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    1. Day 34 & 1/2: ""Midday"" Nap

      by , 03-21-2018 at 05:04 AM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Day 34 & 1/2:

      Fell asleep at: 7:50 PM

      Woke up at: 10:30 PM

      I tried to induce a WILD as I was falling asleep, but then I got too excited and ended up postponing my sleep ten minutes ahead. I decided it was better to just leave it up to a couple mantras before I went to sleep. And, prepare yourself, this entry is going to go real dark real quick.

      Dream 40: Wonder Science

      Me and my family were coming back from HEB when we see a large van with about a thousand large cables running out of it. A large scientist-type figure (Who just vaguely resembled my old Chemistry sub) comes riding on his bicycle, which I can only assume gives power to some of his instruments inside the van.

      He gives us a lecture about the power of following your dreams, how he's currently doing, and tells us to do the same. He calls his particular brand of science "wonder science", in reference to how he researches and tests things that he is passionate/wondrous about. He hands us all business cards and then the dream ended.

      Dream 41: This is where it gets dark.

      Again, my increased daytime awareness has almost completely transferred into my dreams. It really feels like I'm there and that I at least have partial control over my surroundings. My vision is also no longer as blurry, a tell-tale sign of awareness.

      So, I'm in my sister's room, just talking to her about...Well, I can't quite remember. I even notice that my elbow is very pink-ish, and I joke about myself being a half-gum-half-man hybrid. In any case, I come to realize one of the pillows has three blood stains on it. I ask my sister about it, and when she turns around, I knew exactly what was going on.

      She had three cut marks on the underside of her arm. She told me something about how, specifically, she does this, and I immediately tune her out. I don't need 'that' in my life, I'm gonna go see if someone can help. I go out the door in a terrified stupor, and then the dream ended.

      Dream 42: Miscellaneous Nonsense

      A bunch of random, interconnected chaos. One scene has me (Along with two other friends of mine) descending a large well. I pull out an HUD similar to most video game creation tools and build platforms below me as I go down the long, winding well.

      In the bottom of the well lies a magma dome. A large, circular platform made of solidified magma surrounded by a lake of lava. For some reason, the temperature doesn't kill me within 20 seconds of being exposed. I have to connect three 'keys' into this large black obelisk before the lava rises. I do just that, plugging in three stone keys into their designated slots.

      I am then booted into a dark hotel room. I see silhouettes, but I can't quite make out who it is exactly. I'm guessing a man, about adult age, just sitting around in his chair.
    2. The Tickle-Worm Dream

      by , 08-23-2017 at 03:37 PM
      07-27-2017 -- The Tickle-Worm. Dream starts out with me working as some sort of courier. I have stopped by a law office to pick up files to deliver somewhere, and they are a small pile of papers and a check that I have to take and place in an envelope (possibly re-useable) supplied for it. As I slide them in, the person there is telling me that there is no special hurry, and that I can take this and the one other package I currently have in either order, and I add in the instructions that I know are coming ... as long as I do not pick up any more on the way. This needs to get to their delivery spot quite quickly.

      Don't have any clue just how the scene reaches this next point, but I find myself in a hotel room somewhere with my dad. I have a small wooden box, slightly decorated, that I think may have been based on a box from a Harry Potter fan-fic I was reading last night, that in the fic was a sort of magical mail box. In the dream, it holds an unusual creature that I have somehow received ... a Tickle-Worm. The Tickle-Worm is a worm. It starts out looking mostly like a regular worm, with a slightly larger 'head' area that actually has a bit of a face, and is perhaps about 8 inches long. It springs out of its box, and is supposed to kind of half curl up in my hand and sleep there, as I go to sleep.

      The problem is, it seems to be curious and into exploring. As I go to lay down, it springs out of my hand and across the room, where it starts crawling around a book case, knocking books to the floor, and annoying my dad, who is trying to sleep. He's kind of upset about the thing making noise. That part I don't mind too much, but I do find it kind of irksome that it is knocking all of the Danny Dunn books off the shelves. I approach the bookcase, thinking I am going to have to kind of chase it around to try and catch it, but as I get close, it springs off the bookcase into my hand.

      I'm walking back toward the bed, hoping I can now get a little sleep, but as I draw near, it springs off again, flying into a slightly open chest filled with boxes of colorful breakfast cereals, again doing some exploring. The next thing I know, I am in some sort of classroom or scientific lab speaking with a female teacher or scientist, asking about the Tickle-Worm, and she is explaining where they are found. She shows me a large, octagonal aquarium filled with water and seaweed, but no fishes.

      This thing is probably about ten feet around, and perhaps four feet high, but weighs little enough that she can pick it up. Anyway, she picks it up and shows me a piece of seaweed that is long and wide and flat and thick (probably about four feet long, six inches wide, and about an inch thick) that is a slightly brownish green and now hanging from it is a tapeworm-like Tickle-Worm. Seems they start in sea water, but when removed, are perfectly fine.

