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    1. Hi, Santa ... Welcome to the Neighborhood

      by , 10-07-2015 at 10:30 AM
      10-06-2015 -- I'm trying to park my car (probably the silver Lexus) next to a house which seems to be the house Uncle Jim used to live in. Like most times in dreams, the driving doesn't go smoothly. I can't work the brakes properly, it doesn't back up right, and no matter how I try, I can't get the car nicely next to the curb, like I'm trying to do.

      Soon I find myself standing next to the car, looking at the house, which I have now bought or in some other manner acquired. I've got lots of my stuff with me, including book cases, and bags of comics, and old Hornet newspapers with my articles in them, and lots of other cool stuff. I'm trying to gather up a couple of arm-fulls of the stuff to take inside, when a fairly young kid comes walking up, and starts to gather some of the stuff. He looks like he's probably somewhere between 9 & 12 years old.

      At first I think he is trying to steal my stuff, and am about to chase him off, but then I realize he just wants to help me move in. And while that's nice, I am afraid it would be too much for him, and he'd probably hurt himself or something, so I thank him for the offer of help, but turn him down. He walks a couple of doors down, and joins his own family, who it seems are also moving it.

      At first it seems like they are moving in to nothing, but as I watch, their house starts to kind of push aside the houses on either side to put itself out there, kind of like the Harry Potter books sometimes describe the Fidelus. I realize these folks are magical, and think I probably should have let the kid help. If he's magical, he could have probably handled it. I decide to go over and say hi, but as I approach the door everybody steps inside, so I (slightly rudely, I'll admit) just follow them inside, waiting for a chance to introduce myself.

      I'm kind of shocked to discover that my new neighbors are Santa Claus (red suit, long white beard, and all) and his kind of large, young, fairly hip family. I introduce myself, and explain that I used to be a muggle, but somehow I could see his house pushing it's way between the other houses. I tell him his son offered to help me move in, since I was all by myself, but I'd turned him down because I figured he wouldn't really be able to help ... but with magic, I'd be appreciative of the help, if the offer still stands.

      Santa asks me what I have to move, and I kind of talk my stuff down, referring to it as a bunch of old books and old newspapers and such, but then I am quick to mention that they are old newspapers that have stuff I wrote in them, so it doesn't sound like I am a complete idiot hoarder or something. Santa says he understands, and points to a stack of newspapers in a cupboard underneath his coffee table, which also has old papers ... though his are papers with articles written about him, instead of by him.

      After that, he admits that he already knew what I had to move ... that they had been watching me. They knew I was a decent fellow, and a nice guy, which is why they allowed me to see the magic. Santa's wife also starts talking, saying hello, but she is soon turning into one of the Adventurers Club performers that I didn't know well, since they came around after I'd quit going to the Club quite so much. Probably Megan M. Or Andrea C. [Both of whom I have seen mentioned in Facebook posts in the last two days.]

      Things are shifting to a sort of Adventurers Club reunion, and Graham is holding a somewhat worn and ratty looking old pillow. Someone is asking him if he is going to throw it away or something, but he says he can't ... he says his wife wants it, and plans to sleep with it between her thighs at times when he is not available or something like that, and all the guys are drooling at the thought.

      But soon things are shifting again, and I find myself talking to one of the above mentioned female Club members, but she isn't Santa's wife, but his real estate agent, and she works for a kind of a cross between a Realtor and the mob. There are a couple of tough thugs around to make sure nobody hurts anyone or anything here, and I'm trying to question the lady on any problems she may have with Santa. Meanwhile, a gangster's moll is sitting at a desk, wearing nice clothes, but with her legs partly spread to give folks a nice bit of an upskirt glimpse of her stockings and underwear.
    2. 11/3/14 Santa Claus Sign DILD, possibly DEILD

      by , 11-03-2014 at 07:45 PM
      ...Later I drive to a combination of the back of a high school and the house of the brother and sister in law of M and J from 90 minutes north. While driving I got to a precarious point behind the football stadium where the road seemed to drop off to the left and the road was muddy. At some point I get to their house and they are allowing me to pick from a stack of golf balls that slowly disappeared...perhaps as I dug through them they sunk to the bottom of the container. One of them had like a snowman or a ghost figurine popped up out of the golf ball...useless as a golf ball. Another golf ball had a hole in it maybe where a ghost was pulled out of it. Later while looking for my car I run into the wife and we seem to have an attraction towards each other and I tell her she's one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. She is crying and consoling in me and she helps me look for my car so I can get going so that the husband doesn't catch us getting close and we see her daughter and I wonder if the daughter I will be suspicious of us. The daughter is sitting inside of a barn-like structure. I either awake or I have a false awakening where I think about how the fact that I was looking for my car should have come to mind as a dream sign. I am at some point back in this area that's outside the back of a High School and in a shed or barn I see a sign that says Santa Claus can be found 750 feet up from here.

