me to play different simple 3 note songs. At first I went along with it. But then I moved the upright bass over a divider into a corner of the room. As I moved the bass I made a joke to a man that was sitting close by that I hope I didn’t stick him in the privates with the stick-like stand that protrudes from the bottom of the bass.

      I began to play a David Lynch-type jazz scale. I was kind of managing to play that. Then Peg said that when I hit certain notes it hurt her feet or her knee. She was sitting close to the bass and it may have been bumping into her. But I said that I needed to hit those notes and asked her to be patient with me.

      So, I was playing that Lynchian piece and I had my hand high up on the neck of the bass and there were snakes up in the corner of the room and they began biting both of my arms repeatedly. I was okay, though. I posed for a photo for Peg, showing off the bites, because we thought it would look cool. Then she moved out of the way so a man from the press could take a photo.
    4. November 8 2016 Non-Lucid and False Awakening

      by , 11-08-2016 at 06:13 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      The dream scene was this giant beach with different rock cliffs on the outside. The left side was mostly rolling fields and the right was a big cliff. There are rock cliffs in the water and on the sand as well. I believe that I'm in some sort of summer camp like Rockbridge that I've been to in the past. There are cabins in the fields and kids are in there for free time. Kolby is there hanging out with some other people walking around. I remember thinking I didn't fit in with them. At some point, a younger girl and guy come up to me and say my name to me which startled me but we sort of laugh. Then they're on the beach with me doing whatever. Someone tells me that the boy is cute looking but a douche. There's this rope that I'm holding onto which is attached to the middle of the sky and swinging me around the entire map. I'm swinging and spinning around the beach and around the cliffs.
      On the right is the cliffs made up of separate rocks. It must be 100 yards or more high. I'm climbing up with some friends and people are falling off. There's a group of older moms there for some competition at the top and they are telling me to leave but I'm trying to hold on. I'm afraid I'm going to fall off.
      At some point I'm in a gas station that I think is a McDonald's. Two of my fraternity brothers are there and I ask them to make me a frappe but then I feel bad making them do that so I just say I'll get coffee somewhere else.
      Another dream I'm in these hallways with a group of guys. The point is that there are girls trying to freak us out, like a haunted house. At the end of the dream there's a girl from my high school named Bridgette tickling me.
      False awakening, my friend Mason is in my college bedroom. He asks me if I've told my dad about his recent grandfather's passing and I tell him that I don't talk to my dad much, to which he replies with something about being born by him which confuses me. I get into the shower and he's trying to mess with me.
    5. Skimboarding at the Beach

      by , 02-29-2016 at 08:32 AM
      I went to the beach with two women who were my friends. We found a spot where there weren't any people and decided to put our beach towels up on a sand dune where the water wouldn't get to them. The dune was a place we had been to before. We called it cricket hill because on top of it there was some grass where some crickets lived. They would always be chirping. There was an abandoned wooden skimboard lying near the water. I started skimming parallel to the shore until I got near some people then I ran back the other way. The other two women were just sitting on their beach towels on the sand dune.
    6. Psychedelic Sand

      by , 01-17-2016 at 08:11 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #483 - DILD - 8:43AM

      I had an idea during a jog yesterday to play with psychedelic sand in my next LD so that's what I aimed for. I was having a hard time getting lucid even with a dose of galantamine (too tired) so I feel lucky to have pulled this off so late this morning. I dreamed tons. Most of them were pretty boring, but I enjoyed a strong feeling of bliss that carried through each one.

      [QUOTE = "summary"]I noticed I was living in a strange town and became lucid. I started jumping really high until the dream destabilized then I remembered my goal. I found some sand and played with it with expectations of something trippy to happen. I saw patterns and colors and deep space while my hands morphed. I woke up shortly after.[/QUOTE]

      I am standing on the back steps of a house that I think of as my home. Something feels off, but familiar at the same time. It's lightly raining and my see Alysha and Riley playing in water puddles. Suddenly, Riley does a belly slide through a deep puddle. I smile and glance at my wife who is intent on watching him. Riley then takes a deep gulp of water and spits it out my direction. I move over to him, "Eww! No, don't do that. It's dirty."
      In response, he starts to cough and spit like he has dirt in his mouth. My wife moves in to help, but he recovers quickly and goes on playing.

      I become introspective again while worrying about the rain. I remember that I had decided to go for another run today, but this rain is making me renege on that idea. I look around an wonder what town this is. I recall going for a jog in town yesterday, but I can't make it fit in this setting. I ask Alysha, "Hey, where did I run yesterday? I don't know this town anymore."
      My wife ignores me and watches an older girl wonder up and play with my son in the rain. I think I should be feeling wet by now but my body feels nothing. I wonder who this girl is, then notice we are basically in a church parking lot. I see other people come wondering out of the building. Then it hits me. I remember that I was trying to DEILD just a moment ago and almost succeeded. I do a nose plug and blow through. I become excited and start jumping up and down. My jump turns into giant leaps and gliding downward. I try to look down and see if anyone is noticing me but the dream is breaking up now. I recall my sand goal and stop jumping to stabilize.

