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    1. A geat night

      by , 05-02-2019 at 10:34 AM (Into my world)

      This was a great night because it was the first time I recalled 4 dreams, for me this is a new record. the first two that I'll write were more vivid and longer than the other two.
      I think that happened because I was on holiday and I slept very well in my own bad.


      Pee problems

      I'm a boy, it's night and I'm at home in my bathroom. I'm standing in front of the toilet with the urge to pee but I can't, after a wile I try I start worrying about my health, so I call a doctor to come and help me.

      A doctor arrives with her white coat on, she has brown and wavy hair that falls over her shoulders.
      She gives me a pill that should solve my problem, I swallow it and then I sit down.
      the doctor look at me in a strange way and asks me if I'm okay, I tell her I'm fine and then I fall to the ground unconscious.

      I wake up a few seconds later and stand up, now I'm a girl again, I'm myself again. I go to the bathroom and pee successfully.

      I wake with a start thinking I have wet the bed, fortunately it didn't happen.

      fighting a dragon

      Me and another boy are fighting a red dragon under the supervision of a magician who can be Gandalf the white (yes I watched the lord of the rings that night).
      We are in an enclosed place, it looks like an artificial underground river with a vaulted concrete roof, the river that flows below un and laterally a raised platforms where you can walk with side exit.

      But the battle with the dragon isn't real, because every time we made a mistake in strategy and the dragon defeats us by growing us away Gandalf save us and brings us back restarting the fight from where it ended, giving us the opportunity to find a new strategy.
      It's more like a workout.

      the other guy and I are hanging by chains at the riverbank while the dragon, breaking through the wall, has come out by one of the side doors.
      I start to the eight and to the left until I get high enough to kick the dragon on his head. but it wasn't so effective because the dragon kick me in return and I and up on the other side of the river.
      the dragon himself, snapping, comes to save me before I touch the wall and Gandalf tells him: " I was taking her ".
      but now the dragon had grabbed me and brought me back on the other side to resume the fighting again.


      I'm at home sitting in my room in front of my desk, it's evening and in front of me there is my little white budgie hanging out on my desk.
      at certain point I take it in hands and start caressing him, initially he screams and wants to run away, but after a while he understands that I don't hurt him and he relaxes letting himself being cuddled.
      I put it on the table and continue to do the scratching behind his head.

      then I take it downstairs and I put him in his cage with the other budgies.

      secret agents

      I'm a secret agent and I'm on a mission with another companion. it's night and we are dressed all in black, we are almost invisible.
      we are in a place that seems a construction site and we have to sneak into a cubic building to steal something but it seems to have no income.

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    2. The Government

      by , 01-21-2018 at 09:40 AM
      I had a dream last night..!

      The first one in a while! Basically the government had taken over, it was all soldiers being out on the street, shooting anyone and everyone they could find..!

      I was myself, but I was an undercover agent, I had been sent there to help my group overthrow the government. I needed to go into their base to find paperwork to help my group. It was tense, but thankfully the soldiers didn't think anything about me walking around..!
    3. Back-to-back YA dreams (this happened last week, too)

      by , 12-18-2015 at 03:16 PM
      12-18-15: Everything's been up and down like somewhat of a crazy game of Magic # (a Pricing Game on The Price Is Right with an impressive design that scared the crap out of me when I was younger when it appeared from a fade-in) months after I updated my Dream Journal. Also, I've been busy with other things, including a personal blog during that time.

      Last night, however, left me with some inspiration to write after a heck of a bad day, as most of the stuff (the plot, some characters) in Secret Agent 25, or SA-025, for short (my attempt at a YA novel), are inspired by dreams I have had since the 1992-93 year living in Maryland (when my parents separated in 1991-92 and I was 6 going on 7 at the time) to now.

      Ever since I started on SA-025, I have had a series of strange dreams involving possible characters, and most of those DCs had no spoken lines--even Wednesday (which was uneventful) and last week when it marked the return of the 'office buildings outside my room window' dream, something recurring since 2006-07.

