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    1. Buying my Mother a Dutch Sandwich (fully explained)

      by , 12-02-2017 at 06:02 PM
      Morning of December 2, 2017. Saturday.

      It seems to be afternoon. I am in an unfamiliar restaurant with my mother (July 14, 1916-October 2, 2002) and Marilyn (older half-sister on my mother’s side, April 25, 1942-February 13, 2014). They are facing each other from each side of the booth and closest to the window. I am on Marilyn’s right. I have no memory of their deceased status and no viable link to my current conscious self identity. My dream self seems to be about twenty-five years old (though I am fifty-six in reality). I could assume the location as La Crosse (America), though there is no direct focus or thought about where we are. There is no backstory. (The restaurant scenario indicates mild hunger during sleep.)

      My mother wants me to buy a Dutch sandwich for her from the restaurant directly across the street (perceived as west of where we are, which subliminally aligns to the street as west of where I am in bed in reality). Although I already have some money, she gives me about a dollar and fifty cents in small change, which is apparently what one costs. (My mother never said “Dutch sandwich” in real life as far as I know, and I never bought a sandwich for her in real life. Apparently, a Dutch Sandwich is the term for a tax avoidance strategy that some multinational corporations use to lower their corporate tax liability. I have no familiarity with this term.)

      I leave the restaurant, but instead of crossing the street, I continue north in an odd state of faux lucidity (with thoughts of finding my wife Zsuzsanna, without remembering who she is, for a lovemaking session). (Faux lucidity is when I might do something I would do in a lucid dream but without being aware that it is a dream. It is different from liminal dream control, apex lucidity, and normal lucidity.)

      My dream self falls back into the current scenario of my dream and I decide to buy the sandwich. I cross over to the west side of the street with the intent to walk a block and come back around easterly after walking south for about a block. As I walk along the west side of the street rather than the sidewalk, an unknown Hispanic male walks near the middle of the street to my left. He is carrying an unrealistically long telescope in a case, similar to a tightrope walker using a pole for balance. It seems nearly three-fourths as wide as the street. (There are a few other unfamiliar people walking along to my left.) He accidentally tips it up on the right and bumps the back of my head without realizing it. I do not alert him to this and he walks on ahead.

      I enter the other restaurant. I see a large alcove near the entrance (to my right as I walk in). An unknown female is there. She is sitting near a low-set counter (north). It has about nine sandwiches for sale, sparsely arranged. I stand on her left. (Zsuzsanna is sleeping in this orientation in reality, that is, to my right.) I ask if there is a Dutch sandwich here (directed at the cashier behind me on the other side of the room, not this customer). This customer tells me that she has bought and is eating the last one. On the opposite side of the room are two more unknown females who work there and of whom are behind a high-set counter near the cash register. I absentmindedly walk out of the restaurant with the bottom half of one of the other sandwiches without paying for it. Mayonnaise is on it as well as minimal lettuce. I soon realize what I am doing, walk back in, and give it back to the female closest to the cash register. The purchase area is similar to the Coney Island Restaurant in La Crosse I had frequented years ago (and of the same directional orientation), but my dream self does not note this.

      She tells me that she will make two Dutch sandwiches that I can buy and starts to make them in an area near shelves (about four tiers) opposite the service counter. The other female (more to my right as I face south) asks me about “feather sticks” and if people generally consider them as “lighter”. I assume she is talking about feather dusters, so I nod in agreement. However, she talks about cooking on a gas stove, which puzzles me. She had apparently said “feather steaks” and was asking whether they are “lighter” when fried using a gas stove rather than (presumably) an electric stove. (“Feather steak” could be considered as a flight symbol, which means that the preconscious is inducing dream state waking symbolism, especially as this is a checkout scenario which symbolizes emergent consciousness activation and my dream’s implied precursory exit point, though my dream self remains unaware of this, likely involving RAS, as it is also similar to “feathered serpent” and with “steak” rhyming with “snake”. A snake is the main biological waking prompt via RAS depending on the dream type and depth of sleep. The reference to “lighter” additionally relates to waking symbolism, hovering, and RAS-related inner ear dynamics that typically biologically manifest the falling sensation upon waking.)

      The other female has my sandwiches ready. They are not in any sort of bag and are atop each other (two-tiered construct, symbolizing conscious self identity over fictional dream self identity, which I am vaguely aware of but without a viable trigger). I get out my money to pay for them and see that I am holding several coins (in my left hand) that look more like small disks of sliced salami. I go to give her what I assume to be a dollar coin to start with, but it is apparently only twenty-five cents (as it is about the size of an American quarter). I tell her that I am uncertain of the value of the “coins” because it is not clearly noted on them. (At this point, I have a vague recall of Australian one and two-dollar coins while still puzzling over the variously-sized miniature salami slices as “coins”, though this is not enough to trigger any thread of emergent consciousness despite coins and cash registers at a checkout being a known and very familiar dream state indicator and precursory end marker since childhood.) I decide to get out my wallet and pay with an American five-dollar note. The change I get seems like normal coins, which I put in my right pocket with the “salami coins”. (Getting out my wallet at the checkout is analogous to trying to link to my conscious self identity via my fictional dream self near my dream’s exit point, as an ID is kept in a wallet in real life.)

      As I turn to my left to leave (atypical waking orientation, though Zsuzsanna now sleeps on my right for the first time in years), I notice I am not wearing shoes. I am not sure how or when this happened. I soon find and put on my left shoe, which is near the counter under the attached stools. I accidentally put a girl’s shoe, black with a buckle, on my right foot. (This is a childhood dream association when Brenda was a prescient stand-in for Zsuzsanna.) I realize this, yet accidentally put on a different pair of wrong men’s shoes after taking off my correct left one. (The different sizes of the shoes infer that my feet are actually changing somewhat in size, but my dream self does not notice this. This is similar to teeth falling out, which has no meaning but validates the dream self’s body as being fictional and in a state of cessation and with the inability to speak coherently while unconscious.) Finally, I am satisfied at wearing the right shoes and walk out the door and wake. Thus, the final marker here classifies the ending as doorway waking symbolism, which is common, where a doorway symbolizes the exit point of the dream state. Not wearing shoes is a typical dream state indicator as I do not wear shoes in bed. There are apparent shared dream state energies (or at least subliminal acknowledgment of the dream state), as the girl’s right shoe likely relates to my wife Zsuzsanna being asleep at the time to my right.

      The man with the long telescope is a second-level dream state indicator. It relates to seeing outside the dream state (and is a subliminal form of the emergent consciousness as a precursor to either waking or becoming lucid), but in this case, there is no trigger despite the exaggerated length and even bumping the back of my head. (For example, in an experimental lucid dream from the 1980s, RAS activated by each of my eyes quickly extending out diagonally upwards, each becoming a telescope, symbolizing my connection to discernible consciousness outside of my fictional dream body). The vague association with a tightroper’s balancing pole is symbolic of RAS and mediating between dream state awareness and whole consciousness as related to inner ear dynamics and “not falling” (not waking with the biological falling sensation or hypnopompic kick caused by the shift from unconsciousness to consciousness, the reverse of becoming dizzy and passing out when awake).

