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    1. Parkour Fail

      by , 12-29-2012 at 08:16 AM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      I think I’ve had this dream two weeks ago or something, but frankly I can’t remember shitall and I just can’t stand the thought of procrastinating on my dream journal any more. I want to end my self-inflicted dream break that went longer than expected and now I can’t recall anything.

      It was a dream fragment, somehow I’m in front of my old school’s indoor stadium and there is this tree with something (I forgot) perched on it. My mom was with me. I had a shotgun and I tried to shot it but the shotgun flew over onto the top of the building from the knockback. I climbed up and started jumping with ridiculous strength and grace and tried to run on the wall to grab the gun, but I timed my jump wrong and fell off the building.

      Spoiler for Things I should work on:

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    2. AP Chemistry

      by , 10-09-2012 at 11:41 AM (The Redeeming Dreamer)
      Oct. 9, 2012

      I was in a class with AP Chem, but the classroom I was in didn't look anything like the high school. It looked more like my fourth grade classroom in the elementary school I went to. Everyone in the class was there along with the teacher. I went to the gym down the hall a few times during the class for some reason. We were also learning something. I forgot what.
    3. From school to breakfast

      by , 04-03-2012 at 04:01 AM
      I was in the car with my mother and sister. My sister had missed the bus and needed a ride to school, as we were on the way to drop her off, I realized my mother never drives this fast and recklessly. I did not realize I was dreaming. We made it to the school, though it looked more like an organization, with multiple parking levels. I went inside with my sister, and realized we were at the middle school. She goes to high school. The dream transitioned to what looked like a mix between my old house and my grandparents house. People were in the living room watching tv, and I was in the kitchen watching maids cook breakfast. They were making waffles, I wanted to try one. I found myself eating a sample of beef stroganoff, I could taste the different ingredients rich against my tongue. Then I woke up.
    4. Happiness

      by , 09-13-2011 at 03:01 AM
      We were walking around a place that I knew from my memories. My 8th grade retreat. Of course, nothing looked the same, but I still seemed to remember it all. She gave me a yearbook that she had just whisked up out of thin air. I looked through it and remembered all the great times I never really had. We went to go sit down on a hillside that was basically just dirt. As we sat there, admiring the view, we talked about our memories and eventually got to the topic of how much we missed each other. I got close to her, wrapped my arms around her waist while she laid back on my chest...when suddenly two women passed by. They screamed her name, “R____!” with a hint of anger in their voice. We turned our heads towards them. She whispered the words “oh shit.”. She sat up straight and asked what they wanted. They told her to come down and they needed to ask her something...as soon as she was close to them, one of them looked at me and mouthed the words, “stay away from her” in a way of trying to give me advice. But something struck me...stay away? How could I stay away? ….stay away from someone so close to me? Stay away from someone who means the world to me? Stay away from someone who understands me the most? From someone whom I would like to stay with for the rest of my life?...stay away from someone that I love so much, its indescribable?.....impossible. Never.
      I got up and made my way after her down the hill. They finished talking and we walked back to school, which was apparently close by. As we passed by H building I saw a good friend of mine, G_____. I talked with him and messed around but then I noticed something. She left and vanished somewhere. The bell rang and I walked to my 4th period, she wasn't there. After class was over, I called her and asked her where she was. She said to me in a panting voice “walking to school, why??” I yelled in shock “walking to school?!? what the fuck! You were right next to me!” with that she seemed to have no answer and hung up the phone. I was very angry.
      I walked towards my locker and I happened to see her chatting with other people and I pulled her aside. For some reason everything that I said earlier went out the window and I poured out all my feelings for her. Yet she already knows about my feelings...but I guess not quite enough. As I pulled her aside, I grew a sincere face and said the words “I love you R____.” she agreed back and said the same thing. I explained to her how much she meant to me and that I don't want to be “just” friends. I wanted us to be more than that. I said “this is to the point where I can't just tell you how much I love you, I want to be able to show my affection...I want to be able to hold your hands like this(as if you were playing a game of mercy)...I want to be able to hold you against me and place a kiss on your lips” with that we stared into each others eyes, wanting to do just that. But something was holding us back...somehow, someway, we overcame it, and I quickly yet gracefully placed a kiss on her lips and didn't move. The feelings all sparked up and flew into the air like fireworks and burst into the letters H.A.P.P.I.N.E.S.S...I woke up from all the excitement, and yet became disappointed....I'll never know her response.
    5. April 10 2011: Insert unimaginative title here

      by , 04-11-2011 at 07:10 AM (The path to Lucid Mastery)

      The reason I chose this title is because this dream is too weird to give a matching name. It includes princesses, sewers and theme parks.

      When the dream started I was in our school with another guy I didn't know. I hardly got the time to look around as we charged into a classroom that was empty save for a girl in a wide, pink dress. She started mocking us about how we'd fallen into her trap (wait, trap?) and then some guys armed with close-combat weapons (swords, maces, etc) came in through the door we just used and drove us into a corner. The guy who was with me jumped through a hole in the ground and urged me to do the same.

