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    1. A liar & a lucid Armageddon dream

      by , 10-04-2016 at 03:27 AM
      D1: Non-luicd: I was w/ a group of spiritual people & we are having a group session. The topic was on
      people who have "seer abilities". Each person was talking about their abilities. But I kept getting vibes from the woman on my right that were distracting. I could tell she was lying for some reason. Then Meesha Cat woke me up to be fed.

      D2: Lucid: This was an Armageddon setting dream. There is a girl who insists that the group should help her find her canary. I then became lucid & tried to think of the TOTM tasks but I can only remember the one about holding our head & think it's creepy so I just go w/ the flow of the dream. I see the cage & am helping her look for the bird but I'm insisting that she should leave it because it will make noise & draw attention to us. I'm trying to rationalize to her why it is so dangerous but as soon as we give up looking we hear the bird screeching. Our group anxiously is arguing about the bird & our safety. I'm telling them that their arguing is drawing attention to us & pleaded for them to stop but it's too late & our hide out is rushed by the police state officers. We manage to get in a car & the arguing escalates again. We hurried into another building which looks like the capital building. We no sooner get inside when we hear a loud explosion & we now have a hole in the room we are in. I can see professional looking people in the other room w/ suits on but they don't know we are there. They are looking out the windows & panicking. But soon the people w/ me are making noise again w/ more arguing & they start to figure out that we are there. But they no sooner are trying to alert the other people in the next room, that the building was stormed by the police state officers & are being dragged out. I then woke up. This dream was so fast paced that I was having trouble stabilizing it so I just waited to see where I could do more but it just ended too soon. Yet I did feel good about it becoming lucid regardless.
    2. 01 Feb: Seers of the future

      by , 02-02-2014 at 11:38 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      (...) I and a group of people who escaped an earthquake, now have the ability to see future catastrophes before they happen. And we tend to bump into each other casually at some random places whenever something is about to happen there. So we meet again inthe middle of the city, and we share a vision of another earthquake. We try to warn people, but they look at us like we're crazy and we end up saving only ourselves by moving to an open area we saw would be safe. In future occurences, we start not telling anyone about our predictions and whenever we bump into each other somewhere, we no longer bother anymore in saying anything to each other or any others. We just take cover, each person for itself.
      At some other occasion, we know a tornado is coming and we hid all at the nearest place available, a building occupied by an anarchist group I know. They have a basement and we can hide there. But when the tornado hits, it's not just wind, there's something dark and evil in it and it tries to break into the building. I feel it wants us.
    3. Virus (Dream Within a Dream)

      by , 12-27-2012 at 02:56 AM
      In the dream I was recounting a dream I had to some other people, but it wasn't a dream I've actually had. In the dream I'm describing, moon priests dressed all in white sit me down at a table. When they think I'm not looking they shoot each other looks, like everything is going exactly as planned. They know (I don't) that I've been infected with a deadly virus, but I'm just a carrier. A woman comes into the room to talk to me, she sits down at the table and I take her hand and read her future. She gets up and leaves, around the corner and out of my sight she collapses in fits. In less than a minute she is covered in thick green foul-smelling lesions. She screams and tries to claw at the priests but they have her by the upper arms and wrists, then drag her away.
      "It was like they wanted me to infect people, but I can't say why they'd want that. They're priests, shouldn't they want to contain the virus? Had I know, I never would have stayed."
      Tags: priest, seer, virus