      I crawl around until my vision clears and notice that I am face to face with asphalt. It's a parking lot and there is a blue pickup truck nearby. I stand up and search out a sand pit. I worry about the rain making the sand wet, but quickly dismiss that idea. I see an grassy area next to the church. I rush over and next to an AC unit I see patch of deep sand just big enough to play in. I lay on my stomach and pick up handfuls, letting the sand pour out. It all looks normal except the color of the sand looks more like sponge cake being darker on top like its been baked. I then remember that I need to have more expectation of something psychedelic. I do so as I take a finger and swirl the sand round, stirring it up. I quickly see geometric circle patterns flow out with traces of red. I shout out in delight, "Whoa cool!" I pick up more sand. My hands look cartooned and as the sand flows, it looks like multicolored, jagged lines of ink. I shout, "Whoa, man! Psychedelic sand! Yes!" The dream goes dark now and I feel that I am waking up. I test it by shouting "Hey" a few times, risking my wife coming in the room. However, it sounds really dreamy still so I roll over to my back. I look up and say, "Let me see outer space." A star field forms then quickly zooms into deep space. It's so beautiful that I reach out for it. I am surprised when my hands and arms look distorted and flowing like tentacles. There must be five or six appendages rapidly flowing up and waving like they are caught in a strong current of cosmic energy. I smile, "Whoa cool. Outer space, man." I then spread all of my tentacle apart and the view of deep space splits and moves out of view, putting me back in darkness. I feel satisfied enough with this dream to go ahead and wake up. For some reason, I keep repeating, "Outer space, man." Over and over. I know I sound like a stoner hippy, but I don't care at the moment. There's a brief flash of a false awakening, then I wake for real.
    7. Impossible Creatures

      by , 09-27-2015 at 05:32 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #469 - DEILD - 4:56AM

      I slightly wake up from some dream involving an intelligent humanoid-hippopotamus creature resembling something Patricia Piccinini would have created. I didn't even find it all that odd. It was like a pet.

      I lucidly relax back into a dream where I am in some mixture of my job and a gym. I look around and marvel how vivid the dream is. There is no one around so I call out. My voice is loud and echoes a bit. No one comes and I decide to just explore. Unfortunately, I wake up.

      I decide it's not time to wake up and visualize walking. In a few seconds I see that I am walking on sand. I reach down and grab a handful. I squeeze feeling the soft crunch and then relax letting it trickle away. This new dream happens so fast that I find myself not thinking I am really in a dream. I feel it's just heavy HI. I'm wrong, of course, but I just tell myself it will all come together as I go along and let the thought go.

      Perhaps I relax my concentration a bit too much because now I have the idea stuck that I was trying to capture Sasquatch by stacking large logs across a wooded path. I suppose I was standing on a sandy beach because now I see the sand ending at a wooded hiking trail. I see I have already cut a log so I heft it on my shoulder and march ahead. I am looking for the spot that I want to stack logs but the trail has opened up too much and it's all sandy again. I feel myself struggle as I move uphill. I decide I am working too hard. Since this is a dream I can always take shortcuts. Suddenly I am at the top of the hill and see a good spot to stack the log. I decided my work is already done and now I see a wall of logs across the trail. The idea is to get Sasquatch to chase me and somehow crash into the logs, knocking it out. Whatever.

      I look to my right and see a log cabin with smoke coming out of the chimney. I turn to go check it out, but some strange creature comes out of the doorway. It looks animal-like, but also resembles a garlic cluster with legs. I have a mix of first and third person view as the garlic thing runs at me and bowls me over. I get up and run but a second garlic thing comes out and cuts me off. Suddenly, two new creatures resembling a mix of Groot and an ostrich comes out to battle the garlic things. I decide this is just the distraction I need to get away. I turn to run, suddenly wake up.

      I recall another super long non-lucid dream where I go have my wife's wedding ring cleaned. I talk to the jeweler a long time as he polishes a huge golden trophy. I don't understand his words and he calls me out on it. When I leave I have a white pickup that runs slow. A lot of pedestrians block my way out and I get lost in some impossible labyrinth of a parking garage. Then I am under a house spending a huge amount of time looking for a lost ring with confusing structures. When I find it I am at my ex wife's parents house. The ring glows when I put my finger in it. I decide its some sort of toy so I go find my girls to give it to them. I look into the bright purple light that consumes me in a white light. I wake up.
    8. Mobile Lucidity and Mandrake Fantasia

      by , 07-27-2015 at 11:20 AM
      Morning of July 27, 2015. Monday.