      [I do not think I have ever heard the term Tickle-Worm before this dream, but looking it up on the internet, it seems it may be something created by a band I have never heard of, in a song that I also have never heard. How it came to be in my dream, I have less than no clue.]
    3. Do Evil Matresses Dream of Polyurethane Sheeps?

      by , 11-20-2016 at 11:19 AM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      I dreamed that I was a mattress that became sentient after a mad scientist infused his evilness in me. I move around by having my soul pick up my body and carry me around. I walked towards some scientists and they found me funny. They discussed about the circumstances of my creation and wondered how a mattress can be evil.
    4. 16-07-05 Conspiracies

      by , 07-08-2016 at 04:32 AM
      I was outside an ancient structure/temple at night. I had played Tomb Raider Anniversary before I went to bed. There was a square pit, and someone tossed a match in it. The pit caught fire immediately, as if it was filled with gasoline. I saw a strange round shape over a dune (the environment looked barren, desert-like, dunes and all), and told the other guy I would go and investigate. When I got to see the whole thing (it looked like... something I forgot), I knew it was part of the "set". Then, the round shape became a giant clock face on the side of a large clock tower. I went inside. The lobby looked really modern, more a hotel/company HQ than anything else. A woman at reception spoke to me. She spoke of a conspiracy involving many corporations and governments.

      I was in a tunnel, which was completely submerged with water. I had to swim, of course, but don't recall having to breathe. It all felt like I was playing a game rather than experiencing it myself. I took a detour to avoid a certain section of tunnel in which I knew monster was lurking. I had to go "AFK", and decided to park my character on the other side of the tunnel. It felt creepy to be so close to where I knew the monster was, but I knew that in a game, NPC's don't move unless provoked. Later, I found myself in a school environment. I think I was in the wrong classroom or something? I don't remember much of this segment. It's possible there was another reference to the "conspiracy".

      In the last one, I was was Samuel L. Jackson, who was a police captain from the Midtown Precinct of Manhattan - and, might I say, a total badass. We were in a very poor and dilapidated (not to mention dangerous) area further north on the peninsula. We busted through a gate, and Sam blasted several confused bad guys with his shotgun. We had the element of surprise. We fought across a courtyard, through a passage between low-rise buildings. We busted into one of the structures, shooting (I think) a scientist in a lab coat. He wasn't dead, and sat up against a wall, scared and/or wounded. The guy was an evil henchman, that much I knew. I wanted to interrogate him. Knowing we had him (and he had nothing to lose), he played ball. He spoke of a terrifying conspiracy that would shake the very foundations of the world if it ever came out.

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    5. Fragments

      by , 12-22-2014 at 12:11 PM
      Did a natural WBTB at about 5:40, I stayed up for only 10 minutes this time but it was pretty light outside so I had some trouble going back to sleep again. I originally had some notes on my dream app that I was going to reference but that was erased unfortunatly so I'll have to type this from memory which will make the fragments even shorter.


      Fragment 1
      I was in a beautiful steampunk inspired city that was floating on an island in the clouds. I was with another boy and we were traversing the city trying to help someone while trying to avoid the police. We were being questioned by an officer and decided to take him to the museum so he would get bored and leave us alone.

      Fragment 2
      I was with a group of survivors in an abandoned house surrounded by lava which had covered the entire Earth. I was sent on a scavenging mission and remember running away from something before the dream faded.

      Frgment 3
      I was in a doctors/scientists office and he had a huge magnifying glass pointed at me. I got up from my chair and looked at a hologram of the Earth which appeared to be made out of lego, I glanced behind me and the magnifying glass was lego. I took a couple pieces from the glass and the doctor/scientist told me to put them back.

      Not very long but that's to be expected when I'm doing it from memory a couple of hours later. Gonna keep doing WBTB and try going to bed earlier so I can wake up naturally when it's still dark.
      - Have another Lucid Dream
      - Bend all 4 elements
      - Tell a DC I'm dreaming and see their reaction
      - Fly
      - Find my Dream Guide or have them find me
    6. Prince and the River

      by , 11-16-2014 at 05:39 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a field. There are many people. It's really crowded. There was a young prince we're supposed to protect/attack. A child? There's a decoy.

      The "prince" was on a runaway horse, and it went directly to traffic/the highway. I chased after it (not sure how; skateboard?). I was able to get rescue him and avoid dangerous cars. We kept going.

      The prince is a puppy (or some sort of small animal). I was in a forest-like area. People are making offerings there for safety and wishes. I wished that the pet/prince have a peaceful life in a farm. Something about organic.

      I was talking with a small group of people. One is the scientist Reina. We were in an area close to the Pasig river. We were talking of making river "buses" to go throughout Manila. Reina said this isn't viable.
    7. I stayed up way too late last night

      by , 11-15-2014 at 04:08 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was up until 1:30 and went to bed with no intention of lucid dreaming.

      Some old 8-bit game involving a rocket scientist who goes back in time to claim a rocket engine that he invented from another scientist who stole his idea. He travels back to 1929 or 1934 (Can't recall but those years were important to the story somehow.) In the end, he travels back to the present.
      There was something to do with this huge fuel silo.
      He then designs this weird asymmetric spaceship that falls apart before it even launches. He starts re-designing it.