      The unfriendly looking guys with weapons were enough encouragement for me so I jumped into the hole as well, landing in water. I looked around and noticed I was in the sewers. Nobody came after us so I assumed we were safe and I started swimming in the direction the other guy was swimming. I quickly caught up to him and overtook him because I wanted to get out as quickly as possible. But then I noticed something in the distance; we were swimming straight towards a waterfall! I turned around and luckily the current wasn't strong enough to pull me towards the waterfall. I kept swimming backwards on my back and entered the larger space we were in when we entered. The other guy had climbed onto a metal chain hanging from the ceiling and I soon noticed why.

      Behind me were a lot of machines in the water, apparently for cleaning the water. Because I was lying on my back I noticed them too late and when I got up straight in the water to prepare swimming forwards on my belly my left shoulder got caught inside of one of the machines. The machine didn't hurt me when I got caught in it, but if I'd get any further in I'd be crushed. Lucky for me, the other guy had gotten to me already and quickly pulled me out. I decided it'd be better to climb up one of those chains as well. While hanging there, I noticed the ceiling was made of loose rocks. I started pulling the chain and some rocks began to get loose. The other guy started too and I hoped somebody at the top would notice the trembling.

      So it did as a few seconds later an excavator came through the ceiling and picked us up, placing us safely above the ground again. When I looked around I noticed the other guy was gone, as was the excavator. I was standing in the middle of what appeared to be a large theme park, with a lot of canals running through it. It looked a bit like Venice. I walked to the shore of the nearest canal and climbed into a boat my parents were in as well. They were all sitting at a huge table loaded with all kinds of food. I sat down as well and dug in. When we were finished eating a waiter appeared out of nowhere (we had already set sail) and asked us to pay the bill. To my horror, I had to pay my own share! I tried to ask my parents about that but they were suddenly gone, leaving me in a restaurant (the boat and the theme park had vanished completely) with the waiter. I paid him the money, walked out of the restaurant and woke up.

      I missed a lot of chances to become lucid in this weird dream, but I did gain something from it! So far all of my dreams had my parents in them, so now I can safely assume they are a dream sign. Hopefully that will help me getting a succesfull DILD!
    6. A dream one month ago

      by , 03-18-2011 at 09:26 PM (The weird dreams of Appe96)
      Backround history: In the dream, it was so ilegal to skipp school that you got shoot right on spot if the polis realized that you where skipping school.

      The dream: The dream starts of with me who are on a buss thinking on that i am on my way to freedom from school. (Wich is akward because i like school ) for some reason, my sister are on the same buss.

      The buss stop's at my old kindergarten. Wich is a exact replica of a place 1 kilometer from my house.

      I start's to run because i want to be very far away when the police starts to look after me.( In my dream, i starts to think on my previous attempt of skipping school, wich was a actuall dream. So you can say that this was a continuation of a dream that i had 6 month's ago)

      I gets telleported to a candy store and buy's candy. All of the sudden, my sister comes into the store and starts begging me for candy . I get's telleported to a place 200 meters from my old kindergarten and starts to run again.

      I get's telleported AGAIN to a medow 500 meters from the spot and start's to run again.
      I see a huge hole( Wich is reinforced with concrete and looks like a bunker and a prision at the same time) and jumps down into the hole. I see alot of hot chics there who eats chicken
      and ask's me if i want to join them. Then i wake's up

      ps: sorry for bad english
    7. Day 4: Lucidity!

      by , 02-02-2011 at 03:49 PM (A Penrose Mind)
      Pre dream:
      I was hellbent on getting a lucid dream, so much though that I literally tried to stick my finger through my hand throughout the entire day and constantly questioned my reality and weather I was dreaming or not. I tried looking for all the signs, text looking weird and not looking the same with a second read, clocks acting weird (which is funny because I stared at a clock for a while and the minute hand went backwards an I was like "OMG!" but then it went back to normal), digital clocks going crazy, electronics not working, mine or other peoples hands looking weird (also funny because one of my friends hands were all different colours but then he told me people drew on his hand for some reason), and weird colours of the sky (throughout the day the sky was white). So it was a pretty trippy day, I also preformed double reality checks anytime something out of the ordinary happened or if something seemed strange or not right. Before I went to sleep I got caught up "in-between" the dream and reality, where my thoughts seemed to be deeper in my mind and not make a lot of sense, and when these things occurred immediately I got up and preformed a reality check. Eventually, I fell asleep.

      I was waking around in a familiar area, it's my old school(which is right next to my new one)and I'm facing the dufferin mall. (It's much smaller than in the dream than in waking life, it not necessarily an easy building to recreate). I was walking towards it through my schools parking lot. I find myself wondering how I got here. I preform a reality check and try to push my right finger through my left palm. It doesn't work.

      "Of course I can't do it." I think to myself.