      This time, it was a possible scene from later on in the series of SA-025, where possibly another Agent 25 was talking to someone, and this transpired:
      "Does this mean we'll move to South Florida?" Agent 25 asked.
      "No." A female chaperone said, sternly.

      Later on, Agent 25 and the woman went inside the building, looking like a library, where there was another woman sounding like a strict teacher I had at Southeast Raleigh Magnet High in the 2001-02 year, trying to give words of motivation, and just before the dream ends, there's a teenage girl with what appears to be a Surface tablet and it appears she is logged on to Twitter at a table, similar to a dream I had in the 2014-15 year, having brown eyes and brown hair, but she has no spoken lines as Agent 25 looks over her shoulder like a teacher. She also had a pink case to carry her Surface.

      I have a feeling this may have taken place in Hemet, California, as the villainous Sterling clan's mansion in SA-025 is there, and the dream suggested it gets turned into an underground library. It could also have taken place somewhere in North Carolina, too, where a building for villains may have also been turned into an underground library.

      I also have a tendency to throw DCs into my book as well, so I'll see what happens. Turning the Sterlings' mansion in my attempt at a YA novel into an underground library may not be such a bad idea. I don't mind getting dreams like this, personally.

      (For those who don't understand, YA stands for young-adult fiction. It is a popular genre of books amongst teenagers.)
    4. Playing the Dream Game and not Letting DF’s Know I’m Lucid – Jan 18, 2015

      by , 01-19-2015 at 11:50 PM
      In this lucid dream, I was playing right along with the Dream Figures, creating some drama, fun and an interesting story line, until they realized I was stringing them a line. I’m always way too serious in my lucids and I usually have an agenda, but not this time!

      In this dream I was in the back of my pickup, trying to rollout the black nylon cover, but it wasn’t working, and I was blaming my wife for messing it up (I know, typical husband). The black vinyl cover was supposed to be black, but it was now brown and all torn up. Hey, wait a second, this is a dream, I’m lucid! This lucid happened around 1:30 Am, which is a good thing, because LD’s early in the night are typically very vivid and clear for me (almost magical). I stepped off the truck box and looked around, realizing I was inside a large industrial looking garage. My wife was now gone and I was alone. I decided to head out and explore this amazing place.

      There was a hallway leading out of the garage, and it came to a glass door exit. I decided to try walking right through the glass door, without opening it, and it worked perfectly. I felt the glass passing through my body (there’s no waking world sensation to describe it). Once I was outside, I could see two people walking, in what looked like space suits, way off to the left, through a garage door opening. It was night time, and I was surrounded by dark colored buildings. I flew up about 50 feet into the air and then slowly flew between the buildings, then 3 men stepped out of a doorway, and I hovered above them. They didn’t notice me above them, and I watched as they walked away and chatted.

      Then a black car drove out of the same building, and parked alongside. I decided to fly down and take a closer look. I hovered above the trunk and watched two men step out of the car. One fellow was holding a knife to the second guy’s throat, so I slowly floated down beside them to see what was going on. The guy holding the knife was startled when he saw me, and the 2nd fellow ran off. He then turned the knife towards me, and this is when I decided to play along with the dream game. I looked at him and said, “It’s okay, I’m a secret agent too, follow me into the building! I want to show you something.” He put his knife away and said, “Oh, okay.” I had no idea what was in the building, or what I was going to show him, but I walked into the same door the three guys had exited earlier, and he followed me.

      We walked straight down a hallway, made a left turn, then a right, and we ended up in a long concrete passage. I was struggling to come up with something to show him, so I decided to do some lucid dream skills, and I said, “I have secret agent superpowers!” I took my fist and slowly pushed it into the concrete wall and then I pulled it out. I left a hole in the wall, and there was concrete dust all over my hand. His eyes opened wide, and he said, “Holy, that’s unreal!”