      After spending intimate time with Zsuzsanna in reality, I then enter the usual “portal” of apex lucidity with the lighter form of sleep paralysis (this being always effortless and automatic but different than the other type, which has sound and augmented touch but no imagery at all and a completely different awareness than the other form), the thin white lines (always starting with a “spark” that seems to “fall”, creating a door or impression of a door) quickly forming a fairly bright and highly detailed outdoor setting, rapidly changing several times (mostly in the background) but then stabilizing. My setting comes as an alternate version and fictional perspective of where the alley behind our house is implied to be (and looking due north). Even though I am blissfully looking into our backyard (and clearly recognize it as such), everything is different. For example, the tall dark wooden fence is a much shorter picket fence and our shed is not here at all. Additionally, the fence squares off and seems to divide the area of where the central line (longways) of the shed would be in reality. This is somewhat amusing (though perhaps I am somehow “seeing” another time period; would not be the first time - for example, after our shed is finished being eaten by termites and new shorter fences are added one day, perhaps). I know exactly what I am looking at…except that it is not really how it looks. I find this familiarity yet typical “wrongness” of rendering quite enjoyable, particularly as it was created so quickly. I have no idea how that is possible, or how it can seem so realistic, but I go with it.

      I notice that there is a round wooden card table near the west side of the backyard, a bit closer to the house, as well as at least three bentwood chairs (though I only focus on one of them). I “explode” the chair and table into splinters after playing around with them for awhile, spinning them in the air and such with in-dream telekinesis. Then I reintegrate them back to normal. Breathe in, reintegrate, breath out, explode, and so on. It vaguely reminds me of the motions of bits of straw moving on the surface of a pond. The chair noiselessly (well perhaps with a soft subtle “puff”) explodes into splinters, the splinters spin around…breath in…the chair is perfect again. I decide to let it hover in the air about seven feet above the ground at a tipped forward angle of about thirty degrees while the table continues to float about a foot from the ground.

      The environment shifts slightly as I enter a more dynamic state (this is a specific type of dream state that seems to be “between worlds”). Everything is sand falling and holes opening up. I watch the incredible beauty of the transitions. At one point, it looks like concrete blocks have been placed sideways (longways north and south) all across where the parking lot across the street is in reality, each recess originally meant to be a place for an exotic plant, but sand is falling continuously; beautifully. This seems to shift into a new dynamic. Breathe in…miniature waterfalls everywhere; breath out, “sandfalls”. I reach my hand down to check the texture. It shifts between water molecules and grains of sand continuously and evenly with my breathing. I see very clear imagery of small white stones in potted plants. Miniature cycad palms emerge and sink back in at times.

      After awhile, in this blissful appreciation of sand falling everywhere and moving and sliding downward (in different colors and textures) over various implied forms and with a slight granular “rustling sound” everywhere in the world, my dream shifts to another type of state and goes “Fantasia” on me. I am aware that instead of the parking lot, it is a very large mandrake garden. The mandrakes (all about four inches high) are ready to crawl up out of the ground and dance, a composite of the brooms moving about from “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” and the guards marching about outside the witch’s castle in “The Wizard of Oz”, though it becomes more like ballet after a time, all uniform, all smooth, all in harmony…except…

      One mandrake seems to be struggling with his presumed partner (in trying to pull “her” from the ground). I go over and look and see him in a shallow hole pulling on something, which turns out to be a limp, lifeless carrot, only partially anthropomorphic. He looks up at me curiously. He has a face about the size of my thumb that looks much like a miniature old chimpanzee.

      “That’s a carrot!” I shout gleefully.

      He blinks and looks worried. “Oh?” he squeaks, with a raspy puzzled voice. He turns and walks away dejectedly as the hundreds of other paired mandrakes dance “perfectly”.

      From here, I am in a fairly dark and seemingly undefined “void”. Some sort of “creatures” which are like giant luminous dandelion seeds (about five of them, about a foot and a half tall) lightly brush over the backs of my hands. There is an implied communication. At times, their luminosity changes slightly, becoming dimmer or brighter, mostly at the central area of the span of “tendrils”.

    9. Experiment with Kava Kava (notes) / Creating a Cat (DILD)

      by , 04-26-2015 at 11:02 PM
      Ritual: Last night I experimented for the first time with kava kava root (Piper methysticum). I had read many anecdotal reports that it instigated vivid dreams and perhaps even lucidity, so I thought it was worth trying out. I ordered some dried powdered root from an online herb and spice supplier that I trust. I don't have any doubts about the freshness and quality, as the package confirms that it was packed earlier this month and sourced from Vanuatu. I had read many reports of people complaining about the taste, describing it as "muddy," so I was surprised when I opened the package and encountered the most extraordinary and delightful fragrance. The plant is related to pepper, so it made sense that the scent would be peppery, but there was also something delicately floral about it and even a hint of wintergreen.