      The end.
    8. 09/26/13 Fusing a Broken Heart

      by , 09-28-2013 at 07:25 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Fusing a Broken Heart
      I wake up in my bed, though I know right away it isn't my real bed. It is my bed in the dreamscape world inside my inner world. I am lying there pissed off, filled with anger, filled with hurt. I don't want to get up; I don't want to deal with the world right now. I finally sit up when it feels like someone is watching me. I'm not alone. I look around the room and I see Alex Mercer from Prototype is in the room with me. I wonder what he is doing there… I get out of bed and go closer to him. I am currently so filled with anger and hate that I'm not sure what I intend to do… I want to hug someone… I want to punch someone in the face. Um… not sure doing either of those things to Alex Mercer is a good idea… but then I'm not thinking much clearly at all. When I get close enough to Alex I guess I have decided I'd rather hug someone than punch them in the face, so I find myself hugging Alex Mercer. I am so upset that I am crying, I feel there is no one I can trust, no one I can count on. I find Alex is hugging me back now… holding me close… too close? I tingle all over… I feel a bit better. I go to pull away but I find I can't… because Alex isn't hugging me after all… he's consuming me! I try to pull away again, but then decide I don't really care. So I just sit there and let it happen. Everything fades to a comforting blackness.

      But the dream continues. I am still there. Inside Alex? Fused with Alex? We are one. I actually find that a bit disappointing… but I realize I feel better than I did before. Not so alone. Still rather pissed off, but pissed off at someone specific. Pissed off at Templars. I hear Alex talking to me telepathically; he asks how I am feeling right now. I say I am feeling some better, but why did he do that? At least ask first… he says he had been hoping to help me feel better. Ok, now that makes absolutely no sense… so the next time I want someone to feel better I should go eat them?! He says I can be mad if I want to, but as long as it worked… but I'm not feeling mad at Alex. I am pissed, but it is at the Templars. I want to kill Templars. It feels like the Templars have taken away everything that matters in my life… There is a flat screen television in the room with Alex / me. We are still as one. The screen shows what looks like a lab of some kind. There are scientists all over the place, and cages. Cages with people, cages with other animals… test subjects. The scientists… all Gentek assholes. I have no doubt of that. So now I am pissed off at Gentek.

      Alex / I go through the television into the lab on the other side, no doubt appearing out of nowhere as far as the scientists can see. One of them asks who the fuck I am… no doubt he sees only Alex… and Alex is the last thing he ever sees. Alex's / my arm forms into a blade that splits the shocked scientist in two. Of course the other scientists see that and freak out, running for the doors in a blind panic. I want to let the animals out of their cages. The people, too. Those stupid scientists should be in the cages instead. But the scientists are all gone now. So Alex / I start releasing the people and animals locked in cages. I'm not sure where everyone will go, or how to get out of there. Some of the people and animals are injured in various ways. I focus on healing their injuries. I wonder if there are injuries there that I can't heal. The doors to the lab burst open and now a bunch of Templar soldiers come in with guns blazing.

      They clearly don't care who they hit, they start firing before they even get a visual lock on where Alex / I am. The people freed from the cages are running for the exits, some of them stopping to help animals and other people on the way. A few of them get shot. I see a specific kitty is running towards the exit and takes a bullet in the head… I see a cute little face explode and I am instantly unbelievably pissed off. Arm forms back into a blade and now Templar soldiers are the targets. They are aiming more accurately at me now, but I don't really seem to notice the bullets. Slight irritants. That's about all it is. My memory of the fight is a bit of a blur… cutting through body armor like it was made of tissue paper… a lot of blood, and Templar soldiers dying. I see the remaining Templar soldiers have decided to run for it after all, and I don't feel any urge to chase after them. I would rather tend to the injured people and animals in the lab. I gather the animals together to bring them back to my inner world, I know Angelina will be glad to take care of them. Alex / I am doing that when everything fades to black. Alex says not to worry about it, he will make sure the animals are safe. So I wake up.
    9. 24th June 2013 Platformer video game, Air balloon escape

      by , 06-24-2013 at 01:17 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from today's naps.

      Dream 1(fragments):

      I was playing some 2D platformer/shooter game and there were fights with some huge bizarre creatures, then later i was using some editor to search particular sprite in the spritesheet, finding that there are even bigger creatures than the ones i fought.

      Dream 2(fragments):

      I was flying with some characters on some kind of air balloon construction, we were discussing something and there was also small dragon with us. We done our mission in the country and we were escaping it. Then the balloon got hit by something and we were forced to land. We use fuel to make construction flammable. Then there's cutscene where some scientist is searching for team and laughing. Then back to balloon construction, that small dragon transforms into human form for some reason and then firebreathes at the construction, setting it on fire. Then we leave.
    10. 17th May 2013 RTS/Helicopter game, Crazy scientist

      by , 05-17-2013 at 10:16 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Had a bit of problem of not being able to fall asleep but in the end recalled more than what i have expected.

      Dream 1(fragment):

      I was in some outdoor place, i think it was a forest.

