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    1. Dead Bats/Beatles Campout/Tuxedo Chase/Shopping Drama

      by , 06-23-2016 at 02:03 PM (Book of Dreams)
      4:00 am

      Dream 1
      I'm at my parent's house in my room (thought it looks different than IRL) and there is a bag with some stuff in it, looks like meat patties and potatoes, but when I open it up, there's a bunch of dead bats in it as well. These bats are huge, not just regular small bats. They spill out all over the floor, it's totally repulsive. I think there were some crazy weird beetles, too. I pick up the bats with something other than my hands, I can't remember what I was using, but I didn't want to touch them. I remember their wings were so strange. They were very large and the bones in the wings were as long as drumsticks. When I put them into a new garbage bag, the wings would poke out of the sides. It was a really disturbing image. Now that I'm awake, I feel bad for these little guys, but in the dream I was scared out of my mind.

      Dream 2
      I spent the night in a backyard (not sure who's house it was), in this weird metal spacecraft looking thing. The whole night I was drifting in and out of sleep, and in between sleeps I was listening to the Beatles on an iPod, but they were old songs I've never heard before. Finally, around 5am, I woke up and ran into the house. I think I can remember my mom saying I needed to drive to her house, so I did.

      WBTB: I didn't attempt to WILD, but I did do a bit of positive thinking and mental prep for a MILD. It worked!!

      Dream 3
      I am in a restaurant, and there's all these really hot guys there. We're all eating together, and then the next thing I know we're all lying down on the table, and it feels like an orgy is happening but everyone has their clothes on. I'm not really participating, but someone is holding my hand. The next thing I remember, I'm standing up and I hold my hands out with my palms facing down and push, which causes me to levitate. I'm not lucid, but I think I must have been sort of semi lucid, because I remember thinking "is this going to work?" and it worked very well. Everyone was staring at me floating there in the middle of the room.
      Then there is a break in the dream where I can't remember what happened, but the next thing I know, everyone including me are wearing tuxedos and we're running through the mall (this restaurant was in the mall). I'm with this one guy and we're trying to find a place to "be alone" , while everyone else is running for different reasons I think. We find a gymnasium full of guys playing basketball, and I tell the one I'm with that I'm going to use a Jedi mind trick to make them all leave. In my head I'm not sure if it will really work, but we get in there and I snap my fingers. The guys all start to leave but they're giving me dirty looks. I turn to the guy I'm with and all of a sudden he looks completely different. He's like this small mousey kid and he also looks mad at me and runs away. I run back out into the mall and meet up with another one of the guys from the restaurant. I tell him I can levitate, and I try it again but it doesn't work. He says, "Try looking up at the sky when you do it," I try this and it works for a few seconds. Then we reach these glass doors guarded by two guys (who are also in tuxedos), and they say we have to wait 20 minutes before we can go through. I tell one of the guards he needs a haircut. Somehow they get distracted and we run through the doors. The guards start chasing us. I'm with a larger group of people now, and we're running toward these huge marble columns. I know my best option is to slide down them. I reach the columns and look down. It's a 3 story drop, and I say to myself "I can't do this, I can't do this..." I remember thinking I could try to manifest a feather bed at the bottom, but I know I could still get hurt. Then out of nowhere, I become lucid. Like completely full on lucid. I say "I'm dreaming! This is a dream!" I grab onto the marble column and prepare to slide down. I notice how real everything feels. It really was just like waking life. I realize I haven't done a reality check, and sliding down a marble column could be a really dangerous way to figure out if I'm dreaming, but I really felt that it was a dream and I didn't have time to check so I began my descent. There were little decorative holes in the column that I used to quickly scale down, and everyone followed me. Once we reached the bottom I almost punched one of the guards in the face, but since I was dreaming I decided what's the point. I was so excited to be lucid, but everything started to fade to black. I reached out my hands to touch something but it was too late.

      I was in this black void. I tried to open my eyes but they were like glued shut. So I kept them shut and tried to stay very still. I felt still very connected to the dream world. But nothing was manifesting so I opened them, and I was in my room. I should have done a RC, because this turned out to be a FA, but I wasn't lucid anymore and was just so excited, I remember jumping up and down on my bed and clapping my hands. Then I woke up IRL and tagged it all in my DJ.

      Dream 4
      I was going to the mall with my sister. We pulled up to the front in the car, and there was a car in front of the door, but no one was in it. A little dog was sticking his head out of the driver side window, so I got out and pet his head while I waited. Then the driver, an angry transgendered woman, came out and glared at me. I told her I was sorry for touching her dog and she was really pissed. She dropped her scarf and I picked it up for her, and she was like "yeah..." like it was my fault she dropped it or something. Then she left and I dropped my sister off, then I parked the car. While inside, I saw my high school biology teacher, and we talked for a bit. Then my sister and I went to Sears and had all these coupons. There was a man who was following us and he kept taking our cart every time we'd step away to grab something. I needed new work shoes but couldn't find the ones I was looking for.