      I had abstained from alcohol all day, since the two should not be consumed together, and my plan was to drink the kava before bed. I had a late dinner, ending at 11pm, so my plan was to give myself two hours to digest, then start drinking the kava at 1am and go to bed a few hours afterward (unless it made me too sleepy before that, which seemed like a distinct possibility). I don't like cold drinks late at night, but I read that you could warm kava gently without destroying its properties, so I adapted a recipe for "Mexican Hot Cocokavachocolate," blending two tablespoons of powdered kava kava (half what the recipe calls for, as I didn't want to overdo it my first time), two tablespoons of cocoa powder, agave syrup, a spoonful of cinnamon, and a generous pinch of cayenne with about two cups of almond milk (I skipped the vanilla extract suggested by the recipe because I didn't want to use even a tiny amount of alcohol). I blended this until it was frothy and then separated it into two mugs, putting one in the fridge—I planned to start with a minimal dose, and work up from there if it felt warranted. The other mug I heated briefly in the microwave, just enough to warm it, and then topped it with a dusting of grated Himalayan salt and freshly made whipped cream.

      Okay, I'll admit I have a slightly weird palate (for instance, I *love* the taste of wormwood), but this was one of the most delicious dessert drinks I have ever tried in my life! It was so much better than regular hot chocolate; the spices and kava gave it exceptional depth of flavor and an unusual aftertaste. I didn't even need to strain it: I don't know if my powder was ground unusually finely or if the almond milk held it in suspension better than plain water, but it only added body, not grit, to the concoction.

      I'm glad that I had done enough research to anticipate the curiously numbing, analgesic sensation that spread from my mouth all the down my esophagus, because that's the kind of thing that would really worry you if you didn't know it was supposed to happen! I sipped the kava very slowly over the next hour or so, to make sure my stomach didn't have any problems with this new experience. Everything was fine, and the onset of bodily relaxation came quickly, though my mind remained clear. After the first mug I felt like it would be fine to drink the second one I had reserved, so I slowly consumed that too. Despite the heavy feeling in my body, it never did make me drowsy, so I played SWTOR until 3:30am and then read DV and some LD books to prep for bed, retiring at 4:30am. I should note that I never felt any trace of euphoria, either, an effect that some had noted. That didn't bother me, though: my only interest was in enhancing my dreams.

      Unfortunately, in that respect, the kava kava was a total bust. It was no different from any ordinary night of crappy dreaming: I was vaguely aware of dreaming most of the night, but my recall was terrible and what details I could specify were mostly mundane day residue. There was no sense of complex overarching plots, just lots of little random scenarios. Lots of people have written that kava helped them sleep more deeply and wake refreshed, but I didn't experience that either: I woke three times in the first several hours of sleep, which is typical, except that I felt much groggier than usual during those brief wakeful periods. At 9:00am I woke up and felt so unpleasantly lethargic, mentally as well as phsyically, and the dreaming had been so disappointing, that I decided to try to clear my head with an ample dose of piracetam. That stuff is amazing: to preserve its efficacy I save it for special occasions, but it always works really well to clear up any "brain fog."

      Within fifteen minutes I was feeling complete mental clarity, so I decided to turn it into a proper WBTB. I added some L-theanine, alpha-GPC and bacopa and returned to bed using WILD technique. My focus was still subpar and I couldn't count effectively, so I initially fell into non-lucid sleep, but gradually became more aware of the dream as it progressed. There was no "aha" moment of lucidity, but I was definitely lucid by the end.

      In conclusion, the kava kava didn't seem to improve my dreaming in the slightest, but at least it didn't suppress it either. If anything helped me get lucid, I believe it was the piracetam and other supplements I took at WBTB, because those I've had success with many times before. My recall was poor for most of the night, and even after waking up from the LD only the last scene was initially clear; recollection of the earlier incidents revived only after I started tracing back the course of events.

      DILD, "Creating a Cat": I was hanging out with a friend, JM, and her young son. [DR: yesterday I had seen a picture of this kid that she had posted on Facebook.] The little boy was telling us a story about a butterfly who took care of him in the place he used to be. It sounded like he was talking about before he was born, and this reminded me of a book I had learned about last night, about a project to compile and investigate accounts of young children who claim to have memories of past lives. [DR: Jim B. Tucker, Return to Life, 2015.] After I mentioned the book to my friend, she told me about the time she took her son to an island off the coast of Wales (the named started with a 'T', something like "Tirnagal" or "Tiriagal") and he had started talking about how he used to live there. As she describes this, suddenly we both turn and stare as we hear the boy start speaking another language with the somber intonations of an adult. I have no idea what Welsh sounds like, but what the boy is saying definitely has the structures of a formal language—it is not just childish babble. The experience is so uncanny that I feel the hairs on my arms rise. Before I leave, I say to my friend, "The only thing I regret about not having a kid is the way it can sometimes provide unexpected insights into the human experience." [DR: This comment might also have been inspired by something I was reading last night, on p.163 of The Ego Tunnel, by Thomas Metzinger (2009), where he describes a toddler who falls and looks to his mother for social cues about how to emotionally react.]