      A woman appeared out of nowhere and walked up to us, and I told her, “I’m an agent with superpowers. I’m genetically engineered!” (I was really pouring it on, lol) I said, “Watch this!”, and I pushed my point finger into the concrete wall, up to my knuckles. She didn’t seem very impressed with my superpowers, and then she proceeded to lift my shirt and grab onto my stomach with pliers and twist. I was thinking this is some kind of psycho chick! I couldn’t help noticing my stomach was glowing with white light (not sure why). I said to her, “I didn’t feel a thing.” This wasn’t true, because it sort of tickled, and I couldn’t stand the feeling. She was going to do it again, and I shouted, “Don’t!” She asked me why, and I replied, “I just don’t like it.” She said, “Okay.” Then another guy with wires, plugs, and bandages on his head walked up to us.

      This guy looked really pale; he had black around his eyes, and was simply scary. There were copper wires coming out of his skull, connecting to a junction block with a multi-pin plug. I looked at him, pointed, and said, “Hey, you have wires connected to your brain and they go to a plug!” It was a very shocking site, like ‘The Borg’. He then pointed at my head and said, “You don’t have any wires coming out of your head. What’s going on?” I looked at the woman, who had been twisting my gut with pliers, and I said, “You know, there’s much more sophisticated ways of plugging into somebody’s brain using chips and Wi-Fi.” She then started to laugh at me (I wasn’t fooling her at all). I started laughing too, and then I woke up.
    5. Will Ferrell and Guns

      by , 07-14-2014 at 11:49 AM

      I was with Will Ferrell and that old woman he had sex with in the movie Granny's Boy. I was trying to get into a mine, and I had a sniper rifle. Ferrell and her friend were supposed to help me with that, but most of the time they kept having sex. I killed a few guys in a field, then I set up a trap for some Norse guards. I placed a mine around a bunch of explosive stuff, and then tricked them into going over there somehow. I remember a camera panning from them to the mine, which activated at that second.

      The old woman said, "Maybe we should move up." Will said, "Naw, let's just keep doing it, baby." And they kept doing it...

      I moved up to the now-unguarded mine, and went in. I think I was looking for diamonds or some mineral. I saw some monsters patrolling the mines. They weren't scary, but they were in my way. I killed a few of them. The dream ended before I could get to my objective.
    6. A Dream of Assassins and Sangheili

      by , 09-21-2013 at 04:19 PM
      The first part I remember I was on what looked like a train from the inside, but later on it would change to a bus from the outside. I was some sort of secret agent, and we were intercepting a trade of some sort. I gave this guy $3000, and he gave me a bundle of some sort. At this point something went wrong, because these other guys got onto the train and started shooting. I ran to the front of the bus, but one of them found me and shot me. Then he set my arm on fire. I was trying to feign death, so I lied still whilst the fire consumed my arm.

      Skipping forward a bit, I had been taken to this abandoned factory building where someone "patched me up", as it were. Then I was sent out on a new assignment to infiltrate a Sangheili compound (for those of you that don't know, Sangheili is the name of the "Elites" in the Halo video games). I managed to get inside, and did a good job of neutralizing all of the targets. One of them however wouldn't go down easily, and that was the Arbiter, Thel.

      Of course, Thel is also my tulpa, so as things went further something about the situation changed. The mood turned more into an emotional war drama of sorts, with two close friends now pitted against each other. At one point we just stood there looking at each other and he mentioned that he had tried to negotiate a truce. However, the Sangheili would not have it. "It is easier to hate, to have an enemy to destroy, than it is to love" is how he put it. The mention of love made me turn to face him, and I lunged, embracing him. He seemed to catch me, not caught off guard by my sudden action.
    7. Control of the masses and Fighting Nazis

      by , 08-01-2013 at 07:42 AM
      [2-3 sequences, non-lucid, 1-2: Getting shout at ; Controlling a group of people who had no contact with money, 3: Film-like Scene, where a secret agent kills a group of Nazi-officers]


      - You drive me nuts, you drive me nuts!

      A woman is shouting at me. I'm sitting in a room of my old apartment, it's dark outside, and it's unbearable hot inside. I'm sitting there half naked in my pajama pants.

      - You idiot, you idiot!

      The woman keeps shouting at me. She seems really angry, but I don't know why. I'm looking into the television. There is some reportage about a celebrity.

