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    1. Chased By Government, Morpheus Bodyguard (LD #132)

      by , 11-07-2014 at 12:25 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was a female reporter for some kind of news agency who had gotten some serious dirt on the US government and they had sent some secret service agents to try and stop me from leaking the word. I was working with this man who looked and dressed just like Morpheus from the matrix movies. I think he was my bodyguard or something.
      The funny part was as we were being chased by these guys he was piggy-back-riding me around. We were in a park area but there were many tall buildings around. Somebody pointed out that a speck in the sky was actually just the space station. My vision zoomed in and I could see four large solar panels coming off of it.
      He continued running with me on his back. A couple of tranquilizer darts flew past us. I can recall this funny looking helicopter was being used to chase us, with a sniper in it firing the darts. It didn't have a tail or any stabilization. it was just a pod with a big propeller on it. I looked at it and realized that it wouldn't be able to fly, and it crashed.
      Eventually we somehow created this portal on the ground and jumped through it.
      We wound up in this beautiful sanctuary area; some kind of virtual reality or alternate dimension. There were these shallow concrete pyramids with waterfalls running down the sides and various plants and flowers planted in the steps. There was a huge lake; in fact, I think we were on an island. But you could see mountains in the distance. There were also many tall deciduous trees with brightly colored leaves. Everything was tinted autumn colors. (Reds, Oranges, Yellows, Browns). Even the sky was tinted orange.
      The Morpheus man told me that the government agents could still find us here, but it was probably safe to rest for the night. He told me to gather wood from the forest so that we could make a fire.
      I recall walking into the woods. I see a orange Chinese dragon, about fifteen or twenty feet long flying in the woods, weaving its serpentine body through the trees. It blends well with the leaves, but I'm certain that it's there.

      I became lucid. I changed myself out of the female reporter guise. I decided to summon Manei for our sit down question time that I've been visualizing. I yelled for her name, and heard her yell back. I looked and standing about a hundred feet into the autumnal forest, I could vaguely make her out.
      "Manei, I have some questions for you!"
      "Hurry up, the dream is about to end!"
      "How come if it's my dream, I can't picture what happens and make it happen?" (I was trying to ask her why my visualization doesn't work.)
      "Because you didn't like your cookie from 300 years ago!"
      I woke up.

      Typical Manei logic...

      When I do get my long conversation dream, I should ask her why half the time she makes sense and the other half she says totally random things like that.

      I went back to sleep; it was still quite early. I think it yielded a Nonlucid dream, but I cannot recall it.
    2. Don't discriminate against my baby ogre!

      by , 06-30-2011 at 10:22 AM (Trial and Error)
      (from a few nights ago....most ADD dream ever...)

      The first thing I remember is begin part of some kind of secret service or other government organization . Our boss tells us that we are to transport the Major of the United States (best title ever) to somewhere (we are a lower rank and there for do not get the whole story). He put the major in the back and tied his hands to the front seat, we did not question this in the least. We transported him where he was meant to go and were suddenly in a department store. I was looking at tape measures, for the sake of looking at tape measures. They could come in handy, right? but the good one is $20 so I move on. I find these amazing green suspenders that don't have a price on them. I want to find out but I know we will have to leave soon. Someone comes up to me and says she will find out, and if they are cheap buy them for be and "she would pay me back." I thank her, pause, and then realize what she said made no sense. She meant to say "I would pay her back" right?

      In any case it is time to press on. We have a prisoner to transfer, but somehow no car anymore. This will not delay us however, we took him in a trash bag. We start on down the road with suddenly a lot to carry, and I have my green child who is half ogre with me. I do not have enough hands to carry everything now that I have it and my mom randomly shows up to help me carry stuff. As we walk my mom begins to sing something in a beautiful soprano. I start to harmonize and then stop when it gets to high for me.

      The man leading us down the street suddenly asks "anyone know where we are going?" We laugh and say "aren't you supposed to know?" Then I say "We are transporting a prisoner right? Then we should stop at city hall first." (I am so smart XD) Everyone agrees and we press on.

      I am suddenly in line at a place that has the appearance of a bank. I am their to ask someone questions about how to best raise my half ogre half human in a racist world. I am worried he will get discriminated against and want to raise him right! On the counter to the left has cell phones attached to it. One rings and I answer it. "I had a question about social networking." she says. "Okay," I say, "do you have a Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin?" I ask. "Yes" she answers. I think to myself Then good job! Your done! but ask "then what do you need to know?" She explains that she wants to do better and that she does not know enough. The lady behind me in line starts getting annoyed as the line moves and I don't to talk on the phone. I finally realize that the lady on the phone wants to get more notification emails from her accounts to know when things are happening. I could not help but think Who in their right mind wants notification emails? Is that not the first thing you turn off?! But I guide her to where her user settings are and she excitedly asks me to hold so she can try it. The lady behind me in line then hangs up the phone and glares at me to move forward, it is my turn.

      I walk up to the desk and begin to explain to the woman that I have questions how to properly raise my son so he thought he was good the way he was, and did not flinch when people mocked him for being different. She asks me if I have the child with me. I realize he is not in my arms and am slightly alarmed. I turn around to see Shrek with him and I smile and ask to see him for the sake of the woman. He then throws the child to me and I am scared until I catch him. I thought You did NOT just throw this child at me! in a nice playful way. He is extremely heavy but I get a grip on him and turn to address the woman again. I see that she is a creepy old woman, her face is long and droopy and she is wearing glasses that curve to a point at the edges. She glares at me with hate and the need to move the line along. I think This is the wrong person to ask about discrimination, and move on.

      We are outside some kind of ring. It is like a hallway with clear windows with brick surrounding each room. There was a basketball game going on. But for some reason we were talking about it like it was a fight to the death or something. We had to split into teams of two within teams of 4. Someone says "I don't see why we have to break into such small teams. They aren't usually this small." I could not help but think of Enders Game in battle school when he had one more toon than all the other leaders. I laughed at the guy as if he himself defied Enders genius. I look across to another woman we were with and we exchanged a look of Yeah, we are SO a team! I see my baby sitting next to her. I have another moment of panic realizing he was not with me as I thought he was. But I somehow know she is also the mother, and I smile to her. (oh dreams, you silly) She catches him as he almost falls and looks to me with a grin like What a silly child we have.

      I look into the basketball game going on and I see the girl that was going to check on the price of the suspenders for me playing, only she is HUGE! She towers over everyone else and is dominating the game. However I was only insulted that she did not actually check on the price like she said she would.