      But just to double check, I pinch my noes and try to breath, and what do you know,
      I could breath!

      "I'm dreaming? I'm dreaming!" I think to myself.

      I do it again.

      "Yes!" I say to myself. "Time to do awesome stuff!"

      I heard about flying in dreams, it's the first thing I try. I remember hearing that an easy way for beginners to do it is to jump up and down higher and higher.

      I jump up...

      and fall right back to the ground. I do it again...

      same thing.

      "Well fuck me." I say to myself, quite frustrated that my first lucid isn't turning out so well.

      I pinch my noes again and try to breath, at first I can't, but afterward I have no problem. I feel discouraged. I begin walking towards the mall.

      "What else can I do?" I think.

      Then I have a false awakening. I'm in the back of a taxi, wondering how I got there of course.

      "That was cool, my first lucid dream." I think to myself unaware that I'm still dreaming.

      The taxi is parked outside of the mall. The driver looks a bit angry at me, probably because I fell asleep in his car. Someone's waiting for me inside the mall. I go inside. A DC greets me as soon as I step inside. She's white, kind of chubby, maybe in her 50's, brown short hair, and wide eyes. She's wearing a jacket (which I now recognize to be my grandmother's). The funny thing is when I first see her I say in my head:

      "You're not real, you're a projection of my subconscious."

      But I was like, "Nah I'm not dreaming anymore." Once again strange dream topography. The mall that I walk inside of the mall that I walk into is actually a different mall all together, the yorkgate mall. False memories begin flooding my head. I'm a boy who delivers packages for the mafia, this woman is my mentor. I delivered a few packages in my dream but only one delivery stands out in my head. I need to deliver this package to this fast food store, but I need thirty minutes to do it. I'm being timed. The goal is to reach the front of the line with thirty minutes left on the clock so I don't hold up the line. Weird thing is when this is happening a line of my text pops up in mind (with a lot of spelling errors): "I didn't want to hold up the line to long." I reach the front of the line, 27:36 left on the clock.

      "Good enough." I think to myself.

      I believe more escapades happen in the mall and I met some of the mafia guys I was working for but it's pretty hard to remember. Some time later I end up back at my apartment and I'm talking dad when my DC mentor comes through the door. Apparently my dad and grandma know her and are really happy to see her.
      I'm drawing a blank about what happens after this (if anything does) so I'll skip to the end. I wake up at around 4:30 a.m., 2nd of February 2011.

      Yeah I woke up late.

      "There's no way I'm gonna get up." I think to myself.

      "I'm going back to bed."

      I collapse down and fall asleep shortly after.

      In this dream a lady shows up to my house. She has medium long black hair. She's telling me about the school I want to get into (she's probably a representative) and she kept on insinuating that it was too late and I wouldn't be able to get in. This makes me sad as the school I'm trying to get in is the same school Maisha goes to (it really is this isn't false memory) and shortly after things start to get blurry, I fall down and lay down on a couch (the couch I'm sleeping on) and I wake up.

      I wake up at around 7:20 a.m., the 2nd of February 2011. (yay snow day! ^^)

      As lucid dreaming goes this was pretty much a success, as dream control goes this was pretty much a failure. But now that I know the noes trick works (and for some reason the finger one doesn't) I have successfully confirmed a reality check! Now I need to learn more about dream control and practice flying. Once again wish me luck!

      Note: It seems like I have a very short attention span in dreams. I just got so excited that was like, "First thing I wanna do, fly!" Perhaps it is just man's nature to reach for the sky. If I attain lucidity again I have to remember my goals and constantly RC so I remember I'm dreaming. I guess I'll just have to study them. Perhaps I couldn't fly because I half-expected to not be able to (it was very realistic). Also I remember when I jumped up and down gravity was the same, if not stronger. If anyone has any tips on how to remember things in a dream please let me know.

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    8. school is gooooooood

      by , 12-28-2010 at 03:21 PM
      i once had a dream that i was at school and eviri girl vanted to f..k me even the teachers.

      then sudenly i vas in a difrent dream on a rodeo.
    9. 7/28/10 Odd School Happenings

      by , 07-28-2010 at 07:14 PM
      Although I know I had two dreams I could only recall one
      Oh well....

      Anyway, my dream started with me being in a mix between one of the lecture halls at my school and the fine arts center at my school. The room was filled with my classmates and people were being called up to receive 3 strips of five yellow tickets with writing on them. I got my tickets and left the room and started wandering the halls of my high school. I started to get extremely tired; my eyelids were heavy and my legs were dragging. I wandered for what seemed like 10 minutes, but it was sped up. for the last 2 minutes the bells rand and people flooded into the halls and I made my way to an office. In there I found the attendance secretary from my elementary school and she told me about how the tickets were for extra food at lunch, and she had two trays, each having one of the lunch choices for that day. And thats when the dream started to fade.

      The end might have to do with the fact that in elementary school I would order two lunches because the tiny lunches would never fill me up...?