      Dream 2:

      I was playing some RTS game and i was controlling a group of tanks and i had and my objective was to defend the base while taking out some important enemy structures, units/buildings looked like they were from Army Men Air Attack(A game from my looooooooooooong past). It was pretty hard to defend the base since i couldn't build anything, but i was getting reinforcements with additional tanks from time to time. I managed to take out one of those enemy structures because it was close to the base, but that's pretty much that. Then some other player was controlling a helicopter and i was trying to direct him to do stuff properly, but he acted like he was not understanding what to do, though he did managed to take out a few enemy structures. Then we switched the roles and i started controlling the helicopter, i took out most of the enemy structures and there was only one left, but it was in a place which was tough to get to, i almost destroyed it but my heli was destroyed before that. I was then thinking that i should have used 'Kamikazi blade' attack instead. Can't recall in detail after that but i am sure we eventually have won.

      Dream 3(fragment):

      I was cyborg of some kind and some crazy scientist dude managed to capture me in his lab by disconnecting some cable thing on my back. My movement was limited and he was talking about that he needs to get into my brain to get hold of some kind of 'spirits', i was confused at first but then i decided to get hold of them by myself and after escaping i went into some metallic place that apparently was 'My brain'.
    11. 9th May 2013 Various video games, AI War, Scientist Dude, Underground, Virtual city, Anime about war

      by , 05-10-2013 at 11:33 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Some nice recall.

      Dream 1:

      I was in some sort of jungles, there were treehouses and bridges between them and i was talking to somebody.
      Later i was playing some GTA-looking game by being in it. I didn't really was liking it but i had to find someone important. I had special power of some kind and i was using it to fight some bandits while checking random houses. Soon i found house i was searching for, inside it was mostly empty except for a complex pipe system. There was some scientist dude, that's who i was searching for.
      Then i was back at home and i was playing some AI War-like game. I was playing as champion type ship and some other people were controlling everything else. Our base was located... in the mountains instead of space apparently, and we had walls. Our mission was to defend the base against ever increasing in power enemy waves that were coming from two paths. I selected 'Spire' ship and i liked the change that was added in 'newest version'(Not IWL): his laser attack was auto aiming at enemies in the process instead of being fixated. Enemy fleet had various ships and there were also a few champion ships as well. At one point we had Spire ship versus spire ship laser duel between my ship and enemy ship.
      When we finished with main waves, three enemy 'bosses' suddenly appeared right near the walls of the base, they were apparently some star wars related characters, according to game one of them was Boba Fett. They were powerful but soon. after constant fire from the fleet, they were down, not without some losses in the fleet, and most of walls were destroyed as well. Then the final boss appeared, it was some character too, but can't recall who. He was ridiculously overpowered and was able to deal huge damage by throwing units into air by suddenly raising the ground below them or smashing them into mountains by extending said mountains. At same time i got access to new champion ship... which looked like mini-fortress structure from AI War. I used it and started tanking the boss, this mini-fortress was extremely good at resisting damage from his attacks, eventually enemy was defeated and we won.
      Back at the home i was talking to that scientist guy about the AI war game, or something related to that, but after some time he was in hurry and he used some secret passage that we apparently had to go somewhere. I followed him. The path was going through dark underground and soon i got to the area where there was lair of some creature. It was sleeping. I got around silently and near the exit i noticed the car, it looked like it was guarding path, so i decided to go back. The creature on the way back was partially awoken, so i had to sneak around the wall to not be noticed. Shortly i had problem remaining hidden, but then some purple dragon appeared and helped me and we got back to home.
      I went back to playing AI War(As i recall, in dream there was something major happening, beyond than just a game). I was attacking the White AI with my ship, which was reverted back to spire model. Along with allied fleet we had no problem defeating this AI, which was called 'Forcefield lord' for a reason that it used forcefields everywhere and all over the place. But in the final area, AI homeworld, we had to fight really overpowered enemy champion ship. It had some weird weapons and abilities, one of which was ability to summon three rotating rainbow lasers which were dealing alot of damage, we barely managed to win.
      Back at home scientist dude returned and i was trying to get him to do something, i was telling him that whatever he done in the past doesn't matters and he still has all chances. We were back to the game together and we were overpowering the AI force, there were still alot of those forcefields but soon everything was mostly clear. Soon many nations arrived in the game and there was an race on capturing all the planets that were AI owned. We all had some ridiculously quick ships and we decided to start with the most away planets, but soon everything finished(not sure who won the race tho).
      Later i went to watch some anime and in one anime there was some guy that was learning the triple rainbow laser move apparently. He figured out a technique that summoned spiritual clones, which created many yellow energy spheres, which then were combined into rainbow shards. He managed to fire the lasers by concentrating power through shards. Soon dream ended.