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    2. Another Rainbow (DWILD)

      by , 12-24-2016 at 08:09 PM
      Ritual: WTB 2am, woke up after a couple hours and strapped on the Motivaider, timed for 30m intervals. I woke up again after what I thought must be at least an hour and hadn't felt any vibrations. I decided that my awareness was not sufficient tonight to continue, removed the device, and went back to sleep. But apparently this process created an anchor for the idea of lucidity, because in my next sleep interval I became aware of lying in that intermediate state between sleeping and waking and went through the motions of getting up into a WILD. However, in retrospect it is clear that I was already dreaming at the start of this experience, so it was not a genuine WILD but a dreamed WILD (hence DWILD). It was 5:45am when I woke from the dream.

      DWILD, "Another rainbow": I am lying on the flat surface of a wooden table as though it were a bed in a large, strange room with a distant, domed ceiling. I feel groggily half-asleep, but notice the distinctive sensations in my body that make me wonder if I'm close to the dream state. I start playing with it as I would when inducing a WILD, attempting to roll and rotate my body while avoiding real physical movement. When I find myself face down and succeed in getting up on my hands and knees, I'm sure that I'm sufficiently integrated with my dream body to get off the table and explore the dream—and given that in retrospect I know was dreaming all along, it is apparent that the sense of difficulty that I experience as I carefully maneuver myself into a standing position, similar to what I experience in real WILDs, must be wholly a mental fabrication.

      My awareness is still low and initially lacking in agency, so I go along with the dream narrative for a while. The space in which I find myself is strange and hard to describe. There's a kind of reflective dome above me that rotates and shifts to reflect different parts of an upper floor or balcony. The dome moves until it is showing a distorted reflection of what looks like an early twentieth-century radio, one of the elegant ones in a large wooden cabinet. I am aware that seated up by the radio there is an older man who owns this place, and I am his guest. After this is a scene in which someone tells my brother that if he wants to get along with this man then he should take up shortwave radio as a hobby.

      Then a bunch of us are seated at a long table for a dinner party. [Source: Order of the Phoenix was on TV last night, and it has a number of scenes with people seated at long tables.] Plates are served and they all contain huge sandwiches. The older man that I saw in the balcony earlier is picking disinterestedly at his sandwich and asks where the other food is, the stuff that had been simmering in the crockpot. My brother, who had put together the food, says that it will be coming up as the next course. I'm seated directly across from the older man, who I think of as our "host," and can tell from his expression he doesn't want to eat the sandwich. I decide to be helpful and comment loudly: "That's a huge sandwich! I couldn't eat all that even for one meal." Although this is true, my intention in speaking was to save face for the other man by legitimizing the option of leaving the sandwich uneaten while waiting for the next course.

      After the sandwich course, we take a break from the meal and everyone who was at the table, about a dozen people in all, are standing in another room. The host is there, and a bunch of vague random people I don't recognize, as well as DC versions of my brother, mom, and dad. For some reason, maybe because of the lull in the narrative, I finally remember my intended task, the leprechaun TOTY, as well as how I had planned to accomplish it. My chief difficulty in previous attempts had been that once I managed to create the necessary rainbow, I got thwarted in my attempts to seek the end of it. As I had earlier been pondering this difficulty, a straightforward solution, perfectly obvious in retrospect, finally occurred to me: why not create the rainbow such that it ends right in front of where I'm standing?

      "Okay everyone, we're going to play a game, kind of like a party game." I smile at the host and add, "It'll give you time to digest before the next course." I reach out and pat his belly, an oddly familiar gesture given that the DC did not scan as anyone I know in WL. [Possible source: yesterday I was doing research related to Budai, the so-called "Laughing Buddha," and rubbing his belly is a recognized ritual gesture. But the DC did not in any other respect remind me of Budai.] I complete my announcement by telling the group: "We're going to make a rainbow!"

      The room we are in is walled entirely with glass on two sides, like a skyscraper, and I recognize that this clear view of the sky will be helpful for the task. I'm slightly more concerned about the fact that we're three or four storeys up, which means that if the rainbow ends here and I start digging through the floor, I won't actually be digging in solid ground. I remind myself that it is silly to maintain these kind waking life assumptions in the dream state. It can be solid ground if it wants to be, or maybe I can find the leprechaun in the room below us. Dream is nothing but malleable, so I really don't need to be this finicky.

      I continue with my instructions to the group: "What we need to do is hold hands and create the end of the rainbow right here." I gesture to indicate the patch of floor in middle of our circle of people. "Then we'll go through, fight the leprechaun, and take his gold." I look around to gauge the response and decide the DCs need a little more incentive. "We can split the money," I add, and am pleased to see that this perks up their interest.

      We join hands around a large circle. I feel that my shirt cuffs are too long and and getting in the way, so I have to break off and fold them up in order to get proper skin contact with the people around me. Once again I wonder if I'm being too finicky. Probably. Even the hand-holding seems like overkill, but I thought it might help us join our focus on the same goal.

      My assumption had been that the assistance of the DCs would help my own confidence and focus on the task. This idea was probably based on my last rainbow-making dream, when I really did feel like I benefited from the help volunteered by the little girl. But this group of DCs is not helping at all. Like typical adults in a social setting, they are only marginally interested in my unusual party game. While I'm trying to concentrate on making a rainbow, the others are getting distracted and starting to chit-chat among themselves. This is distracting me in turn.

      "Quiet!" I rebuke them sharply. "No talking, please. I need you to concentrate. Focus your intention." I figure they could use a reminder of the goal of our task: "We're going to create a rainbow"

      Periodically I've been glancing out the windows to see if a rainbow is visible in the sky yet. This time I notice that the weather has changed. The sky is grey and a steady rain is now pouring down. Rain, well, that's halfway to a rainbow, isn't it? I let myself be encouraged that the environment is showing some response.

      I continue attempting to focus, and the DCs continue to stand around without helping much. They're quieter after my reprimand but still distracted, and I have the impression that they don't seem to know how to focus their intentions properly. This is exasperating. What good are dream characters who don't even know how to interact with a dream? My mom starts speaking and I almost raise my hand to swat at her, irritated by yet another interruption, until I realize that what she's saying might actually be helpful. She is commenting on the light, how it needs to filter through the water particles a certain way to create a rainbow.

      I had never intended to create a rainbow with meteorological accuracy, but hey, since it's already raining outside, we might as well give it a shot. If we can just get the right sort of light, it might encourage our expectations in a way that will make this easier. You know how when it rains and then you see the light break through the clouds, and you wonder if you will see a rainbow? That's the expeirence I was now trying to recreate. I look out the window and sure enough, in one direction bright sunlight is now alternating with the dark clouds. Very well, the rainbow can come from that direction.