      I leave my friend's apartment and go outside. Now I'm on a beach. This is one of my most distinctive and common dream signs, despite the fact that I have little interest in beaches in WL and rarely visit them. I think it is related to the tide, a phenomenon that has always unsettled me. Despite the frequency and distinctiveness of this dream sign, for some reason it is one that I always have trouble recognizing as such. On this occasion I already have some degree of dream-awareness, but I lack awareness of that awareness, the metacognition that is characteristic of true lucidity.

      As I'm walking along the beach, the sand looks soft and warm and comfortable, and I can't resist the temptation to lie down in it. Initially I am lying on my stomach, but then I roll onto my back, and feel as cozy as a kid making snow angels. I pause to reflect, why do you never hear of kids making sand angels? My comfort is soon disturbed by rippling in the sand... I notice that the whole beach is now billowing and subsiding, the dunes rolling like great waves. "Is it supposed to do that?" I vaguely wonder, and then a particularly large dune threatens to bury me, forcing me back on my feet to keep my balance. Though not quite lucid at this point, I have instinctive awareness of my mastery and control in this environment: I find it easy to "surf" these sand waves as they roll by underfoot. But they are getting even bigger, and I have the impression that the water is now rising rapidly as well, so I decide to find higher ground.

      At the edge of the beach I find a stairwell leading up into a building. Getting into it takes some creative climbing, as there are various panels of transparent plexiglass serving as barriers, but I manage to circumvent them and get inside. The stairs emerge into the center of a dim, semi-industrial space, with narrow walkways on all four sides surrounding the wide pit formed by the stairwell in the middle of the room. No sooner have I gotten my bearings than a round hatch covering the end of a large pipe poking through the wall opens, and a humanoid creature crawls out. It is gollum-like, with huge bulging eyes. I don't want to be spotted, so I hold still and focus on being invisible. I feel a moment of relief as the creature initially descends the stairs, but it comes back promptly joined by a second person, a male human. As they approach the spot where I'm standing, I retreat into a corner to avoid them: even if they can't see me, they might blunder into me by accident if I'm not careful. On the bright side, having to strategize in this tense situation is improving my lucid awareness.

      I reflect that my "invisibility" is just a mind trick: I am willing the DCs not to see me, and from their lack of reaction I assume it is working, but I can still see my own body plainly. This bothers me—at this point I'm a fairly experienced dreamer, so shouldn't I be able to dispense with a body? I've had no dearth of NLDs where I'm just a disembodied perspective, so surely I should be able to accomplish the same thing in my LDs. I decide to try to eliminate my dream body.

      My body does obediently disappear from my field of vision, but the trouble is I still *feel* like I'm in a human body, with two legs, two arms, and two eyes located frontally in my head. If I have really transcended the body, I should no longer feel like I am mapped onto a human being. I conclude that I should begin subverting the pattern, and my first attempt is to try to shift my visual apparatus to floor level. This seems like it should be a fairly easy, basic task, but I find that I have trouble with it, maybe because I get caught up in questions like, well, if I'm not seeing out of physical eyes, then shouldn't my vision be even more radically different—unconstrained by frontality, for instance?

      Meanwhile the man and gollum-like creature disappear into a side door, still apparently oblivious to my presence. I retrace my steps to the top of the stairs and examine the hatch that the latter had crawled out of. I consider going in there to explore, but decide that from the look of the creature and the size of the hatch, it will probably just be a cramped and uncomfortable network of tunnels. Instead I decide to follow the two through the side door.

      I find myself in a large, open exhibition space with various vendors and booths. I pause for a moment to wonder why spaces like this are so common in my dreams. I don't know if this was a product of false memory or else better access to dream memory than I have in waking life, because at the time I was under the impression that I encountered such rooms on a regular basis; now that I'm awake I don't feel like they're especially common. At first I was just wandering around with no specific purpose, when it occurred to me that I shouldn't waste this opportunity to work on some tasks. There are a ton of things on my docket, but nothing especially pressing, so I thought over a few possibilities and decided to work on my Ars Magica forms and techniques—the other day I printed out the whole list of combinations and decided I should make it a long-term goal to try out all of them eventually.

      I recalled that "creo animál" was the first one on my list that I had not tried, so I started intoning, "Creo animál!" I lengthened the syllables in a resonant voice, putting emphasis on the first syllable of "creo" and the last syllable of "animál." I repeated the invocation a few times in this manner, staring at an empty patch of floor. I didn't have a clear idea in mind of what kind of animal I wanted to create, but I thought I could leave that open for the dream to surprise me. However, nothing was happening. I thought perhaps I needed some raw materials, so I telekinetically lifted a nearby booth (hoping this wouldn't be too much inconvenience to the vendor) and pulled it into the space where I was working, then focused on compacting its form and shape into something suitable to my purpose. It folded itself up obediently until it was much smaller. However, I felt like I needed to impose a pattern on it since the dream wasn't responding with anything, so I arbitrarily chose the form of a cat. People started gathering around to watch the show as the booth finished its transformation, and now there was a short-haired black and white cat sitting stiffly on the floor. [In retrospect, the technique was closer to "muto" than "creo," since I adapted existing material rather than conjuring it from thin air.]