      Dream 2:

      I was playing some game that was themed around some virtual city. I was controlling some character from third person and was talking to some NPCs. During talk with certain NPCs, the character used power to transform into some blue furry thing, saying 'Yeah, i can do that', then transforming back. I was leading character through various areas, and then there was bar area where was alot of talk. After talking to NPCs i went to buy some upgrades and weapons and then there was fight somewhere else.
      Later i was playing another game(or maybe same game but different mode), i was controlling some slenderman-looking thing with dark-red aura, going through some kind of maze. I was scaring the living out of some people and using teleportation abilities. Soon some super ability got charged use of which caused some weird transformations and distortions and all the people got scared and started trying to hide in a closet, then everything went dark.
      Later i went to sleep, but was not able to do so because family was watching some kind of anime about war. In it some commando soldier was talking to some woman and then they went to fight some other commandos. They were searching for superweapons, one of which was called 'Armageddon Nuke'. At some point they were going through some bunker and fighting with some soldiers. Later on the story continued outdoors and there was some memorial for some bald kid, they were talking about it and then some other kid joined the talk. They found some another place and started making base here near some kind of farm. They used some robots for building, but there was not enough fuel for them, so they deployed some alternate robots that used water for fuel, they were connected through pipes to some lake. The target of building was making the superweapon. As the construction was progressing, some robots malfunctioned and started burning down the plants with flamethrowers. They stopped them and there was talk about how due to another war in the past, all robots were programmed to destroy plants for some reason. Then dream ended.
    12. Mad Doctor, Inbred Rednecks, Growing Up a Hunter

      by , 12-20-2012 at 08:02 PM
      This is kind of a long one. It's made up entirely of dream characters. The family bears no resemblance to my own, I'm not even female in the dream. I'm a little boy for most of it. I gotta say though, I love storyline dreams.

      I know a little came before this, but I can't recount it clearly. I'm a little boy of about five, my Grandfather is a doctor and he's gone mad. He has somehow figured out a way to turn us into living ghosts, we are not dead, but we aren't corporeal anymore. Myself along with my seventeen year-old sister, my mother and my father, have been forced to follow him around as spirits. He keeps us tethered to himself. He takes us to his home. It's a long, spacious, one story house. The carpet in the living room sometimes looks faded orange, and sometimes faded gold. There's a dark wood table, and behind it a dark china cabinet with diamond beveled green glass faces. I know that grandmother is resting in one of the rooms on the right side of the house.
      He's explaining to us our purpose, and he summons his wife into the room. One of my aunts is helping her. Grandmother has faded red hair, one of the family trademarks, my sister has red hair just like hers.

      The doctor explains that the exposed power lines on the wall to our left are to a machine that will temporarily make us solid. He lowers a gas mask over his face and turns a knob. The air turns frigid. We are literally frozen solid. We can't move. Grandfather explains that Grandma has been sick, and that he plans to make her well using parts from our bodies. Well, one specific part. Grandmother is suddenly lacking her head, now looking like a mannequin. He removes my sister's head and starts to put it on Grandma's neck.

      Obviously, father is not happy with this turn of events. While Grandfather is distracted he summons the will to move and as a spirit shoots over to the exposed power lines, intending to rip them from the wall and electrocute the doctor.
      (right now Father looks a little like these guys http://www.se51.net/wp-content/uploa...st_hound-4.jpg)
      The first handful of cables won't part from the wall and he's tugged back to the wall face. Father grabs another power line and tears it free. Before he can attack him, grandfather wills him out of the window and sends the currents of electricity through father.

      Father hovers in the air. "I will not let you take her."
      "Then it will be you instead..."
      "So be it."
      Grandfather intensifies the electricity (apparently by will alone), but it has a different effect than he intends. The electricity gives father power, he alternates a cartoony yellow electricity and more realistic flashes of blue, the longer I look at him the more changed he becomes. He looks younger by the second, a stooped older man no longer. His hair regains color, his eyes turn bright and sharp, his back straightens and shoulders broaden. I see what he looked like as a young man. He lowers his head and smiles.

      The smug look fades from Grandfather's face. Father kills him, but I don't see how. My sister magically regains her head, and grandmother hers, and we return to normal.
      Then, as though nothing strange has happened, mother and sister are talking about how we should spend our visit to Grandma's. I may only be a child but I think they're nuts. I go outside to play.

      There's a subtle change in the dreamspace, the house we were in had almost the same feel as an apartment, or a city home. That it was snugged in next to other residences. This house is different, it's wide open, solitary. It's a pale shade of yellow, with a wrap around porch and flowers hanging from the beams. I run out into the backyard. It feels familiar. The grass is dark green, lush, a little overgrown and there are tiny colorful flowers growing in it. There's rotted out hollow tree laying near a faded cement path. To my left is a storm drain tunnel, across from me are woods.
      (I haven't thought about this place since I was a kid, I only went there once with a babysitter. She pretended we were on an adventure, she was going to show me a special place. It was out in the woods, and had a secret air about it.)
      Out of the corner of my eye I see an R.O.U.S nosing its way out of the fallen tree. It's about the size of a crocodile, scaly and diseased. I understand that things are about to get scary, I notice the creature but I'm stuck in the storyline of the character. HE hasn't really seen it yet, so I cannot do anything.