      Once again I concentrate, reminding myself that rainbows consist of light broken into the spectrum of colors. I think I almost see them in front of me, faint and translucent, but I can't tell if I'm only imagining them until the DCs all break out into "oohs" and "ahs," and saying things like "amazing!" I smile triumphantly, amused that everyone is acting so impressed after their earlier disengagement.

      (While it seems odd to make the above distinction between something that "happens" in a dream and something I'm "only imagining," given the many times I have attempted to complete some task by imagining the outcome and it has not tangibly manifested in the dream, some such distinction seems warranted, if much less clear and stark than the difference between imagining and experiencing in waking life.)

      It is a bit odd to try to look at a rainbow head on, from immediate proximity, but I do see a faint shimmering band extending from the lit quarter of the clouds to the floor right in front of my feet. I remind everyone that creating the rainbow was only the first step. "Now we have to dig through the floor." I start scrabbling at the smooth wooden boards, trying to imagine that the floor is soft and that my hands can scoop it up like clay. I feel everyone watching (no one else is trying to help) and their expressions are dubious. If merely creating a rainbow surprised them, imagine the skepticism they must feel watching me try to break through solid floor with my hands! I wonder if I can better align the expectations of the onlookers if I use some sort of tool to dig with, but I can't think of what might be handy.

      This time it is my dad who speaks up with some advice: "The location of the floor isn't localized on the floor." I don't understand what he's trying to tell me, and I don't have long to think about it because I feel myself waking. I lose the dream and lay still for a few minutes, feeling to see if I can DEILD, but no, my body is fully awake now.

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    3. #178 - Heroes of suburbia / Passing familiar faces / Danger 5

      by , 12-12-2015 at 02:07 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      SC 1) 02:00
      Dream 1 - Heroes of suburbia
      I remembered A LOT of this dream, but as I rolled around in bed trying to get up and write it down I could feel the dream slipping away from my memory.. >_<
      I was walking with a person on a road in a forested suburban area (like where I live in RL). Something happened, like a small bolt of light shot from the sky and hit a guy and then we were about to fight? It was pretty random. The dream shared a similar story to an anime I was watching yesterday.

      SC 2) 02:25 - 03:26
      Dream 2 - Passing familiar faces
      I'm outside at a place that reminds me of my old high school (though it doesn't resemble it), I'm walking up a flight of stone steps and at the top there's a big green grass field. Somewhere off to my left there's a bunch of people sitting on chairs around a table talking and I recognize one of the girls there as Hannah. Hmm I better not say hi since she's hanging with other mates. I decide to skirt around them on my way over to a lunch bar on the other side of the field, you can get some tasty sandwiches there. There's a bunch of people here too but I don't think I recognize them. I feel a little awkward for some reason. I head back the way I came deciding to go to the pool room which is near the base of the stone steps I climbed. As I pass Hannah's group I overhear that a couple of them say they want to play pool. "ugh.. damn it.." I know that since I'm playing solo then I better let them have the table since they can have a proper game. I walk down the steps and head into the pool room, there's a couple of pool balls on the floor, a red and a blue one. I pick them up and hear the 2 people from Hannah's group arriving. I turn around and mumble out some words "oh you two are going to play pool? here go ahead" or something. I mumbled it so badly though, and I feel like they gave me a funny look. Geeze I wish my hearing aids weren't broken so I could hear myself speaking >_<. There's 2 pool tables in here, one is normal while the other is triangular and a bit smaller (Supposedly for 9-ball pool). I turn and see Lajja and a really pasty skinny guy walk in and stand next to the 9-ball pool table. I walk over to say hey and give Lajja a hug, but the pasty guy gets in my way. "hmm?" I look at him a bit confused, what's he doing? I try go around the other side to say hey properly but he kind of hunches over in the way. That's so weird? Why is he doing that. I look up and see through a small window my friend Ehsan. We notice each other and wave, I decide I should go outside and say hey properly but the guy next to me gets my attention, since we had been in the middle of the conversation. I notice he says something strange: "It's like everyone's trying to distract you"... Huh? I don't get to think about this properly but it does seem strange to me.

      SC5) 08:17
      Dream 3 - Danger 5
      I'm in a kitchen (similar to the one at my parent's place) with the arab guy from Danger 5 and he's making a cocktail (like he does in the show). Random events were happening similar to the way they would in the show, at 1 point a plane crashed and the other members of the plane walked out of it.

      I waited a bit too long to write down the last dream, I almost talked myself out of writing it down. I think this happened after the other sleep cycles during the night (SC3+4) and may be because I spent the night out at a mates place the night before.
    4. Evading Murder, Michelle/Terrible Animal Conditions, Egg Sandwich (Brief Lucidity), and More

      by , 10-09-2014 at 02:21 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in the middle of this story/movie, but it was real life? Hard to explain. I somehow just knew the storyline without anyone having to tell me. I was living in this apartment with a girl. There were these two guys living there also who were murdering people by stabbing them in the side near their heart. It had something to do with money. Everyone who was somehow connected to the money was going to get killed. This girl and I were doing a good job hiding ourselves and being inconspicuous; we were somehow connected to the money.

      At one point, I was playing Ski Free on the computer (anyone remember that game??).

      Many people got murdered. We had somehow still evaded it. For much of the dream, we were in the apartment. At one point, I was alone in the apartment. I went out into the hallway, and one of the guys went after me with his small knife. I somehow got back into my apartment and tried to lock the door, but the lock was flimsy and he kept using his knife, which he slid through the door crack, to unlatch the lock. He was also doing something to the knob on the door as well. I knew I had no chance and it was only a matter of time before he got in. I then was again out in the hallway, and he got ahold of me and stabbed me in the side with his knife. I thought for sure I was done for. I don't remember what happened after this, but I feel like the dream continued a bit longer.


      I was hanging out with this girl named Michelle (no idea who she is IWL). She had big boobs and short, straight dark hair. We were getting along really well, having a good time. She had kind of a loud personality, but I liked hanging out with her. I was then sitting at a table with her and a few other people, when Jarrod, an ex, sat down with us. He had on a baseball hat and a white shirt. He folded his arms on the table and was a little slumped over. I was surprised to see him; I thought he had moved out of state. I said hello to him. As I did so, I noticed these scabs on his face next to his eyes. He didn't say hello back to me, but noticed I was hanging out with Michelle. He then said
      "So you guys get along now?"
      I guess we had met before and disliked each other, but I couldn't remember when that was. I thought it must have been when I was dating Jarrod at some point. I kind of remembered, and said,
      "Oh, I remember now!"
      It was a very vague memory of meeting her and just not liking her personality.

      Michelle was then wearing no shirt. I noticed that she didn't have any nipples. I could see stretch marks on her breasts though. I thought she must have fake breasts because of cancer or something. Her face then looked kind of swollen. It looked like it was carrying up from her breasts.