      The newly-created cat was not moving, and did not seem capable of movement; it was like an empty shell of a cat, a living doll. This made sense, since I had created the body but not endowed it with sentience: I concluded that this would require a separate effect. Luckily this concurred with another task I needed to work on. "Creo mentem," I said, directing my words at the cat, and this time the effect resolved quickly: now the cat seemed to be capable of moving and perceiving its environment.

      I wondered if "mentem" alone was sufficient: wouldn't that create something with the bland mental workings of a robot? Wouldn't I need to add "imáginem" to endow it with emotions and imagination, the "spark of life"? I wasn't sure, but I thought I'd better throw that in for good measure, so I intoned "Creo imáginem," focusing on giving the creature the capacity for emotions and inner life. Immediately I had doubts about whether this was wise. I don't know if my doubts were caused by the cat's behavior or if the cat's behavior was conditioned by my doubts, but whichever it was, the creature did not look pleased. It was lashing its tail in the way cats do when they're annoyed, and its face was contorted into a savage snarl. I wondered if throwing in "imáginem" had been overkill—emotions are not always pleasant, after all, and a creature so unexpectedly brought into existence might well be feeling upset and disoriented. Plus, I didn't even know if "imáginem," was necessary for a complete being; perhaps sentience was sufficiently specified by "mentem." [Consulting the Ars Magica rulebook now, I see that I misremembered the scope of of the Form: "imáginem" deals with sensations and illusions, not emotions and imagination. Though actually that makes the whole Form seem superfluous to the dreamstate, where there is no obvious difference between creating a thing and creating an illusion of that thing.]

      I knelt down to have a closer look at my creation, and felt even more disturbed. There was something awful and abject about its face, a wound or rot-like distortion of its jaw that left the teeth clearly visible through its cheek. [DR: I realize this might also be day residue, because recently I was reading articles about the so-called "zombie cat" which came with graphic pictures of a similarly disfigured animal.] I decided that I should try to understand what this cat was experiencing, so I said, "Intéllego animál." I felt impressions of fear and rage coming from the poor creature, and guiltily realized that I must have screwed up somehow. It made it even worse that it was a cat, a kind of animal for which I feel a great love and sympathy.

      Pot - Worse than cigerates?-zombiecat.jpg

      With a sweeping gesture I willed all the effects I had invoked to disperse, effectively uncreating the cat. I didn't have a clear visual sense of the result (did the body simply disappear or did the vendor's booth revert to its former shape? I'm not sure), but at least I felt that the spell had ended. I looked up at the spectators who had been watching the whole event and sheepishly apologized: "It didn't want to be a cat. I'm sorry. It just didn't work out."

      One woman spoke up in reply. Her words were uttered very calmly and slowly, emphasizing each of the adjectives, and I felt like she was subtly criticizing my actions: "People want to be fair, and dominating, and controlling, and diverting."

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    10. Robot Fight

      by , 03-26-2015 at 05:28 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      We were riding robots. There were missiles. I or someone else (a female) controlling a robot was fighting three enemy robots. She had to escape but was surrounded. Then she shot a missile. The enemies thought it will explode for damage but turned out it's a shroud (of sand?). She hid and escaped while they're blinded, but one of them is capable of outrunning her.

      I was in a factory with slanted glass windows so that whoever is on the upper floors can look down the ground level.


      - Listened to some OBE audio with no words.
    11. 3/19/15 "Spheres of Gas" + "Jidori Chicken" (NLDs)

      by , 03-20-2015 at 07:28 PM
      NLD, "Spheres of Gas": A journalist or scientist was reporting from near the top of one of the world's tallest mountains. He or she was filming the thousands of frosty white spheres, each one a few inches across, that spread in clusters over the rocks, and explaining about how these were a type of gas (carbon dioxide?) that was naturally sequestered here in solid form. The purpose was to expose some misinformation that was being spread about climate change. I think the prospects were dire, because changing conditions would cause the release of the gasses.

      He was well above the frostline, so high that he was barely within a breathable atmosphere, yet he could look down and see the beautiful warm waters of the tropics directly below. When he was done with his report he simply jumped off the sheer mountainside and floated gently down to the sea, landing precisely in center of a spiral of white sand in the brilliant blue water. All this time my perspective fluctuated between observing him/her and being him/her (perhaps that is why the gender feels ambiguous?)