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    2. 7/20/14 Flight to an Alien Planet

      by , 07-21-2014 at 05:32 PM
      On a trip. At mall. Sears. Make my way past miscellaneous stores; overall path is a D shape with the curve being the mall and the straight line is the parking lot and my way back to point A from point B. Big movie theater with areas to sit and a huge ramp-like area to watch from with people laying and/or sleeping on it. Sealed door exit from the theater. But a guy comes in through sealed door. I can go out then and I do. This looks like way back to my car. Somewhere in here I'm thinking that I haven't gotten a hotel yet. I can use my phone to search for hotel deals. Walking in parking lot I see my wife's cousin N with his nice convertible. This has to be a dream to run into you here out of town! Yup! I do some of my I know I'm a lucid challenges basically bragging but it's great for confidence...I say to him, hey can I have sex with ( his wife's name). "It would be like" and I make the motions as if his wife is laid out on the hood of his convertible. I say you could have sex with (insert my wife's name). This was somehow much more fun than it sounds and just acting it out around the hood of his car felt a lot like doing it. I think: Down to goals! I think I want to do the planet one next. I considered doing it with the elevator one but no
      elevator around right now so just decide to fly up into space - way up and it gets dark I can't see anything but I stay calm fly up some more and then decide that I will just freefall until I hit a planet. (Note: It is my dream, I can make that work no matter how improbable IWL, LOL! In the dream I only thought that I can make this work. I didn't even go there with thinking about it being improbable IWL.) I simulate to myself a soft landing and I get it...I basically just find myself on solid ground as if I floated there like a feather. I can see through kind of a window or space into this other room or void (this is probably the dream reforming the environment after the void and free fall) and there are green rocks that have a lot of straight lines kind of like blocks thrown together creating odd shaped rocks, not unlike crystal formations. I cross through and there is big huge rocky formation that looks like it has teeth. I studied for a moment so that I can remember it later. The teeth are jagged kind of like sharks teeth. But the rest of it is not really shaped like creature really more like a big rock. I look around the room or space and there is another set of different shaped items that I come back to later but two of the items are shaped kind of like elongated travel chests. I could
      see something move off in the corner of the room the distance but when I look over there there's nothing. I walked over that way and I say "I come in peace" while holding up my right hand while kind of laughing to myself . I am creating my own cheesy 50's Alien movie here I think to myself. He comes back out. It is very difficult to describe what he looks like but he is a short creature maybe 2 feet tall . As for something you would find on the earth, he is most like an octopus perhaps but the base that he walks around on is a little more rectangular shaped than circular like an octopus. He has a bit of a goofy friendly face and is kind of a grayish bluish color. I try a line from one of my previous lucid dreams and I say "bring me one of your hottest alien women." A doll looking thing comes down from above on a rope. It becomes more and more lifelike, and more human woman like as this plays out. The rope is around her and slipping up and down her body pulling up her white nightgown and revealing her naked body. It is strangely erotic. I will
      leave out the rest of the sexual stuff with her but I may share by PM if requested. This space looks a lot like a big house. I decide to go back to look and kind of draw out all of the items on a sketch pad that I summon to help me remember this dreamscape, to really lock it into my memory. I go back over by the elongated chests but the chests are no longer there but I study the rest of the items but I drop the idea of drawing them. There are two clear glass bowls with a clear liquid in them. One has round multicolor items in it that look like fruits. The other one has some loaf shaped items sticking up out of it. It looks like it was set out for a party. I go off to my left and sure enough it's kind of liked a little party with my son there and some other people. Either I am back on earth now or they came up to visit! I then see my son's friend C and I think about how everyone talks about how promiscuous she has become. Not sure if she is still in college IWL. I think of another test / brag to my lucidity. I told my son I'm going to get it on with his friend C. I start to mount her and I see her luscious lips and switch gears and stick it in her mouth. She does a very nice job. Wow!!
      After a bit of that
      the dreams fades back to bed but I remember that I to always have to check to see if it's a real awakening...but alas it is this time. I was reminded yesterday to put more of myself in the self awareness work. I also switched up my SSILD somatic cycle a little and did some self awareness work during WBTB which I shortened. I also woke up closer to 5.5 hours after bed for WBTB whereas the last few nights were around 4.5 and I seemed too tired to make it work right. Woke from dream around 7 something. 175

      Late Late dream 10 a.m. Young guy is broadcasting himself in his bedroom on justin.tv for a long time. At this point it is on the news...his girlfriend got shot through the bedroom window while he was broadcasting and I said what are the chances of that...that can't be...that's impossible. Then a playback of all the stuff that happened before the shooting. His run in with some other teenagers at school, they call him something weak and they have some kind flipping competition to see who could do standing flips. The scene where his girlfriend was shot had him holding her in bed rolling around and it just did not look natural like he was acting, but it did not make me lucid either...none of this thinking that all this was impossible. The dream explained it away. Oh well, had my awesome LD already.

      7/21/14 FA: hearing the alarm turn off warning stop without key punch sounds made me realize I am dreaming. I never really understood people feeling sleepy in a lucid dream until this time. I felt like dozing off within my lucid, so I did. 176

      071814 a guy is telling me about all these cool artifacts he found...I'm seeing them visually like I'm in video game. Golden breastplate, etc. Thai government is looking for him (movie at bedtime=character is in Thailand before heading to Cambodia).

      7/17 crater in ocean. Where I was when 17, recurring dream. Go back for son. Hydrofoil boat. Coach M has game at 6pm. L on sons grades, report card. "Lucid" is written out on grades in one place but instead of a clue that I am dreaming, I worry that wife will see. Coach M talks about how he lost his father. I relay this to my son. Looking for school office helps with college apps. It is after 5pm but she's still there (5am? Wake 545am). Lady sits funny almost showing up skirt. A skills test is done: measure the area of two adjacent tables....easy. Life lessons you need I guess.