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    1. Fishing in Japan

      by , 01-24-2018 at 05:21 PM (BahamutZERO's dreams)
      I dreamed that I partook in a contest of some sort, and I won the first prize, which was a journey to Japan, and so I went. I stayed in a traditionalistic inn with a friendly female host. I talked to her every morning and evening. Every day I went out and explored Tokyo.

      Other than exploring I also had to do little puzzles and riddles every day to score some sort of credits. They were distracting me from freely exploring Tokyo, so I mostly ignored them. Unfortunately however, I found out that these credits are the only way to purchase food, and as such, I didn't manage to buy a lot of food. I was starting to get concerned that I was going to be malnourished. So at some point I started focusing entirely on these dumb little quests.

      Suddenly, to my surprise, I met my Belgian friend, who also just happened to be in Tokyo with her parents, so I asked if I could stick around with them and, again to my surprise, they were like "sure!". I told them about my lack of credits and if they could help me with the quests. And so we went everywhere, seeking out like hidden "?" blocks in locations based on answers to riddles, which contained credits. However, after an entire day, we didn't have nearly enough credits to buy a sufficient amount of food.

      Then my friend had an idea. She said "Why don't we just fish? The Japanese sea is full of sea food. No need to buy all that expensive food from the market!". Her parents said "But, you hate sea food!" and responded "well, we have to eat something!".

      And so we started fishing at the sea, and in no time, we caught a ton of fish. I laughed in amazement, and said to my friend "wow, jesus, fishing is SO overpowered!". We ate the food, and I freakin' loved it, and my friend less so, but she ate most of it anyway, though she left all the squids for me.

      We ate, and the dream continued on to another scene, which was far darker. I was in a sort of dark metal complex with my friend, which was full of monorails and trains. The complex was a sort of physical representation of my project at work. The platforms were full of administrators and secretaries that read and wrote premium amounts on sheets of paper and loaded them to and from the trains, in assorted slots, so that they could communicate the premiums with each other, in order to get to some final result.

      We were in the "underworld" of this place, with the platforms and trains far above us. The place was full of thugs, and I was afraid that my friend was about to get kidnapped. Unfortunately, the dream got a bit fuzzy from here on in, and I can't really remember much else. I know that we visited some sort of a bar and a theatre in the complex, and she DID get kidnapped at some point. Also, I met my colleagues there, who begged me to continue working on the project, even while I'm ill. They promised to pay me extra much, because they needed me. I don't remember what my reaction was (maybe there was none, because I woke up soon after this).
    2. I'm dead- An elegant reception- A seaside restaurant

      by , 02-17-2017 at 07:46 PM
      #1: I was dead. I was looking down @ my partial body body laying in a marsh along a river. I see my legs & feet. It's disturbing. Locals are saying they accidentally killed me. I'm watching all of this unfold. I see a cop handling the investigation. I feel like he has got this & there will be answers. He says she'd been thrown off of the bridge & ended up in a marsh. I rarely see any part of myself in a dream & I don't remember ever looking at myself like this, especially in this context.Meesha Cat woke me up.

      D2: I was w/ my parents & we were @ some kind of reception area. It's circular & you walk down to a row of tables & down again for the next row & down one more time for the bottom row. It reminds me of "The Love Boat" tv show on the cruise ship for some reason, lol. It was really elegant. It was just normal family conversations that I would've had as a child going somewhere w/ my parents but we are all adults here. My mom is worried about what ppl will think & are told not to embarrass her, lol. Thank God she is more relaxed & enjoying life now & not all uptight. Meesha Cat woke me up again.

      D3: I was @ this restaurant by the beach kind of place. It looke like a version of an old clam bake except men were diving in to catch fresh fish w/ some odd looking sieve bucket or something. They were catching things like squid & yucky stuff. No seafood that tastes good like lobster or something. A man sitting at my table was going to get to try his hand at it. He finally gets to go in & I get to come closer. It looks like a cement wall is barely flowing water over it. It was really interesting how they utilized the sea/ocean in such a way to make an entertaining dining experience. Meesha Cat is waking me up a 3rd time tonight. I'm not happy with her.

      I didn't have a lucid tonight but lately I have been picking up speed again with them after my break. I just finished my second journal over this past year since March but most of it looks like gibberish until I put it on here.
    3. September 13th, 2014 Fragments

      by , 09-13-2014 at 08:59 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      September 13th, 2014 Fragments (Non-lucid)


      - I went to visit a campsite with my wife. We were driving uphill and there were a lot of turns. Each turn was like in slow motion, like wavy, a good way to spot it was a dream, which I did not!

      - I was working in a shoe store. I felt weird, like why I would work there, but at the same time, I did want to do the best job possible and help clients. There was a guy wanting to buy seafood but I had no idea about it and just offered him assistance. He told me that he wanted to work with someone older. I told him that I did not work at the seafood department anyway. Someone else assisted me.