      Then, I was at a circus. There was supposed to be some sort of petting zoo thing where some people from the audience came down to pet some animals. I was down there getting the animals ready. It was piglets from what I remember. Taylor then came down as well. We were transferring the piglets from one set of bins to another. I then started to clean the filthy litter that was in one of the bins. There was lots of gross, wet poop in it. I felt awful for the condition the animals were in. I knew it really made Taylor mad too; he was passionate about animals.


      I was making some sort of egg sandwich. I cut up a fried egg with my spatula in a frying pan and put it on a sandwich. Dallas was up now as well and told him he should make an egg sandwich too. I had the bread ready for him and everything. I also think I made myself another one. The other one I made was very soggy and had big, slimy chunks of egg that would come out all at once in my mouth as I bit into it. I think I was going to make a third one as well.

      Then, I was in bed at what appeared to be our hotel from our honeymoon, though I was sleeping on the opposite side of the bed than I did when we went IWL. I was asking Dallas, who was up in the bathroom area, if he was going to make himself an egg sandwich. I then somehow figured out I was dreaming, though I could tell it was unstable from the dimness of the room. I decided to try something different. I started to pull off my thumb. It popped right off. I looked at my right hand. No thumb. I then looked in my left hand and saw my thumb. Cool! I did it to my index finger as well. I then woke up briefly and went back into the dream. This happened a few times where I'd lost the dream, wake up, and go back into it. The last time it happened, I couldn't see anything; it was completely dark, even though I felt my eyes were open.
      I woke up and had a moment of panic because I thought I may have gone blind, but I just had my sleeping mask on. -_-;


      I was on some Victoria's Secret talk show, but I was hanging out by this big, raised sandbox with some kids. Some were in it playing, others were with me hanging out to the side. I wondered why I was here with these kids? I looked for someone who may be around my age, but saw no one, the oldest kid probably being around 11 years old. I wondered if I was too old to be here.

      The talk show then started. I wondered what I should do. I contemplated getting in the sand box. I don't think I did. The kids were then all going to do some obstacle courses. I watched a little girl swinging on these metal bars, attaching herself to them with these small metal pieces she had in each hand that latched onto the edge of the bar. She'd then slide on that metal piece to the end, and attach to another. I was worried about her; it looked dangerous to me. Her mom was at the end of the bars.

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    5. Powerpuff Girls Frag, Unstable Lucidity, and Work Stress

      by , 09-07-2014 at 03:18 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was on a huge ship sailing on the ocean. It was nighttime. Something about a shower. The Powerpuff Girls were there. Bubbles broke off from the other girls for awhile because she believed a problem that was going on had no resolution, but towards the end of the dream, it got resolved. I was kind of disappointed that it got resolved for some reason. But what did I expect? The Powerpuff Girls TV show always had a resolution.


      I felt myself falling back asleep after being awake for 4 hours. -_-' But anyway. I was lucid sitting up in my bed, but everything was so dim. I looked at my hands, trying to examine them and make the dream brighter and more stable, but it wasn't really working. I floated into the other room where my husband was sleeping (he got home at almost 5am IWL so he went to sleep in the other room so as not to wake me or keep me up). I started trying to talk to him. He started to get out of bed as I was doing so.
      "Dallas," I rasped. It was surprisingly difficult to talk right now. I kept on anyway.
      "I'm lucid reaming," I said, either I said that or something similar.
      I started to undo his pants,
      but I woke up.

      Similar scenarios kept happening over and over again. I'd feel myself going back to sleep, I'd enter a dream where I'd be in my bedroom, I'd sit up out of my body, but everything would be dim. I'd try to examine my hands to induce clarity, but it wouldn't work. I'd go try to have sex with my husband, but everything would always black out, and I'd start the whole damn cycle over again. Sometimes, I wouldn't even get as far as approaching my husband before I'd wake. I just kept thinking to myself every time before I'd black out that I must not be in a deep enough sleep.

      There was one where I was looking at my hands, and imagining that they were burned or dismembered. Some of my fingers would then look weird and grown together, but that's about it.


      I was in my apartment in my kitchen, which had a brighter, more fluorescent lighting to it than IWL. A short black girl was living with me; she was my new roommate. We were talking about something else too, and I knew she'd be a great roommate.
      "We're going to get along just fine," I said, but she was on the phone. She acknowledged what I said, however, by looking at me and smiling while she was on the phone.
      She then started to tell me why she used a Keurig to make her coffee. I then saw an orange Keurig on the counter making a cup of coffee. I thought about how Dallas and I had gotten an off-brand one-cup coffee maker as a wedding gift, but we still hadn't opened it. I guess there was no use for it now.

      The Keurig then started to malfunction. Water was going everywhere out of the top of it. I was trying to hold the water back. I then noticed how clear and vivid all of this was, and more water started to come out. I realized I was dreaming,
      but woke soon after.


      I had just gotten to work. It was my last week there. Kaitlin was going home for the day; it was two o'clock, and I was coming in to relieve her. I then was by myself, and was trying to think of why I quit, and how I wouldn't be rehiriable. I started to regret my decision. I couldn't go back to Kohl's, and now I couldn't go back here. What had I done? I actually really like this job. Where would I go now? I had no back-up plan.

      I then had a customer who wanted a deli sandwich. I went to the sandwich bar and got some bread. The deli was on the opposite side of the bakery than it usually is. I also had never made a deli sandwich before, but the person working at the deli was already helping another customer. The customer, a female, was telling me what she wanted on the sandwich. I was having a hard time remembering what she was saying. I was also waiting for the sandwich bar to clear up so I'd have room; there were a couple of deli employees there already making sandwiches for customers. I put her sandwich on the end of the bar. I then saw Judy, a lady I used to work with at Kohl's, run up to the sandwich bar to help the deli really quick. I don't recall what else happened with that customer.

      I then had another customer, a younger man, probably in his 30's or so. He ordered some "garlic cheesy bread". I had never done this before, so I tried to repeat his order back to him so I knew I was going to give him the right thing. I had thought he said he wanted a lot of garlic, and I picked up a shaker of garlic salt. I asked him if he wanted lots of garlic, and he said no. So I put a moderate amount on there, and asked if that was ok. He said
      "It's fine," but he didn't seem happy that I had put any garlic on there at all.
      I don't remember anything else about this encounter.

      A lady then came to the counter and asked if Kaitlin was working. I said no, she left at 2.

      I then was cleaning up a mess on the floor. It looked like some small sprinkles of flour had gotten on the floor. There was water all over the floor for me to squeegee up, but there were a couple of long rugs on the ground as well. I kept trying to not get the rugs wet, but I'd always accidentally dip the squeegee into a puddle and it would soak the rug. I was trying to squeegee all the spots of flour up, but I was having a hard time with the rugs and all. I then noticed that water was now pouring all over the floor. I looked over and saw that the clear hose that drained water from something that ran the mixer into the drain was dislodged from the drain and getting water all over the floor. Ugh. I went over and lodged the hose back into the drain. I let it go, and saw it move a little, and thought it may come back out. I tried to adjust it a bit more. I then left it alone. Water and bread dough then sputtered out of something in the mixer as the hose started to function normally again.