      Then it gets worse. Across the concrete, a pack of deformed inbred rednecks burst from the trees. They're splattered with blood and carrying gore encrusted baseball bats. Storyline dictates that they don't see me. I crouch behind the fallen tree, I can feel the tree shaking with the movements of the creature struggling inside. The rednecks mount the steps, I hide next to the wall of the house. Looking outward they won't see me, they'd have to look down.
      Because I've moved, the creature (finally freeing itself from the log) doesn't see me, and runs up the stairs to join the creep-pack. I know that they've been on a murdering spree, traveling between all the country houses and killing anyone they find. I can hear screams from inside the house.

      I run away, straight for the fence bordering the property. I can see a line of people making their way toward me dressed in S.W.A.T armor and carrying guns. I go through another set of gates, it's only then that I realize it's not a gate. It's a cage. An arena wrapped in chicken-wire around wood veins.
      One of the group asks "What do you think you're doing?"
      another shouts to their leader, "Hey, we've got a stray!"
      The leader takes off his helmet and says "What're you doin' here kid? Are you crazy?"
      "My family..." I look over my shoulder and he does too, we see the murderers leaving the house.
      "I see.." He hands me a gun. It's huge and heavy, I'm terrified. "You don't happen to know how to load that, do you?"
      Mute now and close to tears, I shake my head.
      He drops a black canvas bag at my feet, it's already open. He pulls out white shot-gun shells and commands me to hold out my hand. He gives me the bullets hurriedly. The fence begins to shake and rattle, the howling reaches a fever pitch. He shows me how to load the gun, after the affair with my grandfather and the random murderers I'm expecting a trick. I keep scanning his face for signs of dishonesty.
      "I can't make any promises, kid, but stay close and I'll try to keep you alive. You might have to wait until their almost on top of you to shoot, they're quick bastards."
      That does NOT reassure me. I'm afraid that all of this is a trick, that he's a cruel man who would give a child a gun and hope for life just to allow me to be cut down when the bullets do nothing.....

      -Fifteen Years Later -

      The story jumps. I'm a different person, an aunt of the boy who went missing. There are rumors about Hunters in the area who might have taken him on and raised him. I've gone to see if it's true. I see him from a distance. He's a young man now, tall and all lean muscle. He is returning from a hunt, glorying in his physical prowess and the admiring looks the others send his way.

      I sneak into their meeting hall and their leader gives me a small nod. He's the one who contacted me about the boy, not so I could take him, just so I'd be assured that the boy was safe. I see him enter the room, he's wearing a loose grey shirt and his wispy almost orange hair is barely contained under a cloth cap. I can see my sister in him, his pale skin, blue eyes, the shape of his nose. He doesn't notice me.

      I briefly switch to the man's point of view. We're having a meet, just like we do after every big hunt, we get together and discuss problems. I understand that someone may bring up my existence here. I am clearly of outside blood, all those around me are dusky-skinned and dark of hair. It means nothing to those jealous of me that I have hunted with the pack since I was a child. They were born into it, and adoptions were unheard of until I came along. The Leader looks at me, then sweeps his eyes over the crowd.
      "We will have our meet, but first we race."
      This was his way and I silently send him my gratitude and applaud his cleverness. I am the fastest, I always have been. Before each meeting we take the Death Run, the winner is beyond scrutiny. This is the way he has kept me safe, I always win, no one can question my presence in the pack.

      I'm the woman again. The leader claps his hands and the pack takes off. My nephew is so quick, almost a blur. I know I have to keep up with him, if I lose him I'll never see him again. He is way ahead of them, I am quick too, I pull ahead of the pack.
      The death run is an obstacle course, built spiraled like a snail shell, obviously made more difficult if you are moving quickly. I don't remember all of, the last part I see before I wake up is stepping stones jutting from the inside curve. I see my nephew fly down them and then nimbly leap to the opposite side of the hallway and disappear through an opening there.

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    13. Saving My Cat from Magma, and Seth Rogen to the Rescue!

      by , 09-16-2012 at 04:29 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at some kind of meeting or function. There were lots of people there. I want to say we were outside. I was sitting against a half a wall. Not quite stairs, though the wall could function that way; it's hard to explain. I'll just call them wall/stairs. There were some rooms or other areas up there.

      It was then dark outside. I was still at this function, when I noticed that the wall/stairs was leaking magma in certain areas. There were people, scientists or something, inspecting it and taking measurements. No one else seemed really concerned about the magma except for me and the scientists. I remember seeing some magma flow out onto a black scientist's thumb while he wasn't paying attention, and I thought for sure it would burn him, but it didn't; he didn't even seem to notice.

      I then got up and saw that I had been sitting with my back to a lot of magma flowing from this wall/stairs. I hadn't felt any heat or burning or anything at all. Odd. I watched the scientists some more as they collected samples. Some of the magma being examined had an unnatural glow to it. I watched one of the scientists walk by me with rubber gloves on covered in a reddish residue. I figured it was from the magma. I then watched some of the wall crumble as more magma slowly flowed out.