      I realize that I'm dreaming and start flying up there knowing that I am the one to decide how far up is correct...that there is no need to worry about a specific distance. The dream gets a little fuzzy but I find the door and knock on it. I guess it is Santa Claus that opens the door...everything is still fuzzy. He says something like you can have anything you want and knowing that I'm in a dream the only things that I can keep with me after the dream is over are good lucid dreaming memories so I ask him to take me to my favorite place, but to surprise me. Just before that I thought about asking for my favorite grassy sea beach but I instead opted for a surprise. We seem to be transporting somewhere and for some reason I decide to help it along by doing my eye clench thing whenever I am in between dreaming and awake and trying to go into a dream.
      I should have just briefly closed my eyes - if anything at all. Anyway I woke myself up and found myself back in bed. I think that I confirmed it with an RC and was definitely convinced that I was awake back in my bed. Kind of early for Christmas, but a little gift either way. 225 Good string of lucids in recent nights.
    3. The Flying Turtle Temple

      by , 12-05-2013 at 07:22 PM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      *abbreviated due to pain*

      really long dreams...

      go to Moon, morph into a werelion, meditate beneath clock, there is a purple wedge on the clock indicating "delta dream state", and I take the clock image, and add it to my HUD.

      I slow time until the second hand seems to go by really slowly ..... TOCK ..... TOCK ..... .... ... TOCK .....

      I close my eyes, but still see my HUD. YOU ARE DREAMING says the circle in the upper right hand corner. Right, I don't need to blink, don't need to breathe. I sit beneath a great stone clock on a hill in the jungle, and I don't breathe, blink, or move. I feel the cold stone under me, the wind blow through my fur. I smell nectar and all sorts of plants and animals, without breathing. I turn off my outer vision without closing my eyes, for I have no eyes. Eyes are illusion. I see my HUD over black. I see again. I close my eyes, and look right through my eyelids, for my eyelids are illusions.
      A butterfly lands on my nose. It pricks it like a mosquito. I feel confused and swat it away.
      Suddenly, Shadowtech appears. He turns the world around me to a Hell world. "You're in hell, bitch!"
      "Yadda yadda yadda. I'm the Son of Satan, don't really give a shit."
      I snap my fingers and turn the world back.
      "Well, you're no fun!" He disappears.
      A bird flies to my ear, sings to me something about the matrix, and i see so much energy, and every single tiniest particle has an individual number, a number assigned to it by the master computer which was created by God to make universes. Don't panic, but apparently the universe was made by a giant Xerox machine made by a god who likes making lots of universes very quickly.

      Mytlzplyk appears. "You know, Club Nexus is calling you!"
      "Get thee behind me, NatasNatasZassaznatas!
      He disappears in a huff.

      I open a mirror portal, and step through to the Temple of Nothing in the City of Nowhere. I am standing on the landing pad at the top of the Temple, and people suddenly cheer down below. Apparently, we are celebrating the 110 year celebration since I founded the City of Nowhere. that's funny.

      I step inside. Everything is so familiar, so realistic and vivid. I dip my hand in the scrying pool being lit by a sunbeam from above. There is a small turquoise stone in it, which I promptly eat. Tastes like a jellybean.
      "Why did you do that," asks my faithful wraith High Priest, Sarnox.
      "Lucidity. My HUD went down. Trying to learn to keep it up at all times."
      "Ah, the HUD. I've had one ever since I played Metroid."
      "How could you play Metroid when you were my dog?"
      "It was the life after that one."
      "Oh. So, some kinda celebration?"
      "Only our 110th anniversary, Mayor. Funny how your Urthan Dreamers get such bad amnesia. Anyway, good to have you back. You've been gone a few decades."
      "It's fine, don't worry about it. I and your former worshippers have been taking care of everything. You know, it's time."
      "It's about to be the 111th birthday of the Temple of Nothing."
      Suddenly, a rumbling. The ziggurat is moving. We step out to the landing pad. Ridiculously long reins appear in Sarnox's hands. A large turtle head appears out of the ground, and the entire pyramid rises. "Yes, we are going to orbit the earth, make the Temple a Space Station!"
      "No, don't want to do that. Did I say that? I change my mind. Sounds boring. How about we fly this crazy space turtle through dreams of the willing, and throw rainbows and fluffy bunnies at them?"
      "Yes sir!" Sarnox shakes the reins, and the space turtle unearths itself, and the people cheer as we float up and away into space.
      I sit on the launch pad, and light up a long stemmed pipe, watching the stars go by.
      "You know, Sarnox, I always did want to ride a Dreamworld ziggurat temple sitting on a giant space turtle through dreams and throw rainbows and fluffy bunnies at them."
      "Funny. Me too, sir."
      "Well, here's a weirdo's dream right now."
      I open a huge mirror portal, and we turn the space turtle toward it. Scene:
      A boy is praying. "Please, dear, Santa, make the demons go away. Every time in my dreams... Well, you know how it is. Amen." The boy goes to sleep with his teddy bear. We ride into the mirror. An astral demon appears at the boys bed. We are tiny, about six inches high. The turtle opens its mouth, and a laser shoots out, cutting the demon's head off. We go into the boy's third eye.
      I am in the boy's dream. I am Santa Claus, flying a sleigh with a turtle pulling it. There is a snowy city beneath me, full of demons and vampires tormenting people. WHAT THE FUCK. I use time dilation, then I divide myself, and summon an army of summoners which summon elementals to battle the vampires and demons. I make it rain to wash all the bloody snow away.
      I find the little boy asleep in a large house by a Christmas tree.
      I go in a window, and leave a present of a sleigh pulled by a turtle, and giggle. The boy wakes up.
      "Hi Santa! You came! You made the demons go away, huh?"
      "Yes I did."
      "What's this? A present?" The boy opens it. "A Santa pulled by a flying turtle? That's funny!" The boy laughs.
      "If you ever have demons in your dreams again, just pet the turtle, and say, Santa, help."
      "Ok! Santa, why do you have a turtle?"
      "Because I'm the real Santa!"