      I then started to feel how full my belly was. I had eaten a big breakfast. I burped and puked a little bit in my mouth. Instead of swallowing it though, it came out of my mouth as little red, chunky-looking salsa bits. They landed on the ground, only about three or four of them though. I had eaten some kind of Spanish omlette with salsa for breakfast. I kept going on as if nothing happened; I didn't think any customers saw me, even though there were a lot by the sandwich bar. I then saw someone walk away from the bar who hadn't been helped yet. I guess maybe they had seen the vomit.


      Just a side note...IWL I have not quit my bakery job. I haven't even considered it. This is the second dream I've had about it, however, the other one being a couple of nights ago.
    6. The Peanut Sandwich Song

      by , 01-25-2013 at 06:47 PM
      (I don't know why I bothered making this a thread, I should've just done a Dream Journal entry =/ oh well)
      Okay so I dream that I'm leaving work. It's raining outside, and it's really dark. I come to a four way stop and then I realize I'm not in a car, and that if I want I can just run through traffic to get where I want to go. I look left and then right. There's a semi-truck turning very slowly and across from me a car arrives at the stop sign there. I'm afraid he'll just cut through traffic so I turn right and run down the street. I decide I can run where I want, so I leap up onto the sidewalk and ignore the light, since I'm not in a car I don't have to obey traffic laws. As I'm running I can feel the rain soaking through my clothes.
      I come to an alley, and on the ground I find the book I'm reading IRL. I pick it up, I have no idea how long it's been sitting in the rain, but it's soggy. I hope it's not entirely ruined. I climb up a fire escape a little ways down the alley. It's then I realize I'm not myself, I'm a teenage boy. I wonder briefly why I would be leaving work so late, or even if I'd be allowed to work at my age. My subconscious comes up with a plot hole filler: the world has become so expensive to live in that they lowered the age requirement for most places. A girl I work with lives in the house I'm climbing in to.
      I worry because I know her parents wouldn't be happy if they found a boy in her room. I go through the window, open her door and see a flight of stairs immediately outside. I can see the front door from here. I make a run for it. The girl comes around the corner and gasps in shock.
      "What are you doing here? You can't be here!"
      "I know, I'm sorry. It's just that--"
      Her mom shows up. She looks over my shoulder and I know she's looking at the open door to her daughter's room.
      "Were you hiding a boy in your room?"
      "No momma."
      I cut in, "I'm sorry, I just left work and it was raining and--"
      The woman narrows her eyes at me.
      "What's in your backpack?"
      I hand it to her. She starts rifling through it, I have no idea what she expects to find. She pulls out my lunch, it's a peanut butter and jelly sandwich still in the ziploc bag. She makes fun of it, poking at it and squeezing it until the peanut butter comes out. She brushes past me and goes up to her daughter's room. I try to follow her to explain what I was doing here, but by the time I get there she's playing the piano under the open window. She's singing in a high pitched voice:
      "Liiiiiiiittttttlllleee sandwiiiich! Littttttllllleeee PEAAAAAANNUUUUT SAAAAAAAANDUWIIIIIIICH!!!"
      Somehow I know she's making fun of me. I turn away to talk to my friend.
      "Don't mind her, she gets like that sometimes...quick! Leave while she's still distracted!"
    7. Sleep Paralysis Nap Dream...and Sandwiches

      by , 12-18-2012 at 05:43 AM
      I'm at my boyfriend's mother's house watching the dog for her while she's away. I fall asleep on the couch.
      There's a a faint buzzing that grows louder when I tilt my head back. I recognize the noise and the heaviness in my limbs for sleep paralysis. I wonder what it would be like if I couldn't control it and remember how frightening it used to be. I entertain the thought that I can convince myself I really can't move and that it will lock me in the dream. Out of the corner of my eye I see a large spider on the top of the couch. It's red and blends in with the throw on the back cushions.
      I jar myself awake, then allow myself to drift off. Then I fight it and twitch my hand. I snap briefly into awareness and then fall asleep again.
      The buzzing gets louder. I get stuck, thinking I've fallen asleep with one eye open, and that is a doorway into letting my spirit walk from my body, I try to grasp the feeling. It feels pointed. Precise. Small. Like knowing that if I can still see the world, I will dream into it instead of into my head. I lose track of the thought and I close my eyes, now they are both open and I'm dreaming. I realize it's a dream when I see that my boyfriend's mother is home and making dinner in the living room, there are three ovens in there and she confuses me by putting plates of sandwiches in each one.
      I hear the dog's claws clicking on the floor as he gets up and leaves the room. My limbs still feel heavy.
      More buzzing. I think I can hear music but when I try to focus on it the sound loses distinction.
    8. Loli, Gray Font, We had Homework?, Blonde Female in Black

      by , 07-23-2012 at 09:57 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Lolis are for Pros (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside of a house, and it seems to be owned by my uncle. It definitely is not his home, but I just ignore querying him in the first place.

      I believe while he's gone somewhere, I'm with his sons and the daughter, and we're getting ready to go somewhere by sorting through the bags with our clothes.

      Something feels weird when I'm sorting through the clothes, and as I realize that these clothes obviously don't match what I wear in waking life, or at least the style of what I usually wear
      (which is usually generic compared to others anyway), the others catch up on this as well.

      We finally come to the conclusion that I mixed up my clothes with one of my uncle's sons, the older one that is. I saw that one of the long sleeved sweaters had light gray, dark gray, and black stripes on it.

      The older cousin is slightly annoyed that we mixed our clothes up together, but we eventually sort that problem out fairly quickly.

      I forget all the minor details, but we eventually get ready to go to a mall to buy some things, I don't know what, but we're definitely headed to buy something. I had a hunch that it was something related to the phone that I already had in possession.

      I remember my uncle declaring that it was something related to having Firefox on my phone, which could be a homologous variation from me looking at the Firefox homepage that suggests one should download the app for the Android phone....or not.

      It wasn't a Blackberry phone though, it somewhat looked like an Android or Iphone. The mall we're inside has a blue carpet flooring to it, at least the walkway did before one goes to any of the outlets on the side.

      Surprisingly, I was the one taking the lead when we were all walking, at least that's what I thought I was doing, since I was sure where we would go first. My uncle, aunt, and cousins declared my name, and I turned around to see what's up.

      They informed me that we're going to the Video Game Outlet first, which makes me look up to see what was the name. It probably said "GameStop," and the font was either white on the first half, and red on the second half of the name, or vice versa.

      I tried looking closely to it, but my vision was slightly skewed and blurry when I looked at that specific point of view. Eventually, my uncle guides me to the path to get some special feature app for my phone, which is probably an Android phone too.

      There's a cute lady, I'd say in her mid-twenties. She has nice brunette hair, a little shine to it. She was wearing a fancy white shirt with a slight V-neck cut on the neck region of it I think, and she would a simple but smooth looking black skirt. I think she had black high heels as well, and she was sitting on a metal stool.