      NLD, "Jidori Chicken": I'm at a grocery store looking for something to cook for lunch. I remember that I like venison sausage and ask about it. They don't seem to have any but give me a sample of cheese spread. I think I could fry up some chicken if it is fresh enough, and I find a small cut-up chicken with a label proclaiming it is only nine hours old. "Jidori chicken!" I think approvingly, having long wanted to try one of these ultra-fresh birds, but I wonder if the label is accurate given that it must have spent at least some time sitting on the shelf. How often do they update the label or clean out the old ones? I decide that it must be at least daily and put the chicken in my basket.
    12. (March 18, 2015) Camping (tried to be detailed) (fragmented memory)

      by , 03-18-2015 at 03:13 PM
      I remember around the beginning and end of the dream but am forgetting a lot of the details throughout. I remember driving my truck out in the back country somewhere, driving down a dusty dirt road, a few trees scattered through-out with tall grass of slightly varied shades of greens and a few dried up patches. the time of day was either sunrise or sunset, but it looked as though the sun was setting, and the warm orange/yellow light of the sun was cast out upon this hilly field. at the end of the straight part of the dirt road it started winding at a downward angle to the left abruptly. When we(cant remember who) reached the bottom of the curved dirt road slope I parked the truck and we got out. the scene changed a lot in random order but the general area never changed location. when we got out of the truck the first time, it was getting fairly dark out, so most of the plains were darker by now. the camp site we stopped at was a small basin ("bowl" shaped depression in the earth) with a flat bottom filled with sand. some of the walls were exposed sandstone and were probably weathered to form the sandy floor. I dont know when or how, but the scene changed. it was now mid afternoon, and the camp site we were at was now deeper underground, you could still see out but it was farther in the earth and looked partially underground now like a cave. we looked around the area, i thought to my self "many other people have been here before us" because i saw some areas that were covered in piles of trash and there was some graffiti. we decided to move to a clean spot and set up camp. we were still on the sandy floor of where ever we were. I set up a single-man orange tent next to a sandstone wall. the others had set up across from me about 15 feet away. at some point we walked into a small cave passage, and the details escape me but we got to a point where we were looking out a long glass pane attached to the sandstone rock, from in the cave and we saw someone at our camp. i thought to myself i dont want him looking through my stuff because i didn't want my gun and sunglasses taken. we got back to the camp site, i grabbed my stuff out of my green back pack. I made sure i had the items. a black m9 hand gun, and my purple and yellow knockaround sunglasses. all was well and we were going into our tents to sleep. i got in my tent, and it was now pitch black out. and that is where that dream ended.

      another fragment, i was in my room collecting coins from my desk area. my desk is in a small section of my room where it pushed outside a bit, the desk is mounted to the wall, has a tempered glass top over it, and there is a big window on the wall in front of it that it is against. i pick up a blue coin, and a white coin, and some kid is talking to me about how he pre-ordered a game for x-box. i told him it sounded cool, then my alarm woke me.
    13. By The Window

      by , 03-13-2015 at 05:41 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a school building on the second or third floor (felt like high school building during senior year). The lights were off and it was night. I looked outside the window. On the ground floor, I saw a guy looking up at me. He's familiar (but not in real life). I had a fleeting memory of him and me doing something and then I think I ditched him for whatever reason. He promised (to himself?) that he'll be there looking at me at night until he gets an explanation.

      I sighed and went down to talk to him. I had to go down the other side of the building because there were no stairs on that side. I didn't experience walking down the stairs. When I reached the ground floor and about to go to the other side of the building, I bumped into a guy I met before (not in real life), a guy I like. He was smiling while we were talking. We talked a bit, but we were separated by crowds while we were talking. I loved his smile. My uncle (familiar but not sure who in real life) started moving a TV on wheels into one of the classrooms. I helped him out and totally forgot the guy who was staring up at me.

      I was inside a HUGE sandbox, the size of football fields. Around it were one-level buildings/houses and walls. I was riding some sort of motor-run vehicle that runs on the sand as if it was water/ice (jet/snow ski?). I was "jumping" (using the vehicle) over the structures using the speed as momentum. I had a vision, however, that I was still boxed in, with the farthest ends blocked by higher structures.

      Somehow, I was able to exit. I was in the entrance/exit area of my high school (DBTI). The color/mood was greyish and gloomy, like it's about to rain really hard. I stopped by a mobile hot dog stand. For some reason, the seller gave me an extra hot dog. The other buyers wanted extra too, but he said they pay for the extra.



      - I went to sleep around 3 a.m.
      - Woke up around 10-11 a.m.
    14. Bits

      by , 02-04-2015 at 02:20 PM (Lucid Time!)
      -Something to do with Pikmin. A game that I haven't dreamed about in awhile or played in over a decade. I used to be obsessed with it as a kid. I was in some world where everything was either sand or rusted metal.

      -I was watching Kill la Kill. (An anime that I haven't watched a single episode of. I only seen clips because S is obsessed with it and sends them to me.) The main character (Don't know her name) was getting ready to fight someone.
      Spoiler for Slightly Adult:

      -I had some semi lucidity and a pretty solid full dream at one point. I think it had to do with going to a summer camp of some sort.
      But my roommate woke me up snoring and laughing in his sleep. When I fell back asleep I forgot what the dream was about.