      Then, on two TV screens up above me (now we seemed to be inside instead of outside), there was a warning being flashed because of the magma, which also had some weird chemicals in it that made it even more dangerous than regular magma. We all needed to evacuate. That's when I realized my home was in danger. I ran up the short wall/stairs and into one of the rooms. There was a guy with me helping me out. He looked like the blonde scientist from Dark City (watched the movie last night IWL).

      The main thing I wanted to rescue was my cat. Apparently, I kept her in a big hamster/bird cage? Anyway, the blonde scientist scooped her out of her litter box. I was glad she was in there at that time, because otherwise, I was afraid I'd lose her. I took her from the scientist, and we both grabbed as much of her stuff as we could. I then walked over to my bed to grab some more things, like clothes and stuff. I sifted through a pile of pajama pants, trying to decide which ones to take. I was saying out loud that I couldn't decide which ones I wanted to take. I wanted to take the ones with Thumper the bunny on them since I saw them first (a pair I actually own IWL, but rarely wear), but there were others that I actually really liked and wore more often that I would rather have. I was in a hurry though, and didn't feel I had enough time to go through them all and decide that way. I just grabbed a bunch, the Thumper ones pink being some of the ones I grabbed. While we were running to a safer place, I noticed I was holding onto the cat too tightly, and loosened my grip a bit. She didn't struggle or anything.

      At some point, we noticed that my key chain had some keys broken off from it. I examined them, and noticed it was only the keys to Jake's apartment, the ones that no longer worked since the locks got changed. All the keys I needed were there.

      We were then in this quiet apartment, though in the same building as we were in, it was safe for some reason. I set up the cage, put her food dish in it, and told the blonde scientist that was with me to open the top of her cage to get the litter box in it. The litter box didn't seem like it should fit at all; it was way too big. But it fit. We put the cat in there too. I then told the scientist I needed to go get her water dish. The scientist picked up a small green bowl that we could use instead, since it was so dangerous where I had previously been. I said we could do that if I couldn't get her original water dish, and to myself, I thought I could grab some more things, like more clothes, out of there as well while I was over there. I ran off.

      When I got to the magma scene, I ran up and down the aisle, looking for my previous location. I could have sworn it was here. I looked to the wall/stairs to my left, and noticed a line of guys standing on top of one of the wall/stairs that was accumulating more and more magma. I had no time to think about why they were doing this; it was total chaos here anyway, the reasons were endless. I ran up and down the aisle a few more times, then, to my right, saw a hallway. I ran down the hallway, and it was light there, more peaceful, no smoke or chaos. At a desk sat my friend, Rachel. We talked about the magma for a second, asking one another if we'd heard about it. Then, I was where I needed to be.

      As I entered, it was smoky, and lots of people were running around in the craziness. I saw a huge section of fold-out chairs in front of me. At the front of them, whom I almost ran by, was Seth Rogen. He was just standing there. As I went by, I said
      "Seth, I need your help."
      He then agreed to help me, while saying to his friends
      "I'm going to go help this girl," with emphasis on the girl part. It was like he was trying to impress his friends, saying he was going to help a female, or something like that.

      I then ran with Seth behind me, looking down the aisles of chairs that were on my right. I knew the water dish was down one of them. There were a few people down all of them, panicking, trying to figure out what exactly they should do. We came to some of the middle sections, and I was sure the dish had to be down one of them. Though I was worried the panicking people would get in the way, I told Seth to go down to the end of one, and the dish should be there. He went down the aisle to look for the dish.
    14. Lucid Scientist; Lucid Make-out; At School;

      by , 09-03-2012 at 01:34 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Lucid Scientist

      A woman scientist was talking about a hairy ball. It was some kind of an animal, and more ovular, but there were no legs or head or anything. She ended up saying it was pork. Then she compared it to some kind of hairy stick. She went into some detail about the stick.

      I'd been listening intently, but I somehow missed exactly what she said, but it sounded interesting, so I asked her what she'd just said. She didn't understand my question.

      I asked her what she'd said about the stick. She looked dumbfounded. I posed my question very clearly, stating that she had just made a comparison between the ball of hair and the hairy stick, and I wondered what she had said about the stick. At this point, I became lucid.

      I was going to ask her again, but realized that would be pointless, and I was so pissed at this stupid bitch, I decided to punch her in the face. I tried, but I couldn't move my arms.
      This is either because I was very tired, or simply very poor control. I have a theory that being very tired hurts dream control, though I have found this not to be true at all times. Just a thought.

      I either woke up, or had a false awakening at this point. I think I woke up.

      Lucid Make-out

      A girl was on a bicycle. She wasn't a little girl, but she was younger than I am. Anyway, I started making out with her. She seemed into it. Eventually I tried to do more, but I woke up, again, possibly an FA.

      At School

      There were several projects hanging on a wall. One was lit. It had a crescent moon. The light turned off just as I looked at it. I was very interested and I liked the picture. I tried to see if the plug had come out, but there were easels in front of all the pictures, and some kind of wires between them. I tried to go around them all, but I had a coat on and couldn't squeeze through the easel on the end and the wall. I said never mind.