      She has a stack of papers clipped together, and a black pen in her hands, and she has a wonderful smile as well, especially when I came closer to her. But it's probably just her being kind to everyone. She directs me on some things, and I just nod my head throughout the whole process.

      I was paying attention to her visage, absolutely enticed by it. Her cheeks had a little glow to them, makeup probably enhanced that, and the way she looks down on the paper, her eyelashes were long and curved up.

      Then there's a section of the paper where my uncle comes close to us, and he tells me I need to sign somewhere. I don't know why, but I started to get angry for some reason. I slammed my left hand very hard on the paper, and I told my uncle,

      "I KNOW THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

      Maybe I wanted to look at the lady's visage more than be distracted, loool.

      I realized the intensity of my scream, and especially towards my uncle, I was surprised at myself. I didn't look at my uncle for a few seconds, because my eyes were still wide open in shock from my sudden shift in aggressive demeanor.

      My uncle didn't express any emotions of me being angry at him, in fact, he continued to point to me where to sign while being in a zen-like personality. The first words I wanted to declare to him were, "I'm Sorry," but something kept me from declaring them.

      To me, it felt worthless to apologize to him over something so petty that I let my emotions get the better of me.

      I guess the fortune cookie I received yesterday ordering Asian takeout that said, "Delay is the antidote for anger" was true.

      Apparently, I was questioned if I like Loli content, and my aunt even asked me in a joking manner.





      I said I don't.

      I believe I sign the paper after that awkward moment, and I can't remember how we head back home.

      Once we're home, I'm sitting on a separate cushion seat. I was basically in the fetal position, except that I was sitting instead of leaning to my side. I held my legs together with my arms, and could do nothing but stare at the ground. I still felt kind of depressed that I would scream at my uncle that way.

      I indulged myself in this depressed state of being, until my Aunt asked me if I would like something to eat/drink. I realized she was going out to get food and drinks for the others, and I go back to looking at the ground and replied, "No thank you."

      She leaves, and eventually, I decided that I should go get something to drink and eat for myself.

      The dream shifts to where I'm outside, going to a supermarket. It looks like Wal-Mart, but I just pay attention to actually going in than looking for the name outside. I walk around to find some soda, and I think I picked up some Crush Orange soda bottle.

      My aunt finds me, and I think she asks me something to related to me suddenly coming in the same store she was in.

      Gray Font (Non-lucid)


      I find some way to insert a random word in gray font on any website, though I can't see what the actual word is. I thought at first that it would go away when I refresh the page, but it actually sticks on the webpage unless I want it gone.

      I think I go on Dream Views, and stick in it random places.

      We had Homework? (Non-lucid)


      I was sitting in class, and a very young teacher that looked like a girl named Miranda that I know in waking life apparently assigned us homework yesterday. I was this close from panicking, because I didn't remember any of this!

      But it seems student declared that she just canceled the homework instead because nobody was doing it?

      Lol okay.

      Then another part in a different class where I thought I forgot to do my math homework, and I had thoughts of trying to pretentiously charm to some unlucky nerdy female to get it done for me.

      I look down on the desk I'm sitting on, and the homework is right there, mostly complete. Maybe it's because I didn't turn to see the back side of the page, but I had a feeling the homework was 15 questions to solve, and the first page had 8 or so questions solved.


      I think the next dream occurred after I failed to attempt a WILD after a WBTB in hopes of finding the password Mindraker created for the Password Shared Dreaming Experiment, but maybe the elements from these dreams themselves are giving me clues to find it....since I did write a note related to making sure that I will find the password somehow...so it was like a V-MILD throughout the day, and I did look at it a few times during the WBTB in hopes of seeing what happens.

      The blonde I met in the dream, I couldn't tell why she appeared, but because she was pretty much invincible to all gunfire, and kept a calm composure, it probably was for something important, but.....you'll see.
      Blonde Female in Black (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside a dark area, and it feels like I'm on another sneaking mission. It has the Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory type of setting to it, and I know that I'm the one making most of the decisions in this area, instead of controlling someone to do it.

      I'm trying my best to avoid enemies from spotting me, even though I have some weapons that are silenced. I was worried because I didn't want to shoot too much to the point that the silencer degrades and becomes useless. The enemy guards were wearing a winter type camouflage, with slight hues of green to them.

      As usual, the guards somehow know I'm here, forcing me to fend for myself by shooting each of them in fatal points. It takes a while to kill them off, since they called for back-up a lot, and they kept coming through a black door on the right that was 6 feet or more away from me. I fell on my back a lot for some reason, but managed to keep shooting them without taking too much damage, in fact, I didn't really feel any pain at all.

      After killing most of them to death, I continued moving through the ducts instead of the hallways that may be patrolled by more guards. Once I get out of the ducts, I have to walk across fragile wooden top areas that would be considered roofs or covering if you were down the hallways.

      I walked slowly, trying to make sure the creaking sound of the wooden areas wouldn't make it obvious that I'm hiding on top. I reached an area where there's water that floods the place at least up to people's waist. I see there's a section in front of me with an open, but dark door to go through. Problem is, there's a light source near it.

      I thought things out a while, and since I have weapons and items from Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, I decided to just use the OCP (Optically Channeled Potentiator) extension from the 5-7 SC Pistol to temporarily shut down the light source.

      I knew that this would attract some attention, so I quickly decided to go to the wooden post that was next to the light source. I still had a lot of time before the light source would turn back on, and I looked to my right to see that in front, there are a lot of unarmed people wearing white dress shirts and black ties (black skirts for females).

      They were getting closer and closer to see what happened to the light source, and I quickly switched to the SC-20K to use the non-lethal attachments. I literally saw the small heads-up-display when switching weapons as well, and I scrolled down on the section for the SC-20K to the "Sticky Shocker"

      Since these people were in a body of water, I could make use of the little ammo of non-lethal weapons I had. Everyone were in small groups, around 6-10, so I started to shoot the sticky shocker near the group closest to me. They immediately collapse, and I waste no time to shoot one more sticky shocker at another group.

      I continued doing this two more times I believe, until I realized that I'm basically out of sticky shockers. I knew these people were unarmed, but I didn't want to resort to using actual bullets to defend myself. I try to calm down, but feelings of fear of being found out were too overwhelming for me.

      While I tried remaining poised, a very attractive blonde to my left is slowly walking in the water. She has her hair tied back, and is wearing a black shirt that is tied up under breasts. She's also wearing a very short skirt, barely covering, at most, 3-4 inches past her lower private region.

      The closest person that looked like her was Mila Kunis....just imagine her, except with blonde hair.

      She has a little mascara around her eyes, and out of reflex, I resorted to using the last non-lethal attachment I had for the SC-20k, which was the Airfoil Round ammo.

      She was unarmed as well, and I didn't want to shoot her or anything. Since a head shot was pretty much the only thing that would make the Airfoil Round's efficacy of knocking out a person work, I quickly aimed for her head and shot it.

      Nothing happens.......