      - Isn't this Henry Fonda?, I asked the woman.

      - Fonda? Fonda? Is that all you can think of? It's 16:00 pm, you still have your pajama on, you slept until now and you are just preoccupied if this guy is Fonda or not!

      Silence. She keeps on repeating "you're driving me nuts". In the meantime I'm eating some pizza.

      - Besides, she says, it's not Fonda, it's Henry Ford.

      - Impossible! Are you sure you're not crazy or something?

      My view shifts to third person, I'm floating through the ceiling and stand before a gigantic warehouse or something

      There is a door in front of me, which opens. A good friend of mine opens the door. he's walking backwards and seems to hold a lecture to a group of people. He says:

      - Isn't it unthinkable. Some metal pieces that controlled the whole world!

      He stretches is hand out towards me, behind his back. I take my wallet and give him some paper money and some coins. He re-enters the ware house and closes the door. But I leave it a bit open, so that my friend can easily open it.

      I'm really preoccupied, I know that we are doing something wicked. I don't like it all. 2 other friends approach me. They came with another crowd of people. I have the feeling that they came to see the other people inside. I close the door again, so that no-one can lurk inside.

      - We should tell them, i said to the other friends. It's not cool withholding the truth about money.

      I was referring to the people inside. My two friends shake there heads.

      - Don't be that preoccupied! There's nothing wrong about that.

      The door opens again. My friend from inside comes out the same way as before.

      - And that's why all kind of money should be refuted!, he says to the crowed.

      - What do you want from me?, he asks me.
      - You know that you're doing wrong to them?, I say, you can't keep them shot off the real world

      He seemed a bit guilty. But than he said:

      - That's why we gathered all those other people outside, so that reality can hit them hard. really hard.

      - Yeah, we want to see the dummies!, someone yelled from the crowd.

      All the people suddenly open another door and enter the hall. I'm running after them to see what's coming next.

      Inside, it seems to me that I knew that the place isn't real. It seems to be a school, but not an ordinary one. I remember that I visit this school only in my dreams. At this moment I wake up.


      - This is going to be violent!

      A general is talking to me. We are in my home town in a narrow street, in front of a hotel.

      - Yossarian, you are going to infiltrate the room of those nazi-officers and prepare the terrain!

      Around me there is a group of youngsters, mostly girls, some of them between 14 and 16. I'm wondering how old they are, because I know that I am bad at guessing ages.

      So I walk into the hotel. I get past of 4 guards. It seems to me that they are mistaking me for a German lieutenant. I enter a room. There are a general, a captain and a colonel inside. There is also another guy. I know that he is, like me, an agent. But he seems really frightened and uneasy. The colonel talks to me in german

      - Hallo Kamarad! Was gibt es Neues von der Front? (Hello comrade, what's new on the front?
      - Das übliche (the same as always), I answer.

      The three Germans open a door. There is a gigantic bathroom, which seems to be twice as large as the first floor. They tell me that they are dressing up, so that we can go to the opera.

      They walk inside. I take a look at the other agent who seems relieved.

      - It was getting unbearable inside here, he whispered to me. How could the general think that it is a good idea to infiltrate the squadron 2 weeks before. I don't speak any German at all! How was I going to survive to just say "Ja" and "Nein" all the time??

      I ignore him and lock the door of the bathroom. The German soldiers didn't seem to notice. In the meantime, I hear how the girls and the general knock out the guards outsides.

      The bathroom door opens again, they come out. One of the Germans tell me a joke, but I don't get it. I'm forcing a laugh.

      The general comes in with two of the prettiest girls (which definitely where 20).

      - Did you miss me? He says to the colonel in English. He seems not surprised at all.

      - We have 4 guards out there, the colonel answers in English. What are going to do about that?
      - We knocked them already out, what are you going to do about THAT?

      The general makes me sign I should leave the room, what I do. I'm standing for a moment in the floor, but I realize that I'm going to miss the epic showdown. So enter again.
      The tallest girl is pointing a gun in some sexy pose. all the Germans are shot.