      Then I was on the floor taking gloves off. I had 4 pairs of gloves on my left hand. Every time I pulled a glove off, there was another one underneath it. I thought that was very strange, and so did this other person who was watching me.

      I organized the gloves. I had my driving gloves, I had my winter gloves, I had another pair of driving gloves which must have been a gift, and a single glove without a match.

      Then a girl came in, gave me a muffin, and left. I was grateful and thanked her, though I was a little late. Then I tried to tell her I'd pay her back some time. Someone in the room was trying to sleep and she told me that I thanked her too many times.

      Then I was trying to sleep. The portion of the room by the door had at least 4 medium to large parrots in cages. I thought I should be comfortable with them as I've had birds in my life. One looked like my old Blue Front Amazon, but I thought the birds were a bit excessive, and they were kind of blocking the door in and out.

      Then I had to go to the bathroom. It was very public. The urinal was a bucket, and someone was standing on it to pee. It was to keep clean the way people don't sit on a toilet.

      Then that person was gone and someone was in the adjacent stall. I thought I would wait even though the urinal was free. Someone else came up and was going to go ahead of me, and they said they would be a few minutes, so I should go. I decided to go.

      When I got up to the urinal, it had a bunch of dishes or trash or something in it, so I said fuck it and walked out.
    15. First Flight

      by , 07-25-2012 at 07:36 PM (Inside the Mind of Mattlantis)
      FINALLY had a lucid after WAAAY too long, and boy was it awesome!

      I'm not 100% sure this is the same dream or not, but I was in a high school which had at least 3 floors, kind of roaming and messing with the teachers. I swapped some of their chairs, and the only teacher I remember clearly was Mrs. Alumbagh, who I had for Bio I freshman year. After this I was talking to a friend, and we were looking for a periodic table so I could show him the difference between two types of chemicals. They don't exist IRL, but their names were something similar to aerobic and anaerobic. We eventually found one in a "Chemist's Encyclopedia," and the blocks were different colors to indicate which they were.

      I was on the computer at my dad's on yahoo, reading about something some scientists discovered, which seemed to point into the fact that soon, either the Earth would fall into the Sun, or there would be a gigantic solar flare which would mutate the planet. In retrospect, the reading was a little hard, and parts of it kept changing, but I didn't notice. And apparently the giant solar flare would come from a volcano on the Sun, which there were three of. I read something about a new heavy metal forming in the Sun and igniting, and suddenly my room was a lab and a scientist was demonstrating it to me. He held up two of those sparking things that you might see in a chemist lab, and one had a very flammable material in it, cotton I think, and the other was designed to be MUCH hotter, and had a ball of iron in it. He was showing that anything can burn if it gets hot enough, and they had identical puffs of flame. My recall (or the dream) skips, and I"m now outside my grandma's old house, which we now own and rent out. I rememer thinking briefly about dreaming and how awesome a lucid would be, so I plug my nose, and experience the familiar feeling of numbness and air flow. I thought this was a little funny, and walked around for a moment while trying to think of what to do. I got pretty excited, but thankfully I didn't wake up. I remembered to look at my hands, and other than my arms being narrower, the ridges on my hands being exaggeratedly detailed, and a few of my fingers being closer together than they should be, they were pretty normal. As I looked at my hands, the scene changed around me and I was now inside my step-grandpa's house. I remember rubbing one hand on a table to feel it, and it was smoother than I expected. I went outside onto the porch, when flying came to mind. I have flown before, but never in a lucid. My friend David suddenly texted me about starting a new game on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon as a Pikachu, but I knew it was a dream so I ignored him. I didn't hesitate, I walked to the edge of the porch and threw my arms and legs back like Iron Man (for some reason the German V-2 rocket came to mind, which I'm sure helped), and I was moving the fastest I've ever moved in a dream, vertically. I smiled and got to a height of maybe a couple hundred feet, before leveling off and flying into what looked like Palmont City from Need for Speed: Carbon (been playing it a lot recently). I saw a tricked out heliotrope (purplish-pink) truck with little kids swarming around it and found this intriguing, so I landed. In the driver seat of the truck was a bird girl, who resembled Wave from Sonic Riders, who I somehow knew from a cartoon in this dream. She looked very exasperated and couldn't move her truck. We made eye contact, and something passed between us, though I'm not sure what it was. She kindly asked the kids to let me into the truck, and I walked around to the passenger side and got in. I may have lost lucidity at this point. The truck had no passenger seat, just a little space where you could climb into a small back room. She jumped on me and pushed me back there, which had a little mat on the floor. I asked her her name, and she said Tortellini. Somehow I already knew this and was "just being sure." We started groping and kissing each other, though my memory of this part is hazy at best. The next thing I knew, the kids were gone, and we were outside on the sidewalk, putting our clothes back on as if we had just had sex. I smiled and said goodbye, then went flying again. I wound up flying in front of a giant computer screen-like wall, which was showing [CLASSIFIED]. I [CLASSIFIED] then when I [CLASSIFIED] I woke up about halfway, and could still feel it, as if I was [CLASSIFIED] IRL was well. I woke up completely and thankfully, I wasn't.

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