      I did help some people there until I went to a huge lobby that had several fireplaces, each fireplace was about 4 feet wide.
    4. The Hilarity of my recurring DCs (Semi Lucid)

      by , 06-29-2014 at 11:36 PM (Lucid Time!)
      So me, Lia, Jack, and robot arm girl (Need a name for her) are vacationing on this tropical island. I remember seeing high, jagged cliffs and huge trees stretching hundreds of feet into the air. It was a magnificent island to be on.
      Unfortunately, we wouldn't be staying for long. Jack wants to take everyone out on a boat. We all head down to the dock only to find out that our 'boat' is a dirty torn up old raft with some rusty piece of scrap metal attached to the back that might have been some sort of engine. We all pile in. The thing can barely hold all four of us, and it's leaking.
      Jack leads the expedition onward. The 'engine' we have is pushing us along pretty slowly, and occasionally one of us will use a bucket to throw water out of the boat. We get out into open water to find it calm and still. A thick fog rolls in , and there are garbage rafts floating on the surface of the water. We cut the engine and begin drifting slowly. In one of the heaps of garbage there is a fishing pole. Jack asks me to grab it and give it to him. I do.
      He casts it into the water.
      Robot Girl: Psh, yeah right, like you could catch something...
      Jack gets a bite. Then all of the sudden he gets pulled so hard by the fish that he gets pulled out of the boat into the murky water. Jack grabs the boat with one hand and holds the fishing rod with the other and pulls us along. With this setup we were actually going faster than we were with the engine.
      I begin to speculate about the size of the fish that must be on the other end of that line.
      In fact the 'fish engine' goes on for a couple of minutes, and we keep on picking up speed. We get through the fog and realize we are approaching another island and like 20-30 miles per hour. This is the best part; the fish runs our boat aground on the beach and begins flopping around in the sand. Jack takes his survival knife and kills it.
      The island we have landed on has a seafood shop and they will supposedly have a master chef prepare any fish you catch. We all agree to eat... whatever kind of fish he hooked. I couldn't identify it. It was one of those big flat fish. It was almost sort of diamond shaped, and maybe 18 inches across. He cuts it into four pieces and then exclaims that he is too hungry, and can't wait for the fish to cook and eats his portion raw.
      We go into the seafood restaurant and they begin preparing the three remaining portions of fish.
      ]I am talking amongst my dream characters and become properly lucid.
      I wake up.
      lucid , non-lucid
    5. More please!

      by , 10-13-2013 at 08:37 PM
      Date: October 13, 2013
      Method: MILD WBTB (Attempt WILD)
      Total Sleep Time: 9 hours

      Dream 1

      Gorging myself on shrimp and buttered Lobster. OMG it was so yummy! The more I ate the more I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. I tasted every element of the seafood...and the Butter ! It coated every bit of the inside of my tongue. I can go on and on about the food, but I'm making myself hungry!

      Dream 2

      I was in the home of my sis in law and I was extremely tired and I just wanted to lay down. There was no where to sleep, so I just got in the bed with my baby nephew. She kept calling my name for breakfast, but I couldn't move, the bed was so comfortable.

      Dream 3

      My niece and I committed a crime, but I can't remember what the crime was. It was really bad though, it may have been along the lines of either kidnapping or murder...for the life of me I can't remember what it was . We were hiding out in a store until it closed in the hopes that we would break out when the doors where locked.

      Note: Good recall
    6. D.F.'s Dream Journal 2.0

      by , 07-23-2010 at 05:00 PM
      (NOTE: If you wish to view my old Dream Journal, go to " Grandfathered Dream Journals" until you see "D.F.'s Dream Journal" and click on it.)

      This week has been crazy, and I'm just starting on this new way to write in a Dream Journal. And yet this situation I'm having has never happened before. Oh, and there's a new date when vivid dreams hit besides January 15. It's on May 2, and I don't even know how that got there.

      Even more bad news: the "Amanda" dreams I talked about in my old dream journal did not start in 1994 or 1995. It was actually started in 1992 (or 1993) when I had moved to Maryland at the age of six, after eating seafood (no, not fish sticks, that was eight years later), and viewed this toy commercial. And you know what's worse? It was a product for girls! Naming the mysterious character Amanda, however, did surface around 1994 or 1995.

      Back to the situation: it seems a "hot spot" for me to have these vivid dreams is around the week of July 25 (James Lafferty's birthday). Now I fear I'll get one of those dreams this Sunday just like the one on May 2 that makes me feel cautious the next day.

      However, last night, after a not-so-good night (bad thoughts of Shane McMahon (haven't I been here before?) after watching an episode of CSI where a murder was linked to a drag race; bad thoughts of Kristin Cavallari after seeing girls dominate game show episodes (Jeopardy!, Wipeout--again, I ask: haven't I been here before?), etc.), I thought it would be a long night w/trouble sleeping (sorry if I used the "w/" thing...)...but it turned out to be something I wish could've happened. I look under my desk in my room to find Tekken 2 remade for the PS3, with its own custom case. That's all I remember as I wake up the next day (today) with a headache. That's also the first time I've had a PS3-related dream. If only that were a reality...

      I look forward to this new technology when the next dream (vividly intense or whatever) comes. Until next time, WM86