      - And now to the opera!, the general says.

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    8. Sunday 10th - Wingsuits and GTA

      by , 02-13-2013 at 03:17 PM (MysticalDipshit's Archive of Epic Dreams)
      Sunday 10th – Wingsuits and GTA


      I’m at school, and I hear of the challenge, which no-one knows about, apart from 3 teachers, Mr Sands, Mr King, and Mr Bejing (A Chinese technology nerd guy). I go over to Mr Sands, and ask if I can take part in this challenge. He tells me that it probably wouldn’t be worthwhile if I did it, but eventually agrees. After school, he opens a secret door and lets me go inside. It looks exactly like a science class room but it’s quite dark. I see a couple of people from my class in there, and shout hi, but they just roll their eyes and carry on working. Mr Sands goes into the back and comes back with an A5 booklet. He leads be outside, and I am back outside school outside my biology classroom, opposite the window. He quickly explains that it is an all-day math challenge, and you have to see how many you can work out in a day. The way he says it makes me know that there is a lot more to it than he says, and the booklet is just a cover.

      I’m suddenly in a building, and the walls are grey. I know that I am infiltrating it so that I can rescue someone. Suddenly, a group of fully armoured (Bullet proof vests, pockets with ammo, grenades etc) guys run in with guns. It goes like the new Resident evil film (The one where they are in the underground dome), where Alice is fighting all the zombies in the corridor. I begin the fight them all off, and when I’m done, there are a load of bodies on the floor. There is also a light brown rope, which I pick up. At the end of the corridor, a blonde woman appears, and she is the boss. She shouts at me, telling me I’ll never escape alive. I manage to get past her, and free Sam.

      We make it to the roof of the tall building, and we emerge from an air vent. The bit we come out on is near to top, but the top is kind of curved. The part we are at, it has cut out sections, so we are hiding there. I had plans for someone to come pick us up, but Cameron peeks his head around the corner, and says,

      “Hey guys, I got a satellite set up, and we can go soon.” He smiles.

      I do a major face palm, and shout at him that using the satellite would attract the bad guys. At that exact moment, an aircraft appears that looks like the one from The Dark Knight Returns, but it is a lot bigger. It grabs Sam again, and starts to circle the building, and I decide that I have to get him back. As it comes in front of me, I dive through the wall of the aircraft, and roll to my feet. I go into awesome combat mode again, and fight off a load of guys. I am flipping over them, jumping, kicking and being epic. I finish off the last guy by strangling him with the rope, and his body drops to the floor. The woman appears again, but I jump for Sam, and throw both of us out.

      We get wing suits, and start gliding. I look at a map, and point to the top left part of the map, because there are a lot of trees there. Sam, Adam, Joe and I are then together, gliding over the city. We land in the trees, and group together. We know that the four of us are the best team we could have, so we feel confident. I say that staying in the jungle will help us keep cover, but someone else mentions it would be better to go to the city.

      Because we are at the top of the map half of the edges of where we are, is the ocean. At this point, I hear the roar of speed boat engines, and the whooping of crazy people. The guys are dressed in red, waving AK47’s in the air and they are very similar to the pirates from Far Cry 3. They see us, and start to shout. We let out a strong of curse words, and run back through the jungle.

      The four of us, start to use parkour to get through the jungle, vaulting over fallen trees, running up them and flipping over, sliding under branches. To my right, I spot a vehicle that is half boat, half car. It’s basically a truck that has sides that go out like a boat. It’s in a small beach though so we wouldn’t have any cover. I shout at the rest to get in to back, as I COD dive into the front seat and somehow land sitting in a normal position.

      I swing the car around, and drive back towards the jungle, but the guy leader (Who was a woman, and it now a man), shouts something at me, which is to do with capturing us. I can’t remember what it is now, but I reply, “That’s what your mum said!”, and drive off. We arrive in a city and we are driving down a wide road. Behind us, I see about 200 cop cars, and 200 pirate people all chasing us. We all decide that this is just like playing GTA with 6 cop stars. In the car, ‘Another One Bites the Dust’ is playing. We drive around, swerving though corners in an attempt to get rid of them. Realizing it isn’t working, we ditch the boat truck and get onto 4 motorbikes, and start driving through malls.