      I'm pretty sure I was dead accurate. I tried shooting again, but nothing is happening. Compared to the dream characters on the right of the wooden post wondering why people are collapsing, the blonde on the left remains a calm composure. It's like she felt nothing at all, as if all those non-lethal shots just bounced off her.

      Her eyes, she was looking up, probably to slowly ascend to where I am at, and I realize she's actually advancing to my direction. She gets closer....



      And then I wake up because someone woke up me.


      Another dream character that is invincible to any attacks, would've been nice to see what she had to say to me, since I'm sure she knew where I was.

      Scorpion (Non-lucid)


      I believe I'm at some kind of convention or meeting related to Art and Comic book creation and Mangas as well. While people are going around, they can edit out some parts of drawings, and I indulge in erasing parts of random drawings.

      I saw one drawing of a Naruto Shippuden Manga, and I lightly rubbed off a shading near Naruto's neck. It was a drawing of him with his eyes closed and smiling.

      Then someone alerts me to say that a painting or drawing of a Scorpion will not change into the color of the ink drops people are trying to saturate it with. I immediately run to see if this is really true, and I start out with small drops on the scorpion art piece.

      It quickly reforms back to its original color and state. I decided I should add more purple ink drops this time. Things seem to work at the time, but after a few seconds, it's like the drawing absorbed all the pink and it went back to the same color and state as before.

      I didn't know what else to do.

      Hmmmm, a drawing/painting of a Scorpion that doesn't conform to any color changes from the ink drops.........

      Hm....I honestly can't think of any interpretation from that.
      Sandwich Stolen (Non-lucid)


      I'm at the top floor somewhere, and it feels like night time. I go near the edge to look over to see that someone is buying a sandwich at one of those mini-trailer stores near malls.

      I couldn't see the cashier hand out the sandwich to the guy paying up front, but the sandwich is on his left side. As the guy is getting out his cash, I see a little child to the left of him quickly snatches the sandwich.

      My eyes widened from this unexpected event, and I wanted to pursue the child, but I wait for a while, and the child came up the stairs where me and several random dream characters were at.

      The man who was going to pay the cashier looked a lot like a guy named Jeremy that I met at a bus stop during Middle School. Let's just call him J for short.

      "J" gets ready to pay for the sandwich, and then realizes it's not there at all. "J" gets pissed off pretty quickly, and it seems he knows who stole it. He quickly runs to go upstairs, and before he makes his presence known, I quickly grabbed the child by the back of his shirt, lifted him up, and told "J" that he was responsible for stealing his sandwich.

      "J" looks at the child with a serious facial expression, but knows he can't really beat him to a pulp or anything like that.

      I let go of the child, and I believe to the left of me, there's a dream character that looks like the Cartoon Joker from Batman.....like the old school version of him.

      Except, he had longer and straighter hair, and his eyes squinted more.

      I believe I told him I was going to get him a sandwich at some point in this dream, but I just can't remember.
      Me and Sarah at Lunch (Non-lucid)


      I believe this is a continuation of the Scorpion dream I had, but just wanted to put this separately.

      I see Sarah, the same Sarah dream I had a few days (or was it just yesterday) that I had with the Round table at lunch again.

      But this time, it's a regular straight and long table at lunch. She's sitting down with Joel, who I honestly could care less about right now. I quickly get to the other side, probably by using my left hand on the table, and jumping and twisting my body to the side to sit right next to Sarah.

      I think I wanted to talk to her about something, until some other random girls start coming in to discuss about how people are obsessed with making people like their own possessions.

      Weird stuff.

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    9. Money Sandwich

      by , 04-10-2012 at 11:31 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I was with this blond-haired woman making sandwiches for some sort of event; on the deck of my house. She showed me how to make one and she said she needed about 10.
      The ingredients were pretty simple: Ham,Tomato,Lettuce, and two twenty dollar bills. She showed me how to fold them over under the ham and above the lettuce. She told me that it was important that the money wrap around all of the other ingredients.
      At the end, I told her as a joke that I took $200 instead of putting it on the sandwich. She got really mad and started to chase me. I told her it was just a joke and she calmed down.
      Then she ate one of the sandwiches and told me that the money tastes really good.

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    10. dirty beach; two sandwiches; dianne wiest lunch; new restaurant

      by , 02-08-2012 at 02:42 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was out on a beach that was packed with people. A lot of people seemed to be out with small contraptions, almost like the rods that would hold up huge umbrellas, but with no umbrellas, and with bases that lay in the sand.

      I stood by a little, blonde girl. She was really tiny, but she spoke really well. She wore a leopard print bathing suit and sunglasses. I had asked her her name -- or maybe I'd asked her my name. She responded by telling me I was silly or stupid.

      The girl then told me that I'd spoken so much about going into the water. So why was I now just staying out on the beach. I figured the little girl was right. I should go into the water, at least to impress the girl.

      But I looked at the water. It was just as packed as the beach was. And it was dirty as hell. It looked like old, used washing machine water. And posts seemed to be sticking up out of it, too.

      Dream #2

      I was laying on a bed, probably in the living room of a nice apartment or condo in a tall, new building. My mom sat either on the edge of my bed or on a bed that was adjacent to my bed. We were watching some movie. The movie struck me as being a little brutal or gross.

      I was either making two sandwiches, or else I had two sandwiches lying before me as I lay on the bed. Each sandwich had its own plate. Both sandwiches were on heroes.

      The sandwich nearest me had ham and cheddar cheese. I remembered that I liked the taste of ham with some other meat. So I told my mom I could make our sandwiches with that other meat as well.

      But my mom said no, that didn't matter. She seemed to be hungry and annoyed, and she didn't want to worry about complicating things. I felt bad for complicating things. So I decided to leave the sandwich alone.

      But I personally wanted the taste of both meats on my sandwich. Then I remembered that the second sandwich had both meats on it. So even if my mom was annoyed by my two-meat idea, I could secretly eat and enjoy a two-meat sandwich.

      Dream #3

      I was at a dinner table with an older woman, probably my mom. We were in a really nice restaurant that was mostly empty. The table was round, a meter in diameter, with a white tablecloth.

      Three older women sat down at a table that was right next to ours, even touching ours. The three women all looked rich. They were all dressed in black.

      My mom had a conversation with the women. It sounded pretty intelligent. But I can't remember what it was about. One woman, the one closest to me, was staying rather quiet. I looked at her. She looked really distressed.

      I recognized her as Dianne Wiest. But she looked a bit skinnier and older. I wanted to tell her how much I enjoyed her performances in her movies. But I didn't say anything.

      Later I was riding in the backseat of a car. My mom was driving, and another woman was up in the front seat with her. My mom said, "Rachel ----- wasn't as talkative as she usually is."

      I thought, Rachel -----? I knew my mom was talking about the woman I'd looked at. But I guess I'd gotten the name of the woman wrong.

      My mom continued. "Oh, well. Usually she's more open when she's around kids. It brings out more of a feeling of hope in her."