      -I had downloaded this music called 'The planets'. It was a three-disc collection of electronic tracks done by (some guy) who I really didn't know as a musician. The only one that I cared for was track #26 on the second disc. It was about six minutes long but I can't recall what it sounded like. I remember the album artwork was blue with a white ringed planet and a sun off in the corner.

      I seem to have hit a nasty dry spell. God I hate these.
    15. LD #155: More moons, Dreamspeak, and annoying parents

      by , 01-09-2015 at 02:27 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Kind of a lame lucid dream, but I had it.

      Something to do with Lego People in Minecraft or Minecraft people in a Lego world or something like that.

      I was in the family van with my mom and dad. They were driving over these steep sandy hills preforming jumps.
      This was the first sign that I was dreaming; I began to question how the family van, being almost as old as I am was able to handle 20-foot jumps and landing on its nose with no sign of damage or distress.

      At one point we drove through a barn. I got worried not only that this might be reckless and damage our van, but that an angry owner might show up.

      At one point we stopped because my dad had to check the engine. I preformed a nose pinch. I could breathe fine.
      Dreaming. I looked up at the sky and saw five moons in the daytime sky. One of them was huge, obviously. I looked away and looked back and saw that the moons had somehow become conjoined together.

      "Uhhh... that doesn't' look right."

      "What are you talking about? It's just the moons sticking together. That's what all the craters on the big one are for, so all the little ones can fit nicely in the basins."

      It was my mom. I told her that this was a lucid dream that I was going to leave her and go fly. I started climbing up one of the sandy hills. She started begging me to show her how to lucid dream like I do, thinking that it was really cool. At first, I told her no, but after she asked three or four times, I gave in.

      I decided to teach her one of the first things that I had ever learned in lucid dreaming; how to run at high speeds. We found a black asphalt path. I explained to her that part of it is preforming the correct physical motion and part of it is having the correct mental state, knowing that your dream control has to work.

      She took off running. I tried to go after her, but she didn't look back to see that my high-speed running had actually failed. But I still went after her for a minute. This led me through the woods, over a wooden bridge and to a small gas station/cafe place deep in the woods. There was a small lot with some strange cars in it nearby.

      To be honest, I find that my parents, in lucid dreams make for pretty annoying DCs. In hindsight, I probably should have made an effort to get rid of her or distract her. She asked me why my running hadn't worked. I told her that I didn't know, but if we went into that gas station, we might be able to cheat the dream into giving us what we want.

      I started to walk in, I pushed the door open and tightly squeezed the metal handle with my hand, picking up some dream stabilization. "A good friend of mine works here, I think she'll be able to help us." Luckily at this point was actually the last of my mom that I saw in the dream.

      I came in. It was a small convince store that sold candy, chips and the likes. I saw a menu above the counter and apparently they sold a variety of common hot foods. (Pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, etc.) There were a couple of dream characters waiting in line. I just cut in front of them and they didn't care.

      The person at the check-out counter was a short black lady with straight hair. I think she had the face of one of my old gym teachers from middle school. (Man parents and middle school teachers, this whole dream is just a host of awkward and uncomfortable dream characters.) She also had a bionic arm on one side. I kept looking at it, though she didn't seem to appreciate that. (She didn't seem particularly cheerful to begin with.) It kept changing sides.

      "Are you going to buy anything or just stare?"

      "No, I'm not hungry. Is Manei off her shift yet?"

      "Yeah, I'll let you in."

      Success. Manei was in the back room. She had on one of those really heavy native American ponchos for some reason. She was talking with this really short black boy who I assumed was the woman's son, and this fat girl with brown hair. I said hello and she said goodbye to her friends.

      "What I tell you? No meet me in gear room! Meet me in bedroom! I tell you ten times! Now I cannot *do something* for ten days. Why you no listen?"

      I open my mouth to talk.

      "Come, we talk downstairs, in private."

      She takes me back out front of the store and to the women's bathroom. I look in and there is a toilet filled with poo. (And I mean filled, like a mountain of poo.) There was also a lot of pee and *ahem* other liquids on the floor.

      She closed the door and then opened it agian to reveal a flight of stairs with a bed at the bottom. She asked that the both of us jump at the count of three and land on the bed. We do it. Completely pointless but we do it.

      "Now, Atakonk yatoo tahuatok bararr satago izquen lavis al Ukatok. Urtem kaso aleey" (Something or other.)

      "Manei, I don't understand your dreamspeak all that well, remember?"

      "I know, but I want you to listen- I want you to listen- I want you to Lis-Lis-Lis-Listen."

      "Katago Lalataktaktak. Katago Lalataktaktak. Katago Lalataktaktak. Katago Lalataktaktaktaktaktaktak..."

      Manei.exe has stopped working. Would you like to close the dream or check online for a solution?

      The dream faded to black slowly around here. I tried to squeeze the pillows and blankets on the bed we were in to hang on, but I guess that's no different than squeezing the pillows and blankets in your waking life bed.
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