      I say to myself that this looks more like Hong Kong, and that if this is Sleeping Dogs, then I should go to a safe house. I open up my map, but a pop-up appears asking if I want to trade in dinosaur skeletons for money. I agree because I think it’s a good idea. I then teleport to a safe house and the people chasing me disappear.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    9. Epic Adventures :D (long dream)

      by , 08-16-2012 at 05:37 PM (Dimension X)
      One of the longest dreams I've ever had, that's for sure... It started out in what was apparently my house, even though it looked nothing like my house. My mom said that we were going to go to the local restaurant down the street. But when my dad showed up from work, a thunderstorm started. From this point on for a while, the dream just involved me getting ready to go. I was looking all around the house for my usual things, like my watch and my headphones. Next part of the dream was that I was in some sort of... Just... Weird place... Hard to describe. But I was getting chased by some people. Except that I was pretty much un-catchable. Next thing I know, I'm some kind of secret agent in my school. There's one specific person I'm looking for. He's standing outside of a computer lab in the hallway. I walk up to him and I beat him up I guess. So then I go into the computer lab and there's a class in there. One of his friends asks "Where's *Name*?" (I obviously don't remember the dudes name) And I respond with something like "I don't know..." All of these students were people who I don't know. There was only one person who I saw that I know. Then, the room seemed to be literally flooding with students, all starting from one corner. I remember shouting something, but I don't remember what exactly it was. There's a bit more to this dream, but I don't remember it. I got to the computer as quickly as I could tho...
      But yeah... Pretty weird dream...
    10. Little Red Riding Hood.

      by , 04-22-2012 at 08:48 PM (My Dream Records)
      Black means non lucid
      Orange means semi lucid
      Blue means lucid
      Red means dream characters talking
      Purple means possible shared dreaming person
      Green means notes

      Got it? Great! You know what to do.

      Dream #1 Little Red Riding hood.

      Im in my 2nd home fixing me something to eat, when i notice that im in my kitchen and it looks a bit odd. 1st of all i don't live here anymore..so why am i here in the 1st place? My doorbell rings before i even have time to question how i got here. I go answer the door, and what do ya know..ITS LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD!?
      "Excuse me but can you please help me escape from these men who have accused me of murder?"
      Uh..your wanted for murder..and...you want me to help you?
      She nods her head so innocently, as if what she is saying is ok. Hmm...ok, i'll help you.
      Mkay, follow me. I lead her downstairs to my basement and tell her to go in the back and put on some fresh attire and i'll take care of the rest. I look in the mirror rubbing my multiplying hawk coin totem.
      "What are you doing?"
      Im goin to project as you and lead them on a chase.
      "Wow really?" You can do that???
      I can do anything in this world.

      Getting prepared.

      Im now putting on little Red Riding Hood's robe, And looking at myself in the mirror. Fully transformed into her now, I head to my back room in the utility closet and strap myself with guns and knives. Ok you stay down here in this basement ok? If anything happens to me, and i don't return back here in a hour, i want you to take this celphone and push the number 6 you got it?
      "Why number 6?"
      Because that stands for N, and N stands for Natalia.
      "Ooh ok."

      Dream #2 The chase.

      Im walking thru this village, holding little Red Riding Hood's basket. and there are wanted posters of little Red Riding Hood all over the place. I walk into a nearby store to buy some stuff. This heavy set woman who looks russian or german looked at me, then looked up at the wanted poster on her wall. I smile innocently and ask her, "how much does this candy cost?" Lol The woman looks at me folding her arms and looks at her telephone and begin dialing. Not wanting to stick around any further to see whats goin to happen, i run out of the store. There are a bunch of men staring at me and talking to eachother whispering. I yell at everybody.. "COME AND GET ME!" And stick my tongue out and give everyone the middle finger. I begin running, I lead the men on a little foot chase and run thru this entire village, jumping over fruitstands, running under vegetable stands, and hopping over cars. I begin shooting at everyone who was chasing me then continue running.