      I thought to myself, Well, I'm pretty youthful and exuberant. I can bring out hope in people, too. I should have been a little more outgoing with Rachel.

      Dream #4

      I walked into a restaurant. It was as enormous as the main area of Grand Central station in NYC. Toward the back, the seating area tiered up. The carpet, and maybe the walls, were green. The tables all had white tablecloths on them. The place was empty.

      I walked back to the back tier. I sat down and was now seated with a rich-looking, older-looking man and woman. We ate and spoke cheerfully about something. I was having a good time. But I was trying to play down the fact that I wasn't rich, so that my financial condition wouldn't make the couple dislike me.

      I then realized that this was a brand new restaurant that had opened up in a big, abandoned building. I thought of some friends who I always go out to dinner with. I thought they'd be really impressed when I told them I'd come to a restaurant that had just opened.
    11. Thursday, June 14, 2011

      by , 11-25-2011 at 08:27 AM (A Tangled Thread Inside my Head)
      I was eating lunch in my school's cafeteria.
      I was making myself a chicken sandwich and was mixing ranch dressing and ketchup for sauce.
      An acquaintance (in real life) whom I had never liked named Lauren tried to take my sandwich from me.
      I decked her in the face and told her to fuck off feeling very proud of myself as I walked away.
    12. Fragments for July 14 2011

      by , 07-15-2011 at 08:33 PM (Sailing the Noosphere)
      1. I'm on a road trip in the family car. We're on a bumpy path through a forest when I realize I really need to piss. I get out of the car, find a clearing with plenty of rocks and relieve myself. As I do so, the scene seamlessly transitions into a house. When I finish up, I realize that the house is full of sorority girls who are studying hard, and mortified I run out of the building onto the porch. I'm ready to find the car and leave when suddenly they all run out of the house, dressed only in towels. Some say as they pass, "He's cute!," others, "He's weird!" They gather some distance away, and soon a group of frat guys gather and start to do comedy routines.

      2. I'm in a drive-though market, where one can pull up to stalls selling expensive deli sandwiches.

      3. President Obama thinks it is his last to live and goes about accordingly, kissing random girls and enlisting passerby into a spontaneous, show-stopping musical number.

      4. While at an orchestra practice, I notice a beautiful but disdainful blonde violinist across the room. I know that I will never see her again, so after practice I go to exchange a word or two. I am not at all put off or scared by her as we talk.
    13. Two Short Dreams

      by , 05-02-2011 at 11:44 AM (Typho's DJ)

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    14. April 22, 2011

      by , 04-22-2011 at 10:58 PM (Requiem's DJ)
      Recovery Week
      rebuild recall

      Mon 04/18/11: minimal recall. dreams of work and old friends.
      Tue 04/19/11: strange. had my dreams the first half of the morning. had a lucid but don't remember much but having a beard. too early and groggy to write notes...didn't sleep well after that
      Wed 04/20/11: the dreams vanish as soon as wake up. and damn it, i know i took some notes...
      Thu + Fri: i wrestled an alligator at the zoo to save my brother. smoked ham and swiss sandwich i ate

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    15. Dream Graduation '(again) + Lucid Awakening + Fragments

      by , 04-11-2011 at 02:57 PM (the Dream Almanac)
      Dream Graduation

      I’m in school. Graduation is getting set up RIGHT NOW. Hallways are empty except me and a few other “left overs” who can’t graduate for whatever reason. I have a bottle of wine in my hand and start running and screaming: look at me! A cup manifests and I pour it, chugging the bottle and then the cup, bottle then the cup until I’m in the rotunda, drunk and everyone’s looking at me.

      I follow some other left overs through dusty abandoned hallways so Mrs. L doesn’t see us and find us out. We all have this plan to graduate anyway so we go way up into the theater storage attic and try our best to hide ourselves. Me under a big blanket with someone and I’m drunk and my eyesight is like that of when I’m so tired I can’t keep my lids awake. So for most of it I do have my eyes closed and just listen under a blanket stacked on top of theater props so I almost touch the ceiling.

      Someone tries to peep into the hallway and a little Asian girl who ate all her hair off (really) is the “hall monitor” for graduation sees that someone. She sends in this bulky girl, a real bully. She’s got a trick. She pulls the first kid she sees to her and licks that student’s lip, touches it and then taps her temple. She screams and falls down, not dead but just painful. She does another little trick to someone (pulls their lip ring over their nose!) and says she won’t tell Mrs. L. She’s gonna leave but first wants to show off another trick, looking for someone she pulls me over to her! No way, I hate pain (who doesn’t); she spins my chin into a tight spiral and every time I un-spin it a little, shit it hurts. But someone tells me there’s a trick to her trick and just un-spin it all at once: I do, and I feel just a little tug and I’m okay.

      A few of us go further into the attic and we find that there’s a desk and under the desk is nothing, it’s a free-fall to the ice arena where they graduate so you can watch the whole thing. They’re almost ready! A teacher, Mrs. Smith (4’7 or something small!) sees us peeping and comes marching over. We all run out of the attic, oh too late, and Mrs. L is standing waiting for us.

      She’s a lovely lady sometimes and says we can all graduate, so everyone puts their gowns on. I don’t have one. At the final door to the ice arena, its time to graduate, I don’t have a gown, but there’s a box with a white Freshman gown. I’m a sophomore in my dream (hey wait, why were all the different classes graduating instead of just the seniors!) and our color is green, so I’m a bit embarrassed. We walk out and I run over to Autumn so she can take my picture (it’s mandatory). When I get over to my class, they’re all wearing white and I’m the only one wearing green.

      Lucid Awakening

      I’m downtown, walking in a little drizzle. I plan on going to the community market to volunteer when I see a little nook between buildings with a candy store built in. It doesn’t have a door or a cashing machine, it’s just a bunch of glass jars with a ton of bright colored candy. I’m pretty delighted but wait! We don’t have a candy store downtown. And why is downtown so tiny? I’m lucid. I walk into the center of downtown (as I said, everything is tiny and compact, like 50 feet). I look around and notice:

      This feels real. This is REALITY to me. Everything is solid and I am perceiving it just as I do waking life.

      (This single lucid fragment has created something in me that has helped everything I've been doing dream-wise DRAMATICALLY. I understood before that dreams=reality while waking life=hazy and unreal while you're dreaming, but I never FELT and EXPERIENCED that completely. Now that I have, something has clicked. My reality checks take up to five minutes or more, not because I feel that more time is necessary or anything, but that's how long it takes me to discern my reality. REALITY has a new meaning. I become lucid more often (though write more in the hard copy of my dream journal, less on here). I thank my subconscious for letting me explore this feeling.)


      I make a sandwich for myself "when I wake up"- WHY WASN'T I LUCID?

      Autumn and I are being obnoxious in school, so Heather leaves without saying a word to me. Crushing.
      NOTE: Autumn told me today that she had a VERY SIMILAR dream, of her and I and Heather (who she has never met or talked to) all in a classroom.

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