      *had a lot of other dreams, but can't type them all, oh well!*
    4. “Santa’s Slay”

      by , 08-16-1981 at 02:16 PM
      Morning of August 16, 1981. Sunday.

      This was a somewhat disturbing dream (in some ways) that related to Santa Claus, strangely enough. However, it all led up to one obvious pun in the end. I sometimes wonder about these “building up” pun dreams. What if you wake up before the outcome or “intended ending”? I suppose this means that the pun is never heard or realized, but what if the very reason for the longer aspects was to prepare for something that my dream did not finish, such as the “punch line” so to speak? I am sure that happens all the time regarding any setup that is not resolved before waking - thus many dreams remain “unfinished” for many different reasons (for example, when you wake from environmental noise, physical discomfort, change in consciousness, etc.).

      In my dream, Santa Claus is after some sort of new element that will enable him to fly his sled faster and without reindeer. This is a rather strange juvenile dream, I suppose, for a young adult to ponder, and not even anywhere around Christmastime as it is.

      The element is called Saturnium. He uses his elf minions and sycophants to hunt down any trace of the element. He gets closer and closer to attaining enough and at a later point, I enter into the actual scenario and I am then seen as “physically present” for the first time. I approach him and sort of break into the flow of the (implied) “movie” and I ask him what he will do with all that Saturnium. I ask specifically, “What will you use it for?”

      He grins in a menacing manner, sitting on his throne (with gold backing) in some sort of large seemingly commercial business building or warehouse where he apparently lives. He responds by saying “My sleighing (slaying) will soon begin”; meaning to kill, rather than for a Christmas “sleigh” - all this dreaming for one bad pun in the end. There was even a different “broken” dream (a partial “reset” from around the same time period) where this whole thing repeats - but it is me who answers my own question with a question relative to the play on slay/sleigh and Santa does not speak; he only smiles menacingly to confirm that the answer is “yes”. One comment I make, “to build your slay?”, does not really make that much sense as the implied pun.
    5. Rollercoaster and Weird Santa

      by , 12-20-1980 at 06:20 PM
      Night of December 20, 1980. Saturday. (My 20th birthday.)

      There is a lot of clarity and vividness but I have only a semi-lucid awareness. I am traveling on a mostly enclosed rollercoaster and going up but eventually I am horizontally riding through what is almost like a car wash. This dream is somewhat glitchy in its augmented energy as undefined forms move about and I can almost make out waveforms moving in the air in some areas or detached miniature wings (that move on their own with no implied body, bird or otherwise).

      After I move through a doorway (consciousness shift) that still has the essence of a car wash, my dream becomes astoundingly vivid though still glitchy and with an odd ambiance. I look to my right and see a sparse Christmas scene. Santa Claus is seated on a thrown. He leans forward and opens his mouth fairly wide in an odd “silent bark” at me. I am vaguely aware of a very slight sound which is only slightly like a lip-smacking sound. I feel vaguely threatened but he remains sitting, looking a bit crazed.

      Eventually, I climb down from the mostly enclosed rollercoaster as if climbing down over a stack of broken bed frames (dream sign).

      There are a few typical generic dreaming metaphors here, including detached wings (this dream’s flight symbol), which here actually relate to the incorporeal essence of the dreamer (even though I do have a “dream body” in this particular dream), and the rollercoaster (also a form of “flight” since it is metaphorical for the consciousness shifts that occur in the dream state), which becomes a stack of “broken bed frames”, which is analogous to the dissolution of my dream in addition to a play on “climbing out of bed” after my dream ends. I have only had a few “bad Santa” dreams. In most of these dreams (including a few where I was either the “real” Santa, implied to be a temporary stand-in, or where I wore the outfit) there is either a sense of great joy or no particular dominant emotion. The car wash aspect may relate to cellular functions or other bodily functions (related to cleansing, such as especially with the liver or kidneys) while in the dream state though on another level is another form of water induction which is very common in my dreams.

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