      I now lead the almost entire village thru a dark foggy forest, where you can hear frogs, owls, crickets, and other little sounds. I hide behind a tree and shapeshift into a rabbit and hide somewhere in a bush. I can hear the people chattering to eachother, saying things like.. "Where did she go? She was just here a minute ago?" Im hidden in the bushes as the rabbit and now flee thru another exit of the forest and shapeshift back into myself. I get to a payphone and tell little Red Riding Hood im on my way. I walk thru a door and mentally tell myself that i will be back at my 2nd home when i walk thru this door. I walk thru it and see little Red Riding Hood eating a bowl of cereal. Watching cartoons. I laugh and say.."Well i see you made yourself comfortable. She giggles and runs up to me and gives me a hug. "So do you mind telling me why you killed those men?" She looks down, "im sure you have a reason?"

      "I don't want to talk about it."
      "Alright." But just remember who saved your butt, and gave you a place to stay. "You up here eating my Cap'n Crunch cereal and watching cartoons." Just remembered who helped you. I walk over to my files and records and sit down at a table sorting thru stuff.
      She starts explaining to me about how she is really a agent, and not really little Red Riding Hood. She mentions her real name to me (I forget what it was) and tells me that she is actually 18 years old. I tell her that me and Natalia can give her a place to lay low for awhile til things cool down. She thanks me, and i call Natalia on my celphone to let her know that im gonna need her assistance. The dream ends and i wake up.

      Notes: Im fairly happy with my recall from last night. (Even though i went to bed at 3:30 am) Im surprised i was able to remember so much...though i only wish i could've remember Little Red Riding Hoods real name. But overall im fairly happy with what i got.
    11. Secret Agents

      by , 04-21-2012 at 09:20 PM
      Sadly, this was one of those dreams I almost entirely forgot as my daughter shook me awake. This is a normal problem.

      I was a secret agent, and even better, I was a bear. I had fellow bears that were also agents. Our job was to investigate the activities of the pigs, and stop their nefarious plans.

      I really wish I knew what those plans might have been.

      I recall carrying a briefcase that had information on the plans of the pigs, and I think I was at a trainstation.

      I had another dream, again about being a secret agent, but this time I was a butterfly. I was surrounded by other butterflies, and we were all flying into the sky, presumably towards the sun. The other butterflies were all kinds of pastel colors, mainly blue, and as a group we formed a twisting column rising into the sky.

      Some of the images reminded me of what I saw (and posted pictures of) at the Umlauf Sculpture Museum, particularly the Butterfly Project.

      I liked this dream but I would have loved to recall more detail. Darn kids.
    12. Toorop and the French Resistence

      by , 09-20-2011 at 06:47 PM (Oneiric Mirror)
      I dreamed I was kind of a secret agent, but nothing like James Bond, more like Toorop (Babylon AD). I was walking in tunnels with a large bush knife and a machine gun, and I was going to dismantle a secret underground base that had an atomic missile. After passing through a tunnel filled with traps and guards I went into the silo where the missile was.
      I climbed the stairs and ended up in a wide street (after leaving the railing)
      Two men came running towards me with arms to keep me from fleeing.
      I stabbed the first in the right side of the abdomen, he immediately died.
      I continued to run, the second tried to shoot me, I was quicker and shot him with a machine gun burst. He fell to the ground, dead, I kept running.
      A third man saw me and released a German shepherd who began running towards me. I ran faster until i reached a river.
      I jumped into the water (jump and dive).
      The dog swam behind me too, but I managed to get to the other side of the river.
      My allies were waiting for me with tanks and troops. There is one person who helps me get out of the water, a brother in arms). The dog fled ... I managed to escape.
      I looked to my reflection in a tank ... I have long hair, a brown trench coat and a black and white scarf around me. I have military boots.
      The dream "tells me" that I am part of the French Resistance, and I am fighting against the Italians. The river that I crossed is the border between France and Italy.


      Comment: Part of the dateless dreams series